Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 8, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1954
Page 13
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s* ~r:}j & "5- "v jjSivvr j^iS-,,**^ -*'- -^ «&"-•» &•" - * SL ^L^^_^ < ,^_£__._,.,.__, -= sfr^.'-/ • 5ljP;^rV"' 1 .- C "V ""•' •*-'-"'r- <•*' -\ ' ; rf "7 s •* - x -i H6Pt STAft, H01» t, ARKANSAS SIFIED StNQLfiTARV Peas for sale. Billy Hodge, Route 1, Mineral Spring;;, Arkansas. 3-Ot, p*r Inch SOt per Inch "*iu6ted ebevs are fw <son- .niertfons. If regular or skip- will take ihft.ohe-day rat«, ,!ly cl6&lf!6d, advertising Copy Lbi atf«pt«<J, urttii s p. m. for th»' fsiiowlht) day. lshefs tesfervft this rloht to edit a)l advertisements of- r . publication ond to refect ijettlartoble advertising sub- I T , ' ioli tn en* or more letter*, cflgitfek such 01 hou>e or Humbfers count os one word. _,,dpii Star wlll'riot'be respon- >f6r errors In Want Ad* unless fare called to our attention *F|RST imertlon of ad and then MtY the -ONE Incorrect Insertion. PROSPECT 7.3431 4 KOOM hduse, 7 mile's North of LWfsVille at Mid Way Oil Field. Mall bids to Sunray Oil Corporation % R. W. Shannon, Palfnos Arkansas. Bidding closes .Inly in Company reserves the fight to reject any and nil bids. 3-Gt IEOISTERED Guernseys. Bred heifer cows, bull calves. Hale Guernsey Farm. Prescolt, Arkansas. fj-3t RED spider lily bulbs. $1 per dofccn postpaid within Arkansas. Cheaper here. Arthur Gray, Ozan. July 0-1 Month Pope Star o*,Hon« 1199; Press 1927 illdottd January 18, 191* every "wtek'ddy^ohernoon by STAR PUBLISHING, cb. C,>E. Palttitr, ;pre«ld«nt H, Wtshburn; Secy-Trefc f The Slor Building 12i14 Stiuth Wilnut, Street :.Hep«, t ArHenso. I.' W'aihburn, Editor :* PubllilMr r , : Dovli,' Advertlflng-'Monogtt •iW. Hosmer, Moeh. Supt. I as second, tin*' mo»t«r at it'Office at>,Hop* 1 , Arkanioi, h«.Act'of Mofch 3, 1«97. nb«r of fh« Audlt,<!urcati of Circulation! ;rlplion Rates (payable In od- ' , vance); fc'carrier In Hope and* neighboring "*" towns— - * ; .,... .25 ::.r.'...:...'...:. ;..;_! s.oo ifmall In Hempstead, Nevada, e,_ Howard, and/ Miller,>, coUn- onth n ..... ........... ....... ..... .'. ..... i rnsnths ............. .'. ......... ,,-L. ^ .85 1.60 2,60 eVmall— ^^' , . ' . u o 3.25^ . 6.50 '3.00 ciitativcK c,;2 Stirfck phls 2,j tenn,;f 5Q5 Texas ' ~ ' lilng nber of The Auoclaicd Preit; dated Press Is erititled ex"i ,the use fdr -repi)b|TcQ?lon "ocal n?W?_,Bf inted ' n nfl ls o. yWSlT ot*Wi (h AP news "In "*%, >rvice« Of f ered JSS', Renovation an4| r lnner- ;work ' Cobb Mattr'e"ss Co. -fSpiith, Washington. ^ Phon'e 22,^; "'^ ' <. Mar. 4-tt For Sole ROOM house. All modern ctrti- veftienCe, 140*A acres land. $B.OOO For ififoffnaliott see D. E. Oood- lett, Route 1, Box 44, FUltofl, Ark. i'Ot ONE White face heifer calf, six Weeks old. ONE Hog weighing one hundred pounds. TWO Block and Tan Hound Puppies, six months old ready for training. ONE hundred dozen fish bait. 2VS miles Norlh of Hope on SoulhweS' terning Proving Ground Highway on 1 the Douglas Farm, Hope, Arkansas, Rt. 4, Box 119, Ontee Don glas. . •'. 7-3t PAIR of large mules. Just right for logging contractor. Phone 7-2243, Ross Gillespie. 7-01 12 FOOT Arkansas Traveler Alum- inulm Boat. Deep botlom and trailer. "$150. See 106 South Spruce. 8-3t Real Estate for Sole FOH $3,500.00 cash you can buy a going • business that has paid oft as high as $700.00 prdfit per month. This^ price includes Inventory, ' fixtures nnd delivery truck. Call us for details. Foster Realty ; Company 8-3t Political Announcements ¥hi Btit i* tothttrbfcd t» tft> Mtrie« Ibftt th» fOlldwteg tt* tfcndidiUw for jpublie ofnee wb- leet lo the.nction of the Demo* ctatle ijrimary elections Par Cbflgreit 4th District OfclN ttAKRiS Ct. W, LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK Hopn's LeKionnaircs will play a trbng tenm from El Dorado tonight at B o'clock at Fair park In other baseball activity here the!Passed the opinion last night after «Uar team forfeited to Lile-Murphy! he had been knocked ou in font- HARRY HAWTHORN* CLIFFORD BYERS DWIQttf when players failed to show up and f» another contest Citizens Bank do- ealed Rotary Club <».2 In the Pony loop play First Nat- onnl Bank forfeited to Hope AiUo when players failed to show and he Basket Co. team look a 9-7 decision from Hope Builders for County Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTB) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON C6r Sheriff and collector W. B. (Sill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIP8 TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Three B. L. RETTtG A. P. DELONEY for Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WETSENBERGER PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four . JESSE L, BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS.'G. A. NASH . Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. Oi (TOP) PORTER . Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State Ssnatt 7th District GENE LEE For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. For Rant UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. $25.00 per month. Bills paid. Private bath. 808 West 4th. Phone 7-3152. June 10-TF 6 ROOM house. Electricity. 27 acre pasture. Near old Highway 07 West, Phone 7-3759. 7-6t 4 ROOM house. Electricity, Gas, jGood Water. Pasture for cow. % mile city limits, old Highway 67 Ross Gillespie. , 7-Gt FURNISHED 2 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Private bath and entrance. Newly decorated. 321 Bonner. St. Phone 73553. 7-3t service r . , - gapuelS i. Farm Bureau Office. 101 ~ ""• ' June 17-1 Mo. ''Mimeographing rate. Call Limes 25 species oft trite the terrA~"XiiC\4s "Used j-nore widely 1 to TWO room furnished apartment. Large closets, garage, front and back entrances. After 4:30 p. m. Phone 7-2119. 1002 Wast Ave. B; i 8-3t FURNISHED 2 room apartmenti Bills paid. 121 South Fulton Street. Phone 7-2203. 8-3t 2 ROOMS and bath. Furnished or Unfurnished. 2 miles out on Spring Hill Road. T. L. Brint'. Phono 74903. , 8-3t JSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE >\FHONE KnQW Highway 67 West LUCK'S f FURNlTURp'CO. Jge^pf City Umlts West Water parrels for Sale 7^381 * Hope, Ark, BEEF and Pork Custom Slaughtered, Call'Jess Morris 7-3578 or 72244. Cut wrapped & frozen for deep freeze, Call 7-2244. Community Ice & Produce Co, June 8-1 Mo. , „..„ wrapped fpr deep Beef fpr Peep Free?e cents. Montgomery Mkt, tu MATTRISSiS jlt or Mud? Into twrf & Matrren Co. Wanted to Buy 'O BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. ' 31-TF Notice VOTE Boley's all new, "All air con- dlUoned," court. When guests or Tpurlsts Inquire. 4 people $5.00. '*"• July 3-1 Mo. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Legion Plays El Dorado Here Tonight Soys Olson Will Beat Castellan! OAKLAND, Calif, tfl— Take it from, a man who has fought both of them: Middleweight champion Carl (Bobo) Olson will beat Rocky Castellani when they meet for the title in San Francisco Aug. 20. Pedro Gohzales, ' 21-year-old Negro boxer from Rankin, Pa., ex* PONY Team Can Play in Dist. Meet The Pony League All-Star f^eam. lias a chance to attend the District 3ony League Tournament lo be held at Morrillon, on Ihe 22, 23, and 24lh of July. This dislrict includs 8 teams from Arkansas and Oklahoma.' Through the cooperalion of Ihe cilizens of Hope il is planned lo raise expense money for Ihe leam for this three day tournament Please give the boys your cooperation and without a doubt Hope; will be well represenled at Ihis toura- ment. The winner of Ihis '-.tournament will get a change at the- Bi- District, Regional and ultimalely the National Tournament to be ,held it Washington, Pa. rounds by Olson in their scheduled 10 round nontitlc bout. Baseball By the Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOfiJATlON Louisville 5, Charleston Columbus 10, Toledo 5. Si Paul 7, Kansas City 1. 1. REA LOAN APPROVED WASHINGTON M — The": Electrification Administralion lo- day approved a loan of. $422,000 to the Riceland Electric Corp. of Sullgarl, Ark. Little Loop Second Half Schedule Schedule for the Litlle League, second half play: Thursday July 15 Owens vs. CBC Hope Beverage vs. Dynaflows Friday July 16 R. A. vs. Lions Dynaflows jts. Owens t . Tuesday July 20 ' CBC vs. R. A. .f _ Lions vs. Hope Beverage Thursday July 22 Owens vs. Hope Beverage CBC vs. Lions ,. Friday July 23 ' ' t " Dynaflows vs. R. A. , Hope Beverage vs. CBC Tuesday July 27 R. A. vs. Owens Lions vs. Dynaflows Thursday July 29 Owens vs. Lions Hope Beverage'vs. R. A. Friday July 30 ,CBC vs. Dynaflows R. A. Vs. Lions Tuesday. August 3 CBC vs. Owens - Dynaflows vs. Hope Beverage Thursday August 5 Hope Beverage vs. Lions R. A. vs. CBC Friday August 6 Owens vs. Dynaflows Lions vs. CBC Minneapolis at Indianapolis, post' poned. TEXAS LEAGUE San Antonio 7-4, Shroveport 2-G. Fort Worth 8, ' Dallas 7 (10 innings). Houston 9, Beaumont 6. Oklahoma City at Tulsa, postponed. ' SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Birmingham 4-10, New Orleans 0-14. Nashville 7, Little' Rock 1. Atlanta 3, Mobile 1. Chattanooga 4, Memphis 2. WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 12, Pueblo 5. Omaha 1, DCS Moincs 0. Siou.x Cily 5, Lincoln 2. Denver 4, Colorado Springs 1. Leaders in j the Major Leagues By The Associated f>ress AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting — Cleveland .356; Norcn. New York. .354; Rosen. Cleveland .325; Manlle New York .318: Fox and Minoso, Chicago .ind the^service Wid, and some Lack of Rain Hurting Crops : LITTLE ROCK UP) The U.*'S. Crop Reporting Service yesterday reported crops in Arkansas art' suffering from lack of rain and extremely hot weather. The service said there lins bfen a marked deterioration of early corn, pastures, vegetables nnd lale nay crO p S j n rnany r.rons Uplands are suffering -..lost crops are in direct n'eod <>C food rain. Charier No. 12533 Reserve District No. 8 REPORT OF; CONDITION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK tASSETS COTTON STATES-LEAGUE ' W L Pet. GD 47 40 El Dorado Greenville Meridian Pine Bluff Monroe Hot Springs 38 30 30 23 33 37 41 40 .662 .497 7 .535 9 .448 15 .423 17 .3;!H 23 • . , . Yesterdays Results Hot Springs G, Greenville 2 El Dorado .4, Merician 3 Monroe 2,'Pine Bluff 1 Today's Games Greenvilly at Hot Springs Pine Bluff at Monroe Meridian at El Dorado AMERICA LEAGUE .W L 2S Cleveland • New York Chicago , Detroit Washington Philadelphia Baltimore Boston 55 53 50 y)2 32 29 30 28 21! 30 43 44 4G 48 47 Pet. GB .705 ,654 3V'» .625 0 .427 21'A .421 22 .387 241/2 .385 25 .373 25>/. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process'pf collection United Slates GovernmentipbttiSations, direct and guaranteed „'....i;.:.v.'; ; .'.§ Obligations of States and politi&il subdivisions ..I.""!.'."!"!!!'"" Corporate stocks (including '$13)500.00 stock of 'Federal . Reserve bank) :.,.., :.,..,, ; ; Loans and discounts Cincluding.No overdrafts) Furniture and fixtures ......;,....rrivl • Other Assets :....,.:;.*;'.N^ '. : '..... TOTAL ASSETS ..............i....,,;;, j' , :...l;..;$£;.'..' LIABILITIES ^ Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and • corporations ( Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposils of United States Government (including postal • savings) -...I. . Deposits of States and political Subdivisions .....'. Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) ... TOTAL DEPOSITS .• , $5,040,664.25 Other liabilities ..... *°-»™<™'*-<n ( TOTAL LIABILITIES ° &TS *' 1,084,164.11 2,561,982.03 1,186,990.89 13,500.00 787,149.02 874.92 5,634,601.97 2,542,294.91 1,690,281.24 70,211.77 719,971,85 11,904.48 35,000.00 ......... CAPIT/L ACCOUNTS 5,075,004.25 Yesterday's Results Now York 17, Boslon 9 Chicago 0, Detroil 0 Cleveland 6, Baltimore 1 (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Chicago at Detroit Baltimore at Cleveland (Only games scheduled) NATIONAL LEAGUE New York Brooklyn OAKCREST FUNERAL HOMEIphiiadelnhia IMOTtta A "KTriT^ A Hfl-t3TTT A KT/-1T71 ^_., . •- ' INSURANCE !NP & HAZEL AMBULANCE PHONE 7-2123 J7-1MO. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Oakland, Calif. — Carl Bobo Olson, 167, San Francisco, knocked out Pedro Gon^aies, 163. Rankin, ?a, 4 non-tjlle, Philadelphia — Joe Ghtrdello, 158, Philadelphia, oulpoinlcd Billy Kllgore, 182'/i, Miami, 10. NewpastU 1 , N. B.—Yvon Durelle aie Ste. Anne N. B., outpointed oug -Harper, Calgary, 1 2. for Canadian lighlheavyweight champion- fhip. Milwaukee Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Pillsburgh Millions of pounds of petrified di nosaur bones have been removed From a quarry in Dinosaur National lyjonume,nt on the 'Colorado-Utah For $ole or Trade Two ywr old Sflddlf Filly ''TriiJe P»r Anything" Tom Wurdlow LOANS fi*|it 'IwlMfr'i Supply €9. w 5.4 ® 39 40 38 37 27 25 L 25 30 34 Sti 40 41 48 53 Pet. GR .084 .015 S!i .534 12 .519 13 .487 IS'/i .474 IC'/j .360 25 .321 2i\\3 I Capital Stock: Common stock, total par $100,000.00..: 100,000.00 Surplus ; ; .; 400,000.00 Undivided profits ', '.,...:•... 58,997.72 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 558,997.72 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,034,061.97 MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabililies and for other purposes 200,000.00 Loans insured or guaranteed by Veterans' Administration —insured or guaranteed portions only 1079600 Guaranteed portions of Regulation V loans and other loans guaranteed by the Federal Reserve banks or agencies of the United States Government -. 3 698 55 TOTAL AMOUNT OF LOANS, CERTIFICATES 'OF" ' ' INTEREST AND OBLIGATIONS, OR PORTIONS THEREOF (listed above), which are fully backed or insured by agencies of the United States Government (other than "United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed") . 14 494 55 Total amount of loans, certificates of interest and obligations,or portions thereof, which are fully backed or insured by agencies of the United States Government <9ther than "United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed") i 14,494.55 Yesterday's Results Milwaukee 1, Chicago 0 New York 10, Bropklyn 2 St. Louis 5, Cincinnali 4 Pittsburgh at Philadelphia rain) (ppd, Today'sGames New York at Brooklyn Milwaukee at Chicago Cincinnati at St, Louis (Only games scheduled) SOUTH6RN Atlanta Birmingham New Orleans Chattanooga Memphis Mobile Little Rock Nashville ASSOCIATION \V L Pct.GB 51 35 50 38 50 ' 39 48 40. 41 •17 40 8 37 52 34 -50 .593 .568 2 .563 2'/I: .539 4V- .400 11 >'a .55 12 .1G 15'/a ,405 10 Yesterdays Result* Nashville 7, Little Rock 1 Chattanooga 4, Memphis 2 Atlanta 3, Mobile. } Birmingham 4-10, NIHV Orleans 0-14 Birmingham at Atlanta New Orleans, at Mobile (Only games scheduled) —i ,,4 *•!•! ' Sales of dog food In the United States topped 200 million dollars in TOP tfet •if I, Thomas E. Hays, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Thomas E. Hays,- Cashier CORRECT — Attest: Lloyd Spencer i W. Kendall Lemley W. H. Gunter Directors, State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead, ss: Sworn lo and subscribed before me Ihis 7lh day of July, 1955, and I hereby certify thai I am not an SEAL officer or director of this bank. Irene C. Roberts, Notary Public. My Commission Expires: Sept. 18, 1955. RECAPITULATION RESOURCES Loans $ 787.149.02 Furniture and Fixtures ; 1,00 Other Assets 874.92 -Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 13,500.00 Bonds and Securities 1,186,990.89 U. S. Government Bonds •.. 2,581,982.03 Cash and Sight Exchange 1,084,164.11 TOTAL 5,634,661.97 INABILITIES Capital Stock •• S. S 100,000.00 Surplus s : 400,000.00 Undivided Profits ...' r.r 58,9.97.72 Reserved for Taxes .'.j 25.000.00 Reserve for Dividend Deposits TOTAL , 10,000.00 5,040,664.25 5.634.6U1.97 OFFICERS Lloyd Spencer : President W. Kendall Lemley Vice President Syd MfMath •.... gxec. Vice President Thomas E. USY.S ••••••• C»sl,ue,r Cecil J. O'Steen ,-..' : Ass't. C»slil«r Genie Chamberlain ; Ass't Cashier Uraydon Anthony J. P. Puffie B. W.'Edwards Vineent W. Foster DIRECTORS W. U, Qunter Thomas E. W.KendaU Syd K. M. McWillisms Earip-Neal IJovd 5. P. S Tuesday August 10 Hope Beverage vs. Owens R. A. vs. Dynaflows Thursday August 12 Owens vs. R .A. CBC vs. Hope Beverage Friday August 13 Dynaflows vs. Lions R. A. vs. Hope Beverage Saturday August 14 Lions vs. Owens Dynaflows vs. CBC Busby, Washinglon, .17. Runs Batted — In Minioso Chicago, 66: Bcrrn, Now York 64; Manlle, New York, 62; Doby Cleveland Cl; Rosen, Cleveland .'>9. Home Runs — Manlle, New York IB; Doby, Cleveland. 15; Roson. Cleveland, Boohe. Detroit and Zer- nial Philadelphia 14. I ore beginning to lose flnsli. Boston Rivera, Stolen bases —Jensen, and Minoso, Chicago, 11; Chicago; 10; Busby Washington 9; Fox and Michaels, Chicago. 8. Pitching—Reynolds, fl-1, .900; S'.onc, .f!7"i; Consuegra, Nev York Washington, 7-1, Chicago, 10-2. .833; Keegr.n, Chicago, 11-3 .700; Scientisls think that Inn anccsWrs of modern Eskimos lived near T.nko Superior about 2,000 yc;irs ;igo atul moved north nboul that lime. . Louis 81: .Tablortski, St. Louis. Snider, Brooklyn, 69; Brooklyn 68; Mays, Now Home Runs—Mays Now 28; Musial, St. Louis, 20; Chicago. 23; Hodges Brooklyn and Kluszewski, Cincinnati 21. " | . Stolen Bases— Brulon. kee, 17; Temple, Cincinhat . 11: Moon St. Louis Baltimore, 1 8; Mathcws Milwaukee- 7. i Pltchlng^-Anlonelli. New York, 12-2. .857; Wilhelm, New YCT'X-,. ">2 .800; Hacidix St. Louis 12-4.. .750; Meyer, Brooklyn, (i-2, .750; Morgan New York 7-2, .778. (Fondy, Chicago 9; Strikeouts—• Turley. Baltimore,' " " "'"••• 103; Trucks. Chicago, 83; Wynn, Cleveland 77; Pierce Chicago and Hoeff, Deli oil. 72. NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting Mueller, J.'L'NV Snider Brooklyn .371 York, .351: Sohoon- diensl, SI. Louis, .339; Musial, St. Louis .335; Hamner Philadelphia .333. Runs Batted In Musial Grissom, New York Strikeouts—H;.ddix 94; Roberts, Spahn Milwaukee, Brooklyn, 74; Antonelli. New St. 173. Hot Weather Specials Also Hot Prices Your B&B Store Where It's Nice And Coo! To Shop. Ask For Your Bonus Bucks. MRS! TUCKERS 3 Can 75C ASSORTED JELLO 5c Box CAMPFIRE PORK &BEANS 6 cJ nbs 49c WILSONS iHOPPED BEEF 3 Cons 98 C FRE-ZERT Cho. Riple-Strawberry Riple-Vanilla ICE CREAM 49c Gallon DEL MONTE & LIBBY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL £• Cans Clorox & Purex Quart Bottle 15c 12 02. Jar Blackburn's Waffe-Honey Flavor Blend & Sorghum SYRUP r 2 gallon ORANGE JUICE Frozen HOME GROWN TOMATOES 2 IDS 33c EXTRA LARGE LETTUCE 29C Heads IF IT'S GOOD MEAT YOU WANT — IT'S GOOD MEAT WE GOT Fresh Ground BEEF Ib. 27c Chuck Hi ^^ ^PPPT -^V^^^S^I^r W Ib 33c STEAKS Rib&T-Sone Ib. 39c Stew MEAT 5 Ibs. 93c WI DELIVER ^^^^^^^ ^^^P^^BW WM^^^ /ARK AMSAS Htufsday, Julf 8, If §4 02ARK (Kg ELMO,THIS HOUSE ISN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE TWO OF US !«£T<!?CAN;E vat m\< LITTLE ELMO WAS HUNGRY- t GAVE HIM THE LAST PIECE I GUESS ELMO WAS STIU. HUNGRY AND ATE THEM } '/ 1— ': J. R, Will!*.*! OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT OH, MO, I'M TOBEAN A"t PANtlM' ANID STOMACH HEAVING) INTO THIMBLE WITHOUT BUSTIKi 1 A LUMP/ HERE WE ARE/CLVPB. HOW SOOW PO VOU PISURE OUR LITTLfetsftL HSd'OH? Tl AftBWTHdUf MINUTES AT WITH THE BACON? r v WASH TUBES HE'* VAPB M GOOD START. DADVBLIO6BiNO.y OP THAT ILL'FWBP STDRV LWE TOMORROW NlfiHT, BUT HEfe POWM TO DEAPLIttE.;.WITH NEW STOWE6 / TO WELVlM ifiEEPEP AT OMCE FOR BOTH THE STKIPANP^UNPAYPASE WHY. MOTHERS GET GRAY c-Mi- OUR BOARDING HOUSE MV WORD, MR. ZlMSOSrjl/i ITS ' EXACTLY HAD HERE'S A PHOTO OP "WE MA30R HOOPUB/SURS 15 A STEAL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YOU IT'S OMLV •'otf^cKfenBee ,v ^vrvvvaMfWMM*^ \\MA3fln By Dick Turner LIPTON'S TEA BUGS BUNNY 'BE CAREFUL iTUNLAX I I DON'TWXNT, MV CANOE JJ B6WIM 1 VVUINED \ V UP AM V BEFORE WE WEACH TH 1 , t CUT TM' 6A&,' FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP \OU MEAN/OH,YE3APCKBi5jOf WAY\IT TAKES ?M TOOK TH'SQUlRE'Sf BACK UR jAU.OF 11 'A. DAUGHTER?,WH5I?E7 INW /VICTIMS/ M^, 15 THIS IRON ; "Well, I don't think our congressman can be a very devoted family man-—bragging about not having a single relative oh his payroll!" GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 2 IDS 29c g$!DE GLANCES By Golbroith •'The food's horrible—that's why we-;ri$ye;$wj^|'fe'*ivr elaborate menus 1 ." ' : ;'.^-''A^^&'^S'. '..;'• •'',.''•''.'".". •'»>:'4"''-'-ji'"^\'' SUNKIST LEMONS Bycdire\$«lier SWEETIE PIE THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE STEAIC 7-^J'M NPTepKr*IS6piyTHie IS NO PUCE TO I WON'T LIE TO YOU, LEONARWSAMB QM> $Wf$ J W THE (JAR, I HIRED PRIVATE DETECTIVES KOMPkfX, " " '" '"' SIRLOIN If Good & Tender ' v. 1 5*^^-5-^5 PET & CARNATION MILK PETER PAN Peanut Butter 33c SUPER MARKET DIAL 1 ',' ^Uster saicj tpnight things opyjdn't b« iny "wVrf'o if 1 ' "--- married—and if that isn't proposing, what is fflfr —_—^_-_ . __ _- ^ ,- _ _^- — . , •_ .. - ^, —-* »'An4 remember—the PRICfS FQR FRIDAY JULY 9th ^ $AT. JULY lQ»h I tftppppf, • >*^ s i *$fa. jfK 1 J->' T-" 1 iqrm"7*T r -,T- - lOT^gSJT"TT*'? r '*5 1 f "'jf"'""™' J SJ »;:,«-,' • • .- : " -'• '''A^-I^&'S'^^M

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