Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1954 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1954
Page 15
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS "** * "ournty WI& 133 -'to spm Matiafciki pro 2i>,- aniateufs tagging ijit'bl gloty. !' lasit- gear's victory to rn 6ney w in jb-^Mladlecoff of Mem- arrived here TUes' ",fdt*ti couple o f ' hfeadfed for St. ||ve'?rtb &£p1anatton of ! tip the tourna- Dedths Over the Notion fey* the Associated Press/ NEW YOttK Alfre 1 Filter, 73, Polish-born Industrialist and member of t he Polish government in in London from 1339 to 1 941. Died Tuesday. ATWATEH, Calif. — James S Cailey 69, semipro baseball spon sor who was armed "Sponsor of the Year" i n 1 952 by the NatioiU.l Baseball Congress. Died Tuesday. CHICAGO — Albert J. Pixley, 75, c6-foundt'.r o f Pixley and Ehlers, Chicago rcstaruant chain. Died Wednesday. vfi, '• Manaki'ii profession- luhdlrrnan of the tourna: 'incensed over Middle- ire* ^, * ie" ? "P GA should take , afiainst him," Shrve all. he ,irom!se i In hb 'was w ur d cfendim i nd too had advertised ... hand, tint h? doesn't ; tfs an excuse, when ho «3iy tho act y ou's expect 'vice president and tour- 9',rriniitlce c hairman." ! bbasts Ncvional Open '-'Ed Furgbl of Claylon. The Negro Community By Helen Tumor Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Mies Turner at Hicks Funeral Home There Will be a wiener roast Mon July 10, on the lawn o JUST CRUISING ALONG—The crew of the Soviet cruiser Admiral Nakhimov assembles on the deck of the warship during full-dress ceremonies romc-whcrc in Russian waters. The cruiser is named after the admiral who won fame during the Crimean War. (Picture and caption material from un oflk'ial .Soviet source. 1 will • meet Friday night, July 1(1. at 7:,'iO p. m. All members arc asked to be present. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles J. Walker and children have returned to ,their home in Clarendon a'flor s'pcn- Iding several days visiting their the . Light . Eastern Star. The public is invited. There will be Usher Night, Thur- be slashed in yeMcr ii'ie Bob Inman ot Tulsa, JtePurgol with 3 -over-p«tr »&"*'' -' If-! 4. ' pstilities which led to ,lsti stand in 1876 result- ISrom gold rushes •sday night, July 15, at Rising Star to the Baptir,t Church. The Rev. B. J. •rday's Carter will be guest speaker. The Hope Civic Associaiton will meet Thursday night, July 15, at cnin S the regular meeting place. Members and friends are invited. Timi Miss Jessie M. Phillips daughter of Mr nnd Mrs. Verdo Phillips is the bride elect of Oscar C. Beenc son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Beenc. The wedding will take place at Ml. Olive Baptist Church Sunday ev- July 18, at 7 p. mi 8 p. m. 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T-BONE& RIB STIW SIRLOIN CHUCK 17th ""pnnT"""i-US HIS DAY—Mickey Nuzzola, 7, hugs her pal, Boot after he received the Paddy Reilly medal for disarming a bandit in a New York City shop. A mixed.bull terrier-Labrador retriever Boot was also a hero on I wo Jimn and Guam with the Marmes durin - World War II His owner, ex-Marine Sgt. Michael Nuzzola, trained Bool when they were in the service togethei. Vast Highway Building Plan Seems Certain By JOHN L. CUTTER BOLTON LANDING, N. Y..(UP) A vast national road building program appeared certain today regardless of whether state governors accept President. Eisenhower's $50,000.000,000 teri year plan. The governors wound up their 46th annual conference with a decision to make their own study be- for doing anything about the prcs- idctial proposal. They probably will meet in Washington late this year to thresh out with Mr. Eisenhower what role the federal government will p lay in a field which many contend belongs to the stales alone. None of .them quarreled with the idea that bigger and bettor roarts arc needed. Many have plans for their own rtatc programs already under way. The arguments, in favor of sonic federal participation worn basi-d on coordination to establish a truly national network o/ particular value in event of another wnr Federal help in financing turpikc. fiancing. particularly if the bond market gets light, also wus mentioned. A resolution adopted at the closing business- session nt the 4Glh annual Governors' Conference was for milded that some of the remarks made after the Eisenhower plan was unveiled on opening day. The g overnors decided they w ere "highly pleased by the president's willingness and determination lo work with the states" on .the problem. They made no mention ot their long-time demand that the federal government quit levying gasoline taxes and get out of the road building field. In another development of closing sessions 75-yejr-okl Gov. James F."Byrnes of South Carolina, winding UD a long career of public ervice, helped make hi? friend, ov. Robert Kennon of Louisiana, hairman of the conference ie coming year. Both bolted tho lemocratirj ticket to support Pres- Thursday, jjly 15,1954 "_ available. , ,, The Me'apan, which 1 ocaled tne tiny yellow infl Lehi. 6 2 m iles due west"of Point Sal. said it was head- in" for San Francisco, about IM miles away. It was ecpected to clock late today. Tho 32-foot six-sided raft was cast a drift by ihc Melapa.i. but the coast guard s aid the cutler Alnr would find it and destroy it as a menace to navigation. Search for the fragile raft, which put out from San Francisco last Friay, ended off Morro Bay, 8Va hours after the Coast Guard answered an urgent SOS that the craft' was sinking. . The Lchi's SOS. first sent about 8 p. m. and repeated at 8:15 P- rn., snid: , "Takinp water. Bow opened clur iu; heavy sea. Ne<-d 'ow. Sinkablo condition, ll'if ; THE RULER—William J. Jernick. 53, of Nutlcy, N. J.. is the I Grand Exalted lluler of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. He was chosen at their annual convention in Los Angeles, Calif. There were insects on earth more than L!o(J .million years ago. Crew of Give Up ah'd Are Taken WAJDHAVS, Germany. (UP) — Czech Communist border faiards handed back to U. S. authorities at this fronti'.;r s talii.n l.oclay s .even American soldiers they had held since July -1 oil trumped-up '.spy charges. 'West German border .mmrdu snld ilic Cx.echs rot.urned the American; officer and six enlisted men nt loon, and wont thr.uiuih the f'C.ir-: nalities of signing receipts. Newsmen were denied permission to talk to the men until U. S. ntelligcncc officors (Uifslion' them' about their \'.i days in Cxech Communist hands. ' • ' ' Tl\c sL'vcn Americans wore I he Kiiihe uniforms, now wrinkled and dirty, they \vi-ro wtsirint; whop C'Kech i; ui'.rdri -.soi/cd lliem o n July 4 while t'liry wore ricti:i; ; ; alunj; tip fruntier in a truck. 'J'h(! incil appannilly had none on a p rivale holiday junket and accidentally drove to close t o I lie frontier. Prai'.in: radio seven men had territory", on ' fiidii." Capt. Jaci; M. Davis ol 11r.il(nvn Mo., was the lii;;hc'sl r;>ukins man in the urJiip. All seven iir e i.ssiun ud to tin.: .'iltith Field Artillery battalion. The U. S. State Department hotly :lenied tho spy 'Charges nnd demanded the return of the -.T.ori. from Comiriunism. o ne o £ whom was accused of murder. U. S. authorities ignored de. mands for return of the fugitives and denied knowledge of their whereabouts. * Strong protests by the State De- artment. f-iiled to got a response from the Czechs u ntil today when the arrangements were completed for releasiag t he soldiers at the aidhaus border point in the area where they mistakenly crossed the frontier. . In addition to Davis, the 816th battalion s urgeon, t he other so cliern, all enlisted men, were iden ifiocl as: Cpl. Jolin 1J. Glasson, Oakdale ' PFC Leonard D. Tennis, 1! ance, O. • . PFC George Swilzcr, . Milburn Neb. . ' PP'C JeiTy W. Griffith, Sprin field, ?. Pvt. Kichard J. Jumper. Boon viilu, Mo. Pvl. Ross F. McCiinnis, Grew burs. Pa. U'.tercl.an.'.v-d t he "penetrated C/.cch 'an espionage mis-. SANFRANCISCO Wi Five wet nnd weary amateur sailors who h ail hoped to drift to Hawaii were plucked from their Touudcriiu;. powerless raft GO miles off centra! California early today. The freighter Metapan radioed at 4:25 a. 'm." th.at all of the men had been r.escued d espile li it'll seasand been rescued d espile high w.s and strong winds. Presumably a 11 were in good c on dition. Details ot the rescue were son of Illinois, the 1952 nominee. On Ihe Republican side Gov.. Thomas F.. Dewy of '«< *.v York declined to say whether he will run for re.elction this fall and j another term in the Albany mansion which is sometimes considered stone to the White EXCESS WASTE iK lmi:knclic, loiw of pnr nnd energy, liendm:liTO nnd iliw.in<?«i niny bn due lo slowdown of kirlnny funrtion-. IloclurB s«y E'""j kiilrify runc-liun is very linpnrlnnl t" B«.'("l licnlth. Wh"ii sonii; nvorydny nmilil mn.mii'n na Blrcss und strain, raiiscs tliin Impnrlmit ftim-t inn ID sl'iw'lowri.innnyrolksr.ilITcr unit- gini; Ijncl-.nclio—feel misornlilc. llinnr blnil- dnr irritiiliuns due to cold or wrotiK dicl mny cause jtuUinn up iiiiilils or frequent iiansnRrs. Don't iipprlcct your kidneys if these conditions liothur you. Try Doan's J'llls—n mild diuretic. Used sncrcsnfiilly by millions for over 50 ynava. It's nnui/.iim how many limn* Doan'n eivo hnppy relief from these diacorn- forts—help the 16 mllrnof kidney tubes nnd 111- ters Hush out wnate. Get Bonn's Pilla todayl Special. Ice Cold Watermelons 3c Ib. Mo. 1 Home Grown Tomatoes and Cataloupes. Try our .dry cold melons for quality. E. M. McWiUioms East 3rd Street HY 67 for a steppin House. It was lent Eisenhower in the 1952 cam- aign. It was time for a Democrat xm- authorilativc'ly er the rotation system and there 'as mention of Govemors Frank . Lausche of, Ohio and Lawrence V. Wetherby of Kentucky., The only name officially offero-1 was that of Kennon. Byret was hairman of the nominating committee. Presidential politics which often igures heavily at the governors' conference got little mention. Gov. G. Mennen Williams of Michigan acknowledge that if re elected t h is fall he might be a 'favorite son" candidate again a ,hc 1956 Democratic national con- vctio. Other Democratic possibilities motioned included Lausche Sen. Stuart Symington x • Missour and former Gov. Adlai E. : .Stevp- vcport:-"l however, that Dewey, the 1944 nnd 1948 Republican nominee is determined to r ctire t o private 1 ik- next Tnnuary and not • even Prc Eisenhower can change mind. TOP'S Glass Cut and Installed. Compiets Re 1 pairs. New and D^ed Pare;;. Highway 07 West Dial 7-2767 Hope, Ark. Vine Ripened Extra Nice Ib. Fresh Plenty Dozen Plenty of Peas RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 WEST THIRD TOMATOES SWEET CORN Air Force Book to Become Film DOLIA'WOOD l/l'l—The. growth of •the worlds mightiest air force as -told by tho late Gen. H. II. (Hap) Arnold in ii is IjooU, "Global Mission," will be in ade into a motion picture, Paramount studio an- nouneed yesterday. _ Arnold com- nianded America's Army Air Force duriny Woi-ki War II. Czech border indicated the men w ere being U e Id ns host_ by turned for they would be NOT LATE NOW GLENDAbE, Calif. (.11—Late a funeral, insurance man D. Kenning from his auto to the chapel yesterday, mada it through the door and then collapsed and i^i, n*^^ .,.-* -- _ - _three Czech fugitives died of a heart attack MEAT VALUES FOR FRIDAY - SAT. Good Beef Roast Ib. Good Rib Steak Lb. Dry Salt Meat Lb. Sirloin - T-Bones Lb. Round Steak Mix Sausage Ub, Tremendous Values on SINGER ESeotric Trade-ins including somo floor models and salesmen's demonstrators During this Scsie... ... A wide selection of cabinet and portable models with prices to fit every purse including a limited quantity of used SINGER* Electric Portables ut $49.50. 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Mrs. Bob Magness, Emmet Mrs. A. E. Magness, Mr. Sam Kennedy, Bonham long table covered with a white da-1 Tex., Mrs. Billie Kage, Arkadelphia mask cloth and centered with an , Mrs. Cecil A. Grant Jr., Magnolia arrangement of orchid asters in a crystal bowl flanked by white la- Kj>-s in matching holders Miss Davis ;md Mr. McHenry chose this lime to present their wedding party with gifts. Mcl-lcnry—Davis Vows Pledged The inavriagc of Miss Bettie Luc Di.'.vi:;. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. and daughter, Charlotte. Loe—Dixon Vows Exchanged Miss Glenda Loe became the bride of Bill Ed Dixon on Saturday evening, July 10. The bride is the (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Luc and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Dixon of Houston. E. K. Davi;:, ii> fjanniel W. Molten-j The double ring ceremony ry, son of .Mr. anrl Mr:;. Sam Me-j performed in the home of the Henry was nolemiii/ed at 2:30 o'-!officiating minister. Rev. W. E. •cl« Sunday afternoon, July II. at tlTc First Melhodial Church in Pro- ucolt. Hev. T. JVMuuldiii performed the linprrssive service before an altar enhanced liy floor baskets of while inuinii and gladioli and while lu- pers in graduated candelabra. Greenery decorated llic altar and choir rail. 1'cw.s w%re marked with while satin bows. Miss Ida Rae (lamillon, organist, fnpmpanicd Conrad White, sol(Mt, who sang "Because," and "I Love You Truly." The traditional wedding marches were used. The bride, who entered on the Thuina.suli. IVor her wedding the bride wore a tluiity rose pure silk dress anrl while accessories. Her corsage was while carnations. Maid of honor, Miss Betty Bryson. wore a brown rayon dress with pink and white accessories. Her corsagf! was pink carnations. Junior Glass served as best man. following a wedding ' trip, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon are at home in Prcscott. A bridal shower was eivcn in honor of Mrs. Kenneth Brzcski formerly Oma Dean Otwell, Thursday arm of her father, was radiantly j evening. July the 8th, Mrs. Glynn lovely in her original gown by McDonald, the hostess pinned a Miriam, n froth of lace and nylon beautiful orchid aray of flowers on tulle over tulle -'and satin The lace the honoree. bodice had fitted sleeves which' The games came to. the wrist and featured a McDonald lawn with 59 lak low neckline. The voluminous skirt inji part. hacl sc'nllopped lace ties over; The many gifts were opened by rtSon tulle and full into a chapel Mr. and Mrs. Brzeski and then pas- sweep. Ilor finyer tip bridal illu- sod around I'or everyone to see and 50 o Day Have Scripts for Wayne Films By HUBBARD KEAVY For Bob Thotnas HOLLYWOOD — One hundred and ten times a day the in the Wayne-Fel- 50 of these calls phones ring lows office and on the average, a re from writers or agents with stories they think will make John Wayne movies. Bob Fellows, who i s Wayne's partner, talks to every ono of the 50 and at least listens. But. be Ing cautious, he doesn't buy many stories. The few he mid Wayne have bouiflit and filmed have been, with two exceptions, remarkably successful. Writers with adventure stories think o f the star with the ngele-ss face first, just as song pluggrrs always Dtatt With Crosby or Cole or Fisher. "We don't have a nj r rule? for; picking stories," says Fellows, whoj was a n unsuccessful actor' in the '20s before lie became DeMUlo's chair b oy. A chair boy sees to i! that the director's c liair is strategically placed. Follciivs advanced rapidly, but not because he knew where to put (he chair. "You use | your accumulated expcj'icncn. Something told Wayne and me thai 'Island I n the Sky' was right. The same goes for 'Hondo' nnd 'The High and the Mighty.' The last two will make an awful lot of money." Two that were equally good were "Plunder in the Sun" and "Big Jim McClain," b tit they came out in black and white on small screens when most otli2r movies! DELICATE JOB — -John B Peurifoy, U S ambassador to Guatemala, played an important part in the truce between the anti-Reds and the Arbenz government He was active in negotiating formation of a second ruling junta and starting cease-fire talks sion veil lull from a half hat of | admire. . - .. n*.»».v.nj tviiwii a I luoi vy 111 -i i.ivjtiv.^ .^ ere ... 1 ?!u yP =n on /jj. e ;were acquiring color and the now wide-screen look. The company will break e ven at least on 1 hose two. When Follows hears of an idon he believes will b c> Rood, li e nut- jewels'. She wore a' sinyle strand of pearls nnd carried a Delta Sigma Epsilon Bible lopped with purple | wore present. throated white orchids and lilies of thu valley. Sandwiches, cake. and drinks wore served to the 90 that , lines it to his partner, who appcar- cold| en tiy i j s i(> ns more than h,? rcr.dn. Miss Dorothy Davis of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Quay Worthington nnd Bobby of Clinton, Ind., arc the Texas was rnnicl of honor and wore; guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. In- mis and f. u 11 of h enrt. I told Wnvno a floor length frock of orchid fiandy over taffeta with a lace jae- k$. The bodice was fitted witli a wide sash cascading in the back. The bridesmaid, wearing orchid dresses of -the same design, were Miss Virginia Johnson and Miss Julia Marks of Thornton. The attendants wore matching head bands trimmed with rosettes and pearls and carried fan-shaped bouquets of .white carnations with blen- grain and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Wor- thinglon. Mrs. Dallias Atkins has returned from a weeks visit in Little Rock. Mrs. Marim Rouse has returned from an extended stay in Columbia, S. C. "But if Wayne says 'no soap,' 1 don't argue with him. He knows too w ell. "The stories about GIs helping Korean children h u vo boon m about the idea and he said, get a story.' So wo are having Taylor Caldwoll write i t fnr u s . "The f o rmer Marine colonol, A'l drew Gear, who wrote 'Sen Chase ' Around ihs World BERLIN, (UP) —A lotnl of S3.. 000 East Getmnns mote than half nf them children or teen-ager.?, slipped across the Iron Curtain Into West Berlin during the first nix monthr of 1954. West Berlin refugee officials announced today. In a survey, the officials estimated that at least 1,675.000 Soviet zone residents had lied their homes for freedom In the West since 1947. The flood of refugees reached its highest peak in the first half of 1953 when 224,700 men, wornert and children poured across the East-West frontier. MEDELLIN, Colombia. (UP) Fifteen persons were killed and 58 were injured in a landslide near here yesterday. Rescue workers today sought possible additional vie Urns. BOMBAY. Ind—la, (UP). Capt. C. H. Turner Ignored the frantic pleadings of his crewmen and went down with his ship after It hit a reef yesterday 200 miles from Bombay. Thirty-four crewmen and eight other officers of the 5,956-ton Panamanian freighter San Mardcno were rescued. Turner. 55, was a native of New Zealand. BECAUSE OF A&P's 94-Y£AR REPUTATION FOR GIVING HONEST VALUF' PURE CANE — DOMINO SUGAR 10 U. Bag DETERGENT •»•*•! m**m «,-•• *Wt\J. LORD MOTT FRE BREEZE X'7(r Beans 2 SULTANA WHOLE . :.• Green Beans S 303 1< LORD MOTT FRENCH STYLE | *| No. .303 <JM Carts ' 4I'«_.. •' ' • "''i'l • - '..... .... --.MaJMli AUCKLAND, New Kcaland, (UP> Mtsu Moana Manley, halfcaste Maori beauty selected as Miss New Zealand of 1054, left today by plane for the United States and the Miss Universe contest at Long Beach, Calif. Miss Manlcy plans to display her charms at the contest garbed in traditional Maori costume. HEADS SURVEY—Gen. Mark \V. Clark will head the commission that will study the top seerot C e n t r a'l Intelligence' Agency. A former Fnr East commander, General Ciarl; is at present head of The Citadel, :i military school in Charleston, S. C,. GRAND ANN PAGE BUYS [ JANE PARKER VALUES JANI MRKIft ANN PAGE SALAD £* ff - ,_ JANI PARKIR DRESSING . 25^ -.v 43c CHERRY PIE ANN PAGE VANlllA „.,.'.„'. : UL JANI PARKER IDUARt CAKt -4 ' ' :,:"' ».o z **l _g| JANI PAKKIK IHUAIIC tARI -4 25* DEVIL'S FOOD ding shades of purple Linda- Gail Ellis of Texarkana, s, flower girl wore a yellow organdy over taffeta frock and car- Mrs. George Haynie has returned to Little Rock after a visit with relatives. told us about an incident in Korea so he's now writing' 'Give Away iill' for us." Wayne may star in both Korea lories, but n ot necessarily. Miss Loyce Stewart of Little Rock .has been the guest of her mother, ried a lace trimmed white basket j Mrs. Bob Stewart, filled with white petals. Jack Stivers served as best man. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grantt Jr., and children of Magnolia spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Daw- TO V 0 HOT LITTLE HOCK, -Ark. .(IF, Ono case /of heat .prostration was.., re-. sorted yesterday. The victim vv as ^. M. Duckworth, an ice cream alesman. son Atkinson and Mrs. C. Grantt. A. The ushers were Kenneth Rcnfro and William Ed Davis, brother of the bride. Mrs. Duvis, mother of the bride, wore a pink lace dress with pink accessories. She pinned a purple orchid at her shoulder. gMr.s. McHenry, mother of the ii«iom, chii.se an aqua lace dross witli navy accessories. Shu also wore a purple orchid. Immediately following the cere- Mr. and Mrs. Sardis Greer have mony 'a reception was held in the'had as their quests, Mrs. Lewis Wylic Brid of Ft. Cobb.Okla. has returned to her home after a visit with'.Mrs. J. R. Cox. Mr. Brid and Stcvie remained for a longer visit. church parlor decorated with floor baskets of fjladioli and mums. The brides table was covered Sandusky and Judy of Kansas City and Mrs. Nettie Lemous of Waldron. with a. white cut work cloth over satin and (.•entered with white burning tapers arranged in a|ton and semi-circle around the bride's bou- Houston Miss Julia Ann Marks of Thorn- Miss Martha Edgill of have returned to their qfiSt. Mrs. W. E. Davis, cisler-iri- homes after a visit with Miss Vir- law of the bride, served the wcd-ipinia Johnson and attending the ding cake embossed with pink ros- McIIonry-Davis nuptials on Sunday cs and topped with a miniature bride and groom. Miss Martha Ann Mitchell presided at the punch bowl. Mrs. Thcron Wilson, ulster of tho groom. Mrs. Lawrence Stovall, of the groom, Mrs. Sam Taylor White Jr., and Mrs. C. A.Grantt presided at the bride's booiiy Du Shclton and Mrs. Marvel Williams also assisted in courtesies. After a wedding trip through the Ozarks the couple will be at home in Fordyce where the bride is a home economics teacher in tho Thornton Public School, Mr. Mc- Miss Jo Carrington lias returned from a visit with relatives in Camden. Mrs. J. W. Gist has been the guest of her "brother, Warren Citty, in Houston. Mr. and Mrs. James Daniel and family of Searcy were tho weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Da- LEONARD'S GONE LINCOLN, Neb. ,.1>) When the mother and wife o f prisoner LloycJ Henry is employoil in Camden j Leonard of Omaha arrived at the : Mrs. McHenry is a graduate of j penitentiary here to visit him, Henderson Stale Teachers College. I Warden Herbert Hahn drove ovei Mr. McHenry attended the same OuT-of- town-guests were: Dorothy Davis of Houston, cousin to the prisjn farm to fetch Leonard. Leonard wasn't there. He hr.d walked away from threshing of the ' bridu Wanda Croelien, Bon- crew and his basence had gone ham, Texas, Dinah Upton, Camden 'minuted u nlil t he war.den arrived. From where I sit... Joe Marsh Pie.a la "Mood 11 Heard &L >ut apple pie for breakfast do\v >. at Aunt Susan's Boarding House, so I went down to see. Sure enough there was the pic — and it was delicious. But hardly anybody else had any, I asked Aunt Susan why. Si "People don't eat pie for brcakr fasts nowadays," she said, "but they sure like to talk about it. In fact, several times when we ran out, everyone asked where the apple pic was. , "So now there's pie every Corning. And lots of new folks in for breakfast n6w so they can talk about it, too." From where I sit, it's the littje extras that people talk about that help build reputations. That's why' our beer retailers are happy to co-operate in the Self-Regulation Program sponsored by the Brewing Induslrjv Tney make sure their places arc always clean an4 in apple pie order, It's good business for them and a good business to have in our community. • Arkansas Division, United States Brewers Foundation. 1954) Actress Acts-ess Held in TrcsffJc Death LOS ANGKLES Ml I.ynn Ba/i^ett fuccu preliminary hearing today on charges of hit- i run and manslaughter in the deaili | of a 9 -year-old boy. 1 Joel Watnick was killed on July l(j and Miss Eaggett was arrested ' three days later. :• The 31-year-old actress w as named yesterday 1 in a $50,700 civil damage s ui't brought by the mother of the victim. McClellonto Report State Drouth Threat FAYETTEVILLE «—' Sen. John McClellan ycsU-rdny said Arkansas fuces the possibility of a se- vore drought unless "the state rc- Cfives a general rain •soon" The Senator said he Would inform Washington today of the seriousness of the situation. McClellan, who was here for his campaign for Democratic renomi- nalion, said he has become convinced that some emergency drought relief from the federal government may be necessary. "If we don't get some rains soon,-we .will face a critical situation in every section of the state," McClellan said ' McClellan said he intended 'to contact every appropriate department in Washington to- "assure rny self that they are thoroughly aware of this situation." "That way there will be no delay in receiving emergency relief if the drought reaches the cri sis stage," he said. ANN PAGE FRENCH ' DRESSING ANN PAGE SAIAD MUSTARD SPARKLE (LACK CHERRY ' GELATIN SPARKLE COCONUT CREAM • PUDDING M. in. i.u. .. JAR ....PKO. PKO. .. . » ' /*,* (V ti ,.., •. JELLY BUNS JANE PARKER t > x < "< X?* »,' RAISIN BREAD _ JANE.MRKER fAMDWtCH , 5* COOKIES ,:,:ia: JANE PARKER ENRICHED WHITE , <, .-rt»;> i-'iVt.j BREAD ' ^-v-'v..^^ i^kW Km E^mi WJmw 4...»*H*(>*4**t4»**t(it^i( \ * .f) 1 SPECIALS FRIDAY, JULY 16th SATURDAY, JULY!7fh "SUPER-RIGHT" FINE MEATS 1 ; , - » --,5. i.,H 0 <;?j3p 1 FINE MEATS * I*** HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST }• 'iff 7 ^ ( ALL GOOD BRAND Sliced Bacon Ib. 55c HEAVY CALF Gound Meat Ib. 29c DRY SALT Jowls Ib. 25c HEAVY CALF , Rib Steak HEAVYfcALF .,, ,;.'. Sirloin Steak SUPER RIGHT •-/' v. ~f ' f f" • i_ ^ i ' > i'">' Frankfurters Grady WILLIAMS FLOUR and FEED Buck We Deliver Phone 7-3871 106 So. Walnut Canned Biscuits GLADIOLA No Limit Liptpri Tea Ofi^, 29C Pound Only Miracle Aid or Cool Aid 6 Pkgs Only QJ in O W U. JC Large Can Pet Milk lOc..*£! 5c Prince Albert lOc Can Frostee Pkgs. • Only - IN OUR MARKET BACON D&W Pride — Half or Whole Sticks Ib 2Sc SPARE R8BS HRESH Ib. 43c KANSAS CITY WRINKLES 5 Ibs. only $1.19 2 Ibs. only 49c HENS Ib 39c SUGAR CURED SQUARES lb.33c BACON Ib. 63c SLICED BUCKHAWK HOG MAWS Ib. 19c PICNIC HAMS Ib. 49c MIXED SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. 98c Plenty of Fresh Buffalo and Cot flih We Reserve The Right To Limit guomitics FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CALIFORNIA SUNKIST LEMONS «, 17c CALIFORNIA KENTUCKY WONDER lb 19c BING CHERRIES •Ib 29c COLORADO GREEN CABBAGE Ib. 5c GOLDEN BANANAS 4 DOZ. SIZE LETTUCE '/,-lB. PACKAGE U BAGS IN CARTON KITCHEN <HARM WAX PAPER MARCAl TEA NAPKINS 2 MARCAL DINNER NAPKINS Prices ar« ' Effective through July 17th PHARCAlj. -, • .. 23* TOWILS 2.0U,; IIIUIUIUI UVBIM*''-,.' 1 '.'^ * fesS' »i mimim *i»tt tiiti'\ii' iiittt ood DUZ SOAP POWDER OIAHT BOX 70< DREFT DtTERGENT GIANT BOX 70* CAMAY SOAP 3 .H0.'iAR» ,......,..25 SPIC & SPAN CLEANER of, w ,23 PETER PAN, FiANUT OXYDOL DETERGENT OIANT IOX 70* CHEER DITIROINT OIANT BOX CAMAY §OAP 2 IATH »ARS '...., P&G ,, LAMNPRY 3 WSSf M|| .>...,..'..,'.!'.'. JUP •- T)A*- ""**** • »•'••>•'"'''• '-m^r 4^?^,*

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