Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 14, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1954
Page 3
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^^Tfi^it^p^agf-* > f "^^'f'^V^^^J^^^*, J'ST'-'K" v - 4 ' i K iy * ^ ' , * * si f >• • , i •• , i •*'•• ;":•< ST **»•• 1 (^Vifcfc 1 * ii?J?4!^ ''".i '••'"' lE^k^y^ ^P ; l^rp4' : „, ] lir • fiftlpp;*. »»w*«v'- ; .1 ^v.,<y-M &Mt&%£&£ .4laMi& !?'•/? Hv^'fV vI-V •'•v-' j' : .'^/:i ••!';#',!' ;,<;",/•''•' iillIi?U •'*i«»»^j.-'<.:.^v:;ia^:.'^.«**L*?S4u •*«.»• .-.££^S£a£B$l&| arsywatsi"... •-^j^; , gl ^. ;*_, ,ff,eti« w «•*tru.*"-;:''.:; •;. .. .-• . , ,£ M- .;|^-^ ; i^UiW' • ••• ••. • v- ^..-•^i i.w.i-«»•!»«« !»:'*•.**riSET._'i«3.»«i, •&^*J^&&S#ff^ vt ^^it£fer&« '•^^S^K-HS-SSSH i >?« : *"'k«s;i.^.'m^ ,. in "? "«-«•.» " ••*•*» ' ••••U4.VIB O j- •» i.lljhUl tit htv« 10ju l«t>Crl! T at ,-•'. ,• • — ™- ->—.tw K KT tfrrmni. f JUnrily, . ' .. ^•,'t**"?'- ^SiaiMWP^^^iilS U *• * n ifmm^cmi .^S=5 TestimioSial ttx SSbitor Joto IU McClell . ;^r^^-:.'Tr^^re^r;^,--;-—"— -• fc% "'*'- • ."/• •.•:,.' •,— ( ,, > - .•..'.-,. r -r: • '•,••:.,•.,••...- .• .--... . "V\,{..^'•^.^^•^^'^:. '^- ••'••••. -• '•-'- •'- •:•'..,:'.•,.>.:•;—•."':: '.^ •?..:••;;-•. •- . ^•:;\V^;^1^ ••- ' ; : :.; , •/•;':?.' ;: K;: . ' : .'••:j,'^:v^' "Vv. ;-•, '.'\\ ,';••• :'; ; .-•• • -• - • , m^^Mli^^^^^^^ 1 ^ yj^Qt($W^ • • arid /air i^ay ; |* *j^ • • • dignity i.^^ e *l ^l^ifnw^-/;. .\ . understanding 1t$^^ '"1^ ^t$£i^ assigrirtij^fr^ > Arkansas . . ." MMTHMI, 03J .t.ly^ / . / t(%a*vJt*{ PC/Ml* Hth kildtltf-iri of Sen- In < L McqelldrV'i-: ing leadership ' »'' W.i^.-*' i otors and / knowledgid their dpi Party, as theie fln*"iww»'.»T.ni v»,.•»•• ».«.• -T'— r—'« •-- r -^ --;- : • . . .. •Ian has Ne^;>bl^:id >:%&*$& id>mrfh,fpr ^« pwplf;fn«v«ry walk of lift in Arkansas end tht notion. t. *UM» . Ai «fthi» w««k, i", Cholrf^on «f ;th»,D«mocwitii Notona' Com«wtt«t, <fcvot»on< to ^.D Wti . , rtfleetirtfl too^r.asons^hy Senator McClel- mmw*^ «l?'\jl 4 l ia^ ' mtfT UNWED STATES SENATOR B»W- Wf • \t i "i • P"/.««W«, • -»T^i j ' ! S4' • • ** BSSfcte'-- OHNL A tea rLairf***** 1 ** 1 * ZSSW*-*^ 1 TSifrtsr*^ <7 «*«w >r 7 W *ton. 1.. WJU '«».>M^" v * ' ''^^* V ^w ; * ^ • ' • 4 >A; ^m - «'-«r- •,'^'tn'^- ^ v^< & tc^l«-* i"^-C . - ( k Our Daily Bread f*Sil«ed Thin by the Editor r ';...!. Alex. H. Washburn „ If Columbus Was Afraid We'll Never ~ Know; He Had No Radio Tho vbyage of the redoubtable taft Lehi is not without its amus- ta)J,.side to millions of stay-a.t-h.oine ^tjt'stiaper readers. It was a strictly amateur performance from the start. First, the adventurers dreamed a. dream —to build a 32-foot plank raft and drift by ocean current alone from San • Francisco to Hawaii/Then they- - had financial trouble, and liens .tied up the Lehi before she could get clear of Golden Gate. Btit came the great day — and the Lehi put out to sea with her ! e crewmen, sworn to make it Star ARKANSAS , cfotfdy, tot Thursday wltfi ' ,thunderstorms. Experiment u .».»^ u 4 24 hours ending fff p %. day High 103; ItnV tt' ( trace. 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 — NO. 230 Star of Hope 1899, Prett '/ Consolidated Jati. 18. 1949 HOPE/ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1954 M«fttb»f tM A«««el*Ht» Pr»M * Andtt Bur*oa Ar. N«t Paid Clrct. 3 Mo*. Endlnfl March 31, Of All Things- Money Left Over LITTLE ROCK (ffl The finance division of the state Revenue Department yesterday reported $50.000 remaining from funds appropriated by the Legislature for Ihe collection of Arkansas taxes. Revenue Commissioner Vance Scurlock said the money will be returned to the treasury- Scurlock said the Legislature had ... . , appropriated $1,686,000 for the col- Arkansas appeared, lecllon o£ , axes But lbe commls . a scorcher just like | S i on er said the finance Uivisibn yesterday. Fayettevllle a ml FJJp-jrpont only $1,636,000 during the last in Northwest Arkansas, i : o-j fiscal year to collect $101,300,000 in 22-Mile-Hour Wind Checks Record Heat By The Associated Press Much of headed for pin, the way to Hawaii, more than por t e d temperatures of 2,000 miles, living off fish they expected to catch and distilled seawater. That was Sunday. By Monday tney had new trouble. > djd yes t crc lay in other areas t o The ocean current proved day. It reported strong surface contrary — took them down the winds of 22 miles an hour in Little 100 de-,| grccs a t 10:30 this morning a:idl Fort Smith had a D9 r eading. But t he U. S. Weather Bureau in Little Rock said the mercury probably won't^r each t he heights it California coast instead of out to sea,, Hawaii-way. ^Cnd fish were scarce. Their eating' got down to raw shark meat. Tuesday one of the five, Radioman Don Smith, messaged the' mainland: "I am not dying but I want off'this raft — and if you don't come and gel mo I won't be responsible . . . Get me off of here or I svill have to call the Coast Guard to got rne ... I •£nean it ... I don't think they »^nnt to lot me off ... . Got jiomobody out here while I'm still alive." Columbus must have had moments like that. All adventuresome folks do. But .history grimly records Columbus and the adventurers of old as being sileMit men of stc-el. They got that reputation because there was no radio over which to b^j-at their fears and anguish back to the mainland — in that unfortunate moment of self-pity which all Red China's Chance for UN. Looks Slim Rock may keep the temperature down some ni that area although it i s cxpactcd to g o over 100 again. Meanwhile, Chai-les D. Hawk?, general manager o f Hie Arkansas Poultry Federation, says reportr,j mc . llt y; ccl china's chnnoo ot got from the field indicate tlio poultry j linf , inlo lllo u n it ec i Nations ir industry may suffer its worst ij954 although there was a re- bnby chick shortage i n history «Si C ent storm h'oro over the thought By*JAiviES MARI.OW WASHINGTON (/P) At thig mo- a result o f the heat. Hawks added that includes not only Arkansas but the whole chick- jof it The looks rmall. United Slates is flatly r.nainst letting them in. Thp_ producing area of the Umlotl j British aro opposed to letting tlTt:-,- States. He said the Arkansas \ al-; in any limc Fnnni B 0lwcon thcitt. ' ley Feed Mills i n Dnrdanelle re-1 , ho ' uvo countries should have" ports 23,000 broilers dead from tno| pnoush fricnds among the CO U.K. o keep Red China out Campaign Gets Warmer Near End of Trail By The Associated Press Sid McMath took another poke at Sen. Jolin L. McClellan and the letter's purported relations with "Texas oil millionaires" at Paris last nipht and then hopped across UK: state for a day of campaign ing in east Arkansas, McClella/Vs second active foe. National Committneman Pnul Chambers o t. Helena, aiso campaigned today in the same eatt Arkansas section McMath was covering. McMath. Chambers and Leonard Ellis of Little Rock ar/2 opposing McClellan for renomination t o a third senatorial '.erm at the July 27 Democratic primary. Elli.3 has made no campaign. McClellan today kept on his helicopter-borne tour of west Arkan rns, where i n eight speeches ycfl lorday he promised continucc backing to rigid p rice supports for farm products and to r.oi! coyiser •vation legislation. : M ''•• Sm was scheduled . tc <•„-• 'r Delay at Hunt sv ilk-, O/.ar'k ..'VTrjn. Clarksville, Dardancll ' heat yesterday, and expects 'figure'to roach 50,000. Tho federation manager said it didn't 1 ooic like Northwos! Arkan- This i-.; not to sny tiic Cliinese Communists will not eventually be sas poultry houses suffered as; admitted, whether or no t • this heavy losses yesterday as it did | country likes it. the day b c?tore. when the average ran from 200 to 500 dead ebic.w a h ouse. But he said a worse situation mortals are heir to. Radioman Don Smith says he breeding""hens isn't dying, but newspaper readers are out of pro a,re — of laughter. •It doesn't set well with the other has developed. The industry in sustaining heavy losses in breeding It would be an amazing spectacle if Red China could got in this jyoar. 11 would truly be shooting its way 1 n. Three years ago the U. N. voted that Red Chin a was an aggressor in the Korean War. hens. And he added that of the I The Chinese had pretended the breeding hens s till a live, many | fiction their countrymen who four crewmen. Don figures they aren't about to let him off the raft — 'what with all the bad publicity hjs radio yowling is giving {^.expedition. just goes to show you rncij should careful about what they dream. .Because turning 4 dream reality calls fo? the company of other mortals -r and one Joe earned Don c^n turn a i drean> expedition into a nightmare "Two thousand miles is a lot of ocean water to wake up to — and raw shark meat isn't filet mignon no matter how you fix it. production due to the j fought in Korea were volunteers. I They still a re :'n that watv There werc ' is only a truce in Korea, not .,,.,;^stnacor's Little Rock head quarters said the speech at Rus sellvillc t onight tentr.tivoiy ha been billed as a major address. Aides snid McClellan was expcc eel to reply in detail to some, of the charges his opponents, expe- cially JV'IcMath, have made con- cerning'n is 12-year record in the Senate. McClellan told his audiences today that he had led n constant fight to keep public expenditures at a minimum during hi? service as chairman of the Senate Committee on Government Operations. Big 3 Facing are heat. Hawks said turkey losses exceptionally heavy. Poultry raisers in the Paragould area reported t oday that chickens ijrc "dyins aU over the place,*', as a result;bf t .he ;heat. ^^j^.. No " overall total was available but one raiser said that 65 o f his Pl'ock of 250 had died. Poultrymen werc taking e mer- I peace. The U. N. resolution calling them aggressors has not been lifted. -'"'-.:'. •' The Chinese CommLinists would get some obvious advantages, out of U. -N. "' '"' ~'' gency measures in an effort to cut down the mortality r ate. These inciuded spi-inklins ° f Thomas C. DOdson, of Batesville, formerly Of ,Little R ock; •',, as state director of a women's 'division in 3eh|if of the senator. " Me- Churchill and Attlee Clash in Bitterness pens a ncl 24-hour operation of ventilation fans. The stifling h eat in the Batesville-Floral area killed a reported 30,000 broilers yesterday. Damage to laying flocks aiso was heavy. The mercury rose to 112 degrees in that area. J. K. Southerland, Batesvillo producer who counted 10,000 of his birds dead yesterday, said the 30,000 loss estimate was a "conservative guess." f By JAMES F. KING ,, LONDON UP) — Prime Minister \Aiirchill clashed itterly with .. cf intent Attlee, former Labor Prime Minister, today i n a House of- Commons debate over the seating of Communist China in t he United Nations. Atlee started off by a accusing • Secretary of State Dulles of "playing right into the hands of the .Communists": by failing to return -to the Geneva conference, He said|. it is, "wrong, unwise gnd contrary i*i the principles of .the- United Nations" to bar Red China from that organization, • "Churchill replied that an effort now to forco Red China i nto ihe •U,iN.. would be regarded in the • United States as an "uncalled for act of unfriendliness." , Churchill accused Attlee of male 'ing "one long whine of criticism 1 against the United States and of course advancing the importance, not the virtues, ot Communist hina." •Churchill, emphasized that Rod China was still technically at war with-1.he Uniteci Nations and was "stimulating the war in Inclo china." Dock Wiggins Dies Here at Age of 83 Dock F. Wiggins, 3, died at 8 a. m, today at the Iiome of a brother, G.W. Wiggins. . In addition to the brother, he is . . . mean that in'the eyes-of the •World they had generally been recognized as the rightful rulers of China. Only 17 U. N. members, including the British, recognize them low. They have to do their propagandizing now from farpff Peip- ng. It would be a picnic for them if they were in the world !orum o£ the U. N. With representatives in the U.N. they'd have handy access to the representatives of other countries: They could join with the Russians to weaken the ties between the Western countries. This is a two- way street, of course, since the West could try the same thing on them and Russia. If the U. N. gave them a sest and threw oxit Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists, now representing China in the U. N., the Reel Chi nese could start demanding possession of Formosa, now occupied by Chiang's government. Chiang has been supported and supplied by the United States. This country could hardly abandon RECORD^BREAKER—As Dallas temperatures hit an all-time hiqh of 110.3 degrees Monday, five Power's models found Ice was needed tc make even the swimming-pool bearable. (NEA Telephoto) ath last vijiglrt ^ca «*rf.^iiA»'riBK3A< ; 'ir-*-liipiiiflf The former governor said t he machine had been sent McClellan iy Texas oilmen "in appreciation of services rendered," particularly n McClellan's v ote to vesi, title 1o offshore oil reserves in the individual coas'al states rather than in the federal government. McMath was scheduled 'today to visit Wheatley, Forrest City, Widener, Hughes and Marianna and to return to Forrest City f or a meeting with supporters there tonight. McMatlVs headquarters said (he candidate would make n n speeches during the day but instead- would be "just visiting." Char&bers adopted a similar pattern of the campaigning His headquarters said h e would be o 11 a handshaking t our of Lee and St. 'Francis Counties — the same ones McMath was visiting with the addition of Phillips County this afternoon and tonight. Gov. C herry, who is opposed foi renomination by three opponents, By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON — l/Fi The United StaJ.es, Britian and France 'are now facq to face with a serious defeat at the hands of Communist, forces in Indochina. Their real problem is to prevent the defeat from being tuinecl into a major disaster. The difficulty they face in this ('ask — a task at the heart of Secretary of State Dulles' flying mission to Europe — is that they pons, for successfully lighting off 'Red 'political infiltration and subversion be- lind dividing lilies drawn in any Indochinese agreement which may bo. reached. Dispatches from Pari« said Dulles was reported to have 'pretty w ell'agreed" to some such division. Unless some way can quickly be found to produce a previously unknown degree of strength in the area and build up a solid political bane for new defensive positions, the developing Communist triumph in northern Viet Nam will almost certainly prove to be but the first of a series o£ Red steps to conquer a far larger area. One of The obvious difficulties is that Southeast Asia is so far beyond the power centers of the free world .— the United States, Britain and Western Europe. As far as anti-communism is concerned, the region provides little native basis for strength. In this respect it contrasts sharply with Korea and with Guatemala, whose new anti-Com- Chiropractic License to Negro LITTLE ROCK WT Arkansas' first Negro chiropractor yesterday received his license from the ; Arkansas State Chiropractic 1 Examining Board. Dr. A. H. Green, board president, identified the man as Waltcn R, Russ, 50, of St. Louis. Russ also is the first Negro to apply for an Arkansas license. He is expected t o move from St. Louis to Little Rock -within three weeks to begin his practice. Green said.' survived by three sisters, Mrs. E. ato Republican leader, this month ",. Simmons and Mrs. Lex Helms Sr • Eerve d notice he would resign his Df i leadership and lead a fight to take the United States out of the U. Is. Chiang and his people to the mer- planned trips today to Prescott, cy of the Communists. But if this 1 " * ' ~ seems like a problem, it would be only one of hundreds once Red China got into the U. N. Sen. Knowland of California, bcn- of Hope, and Mrs. A. M. Hart Pine Bluff. Funeral services will be held at the day Red China walked in. * , ,-. ~.. . j . .i ...-,,-, 4list tv\ni*n If*5 p, m. Thursday at Herndon-Cornelius Funeral home. This stand was the more Continued on Pago Two Walvern und Russellville. He said he would s pend the ni_ght at Russellville, speak tomorrow morning at a breakfast at nearby Dardanellc a nd return to Russellville for a speech before the Rotary Club at n oon t omorrow. Cherry w as asked if there was any significance in the fact that both he and McClellan will bo in Russollvillo .tonight. H e replied th lie h adn't even know" 1he senator was speaking at Russellville. Army Engineers Study Plan to Recharge Underground Water Reserve of Arkansas By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON- UP) .Army neers are going engi merit and. . of detailed is certainly worthy study in cop.nnection to lake a clo:ior With the review of the report in the •With jaw out, Churchill went on loo ,,. at a p lan partly old. partly! While and Arkansas to warn: "X am sure t o choose s uch a moment as this to try to force • the ^try of Communist China into the :Jjp[hied Nations would be to com- V-plJcate altogether the v ery grave affairs we have t o defl w^h in EP many o ther spheres and would i. be regarded as a most harsh and ' uncalled for act of unfriendliness * fey'the mighty people 0 f the United States, to whom we owe much and ,. from whom no govevnmeni ever ' received more government." : than -the PPOiNTgp EQCK on — Boy c. jut- of Springdale and Joe Rav o I BijnYlUe yt&terday were Appointed to -y\e new National Broiler Ad- Yisp.ry Committee of the U. S. De- of .pecretiary of Agriqulture Jplxra T. Benson w»)l weet wit^ thje nev ijems Pf t^ e fe r $lprs «•&•"••• ' net 4iV f r^*A.*:'.j?-^ t o roclmrgi? Iho unclor {round water supplies for the rich 3rand Prairie region of Central Arkansas. This is the region .where rice,.", ."c produced in huge quantities through Dumped wells. The most recent plan, worked out by Col. John E- Buxton, Lit- use of irrigation water from big underground rivers" 'You can be assured," General Itschner wrote NorreH, "that tlio plan presented by Colonel Buxton will be given every consideration when funds become available fot completions of the (White-Arkansas river* investigations." munist -government extended U. S. recognition yesterday. When the Uniteci Slates negotiated an armistice in Korea a year a so, the White House, State Department and Pentagon were all convinced that the line established between Communist North Korea and free South Korea woul dhold because ot. South Korea's opposition to communism troops Buxton's plan is this: A low dam would be built on the Little Red in the vicinity of Judsbnia and a huge pipeline would tie Rock consulting engineer, would be constructed to carry water lake water from the little Red River below the proposed Greer's Ferry dam and run it southward by means o f pipes and natural ditches into the-Grand Prairie rer gion. Rep. Norrell (D-Ark) became interested in the plan and asked army engineers to check into it. Recently Brig. Gen. E.G. Itsch- nev, asshteiit chief of engineers advised Norrell that the matter has been looked over by Col. Thomas B. Simpson, district engineer $it Vicksburg, Miss., who found "th,e plan appears to southward through the oval shaped Grand Prairie region to a point west of QeWitt. Water would be released from this pipeline at in. lervals along the route so that it might se«p back into the earth and re-charge the underground supplies. Buxton said that once Greer i Ferry ii built theye would be a constant supply of watei for the project since the reservoir back of the big dam will have a capacity of 284 billion gallons for flood control storage and 62? bilUou gal- for power generation. Russian, U. S. Troops Battle Flood Jointly By ROBERT BRANSON MUCKENDORF, ustria C American and Russian put .guns and politics asicie today to work shoulder to shoulder tc save this Soviet-occupied village and thousands of acres of farmland from rampaging floodwaters of the mighty Danube river. Battling against the common en- r emy were 50 Americans and 50 Red army troops The stubble on their faces and the mud of their fatigues made it almost impossible to distinguish between the Ameri can G, I. and the Russian Ivan. Through the night, against thi fierce under President Ryngman Rheo's loader- ship. Southsvcst Asia lacks both ' the lUiee type of strength and the reinforcing effect of closundss to American power, which was the case in uatemala. The nearest bases of real power are Australia and Now Zealand, asicie from Britain's relatively small forces in Malaya. I So far two proposals have boon 1 nit forth for backing up any ar- •nistice line which may be drawn in or around Indochina. British Foreign Secretary Anthony Edon has proposed non-aggression guarantees. Secretary of State Dulles; Grantland Rice o Sports Scribes NEW YORK (UP) Champions of the "Golden Decade" of Amcr | lean sports, many of them owing part of their fame to his writ ings, led the sports woild today in mourning the death of Grantlanc Rice at the age of 73 . Rice, dean of the nation's syn dicated sports columnists, ditd a Roosevelt hospital at 0:15 p. m (EDT) last night. He had been taken to the hospital after suffer ing a stroke while working in his mid town office. Although he had been in failing health in recent years, the 50-yea veteran of sports writing rernainei active virtually until the momen of his., death. His syndicated co! umn, distributed by the Nort American Newspaper Alliance, ha been carried by more t han 10 newspapers for the past 23 years Former heavyweight Cham'pip Jack Dempscy and golf Ch.fin.pio Bobby Jones, who was at the pea of their fame in the "Golden Doc ade" of the 1920's when Rice pen ned many of his most famous sto ries, were among the prominen sports fgures who paid tribut to the columnist. Also expressing sorrow members >of that fainous Dame backfiuld of 1024, wh achieved undying football f am Continued on Page Two threat of the toiled of the rising river, rising river they they rock and rubble atop the prole?.- tive levees. Revival Begins Sunday ot Fulton Revival service;, in Fulton Methodist church will begin Sunday, July 1?, at 8 p. m. through §unttay July Services" each Sunday at 8 p. m Stamps Negro Loses $1,325 From His Car STAMPS UP) — Ellis Willis, a tamps. Ark., Negro, yesterday ecided his money might be safer n a bank than in the glove com- tartment of his car. Willis, an employe of the city treet department, had sffvad 11,325.61 which he planned to use oward the purchase _of a houses.^ •fe kept the money in a tin ,box jolted t o ,Ute bottom of the glove today rtp-etU and 1 in an automobile ab'out from her home.- > -S Shortly attc»r ihe 1 her father Jack sheriff J,, C. Fbt?t, 6f 5 arrested a ; suspect. t He Ideiitificct « hi liam H. Hughesi and' saiibf been fqlehsed *''•' from 1 w& State Prison' ift HuhWvJl Mnrch after sdrving'.il v ',t nulo tjhcf> -, ' -rf Depdty, Port. raping the Jittle ^ taken to.' condition . Fort' sa\d JHughe3/>'h about twVmtlefc fromjItt it stalled a'long U, SiVHl and after, Duvts&h'a'dWi find he and JFort.snid bn by- 'to ofCicci's, sort walking ts covered • IcaveMhe > Fos-t salk shirt t.nd said from -tlief along from the '- Hughes . the Davis' baby was' t i* a .m.j Cleve Gillard Jr., a 17-year-old Negro youth, has been charged with robbery. Keith said Gillard led officers to $540-in government checks and $785.61 in currency: ' Reds Move in on Hanoi From Three Sides By LOUIS GUILBERT > HANOI, Indoqhina (UP) —Com- munst loops tightened their pressure on Hanoi from three'sides today w ith most of the action centering around the, area of the Seven Pagodas M miles northeast of ,lhe capital. French forces south of toward .Si prepared to defend Hung Yen, last important French city below th.e Hanoi-Haiphong corridor. Hung Yen is encircled by 12 rebel bfftr tallon.s. Strong presence was exerted against Son Tay, 25 miles to the west and many civilians wcte r c- ported leaving there to' Hanoi on their way out o t the R^ed Rivcv delta. The attacks in the Seven Pago- OQS region appeared to bo part of a clamp the rebel? fira trying to close on the north and south skies of the the delta. French-held part of Itll Be More Fun Living 10 Years From Now, If We Live to See It, Says Boyle best ber? ^^mn ^he ' '£$ said, )vhe prograin ! .^JMM™ carry 'o(H$i gram in tho,lti Bisenhpwejj annpi;' '' haps icon-] on-j^e $ In Pjftj the Forep nations 3$ reary A ,Smith jylJl represent M°* Bv HAL BOYUE NEW YORK (ffi If the world of today Has you dpvvn. folks,-just hold on the world of. tomorrow 'ias~ p"rop"osed"an" alliance ot about [will be bettor. 10 iinti-Comunist nations having A designing young man named interests in the secuiity of South-j Paul Wrabhca. whose job is to east Asia. Both types of compacts help create now industrial prod- would be designed to prevent open aggression against a fixed line-up other words, they would be able to deal, only with a provable attack by the Communists, a renewal of the war. But ' the real fear among informed officials here is that a linv ited Communist success in Indochina; the terms of which have been the subject of negotiation at Geneva, will have a magnetic effect on countries lik'i Thailand, Berrna a,nd Indochina are military weak. The only great power close to them is the Communist power of mainland China. It is ?n ideal setup, from the Kremlin's, viev/point. for squeeze pressure o n the governments of those countries applied partly through diplomatic chattels thvwgh the putside and ucts better geared to the needs of mankind, says t hat in 10 years our civilization will bf more furi for everybody in the family mama, papa, and all their little two-legged tax deducts. Fjrst, 1 ot u $ take up Wrabliea's vista of joy for Dad a. decade hence; "The average man. because oj greater production efficiency, wil work only 30 hours a week , 3nc; for mqre pay thaji ho gets now"This will give him longer week ends, more leisure to enjoy the hobbies .ho Ukes,., And their <?oa§ ; will eomje down,. jBuppo^ he 'Jifceg sailing. Jifotor boats and' sailboat* preaching by the pastor Claude | partly through Cpmmutjist party will b? molded from pf plastic, as the cars are piec? of njg we^vjsame fide jfrcirtj Ws job in the pity to l>js le'll speed there in a fraction of he present time in a het-propelled nonorail tram. "Even the parlcing jiroblem will >e solved to some extent with smaller cats and more automat- c multi-level garages." The housewife will havp it even better if the view in Wrablica's crystal ball is clear: "Most homes will be ij»«>condi- tinned the year around. This means less houseworlk. There vjll be no danger of falling down stairs. There w«f»'t hp maruj jjrs. They will be replaced by elebators oj inclined plsnes, "The n eed for maids will i cally disappear, • The become less. , ., , , , families, will egt out rrtpre «v,y^ tawrants thut ave twly «fc i ffgS|( f tV»-W Purchosin ry polntment,pf;Je troUer at the, ~ sas sine ing. »m j'ep^rj? en^ •HFifil3

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