The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1949
Page 7
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3NESDAY, MARCH SO, 1949 KU'TUKVIU.K (ARK.l COURIER NEWS ' PAGE SEVEN lissouri Road sue Pondered Legislative Group Ends Hearings on Bill to Hike Gas Tax 6 Blytheville Teachers to Go To Conference CITY, March 30, 'i—What's the solution to Mls- iirl's road problem? The House Uoiids and Highways HiimUlee has a wealth of public inlon lo help II tlnA the answer. Last night, committee members ilshed Hie third and final public •aring on a key bill to put Into wation a road program rccom- endcd by Gov. Forrest Smith. Its major provision ts to double le state's two tents a gallon lax motor fuel. But Missourians are not agreed the bill's ability lo take the irmer out of the nnid. Individual fanners, spokesmen Iheir organizations and hidl- iduals from rural counties con- iiided 11 isn't enough for the State lighway Commission to promise spend 60 per cent o[ any gas tax icrease on rural roads. They said funds must be defl itely earmarked for rural roads 'hey believer! it would take a con titulional amendment to do th ob right. Arouses Cities J More than one speaker accused 1 he cities of killing the Curry road mendment in last fail's general lection. > would have increaseo gas taxes 3'.i cents a gallon, giving one ent to counties for roads and one- lalf cenl to cities for streets. The Citizens' Road Association, •representatives of some school dls- ricts and a few county courU ar- ;ued the commission would keep l.s promise-to allocate the money •>n a 60-40 basis. They said Ihe program would be a step In the right direction, would lielp get the farmers on all-weatlier roads nnri would aid in efficient reorganization of school districts. For the third meeting in three weeks the House chamber was packed. The committee was heard pro and con arguments for a total of more than 10 hours. Rep. Milton Duvall (Dl ot Pike County, chairman of tile committee, said he didn't know yet when the committee would act on the bill. Science Helps the Bridge Hostess With Greaseless Nuts, Potato Chips | ported on tlu 1 nut. Jdc;i at it tneot- uPi \I\K of the NiUlonal FLUIU Chi'innr- Five elementary teachers and Miss Virgil Turner, elementary school supervisor /or BJythevJIlo Schools, will attend the 1949 Study Conference of Ihe Arkansas Association for Childhood Education nl Slute Teachers College in Couwny Saturday. Those attending from vill Include Miss Turner, Miss Em- 1 stine French, primary teacher -,it Number Nine, Miss Lacey Jnck- on. primary teacher at ucninl. Miss Mary Hub It-r, primary tent:her at Sudbury, and Muss Elizabeth Halslead and Mrs. Rex Warren, Hr Hubert K. fJrlcer MKMPHIS, '1'eun,, Mutch 30. - -Science made :i unuid slum for the bridi;v hostess Unl«y. H announced how to serve suited mils. ;uui even potato chips, ul the bridge I able -so the «iu\sts won't ucl tin* curds iuul themselves all fircusy. I he nuts with a sully Inenuer, instead ot dipping them in oil. This Uu'CjUor is made (rom pectin, found s fruit. Pectin contains both xnli tind till but lit U's into a brittle coating. It Council, which i.s al*o inti-tested in rinding new uses for farm products—like the pectin from fruit. The nieust'less potato chip, clr.s- II licit fur a wn-at future ul ihe coi'k- lail party, is possible bn-aiiM 1 of n new method of proc**ssmn potatoes Kii'st. pint of ihe nunsLui'e Is ie- moveci from ihe potato. Then it b fio/A'n. When it Is sliced and cnnkt-tt it absorbs less grease. This hits the Jiit-kpot in ul least 3loy Confirms )eoth Sentence : or Two Germans l-'UANKKUHT. tin many, Miiivli 0. «.-!'' — Gen. Lucius IX Clay has •ou;u met! im- iK'ulh .M'ulnire.s "f wo more M.ihnedy nia.s-stu'ie de- Hives tlu 1 nut a slick, attractive .surface. And it' conies In all colors to the hostess' finger nails or primary teachers at Lanye. Dr. Ruth Tk'demau, who has directed chitd study work ot California for the past two years (is a wcmbiT of the staff of the Education Department of San Jose College, Calif,. will be the principal speaker. Myron Cunningham, state elementary school supervisor, now on leave of absence for con tinned studies at the University of Chicago, is also expected lo attend Ihe meeting, according; to Miss Verna Chris- \er, supervisor of primary Rrades nt A.S.T.C., and program chairman (or the association. This association, composed of teachers and interested in 1, With pail of tlio mntaturc LV- moved, the potatoes welj^h less nnc shipping chillies are reduced. her eyi's. | 2, The frown potatoes keep murl The new nuts were pusscd nround 1 belter than unfro/.en, by sck-nti-ils of the HUITIUI of Chcm- 'i. H takes Irs.s nrr-a^e to innki U. S. Department of Agri- I chips of these potatoes. The urea si \ who thought up the new j Is a rosily iiom In chip niHiiuIiU 1 : rqiHT idea. • lure—so the manufacturer will MU- The job of thc-se scientists is lo i money, think up new ways lo make farm products more valuable. They re* And the rorktail pu his dry cleaning bllfs. Program in City By Gospel Singer SiMcr Hasi-Uii Tliarpe. Ne^ro sio.spi-1 Mii^er, will be presented hi a two-]:our concert at the American clilid welfare, forms a section of { Legion Auditorium at 8 p.m. April 9. the Arkansas Education Association and is affiliated with HIP International Association for Childhood Education. Miss Chrisler said lhat the conference Saturday, the seventh lo be conducted in Arkansas since the association formation in 1937, will be aimed at discussion of how children's needs could best be met in Ihe modern world through a better understanding of child growth find development. Rowland Begins New Fight to Stay Out- of State Pen HOT SPRINGS, Ark,. Mairh $Q (/]*)— -Jay Rowland hn-% stiuieil ;in • other round in his fight, to avnut (he Avknnsns pen I (ent in ry. ina- Ser- They ;uv JOMM Dielemlml. n -iMtamiUHler in ti mutiny ind I'un/.i'r Grcniuiler Itonimt'iit. uul Ftirilrl limit', a .st'rm'iinl in the b'us 1 I'un/.ici IHoiUMM liuiLnhtiii. Hiith ncit- rtmvh'li'd nf lnkJn« l»;nl in ihe shooUnj; of niiiirniiul Aiuoncsin ]>i isoni'rs ot \vnr neai 1 Malmcdy. Ui-l^ium. iUniLi^ the Hut- lie ol the Hiilne In 10-14. General Clay hiis hci-n roviewinc I- ilea! h .sentence. 1 ^ iimiascil by a US. War lines Cmirl «f clatm.s by the dtU'tuiiml.s thai lorce wa.s used to eXiiacv I'onfi'.viKiiis. The ttnuM-ul ruled Dial there \vn* enough evim-iu'e to ccinvU'i niiMrn tlinl rncl Koric wilhnul (be confe.'i- Former Chinese Premier May Seek Pacific Pact HONG KONC5. March AH ^1') — The lIouK KODK >S(iinilitrd sjifd Inday former I'vernier T. V. Soong will leave this vrcek for Km'opo. The Kunllsh IniiKunfte Slniulnrri .sptu'iilaleit the trip wa.s the oul- urowth of a reporletl '2-i-hout cnn~ ference wl!h rrthocl PiTsldenL C'hiniiR Kui-Sliek at l-'eiiRhwa. where Chlnnf is reslinn. The newsinvper sr\id the purported ti'ip lias two purposes--!hi* jmr- ehrtse of munilions for the Naiion- allsL govern mo itl and dtscussinn of a Piu'iflr pa<'l leseinblliiR Ihe At Ian IK- Pint, Unbtarable Loneliness ' I'HIl.ADKUMIIA, Mnirli 'M—ttPf --Sometimes humor crop.i up within Llic Ivied halls of hliiher Icnrn- Trmplr University xliidonU tak- lnn K recent mld-yrur rxiuntnntlnn were Mart led to romc IK.TOM this "One Rets lonely whllr UilnkhiK by hltmelf nntl fiml^ smarc resting iis eyrs on somronc else's paper, I'me of fnlsR?" Pupulation SANTA FK, N. M, (UJM— Blrthf outnumber deaths 4 to 1 In New s Mexico during the first half of^ 1948 The state health department rpiwrled »,688 births and 2,400- deaths, £" Somcthing He ft Marriage Licenses 'Ihe follow IUR <'iinples nliUiined nmrrliiKO Itrenses fit I hi* office nf Miss KUmbcLh lUythe, county t'lc yesterday: KimipM rtiunn v.v Mis. Wihnn RU-htirdson. both of Rlyiheville. J nines Womlrow Cai ier v.s. Miss Aluxfne Kwei'i. holh of fllytbrvill/' 4% HOME LOANS Klhert S. Johnson The KquHable Life Assurance Society ii 1 THIS WORNING AS YOU (lemiany. March :iO -r/lV-A valuable pri/o En. si Krtsluit bul] Ari'fou.sJy HI, lecuvnrr! nflcr itn n]}c rat lun. A velevfnarian ieino\'f(| a Navti parly button from il.s .slum- i ;[<•]]. The appearance o[ the singer in ] Blytheville Is being sponsored by ttic Ne^ro citiKcns Committee and Hnv T. j. Brown, pastor of Enoch'A Chupcl in Blytheville. Marie Knislit will appear here with SLsler Ro.ietta TJmrpe, and will ^itLompany her at the piano, Born at Cotton Plant. Ark., the NVgro .singing star, began her re- .singing career at the a^e of j The. U. S. Supreme Couit refusnl five, when she began appearing in Motirtay for the second ttmc to Attorney C. Kloyti Huff filed n habeoR corpus petition for Rowland In U. S, Dlslrli:t Court at Korl -Smith ycstei'riay. Ho aUeped Ihe former city uttcvney, under science, of u year's tniprisonineni plus a $750 fine for bribery, wa.s about to be deprived of ]]ls liberty "without due process o[ liuv" In violation of Uio 14th amendment to Uie U. S. Con- LAST NIGHT Sleeping on 5pr!ii|-Alr puu pep in your Mcp . . . Knew* energy nn<t vitality! Com* in for demonstration of i>a- tuirs, anit (lie " iriftitle story" ahoul inattrcfs cum* f>>rl atiit value. Boy Swallows Reward BERKELEY, Calif., March 30— V- Like all good little girls, Janet Casey, 5, knew very well there should have been a penny under her low when she awoke. Didn't the nood fairies always i leave a penny If you put your tooth I under the pillow before you went to | .sleep? X-rays at a hospital vindicated I her failh. The penny WHS inside brother Michael. 4, who had aw I pried first. Doug Fairbanks To Be Knighted By King George HOLLYWOOD, March 30. /fl>» -Old Dou« Fairbanks' boy i.s jjoinf? to be knighted by the King of England. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. u'.ts rtoU- fiecl yesterday thai he had been made an honorary krnght conmTan- der of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his work In Anglo-American relation* and for his chairmanship of CARE. "I'm just about speechless," said the 39-year-old actor shortly after he was notified of the award, probably unprecedented to any American in the acting profession. He said he was "taken completely by surprise" by the Joint, notification from the British consulate here and in Washington. He plans to go to Buckingham Palace to receive the knighthood In ceremony in ]ate .spring or early -summer. church programs playing the oral MX she began playing ir-t guitar. She Is said to have .suirtcd playing the guitar when a j relative left an instrument at her \ home, Ooc of her first recordings. I and one of her favorite .songs is j "Pressing on the Upward Way," and I probably will be included at the i Blythcville performance. j She ha? appeared at the Cotton ' Club m New York's Harlem, wa.s a star on Benny Goodman's program, The Electric Hour, We Tiie People and other coast-to- rs\riio shows. For several sea- •aons .she was featured with the Lucky MiUinder orchestra, but has since returned to religious concert work. She ha? appeared In mast of the larger cities of tbe South In recent tours, Bessie P. Ivy, who is helping with the arrangements for the Blytheville concert, said today thnt special sections would be provided for white people at the concert, an;l that tickets may be obtained, at the SI. Francis Drug Store on Ash Street. consider Rowland's case. Under customary procedure, ihe Arkansas Su- -—......—.-—.— preine Court, which had upheld ihe conviction, wonld have ordered Rowland to the penitentiary soon as It was officially notified o[ the U. S. high court action. Hu(( snid Federal Judge John K Milicr signed a temporary order placing Rowland under bone! of $3,000 to remain nt liberty. Date for hearing on the permanent application was not set. Rowland was convicted ot ac- i cepiing bribes from Ramblers. SMITH-CORONA OFFICE TYPEWRITER /? / I/' • * wkh exchwire / QJOf'VfStvn keyboard »ecrctaf*es Me offing it, ". ..the moot bewttiM of »*." Aod it grr«« dM most amazing performance too-! The new, excbisir* Smith-CororMi ColorVision Keyboard heads a long list of new 1949 improvements. Machines are ready now for immediate delivery, so phone o«r office now for demonstration or further information. *Tnx*. Mart -NEW FEATURES — Dr. Hunter C!. Sims, ,lr. I lie CKliiliH.shnii-iil <>( i>((lc-i'. nl 1117 South Hl'Cimit RIKM-t (in (iOIUM'Hl I'l'lU'lifC of MEDICINE •v SURGERY Office l'li(in»> .1158 Hcsidoiu-e IMuinc Spring-Air "Controlled Comfort" rclaxe* ) F oii from today . . , prepares you for tomorrow! Cerium* » tcien- flKN DINK yMem— on lro[h ' With the Courts Chancery: Kdvv;ud Eugene Carter vs. Martha E. Shanklcs Carter, suit for divorce. J.W. Moore and Mary t'. Mo ore v.s. Hill Spain, application for Injunction to restrain action injuring property described as Lot 3, Block 6 of Bugg Addition, Common Plras: Glchis W. Hudson vs. Lion Oil Company and Cecil Graves,.suit lo recover $'2S() damages caused b> 1 automobile 1 accident,. tific ij until give you automatic adjustment In tv»ry horly ciirv* »nH body movement , » , aid In preventing unnatural spinal Aftg and mu»- i'if fali^itc. AvaiUliU now, in twin or full »!7,« r*» 49.50 on anytypewritertMotiern plastickey tops, specially designed and colored foe legibility and easier finger control. Don't be surprised tf you type faster anct wich le*s fcutgoe thao yom e*e* dJd bcfotcJ. ^osmve RIBBON ACTION Eliminates possibility of mixing colon •when a bi-chrome ribbon is used. Fir« cine TOUCH SELECTOR RiTes AUTOMATIC MARGIN SET control from light to heaviest touch. The simplest mechanism yet devised New mechanism prertnti loading of for margin setting. Single lever con- key tension a< beginning of stroke. trols both left and right margin set- Important! tings. Ont hand sets both stops. Easier, faster, saves time and work. 3 -POSITION BAIL holds in for . POSITIVE LINE REGISTRATION .nn.,_VM- |iluin ntth- e aerials! Icre's Ihe new scnsalion in tab!i> radios! A jxjwcrfu! bfanty llml's perfect for any and titiy room in your home! Exclnsiv« Dial- Speaker crcaler. a wealth o( rich, pure, vi- hranl tone no .other Inkit tlrsi^n can i</nnt! Zcnith-Arnislronx KM brings in music and proKnims \\-ilb exciting, new, stalic-fre* r.larily! I,onK range AM listening wilh farnnni Zenith \Vavrmaj;nel and lunrrl radio frr- 3 ucncy. Come in, today, for an actual cmonslralion! WADE Furniture Co. WADE Furniture Co. ward position , , . pushes backward against platen to smooth paper. Raises out of way when changing platens. Roll paper forward, then backward, or release ratchet —the original line registration it retained. D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED Dclintcd, treated and Sacked State Certified CALL 2260 FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION L C SMITH & CORONA TYPEWRITERS INC Claude Jones, Typewriters, 1211 West Main, Blytheville I 85% Germination |I 1 Yr. from Station ;; ATon or Carload; |! Also Good Alfalfa Hay I J5 for Sale I i Magers&Gill i j Oell Ark. Phone 2272 J I Have At All Times For Sale srveral Ir^clurs and c<iul|micn(. litHh new and Hard I h;tve .Inhn Dec re, FarnialL Kortl nnct other makes I now have new Ford (factors and equipment reari> fni delivery at dealers price 1 will hade lor most anytlijnK TOD have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE L mile south of Braggadocio. Mo m. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY lAc BUNDLE Iv ALL.FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirrs Finished. .,.,.....,..... . 12c each Extra Pants Finished. . . 20c each Extra Call 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Dnclur • • • And Remcmher Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Have us renew your footwear with our fine invisible half wle*. The hermetically scaled sole joint will keip out moisture, foreJgn matter. There will be no shank strain to distort the shoe »nd cause discomfort No nalla or stitches. The shoes are truly renewed for long satisfactory wear here. H-fl LT€RS '

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