The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 6
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f AGE SIX Southern League Outlook Bright Former Stars Return From Armed Forces; Reserves Plentiful By BIM-Y EVANS Southern Association .; (Written for United l"rrss) •MEMPHIS, Tcnn., April 11. (D.P.)—The Southern League is highly optimistic about the 1940 baseball season for a number of convincing reasons. "First, we have the return of many former stars from Ihe armed forces. In addition, llierc are miuiy prise rookies back who had jusl niade the grade when Ihe service called them. --This means that in addition to tho»e on thc reserve list, all S.buthern Association camps had plenty o( player quantity nnd, fortunately, a surprising 'lot of quality, on lheh rosters. ..-Not only have we thc phiyers under control, but wilh a wider range of player and salary limits under our new AA classification Ve are in position to offer a su-1 perior brand of baseball. The pub-1 lie will like it. and 1 am sure will prove it at the turnstiles. I • Every club in the league will be] greatly strengthened this year' over last season's standards. If we are fortunate enough to have a highly competitive race—and 1 am of the opinion that we will have- then I wouldn't be surprised if we broke all attendance records sihce the establishment of the Southern Association 45 years ago. .-Twenty years ago. in the 1925 season, the Southern Association played to 1,351.570 people. With an interesting race this year, (he fame's greatest magnet at the gate, we may play to 1,500,000. When you consider that last year, on a 140-gamc schedule, we drew, 1;!M,122, it is apparent that 1 am '• n'pt unduly optimistic in hoping that we will break the 1925 mark on a 154-game card. 'Perhaps In all the history of the league there never has been a: spring training season lo compare with the 1940 event.Mn thc camps of the eight Southern clubs, there were gathered more than 500. players in all. Not a club had less than 60 men report while several had as many us 80. With so much quantity, It is reasonable lo expect quality. One pleasing feature about thc return of national defense players in our league was the fine condition in which all of them reported.' The big fellows were very iriuch in evidence in every base- bill camp this spring. Of thc clubs that I have seen in action in SprhiR training, it has seemed to me that the good hitters have hit their stride the slowest. Fielders and pitchers have all regained their form rapidly. All ot which makes for tense, tight baseball. nnd we may see n pitchers' year in the Southern. $25 Reward for information enabling mt to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. Coutict E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2335 — 110 East Asl Dempsey in New Ro!e Jack llempsey, former heavyweight champion, ccnEi-rs svilh Larry Atkins, Cleveland boxing promoter, k'tl. ;uul lili;is Liistiji, rip.ln, after being named president of Boxing Pivinintrrs of America, , Inc., at inc-cling in deal Nm'lhcrn llntrl, Nt:vv York. Atkins v/as chosen assistant lo thu president, Herman Taylor of Phil.-ulelpliiu, vice president; Max Wax man, suc'y and treasurer. TODAY'S SrOItT I'AHADi: Stolz And Retinue Confident Of Lifting Lightweight Crown lias won 10 of II IIV OKCAIl HtAI.KY comeback United Press .Sports Wrilpr bouts. NEW YORK. April 11. (UP) — Al-| "i wa s running my own nlghl club Stol/. bridegroom, commercial in Newark, Stolz .siiid, "ami I de- fclded I'd try a comeback." artist, golfer and thrice-retired pi'ixe fiphter, grinned happily as he [iiitographed the contract that, gave him n second shot at the liRht'.vciHhl lltlc. "This time I've potta win it for my bride," be laughed through a Miami Beach tan, eliciting hearty nods of approbation rrom :\ retinue hat would have done justice io a icnvywcight chum]) Instruct ol a ightweiglil challenger. I slionlda won it before when fought Sammy AnEott." Allic Stol/. nd'^ d with a grimace, as be brads nodded ngain. Etolz just hiul signed to fiRht for he crown at the Garden Way 17 against. Hob Montgomery ol Philadelphia, the lightweight champion n O.sgidxmrk and affiliated provin- rcs. II was on May 15, four years 'arlier, that he had lost lo Angolt. "You wouldn't of lost if I'd been here." interrupted manager llymle Japlin. "There'll have been a case of nurder if you had seen that decision," one camp follower, a sixth assistant manager, .said. "Well, we'll win it this time," Hymle continued. "Tills will be my sixlh world champion and my third lightweight champ. I won thisTitlc wilh Al Singer and Lew Jenkins— and now with Stolz." Without tossing a punch or even starting Slob, in tvainiui:. Hymle had il wrapped up already. Allic grinned again, thinking of ho,v il would feel when the rcf raised his hand iu victory over Montgomery. Stoli! never has foimhl Montgomery, who has had but a couple of bouts since being discharged from the Army last, winter. But he has tangled with Benii Jnck. thc Georgia shot-shine boy who fought a long and lucrative series with the bobcat, lieau Jack stopped Stol/ in their one fitslil with an eye cut. "Hut we \virz winnin'," Caplin snld. Stolz since then served in Hie Army and went Into his third retirement because of a sinus infection. Now, ut 27, he is on his third Chapman Hoping To Leave Cellar Youthful Phillies Are Far From Contenders; Hemsfey Will Help HV I-KO 11. I'BTKKSEN United I'rnw SporU Kdltor NEW YORK, April 11. (UP) — Pennant wtnnhiK days lire at least couple of s'Ciir.s away for the 'lillndclphljt Phillies and no one kno«'s It better thnn malinger Ben Chnpmnn.'So he has only one aim this year—to get the club oiiL of the cellar. Ills job Is B touch one. The youngsters upon whom lie Is planning 10 brine the- Phillies National League championships eventually need minor league sen.sonlntt, so he is trying lo start Ihe difficult climb out of the cellar with the best players he can pick up from .Iliii other teams. Those players nrcn't discards exactly, but neither arc Ihcy stars. Chapman knows that he can't build pennant wlnncr.s around them and refers to them as stop-Rap players. He will go along with them until his youngsters acquire the necessary .seasoning. He hopes they will ,be good enough to start Ihe IOIIR road back. Owner Hob Carpenter and his «cn- crnl manager, Herb Pennock, shelled out some $250.000 in buying Friink McCormick. Jim Tabor, Skect- er Ncwsomc, Roy Hughes, Art I.o|)a!k:i, Johnny Humphries, Rollle Heinslcy. Al Jnrislch, John Wyrostek and u couple of rookies from the Pacific Const league. Ken Richardson and John O'Neill. As a result there aren't going to be many players on lhc club this I vear, outside the pitchers, who were retinue's satisfaction. wltn thc t eain last year when Chapman look over from Freddie Fity-simmons In mid-season. That was part of Chapman's plan to ric the club of the players who couldn't help but acquire a defeatist at- lilude by playing wilh a losing team year after year. The Infield will be all new will McCormick lit first, cither Hughes or Danny Mmlaugh at second. Ncwsomc at short and Tiibor at third. Hon Northey, a pre-war star, is thc only outfielder sure of regular duty, although Vince Dlmag- i gin probably wil i:et (lie call in center if he can shake off thc slump which overtook him last year. Wy- rostck of Lou Novikoss. up for an- oiher major league trial, probably will be the third gardener. c* Chapman Is counting on Hcm.sley, near thc end of his playing (lays, to give, his pitching staff a lot of help. Hcmsley will share catching duties with Andy Semtnlck with Hal Spindcl as the No. 3 man. Pitching prospects are fair with such hurlcrs as Tom Hughes, Ken Raffensberger, Hugh Mulcahy and Frank Hoersl back from thc service. Others on the staff will be Schoolboy Rowc, who also wns'i" the service; Anton Karl, the lea- TUUliSlUY, AI'KIL 11, 11MU "5 "Don't eal it a night club." Caplin cautioned. "Call it a tiivurn, it sounds better." Thai point never was settled to the whole half holding out for "night club" and Ihe other half insisting on •tavern." But then thc talk swung to a (raining camp and Stolx, lhc bridegroom, said that although he now was only Ihrce pounds over Ihe Ktft-poimd limit, he wanted lo gel Into training Immediately. "Arc you taking your wife to training camp?" somebody queried. "Ask me about Hint." Caplin broke in. sputtering on a well- L-hcwed cigar butt. "And when you do. I'll tell you Ibis: One fighter In camp Is enough." The bridegroom looked a little stiirlled. Tuesday Night The Junior High Midget League >layed Iwo inure games of the icnes Tuesday night at lhc gym- KisUnn. In (he eighth grade game, final score was 28-19 after Bunny Oeh- ry's Hob Cats tramped over Harold Honeycutl's Lions. Charles Stevens was hl[<h point man wilh l(i ixiints. During the second game, I5ick (eld's Yankees, once serious title contenders, were defeated by l.c- Boy Pmilt's Browns with an 18 o ii .score. Pete Williams or thc Jrowns tallied 10 points lo be liigli [X)lnt man. Tonight, there will be two more allies of lhc League with Giants vs. Dodgers and Tigers vs.'Wildcats. Th c Giants, piloled by Jerry lie's leading fireman last ' year; Oscar Judd, Humphries, Lopalka, Ross., chiirley schann, jack Kriuis. Dick Maiincy, and a rookie, Charles Ripple. There is on thing Chapman is sur ( . of lhal staff can't be as bad the one he had last year. It promises lo be a lot belter—good enough. Chapman believes, to get the Phillies out of the cellar if lhc "stop gap" players hold up. Porkers Sel For Practice Game 90 Candidates For Razorback Squad To Perform Saturday FAYKTTI5V1LLE, April 11.—Coach John Barnhlll plans a full game and the first, held during the current spring training season when lhc Rawirbaeks, aljout 90 strong, march to the gridiron here Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The University of Arkansas coach has not determined on his starling llnc-up 'and will not do so until Friday, but In between time, several third and fourth learn players will move up a notch or two and likely start. At the present time, however, the roster of lhc first four teams may read like tins at game time; Backs: Aubrey Fowler, lioss Pril- ehard. Hill Sliaddox. Bill Troxell. . Howard Hughes. John Hofrman. I Joyce Pipkin, Haskell Standifer. I Uud Canada, Mitchell Young, Wil- liam Kceton, Jack Davis. Prultl Kelly. Juke Baldwin. Maurice Jaber, James Laiv.-. L. C. Sliclton, Prank Schiumichyk. Don I'eiinlng- ton and Howard Sullon. On the line Barnhlll will iiller- ualc between the following players: Jim linger. Joe Claborn. Clint Halslead, Leonard Whittaker, John Wells, mil Tluiston. Wesley Calhoun. Don Richards. Jimmy Shoemaker, Dtivn) Thornton. William Franklin, Joe Coimce. Steed Willie, Theron Roberts, Henry Ford, Chas. Knwcetl, Major Talhint, Richard Martin, II. I. Summars, George Simpson, Henry DcSalvo, Ed Hamilton. Jimmy Morgan, Alton Baldwin, Harold Cox, Ray Dougherty, Dana Kxuin, Herman Styles, Melvln McGarm. Charles Drown, Marvin Henderson, Red Wheeler, Harry Carter. William Collie, William Thomas. Eckel Rowland, Paul Jones, Sonny Henderson and J. R. Smith. ' —Mike Raffa .hard-hitting Pills- burgh fCiilherwetKhl. evened matters wllli_ Eddie liertollno Insl night, declsionlng (he 17-year-old Galveston. Tex., and New Oilcans scrapper in 10 rounds before a crowd of 3500. , Raffa, w',1 lost an unpopular rtc- jcislon to Uertollno here last month, floored (he game youngster five ] times and almost stopped him in the fourth when he had him on the floor three limes. Mike Raffa Wins Over Bertolino MEMPHIS, Teiin., April 11. iUP) Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? Puffbiills. the small fungi seen on lawns In midsummer, sometimes iSi'Oiv to a circumference of four or five feet, according to the Enclycto- pedia Britnnnica. Some of these |l)uffballs weigh more limn 15 pounds. CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week, Days: StarU at 7 p. BL Phillips, will try for their first win of the series. Games start at 7 o'clock arc played in thc gymnasium. ni>lis art vim. vliali.y.lry O«r.-«-rtulc TlilVU-I. C™, I, a Ir.iii l',«. wj. 111:11- i,i',,l !,„ ,«,,; .,[*, s,i|,,,H M vuamUi Hi. IMA coMI Introductory blie OH.', 35c.l t nil irilk hi ns *.\ rivlKfL—ii 1U>- I «.M)U 1 Hl!lj> Drut. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that A. H. Hull bus made application to erect a 5U'.\7t)' concrete block building on lot Hi block 15 Davis Addition lo the City of Hlythcvlllc, said build- Ing to be used as a garage and display room. Frank Whltworth City Clerk. Siihcneclady, first oily of New York's Mohawk Vallev, received its charter In 1708. STOP Relax/ n finest* • • • Station On Your Right Going North! OIL OIL Friday-Saturday-Sunday I.QuGrt Your Favorite OH FREE Y/ifrh An Oil Change We Carry— QUAKER STATE BARNSDALL B SQUARE SUPER01L BR1CO-PENN New Ethyl Regular 16J BR1GGS SERVICE COMPANY (Old Terry Station) Most Popular Station at State Line r\ !J !| i $2.50 up T-Shirts Ira —SI.00 up SKiPPER SPORTSHIRTS ^ . .•. c i..)'ii- ;:yi:. ( I'lic Skipper line is known from coast to for exactly that!) Superior fabrics arc expertly tailored into Icisuic shins that spike your off-duty hours with cxtu pleasure, cxtti comfort— • and txtra good iooks! Our new spring-group of '. Skipper Sportshitis is liac-in a pleasing array of w oaves, Styles and sludcs. R. D. Hughes & Co, i *V «0C *+\& S"/^ o* ** TRi BUMPER GUARDS cspccidliy s-narl in dejign and appearance. A n economical safeguard against cosily repairs. ACCELERATOR PEDAL Uaiversa which will Fit most cars "SCALED BEAM HEADLIGHT UNITS A genufno amp. Pcffcct re- , r// 'K OPEN END WRENCH Forged Steel. As low as FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES SIDE CUTTING PLIERS For cutting wire. Keen edge. Standard size flashlight batteries. Guaranteed ;h stoct.' FEELER GAUGH 9 Blades. • 8 Good quality. SOU AUTO CARL BRYANT, Manager hone 3121 113 West Main l<ast Time Today DOUBLE FEATURE 'END OF THE ROAD' will; John Abbott arid June Storey "MY BUDDY" with Donald Barry ami Until Terry Also Shorts Friday and Saturday DOUBJ,E FEATURE 'Racketeers of the Range' uilli George O'Jiricn "Adventures of a Rookie" witli Wiley firoim and Alan Carney Also Carloon New Theater Manila's Finest Saturday & Sunday, Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday £ Tuesday Nichta, S:M o'clock All other ni B bls, 6 o'clock. Last Time Today "Murder in Music Hall' with Vcra Ralston NEWS AN'!) COMEDY Friday "CRASH DIVE" yronc I'niver, Ann Baxter, James Icason, Dana Andrews ami Dame Mny .Whitly I Also Serial * Comedy | OPEN 6:«: STARTS T p. m Last Time Today 'Patrick the Great' with Donald O'Connor anrl I'cBRy Ryan News of ( ;lhe nay AIso Shorts Friday and Saturday 'Prairie Rustlers' Buster C'rabbc Serial: "Thn Master Kr}" Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. o\ office opens at 7:00; Ticturr. shirts Last Time Today "Sensation Hunters" * wilh Robert I.owcry and Davis Mcrrick Paramount Shorts and Taramount News Friday and Saturday "Tall in the Saddle" John Wayne, Ella Raines, George "Gabby" Hayes 8th t'hapl. of Masked Marvel" Donald Duck in "Donald's Tire Trouble"

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