The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 5
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10 10 Truman Presents Collier's Award Senator Vandenberg And Rep. 'Monroney Selected For Honor WASHINGTON, April 11. <UP>— President Tinman today presented the 1845 Collier's award for distinguished congressional Service to Sen. Arthur n. vanderherg, H., Mich., :in<i Rep. A. S. MIKC Moiiro- «cy, D., Okla. VniKloiibcre and Monroney were chosen by nn awards jury for Col• lier's weekly as the ci>iu;ie.s*]ncu who "best served the republic's interests in the year's .struj-uUe to first win the war and then the peace." The awards, made (oday Tor the first time, will be conferred" annually henceforth. Collier's said, in order "to .stimulate the pcopla's fwi- cern wltli the duality and effectiveness of their rc|m>senl;uives In Washington tint! lo inspire Ihc ICB- islalors themselves io higher levels of statesp/ins'117)) antl service." The award consists of a silver plaque and $10,000 for each, the money to be turned over lo a "worthy public cause" designated Ijy the winner. Vaiulenberg askei! p Dial the $10,000 in his ease he ' given to the American Red Cross. . Monroney directed tliat his $10,000 . be turned .over to the Episcopal 1 Diocese of Oklahoma for "buildioi; ; religious leadership in the state." VundenberE was elected, Collier's • said, because, although a member of the. minority party, .he rose "above partisan polities in welding • together the Senate in support of ; American participation in world af- ; fairs." Monroney was designated "forj^, fostering legislation intended to ] •• reform the orj-'ani/ation and pro- i j cedures of congress," for his ln- • bors "in behalf of American \XU': ticlpation in tlic Bvetton Woods ' plan for world economic rehabilitation and in the United nations," / and for his support of price con- P-Mrol and other anti-inflation measures. Vandenberg, who helped to swini (ARK.) COURIER NRWS they'll Defend Tojo Former premier Hidcki Tojo, No. 1 Jap war crimes suspect, will : be defended at his trial In Tokyo by Di. Ichiro Kiyose, left, above. . and us cliief counsel. Dr. Tokisaburn Shioshara, right. Dr. Kiyose, : former president gf the Tokyo Bar Association, believes that Tojo's case is defensible on the grounds that no single group alone could have been responsible for an armed conflict as large : . .-. as the P.aci(ic..\var I tant opera" that never has bcenicept operas given in Encllsh. heard anywhere because it would ' shudder at the animosity townrdi ror any — • —'- — •- • -too expensive ror any private : company to produce, was nn example of wlffit is happening to opera in general. Excerpts from ttic Hln- dcinilh Pieces have been heard mid widely acclaimed, he said. Idea Not Klulled "The idea of government-subsidized opera," he said, "is not so radical. Just as public libraries are considered cultural necessities—so Vandenberi;. who ndpec to swing opern will b( ,.j, n t , , |ext , 5 _ s bi-Partisan support behind the |Je ,, lllal)s . The ln ,. )nv( , rs eventually United Nations, is M the[ wm ciiscovcl . ,,, ci| . n ' cc( , nnd p , lv _ ^ father of throe children, and an : editor and publisher from 19015 to i 1928. H,. has been in the Senate • since 1028. Monroney is -14. married, the fa- ; ther of one son. nnd a former rc- i porter and h political writer on the ; Oklahoma City News nnd the Daily ' Gklahoman, and business man. He has been in the house since 1939. Urges Support Of Government . .'-I whether the majority of people i;o i lo soo opera or not." Goldovsky cheerfully cited boll) San Francisco and St. Louis as cities where opera now receives public support. He ftlso included the New York City music center as an example of the "enormous strides" made in the past quarter- century. "Opera lovers at'e living on the generosity of the past generations of Europeans," he said. "People who produced a Verdi opera were willing to take a financial loss two such operas only 10 years ago." Col dor/; y suggested a revival o the old European custom of pat ronngc. He urged too that the gov eminent establish a United Stale Department O f Culture to aid "satisfying (he people's need lo music." For (h(, newcomer to oper lib tcning Goldvosky suggested fh "opera peaks" from which the tei ritory could be surveyed. The were: 1. Mozart's Marriage of Figaro 2. Hi/el's Carmen. 3. Verdi's Aida. 4. Wakner's Mac.stersingers. 5. MiiKsourgskys Boris Ooudonov Naval Aviation 'rogram Opens Youths 17-23 Off«r«d College Education And Commission NEW ORLEANS, April 11.—A col ife education, a commission «"< Wings of Cold" ure offered under he Naval Aviation Preparatory rocinm. Enlistments ure now op ti Cor men between the uges of 1-23, according to Commander 'red M. Sloss. USNR, Director of S'nval Officer Procurement, for the lelilh Nnvul District. Qualified iipplleants can enlist tow under the V-5 program which pending enactment into leglsla- ure by congress. Those enlisllng will be given n chance to resign In lie event ili t . peacetime Naval Avia- lon Preparatory Program is not xissed. Under proposed plans n young itan will receive two years of college training in civilian clothes ul .he college of his choice. He can secure admission for this coming Pall term and elect, his course of study. TVi'ion, books, lalwr&lory fees and $50 per month will be laid by the Navy. Selective flight training will be given during the summer between freshman and Sophomore years. The young man will get fifteen months of flight training, after which he will serve nine months aboard a carrier as a Midshipman. Upon commissioning as ail en- siyn naval aviator he serves two years with the fleet. After completion of this tour he can. go for two years to the Naval Academy its equivalent, or take two more years of .college work at the unl verslty of his choice will all fees and $100 a month paid by the Navy. . • . Qualified applicants are now being accepted for the future program at the Office of Nnvnl Officer procurement, 611 Ornvler Street, New Orleans. Further information can be obtained at tills office. A drive for applicants will begin shortly when Commander Sloss •and his staff visit and contact high schools in New Orleans and throughout the Eighth Naval District. Alabama Mother Brandishes Gun But Loses Chi Id nOTHAN, Aln,, April II. iUPl- A Uolhim mother mined with un automatic pistol stood off court 01 fleers for more than an limn-, but \\odnesdny hud lost custody of her child |o its father. Officers went to the home of the mother. Mrs. Walter c. Johnson, to enforce an order issued by Circuit Jud(je o. c. ijaislead awarU- Ins custody of the child, (hrce- yenr-old Joan to her husband as result of divorce proceedings. Armed with the pistol. Mrs. Johnson met them at the door and declared thill the child would be taken from her "only over my dead body." They pleaded more than un hour with the woman to comply with the court order. Finally, they persuaded her to accompany them lo meet Johnson and iiitcmpt u reconciliation. Agreeing, she put the gun uwuy. and with Joan, departed with the ol- Ileers to the courthouse. Johnson, •however, declined to discuss reconciliation. The officers then look the child from Us mothers arms and gave her to her father. PAGE F!YB Federal Agents Shdot Officers For • DANHRIDGE. Tenn.. April 1! , , ui>,_ Fc( | e ,. n , ilg(mls today fired | on llme counLy offjccl . s whojnl „ Rend Courier News Want Adi. Black water Members Of 4-H Group Meet A meeting of the Illaekwater 4-H Club wa.s held 'I*uesday morning with June WocUkll presldlnu. Group sinning was led by Cluelda Simp- ison. Miss Rose Kunkol, teacher, and Bill shockley, former teacher, were (present. Miss Cora Lee Colemaii, home demonstration agent, and W. o. Hazelbaker, assistant county arctic, ulso were presenl, Heports were given by the following group captains: Wayne .Blake, corn captain, reported one; Clifton Smith, pig captain, reported thirteen; {Ivii Phillips, poultry captain, reported fifteen; Louise Whitney, gardening and canning captain, reported two; J. T. Alexander, calf captain, reported three; Juanita Morgan, clothing captain, reported evelen; and Kathryn Alexander, foods and cookery capliiln, re]>orled ten. Miss Coleman tfave a denumslra- tlon on m'aklng accurate measurements In cookery. CSerald Cassldy anil Perry Lee Adkl.ison of the Armotcl 4-H Club gave a demonstration on tractor maintenance and farm safety. Suspect Is Held In Boston Fires Script Writer With Arson Record Faces Police Questioning BOSTON. April 11. <U.[>.)_ SlnU- del relives claimed today t< have discovered loophole:; In the alibi of a .self-styled radio script xvi HIT. who has a police record as an nisonisl. us they re-<|uesltoned him in rmincrtlon with a Hark liny apartment house fire in which right persons pi'rished, A ;i!i-ycar-otd wilier of mystery stories, Hi,, suspect was seined at his Ne-wbury Street bachelor i[iiar- ters yesterday a few hours after an Incendiary fliv wrecked the nearby Colonial chambers. klllhiK un entire family i>( [ive, |wo other tenants and a politvmun. Two other inci'udlury lilii/es liroktr out In the siime iii'li-liluirlumd almost slimillijicously |, U 1 involved no fatalities. Although (he dapper suspect ridiculed the j ( |,. n thai | ]( . ] m , ( nny ini'1 In the Colonial chambers fire, detective's said he acknowl- edned liuvliiu hem at th,. scene '•as r. spirliilor." invest Igal ion showed I hiil he hiid been at rested three limes (or nrsoii In iloxbury, llrcmkllne and Mo.ston between Nov. 1). ifiHB, and .June 20, I1M5; that twice In 1 wns sentenced lo long terms In slate prison lull ac- lually served only a few months jail. Id- still was on probation when seized, police said. The suspect's story was that he had enlerlalned a woman friend Tuesday nlghl and Ihni she had taken a midnight Irain for New York. After (hat, he- said, he accepted an Invitation to a party Ijlvi'ii by Harvard students In an cpailinent on Ipswich street. lie said he had a couple of drinks and then left the party at 2 a m., arriving home a few'' minutes later. He did riot•'!«•*' the house'again, lie said, until hf. heard the Blren.s of fire apparatus racjng to the.,apartment, bl»ze »l •1:15 a. m. - ; '^ ^ State eleiiths reported that ' ttii woman who Invited him to Hhe party said It" was nearer 4,ajm. lliMi 2 u. m. when he left. (.He would have reached the Colonial Chambers at approximately -'the time the fire broke out. . ( ware store. Sheriff Arthur Holbert of Jefferson County was shot through the abdomen and was said ' to be In critical, condition at Jefferson City Hospital Deputy Sheriff Ernest -Gass of Jefferson City was shot through the foot. "We located a still Sunday In the Grapevine Hollow section and went up there this morning in COLD rRErARATIONS Liquid — TnbloU—Sulvt —N«» Diop* Has »ati*li«<l million* lor ytan. SATURDAY BAKERY SPECIALS Fresh LEMON 2-Layer CAKE ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY 59- Don't Say Bread Soy HART'S Breed HART'S BAKERY Blylheville Owned — Employing l!lythcvHIe.J'eopIe: ',i BY EVELYN BROWN '; r TJnlled Press Staff forrespnn.lenl ;'V : . BOSTON lUPi The government ; '-must step in and subsidize the : dying art of opera composition. 1 , iBoris Goldovsky, Metropolitan Op- vera intei'inis-sion radio commentator, believes. The genial supervisor of tlie New ..-England conservatory of musp It opera seliool. who flies to New York weekly for the Saturday afternoon broadcasts, said in an interview that unless the pay-as-you-go basis by which operas arc produced is abolished, no new operas will be written. "II taKes n year for a composer to \vrite mi opera." lie said, "and he's never sure it will be produced." He said Richard HindeiHith's "Marthis dar Maler." an "impor- Too Late tfo Ciflsm/y For Sale. '•11 or '-12 model I'lymoulh 2 door sedan. Phone 207.'!. 4-H-eU-<f-la we ^ American Artbls Gaining | in ~' hvo othcrs iiifl.,cpJMnei)ta.t9r. who is heajd..., - nic , accidml - happened hl ^ L™ n^ SCaS °, n ^ , in I Grapevine Hollow section of age of 10,000.000 radio listen- er.s. was enthusiastic, about the fact tiiat years ago the "Met" could toast only a handful of American singers whereas today nearly "half the house" is American-born and trained. "Slowly our -attitude is chang- B." he said. "More and more opera lovers arc beghming to ac- .. ... ... the Grapevine Hollow section of English Mountain near the Jcfferson- Cocke County line.,: One of the wounded men . said his party was shot at by afents of the Knoxviilc office of Ihe U. S. Alcoholic Tax Unit in what he termed n case of "mistaken identity/' The dead man was Constable J. L. Thomas, who owned a local hnrd- For Sale or Trade II.ill).-. K.I Lost ' I '' I i Help Wanted Mali- clrrk M.M I ral.T. 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