Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 15, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 15, 1954
Page 4
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Hope WEAtH Arkansas , aftermrtrt, tdftlgfftr, ffld widely Scattered not so hot Jn nftrth Experiment Station 24 hours ending 8 a. ip> High 101; low ??f " none. 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 231 S»or of Hope 1899, Press 192? Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 15, 19S4 th* A«t«et«»H Pr«i t, Audlf *urW« *» At. N*f Paid Clrel. J Mo«. Ending March 11» t»*4 PRICES; Nothing Clear About Score at Geneva By JAMES MARLOVV WASHINGTON I/PI -- At this mo- The 14 feeder airlines operating ment the clearest thing that can in the United States are for the bo said about the Geneva confer- bill, naturally They say the lem- elice on Indochina i s that it i s purary nature ul Hie CAB's orders not clear at all. Visibility should prevent;; them from getting ad-,improve in the next f..:w days. The equate financing and making long-1 conference i s near a climax, range plant; — and, in addition, | The Communists have v ictory compels Ilium to appear in frecjuent utid coutly federal hearings. within their grasp. But if their appetite la too biu Indochina mi-rht •The CAU is against the bill. It turn into a shooting war that sayu it already has the power to j could involve t he United blat.es. grant permanent certificates,' Tho French for almost eight where desirable, but hasn't yet years have boon firrhthif! t. he Com a found this to be desirable I munist-lod-Vietminh in Viet Nam * And yet there are 14 feeder air-.° nc ot Indochina's three states, lines actually operating — not one, Now , the >" ' vant P caco ' of which, says the CAB, deserves j It seems certain French Premier a permanent certificate. [Pierre Mendes-France, meeting at Either this'is a case of profligate • Geneva with Russia's. V. M Molo- use of federal promotion funds *ov and Red China's Chou En-la (subsidies, or a flagrant case of « w '">",« to let tie Vfle ^'"- h ^ how arbitrary a federal bureau U^" 0 ' 11111 '™ P a . pt ° f , nV £' £*£ .., , , iwhilo the French retain tne souui- with great power can become. vi.m. i i , • , ern half. The feeder airlines serve the Bern;; alilo to force the French smaller cities and less populous in(f) ^ kincl of settlement w ould, i^J rural areas. One of the 14 is Trans-j b y ji so if t 150 n clear victory'for the Texas, which flies over Arkansas c'omrmmis'.s. That much, and iv) from Texnrknna to Memphis. My more, seems certain n ow. sympathy is with them. Trans- \vh;r. isn't clear is ihic.: Will the Texas showed a big gain in traffic communist:, demand only h alf of and revenue last year. It and the y;,,f nj.nm «r al' of M' And if onlv • other 13 small lines deserve a fair ha i f on w ] la t conditions? And if chance. ! •*!*'],<he Communists prep-* Mendas- But they can't do much unless • France, will he, to get peace' at the CAB makes up its mind and any price, yield all of V.iet Nam? says "yes" or "no" about the long- When h o took over tho French range future I government almost a month a t;o « Tho bill in consress proposes to 1 he nromised he'd get no'nco in In- build a fire under 'the CAB ' J " u '~" "' UKI " Qn ^" Ar ""' I have a ready match for that fire. TRACK TROUBLE — One Hundred and ten degree weather caused Frisco railroad tracks near Halloweli, Kan., to sway four feet moving 88 ties from alignment. A 48-car train passed along the rails causing trucks on a refrigerator car to leave tracks Wednesday morning. — NEA Telephoto State Vblent Death Toll in 6Mos. Is 372 By Clifton Wells and dochina within 30 days or quit. ^^ ^ the ^h ^ peace h ad been spurned, tWir fighting spirit might vevivo to carry on t he w ar with sreatpv, sacrifices than they've been willing to make in eight years. They probably would not "do so without assurances of active help on their side by the United States. Just how much help the United States and Britain would; give s-has LITTLE ROCK W) — At 1 east 372 persons died violenty in Arkansas during the first six months. of 1954. Over 43 per cei.t of the fatalities, 33 listed by newspapers, occurred t hrough mishaps on Arkansas h ighways. But fewer people died in traf- .& lie accidents during the first six! months of t bis year ay compared with 1 ast year. Lt. Jack Rhea, head of thp safety division for the state police been"one of the m o st unclear parts of the whole picture.' Mendes-France met two days this week in Paris w ith Secretary of Slate Pulles and Britain's Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. They later issued a cheery statement w hich threw no light on a i military a greement, i f any. Communists have t o gamble on settling for 1 <--s.s than everything or askinfi too much and facing t he prospect of fiill-srale vesumpt.ioii "f the w ar. said Ills office recorded 179 traf- p lus t j le danger of American and fice death;; in tho utatc during the firr.t liall of 10;i4 compared with 1952 for the same period in 1953. HliRa said the State Police h as embarked on an extensive safety British intervention. From Dulles' public statements they could hardly guess w hat the United States might do. On April 17, nine Jays before the Geneva campaign aimed a t slowing traf-1 conference opened, he said i t waf fie speeds. He the "slow down and live" campaign has been , carried t ;j t he public tln-ough five 1 rniriute,programs on 1 6 i-fuli" s"»t- lons, spot announcements on five stations, t'.vo stations have b een carrying 15 minute programs weekly 'aricl a television station has been cooperating with three min- tue '.programs. unliUoly" American troops would be sent to Indochina. On May 7 Dulles s aid unless there was an "honorable" armistice there would b t> urgent need for "unitod action" to defend the nrea. Ho s nH Congress w ntild have Levitt, Big Builder, Is Under Fire Storms in East May Break Heat ( . By Tie Associated Press Violent storms in the East and By ROWLAND EVANS JR. WASHINGTON i/Pl — Senators investigating housing scandals today summoned William Levitt, one.of,west partially cracked the sea-^ryden. the builders of Levitt-town, Long j son's worst heat wave today as the Men Applying for Household Jobs LOS ANGELES (#> Mrs. Lulu B. Bryden, director o t the Volunteers of America's free employment bureau, observed yesterday that men are applying for household jobs here aboUts, "Men a re much mote willing than women to h ire out for h ouse- cleaning, floor waxing and oild an exparidlni! cool f ront in the m id- J°bs about the house," said Mrs. Island, for questioning on the financing of r cntal h omes built with government loans. Levitt and Alfred Gross, one of the sponsors of the huge Glen Oaks apartment project in Jamaica, were two of several witnesscss scheduled before the Senate Banking Committee, which is investigating alleged irregularities in government-backed housing construc-rti ernment backed housing construction, . • ' One of the principal targets of inquiry to date hap been alleged windfall profits reaped by apartment builders who got fiovprnmenl- death toll from more than a week of scorching temperatures neared the 100 m ark. The heat-relieving s torms left a mullimillion-dollnr Irail of wind and lightning damage a cross New England, eastern New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and s outhern Michigan. Thompson Evans, Jr., 38, Dies Suddenly Thompson Evans, Jr., 38, part ner in the Roy Anderson Si Co. . Indoclll My DONALD WASHINGTON 1 v tary o f State John said today that his Ufgtttit with the SHUSH «mdS Paris Indochina plete t han has'heretofofe. "1 believe thi^SWe ft^V a formula for, eonstrueWiJ unity which W Jll^have" fe M effect of thejQeflfeVa.'cort and it carries.no danger ,il United States will" principles," 'Dulles safd^ottf rival here. , i > < H uprooted trees; peeled oft roofs, snapped power and telephone 1 ines! and blocked highways. | The mercury hit a siz?.ling 1?.0 degrees a; Fort Scott. Kan,, Dulles rh'n-lved'at port at U:28 a. hi mowing his yard at 0:40 o | Wcn t dircct'y to tL_ this morning. He had under-'for a conterenifidVwltti!'j^H .. J.. T i\"i i-t'fe insured mortgages larger than co- fore t he coolcl . nh . bogan movlng struction costs, then pocketed the! difference. Levitt is a member of the firm of Levitt and Sons, builder o f Levit-town. The community is considered by some a modi:! operation for new building techniques. into that state. Temperatures of 100.degrees or higher were common from Kansas, Oklnhnma and northern. Texas eastward to the Atlantic. Thousands of baby chicks died 1 from t he heat in Arkansas. The Ar- Some G.OOO homes in the planned ;kansas Poultry Federation s aid the community it was reported, we!state's poultry industry may suf- lebmltifor rental and the balance fer its worst baby-chick short- gone examination recently for high blood pressure. Mi*. Evans was active in civic affairs since his return from World War II duty. He was a member o£ the First Methodist Church, a lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol, and a member of the American Legion. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Sue Evans; his parents. Mr. i and Mrs. Thompson Evans, of Hope I agreed to send 'XJndej-'si ------ '"- 1 " ----- '.-.i <«--.. for outfight sales under sections of the National Housing Act. The Senate problers, headed by Sen. Capehart (R-Indi, y e sterdr.y hCaid a tale of home repair salesmen being "trained and schooled" in ways to defraud small horn? age in history. Volunteers responded to an appeal to hely save the lives o f feeble-minded patients at the state training school in Winfield, Kan. Some Mongolian-type p atients are supersensitive to the heat because and two sisters, Mrs. Lyman Armstrong of Madison, Ind., and Mrs. Jud B. Martindale of Hope. Funeral services will be held at 4 p. m. Friday at First Methodist church, with the Rev. Viigil Keeley officiating. owncis under another section of of deficiency in a gland that acts the housing program. las a sort of, thermostat in the Andrew Nicol, an investigator body. They had to be packed in AIR CAMPAIGNER — Sen. John L. McClellan waves good, _ , i .**!„ E3 K _t, A ML- fnn a tuuA.uufep.U tnui* In hifi."cam- hvf as he leaves Little Rock, Ark,, for a two-vifcek tour In hls.,"6am- nafon buggy" Seek preelection fop ^te^nlpd^erm itK-the'Sen- ??e? MoCle%n says thi helicopter fits peWfctly into tfis&chedu e, ,«h!rh mantles 39 soeaklna engagements in one week. — NEA Tele- whi'ch includes 39 speaking engagements photo Alabama's Atty.-Gen. Is Badly Hurt WAYNESBORO, Miss. Ml Alabama Atty, Gen. Si Garrett under ehargos, indictment on vote fraud critically injured in a hit-and-run accident near here last night. His tow children Silas IV, H. and Judges, Clerks to Be Chosen Next Tuesday Judges, clerks and guards for the Democratic preferential primary election July 27 will be chosen at a meeting of the Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee which has been called for next £01 the Bergen County,XN. J., prosecutors office, said such schools were set up all over the country to teach salesmen how to take advantage of Federal .Housing Ad w rriinisti ation loan insurance offered •^^ . ' . . - . . i * Jpr repair admodernizalion of Louis is jomes The program,a Hows -full ice or otherwise externally cooled. Eleven p atients h ave died in Kansas > mental institutions this week. Even tropical plants'a t the Missouri Botanical Garden in St, Pamela, hurl. "4"were"'iess"criticaiiy|l' uesda y. Ju] y 20 ' in H °l )e cil y halL The committee call was announc- |THA insurance ' on loans up lo Nicol s: aid the schools train the salesmen are sent out to home 7 mathematicians and to act 1 ike "factory executives, not salesmen." Under one method, he said, the s alesmcn a re sent o ut.t o h o'm owners who are told they have been selected "for advertising purposes.". Nicol said the owner is told that after his home is fixed up asa demonstration he will be paid a fee or every similar job done in his neighborhood. But actually, he- said, the repair firm does shoddy work on the "sample" homes, collects its money and t hen moves en to another locality for a repeat performance. The three were the only occu- ed today by W. S. Atkins, chair- pants of the Garrett automobile man and L E Cl . ait)| secre tary. to be consulted and "Only Con- ]j m ji s . which crashed into t h ick woods 400 feet off U. S. 84 wept after apparently being sldeswiped by a truck near the Waynesboro city gross c an declare war." On May 25 he said. "Wo don't .Running second to traffic in t he go in F.lnne. . . We go in where killer rtico in Arkansas for 'the the United Nations give? moral period ending June 30 was fire 1 sanction t " our action." On June 11 Fifty-seven persons died in flames i he said France must pledge to or as the result of b urns accord-'fight on until victory before Amering to tabulations from news, sour-ican and Allied intervention m ccs | Southeast Asia. Warm weather spurred drown- It the Communists settle for northern Viet Nam •— a nd the The physician who treaied Garrett listed his i njurits as 'a c om- pound fracture o f the left elbow and a possible, broken neck. The Alabama attorney general's left ear was torn of f. The doctor gave him "an even chance" to survive. John W. Stark Dies Here at the Age of 90 John W. Stark, 90, died about 10 The chairman's letter to the full committee said in part: "I am sure you appreciate the responsibility that rests upon the committee in selecting officials to conduct the election. The law provides that candidates for office, that means any office, officeholders, deputy office-holders, are not eligible to serve as officials of anjj,j s home with his daughter tho An automatic sprinkler system went.into action |n as ubuvban -St. ' ' .can the . perature' reached 165 1 degrees in e iirm's attic.. Workers were drenched a:-)d the office was flooded. Will Call Up 424Arkansans During August LITTLE ROCK (UP) The Arkansas Selective Service has been given a call to deliver 424 men for induction 1 ; nto the armed serv ices in August. The men are to be ta ken. from lists previously examined and found qualified for military service. At the same time, a call wen! out 1 for the Arkansas boards to give examinations to 570 others t( determine if they are qualified for military service. The quotas were announced ------ ., . , today by Col -Hansel T. Winters, p. m. Wednesday at the home of , Arkansas director of Selective a daughter, Mrs. McRae Cox, in Hope. Mr. Stark was a former resident Elsenhower, Dulles f lew night to t a Ik 9 jverv'thj, .^.., poace talkjt, \v 1th !the ; t 6§rtji at Geneva With, j Fr^ncfilL Minister Plere Mandes Fram British Foiv.'yn Secretary RAl Eden. - * V \;$i After talking withaheiEfl statesmen,, and,' aftte££g?e/ iis State Walter Bedell"'SrnitW Geneva tionter'ii'ce "«where 3 dochina peace talks^are'f-unai Convict's Tale Questioned in Murder Probe MIAMI, Fla. (ffi ' Miami detec' lives returned Walter Lee Yow here from Georgia for further Questioning today about his .story^ that he saw 7-year-old Judith Atjn Roberts ¥f>pcd and,, murdered 'ln§t 4 "-""' "? l "*"' Dulles o mphasized'-fo^t ever, that the'"UnlteU StitfC- hering 'to- its' baisic ^tfl Chiif. of ,|ht{3o thar jtftViJL State does not' have * ! a.%$ir responsibility an tlie' JiidoBfi'" peace" sltua',16n s and tnai^i^ ly T opposed < l to, any <;appeB llpaftn * - v j ! ~ ^*^-£F$ l je «vt, ^ 1^1 ' ^, J T^^?y| From v Geneva!' ItywasCJre that Eden and Mende$ FrSatt agreed on^ western:, cpndiUbf) an Indochina -*-<-'""^*«* an Indochina ^placel'^ijiia call Ion a^oeaso^o June* ing Viet Njfljn^largest 'o# u * ' j associated * states^ rou& 1 ***' lTe ' of Thayer, Missouri, and had made Garrett had returned t o Alabama election. Neither is anyone who has ; past one and a half years. Monday after treatment in a Gal- b e t on the election; And, I think, in! In addition to Mrs. Cox, he veston, Tex , hospital. He was inas as a cause for violent deaths fairness to all the candidates, that i survived by another daughter, Miss any person who is partisan to the| Ga!a stai>k of H ° pe ; • - - . , . , . p! The body will be returned to his I extent that he is out working ror, Thuycn ._ Mo _ by O akcrest Chapel. ""-|any particular candidate should F uncra i services will be held Fri""". -' , southorn Viet Nam an nrnieit Mrs _ .Garrett, who had loft her Also ranking high as causes tor cnmp anil an a i m ,, s t insuwrnblo |f amily j „ Columbus, Miss., and violent deaths wOro honuciai-s^.,,,,,^,. ni , a i nst £ ur thor advance. returned to her Montgomery, Ala. which accounted f or 30 lives. | Thoy muy d cinan ,-i this: a I em- hornO- sol out immediately for the Twenty-iour deaths were listed porary division of Viet Nnm with hospital here. as suicidus. Newspapers reported G9a violent French agreement thai within a , . certain time the Vietnamese will deaths in-Arkansas last yonr. The I i )e allowed to vnt.M ,1 f !••->-• elect ions hospital Mississippi State Patrolman H.A. McNtiir said the 41-year-oid Garrett lay helpless near the wrecked fatality report fo'r this year i s only for the government they want i Automobile for about 1)0 minnUs "'"after w hich the French would wiin-| t . flv , r , (1L , f .,. tls i, before the accident half completed, and already 3 72 people have lost their lives. Finn Twins Break Their Hunger Strike HOLLYWOOD (.« af|ev 23 days in jail without food, th<ji" freed Finn twins nipped milk an.d gulped vitamin pills toduy. CJeorge and Charles, who lost SO pounds between them during their fas. r t in protest against what they | S(l termed the injustip» of one-vearj 'was discovered. If the FrtTu'h b\iy ilia*., the Al- T | u , pa (n«iman said Onn-ett's car r^ can ins I about kU< off Indo- was apparently sideswiped by a china Reports from there have : truck. indicated f.-.c Viotnamtvis in Lunacy proceedings wcro not be ujipointed." day at 10 a m. Second Prisoner Exchange Takes Place Between Reds and French in Indochina By LOUIS GUILBERT French territory now w oukl vote for the Viotminli. HANOI, In dochina. (UP)—Franca and the Communist Indochineso also today exchanged prisoners for tin; filed a t-ninst Garrett a i'U-r he S m-|fMond time since on-iho-spot u-uco rendered to the sheriffs, office at :la l ks Carted lorlh of Hanoi two all ot" Indochina, the AlUes can k i ss off ail Tndochina. The Communists won't hove to attack the rest of i i. They ct>n b e depende'.i upon to subvert it from w ithin. Father of Jess Morris Dies, 79 sentences for interfering with a' Bob Morris, 79, of Gurdon, died ;sick and wounded prisoners, the 'Messenaers' to Annear Toniflht south of the Red River delta. Appear i omgnr . The Ft . ench sent he j oci1plei . s • to The King's Messengers and ac- (he center of a neutralized zone 40 companist, a saxapone trio of Cen-j miles northwest of Hanoi to pick tral Bible Institute, will be present up. the liberated French union sol- at Hope Gospel Tabernacle onjdiers. k>XV>(\ 0*11* V¥WWl*WV.V* M* AiJWt IV-* «•» )!•••*• . . i same number as was handed ovir|Hanoi, while- 20 rebec were slam yesterday ct Samson on the coast I" fighting in the Sontay sector to Thursday, July 15. The trio is composed of Art Or- Fighting flared in isolated spots along the Indochmeso battlefront. Service. Following are the b oard-by-board quotas, the first figure r epresent- ing the number of men to be inducted, the second the number to be given physical examiantlons DeWltt 0 and .0; Hamburg 3 and 10; Mountain Home nnd 0; Rogers 12 and 2 Oj Harrison i and 0; Warren 0 and 1 0; Hampton 1 and 5; Berry ville 3 and 5; Lake Village 10 and 10; Arkadelphia 4 and 5; Piggott 5 and 5; Hcbt-r Springs 5 and 5; Rison 4 and 0; Magnolia 12 a nd 3; Morrilton 1 and 5. Jonesboro Sand •?; Van Buron 6 and 10; Marion 7 and 13; Wynne 3 ad 15; Fordyeo 4 ad 5;McGehee G and 5; Monlicello 4 and 5; Conway 8 and 5; Ozark 1 and 0; Salem fl a nd 5. ; Hot Springs 10 and 20; Sheridan 2and 0; Paragould 8 and 1 Q; Hope 9 and 15; Malvern 7 f qnd 5; , _ .... j , Nashville 3 and 5; Batesville 7 A French high command spokes- and g Mclbourne 2 a nd 0 ;» Newman said tne rebels completely had t ? and J0 pine Bll)ff J2 ajld cut Camp fcrunn off but had suf- 2g . c , arkBvWp 7 anti 5; 'i^^- fered "considerable losses ' in their vj]Je 4 and 5. Wa)nut Ridge 7 a nd repeated bids-'for the camp. g M arianna 4 and 5; Star City 8 elements clashed anc j g t Ashdow 3 and 5; Pais 4 and C; Lonoke y and 10; Huntsville 2 and Q; Yellville 0 a nd 0: Texarkaa 7 and S ; BlythevlJle i« and 30; Clarendon 8 and 10; Mount Ida 3 and. 0; Prescott 4, ad 5 ; Jasper 1 and 5; Camden 0 a f nd 10; Perryville I and 5: Helena 10 and 10; Murfreesboro 2 anjl 0; Havrisburc 13 and 10. • Mena T and 0; RusseMville e Detectives Charles Sapp and I. J., hitman said the, 44-yeBr^pld former convicts story was vague and full of idscrepancies- but consistent e nough to warrant bringing him back. He was arrested in Marietta, Ga., Saturday for vagrancy. v Yow told officers he was with the man- who stole Judith Ann, daughter of a Baltimore lawyer "Snd labor leader, from her bed in the home o f her grandparents. Sapp said Yow related at lirf>t that he s aw is companion rate the child, then smash her head with a rock, but later insisted he waited in the car some distance away while the other man took the girl into a wooded area off fashionable Bayshore Drive. Then Yow declared he made up the story t o get out 9): Georgia and back to Florida, because he had been told that Georgia officers would "bash 'in his head" if he fell into their hands. Georgia officers said the paunchy Yow.who described himself as a Cherokee Indian, had a long record of convictions, including assault on a female, and h,9d been in a North Carolina hospital 25 miles northwest of •government office are in LaBrea Wednesday night in a PrescotVtega, tenor saxophone from Saginaw .There was no major action as both the south. The fighting slackened amid these developments: 1. French Premier Pierre-Mendes France' enthusiastically went into, the final phase of the Indochina peace talks at Geneva. M^ndes- Frnace's p i/siUon was surastnen«l liv his jinp.ircntly fruitful talks in tor cnminully insane Guy Deaton of Emmet Succumbs Guy Dealon, 56, of Emmet died late Wednesday, Survivors include his wife, one daughter, Myrtle Joy of Long Beach, Calif; five sons, Wallace of Indio, Calif.; Olen of the V. S, Air Force; Lester of Baton Rouge, La.; Darwin and Hay of Emmet; four brothers, and six sisters. funeral arrangements are inepnv plete. an u ,, China. mueh''r/}ore,vcomjble has theretofore exUfofMlf —' - ern abled Us solidarity, of '$ in'the f a^co" of, and Intrtgv^: ' "The United >'l concerned ' " ' Laos, and^CambodiaJ/fiiu a ble settlements*' withojiRi way prejudicing', ;bas,rc%pr. to whlct)' fok,Ui\itf J *^^adhere tf^lt','l t sbtf self, and If Ih'e'qap gpred pep feel tha); GENEVA gin, elatedi. by' news , si the Ufii^d ^atat^i 4o the showd^wtjj tlons wi al Frenrlj , France a j)4 Brjtlsh t ?or1 tary Anthony Eflen* '" f |j|n l^ 1 t,>.v»1i.H... «» iVT decision .,._, v , the QenHvuf' chances ceasefire /before > France Jja$ 'yr9n,u he fails t ,0 4 e,( q pea by fhot 4 sfB. •• • The French flew b agk. and. 5; Rock, l?es a<v* 3 and 5, Little i North JWttle i hospital. ^..,. were whisked to the hos- He is survived by three daugh- pitijl by ambulance late yesterday ters: Mrs. Mary Byrd of Camden, aft?r being release^ from the Cal- Mi-s. Beulah Christmas of Oko- ifornia iviuciical Faf>ii*v pt T»-- lona; and Mrs. Geneva Wingfield mitial Island on $1,000 bond each, of Okolona: and one son, Jess Moris of Hope. Funeral services will be held Michigan; Jene Wilson, alto saxo-'Mdes patiently awaited decisions at Paris with U. S. Secretary of State 7 and 25: Pocahbnlas 5 and 5; pendina their appeal. They had vowed to starve to rather than eat while in Friday at 4 p. m. in the First Me- ith.odi.st Church at Qkolona, phone from Modesto, California; Geneva Edward Sudbery, alto saxophone — - Fostoi Dulles. Tuesday night The French union garrison at en-'and Wednesday. ftncj 0; Wal4r«A 3 and 5; fv.v-, jrvu'in. in -vn 1 's| 2. Two Philippine Air Force J a«4 0; Fort gmjth 7 an4 10; from Camden; and Johnny Croxton, from Jersey City, New Jersey, northeasl of Hanoi, fought otf de- transport planes will fly to They will be featuring both inbtru- termlned assaults by Red ipbels chUja today to evacuate 33 mental and vocal trio arrange- who attemped to tighten their po- pinos caught^ by the war in the menis, and an inspiring message sitions despite a hailof • -- • -..,... and 33; CUnjpn ? ond 0; the Bible. ^ubUij and bombers showered on i- tiiri^ Forrt-st City 4 and } U; Renton Queen 1 91$ Q; Hardy 3 an 5; View I »n 3: P Dorado. Placement of Chick$0ff3% for 6 Months WTTUB J^QCK, (UP) -Arkan- sns hatcheries and dealerg placed 1,064,OQO broiler chtpKi* wit^i ducers in the northwest area ing the w eek ending 1 a^t Satur^y, according ,to tfte Reporting Service The f |gyie was three per cent from week, Qf the h #t>4

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