Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 10, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1954
Page 9
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HOP! Sf Aft, H6Pt, ARKANSAS ' s$£UK "-•^•^ •*•• * ;fe^.;j,^. Iia,,,.^^ y, \ " i^' * *&*«•• *•*" •" KjnejwpfiS ef the wir^h Will h6V& a at the church. fiWt PAY '• * j '.-* . of PERIL Monday July 12 THe Business Woman's dlrde erf he"'First Baptist Church will meet it the home df Mrs. M. S. Bates in Monday night, July 12, at 0:45 bicnic,%All members attend. . * 'f The Womfln*s Society of Christian Uervide of the first Methodist Chur* .ED'FORBIDDEN : " ""(WO^ v " • i jpv. t r J ?sWle*'ari American frp|T the Bidden ^^. COUNt^Y CLUB RDS. • T.ONU3HT ONLY • • ALSO Railroad That Ripped ,. The West Wide Open . . . when the roar of the Iron Horse' drowned out the cry of I Quantrill's raiders — "Whoever conquers Kansas rules the West!" "KANSAS PACIFIC" ' In'Thrilling Color! .Starring STERLING HAYDEN , co-starring t .r EVE MILLER Barton MacLane Popeye Color Cartoon SUN.-MON, YDU'LL'NEVER FOkGET AlUeO A«TI»TS flODUCllOH * Sylvester the Cat Cartoon Train Hit& Auto, 3 Children Die TOLEDO, CJWoi (ffi A f&st pas- Sertger train kill*;d three children yesterday while -their parents were trying tft push 1-JJCir stalled automobile off N«w York Centrf 1 tracks 10 miles 'Is-est of here. Killed instantly wero Catherine Gallagher, 5, ami! her sister Jodette, 16 months. Their sister Mary, 3, died in a hospital a lew iburs later. i State highway patrolmen said Ar, and Mrsi Jc«hn T, Gallagher of Holland Ohio,' were trying to push the car off the tracks When hfe Chic&gd-bpund- Irocftiois smash ea/irit6 it. ' ' The children wcJte sitting in the jack seat. . ' Uninjured, the parents were re jorted in a stat« of shock and Collapse. Urges Appliance of Psychologiccil War NEW YORK WlHouse Speaker Joseph W. Martin ' Jr. (R-Mass.), .oday urged an "'understanding' coalition of all free- peoples to em- iloy psychological, warfare and other techniques • "which have proved so successful When used by .he Communists. ' Martin, in Vn address'before tho !7th annual convention of Lions- tnternationsil at Madison Square Garden, rejected further attempts at "coexistence' wtith Iron Curtain countries, as well as a "Maginot line of A-bombs to combat the Communist peril. 'We. have the weapons w th which, to win he said. "They are: ( 1?h6 greatest of weapons truth',' tbe will to triumph, the moral stamina to succeed. MISLED ^k DETROIT W) Mrs. Alth'ea Jouise Root, 65 has asked Circuit Court to annul her marriage to Herbert C. /Root of Miami; Fla. Her petition, filed yesterday, said he was courting her. But right after the wedding June 30 in Miarni she said, she'peeked at the marriage license and found the bridegroom's true agci to be 80. ' She returned- immediately to De- roit after that, she said. ch will meet Monday July ,12, at t p. m. at,the church. Mre. C. D. Lester will give the devotional, and Circle 2 Ayill present VIrs. tn. B. Tooley who will,give a eport of the I 4th Assembly of the W. S. C.S. which met in Milwaukee from May 25-28? and which she a't< tended as a delegate from the Hope district. Births Births in Hempstead during fhe past month White ^ Edgar and Frances Moses, Hope, Carlton Hollis. : Verlon and Bonnie May, Columbus, boy, Donald Wayne. Doyle and Frances Galloway, Hope? girl, Diann. Paul . and Mildred Pols, Houston, Texas, 'girl, Elizabeth Faye. James and Mildred Relaford Hope, twins,' girl Anita Faye girl, Rita Jo. George and Mary DeVenney, Hope-Rural, girl Patricia Ann. Clyde and Jane Browning, Hope, boy, James Clyde Lawrence and Billie Brosius, Hope-Rural, boy, Bobby Lee. Herman and Joy Foster, Hope, girl. Joy Lee, Alton and Ruth Gilbert, Hope, girl, Donna Parthena. Non-Whlte ' Vander and Ore Lloyd, Hope, boy Vender Jackson, III. Robert and Earnestine' White Hopp girl, Regie Lee George 'and Precious Towseri, Hope, girl, Vercine. Owen and" Hattie Noble, Hope, boy, Ray Edward. George, and Thelma Prater, Hope girl, Brehder, Kay. Stevin and Gerta Green, Washington, .boy, Kenneth Ray F. L, and Lara Mae Reynolds, Fulton-Rural, boy, F. L., Jr. Riqhard and , Mildred Garland, Ozan-Rural, girl, Deborah Ann Rubin and Rosie Swift, Ozan, boy Eulys C. „ Lee and Lucy Phillips, Hope Ru^ ral, boy, Bobbie Joe. Robert and Cozetter Williams, Saratoga, boy, James Earnest. Join The Crowd VOTE FOR B^^^ ^^{^^ mK ^P ^^^^ *W i*« J l A man without any political ties or obligations to Q n V person, clique or clan, • Only obligation ii to T THE PIQPU ^ jw,Mi)lgr CountVc Marred the former Patricia Doyle, also a * -"^'"-CPwnty. PpJ. Adv. Paid Fpr Py pjeston Dowd Daik plaid for summer has freshness, is shown here in full- skirled dicss with scoop neckline and reversible cape stole that ties or drapes. Fabric is a long staple cotton by Lanclla; the plaid is in black-aiul-gold.-^By Gaile Dugas, NBA Women's Editor. Blind Couple Weds in Pennsylvania g:V 866 HOUtON , CORftY, PA. -Mfl — Howard Collins sayS he just "knows Gladys Cafnfield will b£ "beautiful" when she walks up the church aisle h ere totfiorfpw to become his bride. Gladys says Howard will be the "htosf Hftnd'some" man in the wedding party. Though their friends in this Eric County community agrae, Howard and Gladys will never really know. They arc both blind and have never seen each other. Howard was born blind 45 years ago in his Lock Haven home. Gladys lost her eyesight 23. years ago w hen -nhe wa'S. 14. The loss was caused by an eye disease. • The couple became acquainted a year go through a pen pal, club, They exchanged letters^— in Braille. ' Six months ago they met in Lock Haven for the first time., Four months later they become engag* ed and last month announced the wedding date. "I never really thought I would ever get married," Howard confessed. "But somehow when I received Gladys' first letter I had the feeling she was something special in my life." Howard is a tall, thin man with square shoulders and a lean, handsome face. Saturday, July 10 Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis will entertain with a rehearsal dinner for the McHenry-Davis wedding party Saturday evening at Davis's Cafe. pretty features of poise. and an abudance "Miss Davis and .Mr. McMenry [Complimented . • . '!On Monday eveniiig, Mrs. Law- r.e.nce Stovall and:Mrs. Theron Wilson entertained with a buffet supper complimenting Miss Bettie Lue Davis and her fiance,Sammy McHenry, in the Stovall home. An arrangement of roses flanked oy burning white tapers in crystal candelabra centered the serving table ttiat was spread with a lace cloth The honor guests and Mr. and. Mrs. Bob Whitmarsh, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bufor, and Mr. and Mrs. Benny Stovall were seated at small tables covered with white linen cloths centered with roses in crystal bud vases. Hard Time Teaching Star to Shoot By HUBBARD KEAVY For Bob Thomas HOLLYWOOD ---- In . "Man Dear Miss Dix: Could you tell me where I would write to complaim about so-called children's programs on TV? Some of the things they put on as children's entertainment rfre even more brutal than adult programs. We've had our set only a short time and I thought the youngsters would get a great deal of pleasure, and perhaps education, from t; ( yet all they seem to see is yio- .encel Am I just being narrow-mind ed, or do other mothers share my HERO PAYS A PRICE—The cost of being a hero is high and Carleton West, of St. Paul, Minn., will be the first to agree. While be'-.was saving a drowning woman, police gave him a ticket'for . • -. . ' illegal parking. •''•• .'•••.-. ; DOROTHY DIX TV Programs For Young views? MRS. T. TV Anxious To Please Public Answer: Television is for the most part a commercial enterprise and since it is, perse, dependent upon the public for its support, you may be sure every effort is made to please the audience. If you have a complaint, the company sponsoring the program to which you object or the channel broadcasting it ll'welcome advice If you feel that further steps should be taken, women's clubs have done a remarkable job in improving the tenor of programs in gereral and children's pro grams in particular. If you are sure your 5-year-old watches only those programs intended for her age group you'll find constant improvement in the entertainment provided for iier. The status of itelevision varies so widely across the country that it's impossible to make a statement about programs in one part of the country that will be true of other sections. Though I don't have young children in my own household, I frequently watch TV with my small 'nephews, and I have been impressed most favorably with the programs I've seen. A" year or so ago — even a few jnidnths. • ago — the situation was not healthy.,, but the general state of today's TV is considerably better,than'were earlier efforts. In order to maintain this state of affairs, or to improve ii when necossary constant vigilance on the part of parents is necessary When something offends you, write a note of constructive criticism to your local station; be assured yotu comments will be given considera tion. Without a Star" you will see w hat I am sure will be a most convincing scene: ..... Kirk Douglas teaching William Campbell how to shoot a revolver. Douglas ' will draw expertly, as adroitly as Gary Cooper or any cowboy you ever saw, fire apparently Without aiming and smash bottle at 50 feet.. , But that ain't t he way I saw it on the back' lot at a studio.- The temperature was high and the sun was hot. Huge electric lights back of the camera' intensified the heat. Vctors Douglas and Campbell were erspiring through their makeup, ut a, man powdered off the sweat efore the camera was turned on; Douglas'drew and f ired, but there vas naught but an anticlimactic lick; He had forgotten to pull back lie hammer. .The scene was start d anew. Douglas moved toward Campbell, pulled the gun, fired. ''Did I- look a Aittlet!|j.arHed : . : when he gun went off?" asked Doupas. The director," King .Vidor, as- ured -him the scene was jusi plendid "but let's do it again." I vonder if actors ever catch on to tiat fine-but-lets-do-it-again routing That is a directors polite way of aying, "It stinks." As Douglas walked toward ^ambell, the latter had to point his gun toward Douglas. Before .ach rehearsal, Douglas cautioned Campbell: "Boy, please be care- ill with that gun." The g uis is loaded with blanks, but dangerous at close range nevertheless. The rehearsals went on and on. Who, I wondered taught Douglas o draw li.ke a veteran? I found Fred Carson, a stunt man, a soft- spoken fellow i n a cowboy getup hat didn't come from the Western Costume Co. He taught Douglas. The latter, I suggested, seems gun Goes to Jail to Keep Mink Coat BOSTON iff) Mrs. Mildred Pre- voir, a pretty 33-year-old brunette would rather serve t» term in jail than give up her mink coat and jewels. So she informed Municipal Court Judge Jennie L. Barren yesterday when the judge offered her this choice: "Give up your mink coat and jewels or spend six months |n the common jail." Mrs. Pi-evoirs attorney, how- tvei, appealed the sentence. The woman had pleaded guilty of defrauding an insurance firm of $800 by filing a false lost report on a diamond studded wrist watch Police said she pawned the watch and ysed the money to make a. down payment on a mink coat, Judge Ban on oflered to give Mis Pu'von- a suspended sentence if she would "assjgn the coat atid 'Dear Miss Dix: Although by boy friend phones me two or three tim eg a day and see me every night '. qan't believe that he really loves me. Sometimes he says things a bout other girls to make me jeal ous. I guess that's why I doub rjim . PHYLLIS D Answer: He certainly seems to be in love with you, in spite of hi; teasing If you stop showing him you are angered by it, his talk o: other girls will cease. Try a little indifference on this particular sub ject. Dear Miss Dix: I have gotten seriously mjxed up with a married man who hasn't liv«d with his wife for a year, W? Impossible for him to get a divorce because of his reli ;ion, yet I love 'hint too much to g,lve him up, ' A R Answei: 4 s vou nwst know tha you both from being members in you both from bpii)g membetrs in good standing of your chinch, tlv obvious solution is to give up the man; yet you claim you won't do that. What, then, do you want? A pat on the head and a few well chosen words of sympathy? No from this depaitment! You're do ing wrong, you're quite old enough to realize yqu're doing wrong anc you are thoroughly aware of the. on ly decent course you should take It's n,ot an easy way out, but you"! be veiy relieved if you fellow it jewels as secwvlly for ies>titulon.'^p4 eorvy W you don't. PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday July 11 The wedding of Bettie Lite Davis ahd Mr. Sammy McHenry will be an event or Sunday afternoon at 2:30 in the First Methodist Church. •' ••••-• i • * • • il^. . Monday July 12 •The women of the Presbyterian Church will meet on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the church for the monthly general meeting. Tuesday visitdrs in Texaf'kana. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee retifrn- ed Wednesday night from a v|(^t in Hot Springs. MisS Settie Lue Davis and ftfiss Virginia Johnson motored to Little Hock Wednesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Duke and Kathy of Little Rock have been thP guests of 'Mrs. E. M. Sharp; ahd Mr. and Mrs: Jess Hays. Miss Bettie Lue Davis and La' | Davis spent Thursday in Fordyi Bob Yarbrough ' ." Installed Rotary Club President The following officers were installed at the regular weekly luncheon meeting of the Prescott Rotary Club held on Tuesday at the Lawson Hotel: President, Bob Yarbrough; vice-president, Dan Pittman; Secretary-treasurer J. T. McRae. The Rev. W. D. Golden, guest speaker, spoke on, "To Have or To Be." Mrs. Saxon Regan Hostess To ' ''""""" Wednesday Club Mrs. Saxon Regan was hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on Tuesday afternoon. A profusion of colorful zennias decorated the living room aranged for the players The high score prize was won by Mrs. A. V. Regnier, the cut prize by Mrs. Guss McCaskill and the low prize by Mrs. H. H. McKenzie. Mrs. Clarke White, Mr. T. R, Moberg, Mrs. Jack Robey and Mrs. Regnier were guests. Other members included. Mrs. Harold Le? wis and Mrs. Basil Munn A dainty dessert course was served. Mr. and Mrs. Donnell Durham and JJlice have returned to Hat-linger, • Tjexas after a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker and Mr.and Mrs. D. W. Durham. Mrs. Bob Yarbrough and her guest, Mrs. J. S. Crane of Ozan were Miss Hazel Mntlock had as her Monday guests, Mr. ahd Mrs. C. C, Lewis, Mrs. R. V; Herndon, Miss Opal Daniel of Hope, and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Coe, Bill and Duanc and Miss Grace Dorvin have been recent visitors in Fort Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis arJt sons of Grand Prairie, Texas .have been the guests of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Thomas have had as their guests. Lt. and Mrs. Harley Cox of Greenville, Miss, and Jim Thomas of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Black had as their Monday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Walters Lambert, Davis and Ruth, Mrs. James Lambert, acjfl Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Morey and family of Texarkana. Mrs. Frank Gilbert and -Judy Were Monday visitors in Texark- Mr. and Mrs. Case Chappellc have had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chappelle and children of Winston, Salem, North Carolina Mr .and Mrs. Karl King Jr., had as their Monday guests, Mr. and Mrs.Henry Lane, Mark and Melody who were enroute to their home in Dallas after a visit with Mr and Mrs. J. R. Bush in Little Rock. You'll Enjoy Eating At Cafe & Service Station PERRY CAMPB'EU'L Hi-Way 67 West—Open 24 Hours STIPULATION CHARDON. your television set is paid for, you can't go oir relief in Genugn County any more. The county commissioners and the Welfare Department agreed to that yesterday. shy. "Easiest pupil I ever had.".said Carson, "e worked off and on for abdut 10 days. Mr. Douglas is a natural, Nope, he never handled a .gun before he came on this picture,' Patience is the greatest virtue of movie making, and it took much of it to get this scene just exact-' ,y right. Time after time, Douglas and Campbell went through the motions. Each time, Douglas supposedly smashed the bottle. But he was only shooting blanks. Tomorrow or next month the special effects department will take over. The bottle will be loaded with a small charge of powder and Ohio IS) Unless there will be concealed wires leading to a detonator, A man will push a switch a rid the bottle will fly to pieces, giving the illusion for you that Kirk Douglas, a fin». actor but a poor shot, did it all by hirnself. And that's how movies are made. Beware of Strangers DEMAND NON CANCELLABLE^ HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Life Ins. Co'. Little Rock. Ark., Issue this type policy—Premium never increases. • • Buy From Local Agent, He will be here during the months to come. ' Your Doctor and Hospital know this company... .. Call or Write . . . CECIL WEAVER Phone 7r3141i,: P. O. Box; 104 4( WATERMELONS Watermelon 3!/2C Ib. Dry Cold 4c Ib. .Tomatoes 3lbs. 25c RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET' Plenty Peas & Butterbeans 901 WEST THIRD G.W. Candidate For CONGRESS Will Speak Monday, July 12: Blevins McCaskill .Fultph Saratoga 10:00 a.rn, 11:00 a.m. ....'. » 2;00 p.m. 3:00 p,m, ;......... 4:00 p,m, •,:• 8:20 p.m, broadcast- from 8:20 to 8:50) Tuesday, July 13 Fowke .......'..... .;..,. 10:00 a.m. Dodderidge ll:00q.m, Br(?dley ... 2:30 p.m. LewUvjIle .;.... 5:00 p,m, public address' system will be available for any local candidates to moke cjnnbwncemipnts preceeding his speaking hour. Make plans to attend ancjl hear an outstanding speaker discuss the vital issues in this campaign. Pol. Adv. Paid For By G. W. Saturday, July, 10,1$§4 BLONDIE ly CMek 02ARK IKI BLONDIE, DON'T LET 60 OF THE XNAIT'LL HEAR WHAt SHE MYRTLE AS MUCH AS TdLD M6 THAT LAURA'S HAIR IS NOT NATURALiy RED CS-. .S, <&', ^x/V\/W 4' i*> ""- "-^ci i^SL rm-f r**_ «•'.»,. Lebanon Landing ACROSS 1 Lebanon's capital is - — 7 This republic 13 Counsel • 14 Wickeder 15 Jumped 16 Appetizer 17 Internal 18 Solid 19 Shop 23 Type of cheese 27 Before • 28 Identical 32 Mend 34 Names 36 Requirer 37 Standards of . • perfection 38 Gaelic 39. Rowing . implement 41 Apportion. 42,Attempts 44 Idolize 48 False gods 53 Deep gorge 55 Lebanon's principal language is 56 Genus of marine snails •57 Shark's companion fish 58 Closed cars 59 Unobserved DOWN 1 East Indian island 2 Paradise 3 Russian name 4 Mature 5 Employers 6 Scatter, as hay 7 Lecture (ab.) 8 Elude 9 Climbing , plant 10 Wolfhound ll'Fiber knots 12 Woody plant 20 Great fright 21 Correlative of either 22 Withdraw 23 Sea eagle 24 Forest creature 25 Mimics 20 Manufactured 28 Plant part 29 Wings 30 Dissolve r T 11 IS U Z 3 1 Z V 31 4b 3» ZH Z5 Zb NH 5J 5k 5? Hb Mb Ml • ! . 31 33 35 40 42 43 44 5 H W/' 34 W' ^ Answer C t A E R E E L & C E L M 1 C 9 f T r A B & t. K Ft ) A • 1 . L. R 3 0 - A C? 5 S \ S Z E t A > R 1 o N .1 A A K A 9 Y to u o p j.- N 1 T K e *9 P MBM H E R S ' E E K 1 E U 9 A revi *m** 1 P N E P A E v. £ PC •> E •:.• M • i N T A •• C H R E E R. P E ous, Puzzlef E i t R I O i N . 1 C F A O E S t t T •4 1 ± 9 9 * & •* .u 1 C 5 C = E S & E & K E N T T = L. A E T N A E R . G S , A T , E N $ E . E . P Essential being45 Challenge Id est (ab.) 46 Roman poet Hypothetical 47 Cosmic order structural unil49 River barriers. Three-rtoed. 50 Musical sloth . instrument Carpentry 51 Italian coins term 52 Scrutinize Warning 54 Abstract being device 55 Indeed Crafts . (Anglo-Ir.) > 7 11 Ib 10 n is il • ^ % HO IL 11 i'l • • 5H 55 57 59 8 IB .WA 3b if Hi ' ttt . .. 9 10 II ft W "Jl. n- 30 31 49 M bl 5Z.- to CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. R l( . U. a Pit. OK Copr. 1«B4 by NEA Soviet, Inc. I "Great Scott! Ain't I taught you any better than .that? That's no way, to swallow a knifel" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith § ; ,'\i. 'A. *'He cpuMn't 00019 whei> ypw caJ.I'Sdt Mdm««h(» wouldn't pUy by the rules $9 yve made .him i Commuaiit »n« put . / Mm irvjaiU" ^ OUT OUR WAY BvJ.R. vou SURE.GfcAMP? I'LL RUB VOUR LEGS MORE IF YOU SAY SO! IT AIN'T 0WU.Y WH£) WSLU,. vou • t NOtl^fe LOWd- AUTb.TltlR- TH' WHOLE BUMCH SHOULD BE IM , BABV WALkERS. TH ( stock'/ .OF: SOME"' ,800* VIC FLINT Hgy/Vett&$ A SERAN IN PA ^HACOWS IM PUONT OP PA MUSEUM, VIC ', W6V§<s6Tj f »i *> •* WASH TUBBS , OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopte WHERE I'D LEFT. IT- IT'5 A . £Et-iTED O REST'UP WHAT'5 TU& TWAT I^SSJS^Cl ^^-.-FeTCHIr^ IN A MOUMTAINJ LOCALS THE PlNECtAD , OF A LAkB 60 FULL OF THE TOP OMES ARE . TAMMED' SELDOM LBWE THE HOU5E / e\$y,..BUT I I'VE KEPT NW-.' W GEfTlMfi l LOCAL COWCBRM. BUT FIRST «^M^ rd U»K IT OVER THOROUSHLY, ^MP SE& \T'd &fcPE.,. TWW IS, A SKFB MEt.^UT YOt SQUtHt,W t» VE'RE^^L^ l^^bj NEA B.rvlc., Ino *T M R»» U, 3 P.I Oil | BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ••;c.;V ?1(\\K> 1OOKS BUGS BUNNY; «.'»> J* * A. «^ms>t| OWt^WE^ ^&U;AS.V| FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihbergcr -. *-r»-i-*j.—'.«*-5Aik»-;(^.'i * .. . . HEALTH^. APPLIANCES , m\MTziA mtmn ALLEY OOP k.. "It's a wonderful opportunity ia-fxpQrime'nt.wHh'thft'^ij slow-motiQn.p_art of the camerfi!" • ,..:x^i] SWEETIE PIE By Nodirte Sfiijr.gr ? ' k - v 'X 1 , j ', .u,v,^ >'JV'>i '- ^%,Usfl-5l " LCXKI I'M 50LPIER ^— —-«*^r BUT WE'\ENOUSH FDR THIS GIRL-STEALING PRAGON. AT. ARE NOT ] THIS WH6N ADPRE5S HAS LIVEP LONG ENOUGH?!NCWy50LDIERS/FlT. 60 SET YOUR WEAFONa.V^RE'Jw^/-^f SOT TO DO'S R0 GOING TO TH' IRON CASTLE AN 1 ' ^ m I WHAT I TELL'tOJ PE5TROY IT ONCE ANMOTAttJ^ifl k NOW MOVE/ .>. ' v'i^3«flai!^Hfc THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE i THIS 5VRHINS AMP 6«5T W|\E B?EN ASL65P FOR « /* '' ''''''i 'r A'^'^^^sAjl-'IftHAi

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