Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1954
Page 11
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IWSVF Tfrr'i ~P »Y?/ . ~-> -J"?r £v?V", > *•*'--» /" ^ i • / $ gPiGggSjj ' ' a _^._. ,'^^^ a ^ f _,' .^H.,. " HOPE STAR, HQPt, ARKANSAS ••-**• _. i ] Hunger Strikers ft later Slew; barrows and to 23fhf|rhi??| sows choice, 100230 Ib choice Ib 2"d.0043& ~ .&&*» 480 Ib «,2>, boftl'S 10.50- W ta'talVeS '.litOTi A feW lots Choice steers fflicif yfearlihgs steady at IHtlc done* on others; fejitrtt* «yWfc>5 few utilily 'e'f§l|l"kHl(Js-S0 lower at J{ odd -"head 12.00; bulls ter&s - -' ftJW&dSt ntilijy and ....clal l3.OfM4.50: canner ant', f: bulls 0,00-12$): f ew high prime 20.00-21.0b; good 1,14,00-lBij commercial gdod liQO-14,0; c< ulls - 7.-8.C. ft*. 3,50) i indications receipts eslmtates somewhat; fefjF, pales t bateiy steady, ahrt prime 1 springers' 23.00 _' 24.00; nged< sheep steady; tci*i*cwes' 3.00-4.00. i . LCfS, AfoGELES. Calif. (UP) The attorney for the hunger striking "flying Finn'' twins threatened to appeal their plen for freedom to thn' United StaKi Supreme Coitrt. The twins have refused to. cat fclnco they were jailed nl. Terminal Island prison 22 t'ays ngo. It 'was repotted Ihc advanced slaget 6i starvation had made them so weak they were confinod to thear beds. 'Nevertheless, they vowed to "fast td death" unless they are re^ leased on ball pending <r,eir appear of a year's senteiicc. ' The UiS. .Circuit Court of: Appeals yestelday postponed the Finns' plea for relensc until tomorrow. Their attorney, Bernard Cohen, said if the Circuit Court fails to act then "I will fly to \Vnshingloti Thursday to present the petition to the U.Si Supreme Court." .The twins, both World War II pilots, were sentenced o n charges of attempting a citlzi'Da' 'arrest of wore Bros. erving You Since 1896 DELIVERY — blAL 7-4431 .i. , ,; CUTLETS SPECIALS HALF GALLON ICE CREAM • •- HSR,'.;; -. Al!...•. •r^F',-' Governors Are t&nlinued from Page Oft» .-etihoti-er canceled after the death of & sister-in-law. Nixon told tho governors irt the President's word that the ''appalling inadequacies' of Americas highways must be solved "1o meet the demands of catastrophe or defense shouM atomic war come. Eisenhower suggested that the governors study a proposal for federal-state cooperation under which Washington might "advance fund or guarantee the obliaatiorts of localities or states which undertake to construcc new or modernize existing' highways. To some governors who had been plugging for abolition of federal gasoline and auto taxes so the states could finance their own road building, this sounded not only like conpinuation of the federal aid program but an expansion of it. Gov. Dan Thornton, Colorado Republican and chairman of the conference, gave reporters this 'interpretation of the Presidents message: "The President is tossing a challenge to the governors. He says HO billion dollars is needed f or roads in the next 10 years. The states are bing offerd th opportunity to are being offered the opportunity to go ahead under local management. 'The difference si that if the states don't do it the federal government will. In advance Of a conference panel discussion of the issue. Gov. Thomas E. Dewoy of New York said in a separate interview lhat he does not believe thp> President necessari- y implied that the federal govern- nent must .remain in the road-- Duilding business. . . . But he tiaid he regards as "in- vitable such -a .large-scale construction program as Eisenhow er suggested a more than fivefold expansion of the present fed eral aid highway program of 9 00 millions a year. > Sovereignty for Germans by Autumn LONDON I/PI' The United' Stales ancl Britain have told France they agree West Germany must 1 be given limited sovereignty by fall, a diplomatic source said today. If France refuses, a British- American plan is reported ready under whi,ch control of thp American ancl British occupation zones would be returned- to -the Germans. Political u nd legal experts of the United States and Britain have been working on these problems at the Foreign Office for trie past week. They have proposed their governments wind up the Amo'ri- can-British-French , high commis- ion in- Bonn only as a last resort. American nnd British embassies would be set up instead 'and the French would be loft m their own zone to fact the West Germans. Eisenhowers at Kinfollc Funeral STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP) President and Mrs. Eisenhower flew here fiom Washington today for the funeral of Mrs. Helen Eakin Eisenhower, wife of tho President's brother Milton. Accompanying them were Sen. and Mrs. Frank Carlson (R-Kan.), and Sen. James H. Duff (R-PaO. ecretary of Agriculture and Mrs. Czra T. Benson ancl Defense Mn jilizer Arthur S. Flemrning. A Sub sr- Antonelli Is National's No. 1 Hurler NEW YORi£ Wl Johnny Anto. Dark Days ot Hand for Minor Leagues CLEVELAND UP) These are nelli brilliant lefthander of thcjlean d ark days in baseball's mi New York- GiantS 1 ancl one of the;n°r leagues. It takes a super <=even National League pitchers.'l )romoter lo niake encls meeU No . . • . . • i , , ... ilonger do you o pen the gates and selected for today's all-star game| e - x ^ ct the loyal citizens to fight earned jfor the honor of paying to cheer his circuits leader in MiX-UP—Chrlstel Schaak, 24- year-old Berlin model, didn't get the chance to hold her "Miss Europe" title very long. • Judges in Vichy, France, discovered the redhead beauty was a Mrs.—a widow for four years. However, they gallantly -acclaimed the deposed queen "Honorary Miss Europe of '54." run averages. ; • Antonelli has given lip only 34 earned runs in 144 innings for an earned run mark of .2.13 ^figures compiled by the Associated Press reveal. Johnny also it the leagues top'hurler in -winning percentage (.867) with 13 victories four' of them shutouts against two s el- backs. In the American League Mike Garcia of the Cleveland Indians has wrested the lead from Detroit's Ned Carver. Mike was one of Manager Casey Stengels all- star selections but bow-.'d out b e- causo of a ruptured blood vessel in the middle finger of his throwing hand. Garcia hrs permitted only 32 earned rune in 137 frames for a 2.'0, mark and Carver 32 tallies >n 131 innings for 2.20. The Tribe's fastballer has won 11 games and dropped five while Carvers record is G-5. Johnny Klippstein of the Chicago Cubs and Bill Henry of the Red Sox possess the highest earned run marks in the. majors. Klipp stein has allowed 7.48 runs per game and Henry 4.87 the poorest American League percentage. for the home club. Tommy Richardson the energetic little man who bubbles with jokes tricks and fancy pranks while trying to keep the Eastern League together Was talking about some of his problems: "The other night in Elrriirn I even shot a man out of a coffin at second base" he said. "Honest no kidding. There is n. fellow who calls himself "Captain Dynamite. We needed help s o we- hired hirn lo come to Elmirn. He makes n big thing of Lt All sorts of explosions enough to shake the centerfield fence. The other night we had Eddie Fisher ancl a crew of recording artists up in Wilkes-Bai-re Pa. The disk jockies helped us make a so of it. We drew about 14,000 people. Max Patkin the comedian has done a groat job for us too. You have to do things liko that. "Up in Albany (N.Y.) we sold out the park for a couple ot night.; to some business firms who had about 50,000 tickets to distribute to their customers. Wo wound with about, 11,000 watching , game. The'club made money the flat price sellout and picked up more on the concessions. "So far we're r unning behind last yeaor. We're going to have out first all-star game to see U we can't whip up some more excit-- ment' The minors need their all-star games comedians singers antt Captain Dynamites to stave oin rigor mortis. Radio broadcasts or big league games saturate theif 'territory ancl weekly television games offer a counter attraction. Booming Industry Reduces Jobless LITTLE ROCK Iff) Expanded industry in the. state haS helped reduce Arkansas' Employment problem. Gov.-Cherry said yesterday. .'• Ji- He also told the Advisof-y Council of the Employment Security Division that Arkansas Has less employment than 'sorrie other states. The Advisory , Council is made up of representatives of management, labor and tne public and H acts as a consultant to the ESp. SAVE HUNDREDS DURING OUR SLICED BACON TRAY PACKED Cominuea irbm .fage One mation would include "data neces sary to the development of defnes plans, the training ol personnel in the employment of, find defense against, atomic weapons and the evaluation,., of the capabilities, ot potential enemies in 'the employment 'of atomic 1 -''weapons,,' . ... '•4. ^Permit the ; AEC/Htp ^lieens'e private :industry 1 •' to :• possess :.and utilize -atomic materials and to own atomic reactors, oi" "furnaces" de- signed-tn pioduce and utilize such mnterJtrts. . i , MONTH Co-OK U.S., Atlo'rney Laughlin Waters. • They said Waters had treated them unfairly in their battle with the- federal government' over own ership of'a war surplus plane. .«HULL Tremendous Values on SINGER Electric Trade-ins including some floor models and salesmen's demonstrators During this Sale... ,. 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' ft" Calendar tu*6day JUly 13 T^he intermediate MVP of the Methodist Church will have a party in the basement of the church tonight at 7:30. . , , jjhie LLL Sunday School Class • or the First Baptist Church will m^ct tonight at 7:30 at the church for a- watermelon feast. MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB Rb9, -•„, TON If I & WED. • SOCIETY Pbeht M4I1 INtwuft I A, M, UN 4 P. M I ter Anil-Submarine Squadron 2 based at Ream Field, San Ysidro, Calif. John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Barr of Hope. :',hil. Always A Color Cartoon Holt Family Homecoming Held Suhday Lee A. Holt and his niece. Mrs. Gladys Holt Bishop, were host and lostoss to a number of relatives at Wf. Holt's home in Washington, on Suhday afternoon, July 11. Those attending were Mr. Holt s brother, F. P. Hojt of Hope, his .hfee sisters, Mrs Mattie Hutch- nsftn of Denver, Colo., Zea Jacobson 6f Oakland, Calif., and Mrs. Sam H. Weakley ot Ft. Smith, Mamie B. Holt, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Holt and daughter, Jacqueline of Hope, Hickman H. Weakley, Ft. Smith, Ruel Jones and daughter, Aletha, and Miss Barbara Yates ol Camden, Mr. and Mrs. David Jones Mrs. Lilla Bryant, Mrs. Lola Hutchinson, Mrs. Ida Beene and Mrs. Ruth Latlmer all of Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hartsfield of Texarkana, and Mr. Holt's daughter, Mrs. Ward L. Stevens of Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mrs. , Lena Lee of Jonesboro. another- sister,, was unable to attend. District. She gave a report of this inspirational meeting of Methodist Women from around the world whose theme was "Jesus Christ, the Way". The meeting was closed with the W. S. C. S. benediction. John E. Lloyd stewardsman apprentice, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lloyd of Hope Route One, was among the 40 crewmembers of the Atlantic Fleet Amphibious Force landing ship dock USS White Marsh (LSD-8) Who were awarded letters of commendation recently from their commending officer, Comdr W. H. Reinhardl Jr, USN. WSCS Circle 2 Meets Monddy Circle 2 of the'Woman's Society of Christian Service met Monday afternoon at 3:30 at the church. Mrs. Lina Dutton opened the meeting with prayer. Eleven members answered the roll call, and a short business session followed. Mrs. Edwin Stewart will be hostess for the August meeting, The meeting adjourned to join the group meeting at which time Mrs. F. C. Crow, program chairman of Circle Two, presented the program. Sgt. Jesse J. Dodson, Jr., of the Helicopter. Transmission Company of Ft. Bragg, N. C. has finished mechanical school .at Fort Sill, Okla. Before returning to Ft. Bragg; he will spend a 15 day furlough With his mother, Mrs. Judy Miles. Mary Piekfofld, 61, Has Grown Old Gracefully Steelworker Second Class Bobby G. Porter of the USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Porter of 414 West Third street, Hope, has been advanced in rating while serving with Mobile Construction Battalion 7, at Port Lyautey, French Morocco. "MAC'S" WEATHER FORECAST "Continued hot for Hope and vicini'ty. 75 degrees in the COOL SAENGER!"^ Mrs. Tooley Gives Report At W. S. C. S. At four o'clock Monday afternoon, the Woman's Society of Christian Service met at the church. The meeting was called to order and the group sang "I Love to Tell the Story". Mrs. C. D. Lester, spiritual life chairman, presented the 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians and then led in prayer. Mrs. Albert Graves, president, conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Edward Aslin acted as secretary in the absence of Mrs. Jack Gardner. The minutes were read and approved. Mrs. George Murphy announced that the beginning of the study, "Within These Borders" is to begin at the regular W. S. C. S. meeting in August. Dot Kelley, Hope district worker, will be the guest at this meeting and will present the first lesson. It was announced that Mrs. H. O Kyler, Jr; and Miss Lurlene White were-'attending the World Friendship Workshop at Aldersgate this week as delegates from this society. l **fi*. Circles 3, 4 and 5 tied in the membership count with ' 13 members each present. Mrs. F. C. Crow, program chairman for Circle 2, then presented Mrs L. B. Tooley who attended the. 4th Assembly of the W. S. C. S. vhich was held in Milwaukee in May, as Ladies Auxiliary Garrett Memorial Church Meets On Monday, July 12, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church met at 2 p. /m. with 21 members present. A short business session was con ducted by the president, Mrs. B. M. Hazzard. The opening prayer was led by Mrs. Jennie Volentine. Mrs. Dwight Ridgdill, vice president, presented a very interesting program entitled, "Giving to God' Taking part on the program were: Mrs. Ted Purtle, who gave the do votional; Mrs. Otho Roberts, Mrs David Frith, Mrs. Tom Ducket and Mrs Waddle Cunningham who read a poem. The meeting'was closed with pra yer led by Mrs, Elbert O'Steen. Coming and Going Mrs. John A. Prince of Little Rock is visiting her daughters, Mrs. Ben Robinson and Mrs W. O. Honeycutt. Mrs.-Ward L. Stevens of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, is a guest in the wme of her father, Lee A. Holt in Washington. v , .* Miss Mary Gail McRae spen' the week-end- with her aunt and uncle Mr and Mrs. .William Glo ver in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Henry, Jim my, Lynda and Dale of Sunland Calif., are visiting Mrs. Henry' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robin son. . . Hospital Notes Senior Ladies Auxiliary Has Meeting Monday The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church met Monday afternoon at two o'clock at the church for the first time in several weeks. The song was led by Elder Howard White accompanied by Mrs. Howard Collier at .the ptano . Following prayer by Elder White, Mrs. Collier, gave the devotional from the 34th Psalm. Mrs. John B. Jordan presented the special, "The Making of a Friend." Mrs. Jesse Sinclair then led in prayer. : Elder White taught the lesson from a booklet entitled "The Ministry of Visitation" The group was dismissed by Mrs. Mike Snyker . ,- "MAC" Ybur Movie Boy BY REFRIGERATION! (T) Drive test a 161-hp Mercury, Check the big savings in economy, upkeep, and future trade-in value, * n t 4 test a Mercury. TODAY ONLY! DOCTORS . . . ized KNOW this speclal- dren's needsl ST.JOSEPH ASPIHIM FORCHIIDREN, Notice •'The .entertainment for the Rainbow Girls scheduled for tonight will be held Tuesday night, July 20. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Vester McRoy, Rt. 4, Hope Mr. Woodard Cox, Hope Mrs. Billy Scaton, Hope. Discharged: Mr. Bob Rowland McCaskill, Mr. Woodard Cox, Hope Mrs. Nell Oliver, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Seaton of Hope announce the arrival of a baby boy on July 10, 1954. r Julia Chester ' Admitted: Mr. Joe McCorkle Collumbus Mrs. Marvin L. Rogers, Hope, Mrs. Fred McJunkins, Sara : toga, Mrs, Viola Green, Patmos, Mrs. Denton McKamie, Buckner. Discharged: Mrs. Fred Perry, Hope, Mr T. A... Gathright, Saratoga, Mrs. Jack Stone, McNab, Mrs. Ray Thornton, Hope, Rt. 4 Katurie Dennis, Rt. 4, Hope, James Horace Jordon, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Rogers of Hope have a son born at 8:10 a, m. Saturday. ,;. Mr. and Mrs. penton^cKamje Buckner. ,*'nave' a daughter:-bom" 1:45 a. m. today. . .'" W Personal Mention i John F. Barr, sonarman third class, USN, has bee.n advanced in rating while assigned to Helicop- for B6b HOLLYWOOD un this is a sue cess story the success being Mary J»lckford's ability to k<?ep busy and happy in retirement nftd to grow old peacefully. She is h earing 01 but looks years youhger. There at-«b few lines in V-r lace here are two deep perpendicular idges between her eyes signs .of xafctlngnes;., nothing else. She has slight miJ-section roundness that omes to all of us eventually, but 'd guess she weighs only 10 or 15 ounds more than she did 20 years pn when ohe retired. What does she do to keen happy? he gives a lot of time and energy. nd money, too, tocharities prln- ipally Catholic and Jewish al- hough she is of neigher faith. She s active in civic affairs. She gets etters and calls nearly evm-y day isking her to lend her name tor this r that. She won't be a letterhead member of any committee. "Unless I can really give time I o „ movement I won't lend my name. Names 'do not mean a thing. but a good solid c ommittee meeting does." She runs a big house, the fabled Pickfair. there are several servants and a secretary. She personally approves every bill uncl signs every check. With her husband, Buddy Roger she has interests in TV stations They invested in oil too but got only dry holes. A big interest now is the effort to raise further funds for the Motion Picture Relief Fund. She and Jean Hersholt, perpetual president of the fund, are working on a movie exhibit for tourists. "We'd have sets aiid costumes and stills and miniatures of pictures in production," she ex- j plained. Is said people want to see tars, not things. Mary disagreed. but admitted stars might be induced to take part in the tourist attraction. It would give me something 'urther to do," she said. "Thore could b e reproduction;?. of interiors of stars' homes my living room, Will -Rogers' ranch of Marilyn Monroe's dining room. Or would ;hey be more interested in her Doudoir?" " • Weste.rner'3 preference for simple nformal living. She hss a breezy dislike for all forms of fuss ami ceremony. She drives to and from work herself, and this summer she and her rhalfl will take turns at the wheel on a friotdv tour to Seattle, wheie her parents live. "About the only problem I have right now is this darned weight," vomen thftl v" 1 ^^-"**.™* T Vii 0 -** possibility tnis sxfmrnPf ol Fatt. Sr County £rodticJhg & goveftfijr ir the state." <*•" Jones, OrVal FaubU* of HutiU* ville and Gus WcMillart of Sftftrl; daft are opposing Chetrfts bid.ior renominaticm Hi '. 2? Betti- take 'the thefii. she said, comfortable forking at a place of chopped sirloin stenk. "' don't have to fight weight hard but sometimes t should fight it harder than 1 0*0." When she has to take off a few pounds, she doesn't resort to pills or capsules. She has known little) illness in her life and ha? a healthy pet-son's distrust of medicines. "1 don't cut out any of my regular foods, not even butfer," shn said. "I just cut down on the amount. I suppose it would help If I ate more fruit, but 1 don.t care for it. 1 ate too much-green fruit off the trees as a kid, 1 guess.' Martha khoWs hundreds of songs by heart "just h ow many I couldn't say "Her two favorites are "Cock-Eyed Optimist 1 even after singing it 1,048 times in 'South Pacific" and "Blue Room." Many singdi's are haunted by a nightmare fear they will forget a lyric In the middle ot a bl«J musical number. "I'm scared,to death at the start of any performance that I'll fluff a line, and sometimes I have," said Martha, smiling. "But if I do, I make up another line and go r ight on. I never panic when 1 make a boo-boo. 'It's a funny thing but the audience seems to like you better when you-make a boo-boo as long as t hey see'you don't let it throw you. They like to see a singer act like a human being." That' s the only, way Martha knows how to act. Barry's Fur dalers say that rabbit fur has particularly disappeared from the American market because .o new labeling regulations -which ,pre vent dealers and customers from calling rabbit fur by some ; other name •-•••'•"• • . • f'<' Boyle Says Cherry Has to Win 'Big 5' CONWAY, W) Gubernatorial candidate 'Guy Jones predicted to day that Gov.' Francis Cherry "must sweep the five largest coun ties in the" state"., to win a SRC ond term . ' . Speaking to. a "Jones for Governor" breakfast in his home town the diminutive state senator, said if Cherry UiSt'the big counties "ho is a defeated candidate.".'.' He .made his prediction after telling the breakfast group of appr.6- •ximately 100 men and a half dozen • HOME GROWN Tomatoes Ib. . . . . 10c HOME GROWN Cantaloupe Ib. DELICIOUS TENDER, , ROUND STEAK' NO. 1 ( RED , Potatoes. 10 IBs!.. 25c <lb:'C FRESH WHITE- •' Pullet Egigs EXTRA SPECIAL • doz..,... 29c Continued from Page One tensions get me down. It is wonderful to be able to read a newspaper and relax all by yourself. "And I manage to keep busy.I do my own gardening and take care of the yard, t oo. My only ro- antic interest right iiow-'.fa. the j-jrt-'fif; . - '".-- -,'-•-,( . -. • . j . -_.^ "•' ., e.,j^6ii;.-mo\ver at home. : ''Martha Kos retained,.the t y pical You'll Enjoy Eating OAKS Cafe & Service Station PERRY-CAMPBELL • 'Hi-Way 67 West—Open 24'Hours BIG ENOUGH 10 AfCOMODAFF SMAI I t NOUGH 10 4 ' i-v.'yi 5 * K' «i r ' 'i^* GROCERY * ". f ' A • * if *' • •' 111 SduHvMain -' •"-- '«S«™ «* FEATURE-TIMES ' . 2:02 - 3:46- 5:26-7:27-9:33 • FIRST HOPE SHOWING* MODERNIZE NOW AND SAVE! RIOT OF CROOKS, CRANKS, CUT-UPS and CACTUS CUTIES! SAVE CABINET SINK NOW! : is" ** ** PONAID MRRY « CHI<K CHANDIW PLUS A BIG ADDED ATTRACTION! • LOOK • 2 BIG FEATURES FOR WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY! • FIRST HOPE SHOWING* RIOTOUS AMERICAN COMEDY 1 ON A GENUINE YOUN6STOWN KITCHENS FOOD WASTE DISPOSER CHOOSE ANY OF THESE! CHOOSE THIS! 42'Diana eftsemb/e sink, deep bowl • Deep bowl right or left • Acid-resisting, porcelain-enameled steel top • Buiii completely of long-lived steel • Flexible rinse spray • Jyst-right height for easier standing On/y $1.51* a wtck indvding Disptitr «F U A. trruis. Plus Installation- /Z4'wl<!e.sm»l9bowl _.^ 3«'wid«, twin b«wls Richie Andrusw.TN NcwSUr Pi;cov*ryl 'JOHN WAYNE O 42' wide, dtainboard' 142' wiae, twin bowl* tijtit or lelt CLEAR f i SHEERS i NYLONS RAYONS GINGHAMS CHAMBRAY r * 1 BROADCLOtH NOVELTY COTTONS LINEN WEAVES ,#. SEERSUCKER STARTS WEDNESDAY A'.»7* ': ' ^%^'f ' ' , '^ t Regular Stock-All Perfect Shots •*. 36 to 45 INCHES WIDE / REGULAR $94.50 IXTRA « R^pows fpo4 w»«t«'4?vm the drain / * E^ds garbage wrapping, handling, hauling away with garbage pail Keeps kitchen clean, sanitary HAMM TIRE & APPUAWE CO. LADIES BETTER DRESS ^B ^^* W^W ^^^^p ^SP^^ ^^^^T '^^W ^P^^^ ^ f f i <•,

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