The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, DDCKMBKR 3, 1930 IH/VTHKVIU.E. (AKK.) COUIURR NKWS Police Battle Reds in Washington ^Continued from p.i^e onco ! J'"-t ensh 'Jcinsnils on tV.i. 1 treusm 1 by $lCO,000,Mu duniK this )>::'io:l. ! TheEe ;<ams. tc;ethcr will' tli» cc-1 'iiomlos broujlu nbout in ihe sov-j niiment reduce HID prnctioal ef- : hct of Ihe chance In the financial j ! ."'atlon to a pics?nt .?sliniated deficit ot approximately S130.0D0.003 fC' tin: current fiscal y^ar. "This dcveltpmeiu. o[ course, is Primarily due la Ihe iljprcsslsn condition net only in this country but In l!ie whole world, accentuated by th? clroiiplH, and, on ite fther hand, to the ncc?."ary men 1 *- \ uifs of the government to increase?! employment, and the lncreaf:ts of' nllosvnnces lo various services to vetcrnrs." C'cntinut Debt Payment Opp-«iticn was voiced by Mr. Hoover lo proposal:! that the pov- eimuent suspsml the public debt retirement ptogram in tlie present period of stringency in federal nuances. White the deficit for (he current fiscal year was estimated in the 'Midget at S130. COO, 000, Mr. llcov- er said it will probably be iwcessavy for congress (o appropriate additional money this fiscal year to in- cienKe employment and provide drought relief winch will increase the deficit above iliis amount. "I do not look with great concern upon this moderate deficit for (lie current fUcn! year," the president sniti. "In fact, it anrvnts to 1=53 than 5 per cent of the total governmen expenditure. The ad- veri 1 ? balance can be met by reducing tlie general fund balance from the amount in it at the beginning of the year if necessary, by temporary ing by the treasury. "When we recollect that c-ur bud- gel, has yielded large surplus for tlv; last 11 years, which have enabled us to retire the public debt, In addition to retirements required 1 by law, to the extent of nearly S3.503.CCO.OM, \ve can confidently look forward to the restoration of ;uc!i surpluses with the general recovery of the economic situation, and thus the absorption of any Lewis Sails to Accept Nobel Prize i PAGE THREE'' T. Waller Crenshaw, Head o I Memphis Agency, : Found Dead in Car. MKMl>ms, Dec. 3 (DI'J—Fhiiui- clal losses suffered during the past several nioiilhs were blamed icday for the dealh of T. Walter Ciemlmw, head ol the II. L. Mm- thcivs Insurance company here, and a brother of Shelby County Clerk. Kil Cienslmw. C.'eiishaw'.s body was found In a parked anloinublle in a residential suburb here shortly before noon today. A jsV.otgun with Iwo ex. r.loilwl shells and u note were found In the cor. C'Hnsiiaw addressed his wile in the note iiiylng losses had wl]*d out hU savings and earnings of past years. T'.ie lumulioiis feme as a Communist riot outside .the doors of the capllob'marred the opening session of Congress is piclm-ai above. Felice are shorn as, firing 'tear gas shells frcm small revolvers, they repulsed -Red demonstrators who attempted to invade the cast entrance of Ihe capltol building.' Note the smoke of the tear sas, at the riylil, several cl the agitators fleeing from the choking fumes. Polic: clubs were swung freely as Communists resisted attempts to destroy Inflammatory posters which they carried. Careful Analysis Revealed in Bridge by Radio Playj« Miltcn .C. Work's second Radio Biidgc uame of tr.e season, broadcast. Tuesday from Station W.MC. supplemented. I brought together as exhibition play wrary borrow- ers Mrs. Wilsan Morris Clmbb o temporary borrowing necessary.' thai may be Chisholm and Eimore Bound Over to Jury Forrest "One Hound" Chisholm and Henry Eimore have been bound over by Justice R. L. McKnighl to await the action of the spring grand jury on charges of burglary ana ; grarid larceny in cor.nBC- tiofi with the robbery of McFail's Store Saturday night. Both mm have prison records and were sentenced .to year terms on conviction of the Aidridgc Jewelry store robbery here in 1929. O. 11. Kennon, also held on robbery and burglary charges was cleared of any connection with the robbery and charges against him dismissed. South Orcngo, N, J.. Mrs. John j and If so, a Spade lead would fore" Muncc, Jr., of Alexandria, Va., Christian A. Herter of Boston, and Sidney S. Lenz of New York. Mr. Lenz. as Dialer. South, cpen- ed the auction with one Hearten: Spades, 8, C, 5; Hearts, K, Q. J, 10, G; Diamonds, K, J, a, 1; Clubs, Q. Mrs. Chubb. West, said one Spade on: Spades. K, J, D, 4, 3; Hearts. A. " " 4; Diamonds, A, Q. 10; Clubs. , double. North would be Justified in. 1 Hie jump to four, because, with a Spade bid on her right, the Ace- Queen of Spades con be counted as two assisting tricks or raisers. The four Hearts coupled with a ! blank suit is valued as two more, whereas if she led | and the Klng-Jack-10 of Clubs as another; a tolal of six, whereas only five raisers are required to 'Jump partner from one to four. Questions 3 and 4 In Mr. Work's from Dummy; the Ace she would simply surrender command of the suit and give - I Dummy o ruff. There was a clmnce of I that Mr. Lcnz had the It) of Spa-Jes A. Her Spade b:d was much sounder (ban a double would have been as South had bid Hearts and her own strength was predominantly in Spades. Mrs. Munce, North, went to two Hearts on: Spades, A, Q; Hearts. 9, 5, 3, 2; Diamonds, none' Clubs. K, J, 10. 8. 5, 4, 2. She had wonderful assistance for her part- 'ner's Heart bid: four trumps; the Ace-Quee:i donbicion of the suit bid on her right, so it was probable thai no tricks would be lost in that suit; a blank Diamond suit, nre- Keiser News Notes Relatives from Mississippi are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Watts and Mr. and f.frs. Joe Mounts. Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Osccola spent Wednesday night with the latter's parents, Mr. an:l Mrs. T. J. Wilson. Misses Virginia Dunavanl, Hazel West. Camilla Quinn, Delia- Kay and Jean Moore, and Messrs. Hershel Davidson. Norman Clay and Charles Nichols attended the party given in honor of the football boys Thursday night, at the Wilson Community club house. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weedmar. and children, of Blytheville, and Miss Irene Nichols visited the letter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nichols. Thanksgiving day. Miss Minnie Bell Sha\v spsn; Thursday with her sister, Mrs Bradford, of Osccola. Charles Nichols jr.. is attending the Hi-Y convention nt Con'.vay this week. He was accompanied by •other members of this club from Wilson. Among those from this place who attended the Osceola-Wilson football game Thursday at Wilson were: Misses Delia Kay, CamllH Qiiinn, Jamie Nichols, Jean Moore. Virginia Dunavant, Irene Catledja snd Messrs. Spence and Lee Williams. Frederick and Bobby Robinson, Kirk and Oris Chillis" Miss Bonila Bruce, a sludenl nurse at (he niythcvllle hospllnl. ?r-ent Thursday with her parents. Miss Minnie Bell Shaw, leader of Keiser B. Y. p. u.. entertained the members with n parly Friday night at the school auditorium. After a social hour in which games were played, the hostess served delicious refreshments. Mr. and. Mrs. John Watts returned from Mississippi Wednesday where they attended the funeral of Mr. Watts' nephew Mr. Faust of Mississippi Is visit- Ing his daughter, Miss Mary Fans!. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Wa'tts and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Jo? Mounts were dinner jucsU of -eh- lives in Joiner Wednesday. Rev. Kurley of Jonesboro college preached a very Interesting sermon here Sunday moraine. Miss Liicilc Holt of Macon. Miss.. Is visiting Mrs. W. M. Taylor and family this week. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Whitner arc visiting In Missouri this we-k , "'"OfJWK"-. Misses Amer Taylor, Kathryn Cox and Luctl3 Holt motored lo Blytheville Friday Mrs. W. W. Andean is'sW ing this week in Blylhcvilic.' Dummy's hand. All Mrs. Chubb needed lo set the contract, wfis one more ruff,'as she already was sure of three tricks—the two she already had won and the Ace of Hearts. Therefore, to trtek five, Mrs. Cfciibh Ic-d the King of Spades. Or- c'.lnarlly a declarer takes a ruff in Dummy and a discard in closed hand whenever possible, but in this case It was more Important for Mr. I-enz to keep Irumps In Dummy; so he discarded frcm Dummy Ihe 4 of Clubs. East played the 10 of Spades and Declarer ruffed with the 10 of Hearts, keeping his C suot as an entry to'Dummy. Declarer then led' th? Kin?"~ol Heam, West played the 1, Dummy the Deuce, East tile Deuce of Diamonds. Mr. Lenz continued with the Queen of Hearts. Weal wen with the Ace. Dummy played the Trey, and East the Trey of Diainontls. itiiti a blank Diamond sunfab'ly" assuring that no tricks • Mrs. Chubb was helpless: no lead would be lost in that suit; and r. (She could make could prevent Delong strong Club suit. Mr. Herter. ! clarer from going game and'con- East, passed. His hand was practically worthless, containing only: Spades, 10, 7. 2; Hearts, none; Diamonds, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2; Clubs, 9, 7, 6. 3. Being blank in the adverse Heart suit was not, sufficient reason for raising his partner who had mad3 only a following bid. On the second round of bidding, Mr. Lenz, South, passed; Mrs Chubb, West, bid two Spades. Four cards of the adversaries' suit being a feature of her strong band she was prepared to bid until she got the contract at Spades or could donbie Hearts safely. Mrs. Munce North, went to three Hearts, stiji refraining from bidding hfr clubs until she had toM her partner how extremely strong her hand was for the Heart bid. Mr. Herter, East was tempted at this point to give a raUe to his partner who ha:' she-nil such Spade strength, but he inferred from the vigorous North and South bidding that his partner had not many Hearts for him to ruff. He was wrong in this nat- tracl. She led the 10 of Diamonds, which Mr. Lenz wcu with Dummy's 5 of Hearts. Then leading Dummy's 9 of Hearts and underplaying with the 6 from his own hand, he drew the last adverse trump, and all of his Clubs were good, giving him 64 trick points, 50 for making a doubled contract, and 80 honors fo: his four honors in one hand. At Progressive or Duplicate, there would be an additional 125 points Sor making game in one deal. Commenting en the play, Mr. Work picked oul as the hijh paint of the hand Mr. I*nz' lead of the Club from Dummy and discard of a Spade from his own hand at trick four. Had- he led a Heart or discarded a Diamond, his contract would have failed. With the inevitable Spade lead to the next trick, Dummy would have been obliged tc ruff, and weakened to Ihree trumps, fiiriher forcing would have prevented Dummy's running of Clubs. At Contract, the bidding would have been: South one Heart; West. Handicap Bridge Test were based on these hands. South—SPADES, Q, 10, 5, 7; HEARTS, K, J, 5; DIAMONDS. A. Q, 9, 6; CLUBS, A, 9. North—SPADKS. A, J, 8, 5; HEARTS, 9, 8; DIAMONDS, K, J, 10: CLUBS, K. J, 10, 2. South Is the Declarer and the contract at Auction is one No Trump; at.Con- tract, three No Trumps. To the first trick West leads the C of'Hearts, Dummy plays the S, Eatt the 10, and South wins with the Jack. The Questions are: 3. Which suit should South lead to trick 2 and In which hand should that trick be won? 4. Which card should be led to trick 3. and which card should be played from the other of Declarer's hands on it, supposing the intervening adversary plays small? Mr. Work will give the corrcd answers to these questions during his sixth Radio Game, and tell yot how to rale yourself as a Bridge player by the number of correc solutions you achieve. E. Z. Newsoin Jr.. son of the Rev. .nd Mrs. E. z. Newsom of this Ity, Is unofficially credited with stabllsliing an altitude record for ight planes at Little Roek yesterday. Newsom, flying the ''Little Roc- tet," winner In the Naflonal Air Derby last summer, attained an al- Hude of approximately 17,000 feet, jelleved a record for planes of its ype. Newsom recently placed second in a speed contest with Ihe small plane. The "Little Rocket's" altlude was recorded by a barograph Just received from Washington. The flight was made lo determine f aircraft of this type are capable of Hying over Ihe highest mountain ranges in the United States which are less than 15,000 feet Newsoin who has visited his parents here a number of times on Ural Inference, but riyht in passing, j two Spades; North 'four Heart".. 7 ,--..,,. 'West, alter t;vo intervening passes. Mr. Lenz. South, passed; Mrs Chubb, West, went to three Spad-s hoping to get a free double of fsur Hearts; Mrs. Munce. North said four Clubs; Mr. Herter. East, passed. Mr. Lcnz, South, went to four Hearts,, as his partner fully exp?ct- ed he would; Mrs. Chubb, West doubled; and ail passed. Mrs. Chubb, West, opened the play by leading the 4 cf Species not expecting to take any 3p a ^ tricks, in view ol her 'partner's ominous silence, bu: because to lead uny other suit would have been worse. Mrs. Munce. North, spread her hand for Dummy, and Mr. Lenz played from it the Queen of Spaces Mr. Herter, East, played the DauV •and Mr. Lenz, Sculh, the 5. At trick two Mr. Ixmz led Duni- i my's Deuce of Clubs, to establish that suit in Dummy, since Dummy lacked enough trumps to enabl- Wm to ruff all the losing cards he held In the closed hand. East p!av- ed the Trey, Declarer the Qii« n and Mrs. Chubb, West, was f-rced' to win wilh Ihe Ace. Mrs. Chubb I then led the Trey of Spades, as -me reaiiwd she must use every possible means'-lb take entry cords from Dummy, to keep Declarer from running the Clubs. Dummy won with the Ace of Spades; Ea«t play ed the 7; Declarer ths-6. Declarer next led Dummy's Kine ' of Clubs; East played Ihe 6- DC- i clarer discarded the 8 of Spadcv ' Mrs. Chubb ruffed with the 4 of ; Hearts. Mrs. Chubb was then in tro-jbie for a lead. She dared not lead Diamonds away from her double tcnacc with no Diamonds In Dummy. She was practically certain from .(he bidding that Declarer held the King, while her own bidding must have shown him that she held the Ace. She knew that if she led the Queen or 10 of Diamonds Mr. Lenz wontrl win the trick in his own. hand, discarding Police Clash With Students at Havana HAVANA, Dec. 3 (UP)— Polio Biitl students of the University "o Havana clashed when the university reopened for regis tralions. One policeman was sho and probably fetally wounded. Tw students were seriously hurt. Getting Up Nights If Getting Up Nights, Baekachs frequent day calls, L*(f Pains, Nerv ousncsg, or Burning, due to function :il Bladder Irritation, In acid condl tlona. makes you feel tired, depresse and dE&couragcd, try theCyetexTen warkg foal, atnrtu circulating thr the system Iml6 minute*. Praised b thousands f or rapid an( ] positive ac tlon. Don't (rlva up. Trycyatex (pro nouiicod Slss-tci) tod»y, under th Iron-Clad Guarantee. Must quick! alias- tlieso conditions, improve rent lul sleep nnd energy, or money bac] Only60cat. Drug Co 9 IGHT lends the cloak of darkness (o those who come to plunder your home of valuable possessions. Worry-free nights may be yours ... if you in- stiro against (heft. insurance $osts£ittle W. M. Burns Agency . /. Newsoin, Jr., Soars in Plane lo 17,000 Feet It was announced by Walter *"", E. Taylor, slate bank ccmmiisloner>-T.w Banks -to re-oiptn we~e thi"':- •'••• Cross Count yBank of Wynne, the V'! Bank of Okn'wood, Pine County, i and the .Bank' of Maynsrd. .. Notice was recel • ed by the state'• banklnj department that the Peor'.', pies Bank at Stephens, Ouach'ita county, had suspended urjder-the nve days' reorganisation statute.'. West Helena Mvihil Charged With Anon WEST HELENA, ARK., Dec. 3.'. (UP)— Ed Kalb, fire marshal of West Helena, was released unCer $2,000 bond today following life • arrest on a charge of arson. The charge was prepared by the sheriff. Preliminary hearing will be • Saturday. "The WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY Olf for Stockholm to accept In person the coveted Nobel prize for llt- enilure, Sinclair Lewis Is pictured above with Mrs. Lewis as they sailed from New York. He is the first American uulhor to win the famous annual uward. with a cash value of J46.350. from ol the laic Alfred Berhhard Nobel, Swedish oil magnate and Inventor. In n parting leclure, Lewis exhorted American novelists to' take their work more seriously. short air trips, Is one of the crack pilots in the slate. 'He piloted the "Little Rocket" In the National All- Races In Chicago honors. to gain several Dr. McCutchen Restored to Practice in Missouri Dr. Paul p. McCutchen, dentist of Stoele, Mo., who was susirended from practice in Missouri some lime ago on the grounds that newspaper and radio adverlsinj which lie used was unethical, has been re- has resumed his practice at Bteele. At thA time of Ills suspension Dr. McCutchen made a vigorous defense and produced scores of witnesses from Sleek: and siur- roundlng ccmmunlUei; who professed satisfaction with his work nnd denied that hlfl advertising was misleading. Three Suspended Banks Reopened in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. ARK.—Three Arkansas banks, which suspended re,„ „ . ,„ . •- ------ cently re-opened this week • and storeo. to full good, standing and one suspended operations for flve tlM EVIDENCE IWrwll ol . C«i*rt JMRM concur U lilcb««<puh«o!tb«woTk «• thd* TUP, Library in one Yoltun* Drainage District No. Seventeen Of Mississippi County. Arkansas Financial Statement as of August 1, 1930 RECEItTS- N«t proceeds from bonds sold Ronds issued Interest accrued Discount-bond sale Interest earned From Arkansas Farm'Loan Co. Taxes collected Tax deposits Penalty & Interest on delinquent taxes Income from lands owned Attorney's fees (payable) Pail payment Cowan judgment Total Receipts DISBURSEMENTS— Construction completed Litigation costs and judgments Motor Boats and Equipment Office Furniture & Fixtures Collector's commissions paid Bonds paid Bond interest paid Interest paid on past due bonds • Refunded erroneous taxes Trustees fees paid Loss—defunct Bank of Blytheville Advances—Misc. Accounts receivable Expense Total Disbursements Cash on hand August 1st, 1930 CURRENT LIABILITIES— Bond interest due August 1, 1930, unpaid Cash on hand Deficit Total Bonds outstanding BONDS DEFAULTED AND UNPA1D- Due August 1, 1926 Due August 1, 1927 Due August 1, 1928 Due August 1, 1929 Due August 1, 1930 Total S?3,982,500.00 13,051.40 3,996,151.40 538,293.50 .$3,457,857.90 '115,440.3.7 . -: 25,000.00^ 2,612,524:48 .vl7.835.24 28,852.13 6,239.83 . '••:-..34 i .. • 2,794 ; 05: ?3,125,663.19 48,876.28 2,440.19 : 1,161.14 22,112.9f) 278,000.00 2,108,339.20 25,235.00 4,761.32 1,000.00 142,202.79 426.69 416,741.31 $6,266,544.84 ?6,I76,960.0S 89,584.28 $105,922.50 89,584.28 16,338.22 66,000.00 140,000.00 154,000.00 163,000.00 172,000.00 $695,000.00 $3,704,500.00 Note: Above defaulted bonds, together with bonds becoming due on August 1, 1931 and 1932, totaling ?],070,000.00, taken up with G'-' Refunding bonds, all due August 1, 1933. CLIFTON H. SCOTT, Federal Receiver -Vi

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