Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 8, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1954
Page 5
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HOP! STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS >TT NEWS on August 21 Mr. and Mrs. Collier Johnson, J. V. Ferguson in Fort Smith. Mrs. Steele Moore, Sammy and evening Miss Margaret Johnson, Mrs. Lu- i Eske " d !?e Ruth of Dallas are spenrt ther Westmoreland, Mr; and Mrs.! in 8 two weeks with Mr and Mrs. S Ervin Fairchild and Jimmy and T.i°- l*>%™ while Mr. Moore is in . Sgl. and Mrs. W. C. Johnson and .Chicago on business. 9 pool of the Is opert to SsOO-'p nt gh tti for Oe- iest Speaker for the th<rte for liis '"subject "Stick By,Billy Neal of Shreveport spent Sun- Which \n Measure Out SclvcV [day at Narrows Dam. | Rev. and Mrs . W. G BensberR t '•THe following officers were inslal-j jhave had as their guest. Miss Mary j led t>y Lion Wcs Ntncmcyt-r ofj EcJ Hubbard has returned to A ; Margarct MurphyofBatesviHe . Hope: President, CarroJ Bralton; I&M College. Monlit^lk. after spend-i ! " [to 'Secretary, Paul Hietl; First vicc>-jj ng lhe holidays with his parents! Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cummings of[ Yerger Band Mother's Club will'be president. Wallace Sage; Second; M r. ami Mrs. John Hubbard. jConway were the weekend guests | meet Thur ^ ay evening at 7:30 July jw Vice-president, Dawson Henry;; _ , ; oi Mr .and Mrs. Jesse Crow and g at tne i egu "] ar r n<-r>ting place. lei .third.; vice-preBident. C. O. Ward- •»»:_- «_. ,— •..., -, »»: •. 'they visited Dr. and Mrs. Blake ' " Ur The Negro Community By Helen Turner 1 Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Boyle vice-preBident, C. O/ Ward- M , Rl , becca n a niel of Miami ' they visited Dr> and Mrs ' Blake tail twister Daniel Webb; : Florida a ' nd M , M Bcrnicc Die ',, Crow in Magnolia on Sunday. LJne Tamer. H. W. Butler; Board |of ch j cago arc lhc te of thoir Fairchi d fj M .»- » W. Murry, Dewey Sttipling, J. B.j evening ihc-Pres-iHilchie. -wifa entertained- with Sixty-two LlonS and Lfonness at-tit" at the Hotel Law*-.tended otifcoi-town guests Included: Iarnlly °'V. drrl ^ n «" JMr. and Mrfl. Bill Gentry, Mr. and! B . u . CBls "\ ™. r ' " li> Comuiuea irorn fage One of cigar-or-pipe-smoking woman would be a national -disaster-from jthe male viewpoint. • I Take the simple matter of cost. jNo family budget today is large jenough to support two serious cig- : ar smokers. And if somebody has ! to scrimp on his stogies, it wont be mama. It'll be papa. He'll be jwandering around the house cad- iging her stumps from t j trays he ash' *« .... Jean AUd«, clubl"™-,frank King Mr .and Mr> iyed lor the opening feong Wes Nmemeyor and Mr. Daniel of Hope. , , ._,.«.„ lie, accompanied by j IfJohnson, sang "If We* What Would We Johnson played sever' •Smith—Downs Engagement Announced Dr. and Mrs. James Gulhrie and e the Sunday rtin Guthrie and j I Mr .and Mrs. Brad Scott and daughters have returned to their home j pig't'g' in Little Rock after a visit with re- Ed Yerger of Hope died at his! The cost factor also will en t si- home Wednesday morning. July 7. " Funeral arrangements are incorn-- into smoking," Do you think for a moment that a wife will be satisfied with Gen. Douslas MacArthurs i.amous corncob model. 1 other relatives. *Ar. and Mrs Roger Worv,— a volcal Smitn o{ Magnolia announce the en and Mrs. Johnson was, Mrs Pauline Hoggs of Lubbock, Ti.-xas has been the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jpgse Crow. Mr. and Mrs Joe Purcell and Natives. Nay, indeed. She'll need a separ- The Spiritual Airs of Dequeen and; ate pipe {or cvery house dress or „„ has returned to thc Harmonettcs of Little Rock will; cocklai] gov/n sh <, buys . A pipo wju Carnp Campbell, Kv.. after a visit g .' vc . I mus '" 1 • P^sram at An-, become ju , t another" accessory to tioch Baptist Church Sunday ,July iher v , a rdrobe, and don't'think the 11, at 2 p m. The public is invited.,! pipe sne wears out in thc evening Giants Making Real Bums Out of Dodgers Thursday, July 8, 1954 McCleltan Defends Work in Senate By JOE REICHLER Associaed Press Sports Writer LITTLE ROCK — (/fl Son. John L. McClellan yesterday defended his work in the Senate and said .his Democratic colleagues offered j adequate testimony of their faith I in his vot ; ng record. i McClellan. who appeared on a ' radio forium of the Little Rock Jun- The New York Giants, rolling ; ior Chamber of Commerce. said along at a phenomenal .KOI pace!he had received 30 letters from since Juno 3. hold the biE,;cft lea;l; Democratic senators praising him any Giant team has enjoyed pas; for his conduct in the McCarthy- the midseason mark in 18 years. iArmy hearings. Not since Sept. 25. 1936, when! Former Oov. Sid McMnlh. sp- the Giants led thc Cnicaao Cubs|posing McClellan s bid for re-clcc- by seven fames, has -, Giant club!lion, has charged that the senator " K> * * ,. .. ft *.**., ,V»1 inn *-i 4 V% fi »-» Tlrtmri. led by more than the current 3>2 , is more Republican than Demo- game margin over the Brooklyn Icrat." "I was elected on the promise 'j 00 ^ I daughters of Benlon spent a part of " cn 'ilast week with her parents Mr. and (>Jd Sadler of Hot Springs !LEfiFs"FObf e J action Is a must!, keratolytlc fungicide, nf*cted skin to reach erms and fungus ON fi If not pleased IN 1 r, 40c back at any drug gagcmpnl and approaching rnarri.: Ml . E H ^ racc Hate, age of their daughter, Ann Douglas i James Bryant Down. The bridegroom is thc son of Mr. and Mrs. Brozie H.'iynie had Mr. and Mrs. Bernard-Downs'also'"? their holiday guests. Mr. and of Magnolia and attended Southern, Mrs ; Jlal P h Hayme, Joe and Butch of Smackovcr. State College in Magnolia, and wasj recently discharged from the Navy. I Miss Smith attended L-indonwoodj Mrs. J. W. Grimes and Miss Lillic with Mrs. Helton and their children. Dallis Atkins has returned to Little Rock spending the holidays at home. He was accompanied by Mrs. Atkins. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee Jr.. of Dallas were the weekend guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Le. The 193G Giants went on to v in that I would vote my own convictions and vole with my party »l_ i f (-.• VIUIUJMS «:iV4 vwn- niin i ' • j i"- -- 4. he pennant ay five games. S.ncci ht H w&£ ,.,„,. al ,.. - n - ntal u whcn : thought il was margin in 1037 was 4 1 ', games. In , won't ha'vi; to be plated with si!-(1951. Jhey didn't Rrnb '.-xclusive Eddie Chambers and Mrs. Mag- j ver or g old and studded with some-! possession of first place vintil afle gie Bradley have returned home; thing more expensive since than after having attended thc funeral : rhinestone. of their father and brother, Add i There is stil lanothcr problem Chambers in Phoenix, Arizona. America doesn't produce enough matches or lighters to keep the Elijah Madison has returned to; ladi(3S supplied if they switch to his home after spending a few days cigats or pipes Mrs. Alta Granlt has returned from a visit with her daughter Mrs. John Vittitow and family in Lewis-j ville. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chambers. Now would the gallantry of muscle of American manhood be eq 1 .'- Mercury Hits 110 Conway Claims the first poseseason playoff game with the Dodgers. Last niaht the Giants n"t only captured Iheir 31st victory in thej UNITED PRES" last 37 xarr.es but made it 'ivc in j £ Weather BureEn, predicted a ro«; over Brooklyn vmh a re-, lh - v ? ., ArkBn£ ' as U)day sounding 30-2 triumpr.. They >val-j seasonal stale hi ? h of I b Mrs. Dorothy Mae Buford of San I! College in St. Mo, Butcher were thc weekend guests] There are 250 miles of electric l*C k. i L » >»jL-*.I V^UJieiii: lit i3l. Wimnua, IVIU, ,»jun.ij\.i <n^.t^ i..^ ,*•-*.. .,-..« r,"- ^ ~ l«jr at John S. Gibson " The - wuddlng w i U be solemnized' of Miss Velma Humphrey and Mrs. cable in the battleship Missouri MVETSI JIG SELECTION! MEN'S $PORT SHIRTS Srinkle Plisses! li&dcldths! ' IEr > fBeno Mesh Styles! TO pjpvelty Cottons'. , toi REDUCED sROUP! WOMEN'S SUITS !•>• ,"''\ jst Styles! 3§t Colors! •$' of Size?,! ' f Save! 4 & $6 Chance Of A Lifetime! 150 BRAND NEW Famous Denim Chambrays! No-Iron Twistalehes! Brand New Cottons! ..<....!'•. •< • Juniors! Misses! Halfsizes! Hurry For Choice! Pcru^ey Quality Is Your Greatest Saving! t> .- , , COME IN AND TRY THEM ON! Special Purchase 300 PAIRS Rayon/Nylon Cords! Rayon Tropicals! New .Novelty Weaves! Sizes 29" to 42"! Plenty of Colors! '^ j CLOSEOUT! BOY'S Nylon Mesh SHOES Lace Up Styles! Slip-on Styles! Not All Sizes! CLOSEOUT1 MEN'S Nylon Mesh SHOES t Lace Up Styles! ?t Slip-on Styles! t Most All Sizes! to the task Pedro, Calif., is visiting Mrs. **r-\'» t % hl £*™^j% r *££ ris, and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Jettie M. French and daughter of San Francisco, Calif., are visiting relatives and friends. cigarette ;s woman smokes today. Think how arm-weary men will become if they have to ker-p her Jpipe or cigar fuming. All itcan result in is more divorces, witl> season and registered his first Eb the husband whining: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Witherspoon of -Judge, she smokes 4 cigars „ Columbus; Misses Ruth L. and| nighti and j havc to ]ight cach Ruby L. Holt of Hope and: dgar 40 times , and that - s 1Rn 'Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Carrigan of Hot Springs are visiting relatives and friends in Arizona and other points of the west. Mr and Mrs. Perry Stuart of Detroit, Mich., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Huntley and Mrs. Viola Booker in Washington. Miss Mary Nash of St. Louis, Mo. and Mrs. Dena Montgomery of South Bend., Ind., are visiting Mr: and Mrs. Author Frierson, and other relatives ICO matches, nnd I'm so worn out I 110 degrees at Conway yesterday. loped four home run:;, scored four runs in aac'n of the first and fifth; . , . . . .. „,-..,,, innings and whipped Don New- Th , c i°™ C nsl said .1 wouU combe for the first tin* ** Trhhn t ,iP^tly clonay with xviacly scat- Field since the big bander joined thc Do^.^ci", in KM!). I' .,. F b p . ,u i.DDf.1., tcred thundorshowcrs and cont'n- M m- nd tornor . To rub it in, Jim Hcarn. the Giants' right-hander, wont route only for the second Urn bets Field triumph since July 3, 1952. today arc expected to be 95 and 100 in all ! of thc state and tonight's ithe mid 70's. The mercury soared to 107 de- Willie Mays, Monte Irvin. Wes|g rees at Newport yesterday after- Westrum and Alvin Dark smacked I noon anc st « yed ° vel ; thc -" the h omi.'rs. Gil Hodgos got one! (f gree market throughout most of cant do my work next day. Give!for thc Dodgers. It was Wo. 28 for ,,'i state. me the kids, judge, and 1)1 be The Junior Choir of Rising Star Church will journey to Hot Springs jthe home. Saturday July 10th, The bus will | the church at 5 a. m. Any- wishing to make thc trip call 7-5533. glad t o pay her cigar alimony.'.' No, the sensible thing for women to do, if they must change at all is to switch back to chewing tobacco. Some pioneer mothers used chawm terbaccy and when has the world created a finer breed? When a wife is gnawing on a cud of good old Peachy Plug you can be sure of one thing she'll be too happy and contented to burn ova her old man's ear with small mean talk. It'll bring peace and quiet to I Americans used more than 500 million pounds of insecticides in 1952. ODORLESS STAINLESS Chances Dim to Mays, tops in both leagues. Cleveland's Indians drubbed the Gilbert, Morrilton and O.ark had 105 degrees, Walnut Ridue and Ar- Baltimore Orioles 6-1 for their-10lhl ka . dcl P hia 104 ' ^ am f nC0n> L « U ° ^ victory in the last 11 games. Alll'~>" d Dardanelle 103, Batcsville, the Indian runs came in the second inning. The New York Yankees trounced the Bosion Red Sox 17-9. remaining Flippin and Pine Bluff 102, Fay- cUeville 101, Texarkana 98 and El Dorado 97. Low temperatures last night 3V, games behind firs;.-.jlace Clevc- were generally in t h e m id 70 s. land, Chicago's White" Sox, slrug-1 Thc burc " u said thc !lot V" , gling to stay within toach of thciP robab 'y would continue through Indians, shut out Detroit <)-0 behind, Saturday. the four-hit .pitching of Don Johnson. Milwaukee's Braves nipped the Chicago Cubs 1-0 as diet Nichols pounding four Boston . pitchers for 17 hits in a game that, was halted Continued from Page One Some Democrats agreed. Thc bill pending in the House would extend the system, now covering 36 million workers, to firms employing four or more workers for 20 weeks during any one year. The present system covers only firms with eight or more eraployec for 20 weeks. The bill also would extend coverage to federal government em- ployes. . The measure up for action in thc Senate, passed by the House last year, seeks to assure that all of the federal tax collections under the unemployment compensation program in excess of the amounts needed for administration would go back in the form of loans or grants. %vith the bases loaded and two out in the llth gave the St. Louis Cardinals their "second straight victory Bob-Turley to score a batting lead with four hits in five times at bat. The Indians -combined threi; hits, a sacrifice fly and four walks by in the second ; innin, cia registered his ,as Miko Gnr- llth triumph. over the Cincinnati Rocllegs, 5-4. Rain washed out the scheduled twi- night douuir.-hender between Pittsburgh and the Phillie" in Philadelphia.' Washington and tae Philadelphia Athletics were not scheduled. . Thc Yankees enjoyed their most! son, thc (i-foot-7 20-year-old bonus productive day of the season, I first baseman; '"••.,' Bobby Avila's two-run douulc was the key low. ,, ... . The White Sox •'sWashe'd 1G hits, including a home run by Ron Jack- -barter No. 10579 Reserve District No. 8 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF HOPE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT'THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30th, 19o4 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO :ALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, UNDER ECTION 5211, U. S. REVISED STATUTES ' ' ASSETS Dollars Cts. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection 1,053,851.94 Jnited States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1,100,000.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 1,008,333.96 Corporate stocks (including $15,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) ." 15,000.00 .cans and discounts (including no overdrafts) 1,595,686.79 3ank premises owned $9,182.00, furniture and fixtures $15,044.25 : 24,226.25 (Bank premises owned arc subject to no liens not assumed by bank) TOTAL ASSETS 5,397,098.94 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships,'and corporations 2,111,380.84 1'imc deposits of .individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,684,988.86 Deposits of United States Government (including postal sayings) 40,086.60 deposits of States and political subdivisions 699,688.39 Other deposits fcertitied and cashier's checks, etc.) 16,023.00 TOTAL DEPOSITS $4,552,168.38 Other liabilities (Unearned Interest) 12.698.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES 4,564,866.38 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ,'apital Stock: Common stock, total par $150,000.00 ,/. 150,000.00 ^it-plus ..; 350,000.00 Undivided profits 332,232.50 SHOP AND SAVE AT PIGGLY V/IGGLY ON THESE EVERY DAY LOW PRICES. Karo SYRUP 23c Chicken O Sea Bite Size Vi's Can 37c 11/2 Ib. Bottle Gerbers Strained Baby Food 35c For Salad Bowl Salad DRESSING Pint Jar Sunshine Graham CRACKERS 35 C 1 Ib. Box Sunshine Marshmallows 1 ib. Bage 33c Watermaid 1 Ib. Bag 17c Mahatma Milled RICE TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,307,098.04 MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities arid for other purposes 364,500.00 I, Dale Jones, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear hat the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Dale Jones, Cashier CORRECT — Attest: N. T. Jewell Albert Graves C. C. Spragins Directors SEAL State of Arkansas, County of Hcmpstead, SS: Swoni to and subscribed before me tins 3rd day or July, 1954, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. • , June C. Reynolds, Notary Public. My Commission expires Sept. 4, 1955 OFFICERS O. A. Graves Chairman of the Board.- R. M. LaGrone, Jr President" C. C. Spragins Executive VieerPres. Dale Jones :..'.. Cashier Olin Lewis Assistant Cashier Raymond Jones Assistant Cashier DIREQTORS .' ; „ O. A. Graves N. T, Jewell R. M. LaGrone, Jr. S. L. Reed George W, Peck C. 'C. Spragins J A Hayncs Georae W. Robison Dale Jones Albert Graves T. F. McLarty MEMBER 9F FEOPRAL RESERVg §10»OOP.oo Maximum inwanpe jfpf Easy Monday Liquid STARCH 23c Quart Bottle Cashmere Boquet SOAP Bars Palmolive SOAP 25c Reg. Bars Cashmere Boquet . SOAP 2 B f£ 25c 2 Palmolive SOAP B ° th Size Crystal White SOAP 3 BCKS 25c FAB Large Pkg. 30c SUPER SUDS 30c Large Pkg. VEL Large Pkg. 30c The Pure Bleach PUREX Pint •!/% Bottle iUC Pi on IY July 8, 1954 HOPS STAR, HdPt, A ft K A N S A S ENJOY TENDER DELICIOUS BEEF ••M GET YOUR FAVORITE CUT OF TENDER JUICY BEEF AT THESE LOW PIGGLY WIGGLY PRICES ' V CHUCK Lb. STEW Lb. GROUND SIRLOIN orCLUB T-Bone and Round STEAKS outhurled Howie Pallet in a s'-i-.th-jin the eighth inning by rain. Yogi 0 paw duol. Danny O'Donncll'sJBerra drove in fiv3 runs with a seventh-inning single followed by I triple and homer and Irv Noren Jim Penclletons double accounted took over the American League for the Ion'; run. Peanuts Lowrcys pinch single SKINLESS .* FRANKS , sV** s ^ 1 3Lb:,*;f«l Only TAMPS WASHING POWDER FROZEN FOODS - PICTSWEET THRIFTY Strawberries 10 Oz. Ctn. BETTY CROCKER ANGLE FOOD APCO CUT SUNKIST 6 Oz. Can EVERBEST STRAWBERRY Giant Pkg. 17 Oz. Pkgs. No. 2 Can 12 Oz. Jar I -Hff ' '-':•% ; --t-,0 '"if *> %K '" -V )u,,«0'' •^'^M ' ^y":pM , \v/lSt| j. , ft»fSisS '. 4 '$'&$• LIGHT CRUST LOUR i'. SHORTENING Dr. Sutton's Doo Food Horse Meat can 300 Dr. Sutton's Meat & Liver Saxet Crowders Dole Sliced 17c Pineapple Towie Red Maraschino 17c Cherries No. 2 Can 8 Oz. Jar 31c Saxet c N o 0n300 lOc Pintos -HOME CENTER VALUES Regular 47 c Size Chlorodent 2for With No. 300 Pork Can GAINES MEAL 2 Lb. Bog Assorted Flavors KOOLA Bag FRESH FROM THE GARP|N" CELLO YOUR CHOICE OF ANCHOR HOCKING IVORY COFFEE MUG-IVORY SOAP OR CEREAL BOWL - OLIVE TRAY - GREEN BUD VASE - GREEN ASH TRAY - CYRSTAL MIXING BOWL - CRYSTAL SQUARE BOWL DELICIOUS FLORIDA V , ^ ^ ' i GRAPEFRUIT CANTALOUPES .* ' . 1 i, K * SUNKIST WIRESiRViTHI RIGHT TO tlMIT QUANTIMIS LEMONS s f

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