The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Big Four" of Commercial Soft Ball Loop lu Crucial Games Tonight By J. I>. FRIEND Atlcr the second division clubs )mve Imd their Inning last week, the, Arst four leans In the Commercial Softball I,«ic,»e standing cJash tonight iti a pair of goino.s .Dial may have :i definite brai'iiifi -in tlic title race. Famous Store and Arkansas-Missouri Power company clash foi the first Mine this year, In the first• ganif, starting at 8 p. m. Roiilnson Drug Company, mute- On The Outside looking In By "DDKE"' flirts Ouldriuvliif Hoys Ihnt many) nut) won only lout. games In Ihe law Imlf of a split' season in establishing that world's record for cellar champs to shoot at,. Campbell says he has run Into numerous plnyrrs who used to perform in the Trl-Stalc league, over the country. Jack Klo/n and litid- jily l^wts, former nlylhcvlllo tetim- • mates of Campbell, advanced to the MONDAY, MAY 25, 1936 . Backers of teams In the Comtnor- big leagues mid Campbell went ivs clal Softball League (men's loop),I far up Bs the American Assoih- now hi its third season, Have been lion. The former BlyOicvlllc hnrl- surprtod more than u little by the cr InsLsl.s thai Kromcr was one of ti|,tendnnce so far at- games |n the t'nc ticsl heartctl men to ever man- girls soft ball loop. Of course, the girls have played for only two nights, lint they hnve played to big crowds each time. Tnc good ojMMilng night crowd \vns not such a surprise, it being natural that the fans would turn out for the first girls soft ball games. When they cante back just about as strong for the second night of piny (t'nc girls play once a week) tlie Commercial loop sponsors begun to scratch their heads and wonder what was wrong with their own league, whlc'n hasn't been drawing anything like the crowds the girls I age B ball club nncl that he did It as a hobby. Kromcr Is now n rich manufacturer In Milwaukee. Campbell told the Joneslioro writer. Kromcr .sent Campbell checks on several occasions after the 'I'rl-State league had disbanded, without any explanation. feated in live games and co-lead- n) ers with Joe Applebaum's Famous I yum Store, takes on an old rival. Pastime Billiard Parlor, In HID 2nd of the doublehcader. have had. . On tin 1 basis of records, Robin- Eon and Famous will be the favorites to come through undefeated and set the stnge for their game, night. The 1934 and runner-up last .Wednesday champions year, ns team are hitting .282 Several reasons have been acl- ccd for the Interest In the girls games. Sonic reason that file crowds arc laklng lo it because It's and fielding .903, but have an aggressive, hard hitting unit, and one of the loop's finest pitchers In Verne Rimer. Pastime's records show: hitting .295 and fielding .905. Dan Warrington, youthful righthander, and winner of most games In '35, 15, lisa not been quite up to standard due no doubt to a strenuous athletic program. His control has been giving him plenty of trouble ns has Rimer's, too. But when hlirhng against the other since the league was formed each has always been up to par. i . 1'ilots Are lilfr Guns The ' big guns of the offensive attack have been furnished by the respective managers, Dick Potter, Robinson Drug and Willougliby Hempliill Glover, Pastime — both flrstbasemcn. Potter is clubbing at u. liiialthy .562 gate, but nine points behind the leaders; leads in hits, total bases, runs bnttcd, and was tied for home rnn honors, according to the- last official averages. 'Tiny", who led the league In 19.14 and 1935, with marks of .501 and .455, respectively, is fifth among the hitters with .533, and is just a step behind the Cowboy pilot in total bases, runs butted In and has the same number of home runs, Pastime has a shade in the Individual hitters. The cue artists have a real "murderers' io\v" The first five to toe the platter aie hitting ADO and better: They are In order: Cutcliin. -170; Marshall .4C2; B. Glover .500; H. Glover 5M; and Barnes .417. B. F. Brandon .400; Lee Warrington .333; and'Travis Brooks .308. lit addition to the manager, are the charmed circle representatives under Robinson colors. Apiilebaumers Colorful Tram The first game will bring together two of the most colorful teams -in the league. Under the capable leadership of Joe Apple- .something new. Others believe tlie faster phy (there's no slowing those girls down) with no time between innings to throw the ball around, no pro-game practice lo speak of, nnd only five Innings in each game Imvc an unusual appeal, allowing the audience to wntch 10 Innings of swiftly moving action and get home early at [hat. Crucial Gamrs coming Tonight the Commercial lcng\ie swings Into the first of .several crucial series and sponsors believe if there's anything that'll bring t'nem out, the coming games should. Tonight rtobln.soh Drug nnd Pnstlmc clash and so do Famous Store nncl Arkansas-Missouri Power company. Wednesday night the Druggists meet Famous nnd the Electrics take on the Pnsllmers. The tcnms ni'e the "Big Four" of the loop, composing the first division and things con be turned topsy lurvy before the week Is over. The two nights should furnish some of the best soft ball lo be witnessed this summer. Chick (irld Prus|M;cls The spring training workout of Iho Blylhevlllc chlckasnws. co- holclers of the stale lilgfh school follball championship with the Pine Blult Zebras in 1035. has shown promise of one of the strongest lines, from tackle to tackle, ever lo represent Blyl'heville when the grid season opens next fall. Coach Carney Lnsllc seems to bo pretty well fixed at center, the two gunril posts nnd Ihc tackles. Walker at the pivot, past Is a fixture and one of flic best in the state. He may alternate with Drown at fullback some next fall In addition to Ills duties at center. Bartholomew, the big boy who came along fast last fall but didn't get a chance to sec much action because he was Just learning the game, Is going to cause sonic of tlic Chick opponents plenty of trouble lU one of the guard posts. He's big nnd )>o\verful. Roberts at the other Green I'ustun-s for firlclilcis Arkansas continues lo be a fertile Held for representatives of universities in other states who are looking for football prospects, Pine Bluir lias long Iwen <i source of fine talent for schools Ihe state. Ko has lily- thevllle. Some of Ihe best laleii'. tit LHMc Rock is going layout! the state line this year. Evidence of the attraction that Arkansas school grlddcfs hold for ont-of-state universities Is the visit here last week of TO ME Mccl In Fea lure Match To- j Kou " u ' r " nigh I; Wrestlers Wear Atlnnla ,-,1 . n ,. Nashville ..^ L)loves in rrclirn i.iniu Hoi-k Cliullunoogn IJY J. 1'. PillKN'l) . I IllrinlDBlmin A capacity house Is cxucclcd lol^' 1 -"*' '"''tans intend Prrmolur Mike Meronoy's I Memphis mixed ftthletlc program, tonight |K tlo>:v " lc nl the American Legion hut, mi- (tor tlic auspices of the Legion. National Perhaps the outstanding reason for the anticipated Hock of fan:, sti 1 - ollls Is Hint Hex (Tex) Mobley, Amur-1 N ™ Yoi ' k Illo, Texas giant, nnd one O f Cincinnati League W. 30 1 25 15 19 17 18 18 1U 22 17 20 23 25 L. Pet .811 .025 .528 AW .Wi .459 XVI homestretch, That cost him several lengtlis. With, better racing luck he would have scored an easy victory, lu my opinion. "I don't want to take anything away from Granville, though. He's a real good colt, but I believe my fellow Is a better one. Gnmvllle came on again in the final drive, but so did Hold Venture, and at the end Bold Venture was moving along as resolutely as arunvllle." Jcrkftys' Favor Bold Venture Babe Hanford, who booted Bold Venture home a head in front of Brevity in the Derby, asserts that the gallant son of St. Germans Ihe finest built and smoothest working hcaiywelght wrestlers ever lo grace the local ting, will make his'second uppearancu mcellnj the Nashville "null of the Woods," (Wild Hill) Rush, in Hie. grappling feature of the show, They will match skill over the ninety minute time limit, wiih I wo best falls out of three gel- Chicago I'HI.sbinuh . lloslon lirouklyn ... Philadelphia 1 'J OH 'IIVl * <MJ tjlllMHIV HV1« W* u*. Vl.IlllU(ia . .u /!b ">W W MJ rel>ml | n t |i c ijcimont stakes, nnd hardly expects the (Inish to [be as whiskery as were the ones in Louisville and Baltimore. Woolfe, who rode Bold Venture for the first- time in tho Prenk- ness, calls tin 1 chestnut the finest ...21 11 ...21 12 ...n n ...1C 10 ...10 1G ...10 18 ...14 21 ...13 23 Pet. .050 .030 .5UO .500 .500 .171 .•ICO .301 says ting Iho Tomnile verdict. Tassos, Chicago, ill., and Barney Lobucy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., who through three last week falls, will fought put on (he gloves and box leu rounds Amerltan l.enguc- W. L, Now York 25 11 Boston 23 H Detroit 20 10 Cleveland 10 1C Washington 1<J is Chicago r; 15 10 23 8 28 Hank Crisp, ntltli'llc director 1 to a referee's decision. the University of Alabuum, mid Harold Drew, assistant Alabama coach. • Following practically on their heels was J. B. "Ears" Whltworth. former Blytlievllta high nnd Alabama slar and now chief scout (of prospects ns well ns games) for Louisiana Slate University. Standing well over six feet and proportionately developed, Mobley will be the fans' choice to put the finishing touches lo the wild one. "Tex" Is one of skilled wrestling gems. those lie is all gave tine St. Louis Pel. .094 .622 .550 .543 .514 .431 .303 .222 business when In Ihe rinj and Ihe fans an unusual sclen- Batesvllle demonstration against tlic Northeast. Arkansas League W. U Pel, .11 5 .087 .025 .025 .437 .315 .250 West Plains Newport, Osccoh! Jonesboro 0 G 9 f'aragoiild 6 10 4 W Whttworth was here for a brief Canadian Wildcat. Hoy Welch. visit with his parents, leaving this morning, but "Bruno", as he used to be known here, manages to combine • business with pleasure. He crime here from Jonesboro and points west whore he presumably bad been painting glowing pictures of college life at L.' 3. U. for high school stars. Whltworth will l>e pretty busy this summer, with coaching schools, He's to be .on the stntl of the school Tor high school coaches of Texas at Fort Worth and will help out his chief, Burnle Moore, head L. S. U. coach. • on n couple of others. , . . State Liners Win Over Memphis Club, Score 3-2 Harry Uniley's slnti- line Giants won llielr sixth Sunday at (he Liberty Cash Grocers of Mem- pins in it 10-innlng battle. The three weeks ago. Rex produced a new mat- "wriii- klc" by literally cutting, or burrowing, his way out of a head scissor. When Welch clamped his legs around Mobley, he would straddle Roy and. using his neck as a blade, would "cut" his way on oul and crawl away to safely with Welch looking on in !K- wlldennenl. While an efficient wrestler, Rush Is more of the .showman type. Ho likes to clown, romp and .stomp and pick on the referee. Lust week • he paid more attention . lo Refurec. Mike than he did "School- bey" Knox. He will not have the opii'jrlniiffiy tonight, V Mcjjilcy sticks lo his knittln' as he did againsl Welch, ft is also doubtful that Rush will get very far with his roi-gh tactics with l!ex. straight. victory i Welch, one of the past masters expense of the bauni, the "hard last season, has luck" team of blossomed out into a scrappy, formidable outfit. Joe has his youngsters—practically the same team as last—on their tc.\s and they make the best of every opportunity. They are leading in hitting with .329. In John Holland they boost one of ttie besl, if not the best pitcher In the league. The redhead has been brilliant in recording his Aye victories. No team IIRS been able to gel more than nine hits In one game. One two hit and two four hit performances are included , In his record. His earncc run average Is 2.04, and best. He has Issued but four base on balls in the quintet of games. Manager Harmon Taylor's Ark Mo gang play a daring base run nlng, fast game that is good to witness. Like the Cardinals the tnke chances and usually cash in with large run dividends. They have scored forty one times on 48 hits, in compiling a 273 stick average. Electrics Have New Faces Several have fit nicely into the F.lectrlc picture and have helped no little in making them the threat they are. Tliey are: Elliott Johns, third sackcr, Eddie Saliba and Frank. Whilworth. However, Frank has been leaded lo the Lions club and will handle the managerial reins. His place will be taken by Bill Mcacham, Detroit youth and relaltve of Charles Brogdon. Eddie Saliba has come through nicely in filling Ihe shoes of Kenneth Bell,. whose hurling exploits v;ns a distinct feature of the league last year. Eddie's start was disheartening—blowing a 7-0 lead in the closing inings to Robinson, but apparently it didn' have a distressing effect as he has Improved with every game. The climax was reached with a 8-0 shutout over East Arkansas. He has a 2.08 earned nm average. guard will be far from anybody's nishovcr and he's hail some ex- jcrlcnce under his belt that'll tome n handy. Sport Wise,"the gigaii- ic tackle, is learning fast. Justice, mother tackle, is aggressive, bi? and" nigged. Harrison, as solid and as big as any player oh the team s'hould b2 able to hold down one entire side of the line, if necessary But aside from that It's likely I be a difficult story. There's no Hcrsliel Mosley or Eddie Saliba car rylng the ball and there'll be m Eugene Black well or Red Baxle at the wing posts. Big Rayder, Ihi \elerau tackle, Elmer Llndsey, thi knifing guard, and others will be missing but t'nc squad has more reserves for their old positions than the others. The one who will be missed as much as any other, though, will be a yout'ii who was only a reserve last year but he was counted on heavily for this next fall. Starling Young, who quit school for married life, won't be on one of the wing terminals. Big, tall, fast and with a natural competitive instinct Young looked, to the writer, like probably the greatest potential ath- In that line, tried • It but once or twice bill after Tex got through with him he was glad to duit II. Thq boxing match will be n "grudge" scrap. Tiissos nnd Lob- buy, former professional flyhtcrs, hits. Henry went the full I got till "peeved" nl each other last week. Lobbey forgot to duck a haymaker and wns counli'd out score was 3 Bu'd Lilies lo 2. went the full route Ihe Stale Liners and Allowed or 0 ilstance. In a hurling duel with Jitcs and allowed 10 hits. ; • Bailey's club made three errors and the Memphis team made 'our. illgdon. .Rushing and Holder eel the State Line ' hitters and By Harry Grayson 3-year-old of the your, and Ihat bringing him up from Hie rear to take It all -by a nostril really was no task al ail. Johnny Stout, dismounted by Cirunville in the Derby and who made It so close with the son of aallant Pox In the Preakne-ss, strings along with Woolf. He points out. that it was no disgrace for Hie William Woodward entry lo be nosed out by Boltl Venture. Sunny Jim Fit/Simmons, trainer of Grnnvlllc, echoes Stout's judgment in that the Belair Stud candidate had nothing of which to be ashamed in being; beaten an inch or two by the half brother of Twenty Grand. "Bold Venture is a high-class race horse," says Fitr-simmons. "lie looks like one, acts like one, is bred like one, and races like one." • * * No Excuses After Belmonl Pitxshnnions feels sure that Granville would have copped the Preakness in a few more strides, however, and that he will rc|>cl Bold Venture and all other rivals in the Belmont. Pitzsimmons attributes Granville's defeat in the Prcakness to a habit inherited from his .sire, Enables Missourians to Take Undisputed • Possession of 1 First Place coming through with a victory iii the second, 3 to 2. Baseball Results West Plains shoved out In front of the pack in the Northeast Arkansas league Sunday and broke a I three-way tie for first place, with] Osccola anil Newport, by winning two games from Jon'esboro, while Osceola and Newport were dlvid- ng (wo. West Plains defeated the Giants, 8 to 2 and 0 to 5. The Missouri- Jills had things pretty much their n way in the opening game but were forced to the limit to win the night cap. Cteccola and Newport divided two games in their hard fought duel to slay around Ihe top. Newport won the first game, 1 to 4, but Osceola's Indians came tack to take the second by the same score, 7 lo 4, I i'aragould and Batesville divld-1 ed two games, Paragonld talkngi the first, 8 to 4, and Batesville I Southern League Atlanta 5, Memphis 4. Birmingham C-2, Knoxvllle 1-1. Chattanooga 0-3, New Orleans 4-3 (first 12 innings; second, six He, darkness). National League St. Louis 7. Chicago 1. Brooklyn 11, Boston 2. New York 13, Philadelphia 5. Cincinnati 12, Pittsburgh 1, American l.rupuf New York 25, Philadelphia 2. Cleveland 1, Detroit 0. Chicago 7, St. Louis 5. Washington 12, Boston 4. Northtast Arkansas League Paragouid 8-2, Batesville 4-3. West Plains 8-C, Jonesboro 2-5. Newport 1-4, Osceola 4-7. Ucfcre You Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE . 2 "• r - "vl^ Single Cyl. $ *•-> (Other Slv.c.s to 10 11. P.) HUIUiAUl) T[RK & HATTKKY CO. NEW YORK, Mny 22. — Max Ilirsch disagrees with those who'loaf when it looked like'he predict Iliat Brevity and Red Rain a race won. run away from Bold Venture j "Bold Venture got his neck Gallant I-\)x, which has prone to had in In the Bi'lmoiiL Stakes at one mile front of Granville at the eighth and a half on June 0. I pole, but when Oranville saw his "I believe Dial Bold Venture opponent moving past him he will take that one, too," says Hie started to run again - and was veteran trainer who developed the gradually culling down Bold Ven- tielillne that hung on to capture lure's lead," explains tlic grizzled Lhc Kentucky Derby and " came conditioner. from the rear lo bag Hie Preak- I "I am confident that Granville ness in memorable finishes. I is a slayer and that the milt- and "The wide Belmont Park tiack a half route of the Belmont will will help Bold Venture," explains sull him better than II suits his Hired!. "There wilt be less chance opposition." of crowding and roughing. I have j Brevity and Red Rain will have an idea thai my charge will show \ the Withers Mile under their bells lo greater advantage than he did in cither the Derby or the Preak- "In the stake at Pimlico, Bold Venture ran his best for only Ihrfc-sixlcenlhs of a mile. Thai when they tackle and Granville in Bold the .Venture Bchnonl | Stakes. With plenty of room for nil, excuses won't go after that grueling grind. in the homestretch. in one minute, lifteeu second;,', | "Hold Venture after the start for the third fall. Previously each hail scored knockouts In a slugging match. Lobbey challenged Tassos humor Lend," -Henry and Sealon paced j dlatcly after he had revived and he Memphis tatters. I was promptly accepted. not the was have early com- sailing slages. George Wolf pi'lled to hold him in check until ; turning into the .stretch. In addi- j tlcm, Hold Venture was carried Wrecker Service - OUR OPEN AM, NIGHT I'HIMJI'S SKKVICE CENTER Phones m - 810- Itce in Blyfncville high hislory at the time he quit school. Uan Warrington will be on one of Hie wings. And he is no slouch. At Hie other will probably be Burton, the husky boy from Stcele. "Little Brother" Mosley will be trying to take up where Hershcl left olt. Brown should come Into his own and again give Blythevtlle Ihe best fullback in this district if not hi the state. Continuing ttieir undefeated record of the past two seasons is almost an impossible feat but the Chicks' opponents are soing to know they've been In battle next fall. extremely wide at the head uf the \ 2 Jackets, Double Cellophane, seal-in the FRESHNESS of the Prize Crop Tobaccos in "Double-Mellow" Old Golds Today's Games Southern League Memphis at Atlanta. . Little Rock at Nashville. Only games. i National. League Chicago at St. Louis. Philadelphia al New York. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Boston at Brooklyn. American League New York at Philadelphia. Washington at Boston. Only lames. •, Kccalliiif Old Days Tliad Campbell, one time rutrler for Blylhcvllle In Ihe oU Trl-Statc Leasue, ts back In tills territory as a pitcher for the Jonesboro Glauts of the Northeast Arkansas league. Campbell, who Is very popular with Jonesboro fans, told n Jonesboro sport writer recently tint he holds his playing with the old Blyihc- . ville club as one oi his fondest memories. He was then just r youngster breaking into the game Campbell said that while playinj under "Stormy" Kryner, manager of the BlylhevUle club, he was used at every position on the team as "Stormy" bslieved In shifting his players and working the pitchers at other positions on the days they were not on the mound. T"ne former Trl-Statc Leaguer recalls that Ely the ville lost n games (wn <lidii't Ihlrilt it was o;uilc H c f OLD a Double-Mellow Old Gold up to your ear .. . and roll il around between your fingers. You'll hear no crackle or snap of stale, dried-out tobacco. Just the silken swish of the finest prize crop leaf, in the very pink of smoking condition. Examine the package . . . and you'll see the reason for this /acfory- freshness. It's wrapped in two jack- els of moisture-proof Cellophane, the highest quality obtainable. Dry air can'f gel in; moisture can't gel out! So al any cigarette counter, in any climate, you'll get FACTORY- FRESH Old Golds, as fresh as they left the cigarette machine. What a difference thai freshness makes ... in flavor and fragrance! 1760 P. S. Yes, indeed I That "Daubtt-Money Boclj" otter is still open. Good (or 30 day* from thi j date. Blytheville Fashion Headliners WHITE BUCK SHOES Perfectly cobbled by No matter where you might go ... to Hot Springs ... to t'alni Spring ... (o Hollywood . . . lo Southampton ... to the lilytheville Country Cluh . . . where well dressed men congregate you lind.lh.em wearing white huck shoes, the fashion favorite of the season. You'll tint! these hy Crosby Square are exactly what is worn. Heady now in sixes (i lo llj/i. No Breaking in needed \ in these white buck XIBLE SHOES Here arc white bucks with the fashionable perforated toe cap in the new nailiess, flexible model (lint conforms lo your foot the minute you put il on. Get a pair today . . . Have Happy Keel! Here's summer hosiery fashion in SOCKS 35c 3 Pairs For §1 Of course you'll wnnl smart hosiery for your now while buck slices. We have 11 ic m f o r you in white grounds ivillt stripes, clocks, plaids and all by Interwoven. All exclusive in Blytheville at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET .Hlylheville's Summcrwear Headquarters

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