The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1934
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Served by the United Preftn VOI,, .\\X-.\0. Ulythcville Dally News Blylhi'Ville Cornier Mlsskslppl Valley Leader Bl.vthevllle lleiald LLE COURIER NEWS 1 '" IK 'iN3A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI »^—^ • HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CUNTS VX'ilson Schools Surrender Claim to Stock in Lee Wilson And Company. OSCEOM, Ark.-Chancellor J. r. Gitiiiiipy, at Jonesboro Saunday ralifled a 'compromise agreement iirnong beneficiaries of the estate ai the late R. E. Lee Wilson which ends litigation instituted by the Wilson heirs to contest his will. The Wilson school .district, chief beneficiary under the will, is chief loser In the compromise, forfeiting ui the Utirs, It. E. Lee Wilson Jr.. Mrs. Marie Wilson Howells. nnd Mrs. Victoria Wilson Wesson, stock i:i- Lee Wilson and Company valued at approximately 5330.000. hilt aaiuiring .lie Hot Springs estate .'•-•ft in Hie will (o Mrs. Helen May y'aiighan ol Stuttgart, nnd retaining the Income from an extensive list of slocks and from 14,000 acres "' Mississippi county land which Mr. Wilron directed tlmt his trus- if-i's, J. II. Grain and W. P. Wilson, administer as a trust for the licnem of the school district. Bruce Ivy of Osceola represented the school district In (he compromise negotiations. Sfifl.Mo fur Mrs. Vaughan Mrs. Vanghan. young Stuugnrt divorcee, lo whom Mr. Wilson !cft in fee simple his Hot Springs es- i.itf, consisting of 45 acres of land and a fine residence, in addition l« a trust estate of SIOn.000 to IK? created out of proceeds of his nine lift insurance polities, forfeited S35.000 of the trust estate in addition to the Hoi Springs property. She jwill receive a $65000 M:U<ilo from' ti, 0 insurance policies nnd will gel S250 per mon'th from' other assets for a year daling from Mr. Wilson's death, as provided in the will. The effect of the compromise as 1" R. E. Lee Wilson jr., Mis Victoria Wilson Wesson, and Mrs Marie Wilson Howells, who instituted the litigation contesting the will. Is to transfer to them Mr Wilson's 2,000 shares in Lee Wil.'on and Company, the trust, ejtnte h* created in 1919 with himself and members of his immediate family as beneficiaries, which permits Let- Wilson and Company to continue ns a family trust, with Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wilson, widow I (>'. the deceased planter, and his giaiulson. Joe Wilson Nelson, the other benc-ficiaries. The company owns the town of Wilson, extensive farming, lumber, gin. mercantile and other interests centering around Keiser, Armorel. Evadale. Victoria, and Bjssetl. Representing the heirs was George Thompson. FOIL Worth, Texas, attorney, and the firm of J. T. Coston and .James G. Coston of Osceola. Beneficiaries whose status under liie will was unaffected by the compromise are the Luxora school (iiftrict. which was represented by Jail That. Couldn't Mold Killer SAYS ROOSEVELT BEITS n Viclims Bt'coinc So Numerous They lurn oni Captor mwll-lis Pal Flws | I'wu youthful nnd iccklt'.ss hold- mrii plii-il iheir trade Sntnr- Jdny nii-hi direi-lly ucruwi Ihe .stivcl ilroni the nnnory. where .several I hundred funs weic wiitcliln:: n I1 championship basketball game, un- 1:1 their own . givcd led lo tlielr j ilownfall. Tlu-y were oveiwhelmed i by their vlcltms. One of tin. 1 nulr. Thomas Hnle. 21. wus somewhat nianiiiindled lii'- Slaimers Collide In North Atlantic NI-AV YORK, Mnr. 5 iui>)—Tin 'ili-h Mi'iiiiH'r Coni'uidln rollidi-i •'I' an imiiaini'd :,[c:iiiu.| at , M IHHJ |.||]|..; ,,| ]L c) | N ,, w y llrk '• "H Halifax in ;>:ir, |j. .M („. i. .".'(Jiilm,: 1,1 Mm-kny rudli "1 '•'•• we mny have In nbindon "r 1 ll'i' ui'.isli.'i- m (in- <jon- '•n'l: Dliuncind -,lci!]isli!j) nn Ni-.v Vml; \vii:i MitniHilx by. •I'liLs, "model, cscupe-proof" Lake comity jml in Cr-nvn j'oinl. ln(l.. could not. hold John Dlllingcr. Hie nation's "No. i daring escape, freeing a negro iniirricrt.'!- with ' Whu l.'IIHll' . despite the strong ;i>r.r.j posted around ihe iiriso.1, three mi-mb-is n; which arc shown here, fn the background is the bridge over '.vhi'di nilhnqer would have been taken to the ciimlnal court biiildiii!?. at riant. lor his trial, without going into the nm-i. open high low close 1204 1214 1204 1210 1213 1223 1211 1223 1225 1230 1222 1233 1240 1250^ me 1240 1250 125R 1248 1255 n. j-. uarimm oi usceoia. tile Roy I Jan .... 1247 1205 125G 12IK Scouts of America. Mrs. Dora I Spots closed steady at 12-n n'n 1 ; Merrill and Mrs. Eva Elkins. nice-! er of Mr. Wilson, anci Rufus Law- Chica: Homes of Former Convicts Who Knew Him. CHICAGO, Mar y CUP)—The hunt £cr John Dlllinger, jail break- tivj jfc-blic enemy number one, conlerorf in Chicago "and northern Illinois tode.y. Authorities Hiugh; a pre-ar- r^iiged hideout where the outlaw '•-•as believed to have rejoined .rini'r gang members. Chicago police ordered a series of . flying raids nn Ihe homes of former Indiana convicts who knew Dillingcr. Captain John siege mobilized special ttmiuls, armed with sub-machine guns and bullet proof vests, to cover 2fiO .such •signLi;enls. Htegu an:! 1 Sergeant Frank Reynolds, the iwlice department's deadly marksmen, led one Dillinaer was believed to hnve i'klcn shortly after 1* released '.v. o hostages near Pi-otone. III. [ fore iwlice 'arrived. Tin- other escaped the wrath of his victims, (teeing with ihe stolen loot, believed to have been ariiiind $125 In cash, and their only gun. Harvey 'fanner, said lo answer the description of ihe second bandit -ind at liberty on a suspended five year ;sentlcnce for burglary, was nulled. | No money was recovered. The two bandits llrst .surprised Llge Williams, negro, in his shuck- on Ihe grounds of the Mississippi County csln, Second mid^Sycnmorc. ncross Second .street from the armory building. They look $10B, according to the nee'io. and then forced Mm into n corner of his oi.e-room home. Tljen. ;L s pedes- . trians parsed, they enticed ' Boily ,oi M. M. Pay Ion I'oimcl on Frisco Right of Way West of Hayti. HAYTI, Mo.-M. M. Piiytoil, 4, lurinerly employed hy CWA, was I'jund deud on (he Frisco rlght- ol-ii-iiy nljout iwo miles of hpiv early Sunday morning. Ills li'ad and WIK hud. been crushed, k'iicc jHilnllng lo the belief Hun he hud been run over by a train. Inspection of a freight Ivain which mil over Hie road In- tc Ha.vii Salnrday night showed Mint a human body, apparently .sittiiiR upright on the ties, hud been struck. i'nylon, well known here, Is survived by a wife iintl one child. lie lind been living hi Ihc James Hiti'li vicinity about four inlte st of here. , one by one, to the house, robbed.' and held prisoners. Among (hem. said .to number about n hall dozen, wm; G. C. .Wndley, Oosnt'll fiirmer. and Bob Means, negro The pair lined llicir victims up in Hie shuck, getting only sum!! amounts oil of each. Finally the bididits lacked w> ninny m tlie [•.opm,.tlml l . : they turned on -Hale < Hie- unarmed bandll. who stood J 'watch while his companion walled i .nearby to add others. Two or! _ three of Hit-in grabbed Hale nr.d U 111! D 1 ' 1 his armed companion fled. Between ' MOKl-UpS, burglaries and Ihem the victimized group oil flllipi- Offpncoc R^ C while;; nnd bhcks held Hale :,c- UII1C > UliCnSCS I\CSUll ) .curely unlil police arrived, anil | gave him a fairly rough limp of FOR Clll PB1M |H in doing so. chK' Ed Rice said. Well Filled Jail. S.iturrtay. two hours after he broke] ,:<il at Crown Point, Jnd. o!ien(T Lillian Holtey of Lak roiinly. Ind.. who scorned tlie idc; New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mnr. 5. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. rtnce. lifetime negro servant. 1.000 Acres for F.uxora Schools The Lirxorn school district was lx"Qiieathed tlie income from approximately 1,000 acres of land located near Victoria; the Boy Scouts are given the use. presumably for a camp, of a wooded tract of 320 acres west of Marie, known as the "Preserve," so long Dcc 'Jan Arkansas Insurance Penally Act Upheld Neil) Orleans Cotton', WASHINGTON Mar fi IUPI- . The siinremc coiiil today upheld . .. (bat John Dilii'iger notorious outlaw, could escape from her jail. i>= shown here, in his flight, the bsmlit Imprisoned all guards in -X-lls. Then, with a machine gun tascn from Hie jail office, he cowed garage attendants and force:! one of Ihrm lo drive him lo free- dnm in lt:c sheriffs car. NEW ORLEANS, Mnr. 5. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. May July as they pay the taxes and special assessments on it: Mrs. Merrill. long a member of Mr. Wilson's household, receives nn income o( $150 per month during her lite- 1 time and Mrs. Elkins, former v.'ife of J. H. Elkins, postmaster at. Bly- liievino. who now lives at Wilson. receives an income of $150 per month during her lifetime. Hiifus Lawrence was left in fee simple a homestead of around a hundred acres located near Wilson. Mrs. Mnrie Wlkon Howells. vhose home Ls in FlorWa, and Mrs. Victoria Wilson Wesson, who mes in Massachusetts, returned ijn the . open high low close Mar. .... 1192b ........ ]205b May ---- 1208 1222" 1207 121B July .... 1221 1234 1218 1232 Oct .... 1238 1246 !232 1245 1248 1254 1245 1254b 1251 1255 12:.l I253b Spots closed steariy_ at 121!». i Chicago Wheat open hl.xli low clase 87 S-8 88 87 1-4 81 5-8 87 1-8 87 1-2 SS 3-8 80 7-8 . ArKansas law which penalizes insurance companies for failure to miike prompt payment of Insurance claims. The vuHnt; '.vns made on nn appeal brought by the Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Ten- nejsee. Tlie law ::i;tK'Sps a 12 pr-r j cr-iit iienally and attorney's Ices °" Hie Insin-iincc fpinpany where •).„ insured or bcnrfimry is obllg- rtl to brine suit Co collect. The test ra'-e involved $1C2.50 .'r<-s and SIM [x-nally imposed on tl'.c company wlirn Albert 13arc- flrld brouirht siili lo collrct Sl.- (JcS on a H-iivrl insurance policy. Chicago Corn open high low close May 61 5-8 51 7-8 51 1-2 51 3.4 July 53 5-8 53 7-8 53 1-4 53 5-8 petition for ratification was prc- frntcd to Chancellor Gaiitncv al .lor.esboro Snlurday by J. T "cos- lon. for u-,c heirs. An order of probate court here today by County Judge Zal B Harrison, also sanctioning the agrcemc-n'., Is a matter of course, r> n ,,«i sha f f '^ Mips Motor Company stock the Mrs. Wilson, who 'was not niarte He under Ihe compromise ....... " i «< 1 - 1 IIUL iiiLiae n beneficiary under the will wns allowed her one-third dower Interest In the whole estate some- lime ago ihrough regular legal process. Her right was not contested by any of the beneficiaries and she was not a party to the litigation over the Arrest 'of Vcrnon Gean Ends Robbery Man Hunt; Eight Involved. Capture of V'.'rnon Genii. 25. In Memphis yesterday ended I lie swch for snsiwcts in the Keu- .w'tt. Ari:.. bank robbery .Memphis I'dlicj and Slii-ritr Clarence Wil- .1111 and Deputy Arch Lindsay uf Hiyllieville innde the arrest. " Cir;iii-s arrest l'ruli;'hl to cighl ::i'-- nnmi>?r h.'UI in the $1CJKI ; bank robbery. All. liicludini; mo "•omen, are !\llcs«i ineinU-rs ol ilif Richardson r/ang. BlyllH-v.i:i' '.'".ndit group. Olher mcinb'rs of tin: group AM-C held to ihe White cuiinty a;and j ury at scarcy Saturday Tney are: J. B. Richardson, reput- i'd "brains" of the »anj. his wlf-. Aaion Tilchardsnn. liis wife, lister Shield.-, and the fattier of ihr Iwo ivomcn. who are sisters of Gean. ^Aaron Richardson. Shields and ["•nn nre accused of participates directly in inc robbery. J. B .(icharosou and Tom Richardson f.'.e charger! with plamiim; the robbery and the Iwn women and •lit elder Gean are arciis'd af r'Ccess,>ries. HANFORD. Cal tijpj— Artificial ain, provided l-y a lunc sprinkler ryslein. is i>eint: (rir^d out thi- J.'car on the lO.CCO-acre wheat nnch of A If Wolf-en. Stock Prices 121 . 15 1-2 . 45 3-8 55 7-8 or the of A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service 31-4 General American Tank 41 3-4 General Electric k 221-4 -8 4 •8 1-4 38 1-4 5 7-8 17 1-4 8 1-8 20 3-4 General EIr-clric 221- Gonernl Motors \ 39 ]-: International Harj^ster 43 I- Utililfei 3- Montgoir.ery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds .. St. Louis-San 3 7-8 Standard of N. J 45 3-4 Texas Co. 27 U. S. Steel sr, 1.1 Dieudonne Costes Safe ai German Air Field MUENSTER. Germany. Mar. o '"Pi— Dieudonne Ccste?. Frenctt tniis-Atlantic aviator, landed at J>ddenheiite airport Saturday on hfs way , from Paris hagon. to T>Rd wcnth:r ciineri the bnd- >!'•?. Cosies apparently was ;in- nv.-are of Ihe anxiety frit for him over Hie week-end. METIHJEN, (UPi-To dis- A series of hold-ups, burglar- I's. minor thefts, and n more than usual rim of drunks kepi police working overtime the past week- mil ami hud liie city jail woll- /llicd today. A negro bandit, working alone, he'd up John Williams, proprietor i of Ihi.' Moonlight Tavern, cafe In ihe Ward building. Main and Di- vi.ron, and escaix-d with SIC. Several men were held up by n pair of bandits on South Scrpnd street and lined up one by one In a cotton gin lot shack. Event- '.li.lly so many were packed In I'-e building thai their victims turneil the tables, surprising one of the bandits, Thomas Hale, while ihc other escaped. Tlie Magnolia Service station on fc'nsl Main street was entered lasl ni-.;lil nnd a small amount ol i rsh, mo.stly in change, removed 'the Coca Cola Bottling company iH'ildlng. Ash and Elm .streets, was entered nnd r.insacki'd Snt- '.ndny night I'lil apparently the iii'rudors. looking for money, left without attempting to open the oilice snfe or take other ar- liclcs. Louise Demon, wi'o has n pasl record for opera(ln<j a disorderly !i;usc, and others found at her lihce, on the southern outskirts of the city, were jailed Ibis morn- nig in n police raid. Chief Ed R'ce the prisoners were jail- o.l for investigation while police checked the sources of n miscellaneous assortment of articles Sound there nnd ahoiit $50 hi cash, which t?:ey said had been ronccalcd In li:e Inner lining of "u- woman's pocketbook. H. F. Splcer and Alvtn Hardy, i:scd furniture dealers, were Jailed this morning after a house- vife had allegedly Identified n wash pot found al nn Ash slrcet shop ns one stol-.-n from her backyard. othT wash pots were t-'so reported missing. Hardy was :c!eased ihls aflcrnoon. Several chicken yards were vls- • 'ed over the week-end by nocturnal prowlers, either human or anl- :nt1. ! Photograph alt couple f,- d parkcd cars by the ro^de ,,s Dr. Dean Resting for Renew al of Court Fight "- 5 <u P ,- R ' U " Detln of Orccn . fnci »!? 1if ' Imprisonment IN S1L Administration Is Feeling Its Way Toward Kettei Economic Order. HV K«I>NKV «'«urlrr News W»Mih.|[l,,n r,,m' nimndrnl WASIHNQTON, — A forest ol i|Ui'.sUon murks looms before anyone \vlm seeks to predict result of Hie next Him' years of Ilir New IJcal. '1'he first presidential experimen- tallsl Ls in the Wlilln House — „ brilliant, practlciil himianUnrlnn ol broiul vision. An economic syslrui still Is to be lifted f«im the ikvp- rsl of nil depri'.ssfbns. Recovery and reform efforts an: .sprouting In alt directions. Billions of dollars nrc being strewn over the country. New snags and complications nrlse dally —to produce new plans, shifts of ultiick, or strategic retreats There's a touchy Inlnnintlonnl sit-' nation. Almost anything, one might Kny Is rather more (linn likely lo Imp-' Economic compulsion, unforeseen conllngcncles, unexpected harriers will combine with lioosc- vclfs own desires lo guide him In Ills primary recovery effort and hli long range vision, of n planned contented America where people will live -n m[)ro abundant llfiv" Walts fur OpiMirlunlty Koosevclt now has no Integrated national plan. His program lias been opportunistic, liberal und ^lltlcnlly skillful. Alternately, he pleases—rfr disappoints ~- nnd conservntlves. Actually, he Is trying to o..., nBU [lip cnpllntl-uic .system by slough- iif off ILS worst fcntures. Intelligent capitalists are nble to underwrite his efforts. In a new nntlontil emergency It's anybody's guess whether Dooscvell would go sharply to the lc/l or rlght^-or In both directions nl the same time. But nearly everyone here .Is sure we're not going to the "old days." Wit Iteln on Agriculture Agriculture stems destined for Increasing federal control. If com- inilsory control works in Ihc colon nreri, u will spread (o other crops. Processors and distributors of food will be the first objects of nny drastic ndniinlslrallon attempt o limit profits. Beginnings of n long-time Innd readjustment program nre being iiiKle and future plans call for a vast rcjiggerlng. Thc'AAA alms to retire 43.000,000 acres of crop land from production this year and shether more or lew must be kept 'rom cultivation in the future dels, according to Secretary Wai- ace, on our tariff policy. Administration tendency will be o persuade Industry to accept the 12-hour week, since the unemploy- noiil burden still Ls a staggering one, but Roosevelt isn't yet willing o try to Jam it through. • * + Industry Under Control There will be no less suoervLi- on of industry nnd there nmy be uore. Assuming that this depression is surmounted, the New Deal crowd doesn't Intend to let industry run head-on Into another if it can help it. Hence, control of production and >lant expansion will become large ssucs. NRA Is going to rule the most obnoxious price-fixing provisions out of its codes, having found hey frequently are used ns Instruments of profiteering—which Is ruinous to purchasing power. it. 1 ! neglected division of research ind planning will be given a new- ease of life one of these days, if c-nly to learn how the codes are working. The administration hns only nibbled nt the edges of the unrestricted profit system. It is aware, however. Hint huge surplus profits must be distributed to wage earners nnd lo consumers i through lower prices If the coun- jtry Ls to avoid another crash. Profits to Be Sllccil It will tnke the lead by squeezing excess profits out of government contract.'!, by forcing down ; public utility profits through such i "yardsticks" as TVA electricity— 'with its accompanying Klectric 'i Home and Farm Authority, designed lo provide low-cost electrical equipment—and by forcing cuts In exorbitant salaries of 'banks, (Continued on Page 3) American Woman Lawyer Rebuked Object of n irniiH-Atliintln legal rebukn W;IH nltnictlvu Funny HiilUmaii (iilinvc), American hnvyor lit jirnsonl. In New VorH. Kir Willlnm Jowllt, defonsn coun- BO! in tho JL',000,0011 ]||, n i m ,| t brought iigahnt .Metro (iohlwyn Mayor Picture* In l.nmlon by 1'rincenH Yonsflounnrf.HiiKKuilcd In court Hint Minn llnlitmnii wan "oiiilnlllng" |ho I'rlncenH by |ior- siimllng lirr to Illo n«iiit for damages lmned on hicldnntu In tlio Him "Hasjnilln". Mlsi HoHzinnn brnmlcd Sir \Vllllain' 1 n roliuka "u oliopworn tr!(;k 'of abusing nn nil- rorsary". Jury Relunis Verdict for Czar's Niece A»ainst M-G-M Film Company. LONDON, Mnr. 5. (UP)—princess Iilnla Yonssoupoff, nlcct of the late Czar, was awarded dain- nitcs of 25,000 pounds ($l2tl.BOfl) by the Jury loday in her suit, ngnlnst the Metro-GoWwyn-Maycr film comany. The verdict fmnlshed Hie vln- illcntlon of her honor which Ihc princess souglil. She charged that slie was libeled In the film "nns- putln nnd Ihc Empress." alleging thai Die diameter. Natasha, in the film, represented her us having been seduced by the nind monk. Her suit did not sjKclfy the amount of damngos she sought. She has a similar suit for $'2,000.-' 000 pending In New York ns' we'll us vjlLs In other European countries nnd against a large group of Individual British (heaters. Slay Sne U. S. Theaters NEW YOHK, Mar. S (Ul>)-l'lniis flic ns quickly ns iwsslblc tliou- stnds of suits estimated to run i.ito many millions of dollars ii-alnst every United Stales thea- •.! r that exhibited the picture. "Rnsputln and Ihe Empress." were ri-iwrteit loday by legal uuthority I'ose to Princess Yonssmipolf. Lions Club at Manila Is Reorganized Friday The Manila Uons club has been reorganized alter two years, witn Bob McKinnon as president and '.V. L. Thompson-RS secretary. J. H. Clarkson of Chicago, ol (re district International, assisted in Hie organization in a meeting Friday nighl. also Mlcmbd b'y Jeft Roland. Max B. Reid, J J. Daly and Fred Flecman. cf tills city. Another meeting will be held Wednesday night when plans for meetings, programs and other activities win be made. A Lions club has also recently Ixen organi/ed at lepanto. which Is In I Ills district. NRA Meeting Hears iclcnt Call Program Essential. ; WASHINGTON, Mnr. R (Ul')-~ In tlgliilmt words ''resident lioiise- '.r!l proclaimed .the npci'S- Mty ol the NK'A lurV'fatyiiAnlc iHmljllHntloii ami :it • Hui yimn lime limited f"ni-s that it Ls Hie forenmnjr of fascism, or com- - , The |>rs.'s!d«r.'s luldi'css was delivered to over 4tlOo gathered ill •)-c general 'lonfercnce of NRA xrle niilhorlllra and trndc nssnela- KM\ codes vonunlUees. It wns his reply lo crlllclsm iCeri'd ut tlie viu'cesllon of Clcn- •:r.l Hugh S. Johnson, nnlioiml vo.'nvcry nnniVnistralor. Illcher \V:ijr-i Nrcessary All llirough Ihe presldeiit's s]x>ech. out! of Urn longest he has iivido In montlis. ran the warn- .''iK thai liidaslry mast follow tlirongli wli!l (ho novernmeiu'3 Iti^is of Increnseil wnges for UK; stimulation of 'The tnsk of Industry lo- day," Mr. rioosm-cl.l said, "Is io <v"ate I'on.iiiiiiliui iiower. "Tlien-fore 1 give lo Industry icdny ihls cluillenger "U Is the Immediate task of Industry (o m-craploy more ]xo- l.'if.- lit. purchasing wngts and to do It, now. 'Only ihns cun we continue re- ra-cry nnd restore the balance we wi:k. It Is worth while keeping In the front of our heads the 'houijnt that the people In tills -mintry whose Irtcomes. nre lew Hian 82,000 n year buy more limn IV'o-lhlrda of.all Hie goods sold here." "It Is loalcal thai If the total iimonnt that goes. In wages to this group of hiiiiinn beings, Is stcaa- ily Increased," the president con-' Uniied. "merclipnts, eniployeni and Investors will In Hie long run jet •imrc from liie Incicascit volume of sales." . The chief executive made a •omplcle surrey of the recovery picture from start to finish. Ho cited the economic sltuntloii ••'•nen lie look office. iMlntlng' out' 'hnl "the general altitude wns O'-ery man for himself. Ihe devil '.nki! ttie hlnihnost." Srrks Atucrlraii Kcmeily "II v.-us liecniist the situation In iMurch. 19flJ, was so scriou; all al.jng the line tint remedies had lo be applied 'to every phase or L>'e Illness," lie said. "The objective wns, ns you know, i" apply these remedies in the /•merican way nnd not lo copy lli.ise. which nrc being [ried In other '.Minlrlcs which do not live under '!.c same form of democratic gov- eriin-.cnt as ours. "I mn always a little amused Aiid iiirhuj.s &i. ti-fos n little srul- urned-and f Iliink the American' j'rople feel the name way—by' tli'isc few writers nnd sjieakcrs who I'.'oclatni tearfully cither that we rre nrvv committed lo communism' and collecthlsm or that we nre adopting fasclfin nnd a dictator- Miip." Will Kcvlse Coflcs WASHINGTON. Mar. 5 (UP)- fl-irlicr wages and shorter hours w,ll be nrliicvcri In the revision nt NRA codes. Senator Wngner iDrm,. N. Y.I chnirmnn of the!onnl Intor lx>ard. today told co<lc conferees who earlier had lir-ard President Roosevelt's demand that industry cieMe more JI.'S. Becretnry of Labor Frances Per- ki r s told Ihn conferees eve.-y In- .It'stry lias a special re-cmploy- Kient problem. She estimated that 8,000.000 lo n.roo.Cio had to be absorbed In liie re-employment program. Service Men Meet All ex-scrvtcf men of Mississippi county are Invited to a mcet- v.o of (he Dud Coson jxx^t of the Legton this evening. J o'clock, when Hie matter of the payment of (lie adjusted service rfviiricales will be taken up. WEATHER Ssys Ushlnhij Invislblr LONDON (UPI - Llglitnlng which strikes ihe earth Is Invisible, and Ihc flash which you see i5 a return, or "kickback" Hash, according lo recent observations by Dr. Charles Voriion Boys, past president of tlie Physical Society of London. ARKANSAS—Fair tonight, Tues- I d-\v eloisriy. Memphis and Vicinity— Fair and slightly cooler tonight Lowest near •iC. Tuesday f.iir. Tlie maximum temperature here 'yesterday was 63, minimum 45, partly cloudy, according to Samuel P. Norris, official weather observer.

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