Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1954
Page 18
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"•«»-**?lhr**'-f;y;;? ^?FIWJfF3 r >'" v ' »• > 5 '' " " *•* C*J* ^J'lip^v?.'- -.*-.' / ^ ir -,A " i w&r <¥^?t _ ,._ ^^^ysgjfl^^vi^ .• MOM SfAft', ft OH,"AH* AM 8 AS this eoun itfri „ tot his wheat. If wheat on the open ..«.,».**,..« up above 90 cents, uc'Sells his wheat and repays thc i«an. if It stays below 90 cents, he keeps the 90-eent loan and lets iAPfi ' the government keep the wheat. IClS „ On Six basic crops wheat, c'orn, cotton, rice, tobacco an.1 peanuts the government must under present law, guarantee 'farmer 90 per cent of parity. On i^ I^^J* 1 .* 0 ™ oth( ' r crops stm accord- Snd warehouses., Jng (o , aw thc g ovcrnnn ent can "Vi^*»i it*.rtrtHh^i* ihif support price a', anywhere , farmers. > It's worth fron1 75 to M pe) . C0t1l o{ parily or even zero to 90 per cent, i nu uii Tnc Eisenhower Administrator mars ot AT 700 mil-'says there should be more flexi- pnsale 16'foreign rrun-'bllity. particularly m the case of Sot .millions as a gKe-> those six basic crops which now; fortifies ift naett. For in- are protected by a guarantee o. - - • go pcr ce nt of parity. the theory Is this: in times of colton. is j I JairtfW ! eek,,]Jassed a bill s /|ftve r fnmqttt v gf.t rid of »^™44*. i i * rtf fr tlti HAA __tt ,^«' Chere's famine, ili'leave Uncle Sam with Sbtl dollars worth of the surplus, the guarantee can drop as to loll Qoiiars wurui ui mis »«*^*MWI ....- i-, ——-- — * Wn his hand*, Some of it, i low as 75 per cent of parity bn'e'ah keel) for yers. It'discourage production: and in time InV in handv In an emer-.of scarcity it i an be raised as high Wfta! can't keep as 90 per cent to encourage produc s't'Co, be disposed of some- tion. Thc House on Fiiday voted to let can't sell it on the guarantee range somewhere in this country-!between 82',^ and 90 pcr cont on iia ruin farm prires. The,the basic urops and nt other fi«- I'Son for buying it fromiurcs on Fomc other crops. This '"•'tM storing it is to keep isn't final unless the- Senate ap- and save farmers from [proves. It may not. ..f theh' 'overproduction. dst'etns like a crazy pro_,_. least long-established Atedly has been approved •e^ess'.' It's based on the i'that,- - when .nedessary, the "^ni'Should ,6tep in to avert' S'ilftnvftrfalAli v which might ^',vf vi*A v^sj ivj 11 v/mc'ii "..{3 ||fe« rest ot.thc count ty. ,jf an vcXampla ot how the fjaiil-Slveway" law. to get "'*'•" ' "£ ,thc surplus would /country say ' but .doesn't for It. _ ce tliu s'le'di ' s rioirarthe high jee M but a,t a lower for- iwjsf,,*' 'dnd,, afec'ept > French Eifayment.'With this Frencli te/United States buys good jrh'aps 1 j raw mater!, cost ot an Amor- uJas,e,,ln France, txsi', other country has a "edlr wheat but can't pay u .?{)iat case the govetn- ii'.giv'e away*'yp to 300 mil- las*^ .'.worth of its, surplus *<*>. The Negro Community By Helen Turneir Phone 7-6830 Or bring Items to Mlts Turner at Hicks Funeral Home ,»ii>»> "THF AUTO COULDN'T READ—Paul Endacott, of Bartlesvillc. Okla., nas learned the hard Itltlfit Tafe driving includes safe parking. He left his car, motor running, in a Lawrence Kan., norkinP lot and a^passenger In the vehicle accidentally brushed the accelerator. R«^t-«jc CM smashed through a fence, Ind rammed Into the building carrying the safety lesson-SoOO damage to the car, none to the passenger. 'art' idea ,of the fs'urplus' the/government ^' 1 ' hands: ' Onlt Grove hod good services Sun day, although there was a funera at one of the sister churches. Thc Sunday School was conducted by the Superintendent, A. L. Duffie. Aftei Sunday School prayer service was led by the officers and the Rev. M. S. Williams led the Devotional exer-, else, while Richard R. Smith made announcements. The pastor delivered the morning message. On the First Sunday in August thc Oak Grove Sunday School is having a shoe rally in which thc members will pay 10 cents for thc size of your shoe number. All friends are cordially invited to as- " --/I 1 */WM f*»»«««»«»» busncis, i810 sWiJlion f bushels; cot- -"" """ "bales! tobacco ,,,_-Jsj.'rice I mil- 'p'e'anu'is 255 million 361 ' million 3(31 fnillion 1 650 million |f|5,000,000 Vbal Pllion'pduhdsij F -' v iov^y'v.-i.^ , , ^ ' K|-chess, - Idified^milk IjcHiit'sfnot all. !o*wrnmeni; 'acquii'ed ^ this "^ ' J irn'-thfe ! farmers bei suppqrt laws. y v ) a m farjner should aercentage some Ih'igh H percentage some • ^p&irty. Parl- ,j,^v.v «—p.iss has i fixed which" a farmer should get «<,<-.•"< wit j ; non f5, rmci -s o 'buy things he ifrity price on wheat -'s ;48.X out to simplify the il- ijm $J;<;w}U be used, governmenf say^ tho farm- V,get, $1 a bushel for his sist. A prize for the largest paid for foot size St .Mark will have services Wednesday, Thursday and Friday >ni Khts leading up to the Second Sunday. ' • '• The Rev. M. D. Dempsey, the pastor at Haynes Chapel will assist tho Rev. E, N, Glover in the services. Also planing baptising for the Second Sunday. Thc public is Invited. Ed Wiley Sr. of Okdlona died Sunday night. July 4, Mr. Wiley Is the father of <R. L. Wiley of Hope, Funeral arrangements are incomplete. PRESCOn NEWS Thursday July 8th The choir of the First Presbyterian Church will practice on Thursday evening at 7:30. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis, are visit' ing in San Antonio, Texas before returning to their horn in Cincinnati, Ohio. ..« Friday July 9th The wading pool of the Presby- The wading pool of the .resoy- Mr, J W. Gist 1.s returnedfrom iterian Church Is open Tuesday and,". ^ Fcderatlon o{ Business Fridays from 3:30 to 5:00 p. n. foi Erofessional Women . children through the Primary Department age. Miss Tyr^e Named New Field Assistant der'were the Thursday evening gu- Miss Lou .Alice Tyrce, daugh-^ rf Mr and Mrs . Ellis LaV endcr ter of Mr and Mrs Ira Tryee ot Magnolia . Tn( , y wcre accompan- the Pleasant Hill Community, hasj' fa « Mjss J( / Carrlngton wbo been selected as one of the six gins Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Herring, Miss Mary Jewell Herring. Mrs. Tom Lavender and T. A. Lavcn- visited Miss Betty Godley. in the state of Arkansas^ to work Carlton Crummings. son of Mr. „,. _, ,„„ „„ .and Mrs. Clyde qummings has boon this summer. Miss Tyrce Wiu "! , lcd by the Entomologist De employed forty days startingJuno j f the University of Ark- 28 and will assist Miss Lorctla Me- U ^ ^ thc Entomologist for Clennahan, home demonstration ag-. ~ v ^ Paync Estate which is ent in Nevada County with her dut., jocat( ^ ^ Shenielli Arkansas, ies. Miss ^o., Tyree attended Southern State College at Magnolia from 1951 to 1953 and the University ' Dr. Blake Crow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jcssee Crow, has completed his interning at Baptist Hospital J tJ'J 1 I«W At/W w**- • _-- - JUS HI llW* ll^^S Ct ^ •" ' I-"--" » » • Arkansas from 1953 to 1954 where jn uu]e Rock and he and Mrs she will be a senior next year as a | Crow nnvc moved into their new home economics major in teacher j nome j n Magnolia, where he will . i • fi-« llvfnc* i»^ r*n VY\ nil rTn II . i i • _ :^ „ CHARMER - Shapely Nancy White perches on' a Miami Beach, Fla., coral wall and lends some excitement to the scenery for vacationers at. the southern resort. <*V? > IT' STILL RUNS—Frank Hasenfang and his wife, Lillian, have put their 25-year-old automobile to use as a uactor. Hasenfang uses a 30-year-old plow hooked to the car to turn the soil on their acre of land at Worth. 111. The Friendship Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Nathaniel Dclnney Wednesday night, July 7, at 7:30 p. m. All members are urged to be present. 1UIIII; ^,v,v*.»w....~" *-education. She lives in Carnall Hall on the campus and belongs to Col- hecon the organization for home economics majors; Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players and Arkansas Womcns Association. As a 4-H Club member, Miss Ty rce was very active and has an outstanding record. For seven years, she was a member of the Pleasant Hill Community Club. In 1050 she was Southwest District Achievement winner and in 1951 sho summed up her 4-H record by being selected as State Leadership winner. ' prac ti ce medicine. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. DcLomar and sons, Mr. Martin Martin, Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Whitaker, Susan and Bill of Corpus Chrisli were the Friday night supper guests of Dr. and Mrs. James Guthrie in Camdcn. • Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Brid and Steve of Ft. Cobb, Okla. are the guests of her mother, Mrs. J. R. Cox and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale and Miss Opal Daniel of Hope have returned from a visit with M/Sgt. and hvlrs. William David Hale in Biloxi [ Miss. he Thursday guests of Dr. and Vlrs. Blake Crow, in-Magnolia. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis, Miss 3ittey Bemis and Mrs. C. F. Pitt-J Miss Virginia Otwcll of El Dorado' man wcre thc Thursday evening | has been the guest of relatives, dinner guests of Hynes Sparks in Mrs. Nathaniel Deloney spent thc week-end in Texarkana visiting re- ijj'irguarajitees him he-willu a n ves an d friends. iiasi, 90 per cent of parity ' r " 60! cents a bushel if cieoria L. Watts of Chicago, 111., itself has to buy has re turned home after a brief vi-T l it. Isit with his t 1 wheat "has been -price on the open and wheat ?eljs bushel, In '••FL^J^^^^.^^^^S c i^^^'^^^'^^'^ ^S^SSSK^r^^^^.^^1^^^^^^ 'St^SS^ASffES^^ Thickness o« the wins pormiB «»>,l;'«.'*,.'S^-™j cb1a8 Jf2i m ^, M m u with forward vl.w. H1YAH, PAL - Six-year-old Marlene Dye is pleased to meet "Tobor the Great." new movie star, at Southampton, England. The mechanical man, made ol perspex and aluminum, is making a tour of Britain to publicize, his latest movie. .Valts, and other relatives in McCaskill and Hope. j .._ . the farmer can do better jBovjjrnment. loan of 90 ADPTHAT fraroom NOW! Mr. and Mrs. Lee Turner have returned to their homo m Chicago 111:, after spending a few days visiting Mrs. Turner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Weatherspoon. and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs, R. Metcalf had as house guests Mr, and Mrs. Ceaser help.you with plans to remodel lOerntes your home you how it can eMty awl ec °/, you can deus for quality " other build" Discuss ys now, jgjfHA REPAIR WAN Nixon and Kansas. Ed Smith of Wichita. McClellan and Cherry Defend Their Records By L.EQN HATCH PARAGOULD .W Sen. John Mr. and Mrs. Azic L Kountz of Kansas City, Mo , and Mr. and Mrs Gus Davis of Wilton were thc dinner'-guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Logan. McClellan and Gov. .Cherry defend ed their records and exuded confidence here today, while their oppo nents. slashed'at'their, records and predicted their 'downfall. McClellan and Cherry arc seek torncy speaking for McMath, urged support of the former governor for senator on the grounds that he is "a man of courage and a Democrat.' McDuniel clesru-ibed McClellan'as a Democrat iii name only,...'.adding "It's not righ't for McClellan to be elected on the -Democratic t'fkct and then do all possible to scuttle the pary by voting like- Body of Young Teacher Is Sarqzen Warns, Then Does It SOUTHPORT, -England, Mrs. Ruth Cmilley has returned to Little Rock after a visit with Mrs. Electa Wells. Ja,ck Gordon of Little Rock hris been Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Archic^| Johnson. . , Miss Janie McGuire has returned Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee are spen |t o Little Rock after a holiday visit ing a part of this week in Hot | w jth her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. prings. JE. McGuire. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crow were i Miss Winnifrcd Duke of El Dorado spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. J. M. Duke and other relatives. Hot Springs. Miss Kay King has returned to Dallas after a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Underwood^r.. and Mrs. Karl King Jr. eft Thursday via plane for Wash-; __; _ _—^ — ngton, D. C. for a visit with Capt, and Mrs. Ross Nelson. Miss Helen Scott has returned to ler home in Houston- after having aeen called here due to the illness and death of her father, B. H. Scott Miss Nina Scott remained for several weeks visit with her mother; Mrs. B. H. Scott. Mrs. Louis Schnieder and Miss Nclda Walker of Chatham. La. have returned to their home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Dock Kizer. _anff|liual -^ v . s y& t ~' r , ; **, GeMast,400tnmg relief with PERCY MEDICINE Mr. and Mrs. John Hussey and children Cole, Steve and Mary Ann, who have been the guests of Mr. Gene Oison Con Only Lose Prestige OAKLAND, Calif. W) — Carl (Bobo) Olson, kingpin of tho mid^(J U J- i 1 A *—'-iv 1 t -11* 11JJ J tl I H-4 Ul I VJI..IIC: \J-r*.'w r wju».*« • f ..... ol ..... ..... v..,. Sarazen.-'the greying links masteridlewcighls. stakes prestige but not from Germ'antown, N. Y, ' smiled j his' crown tonight in a scheduled ;today before- teeing off in the sec-jlO-round fight with willing Pedro 'ond qualifying round of the Brit- Gonzales at the Oakland Audilor- DELTA, Mo., Wl— The body of aiish Open Golf Championship and a reac- j 20-year-old schoolteacher missing j said; for 59 hours was found with a "I am going to catch that little tionary .Republican." ' for 50 hours was found with a "I a Cherry offered the .voters ,a sim- broken neck and fractured jaw guy." pie proposition. He 'declared ; thai! last night in a culvert a half-mile | Squire Sara/en who won „..., the state government is "being run I,from .ihe small southeast Missouri ; s; . irne title back in 1932, astonished him. This will be Olsons tuneupabout before he defends his title in a 15 rounder with Rocky Caslellani <U ,i,. the San Francisco Cow Palace in the clesmusl manner it.hasi'evc-r.jlown. everyone yesterday by shooting a been. If you like- it that \va,y, vote. Miss Bonnie ' Lorelta Huffman ,67 over the; hillside course. Thc office. 1 for] McGlellan for his third as senator-.: and Cherry fo/ his second term. One of McClellan's opponents for mo. If you want .'it olHerwije, Vote against me.' One of Cherry's opponents, Stale Sen, Guy Jones, told the holiday Mrs. Mabel Wa.hmgton of Wash- Paul Chamber. oTHelen. was on J. S, Stewart and other relatives in; ,., ti .,x .,„«' ..,,1,1 sent a representative. WcCdhklll. I All but one of : Cherry'r- Mr. and Mrs, Roscoe Stewart and oppo had 'been missing since Friday I "little guy" he referred to was 2 9- night when ,her automobile was'year-old John McGonigle, who led found, lights:'burning, in the mid- the big field with a 05. dlo of a road near her home ! " " —" Aug. 20. While Olson is a lopsided favorite- he isn't tailing his Rankin, Pa., opponent lightly. "You can't afford to let up on jany of thorn, is the champs observation. In 22 battles, Gonzalos has lost ,,,jur, one on a TKO, but he has Hillside mowing to novor bocll counted out. The nonlille go will not be tele- The field of 300 golfers reversed! those who played ---- . nents spoke • - ;_L . ,T , f prval Fuubus of r. an rs, o daughter of develand, Ohio .„ vi- Hunl.ve hlHl. VjU.y JUUUb, I'JIU me inJui-inj <u<? UL il lUill.l lU.'LU UUl iluull7 TUG 11C1U t'l ci'lebralors that the incumbent has [which ; s eight miles north of here, j today with tl "forfeited his right' to an endorse-j g,, ( p R Little highway pa-j first round a ment term. ' jtrolirnan, said the body lay at one!Birkdale .and illc ,.„, w declared that the gover-, encl 0 < lhe u ivert, about 10 feei;azem and Irishman McGoniglc will vised . fed d'f contemp; for "the] n , om Uie road and | iai - e i y hidden | have''their fry at the tougher Birk- . i" by his welfare policies j by weeds _ Tnc ",-oad'Js the same | dale layout. . jyou are hittir itenients, broke f with wiUi! ()) ' le w ^- lch i en d s to the victims: The test.'ng' Birkdale course, i the course wi ler through his 1958 veto of i. ,„>,„,.„ ih» r.haniu'ionshin nroner will And I cer'.ait siting Mr; Stuart's father, Stuart in McCaskill. J. S. way. Gus not appear McClellan said that "During the and stat the farmer through , bill to re-move sales, from feed, seed and fertilizer, and demonstrated a g' on Mr. and Mrs. Ollic Stewart and two sons of Los Angeles, Calif, avej more than two sons of Los Angeles, Calif, are, ^ '„„ senntor 6ver did in twice VisituiB Mr. Stewart's mother, Mrs' ' . ,, c*ii-.fc. .«?*-«...». ..4 ««^l «*U*in IT*! n tii/*.ic in t ^"^ *" ^"" . _. Ellen Stewart and other relatives inj tllal tlnle ' McCaskill. i Chambeis, ' wlio followed jciellan to the stand, said he could , " 7~T „. , , not challenge thei senator's .51 Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Richua-dson. , <biu ,., e & ^ away r . ir „ |and family have returned to^ their jn om , voU , than he, ever c ' iii'dson's liai'iftits. Mr and Mrs. i. .. ...... ... i\<i,,rM,.n...-, i c \rttti eral indifference to the wishes ot all citizens. Orval Faubus of Hunlsville, ;HI- otulir opponent of Cherry's criti-i cizcd the ;;uvxrnor for "doing to hitting the ball wei:, then l *~ l 1 'I'11C 1C t'l "njj DlTKLlctlU CULll au, . v«*v- *.«.... i»C \Vlli II Lul yi L « iiit I where the championship proper will. And I certainly am hitting well. . Police said there was no evi-j bo p i aye d, holds no fer.rs for Sara- Frank Stranahan of Toledo and donee of a struggle r,t the point !/en r - | Bobby LocKe, the favorite from where the body was discovered ..j t hink Birkdale is a fairer South Alnca, each had a ba on but that dres, was lorn. The glasses, purse'and necklace police t:aid she was wearing when sho j disappeared were rnissing and course than Hillside," he said. "If his first round. Insurance News . . . . A WISE MAN SAYS! The man on Horseback knows nothing of the toil of the traveler on foot. The stress and strain of domestic, industrial, and commercial affairs are alleviated by sound and ad- quate insurance. Roy Anderson & Co. Agents Roy Anderson T. "Buddy" Evans "To Be Sure - Insure" 210 S. Main St. — Hope, Ark. Pho. 7-3481, 7-3482 & the state of Texas for a highway X ^l. I muouiia iJtiltruia. IVAI «• & Material ln-,p c t e Richardbon in Emmet that he was Ui McClellan's vote to in the socnlled tidcland C ,°, 1 ! f director when there were others as morci woU or Dc ' Uel ' c l ualincd j n" Arkan could dT ' h(j rcfl!1 . t . llc . c was to Highway Director Herbert Eldridgo.;-, Faubus also eriliciz;!il the selec W ItTC* ^J J'VJ *t «, *- «-l It-. .*- --T- tJ . they said a search for them hadj oil reserve to the individual coast- Mr, and Mrs. Nathaniel HamjHoiv al iSlaU , s ra ther than to the Unit- and son have returned to their ! ed " Slau ',s as a whole. SUDDIV ihome in Rockford, 111., aftei spend-! ji m ^IcDaniel, a Jonesboro at " r / j ing a few days vjsiung relatives in,- .(;.. :..:...:... IAMOND ^ CAFETERIA 1 } fjfan 5 A .M. until 2 P.M. until 10 PM. Mrs. Laddie M. Carpenter of East Chicago, 111., is visting Mr. and i Mrs. Graves Hope Route. George "Graves on Mrs. Argurthie Soils and Voyde Simpson of Detroit, Mich., are [ visiting Mr. and Mrs. Epsey Jones and other relatives. been started. !| Pending a full report from ani autopsy, authorities defined her iii-il juries as a broken neck and frac- I lured jaw. The body was'cliscov-ll ^..^.— creel'by Mr. and Mrs.. Karl BakinH Faubus also criticize! the selec- f ^.j^y AlleviUc,' wliila cirivins; '".lion of Peter J. Harkins B 4 sulei!'^ roadi ; . j -I--'-"-"---" ' He Uc-ciared that] Police said t h e cai was found! | Friday with lights on, keys in the ignition and the tank three-fourths full of gasoline. They said that, judging from the gravel the car was not stopped suddenly. Deep impressions in Ihe gravel nearby, p olice said, indicated another car had been started ai high .'speed. An ear bob was found on the U'l'l running board and thc other ear ring arid a small scat, cushion found in the road, police LOOK ADOO CONGRESS "out of Boston, Mass.,' about three years and Hail never been south of Little Rock until he was placed on a state salary. BURNS FATAL FORREST CITY Wi — Jack lUir- lon, who was pulled from his burning home by neighbors, died ere yesterday. •File Chief John Gadberry T ___. the $0-yeat-old truck drive i a ppar-, reported, ently had fallen to sleop while •--•>-smoking in bud. The Yyrger Band Mother's club 'will ttn-cH Thursday night, July 5, said SEEKS DIVORCE LOS ANGELES 'Will »Wt;i ^*>ur«>m*j 4W(B*«, v«v vi ~~~ «..,^.^__-_ -. ut the regular meeting place. Timelfjlm and wlevjsion actov, i, _. . _ '.». i . „..__ j iii!t fj.i. r-li\»/M/tr» ri < i :* incl *• i 7:30 |). m. AH members arc urged 4>uit fur divoicc ayainst c havgjng evut-liy. Art BuUff. lilud wlte Police -laid they believed this showed Miss Huffman stopped hoi- car for someone sho probably knew, then was forced into the other car. i S;x out of every 10 people in the Ivvoiicl live on JtarniB Will Speak Thursday July 8 •WIUISVIIUE ROSSTON . 10:30 A,M, . 2:00 P,M, '..:... 3:30 P,M, JLUFF CITY 4=30 P,M, PRISPQTT 8'00 P.M. His speech at P re scot will be broadcast. Make pjens \g pttend and he«r o gopd spseker dis- — the vitql issues in this campaign, PP^. Adv. Raid fee by ©, W. ^'i'i'v 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 224 Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ,_AI«x. H. Washburn , «*M~B-^ «^M ^t*^ Something About the Birds, Strictly Without Authority * t You'VS heard about bird- watchers, but this is a report about some folks who turned in a performance which markes them as professionals. Last month — June 9, to be exact — four members of the Fort Smith Audubon, Society paid a visit to Grassy lake, the 3,000-acre private preserve of the Hempstead Hunting club Operating only from 6 a. m. to 12 noon the visiting experts!—A dangerous convict who faced identified' 50 species of birds. I more than 100 years in prison Lloyd 'Spencer asked me in ! sentences was captured today less advance whether I thought Star ~. N6 ifflf scattered ly south «fl«n, tonight Fr ant temperature Experiment Station hbxir-period endift'g at 8 £fn. day, High 98, LOW 74. Stor 6f Hap* Consolidated Jan. 18, 192* HOPE/ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 8, M«Mk«r: tfc* AV. Nit MM eirtl. I *l M.ftll I1» 1»»4 — J.4J4 Warden Shot, Escaped Convict Is Recaptured CUMMINS PRISON FARM (UP) -A dangerous convict who faced nore than 100 years in prison entences was captured today less this than two hours after making a possiblc,""and whenT'doubted; spectacular escape which caused r • . . _ ._.i the accidental shooting of a • war- Second Semester of Summer School Registration for the second semester of summer school will be held i at the High School office Monday! and Tuesday, July 12 and 13. All- persons interested in taking courses arc asked to register not later than 12 noon Tuesday 'it he-,- sprang on me a uiniiv.«-. graph'eci' Report which the Fort aen Smith fcfRVhad sent back to the club members. The 'Fort Smith observers were Ruth Armstrong, James Wear, Lyndall York, and Bill Beall. And Delbert Lawrence J. Shnmbeau, 27, was pulled cowering from a corn field by two trusty guards, after Capt. J. R. Richmond, the; i French hiyh command said that French Troops Ambush Large Enemy Force HANOI. Indochina (UP) The prison's garage warden, was shot here are the 50 species of birds | by mistake. they identified in c<ur own county Davis Hospital in a sin'gle morning: Black .Crowned Night Heron, attendants at Pine Bluff said thc extent of Richmond's wounds hadn't been deter- gGreat Blue Heron, American Egret, j mined. ••Green Heron,, Little Blue Heron, | .Richmond was found in a Mallard Duck, Coot, Turkey wrc ckcd state car on a prison road Vulture, Black Vulture, Red-Tailed leading to Highway Hawk, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Water Schambeause escape Turkey, Florida Gallinule, Yellow-' Billed Cuckoo, Barred Owl, Downy Woodpecker, Eastern King Bird, Crested Flycatcher. Phoebe, Pewec, Blue Jay, Crow, Carojina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Flicker, Plicated Woodpecker, Red- «fiBellied Woodpecker, Red-Headed Woodpecker, Wood Thrush, Bluebird, Blue G. Gnatcatcher, White- Eyed Virco, .Red-Eyed Virco, 65 after Czechs Told to Return Americans By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON Wl — The United Parula Warbler, Prothonatary- 1 States has served Red Czechoslo- Warble'r Hooded Warbler, Yellow->akia with a brusque demand for Throated Warbler. 'immediate return" of seven Franco-Vict Nam troops today am, bushed a large Communist force nine miles southeast of Hanoi. The announcement said BO of thc Communist rebels were killed or captured. The French Union ambush was staged after French intelligence sources had reported the Red force was moving in, almost on the d oor- step of this threatened Tonkin capital. The Communist unit was believed to be an advance patrol of three Communist divisions now pushing northward toward Hanoi from the abandoned southern area of the Red River delta. The Reds are attempting to infiltrate the French-held corridor connections in lad Hanoi by rail ad highway with its port city of^Haiphone. French spokesmen said 41 of Ousted Russian Top Communist Agent in U.S. By LYLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON (UP) — Alexander P. Kovlyov, the Russian diplomat who was tagged by thc FBI as a spy and sent home last monr.h by the State Department, may have been the top Russian agent in the United Stales. Kovlyov, second secretary of the Russian delegation to the United Nations in New York, was one of three Soviet diplomats in this country accused this year of espionage. He was expelled in February J.C. Wallock 75, Succumbs in Hope Hospital John C. .Wallock, aged 75, died Thursday in a local hospital. Mr. Wallock operated a cafe here for years prior to retirement a few years ago. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Harold Simpson of Chances .- • •* Hike Benefits for Unemployed By CHARLES F. BARftETT WASHINGTON Iff) —Democrats t A ^ ,„ t e i«»or= ! Planned floor fights today in boih Los Angeles. Calif., two sisteis,:^ Houso and Senatfl to tfy to Mrs. P. F. Auser of Little Rock, j ncrease unemployment insurance Mary Benedict of Mount St. Mary's'benefits, but their prospects Carolina Wren, Robin, Red-Wing Blackbird, Orchard Oriole, Balti- U. S. soldiers who this government charged were kidnaped last Sun- Comdr. Igor Amosvo assistant na of the Soviet Embassy here, was also ordered home n February and Lt. Col. Leonid E. Pivnev, assistant air attache at the embassy here, left for Moscow June 6. more Oriole, Rusty Blackbird I day, Bronzed Crackle, Scarlet Tan- The Stale Department disclosed ager, Summer, Cardinal, Yellow last night that an exceptionally .. ™ _u v,,n™.,_n™ n =(n^! stiff note was delivered to tn<? ! Czech Foreign Office in Prague yesterday. • That note dismissed as unfounded Czech claims that the seven — a captain n nd six enlisted men thc Reds were killed and 39 were taken prisoner. The trap was sprung on the Communists at Ma Linh, southeast of Hanoi. Another 28 rebels -were killed on the northeast edge of the Frencl Although informed sources said i m Little Rock, detection of the three revealed a new Communis espionage net in. thc United States, it seemed possible that the three men — air, navy and civilian — may have been working . independently of each other i n three separate nets. Moreover, second Secretary Kovlyov could be a bigger fish than his modest diplomatic assignment would suggest. Little Rock, one brother, Adam of. North Little Rock. •Cornish Funeral Home of Prescott will bring the body to Hope at 4 p. m. Friday. Rosary service will be held at 7:30 p. m. The body then will be taken to Owens Funeral Home, North Little Rock. Funeral services will be held at 11:30 a. m. Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in North Little Rock by Father Stanowfki and Father A. G. Dunleavy of Hope Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery reared dim. The House scheduled action on a bill by Rep. Daniel A. Reed (R NY) to extend unemployment com pensation coverage to about fou million additional w orkers in small er businesses. The Senate oullc> It wo Suspects Held in Rape Adkins May Be Forgotten Man in Politics Chat. It's Thrush, Yellow-Breasted j ^ iff uno ^ e was ( ^ 1f1fi y erc ? toD -j ^ i! j delta perimeter, 15 miles oast of /-. u ™ off ,„ u,.onii,.ip^ u L an g tuong. Rebel Indochinese saboteurs who apparently had infiltrated the French communications corridor a magnificent list, even though I'm not familiar with a couple of suspicious characters which the Sebastian countians call Florida Warbler. Gallinule and Parula But I ,do,., have one complaint: 'e.'- down here all the , Visitors '' . way .from norths-Arkansas, rack up 50' species 'of .birds, • and yet stand thcro and tell us ,they : didn't hear a , single Whippoorwill — of which ..-' i ) - - .,€ujyoup w that's all . . . . , . and a . but no copies. I'm L a Florid a" Gaiiinule Parula Warbler Whippoorwill. Anyone who has ever slept on^a boat anchored all night on.Narrows lake — and Vic Cobb and L. B. Tooley will back me up on this — knows that the Whippoor- t ill is present >and voting However, this Grassy lake survey by a Czech border patrol near the j West German town of Baernau plles July 4. , But a few hours after the U. S. note was handed to Czech diplomatic officials, the Communist sat-. _.,...... . . . ellitc government repftated.'it^eR- <* entry,.ifor..,U./ S.-furnisneci/ ; $ui): ' - --5 pli6s". ' • *.'•": Shortly after the high command received word of the guerrillas,' By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK MVh- Homer Adkins may be the forgotten man of thc 1954 'political'season.-' Two year's ago the former governor became a red hot issue>in the gubernatorial contest — especially after it was resolved into- a run- The guerrillas struck-when the off between Sid McMath, arid Fran- trains., passed Kcsat, ^ear the half-}cis-;Cherry.^ , . t -, '\ r . '" ' way point on the railroad connect-! Cherry, who defeated ^i ing ..Hanoi with Haiphong, its portjfor a third^ term Democratic °. .!. . •••••• _ •*,'.. - ..- . -1 *-.!_.. . - *3 XnA.iivmn>I • A H LT*m C •' -UM! By CHARLES NOLAND MIAMI, Fla., (UP) — A little girl 'was ptid final respects today while detectives toured the city searching for some clue to the savage [killer who lifted her from a slumber couch in her grandmother's home, raped and strangled her. pjonage c harge in a Prague broadcast heard in Vienna. The U, S. note, protesting "in the strongest terms- this abduction of i sneak attack, French warplanes American soldiers.' said the i roared, out of airfields at Hanoi Americans "were proceeding iiino-lpncl rained bombs on bases used Americans were pruceuuiujj I'inu-jjma rainect oomos on uubi.-a uauu cently without arms along the by the saboteurs against t he vital Czech-German border when they were seized by a Czech patrol." The Army withheld public identification of the soldiers pending notification of next of kin but the was made in daylight hours. Tbc j Czechoslovak news agency Ceteka, Whippoorwill is a nocturnal bird. He j contacted by telephone in Prague today from Vienna, named them as Capt. Jack Davis. Richard Jumper, Leonard Tennis, John lifeline. may have- neither nor spoken. shown himself And \vhile I am on the subject this is as good a time as any to' Glasson, Ross McGinnis, George report ' that some research last Switzer and Jerry Griffith. Ceteka night 'confirmed what I have could give no home addresses, suspected all my years South — that there is a slight difference etween our local Whippoorwill and ..._ Northern brother. It has always seemed' to me that the local night- crier drops a syllable. His Northern ces ne w ju hold services at Old Li- brother says "Whip-poor-will." Butj der t y Church Sunday, July 11, at locally I make it out to be "Whip- |7: 3o p . m . The public is invited. will . •• .'Whip-will.' 1 '" The same; , accent, all right — but- a syllable short for'an'car that was educated In Pennsylvania', --'Tin«oi« and Missouri. Old Liberty Church Services Sunday The Rev. C, L. Williams announ- flllinois, and the Southwest called the Stephens Whippoorwill, sometimes known as of two Rockefeller Gives U of A $11,000 LITTLE ROCK MB — The University of Arkansas School of Medicine yesterday received $11,000 as a supplement .in tho salaries of two professors. Oil mUlionnaire Wlnthrop Rockefeller made the grant for one year, Medical School Dean Haydon Nic holson said he asked Rockefeller for thc aid to keep from losing Dr. I. Meschan, professor of radiology. Part of themoney will be used in-an attempt to obtain a professor of medicine. Nicholson said Dr. Meschan had been offered a position in the 1 Midwest at $27,700 a year. His annual salary her.! is $12,520. Dr. Nicholson said Dro. Meschan didn't want to leave Arkansas but :, Adkins , haps even' more 'vigor "than 'he id McMath. The now governor assni'.ed Adkins as the power behind McMath and promised to throw the "ad- kins crowd" of department heads out of the state capitol if he were nominated and elected. Today Adkins, after Ann Roberts, 7, 'was buried -: : after thc last rites of the He- brev| faith were spoken by a rabbi in~$1e little funeral parlor. Outside, pacing in. a drizzling raii|! two detectives watched every passing car and every- pedestrian in';|ippes that the killer might try to;=$jpeak into the funeral;services TnVy had no luck. Ann's parents, grandpar eh||j five other relatives and re powers were the only persons at tending the private funeral. "'''~'' pink casket, covered-with a •••.-, • . •••' -..,'.-'.: -.;-..,;-. '.-,>.'*-.•-.. •.. . ••> up a bill to create a reserve fund from which states could borrow t tide them over temporary cmerg encies caused by heavy funds unemployment Insurance funds. Democrats led by Sen. Kenned; (R-Mass) and Rep. Forand (D-RI prepared amendments to both o hese bills to try to write in a ncrease in -benefits and' longc ayment periods for the jobless Neither bill as 'it stands now, wouil hange benefits. Forand said in.an interview tha resident Eisenhower has calle or action-|along thc lines of h n-opolsed amendments, but that E enhower has tried to "pass the suck to the states" to improve the rogram, a federal-state undertak- ng. Eisenhower has urged that tate legislatures act to raise job- ess benefits. Forand s.aid there is no indica- ion that the states will do this. The Democratic amendment would require each state to pay benefits for 26 weeks. Present state laws vary from 16 to weeks some 30 in tho center of Cherry Asked to Aid Boll Worm Fight LITTLE ROCK UP) ,GoV. Cherry as been asked to use part o t his mergency fund in the drive to ontrol the spread ot the pink boll orm in Arkansas. No specific amount v.'as. re- ucstcd by members of*the ; Arkan^ as Farm Bureau Federation and he Arkansas-Missouri Ginners As ociation at their recent meeting ith the governor. The governor refused a similar equest last y ear. Tha State Plant ioard, and other agencies, asked or $25,f*) from the emergency Admit Red * ' > r**n By REX CHANEY WASHINGTON (tTP tary of State John Fo** >M expressed highest do day that Red Chltta i» seated in the United Natld Cherry said first the shouldrule on whether the money could be used for such a >urposc. "' • .« Attorney General Tom Gentry said yesterday that the funds could je used to engorce the quarantine and regulations set by the Plant Board. Eight counties are affected by the quarantine. They are Miller, Hempstead. Little Rover, ervler Howark, Nevada Lafayette and Columbia. of its subsidiary orga attorney thc foreseeable lutw ^ >'; Prices for Farm CroDS Decline LITTLE ROCK ufV-- The U. S, fel t he couldn't 'turn down such "*Weii, : WeWsteV's 'Unabridged takes \ c rop Reporting Service said today j a financial offer.' note uV.-tli£ f aft-that the Eastern j the index o£ prices rccclved by Nicholson said he appealed to UIVnippooH'iU' has a subspecies in' Al . kansas tarmers from May 15 to I Rockefeller unti some relief from • ™ . _ .. •• r , * i _• i Al eii. n _V-.nnr>,_ . .. , .» _•-/.._ I 4 1-4 n I *niT I i? 1 »f ( 1 lY*£» * r\H!CKI M I V POLllQ DC years of being thing's political, has just about dropped from public view. H It was an abrupt about face for a man to whom politics seemed to be not only a professional but almost a passion, Adkins sr.id today by teleuhone from his farm at Social Hill, near Malvcrn, that he had made the change without great discomfort. "I have a 600-acre farm, 80 head of cattle and a drought to worry about,' he said. "I don't miss poli- jtics too much. Adkins, now 64, said that or advice of his physician, he was steering clear even of any participation in local races. : T11 always be interested in good government but this y^ar my only participation is going to be to vote," he said. Adkins said he had never worried about political attacks on him. And his outward attitude when he was being lambasted always seem lit-'."haying a note syllable',5 onlyv"" June 15 declined three 'points. I the legislature That's a one per cent drop. Commodi'ies which declined the most were food grains, 15 per That's the one you hear around ; cc nt; meal, six per cent, and i'tod obtained.' . Nicholson said he believed, with the help of the Rockefeller money, he could fill a professorship in nalF.dozen wreath's* Of jrio$£r : s;'''wa' closed during the service ut open ed later. James T. Roberts, fa ther of Judith Ann, led the griev ing family to view their daughte for the last t ime. They grouped 'around the caske for about two minutes. As Robert, led his wife, Shirley, awny she faltered and almost fell t o the floor. "Why, why,' she repeated over and over again. So far, police admit no break in the baffling murder. They have brought in between 30 and 40 individuals for questioning. They ^include: A 24-year-old bar employe picked up in Bayfront park shortly after midnight. He gave evasive answers when questioned at first. A 41-year-old laborer convicted twice last year for indecent exposure and child molestation. A 34-year-old male practical nurse. A 45-year-old male nurse found loitering at 1:45 a. m. today. A 20-year-old dishwasher found asleep in a vacant house at 4:15 a. m. It also would provide that maximum for each Individual of SO '.per than two thirds of each stales' average . weekly wage, with a minimum for eachindividual of SO per cent of his own wages. This wOUjd guarantee maximums of $32 to $56 in the various states. At- -present, the maximums run from $20 to $33 with a national average -payment of about 42.4,50. ;, ' ; The federal Jevy is' three' tenths o;E*l^Rep ; vcient, Jn^the 19<-yeaEs the' program has beert in 'operation, this has yielded about one billion dollars more than the administrative costs'. 't The excess has gone into the treasury's, general receipts. <• Republican leaders in both House ancjf Senate denounced t his >rqgram as unsound and said they vere confident it would be beaten. Injured in Fall, Missouri Man Dies Here S. R. Washburn, aged 59, Sedalla, Mo. Railway Express Company em- ploye who was injured in a fall frdm a baggage truck here Tuesday, died Wednesday afternoon in a local hospital While working on the truck his hand slipped from a heavy piece of baggage and he fell.backwards, his bead striking the railway platform. Mr. Washburn had been employed with the Railway Express for 40 years and was currently on a run from Texarkana to St. Louis, Mo. The body will be shipped to Sedalia for burial. Arrangements here were in charge 'of Herndon- Cornelius Funeral Home. He is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter. During a news confdi; secretary also: 1. Stated his belief^ was not. going to be 1 States withdrawal from 2. Said the adminlstrat invoke the veto, bar Red China in the U. X N. Securii; should it get into the wti zatlon. ' ' ' -•, ',;*' Speaking with' stroni Dulles 'said'' he"'; '!«£ SiT that the-'jCom^mtfoislf gime ^Will %J&f»..be3M competent' organs s i Nations that' ' proceed they said. . At tHe same . at the'C ( hinja^e Comm) on the pattern t »*»«*»' 1 by President'^ news conferenoe,',., ' ..He saidj, ' ~ * Btiilty, <jf <pu, rs p..,.^ that would- bar them, . sion to the U, J{A\» "> J| The ><U, tyft/tft A * i "- M --*' a reformatory, pointed''" put' .th sumed th'af J a" to bear out this statement, 'I always thought thc people the same. the job which was listed in thc $12,500 salary range. these'parts. I've known it for a long i g ra i lls and hay, three pcr cent time but never looked up the j oil bearing crops and dairy pro- a year. reference until this Fort Smith | ducts were down slightly. Cotton, He said no one Audubon report on Grassy lake was .poultry and egg prices remained thrown at me. And the big-book finally excuses ftmr Sebastian' visitors for not having giffij'ed or heard a Whippoorwill the morning of June 9. Webster says) V'lt IS seldom seen," and its call is usually heard only "at nightfall or just before dawn." When the visitors started lookin' and hsteni'n 1 it was .6 a. m. — which at this time of. year is practically the middle Of the morning. would know whether I had done right or wrong,' ho said. Adkins started in pilities in the 1920's as Pulaski County sheriff and collector Later he became in- .— — ... „ f,,. ana collector ijai.m nt. m^-uinc m- medicint- vvhich had been open foi,ana nai vp ve ^ ue ^^ a two hiri aonlicd for' term governor and an unsuccessful had appnca un CTn «,nrf n f« (m- IT R Sonator. It Is Getting to the Point Where a Family Budget Can't Support Two Serious Smokers_ BY HAL NEW YORK Will American women now turn to smokinff pipes or cigars? There has been considerable .Confederate ...„ Kicking at 111 . .„ HOUSTON .W) .Walter W. Wil- hopeful tub-thumping that this will liams, Veterans Administration doc-j happen as a result of the recent tors say, ."is practically blind, ha.^ I discovery that cigarettes can't 'take away wrinkles or build either muscle or character. _. The pipt; manufacturers rlready veteran oldest" of four Civil War are joyously rushing into produr survivors, i s in p r'etty good shape, tion with a series of dainty-stem lost a few pounds and his hearing is bothering him" , But tne lll-year-ol(l Confederate everything considered. Dr. R. S. med, colorful little chimneys de 6? Wolfe said the old soldiers condi- signed to match milady's purs-?'. V'afcon had changed little in the last belt and s hoes. ! The cigar boys are less optimistic about invading the feminine market on a mass basis. But here and there you can hear them murmur wistfully "after nil, ladies of fashion in some European countries have enjoyed cigars in public for genciations. Why not here?" Well, if women care for what one man says and what women eittiev stiek, s>tuic!ily to Williams comes to the VA re- gipnal office' here for an annual ctveckup. He lives at Franklin, Tex. .SCJi miles north of here. ''We would like Jo fiunish him with «> hearing aid," Wojfe said *'^t we Simply haven't the money. He explained that federal does, uoi proving of cigarettes or, if they insist on changing their tobacco habits, switch to c hewing tobacco or snuff. . For years I was a voice in the wilderness, crying for women to take up cigars or pipes. I pointed out that cigars helped Amy Lowell write fine poetry; they mad-3 ''Poker Alice!! one of the beat card gamblers in old Deadwood, S. D., palmy mining clays candidate lor U. S. Senator. He was a close politcal associate of McMath when the latter was chosen governor in 1948 and became director of the 'Employment Security Division during the McMath administration. He resigned that position in July, 1952, to assist McMath in the lat- ters third term effort. In March, 1U53, he sold his interest in ihe Adkins-Phelps Seed Co. of North Little ,Rock and retired to his farm. I was just driving myself too hard—the doctors said so and I knew it, anyhow," Adkins said. The former governor recalled that he drove the lia-milu round trip between Social Hill and Little Rock daily and worked "10 to 12 hours' besides. Adkins described his health, none too robust for many years, as It seemed reasonable that since: "pretty good. women wanted more and more to| He said that he gets to Little act like men, dress like men and | Rock once every two weeks or so talk like men, they ought to smoke -but often only to buy feed foi they cigars and pipes like men. This held out the possibility that in time they could even BE like men reasonable, thoughtful, easy-go- his cattle from his old company. AC CIQENTAL SHOOTING MIAMI, Fla., (UP) Police ar rested t wo men, one a suspected "peeping Tom' and the other a "drifter' from Cincinnati, O., early today in connection with the vicious rape-slaying .of little Judith Ann Roberts. Officers disclosed that three other men who were picked up in E roundup of all known sex perverts child molesters and peeping Toms were being held on open charges Their identity was not disclosed, One of the two suspects nabbec today was Guy F. Stevens, 31, o Cincinnati who denied any knowl edge of the savage attack on th< seven«year-old girl w hich touchec off the greatest manunt in thi citys history. _ The other man, James W. Gib son, 41, who was arrestod twice 01 peeping Torn charges although no convicted, battled arresting offi cers with a beer bottle before hi was subdued. Meanwhile, the grieving parents of Judity Ann, daughter of Baltimore Attorney James J Robert prepared to bury their daughter in Mt. Nebo Jewish Cemetery here. Stevens was taken into custody by South Miami police as he attempted to hitchhike a ride on U. S. Highway 1. An address found in his wallet was that of a residence only a block from the house where the little girl was snatched from her bed, raped and then slain early yesterday. Police said Stevens had bruises on a certain part of his body which he could not explain, Stevens told United Press that (Continued on Four) good before it g He safe' th^o AtomioPlant Strike Brings Factfih^ers WASHINGTON Iff)—-President Eisenhower today named a three- member fact finding board to investigate the strike of 4,500 atom- c energy plant worker*. The board began its inquiry at once. Appointment of the board, headed by former Atomic Energy Commissioner Thomas Keith Glennan, ,s a major step toward ending walkouts at the Oak Ridge, Tenn.,' and Paducah, Ky. ( plants which threaten production of the vital ingredient for atomic and hydrogen bombs. The government can apply for a court order halting the walkout as soon as the board makes its report. Under a presidential order the board has until July 20 to complete its inquiry but White House Counsel Bernard M. Shanley told reporters the report undoubtedly would be completed long before then. 'Returns taGeneva By LYNN HEINZERL1NG GENEVA Wl — Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov returned to the Indochina conference today, His arrival promised n step-up in the -negotiations for a cease-fire in the war which for nearly eight years has ravaged the French territory in the Far East, The Rus-iian w as the first of the major diplomats to return to the parley which they left two and a half weeks ago after it settled down to negotiations between military W. President . ing against ';an iron-clad cislon now to*'ptiU5bu'' - ' if Red ,qhina';*efe«r DUlles-'.said 1 f ' ' opinion i CHloa i , qualified fo : .be,;s ( "pated;JK Dulles said; he J Sf c 9 represents ives on details of a ceasefire, Other key figures also were expected to return soon. French Premier Pierro Mendes- Francc, who is acting as his country s foreign minister,, announced in the National Assembly yesterday he would go to Geneva soon to take personal charge of the French delegation. British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden also is expected back in Geneva early next week,' and Communist China's Premier-Foreign Minister Chou En-lal likewise Js expected to come back from Paip- the que,silpo>q$;;|ifktij!>| If it carrJe up' and would' ^require, '-^ vote of ar 1 "" 1 "*" 1 ' **•"' is not a t iuation, •' iv&Caflfl&l^ Then turning lt° J< Quncil.',wj 'piles sa ihinas sc matter ^$w aid the^V 1 oke the, 1 Dulles, ' ave notiy£ sed. In prevlousv Ing, Tte There has been np indication here, however, whethsr U. S, Secretary of State Dulles QP Under Secretary of State Walter Bedell Smith will return from the United States. In the absence of the top diplomats, conference activity hasibeen confined chiefly to negotiations between representatives of the rival military commands in . Indochina All Around the Town •y TM Mar tuff A letter fv0m Lindsey Hatchett. Director, Arkansas State Police, indicates th»nks to everyone for splendid cooperatfpn in the safety drive during the July 4, holidays o,nly six traffic fatal- OMAHA W Francis E. Torphy,'he "didn't know anything at ell ing peace ul and lesT cmlck to 29, was preparing to retire and; ab put the little girl's deah. J spent JP±.n* P «H findif,,, t with those; reached for his rosary on the top, last night at. the Salvation Army detect and find fault with thosei reached small flyspecks that mar even the ~ best of husbands. „ ha? the \ an'shed. whol '. ot a dresser. iand ag soon as the detectives coin This illusion have thought «-^ through and decided that «. nation scr. Toiphj tupged at the rosaiy As he pulled it toward him, the j plete their checfe, they'll know I beads caught in the trigger Of an j was there." I 4 automatic pistol lying on the dres- ou in ttw UUgh, "| didnt have any was going tq hitchhike tp Key so 3 period, . , , .ties were reported in Arkansas as compared to 14 in 1953, Who said the good timber is gone? .... not according to Jude guillin and Ambrose Robinson who recently cut 8 cypress tree, on the A. J. Mays land In Lafayette County. . . , they said they cut out 15 loss, representing some $,QOO feet . , . p, s. it a was forked tree Examinations are open lor the position of Power Plant Ojpw*t«r at Narrows pam near Myrfreesboro .... it pays $2.33 per hour and all applicants will be rated on the basis cj| experience and tF8lfl)flg with no written test. • • • minimum age of 18 wil} te waived. JPJ- persons entitled to, yeteran prffejence see % I cftuisl £61 £ job there.' Service Examiners for the Lower Mississippi Valley Divislpn, CE, " ?, Box 80, Vicksburg, Miss. Jt was reported here today the home of Mrs, Bill Hood purn^d. t Q the ground in McCasKlH yesterday and on the }P,cal scene wiring caught fire in the R. B. Jackson, home on N, EJm w>th slight dam resulting. included in bids on highway jobs which w>U be taken July '& ave the fpjlowing local projects , , ,. Hemp stead-Nevada counties, J? mile,s p, grading, drainage ftructyye an^ gravel base Qp«rsf o^ tfoe H,c;j»$-Hp^ road. Wghwey 4 Nevad . , , . 10,3 m»es 9t' grading, 4pajoag gtructvjfes, gravf J b§5# and now? £hj? Nevada" Committee on a Jnlted sked, fi oice ths s going Iff*

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