Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1954 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1954
Page 20
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H 0 P I S f A R » H 0 P I -, A R RAM S A S 5.00 iSIFIEb DISPLAY .„_ spldef Illy bulbs. $1 pet d.fiieh postpaid within Arkansas^ Cheaper here. Arthur Ofay, Ozan. •htly C-l Mottlh It t* g It* Candidate! tor Jmbllc offle* iub» )eei to the action of to* Beta* ctatl(J priftary *' M"* PAIR of large tfiules. Just right for| logging contractor. Phone 7-2243, Ross dillespie. COMPLETE stock in grocery store at wholesale pride. Mrs, .t. A. Miller, Bodc&w, At-kansas, 12-Ot u j per incn sot p«f men liwna* irffcOUldf .C. ^»":i„.„ ttks the one-defy fert«, *, clarified odvirtlslho copy «d until S P. m. for followlnfl day. . iaii»nft. teietve tha Hint to v.' edit all 'advertlrtrterttt of- fot" publication and to r*)«et ^ ••• adverttono tub- l$fcf<\*» w,n»6N» l«tt«rt, &H!fiflUr«s Mich di hoUM or, •jinumbwi touht o* one word. 161* S»6f Will ftot be rftjpon- ' .rrr..._ , rt , w<ftrt 4Aaj an)eM ' to • oof attention ,™,,™,..»..,-ft..Of,' adbnd 'h*n UY the ON6 Incbfrect insertion. PROSPlCtJ-3431 Pr««l II, IMf weekday' of tefnoon by iLllfilHO CO. , JJWrthfciirt, w< jfcftTMJ «»r. Build i 14* »_/.*«_ * U*_U»iiA f 8? .„„.,... Automatic Washer. Price $40. Contact Mrs. W. W. Biddle at Fifth and Spruce streets. 13-Ot 4tH district ORfiN HARRIS G.-W, LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK TOMATOES.We pick Monday • Wednesday - Friday. Call Experiment' Station, 7-4458. Will last about n week. , 13-Ot Real Estate for Sale FOR $3,500,06 cash you can buy a going business that has paid off as high as $700.00 profit per month. This price include! inventory, fixtures And delivery truck. Call us for details. Foster Realty Company 8-3t For only $900.00 cash and balance on monthly payments like rent y6u can own this attractive 2 bedroom home with carport. Located " on shady 75 x 140 foot lot. Owner leaving town and will give possession August 1st. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY CALL-PROSPECT 7-4691 217 SOUTH MAIN 12-3t HARRY HAWTHORim CLIFFORD BYERfl .... PWIOttT RIDQDmU ^ l»«r County bl.rk . ARN6LD J. M1BDLEBROOW JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANfJERSOH Pol* ih«rlft ind Coll«otor W. B, (Bill) RUGGIJES JIMMY COOK ft. D, (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOK3 CLAtD H. BUTTON .SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thrti B. L. RETTIO A, P. DELONEY for Proieoutlno Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGEB PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON For Ront M.nanet •i Miend __ *J O Art ofjM«f«h ' «t- AHMHINI, UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. $23.00 per month. Bills paid. Private bath. 808 West 4th. Phone 7-3152. June 10-TF k«t «f thi Audit 'Bureau el " citation Rates (poyoble .In od- 'X, yance)] ' I irrltr. In Hop«-and neighboring ' ,.,,....,...... 'K. t .5ft^».|.Yrt,yi ......... «.» ..... ,13.00 iall t In , Hempsteod, -, Nevada, .e/, Howard, and Miller -coun- ' ' 6 ROOM house. Electricity. 27 acre pasture. Near old Highway 67 West. Phone 7-3759., , 7-6t Alderman Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L.HAIRR T. 0. (TOP) PORTER Americans Underdog in the All-Star CLEVELAND (UP) Facts and fngures on today's .^all- star game: .Rivals — National League Vs. American League. Site •*- Municipal Stadium Ciames won to date —American League 12 N a ti o n al League a. Favorite —Nationa 1 League, . B-5. Starting pitchers : -" N.L.: Robin Roberts, Philadelphia Phils (11-8) -A. L. Whitey Ford New York Yankees (7-G). • Managers — N. • L.: Waller Alston, Brooklyn Dodgers A. L.: Casey Stengel, ; Now York Yankees. : '••.... Expected attendance —'75000 (all-star record, 69,812- in 1935). Radio — —Mutual Broadcasting System. Television -7- Na tldnal Broadcasting Company land Dumont Television networ|i> Alternate starting times-V- in case of rain —8 p ... iri. Jtily 13; 11 a. m., 2 p. m.,r,ndO p. m. Wednesday July 14. Alderman Ward On* MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOB JONES 4 ROOM house. Electricity, Gas, Good Water. Pasture for cow. Vi mile >city limits, old-Highway 67 k East. Ross Gillespie. 7-Ot dODBOLD 'Apartments. Nicely iur- ^nlshe'd^S ro9ms and breakfast npok. Private bath and carport. % block from town. Adults only. 321'West Second street. Call 73314, v ' 12-3t :..; ........ ;,.... •.» 3.2S ...... f..-i ..... f ........ . $-50 - .......... • 1 ".,- '3.0? Meer«»nte»iv<i; s, ,lnc.,-")602 Sterlck 2, ~Tenn.j 505' Texo« dfl3 Dallas .,2, .Texas; 360 N. SvAxe.,!Cr)le<ibo ', I"-; «p •,& . York 17, N, Y.; 1763 ,g,,. Dttrolt ,2,, Mich.; |e;B!dg., Oklahoma "City 2, 'l.f The *«te«lot«d Prent ated Prep |s entitled ex- e! for republleatlon For State Senate 7th District GENE LEE By JOE REICHLER CLEVELAND Iff) ..Willie-"'(The Wallop) Mp.ys and Theodore . (The Thumper) Williams, two of baseball's top glamor guys, w ere? :jnpf in the starting lineups butijb'otb were expected to see plenty; o: action in today's annual Ail-Stai Game at Cleveland's vast MUn'ici pal Stadium. . '•'•;<#'\ This was in the nature of ,pi?o,m ises or threats made by Nation al League Manager Walter^Als.ton and his American League -|^(iun terpart, Casey Stengel, as t Ke';ii val All-Star • pilots discusstidvi-lht line-ups and . personnel of their squads on the eve of the 21st midsummer classic. The Nationals, Winners of the last four interleague clashes, ruled a decided 8-5 favorite over '.he revamped an-1 injury-riddled Americans. But Stengel, • in understandably high spirits over his New York Yankees' recent rash of victories, bt immcd with confidence that he would win his fist. All- Slar game after four successive failures. Game time is 1:30 p. m., EOT. "The other fellows are supposed to have all the home run hitters." he said wolfishly. "V/hat do you thick I've got? A bunch of powder puffers? '" ' ''"•'" "I've got n fellow n amo-.l Willams. Know him? They tell me hit a few horn?-, runs in his lay. ..." He'll, be in. thero as soon us the rules permit." "Maybe will be in there at tbe "irst opportunity," promised Alston. "I know the fans would like o see him and, for t'.iat matter, <;o would I. It Will be nice to have lim on my side for a change." Mays, 1 the New Yorl: Giants' sensational outfielder, hns banged 9 of h is 31 home runs against Alston's rij-ool'.lyn Dodgers, including lour during the Giants' recent Ihree-game sweep in Brooklyn. Both Mays and Williams finished second i n\the nationwide f an poll but there is.-no doubt they're the "people's cnpice" among the record 70,000 fans who were expected to watch the All-Star spectacle. Mays was .second to Brooklyns Duke Snider lor the starting center field post in the National League. Williams, Boston. Red Sox slugger, was runner-up to Chicago's 'Minnie Minoso for the left field' berth in the American League. "My• present.plans call for M.iys to go to center field in the fourth inning," Alston said. ,"T believe I'll shift Snider to right fiold and Stan Musial .to left. Jackie Robinson, who will -.tart in left;, aggravated a knee injury in Sunday's doubleheader against Philadelphia and should be rested. '• "Shifting Snider for Mays' docs n6t mean that Iregard Willie the better center fielder. It's just that 1 think Duke c an play right field (better. He has played there while Willie hasn't. For that matter I may even keep Snider in csnter and play Mays in laft. I won't make up m y mind until the last minute." Shengel confident that his pitchers will stop "those other guy.? from hittin' homers," explained why he selected Eddie Ford, his .own southpaw, over n varied as- jsortmeht of star right-handers. "I was thinking of starting .Mike Garcia of Cleveland," said the grizzled New York Yankee manager, "But at 2 o'clock Sunday I was told he couldn't pitch because of an injured finger. My guy, Alllo Reynolds, -also • c ouldn't pitch because of m injury. Most of .the others Worked Sunday and my suy (Ford) pitched .only three innings Saturday. And he looked "ery good by the \v ay. "1 don't see why I couldn't pitch Ford especially with those guys using three left-hancleri (Snider, Musial, Ted KluszeWski) in the lineup. He's not afraid of 'em. He's pitched in a coupln of World Series, you know. And he won't be itired." L Stengel declined to disclose any fcnoro of his pitching plans but ho I indicated he would use Bob Potterfield, Washington ace right- hander,' in the middle innings and either right-hander Sandy Consuegra 1 of the White Sox or Dean Stone, rookie Washington southpaw, In the final three. Alston said his pitching and replacement plans depended upon the actions of the American Leapuc. He already had named Robin Roberts to stnrt, It was tha fourth starting assignment for the Phila delphia Phillies' ace righthandei in the last five All-Star games. "I'll use my men according to the situation," he said. "And. as for the pitchers, it nil depends upon how they feel. After all, five of the-seven pitched on Sunday. I have to find out just who can come back with- so short a rest. I ma> use only three pitchers. Then Patterson, ex Olympic, Wins His Pro Bout NEW YORK m—Floyd Patterson the .Olympic middleweight champion, may never w.'n any world titles, but he said today he now considers himself a full-flcdsed professional. Young Patterson stopped Jacques j Royer at St. ....Nichols Arena last night w hen the former French middleweight king was refused permission to come out for the eighth round. But he was knocked down for the first lime in his career. "It was hind of a funny feeling," said Patterson. "1 wasn't hurt but I sure was surprised. I guess I'm a real .pro now." . Except for the first tound, when he was down for a six-count, Patterson Was in complete command. Royer couldnt keep, away from his belts to the head. Dallas Bids * for Major League Club DALLAS Tex. (UP) E campaign to get a major 1 baseball team was clamped urj;der a lid of secrecy today but ilno wealthy oilman spearheading the drive said it would bo pursued "enthisiastically and relentlessly.' Oilman E. E. (Buddy) Fogelson husband of metric star Greet 1 Gnrson imposed the socrrcy .after t diking to minor league e/ar George Trautman yesterday. "In my opinion the project to bring major . league baseball - -jt° Dallas and Texas became a mftt- trr of public knowledge too socjh' Fogelson said in a formal .statement. "Wo have placed oursclvds in an unfavorable trading position. "We have created competition which was otherwise imno'cossaijy by disclosing our plans." | At Eastern Parkway Arena, in the other half of the Monday night TV war. Willie Troy of Washington, D. C.. the seventh-ranking middleweight contender stopped Tony Anthony another New York or, in 47 seconds r>C the fourth rutiii.1. •nils was an unusual one in tt.ut Ti I }ie officials had Anthony ahea-.i ,oing into the fourth. The forme". lavionul ASU champion didn't flu-i:-to trouble until the end of t' 1 ..third when he caught a solid right 'h the mid-section. He wobblid to his corner and had no defense when he came out for the fourth. Cambodia is working to restore part of the irrigation system of the ancient and abandoned city of Artg kor, seat of the lost Khmer 'civilization . • •• i American colleges and universities have nearly 34,000 foreijpi ^indents enrolled •<-.• ' Although moles eat some plants, 85 per cent of their diet consists ol insects. again, I may have to use all seven." The game will be beamed to the nation on radio (Mutual) and television (NBC and Mutual). NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans'for all purposes—to buy, build,Ire- pair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthty reduction -plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. ; There Is No Better Plan ' HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 Eiast Second St. Phone 7-46tfl For .City Attorney C: V.'NUNN, JR. STORE building at Fifth and Laurel streets. Phone 7-3392. 12-6t 4 ROOM unfurnished duplex; also, large two room furnished apartments 801 South Main. Phone 75837, 13-Gt Wonted to Buy TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. • 31-TF Rotary Beats Star Boy? by4to2 In Little Big league play at Legion field Monday night the Rotary team defeated Hope Star 4-2 while the Citizens Bank downed Lile-Murphy 0 to 2. The Legionnaires;, play the : Minfr- al Springs Flyers : here tonight. Game time is 8 o'clock. Tteof MORE « aheVlocpr.news printeq, m; tm», ^ ot»r,*v«», p w*ll os oil "AP^newi YOUNG growth of cut over timber h*'- -' ' *" _. * land. Anywhere In Southwest Ar>M^*M| nivA^frnrc kansas. Will pay top prices. inerOI U|recrQr5..v - phone 7-2228 or see Ralph Saun' , ders, " . J12-1 Mo, SPST ? F^UNERAL HOME JBA^CE > : .'\AMBULANCfe lltAZEIu .; , PHONE 7-2123 J ' ' ' J7-1MO. or old Saddle Filly *Hi^Woi;aiow A*!*" -'..>... >. .V ... . . Notice VOTE Boley's all new, "All air conditioned," court. When guests or Tourists inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo. Services Offered COTTON STATES LEAGUjE You! You! Highway 67 W«t A ' co, , , lon Water Barrelt for' Sole '.Hope, Ark, QUICK Mimeographing service • Reasonable rate. Call Samuels ' 7-3768. Farm Bureau Office. 101 East Front Street. June 17-1 Mo. UGHTERING nd wrapped for deep fer peep Frewt Mkt, MATTRESS renovation and Inner- •prlng work Cobb Mattress Co. 318 • South Washington. Phone 7-2622. Mar. 4-tf THE Bpard of Directors of the Hempstead- County Farmers Association will meet Friday July J6' 8 P.' m. at the store on West 5th. street to interview local applicants for the position of store manager. Any Ipcal prospect for this position iplease make arrangements for an interview at th}s time. . 13-3t El -Dorado Greenville- Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs W L 52 24 42 31 40 35 33 42 31 40 Pet. GB .684 .575 8"/i .533 Ill's .440 .437 24 50 .324 27 Vesterday's Results El Dorado 9, All-Stars 0 Today's Games (No' games scheduled) AMERICAN LEAGUE. Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Washington os ton- hiladelphia altimore MATTRE5SI5 Int9 Judge Fines Hodges in Court WKTIRN SHAMS NEW YORK W— The judge was a Dodger fan but didn'l help BrooHJyn 'first baseman Gil Hodges escape n $50 traffic fine, Hodges pleaded guilty yesterday to a two-year-old s pecding pfoarge, He said he had not appeared earlier because he forgot about the summons served on him April 12 1032. "Although 'm a Dodger f an myself, Air. Hodges reached hgme i plate here much too y late,' remarked Magistrate James E. Lo Piccolo as he fixed the fine a t $50, W L 56 27 56 28 54 31 35 44 32 47 31 40 30 49 31 51 Pet. GB .67!) ,. .667' 'a ,i}34 3 .443 19 .405 221/4 .39? 23 .380 24 .378 24'/, Yesterday's Results (No games scheduled) Today's Games (All Star Game) NATIONAL LEAGUE $ew York rooklyn hiladelphia Milwaukee Cincinnati t. Louis :hicago 'ittsburgh W L 57 27 51 32 Pet. GB .697 .614 40 3V .519 13V 2 41 41 41 42 40 42 29 SO 27 55 .500 15 .488 15'/ 2 .488 16 .307 25 1 /. 329 20 YesterdaPy's Results (No games sq)ie|luled) Today's Games game) Tuesday, July 13, 1$54 ILON&li * Comedy Actor ACROSS 65 individual 1 Comedy actor, 66 observes Peter- — DOWN Hayes 1 Speech 5 He has his impediment _^_ rnrlin n n. nnn ^;tinvt Answer to Previous Puzzle Vt^fe'l fgTBTAT>l fcTAToTjir Show 8 He is a iaa ma impeaimum radio 2 Preposition * n A L. 3 Approach 4 Arid region " v •- , i Aria regu entertainer 5 Palm ]ea£ A t*t'rttir T^monn _ __ i entertainer 5 Palm ]ea£ . . . . . . . . . . — 12 Arrow poison 6 Have on • 2 7 Nevada city 45 Amphl- 113 Meadow 7 Nostrils 28 Bamboolike theaters 114 Story 8 Pilots grass 47 Muse of . 15 Stations (ab.) 9 Mountain pool30 Chair poetry 16 Swiss river 10 Dism0 unted 31 Sea eagle 49 Healy is .11.7.Great Lake n Scottish 32 Makes, lace his wife : 18 Minute, skin sheepfolds edgings 50 Century plant .openings 19 Sources of 35 Piece of track 51 Girl's name 20 Feels regret energy 39 Blow .with 52 Bridge SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION ''.j' > , W, L Pet. GB Atlanta 55 ? 37 New Orleans 56 39 Birmingham 52 42 Chattanooga M 43 Memphis 42 50 Mobile 4Q 54 Nashville 37 32 Uttle ,Rock 39 53 .598 .589 '• .553 4 .543 9 .457 13 •488 16 .418 .415 17 Result* Chattanooga^, WH»e «o.ck 7 New Qvlea4, 12-5t Birmingham 1-1 Atlanta 0-5, T&qWle 8-2 9 Wttle Rack at Memphis at N.ashvi,n« New Qfleanj «t Chattenpoji (?) / . V*S>5iv nnd Ubiill Go .openings 19 Sources of 35 Piece of track 51 Girl's name . 20 Feels regret energy 39 Blow .with 52 Bridge 'il Alcoholic 21 Vegetable open hand 54 Memorandum , -beverage 23 Encounter 42 False show 55 Poker stake •: : 24 Weight of 25 Time gone by 43 F ema i e saint 56 Not as much ; 1 India 26 Maple genus (ab.) 59 Dutch city j ..ZSHis-wife- is his : | ; '• and j featured J' vocalist ;29"Property item j 33 High card 34 Soothsayer ; 36 Age i 37 Oriental coin . 138 Afternoon ^ | social events* j 40 Emmet •' 41.Horse's gait (pl.) 44 Distends 46 Follower 48 Gibbon 49 Modes 53 Punitive 57 Malt drinks 58 Mimic 60 Not any 61 He likes a comedy 62 Small child 63 Pewter coins of Thailand 64 Shout;-. 1 CARNIVAL 1 IZ 15 18 Z5- 33 yi HI W 57 fcl fc4 I Ik 50 3 " El It m M n % i 31 m •* ( •>> b M a 3ft m 4'1 ^ ti. & t 16 m & M4-. W 5Z, ':''. sr W/. i?> H» W W V a » m ^ b 8 H 7 ^ W kt) &> fct 1 iO it 40 b4 10 31 b5 I 32. ^T 13 By Dick Turner r I* HOPE AUTO CO. T. M, SHE. v. 8. p»«. on. 7. / -a r t, e<r»ict, Inc ' y Pitsnt W. Second St. ^IA'MK;^ 62ARK IRt t^^^^HH BjH^ME^L^^QyifyUUiiB ip" rVIC FLINT |L_»T ."YTOinrrr i££l£& AFfcoJP tO BSTtKK BLOWlM'-THAT SMOKE \ , 1MTOTH 1 KNCTTHOLE.' Ij VOU'VE SMOKEPOUT A CAT AMP TWO TOAPS, AN' NOW BUT I WN'T GNIM' UP OM VOU THErD HENR MN»6 6LOWNJ«KWOy« THWT 10 GRkMP, E^lEN FWBHOW'D .._.. WOULD &POTUOHT Uft t JOIK£ PUT \ TO BRBM< Ik) THRU Tit' WIGHT RIGHT UMDEfc ^/A^' 4^^*'' ! 1 WithMojorH OUR BOARDING HOUSE HER BUbb,ES FUNNY BUSINESS UXJKATH1M.ATTHE HEAD OF AN _.. . 7 IT REMARKAPUEA,..Wr!6N • ' WONMUG, HOW ALLEY) THERE'S- ACTUALLY PIP MEET UP, ACJlAUy NO - --tff' • - JSNYTHiNGOF JR. EVERY INCH A 'GENBRAU/ BREATHING DRASON?/CRgATlJR!^ EVER n »—»i> i /•»•«*»— r\H 'T. M. !)•(. M. 6. PH. Olt. C«pr..19H by NEA S».«lc«. ta By Golbroith "Did I understand you tp say corni on the^«bb$ I^JM*' 1 • , just wondering!" < *; ^''J^H SWEETIf PIE *" u-iii—.r^ii—'v THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYN6 Trig ROCKIKX5TPN IWTeKSSTS I?EW MV pyT^UI^A^TIOMITOAwPWNfJ, TO THOUSANDS. 1 T "Mix it up, you guys! If me ah' the old lady ever put on * !'•• scrap like tK6t, r thekids r d boo us 6utMhe^""«f M $|DI GLANCES "I pertainly never told her we h&tj ft nsw ,h9m9 With »pare room—I'll bet «he got % bulletin' frgm your Aynt " <•'***&>**&;> .x,^.u.

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