The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 6
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BliYTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER 1 NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, IM-l Cotton Houses Stand The Test ;. FSA Experiment May ;- Open Way For New ,- Demand For Staple • Construction of houses offers one possible means of disposing of sur- plus'cotton in Die future, according to officials of tlie Farm Security 'Administration W ho announced Saturday tlml 10 cottpu houses built by the FSA in 1030 have proven snlisfnclory. > Such ,• houses have "considerable vpossibilities In the postwar period," Michael L. Mascla, area engineer ii) tile reeional FSA office at Montgomery, Ala, has' reported. .These structure.? were mode with cotton duck'which had been donated by the Federal Smpliis Commodities Corporation as an experiment in low-cost housing for farm families. .' Each house contained nboul 24 ounces of colton duck to the square yard In the roof and exterior walls. This '.material was stretched over n backing plywood or composition board and then was coated with l£aii and linseed oil. A bedding cement was applied . upon this surface. The cement, contained casein Jjiid other' substances which also seived the purpose of processing the duck for resistance to fire.' The (fuck was smoothed lightly over Hits adhesive and nailed with copper and galvanized nails about six Inches .apart., • One advantage • of the cotton house, according to the FSA official, is the low heating cost. He said "it is almost air tijjht—so tight m'fact, Hint ft is difficult'to c.'osc a' closet, door without opening a \Undoiv A small fire In the living Urges Removal of War Housing To Campuses For Married Yets LANSING, Mich. (UP) — Use of temporary dwelling units and expansible .trailers to house married veterans who want to re-enter colleges and universities Is recommended by Dr. Eugene Elliott, state superintendent of public Instruction. At the conclusion'of the war, Elliott said thousands of reluming veterans,' who already arc married or will be, plim to continue their education, but that shortage of housing facilities will be a serious problem.. Dr. Elliott proposed his solution in a letter to Harold D. Smith, national budget director, who formerly served as Michigan Budget Chief. 1 The Michigan educator said thousands of (lie . government's temporary dwelling units could Ix. moved , onto college campuses to house "CU Joes" who want to comV plete their education and not be separated longer from their wives. Since most of the housing milts already arc equipped and lyive heating and cooking facilities, only sewer, water and light connections need bo .supplied. Dr. Elliott said. Declaring (hat between 40,000 and 50,000 men will want to return to college In Michigan after the war, Dr. Elliott said: "r discovered that many arc already married and nn- plher ,large group contemplates marriage at the end of tlic war Michigan universities ana colleges ,hnve few 'or no facilities 'to accom- odatc these new families, Not only are college dormitory facilities not available but there are few small apartments to rent In any of the cities where colleges, are located. ' "Unless we lake, steps to meet Ibis problem, It will bar thousands from, our , college.-! and universities, or If we do' not actually bar them from the Institutions we will force husbands and wives lo live In separate communities. J feel this Is socially undesirable and, too, I feel 'bat 'it Is soclaly undesirable to force young people who desire a college education to remain unmarried until they reach the ages of 30 or 35, >is will be the casq with many of our returning veterans." WARNING ORDER III the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi Counly, Arkansas. Mary Freda Prlnglc, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8815 Oda O. PriiiBle, Defendant. ' The defendant, Oda O. Prlngle, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Mary Freda Pringle, Dated this 9 day of Oct., Ifl-H. HARVEY MORRIS, Cl«rk. Ed B. Cook, Ally, for Plf. Geo. W. Barham, Ally, ad Litcm. tO]10-n-24-31 entire room or kitchen heats the house." ' . • • • . Cost of such a house in 1030 was about $1300, .exclusive of the colton cluck .which ran an additional $150. The house and roof were said to require about the same amount of painting as a frame house, Factory Method * * Our newly installed equipment includes a CRANKSHAFT GRINDER, BORING RARS, PISTON -GRINDER, 15RAH1NG RE-S1ZEH. LINK HOIUNG MACHINE, CONNECTING < ROD RE-HAIiHITING ^MACHINE, etc., : .... Oui men arc fjidory 1 rained and use factory approved methods. Take your truck, cor or tractor to your own dealer or garage and have them send the motor to us to be completely rebuilt! * * John Miles Miller Co. Blytheville, Ark. O/ F,A R M /O LOANS Present Loans Refmance'd. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. RHONE 3131 -, Mr. Farmer: VVe Can Add Months To The Life Of Tractor Tires - Oar modern equipment can handle even ronr laroc^l Hr,« s^^n'iisr ^ ,-*"•• ™* *- "-• GUARAHTEED WORK - CE/UNG PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. . The undersigned, J. G. Hnrgett, proposes to ^erect n building 16 ft.x 24 ft., of concrete construction, on Lot 8, Block 10, located approximately 200 ft. North of Lee's Gin, to be used for business purposes. (Signed) J. G. Hargett. 10;24-31-11]M4 Temperatures nigh Atlanta 75 Auuustii 70 Birmingham . so Charlotte . ... ChaUnnooBa . Chicago Cincinnati . .. Denver Detroit Jacksonville .... 71 .... 75 .... G7 .... C9 .... 09 .... 02 78 Kansas City gj Macon , 82 Tallahassee 84 Memphis . ;..... 80 Miami . , 75 Montgomery: 83'. Nc\v Orleans ..;'.;.;,... go ' New York ....SB San Antonio 80 Savannali 77 Tinnpa . 80 Wnslilngton . ...; C4 Dallas 83 Houston 82 Jnckson 87 .ittle Rock \ 83 ilireveport gg Low 74 S3 43 50 45 36 50 30 41 46 50 SB Si - 56 52 59 - 4G WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER FOR ' PLUMBING SUPPLIES PR/CfS ARE RIGHT PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI •"*->. IV BW "Floor Care Team' developed by irorld's largest Lariiwuod ilooring maker Postwar Homes Will Be Heated With Less Fuel ' Tlio Impetus given Insulation tut a result of the war will be translated into more comfortable . Blll i more economical homes during (lie post-war construction period - according to Stuart II, Rnlpli, president of the Insulation Board insti- tlitc, "rile myth, tlml homes of HID minediate uflcr-thc-\vnr era will be .revolutionary m character 1ms won pretty well exploded," Mr Ralii i nsxertcd at a recent, Institute meeting In New York. 71na iocs ™f E e «J: J 1 ?,*!!*' 1 ' llln ^ 'hey ««' Saves Wnrkt Saves Money! Savea Flooml Mc«t this new team that's a winner at easy and economical floor care—Bruce Floor Cleaner and Bruce Tuf.Lujtrc Wai. You'll save work, lave time, and save money with this amazing new cleaning-waxing combination. Iteliminalesharmful soap and water tcrubbmg, produces a wan coat that looks better and la»U longer. COMKNUNOK ffirr (On« quort et «tK 5 I ,6C E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Ark. my of c iTOve- w > S "f, 1 ns '' ln .'"smallon, will not be evident, to the eye" •:0ne advance In Insiilntlon -lib aid, has . the recognition . or he fact, hat better performance «> «W«»ed by an even distribution Of tile insulating material. i n . other wonta, both comfort and ,fuel sav' iffare Increased when, Ihc.insuln- Uon Is spread to protest nil surfaces than It Is concentrated in'one men, such as the roof • " "".T, 1 " 0 '- Ml - Ralph coin- a citblnl bulWIng. i,nvfw all the Insulation in the roof witt! hnvin thc - same size-and shape Iwviinr nil equal amount of insu- lt,. 0 " rT," 15 ' dlVillC[1 OVlir a " ** slid n f -^f ra8c 'ondltlonvho M'd (he building W illi ' balanced insulation would require about 15 Per cent 1 CSS fnel. The latter bull, fng- o so would be more comfo ?,,£ '"' fdnlmetl . ^causo alPin- ly warn" S "'°'" (l bc ' raar = ovcn- ihTJV 1 *!" 1 " 1 ? exccu l'<'c declared J'«l the InsiilntlnB board industry Is prepared to produce at mav- 1 ™"" In ™ wclt y r °' civilian purposes as .soon as normal building i s -resumed. Pro.tucU U.rne,, out :<!„,, ing the war period have been cs- senlallythe same as those of or- inary times, and therefore there w»ii be no Important reconversion problems. Because of a gradual decline In war demands, he reported m. increasingly large percentage of' ie Industry's production is now becoming available for necessary civilian repair and construction. Cow .Tormentor Jailed '• f\ A BIIUNSWICK, Me. (UP)-^J 0 mes A. Maples or Bath was-sentenced to SO days In jail for 'tormenting and torturing" n co:\: • i AT FIRST 3IONOFA USE 1 Cold Preparations as directed Seay ToOccupy New Building On East Main ray Afotdr Company, dealer iii Chrysler and Plymouth automobiles nnd general garage, will be in Its own new home tomorrow. The modern brick building erected at I2l East Main, has been completed, and the business Is being moved today from the' location at 121 West Ash. wlilcli was purchased by Tom Little a year ago. building, of which T. I. Seay is owner, was designed for display rooms of new cars expected to be rcneived soon utter the war Is over, and .for a general: shop which includes body work, -paint Joljs, large sl'oek of .motors, battery service'a'ii(i" garage. > ' , L.,D. Sharp niul James Long are (« toe 1 -, in' charge-of the shop •department- wiih Mr.- Seay. as 'head of the' : business. • ':• • .. Mr. Seay is moving into his new building'on his seventh' anniversary of his'entrance into the automobile business. • '.•''•." ' - a»fld Courier Ndwa Want Acts.- Poor Housekeeping Is Cause Of Many Fires With the estimate of the National Fire Protection Association (hat a great prmyirdon of' home flre.s are caused by poor housekeeping, every . housewife should have a dual purpose in mind when doing the fall housecleanlng. A clean house is' generally a safe house, , Rubbish and accumulated waste should be reriioved not only for the s/tkc of cleanliness anc! tidiness, but because it niay Ignite spontaneously or ser^e as quick fuel for a stray spark. Scnd>your waste paper and other such materials to your salvage committee or, If entirely worthless, burn them In a covered wire Incinerator as far from building.'! n.s possible. :• The outside .of your home also should , receive'nttentiqn to keep it neat ; and clean .and", protect it against the . danger , of fire. Tile roof, Ms••'^particularly'V vulnerable. Among the materials that now are avallabld.-to.shield; the' exterior of your home, one of the'most highly recommended is fabricated from -a combination o[ asbestos and part- land cement. , ' .Asbestos " cement shingles and sidings carT be applied right over old roofs or sidewalls to renovate the exterior .and guard It against flying sparks. An additional advantage In using asbestos materials Is that repainting can be marked off the list lor future houseclcanings. They are weatherproof as well as fire-proof and do not need paint for protection, in fact, asbestos shingles become harder and tougher with age. Beginners' l.uck GARY, Ind. (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. lelio Sasso felt they were Justified m bragging about their first garden after pulling out a potato that SI'WM LIST'S ClUai'K! i;«'« formula KNI .uy by •riiorntou * Ulnor Clinic. IMluvis Iillu Vo "hrl'l-' 1 ' *' h " r '"°'? ^ III<:K ! Tl»n !<•»•'« ''i'lioinloit * j* 1 .'" 0 ''*' 1 .'" 1 " 1 .' Olilii'ilfiil.' Or Un ' ItK ceuu mine. Tm Bflffr.OliS'' wiV 1 ! OD A'! At ult gooa uiug stores Kvei'ywliere .'•-In' Blylhevllle, at Klrby Drug had a girth of 1C inches, measured II inches in length and weighed 4',-j pounds, You'fe Not Too Old . To Feel Young This is a message for men.who have known life but no longer find It thrilling because of the lack qt certain vitamins and horniotW' Tromone, a recent medical dlscovi'" cry combining vltamia? and hor-', niones may -multiply the- vim and [a zest and enjoyment you once knew! K Your whole approach,'your whole^ attitude toward life, may Improve fj when you begin . to use Tromone. $ Now it may be possible for middle '? aged men to again enjoy the same > spirit, vitality .and pleasures that! made their youth a thing to re-, member. Added years may not sub- i tract from your pleasures when you I use Tromone, the new hiedtoil for-f mula combining vitamins and hor- '< mones. Follow directions on label t Tromone for sale uy. Robinson Dru» ' Co. and druggists cverj where % On all property in Sewer District No. 2 is now due and payable. All Assessments Not Paid By Dec. 1st will be Delinquent. G; W;- BARHAM Collector ; - , : ' '•.,.'.<. '.,'•'.'-' • • , • ' By Order of Board of ..•,,.;"., ,.'/ ;'. .LGornmissiqners, Sewer District No. 2. 1 • OHI COAT COVERS ITIOI! » pcptn, paTnTtd walli and <eil- Ingt, watLboarif, bosctnenl walli 2. tfHIilUKE HACK 3. DAKS IN ONI HCUS 4. MIXES WI1K WATIH 5. NO "PAINTY" OBO* 6. WASH!! tASILY 7. IOVEUBST COLORS ONE GALLON DOB AVERAGE ROOM . Kern-Tone ROLLER-KOATER Kern- Tone TRIMS PLASTIC PATCH C)9( Repairs crucki U9tk. VARNISH for FIOORS • FURNITURE • WOODWORK SHEnWIN-Y/ILLIAHIS VARNISH RE WAT! Is Essential to EALTH Three artesian wells, with over double the capacity that has ever been demanded of our service, supply sparkling, water to your home. But we didn't dig the wells, lay the pipe, and sit back and start mailing bills. . . Oh, no ... This water is purified and softened in the hiBsr modern of processing plants before it enters your home. Skilled workmen are constantly on guard against impurities that might enter through faulty mains or other failures. We spend thousands of dollars every year making sure that Blytheville families drink the purest water anywhere! Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Mana,er "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" Hea u tifies ant! protects. Resists c[\ ip pi n g, scufti ng a ntl s c ratch- ing. Will noc turn white. $5 Per. Oil. LANTER'S^ CO., Inc. W. MAIN ui $HERWlM-W[LLiAMS PAINTS //'* Clem! 11't Qultkl ift • Ye«, Pittsburgh Ttchid* Is something br«nd n«w In wall p«int—bocauw It llv»t uccllent.ratulU over old wallpaper, plaster, brick and many other •urf»c«...became on* coat of Ttclild* 1* uiutlly iufficient . ., because It I* quick «nd ««sy to apply ««f dritt In one hour ... because it give* you ««a- iUry, washable w«lU. Don't mlse thli opportunity to redecor»t« your roomi »t null coet. Aik ua tbout Tecbidt, KONOMICA1 On. gill«K »f 7«hld. mokM Hi •clloni »1 film— •••njK ta tt «VM •ADI IN I COUOM AND WHITI T»tJiH» com« In paMe form. Con b« ml»4 !• |uit Q \\tffl li your willpo^tr thobby? TflM MVW k PITTSBORC« PAINTS '^"^Ji HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. •

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