Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1954
Page 10
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H O r £ iTAR. HOPt, ARKANSAS d up as a field day for batters may develop into a stirring pitchers battle as the Atlanta Crack rs play host to the Southern As- ociation All-Star team tonigrft. -• Both manager Whit Watt for le Crackcu's an d Hush Poland of ual, e'flsy look fCgiitcrs Strongly for fall in dresses.- There 1 is soft blotisinff for some, perfectly Wajitlines fof others. Slim town dress by Samuel Winston (left) is in red wool, has while iliimswt.- Bodlei billion* lo the waist; l\vo flap, pockets are shaped with- pellpn. Lightweight **Ift*caramel color fright) is Used for slim dress with Moused jacket nipping in tightly at the "me,> Thls-ls v a Nettie Roscnstciit design, has two-tone scarf at the neckline. •da Greets ilianStar "." ; fi*R, 'B, C. Ml Aus- B |rt'fler JoHn Lnndy was ierb's welcome last night rived by air for the ."7 British Empire I''fired J Hume, t ho games ''committee and hundreds ^0icome4 the shy 24- iiiner at the airport. laier h e told ;t,he popular notion ild'fcutterflies w as ''silly'' ftfhe' was confident Wf-s s United States could our-minute mile. He It-Ms •• time of 3:58.0 also -Broken." 6-pound .Australian p lans " s, training this w ie ; games' mile heats ' . S.-qnd^tbe lina pse ?f the sun always oc new moom Ihe time bf a ATHLETE'S FOOT .action ' li a must! _ . keratolytlc fungicide off, infectfrt skin to reach \ti\qerme and fungus ON IT." If' not ^pleased (N our 40o back at any dru oday at John S. Gibson W MARKETS Dixie Ail-Star May Be Battle of Pitchers ATLANTA What first shap bill, w hich he has called the cot-'figures were not available. nerstone of his entire domestic program. •.Some sources said the pace yesterday indicates t ho conference committee may complete action this week on all but one issue in That c ompares w ith 485 million in reductions in the House bill and 464 million in reductions i n the Senate bill on these s amc points: Retirement income Both houses the bill running almost 1,000 had a greed on n plan to exempt pages. But that one issue hov much to cut income t axes on dividend:; received by stockholders seemed likely to be deadlocked for some time. .In i ts decisions yosterdny sub : jecl to possible reversal later the conference committee ap- Nashville for the AlllStar-found'pVoved four'tax'cutsTotaiirig^abou- hemselves with a fresh, front-lino) 471 m illion dollars the f irst year, 8T. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. Hogs 6,000; trading slower han u sual; weights over 180 ib 25-35 lower; lejy late o « more; lighter weights unevenly 25-1.00 .pwer; s ows steady'to 25 lower; choice 180-240 23.50-24.10' with 24.00 most p opular f or 190-225 Ib, f ew lots mostly choice No. 1 and 2 early 24.15; few late clean up deajs 23.85 down; 240-270 Ib 22.5023.75; 150-170 Ib 21.00-23.25; few 120-140 Ib 18.00-10.50; s ows 400 1 b down 17.00-19.00; 13.75-16.0; boars heavier ' sows 10,00-16.5. Cattle 3 .50, calves 1, 200; .trading opened s low; some initial sales.o steers and butcher yearlings about steady at week's decline; feood and steady although•-: buying interest still lacking aggressiveness; utili ty and commercial cows mainly 9.00-11.50; c anners, and cutters 6.50-8.50; some strong cutters 9.00 bulls 5 0 lower; utility and com mercirl 12.50-14.00; c anner and cut ter b ulls 8 50-li:50; vealers steady high q hoice a nd p r inie 20;00-2i:oO good and i choice 15:00-19.00; com mercial and low good 11.01)214.00 culls 7.00-3.00, ; Sheep 2,000; no early sales; aged heep dull; scattered sales slaugh- er ewes steady at 3.00-4.50. POULTRY A ND PRODUCE CHICAGO (ffi — Live poultry steady; r cceipts 313 coops; f.o.b. paying prices u nchanged; heavy hens 15.5-17.5; light hens 1 3.5-14.5; fryers orb rollers 24-29; old roost- ei!s 13.5-14; caponettes 27-30. Butter s leady; receipts 1 ,4GO,- 389; wholesale buying prices u n end; 93 score AA 50.5; 92 A 56.5; 90 B 54; 8 9 C 4 8: c ars 90 B 54.5; 89 C 49. Eggs firm; r eceipts 7,308; w olc- sale buying p rices u nehanged t o highSr; U. S. large 44; U.S. mediums 39; U. S. s tandards 34; cur rent r eceipts 30; dirties 25.5; checks 24. urlcr to try to still the b ats of he best hitters in the league The rain'cut o f lost night's Mo- Dfle-Atlant-i game b rough*, the sudden chango i n pitching f ortunes for ioth teams. Atlanta's Leo Cristf.nto and Mo- mile's Billy Harris merely pbst- joned their mound rr.eeline until he Alll-St.'tr scrap, which is expected to draw 1 0,000 fans. Cristante is the league's w inning- cst pitcher. The 6 feet, 1, 200-pound •ighthandor fr om Detroit has won 7 and lost only four and as an earned run average of 3.94. Harris, main stay of the Mobile staff has complied a 9-11 record with the yscond-division club. The stubby Canadian righl.hander has a 3.54 EKA and tops the league with f our shutouts. Unlike the majors the Southern does not limit pitchers to a three- inning stint in the annual game between the league leaders and best of the rest o f t he loop. A manager cnn let his pitcher go ail the way if he w ants to. Until the Mobile-Atlanta postponement, neithetr Wyatt nor Poland h ad n top p itchpr in shape to start, Wyatt had decided to go with righthander Dod MoMahon a relief specialist with a 3-4 43-re cord, and Poland figured on using Chattanooga's Jim P?arce 10-5 with only one night's rest. The sudden change for the bet- ahd a fifth on whoch tax savings from t axes the first SI.200 of re tirement income for retired persons over 65, a saving of up to $240 p er person a year. The Senate added a provision that public employes schoolteachers, policemen and other government workers could get t he special tax cut even if they retired before 65. The committee approved the Senate version, with a tax reduction of 141 million dollars compared with 125 million in t he House bill. Single heads of h ouaholds The House approved a plan to give Single heads o f households the fulg saving m nrried couples now get by splitting their income for tax purposes. The'plan woxild have saved about 50 million dollars a year fori about 800,000 taxpayers. The Senate knocked out the p revision entirely on grounds that wealthy persons w ould get most of the benefits The conference committee restored a tax cut of oniy about seven million dollars p roviding Thursday, July 15, _———— ' Top Radio Programs NEW YO.RK UP) Radio: Selected programs tonight: NBC _ n Roy Rogers; 7 Return of Scarlet Pimpernel Adventure; 7-35 Senoi- Ben's Music. , CBS 6 Met Millie, 6:30 Thais iRich; 7:30 Jack Carson Show.^ _.i ABC — 7 Sammy Kaye; i:3U Lancaster. Pa., Concert. * MBS G Detective Drama; G.3U Crime F ifihlers. H 0 P t S TA ft, M 6 P f, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Plan. 74411 ••twtfta I A. M. arid 4 P. U.' that for two years alter a husband or wife died, but no beyond that, the widow.o r widower c oiiltl continued to split income for tax purposes. The United States builds about 73 per cent ofthe world's automob.les 'and uses about 73 per cent of the world's product Calendar Tuesday July 20 Poplar Grove 19G, WOW Circle, will hold a picnic for members and families at Fair Park Tuesday, July 20. at 7 p. m. All members are invited. NEW YO RK STOCKS NEW YORK Wl — The Ostock Marke advanced today, w ith s onie gains running to two points or so, Aircrafts and selected rails wcro among t he market leaders. Als highr were t he radio-televisiontj, stls, motion picturs, motors a nd utilities. Chemicals and o ils were mixed a nd airlines unchanged to er in the pitching picture still is o guaranee that t he g ame won't turn into a slugfest. Both Alanta and the All-Stars are loaded with power with the latter hidding rlight edge. Except for the p itcher, everj man in the All-Star starting line up i s batting . 300-lus. Seven art above the .320 plus. Seven ar above the . 320 mark. Among the || All-Star sluggers a re the legue's home run king Nashville's Bob Lennon with 38and the t o p hitterNew Orleans' Gane Feese with a fat .354 average. Lennon. \yho will bat i n the c leanup slot, also leads the 1 oop in r tins batted in with 100. Miss Bennie Edmiaston , Complimented With * JS Miscellaneous Shower Miss Bennie Edmiaston, bride- fe''FIFTY 'YEARS OF SERVICE For the past half century the.good ,w.i.l|, pf those we serve has been our most treasured asset. ,To improve our service we have just com" jpleted 'redecorating our funeral -home on South Majn Street, tnstalled ample air con- Mt ditipning, qdded spacious new family room and private office space for your privacy. Retired Folks Get Break m* Tax Measure By CHARLES F. BARRETT WASHINGTON (/P)— A senate House conference committee his approved a more liberal Senate plan giving a special tax cut to millions of public employes who may r otir'.! before Go. The action was made of five important d ocision, and scores of minor ones late yesterdayas the committee pitched i nto the big task of settling hundreds of differences between the House .and Senate versions of President Eisenhower'.-3 tax reform program. Only* a few h ours earlier Eisenhower had opened his news conference by volunteering a plea for "prompt action" on the t ax lower. ,. In the rails, g ains of a couple of points were m a de by Western of points were made b y Western Pacific and Atlantic Coast Line. Santa Fe a:id Kansas City Southern traded up around a p oint at o ne time. »>« ' 5 V THREE MODERN AMBULANCES TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE ed ana 1 courteous attendants trained for your comfort. Our Is olwpvs as moderate as you wish. Our service as complete as IS 1 ""' <i < ** f,* \" 'you will find anywhere. Our t>yriQl association is one of the largest and oldest in the state. Our rgte?,9re the same as any other burial association. All ore operated under state regulations For burial protection . , . Call 7-5505 one of our experienced agents yvill call and explain our state supervised protection plan, - CORNELIUS: FUNERAL HOME SOUTH MAIN .'STREET , Hern49,n ( $r, Terrell S. Cornelius . ^ Ryfus Her.ndon, Jr. Charles Huckabee Bobby Joe Lee Tom Kjinser Qpal Harvey |/v JfiSCip -to ow program over KXAR each Saturday, 6:45 A. Mand Sunday, 6 '00 P.M. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YOR K(ff) Cotton futures rifted lower t oday in slow trading. Indications a t the opening t ha a fairly subsanial volume of house demand. Prices easd on hege selling w as overhanging the market discouraged commission nous demand. Prices eased on light tra selling a n p r ofit taking. Late afternoon prices w e re 15 to 30 c ents a bale lower than the pr- vious clos. Oct. 34.20, DC. 34.42 an March 34.61. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICGO UP) — Wheat boomed up ward in active dealings on the Board of Trade toay, March an May c ontracts s elling at ncwsea- sonal h ighr.. 'A blief the major p art o f the harvest h a been completed, a nrl that most of the grain had bceii impoundd u ner th> govrriment loan, s purr a a ggressive b uying n wheat. Strength in cash markcto supportd UK- a dvance. New crop c o rn and soybeans were under mild p ressure during the early t rade, but firmed toward the c lose. :'••' Wheat c losed 4'/«-5& higher,^uly $2.09-$2.09 , corn »/ 8 -% loweiS.'guly $1.59 , oats ¥4—. higher, J.uly'^Vi. rye 2"' ? -2-^ July $1.0C'/j and soybeans '% 1 ower to & c ents higher, July $3.39'4-$3.90. Cash wheat: No. 2 red ?.04 I , / 2-08; No. ? hard and yellow hard 2.13l>; No. 2 mixed a.OS'/a-l^i Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.61%; N o, 3 1 .JPO—}No. 3 1.59-T-. Oats: No, 1 heavy mixed •!5-75—; No. 1 mixed 7 4 ; IS'Q, 1 heavy white 7F-76'/^; No. 1 white 731^— ; No. 3 69; sample grade* medium heavy white 69; No. 1 heavy special red 75; No. 1 spp- cja} red 73 ! VM- Spybeans: None, n f Bonelesss Rib or Rump Baby Beef ROAST ,b 69c U. S. GRADED CHOICE BABY BEEF CHUCK ROAST Kroger Made Baby Beef Ground Beef ib39c Economical Baby Beef PLATE BEEF.,„ 29c Medium Size Florida Pinks Shrimp 2!/ 2 BO* 1.00 STEAKS U. S. Graded Beef. Round, Sirloin or Porterhouse . . . . Ib. !_:.* BY REFRIGERATION! elect of Marvin Sinyard, was complimented with a miscellaneous shower on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, in the homi» of Miss jWanzell Nix. Hostesses wore Miss- JPS Nix, Paula Raley, Carolyn Coffee, June Burroughs:. Dnna Cunningham, Judy Mosos, Sybil Shirley and Lyla Brown. The honoree was presented n corsage of pink sweetheart roses. The living room in the Nix home was attractively decorated with ar- "Little Fugitive" at: 2:00 - 5:07 - 8:14 "Cowboy & The Girl" ot 3:19 - 6:26 - 9:33 b-angemnnts of summer 1 lowers. A wine umbrella tied with a large white crepe paper bow and overflowing with gifts was placed in front of the fireplace. White streamers extended from the umbrella to white crepe paper bows on each end of the mantel. The dining table, covered with a lace cloth over green, was centered with a crystal bowl filled with Chinese sunflowers. Games were played with the pri- ZPS being presented to Miss Edmiaston. The hostesses served iced drinks, nuts, open-faced sandwiches and assorted cookies to Mrs. Harry Sinyard, mother or the groom-elect, Vlrs. Ben Edmiaston, mother of the Dride-Plect, the honoree, Mrs. Bonnie Sinyard. Miss Barbara Polk. Miss Frances Nash, Miss Carolyn FIRST HOPE SHOWING JOHN WAYNE A AOU6H KIOIH 'RODEO ff/tff PLUS: News & "Dig That Dog" Cartoon EMBASSY PRESERVES YELLOW CORN Pure r«um y Peach or Grape 3 24 Or. Jars Avondale, Cream Style 2 ICED TEA Kroger's Special Blend No. .303 Cans 1/2-lb. Box $1 25c 55c For Frying or Baking Kroaer Snowdrift Tomato Juice Yellow Corn SL£?&2 Meat 87c 3 lb. Can No. 2 OO,. Cans J&OC No. 303 Cans Luncheon K. P., For Quick 12 oz. Fix Sandwiches Can /"*.^~i M D^«. M <r. Krogers No. 303 vjreen Deans whole Beans c an Kool Aid Peanut Butter 6 .5c Pkgs Del Monte, Sliced Del Monte Kroger's Tangy Rich Pineapple Lima Beans Applesauce Fruit Cocktail Ice Cream Sugar Lite Delite Coffee Cake Layer Cake No. 2 Can No.'303 Can No. 303 29c 39c 23c 29c 29c Six Delicious Flavors Peter Pan . Jar \/ rj I Fresh Baked H 20 oz. ivroger Dread Daii y zioaves Kroger, +\ 6 oz. Quick Frozen ^fcCans 37C STARTS TOMORROW • BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM • r? CHAPTER 8 OF SERIAL & ELMER FUDD CARTOON "MAC" SAYS: "We're open every night at 6:45. Come out ..early and enjoy a snack at our Snack Bar, and let the kids play on the swings" "MAC Your Movie Boy . •«<*,;. THEATRE fe-=- MAIN & COUNTRY'pLUB.RDS. • TONIGHT &.FRIDAY • GARY BARBARA COOPER-STANWYCK WIM FIGHTING AND LOVING WllDI Woody Woodpecker Cartoon Cans Bot. Finest Quality Swift's Skate ColoniaJ 1- Gal. 10 Lbs Fresh Baked Layer Cake Fruit Braid, Fresh Baked Chocolate Nut Gold Each Each Each 25c 49c 94c 49c 49c 68c Lemonade Orange Juice^kFrozen 2 6oz CL. Woodbury'Vi-Price Sale ^nampOO NewSt y le,$1.00Size Fleece Tissue s?r f on bgut SCOttl'SSUe Old Linen Napkins Cut-Rite Towels Paper Napkins i^bon Northern Tissue Finest CLeansing Tissue O-l O 1C Charmain 4 Rolls 2 Rolls 60 Ct. Pkg. Waxed Paper Fleece Low Price 2 Rolls 2 3 Swqnee 400 ct. Brand Pkg. 21c lOc 29c 39c 25c 25c 25c Like (I'd Pick Lettuce 2 Jumbo "48" Siie Heod$ Small Size California Grown ORANGES School Boy Winesap APPLES 19c Crisp, Fresh, Tender RADISHES For Delightful Salads .••Green SUNKIST LEMONS Urge * Jwtey 39c ,*.;&- "THE FASHION SHOPPE" JULY CLEARANCE Now in progress. Shop the entire store for EXTRA SAVINGS ! ! ! ! LINGERIE Slips, panties and gowns. These are in fine combed cotton plisse. You can save on these during this July Clearance. PRICED TO MOVE f Mary Grey I HOSE -~'i . :"-A real savnig in seam- Jr less 66 gauge nylons. ".1.35 ond 1.49 values. '?- Now $1.00 Costume JEWELRY A nice selection of necklaces, pins, errings and bracelets. 1.12 and 2.24 values. Now 79c & 1.59 (Tax Included) Ladies Nylon GLOVES All sizes and colors. 1.49 and '1.98 values. While they last. Only 75c&1.00 LADIES HATS This is all new millinery. All clean stock. In white and colors. All have been drastically reduced. Get yours while they last, $1.50 $2.00 $3.00 LADIES DRESSES Juniors,/egulars and half sizes in these dresses, Violes, nylons, ginghams and chambrgy. Reg* M lar $8.95, 10.95, 12.95 and 14.95 values. Buy several , REDUCED NOW FOR $6.00 $8.00 $10.00 THE FASHION SHOPPE Air-CondiHoned For Your Comfort 5. Mffip Street Each American consumes about 314 gallons of ice creama year on the average •..* There are about $5 millioti ve-[ l*foittiS^bte^ hides on ;U. S. roads — 72 per c&$ jlioft (more than in 1940. jlTnli StfcttefcV Tins perfect match m blouse and shorts (above) comes from! California. There's a -white print on dark grounds for the blouse ! and white denim for little boy shorts that arc tied at\the sides with bows.—By Gaile Dugas, NBA Women's Editor. ' Huett, Miss Gloria Rothwcll, Miss Judy May, Miss Nancy Smith, Miss Frances Barentlne and Mrs. Owen Nix. ' Those sending gifts were Miss Betty Chamberlain, Miss Polly Jo Compton, Miss Janelle Yocum, Miss Sylvia Arnold, Miss Judy Hammons, and Misses Mariyn and Libby Webb of Texarkana. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Smith and son, Thomas L., Mrs. Marvin Arterbury and sons, Lynn and Dennie and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Williams of Hayward, Calif., spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith in Waldo, and with Mr. and Mrs. Jess Smith in Spring Hill. La. flir. a«d Mrs. Calvin Hughen of .Detroit, Michigan, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ray Sr. in Hope, and Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Hughen in Maivern. They will •eturn to their home on Sunday. Guy Madison in Reply to Wife SANTA MONICA, Calif. WlCow- boy actor Guy Madison h as filed a cross-complaint for divorce against actress Gail Russell, alleging cruc.'Hy. Madison'£ lawyer, Harvey L. Silvert, indicated yesterday that the aclor will be permitted lo obtain a dcfaul judgment inasmuch &s h is \v ife in recent months has been too ill lo appear in court. Miss Russell h as been under a physician 1 ! care since her arrest last fall on charges of intoxication and cl runk driving. She ubseqent- ly pleaded gulty to the intoxication charge but the drunk driving case has been continued several t imes because of her h ealth. Donnell Bagley of Shreveport returned home Tuesday after spending a ten day vacation with Dec Coffee in Blevins, and with his sister, Mrs Eldon Steadman, in' rlope • • . • • '. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Hugh Edward Patton Hope, Mrs. H. E. Reid, Rt. 1 Hope. Discharged: Mrs Fred McJunkins, Saratoga, Mrs. Marvin L. Rogers and son, Hope. Branch Discharged: Mrs. Cecil Kidd, Hope. .hree o r four Republican s cnator.3 are e xpectcd to support t he amend ment, but he declined t o predict the outcome. Sen. Fulbright CD- Ark) o pposed the amendment yes ;erday. "^ The amendment, if approved by both houses, w ould glock the pro- 'posed contract •- with the Middle South Utilities Inc. and the Southern Co. Republican Aid for TVA Now Looming By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON Of] Sen. Gore (D-Tenn) predicted today some Republican senators will join .many Democrats in supporting a proposal to block President Eisenhow- ers's plan to place a new private power plant in the Tennessee Valley. The Senate approached a vote on the proposal, an amendment to a lengthy bill to revise the Atomic Energy Act in 1 i ne with the President's p rogram to e xchanfe more nuclear' information with foreign allies and to permit private industry entry into peacetime atomic activities. The Senate was called into a sec- sion two hours early t o resume debate on the bill, with major skirmishing * continuing on the power plant issue. Eisenhower has directed the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to conclude a 25- year contract with a private utility group for an ew steam power plant to service the Memphis, Tenn., area o ver Tennessee Valley Authority lines. The p ower would replace TVA power being shifted to Ihe A EC's plant at Paducah, Ky. The President, who has described t he order a s one which will p rovida time f or a nother government look at TVA operations, met at the White. House yesterday with Sen. Anderson of New Mex ico, s e nior Democratic senator on the Senate-House Atomic Energy Cornmittee. ' ; Aderson later introduced an amendment that would allow the AEC to contract only for power supplied directly to atomic instal lations. The amendment would also require p roposed contracts t o be submitted for 30 days to the congressional atomic committee. Anderson told the Senate the pro posed contract wquhj supply powei for general consumer servlcp. He and o thers d i spute an administra lion contention the plan to bulk a new 107-million-dpHar plant is thQ cheapest way of -epiacing the- TVA electricity now supplied t o the Paducah atomic plant, Jt woyld supplant Qpy irnro,$(M3te Ajr\v rpvA facilities, isJsi to * You Are Cordially Invited To MitSf J ^ & *<p\^iR?'-i i , \ CONGRESSMAN OREN HARRIS tjv Candidate For Re-Election *?$ Bring You A Special Message SATURDAY JULY * r f v AT THE FOLLOWING PLACES "*»•*# * . - - - . . * i - ,' WASHINGTON 11 A.M. McCASKILL 2 P.M. BLEVINS ! 4 P.M. 1 ; HOPE.... 8 P.M. ';& 1 .'Vsg Special Entertainment Featuring Jimmy Lee - Johnny Mathis — Tillman Franks Of ' LOUISANA HAYRIDE ^ : v ,^-.X','.H t -f> >*, •'. * Your Vote and Support Sincerely Appreciated„ , : ,^ i '''- Pot. Adv. Paid ' ~- v -*^^-'----•*« John P. Cox Drua WALGREEN AGENCY DIAL7-4616 or Photo 10-P/ece "B/rdseyo" FLASH OUTFIT With Instruction Book Camera, flash unit, m g\e* 4 bulbs, 2 batteries, XJ "O toll Ansco 620 film "^Ji" 1 —• BROWNIE HOLIDAY Simple O 9 5 to work! . O' '' Takes Colpr. tool Don't Run Out of Film! Get all the film you need- return all unopened rolls lot a lull CASH REFUND Choice of Brands—PopMlai Price* I XposeSiihtai 33 e MINERAL OIL 97 U.S.P, QUALITY. PINT SIZE (Ltmil 1) .'...'. !• 1 TOOTH PASTE COLGATES ECONOMY SIZE 10 C Woodbury Soap Q REGULAR SIZE LOW-PRICED (Limn 3).... , " WAX PAPER MOIST-TEX. 125-FOOT ROLL (Liroli 2} .Y, , popu/or MjiiCii 954 Style Six Essentials FIRST AID Thrift Kit 79 V value. . At Home HAIR CARE LUSTRE- CREME S haw poo. $ 4 4-ouncp.. Jb Prophylactic- Roll Wave H*)r Brush TONI Refill Kit 3 han +50 types . . 4*"*"*' Choice ot Tbre* Typ9* Beautiful Hair Breck Shampoo Leaves hair so f%O C i Sf sbinmq ^PKF Silkun* Ihe hoii' "3-owce .... CHARLES ANTELL OQc Hflf PrfiSS ''«• * •"* 5' SHOE LACES i&r. «*<**, jfi*.

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