Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 7, 1954
Page 3
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*ri**f*i aft b fSttifff"to S. t»f- . ftcd Jails. .» .AlTlCf iCall Ctvlslflfi MUM AJWU rui ujbi/jCfOT* tvi^ •vfj *"H1UD JU- Srtoftftiit languIsM.it ' to Ahlm, «, movie slant man shot a ----- -•" during" a * * Motmal talks have been held at Geneva feetvfreeft American and ~~n •* **«•»••*(£ u A *u*Ajf wuuu tarty ti the hem* of oil heiress Barbara Ctampltt Chared with in Ilv6, A. informed ««. UCIICVK weiwueii /uncncan ana •*-••««»« w.inui|jiii wnargea wilP, .Red Chitw-se officials on freeing{assault tv Ith *. deadly wcatJdh with |ihe imprisoned Americans. A ftpd went to commit murder was fid fcfa*i*""T" "" sjwiWsWiaft has hinted that release NeCly, 81, of fexas Jte Is the hus- anxiotis to go b f ^ Amdfle*h$ was linked with l band of tho former Leah Clam- v6.A,irtfrt«n«! rttum of 5i0(W chitldgtJ students In Pitt, alstcf of the hostess. ih6 tf. S. fte alleged that thc stu-' Alter his arrest he told officers d6nts were being "forcibly retain* the shooting occurred after Ahlm ^d" here by the United States. "UMAw w**, OK*,,* h,.. **•„.»„« »< Judge Orders Flynn to Pay Hotel BUI _- ,iS'hot judged stftnc best Interests of y Stales, (he Chinese te b'e allowed ttt & Chinese are students .. -.Mlflcnte'tthd have^ae- pining th Ihe United " Ht'thlS government'* ••ua>wfftf ftjtve H6t beett ^ttf return home to com aLa\J-^_. '.* July 6 (UP) A Sfltish judge today ordered Holly- W»6d AclOt EffOl Flynn to pay a bill to his landlady within seven days of go td Jail. him about his Texas accent and made derogatory remarks about that state and Sen. McCarthy (R-Wls). Keely 1 3 free on $10,006 bail. VALUE DAY DRESSES ,*,„-,, LARGE GROUP f. ^£1 y ±^ ' \ j,; Vqlue Day >8: Junior'and Regular and Day. Ydu'll be Flynn angrily* contended the landlady overcharged him. The scene was the Westminster County Court. The cast did hot include Flynn personally. Ke was in town, but out of touch. But the evidence"' Included a heated lettef from thd actor to Judge Edg&r T. Dale, denouncing Mrs. Margaret LucJ Peters' charge that he owed her -46 pounds (about $130) in back bills oh her Hampstead house, which he rented In 1952. Indochina Has Cost the U.S. $2 Billion WASfiWCTON I* ±hd United States has poured more than two billion dollars in military and eco- homic aid into Indochina, over the past four fears. An additional billion dollars i.? tentatively scheduled to aid French and ahtl-Communist indochinese armies in the year which began July 1—unless a truce cfids the 7^-year-old war. The biggest share of American alde-about a billion in arms and economic supplies—moved Into Indochina in the last fiscal year after the Elsenhower administration decided to double American help in a determine*!' effort to Crust the Communist threat. This increased flow of tfuns. planes and military equipment meant the United Stales was carrying 65 per cent of the bill for prosecuting the war in the 12- month period. The percentage would remain the same In the forthcoming year, barring a-truce • j, „_ ^irii"^-» or military Collapse. Prior to thft decision to boost Death* Over the Notion the volume of aid, American assistance had averaged about 350 million dollars a year since 1951. this By The Associated Press was about 30-35 per cent of the BALBOA. Calif, ttcnry S. Mac financial cost of the conflict to theikay Jr. 62. attorney and executive French government. — - ------- ..... _______ _ _ _ rctaries of State. From ,Dc'.roit , they will go to New York, where 1 Hal! will confer with officials of the Columbia Broadcasting System and Nationrl Terrorists K.lllO.n Tunisia TUNIS, Tunisia (Up- Tan men were killed and s'v wounded in .'the latest episode of terrorism that has left Tunisia without a cabinet, French authorities anonunced today. ; • ' • . v The casualties resulted from a violent class between terrorists and French troops Ih southern' Tunisia, yesterday at Djebcl Orbata, east ofGafsa. One French officer, two Moroccan goums and devon terrofists were killed. Sox Goums, fierce Moroccans who collect hjman ears for bounty, were wounded in the bloodiest open clash between troops and outlaws since the wave of terrorism began two months ago. News of the; attack came after Premier .Mohammed MZa-11 officially resigned and left the; French protecl6ratu without . a national government. . " •' M,'Zall offered to resign' almost a month ago but Sldi Mohammed El Aminh Pasha refused to dc- cept It until early Tth'is mbrntag. Thc moderate prdmjtr's 'resignation Tdsulted t from Ills failure ,to stamp' out terrorism. •• The terrorists, who call tern- be 1 Ives "soldiers of ' liberation." lave Intensifldd their attacks to the point of shooting' down French officials In the streets ofr the capl- al and maohlnegunnlng sidewalk cafes from automobiles. Hall to Attend Meet of Secretaries LITTLE ROCK UP) Arkansas Sec. of State C. G. (Crip) Hall Hall is seeking to interest thc leaves Little Rock tomorrow for j broadcasting companies in tele- Detroit, where he and Mrs. Hall!casting and broadcasting the an- will attend th* annual convention inual Christmas parade ancl Capitol of t he National Association of Sec., i lighting ceremonies this year. Broadcasting Company. in several Hearst newspaper organizations and co executot of the estate of ;.he late publisher WiU liam ftando'.ph Hearst. Died Monday. LOS ANGELES Hilda ttollths Maxwell, 31, former operetta Star and member of an English ihe?tri cal family, and widow of William Forrest Maxwell music publishing executive. Died Sunday. BATTLE CREEK Mich. Mrs. Paul W. Shafer, 57, wife of the Michigan Republican cOngreFsman. Born in Tioga County, Pa. Died Monday. Military Men n Conference One tiny species of beetle lives on a diet of cayenne pepper. DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Cafeteria Open from 11 A.M. until 2 P.M. 'Cafe open from 5 A.M. until 10 P.M. Open 7 Days A Week Otis and Bertha Harvey, Owners >r a short time only! />".; '• »&wgSg^*,« ^^1^.. -^^ '-^. $f9^£l »i DISCONTINUED $tYLES FOR MEN REDUCED TO Values to $20.95 Save money now on famous Florsheim shoes. Shoes you'll wear for many a season in comfort and styles. Includes all Nylon Mesh summer shoes. 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Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1954 Mtmber: Th* Atloclatcd Prest & Audit Burteu of ClrtulflHont Av. Net fold tire). 3 Mos. Ending March 31, 1954 — 3,434 widely scn| ers this afternq ly in north tonf Expei iment Statlo^'ref^rf hour-period ending at 8*4* ft nesday High lOi, PRICE: Atomic Workers Continue Plans for a Strike looking Tuesday noon would' lion - s enU . t su , v of have given you odds there wouldn't'uranium-235 for atomic be a paper that day either (publica- struck lodny at plants tion was suspended Monday for'p ac | llci ,h K y *1,hc Fourth of July holiday). | Ignoring" ' the possiblity of a Tuesday noon the smaller parts t Taft-Hartk'.y law injunction. the' of thc newspaper press were scat- ! CIO chemical workers union posted tered all over Ihe pressroom floor, j pickets al ;.; a. m. three hours be- But it was a calculated crisis, and fore the appointed hour of the' thc newspaper staff were not strike. Some 4,500 production anrli particularly disturbed — for the | maintenance workers .arc affected, i author oC this organized chaos was! Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Frank Kapler, factory service man'Co., which operates the plants for of thc Goss Printing. Press com-:the Atomic Energy Commission.! pany, Chicago Newspaper presses have what is as a universal shaft, which Girl 7 r Killed in Fiui iua i Kidnap-Rape Routfne City Council Meet Is Short ! ordered in supervisory personnel : lo keep the plants in production. Police said construction nnd oth-'. controls the quality'"of "the* printing" i cr -workers passed through tho | impression. About every 10 years iti plckct I" 1 " without incident. has to be replaced, and if you're wise you'll also replace all the connecting press — which is a major job it you The chemical process for production is so complex officials have links throughout lh u lf, aid . H mr ? ht lake . a Mrs. J. W. Patterson Heading a local group which attended the National Convention of B. & P. W. clubs was Mrs. J. W. Patterson,Arkansas' biennial chairman. The group included Miss Rosa Harrie and Mrs. Belle Klipsch. The meeting was held in St. Louis. In a short routine session last night Hope ; City Council passed a resolution thanking the commissioners of the disclosed Street Improvement District No. 14 and created a voluntary dislrict on 15 Streets MIAMI. Fla.' W — Judith Ann coluntary dislrict on 15th Street Roberts, blue-eyed. 7-ycar-oldifrorn Edgewood to Walker Streets, daughter of a Baltimore attorney! Regarding the rest room for Ne- and labor leader, wes kidnaped jgroes the council decided to look from the hom«2 of her grandpar-jinlo a long term lease oE the build- cnts here today, raped and beaten |inc whicli... may. be used, to death. I The group also discussed with no Police found the child's -nvide' action resulting the changeoVei ancl brutally battered body in a !from 2400 to 4160 volts by Munici ! clump of bushes off fasionable 'P al Power Plant. The changeover i Bayshore Drive five hours -after' tno fll> sl section was made this moi- ! ; her mother. Mrs. Shirley Roberts, : nln R- u ' i11 eventually cover the entire city. don't expect to miss an edition. the plants in operation again once War Threat Subsides, Sources Say reported her She had been beaten on the head with u heavy instrument and a piece of gauze was knotted about I Her throat. Her flimsy seersucker nightgown, white with red polka dots, lay eight feet from the body. Judith Ann's body was caked with blood and dirt, indicating she put up a fight for her life. By ROBERT EUNSON stopped. ... „ . . i President Elsenhower issued an Mr. Kapler came m early Tues-; ordcl - yesterday f or a fact-findin- day morning, praising Arkansas 1 board to investigate the wage rlis-! mild summer weather after a. pl ,te. But union officials said th.-yi two-months lour of newspaper shops] would ignore the President's ac'-i •" Ihe Western desert,-and started:tion. j aring things down — he said he'd] The strike is the first in the no-! have the press running again by Scion's history by workmen P- m> ' • , jhelp produce U235. Arival He was ready at 3, but wel union, which bargains ,for 4,GOO weren't. A flock of Hope Value Day:ployes ads caught us fiat-fbbted after 'here Monday's layoff, and we didn't get mark the first walkout, by produe-j subsided to press until 4 o'clock. But we did j li °n workers at any atomic plant. |" „.._„_'„..,.„ ,.. h ' „ . ! the y found „ . ji. , . . ' inese sources, who t,re extreme- •iv-'nHnnnH in get thc paper out — shining some-! '•• .... '. .. 'lUdaoncci m Police ssid the killov sneaked into the home of the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenberg, about 1 a. m., stole the 'keys to Rosenberg's car and took the child from the studio couch in living room where she wus sleeping. Mrs. Rosenberg was awakened by the sound of t he car roaring out - TO , KYO <'T' -Informed military ! ol t ne driveway. She discovered quarlers s ' Jld toda >' ther '- h ™ been !lhc child was gone and tha front ion, wh.ch bargains .for 4,oO(l em- a very real threat of World Wari door stand nV •yes at uvo other atomic plantsjm exploding in the Pacific in re- ° stana ' n S re. strucK two days last .July to| curi l weeks, but tho danger has ^ c ^ WC '' e irk the first walkout, bv nrorlur-l c ,,i,oi^«j ' 11" our hours a called ;;t 1:10 nd 10 minutes the Rosenberj; the strip of sandy what brighter than usual, to Mr. Kapler's sure hand. thanks OAK RIDGE, Tenn. lift — Plan's, 3 for a strike at the nation's two j f wcek a '° P atrnl "'National figures on tho holiday! week-end show that traffic deaths i early today even as Taft-Harlley totaled 348, aboul 100 less than the law machinery began turning. jly well informed^ said that up to j lancl between Bayshore Drive and anxious-! the shore of Bii-cayne Bay. Its sand and tried uranium-235 production plants here! ly . SCHnno(l the skies north of Japan j wheels were mired in the sam idayiand in^ Paducah. Ky., ^nt ahead]^^'^f.^,.""^ altrt . ^djtlre marks showed the driver. National Safety cast. The council, of Council had fore- hi-sos it<: About 4,500 atomic production i frantically lo get it out. .The tension has eased consider-1 ~j u dith's" body was foiind'~a^block ably in. the past three weeks, these !f,- om the car. workers were affected. CIO chomi-! sourccs sa 'd, but the Russians-still.: cal workers union leaders ordered ! have 35 army divisions and 700 jet; MIAMI, Fla. I.W— Judith Ann Rob- prophecies on preceding years, With adjustments for the number of cars on the road and any obvious » ickets , . . at . 8 ._»• m " EST- 1 bombers poised for a possible •at-jerts. V-ycnr-old/daughter of a,BalU- Union officials said-president Ei-! lack on Japan. j more atlorney, was kidnapped from senhowcr's order for n f act-finding i The tension was said to have re- j the home -"of tier grandparents id' trend that may, be disclosed in the i , accident rate. Bui every month this board would not affect the strike suited fi'om the possibility that! day .and brutally murdered. • ' U. S. forces would inlorvone- in In-'j the forecast; has 'been higher the actual man the actual reported total of .highway deaths,, v.f 'i"---;. ' . _ ,l t i- ft i -:. Supervisors .were proved ...^p.dpchma. feou^ces her« te §jucl , ,wcli ep the- vast acres ot machinery intervention . rrught-wfilV h*w»- ; keep ice- found ^ the nude and sa'v ; i bpdy::, of the. little D-ive on th working at their intricate proc-| opened the shooting war in Korea. i onab i e " Bayshore esses whicli. they saiil, v/ou,ld take; And Russia was poised -for a pos-j s horo of Rii-nvno It may be arguod -that there's a year to get going again H' once; sible attack on Japan,' ratedY „, . , , y , , , c in the stopped. ! both East and West as the Corner- ! She had been reported missing ert S. Kerr Leads in Oklahoma Bal|bting m35 P Ifr'LEAD KERR LEADS By DAYTON BLAIR OKLAOMA CITY (.¥) — Sen . Robert S'ir-korr (D-Okla) today was forced "into a runoff election against former Gov. Roy J. Turner in Oklahoma's bitter primary elec- tibn for ;-lhe U. S. Senate despite a lead that" held solid throughout counling';/of nearly all the ballots State Sen. Raymond Gary, Ma, dill, and William O., Coe Oklahoma City attorney, landed in the July 27 runoffs for the Dcmocratif sov- ernor's race, leaving the other candidates Jfar behind. Gary held a small Icjad throughout tabulations in yesterdays primary. Mrs. Willie E, Murray, wife of Gov. Johnston Murray, trailed Car out of the. picture in seventh place among -the field of 1C candidate's Murray 'fis barred from r, second consecutive term by the state constitution| ' . Kerr'a lead amounted to about 20,000 votes but the combined tallies off Turner and seven othei candidates kept him below 50 per cent of; the- total. RetuBis from 2,420 of the- slate's 3,155 :pi-eciiicts gave Kerr 170,403 vote Mid Turner 156.994. less free-spending' money country in 1054, and-'therefore fewer j An official of Carbide & Carbon; stone to control of the Pacific reckless drivers on the road; oi'ichcmicals Co., which operates the! thai traffic may not'be quite as! p ] a nls for the Atomic Encrny Corn- heavy as in the past; o'r that admission, said grimly hut night: strike or y;oing to run the plants not strike.' tougher policy by the liability- insurance underwriters has had a sound effect. (S But actually more cars" than, ever are on the highway today. The simple fact is ', drivers, arc being} more careful. The combination of j nationwide publicity on the ac-i cident toll, tougher insurance' requirements, and the memory of' 1 local accidents'in every community' early Wednesday in an El Dorado across the land, has made most ^Hospital. Americans safety-conscious. Not to mention the fact thai in Mrs. Dunn, 75, Dies in Hospital at El Dorado Mrs. Euanah Dunn, aged 73, died lliis era of high • costs aulomobile most expensive are the and unnecessary. Believe Man Was Near LostTreasure SATA SUSANA, Calif. I/I'I daughter and son-in-law of a machinist killed yesterday in his search for buried treasure are convinced he was about to find it. She is survived by five sons, Ed | Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hooper of Los and Thelmer Dunn of Rosston, Vic i Angeles said they will continue the The hunt. sister, Mrs Inez Belk of Chickusha, j of gold ha Oklahoma. . bandit had Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday at Ebenezer Church in charge of Herndon-Cornelius Funeral Home. An Boby Escapes Serious injury HOT SPR.INGSfA') — A (i-moth-old ! d .°r a buye rock unindentified baby escaped serious; lizard's head. was defeated recently in a eam- njury near here when a fire- Guarding the shaft in which [paign for a seat in tha .Maryland Force' cracker went off in its mouth. (Fuller lost his Jife -vas a hugol House of Delegates. She said she house, ^ le i^lant was taken to a Hot:rock shaped like a reptile's head, had considered but discarded the 4 Persons Die in Crash of Jet Plane . KANSAS CITY, Kan., - ('/I ••JK-H4-F j l!t p] anc pliuTiniottcd into a residential section today, killing at least four persons. The piano, just off' lho assembly line ancl flown--by a «• Air ' pilot, crashed into one bounced across the street and set fire to throe cine 1 !- homes. The pilot, whose name' was not U P a ^''ecracker and bit off disclosed, was killed. " |piece of it. ^ Thre'e others-'persons 'died in the flaming wreckage of houses. They were Miss. Gertrude Langford and Miss Edna Hoffman, both school teachers, who o ccupicd ono of the homes, , and Ural Redwine, • 64, an invalid, who was trapped in another. Scene of the crash was at Oth and Nebraska n.ot far* from Ihe 1 downtown district. Witnesse; said me plane was one 'four flying 'over, when one of em banked and 'plunged earth- v ward. It first struck a tree and then plowed into a two'Vtory frame and concrete 'block house, shear, ing off j:he second floor. Bert Kin' ney, Jr., 43, who wa.t; asleeu in - the house, escaped without injury. Thc plane bounced to the side, •walk, then bounced into the street /'and into another house. Two parsons were hospitalized. of Vancover, Washington, Alvin of Missouri, Howard of Castle Rock, Washington, a stepson Clarence otter, died yesterday at.the bottom of Smackover and a daughter, Mrs. ; a 55-foot shaft, one ol many he Elaine Ritchie of Norphlct and *' had dug searching for three chests i some five hours before by her mother,- Mrs. Shirley Roberts. She disappeared from the home of Mrs. Roberts' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosenberg. The child's absence was discovered at 1:10 a. m., when Mrs. Rosenberg was awakened by the sound of a car roaring away from her home. Police on a routine patrol found the car at 5:20 -i. m. A score of officers fanned out from thc abandoned cai- and one of them found Judith Ann's body at 6:15 a. in. in a clump of bushes a block from where the car was discovered. She had been beaten on Ihe head, apparently with a heavy instrument. Her body was cakecl with Her fathc-r, .Ronald Merton Full- b]ood and dirt| indicating she had put up a fight for her life. A piece of gauze- was twisted about her throat and nolle? said it believed a buried more years ago. . Fuller, 43, had searched in his spare time for eight years, lie had read widely about the bandit. Tiburcio Vasquez, who was banged in 1875. The chests he sought jjup- Mexican appeartcd .the material hncl been "•'j used to strangle her: Homicide Detectives I. J. Whit- By DAYTON BLAIR OKLAHOMA CITY —OT Sen Rob- Kerr (D-Okla) held a steady but narrow lead today in his Oklahoma primary election bid for a second term but apparently faced a runoff against former Gov. Roy J . Turner three weeks from now Turner kept close and late returns could reduce KBIT'S lead for Ihe Democratic nomination. Counting was slow because of long ballots in several state races and heavy voting in some urban area State Sen. Raymond Gary posedly were taken from an ambushed stalecoach ami buried unshaped like a man ancl Charles S.'ipp said there was no indication that an attempt had been made lo collect ransom. Mrs.. Roberts said she and her husband, James, wors in moderate circumstances and not a likely target for a ransom kidnaping. Mrs. Roberts said her husband Madill, and William O. Coe, Oklahoma City attorney landed in a runoff for the Democratic govei- nor's nomination. Gary held a slender margin with half of the ballots tabulated. Mrs. Willie E. Murray, -wife of Gov. Johnston Murray, trailed far oul of Ihe picture in seventh place among the 16 Democratic candidates. Murray is barred from a second consecutive term by the State Constitution. 3,155 precincts gave Kerr 170,463 votes to 156,994 for Turner. Kerr was slightly short of a majori.jy of all votes cast in the race, how- Ike Completely Agai Chines Into United Nation But Noli forU.SJo Quit the U. CHOOSE—Khaki-clad troopers stood guard In five counties as Oklahoma Democrats went to the polls to choose betweeif oil miillbh- aire Roy J. Turner, left, former governoi, and Incumbeiit Sen, Rob* ert S. Kerr, Hont, for the senatorial nomination. OUInhonin governor Johnston Murray Imposed martial law m five coontles to prevent "gross violation of elect-iort laws." (NEA Telephoto) EXPELLED— The State Department saidjfrtortday,thqt M tet McKmney left, Asst. Air Attache at ASVierltan Wai- <?ow, tuid. U. Col. Howard L. Folchlnii unht, U. S. Military Attac.be,, have beell dfefclnred "pers'onna «on gratli" fty'Scnf? 1 *, Uftlpi*?-iKxpMj'if; sion of two IB based on Communist clmiges they conducted espionage and acted as spies. Charges were flatly i ejected as "baselo&s", by State Department which said move is .In retaliation to the ex« polling of three Soviet oficials f i om d. S. earlier this year. (NEA Telephoto) Rail Express Worker Is Critically Hurt S. R. Washbur'n, 59, Railway Express Company Messenger, was | critically injured here Tuesday-in a fall from -a baggage truck on Harris Opens Campaign in Nashville NASHVIU 13, (Special) Fourteen ^ years of seniority awl a voting recout he said w.ts in thc besl in^eiebts ol the; fdimoi, the work. iing iriiin, and thi> veleians of south <i£ Fulton Resident Succumbs Early Wednesday Springs doctor, who quoted wit-(Recent entries in his treasure-.)thought lhat Ihe nesses as saying the child picked i hunting log indicate Fuller was j been committed rime might have Mrs. W, T. Wooldridge, aged Fulby a political ton woman and a former residenl ot 'Pine Bluff, died early Wednesday „ . ... of Invest!-, at the home of a sister, Mrs. J. J. The fragment exploded in the; dynamite fumes caused him to fall I fiation hnd ordered a sta'.ewlrle jBatlle of Fulton. baby's mouth. The doctor said the : from a ledge inside the shaft to: search for the kidnaper before thej, She is also survived by three oth- child wasn't injured seriously injthe bottom. Two sailors working] body was found. I er sisters, Mattie Roys Ion of Fili- al convinced he was Hearing his goal. | enemy. Apparently, he met. doalh when! The Federal Bureau the weekend mishap. with him found the body. Drug Industry Is Faced With a Growing Shortage of Wel! Paid, Trained Pharmacists By HAU BOYLE NEW YORK I/B Bright, responsible young indoor jobs in pleasant surroundings. Starting salaries $100-$! 35 weekly. Promotion possibilities unlimited." Roberts was not at homo when'ton, Mrs. Will McClun ow the child's disappearance was '.lis-iMrs. Randolph Hamby of Prescoti covered. The family oaivu! to Miami; an d a brother, Grandison Royston after his defeat in the Maryland j of Hope. Democratic primary June 28. Mrs. I Funeral services will be held a. Roberts said they had been in thejjo a . m. Thursday at thePresbylor- habit of visiting her parents m:j all Church of Washintgon by the Miami every summer. ;« ev . C. U. Farrell. Herndon-Corn- The kid-ispcr apparently went; e li u s is in charge of arrangements which he was woiklng He was lushed lo Bianeh Hospilal' .'!." ,, r , . J TT -i 1 Jl T I •*••* KtUj&US Ullt» UlU for treatment. Hospital attend- Klcv -. m , n Oien i anls today said his condition is unchanged and remained very critical. Mr. Washburn was unloading express from a railway car to a bag- Wmmod the in gage truck. His hnnd slipped Uom|- thu 4th ^'"Sicssjonal Dtstncl Hea heavy piece of baggage and In- l"i">tnunvc- .isk lot tc-eloctum on foil backwards, his head slnkim; lho h ' lsK " l '' u u)ld ho NV:I& iri Pacific Railway ol ilau is oj en (In campaign spt'ech hi|ht. A ctowd estimated rllll the paved Missouri Pacific Hallway platform, u witness reported. Mr. Washburn makes his homo ol Bi>p thai In- at Sedalia, Missouri and has been Mil" sinci> lu> was limn within with the Railway Express Company'shadow of tin- C'Hv ,oul icaiod some 40 years. His run is between Texarkiina and St. Louis, His wife, claughter and son are at his bedside here. Sard is Revival Starts Jujy 11 iiu,iib> BiMlon il< bv fimney Smith, .1 Nashville- distubutoi iiud l.aiiHi, called tin voullitul liuuis woiking in the ptMth hai vi">t JIaitib h.arl ih U he had supported a pjouiiin, o1 national ,setuij,ty adding I lx)ie\o tl,at Revival services at, Sardis Union w< should ' m autaui Church of the Spring .Hill Chaige'sti onglh to nuMt will start July 11 and continue through July 17 with service}, nightly at 8 o'clock. Billy Gentry vull be the evangelist and the Rev. Claud Clark is Ihe pustor. and the I btiltN, tieii'ilti thai ^\> Hi it mi By JACK BlELjL WASHlNGTOIf Eisenhower denunciation of nnd said tie k,tuialterlrlj to admitting* VK$ ^ef the Unilecl NntloSsj However he ->toj|d ,filf ference that -propose United States' put/o^ti the careful study, I I •• "* fi t ready .to say 'that ' be token, i 4< \ Eisenhower, expres|< Congress could. glV, c t> sideratlon .to the»'p|i_ islation -for; an^auto'i^! withdrawal.. V ^h^ Fhoi'Uy after the,y^p. Ws views Sen. Knowlai] foj'nia, chief spotfsoVs" posal, told an '"*-' y - " fcrcnce rilortg v til after Chinese CpmmUnlsjtiyftj acting lo withdi'a«-FAm« , )n j r t ij.<t«ii_«3'jWfe»vfi */! ever, that to tak the U. seated" xation. Cbmmunistl with, '"--'• [] &d':3~£*<& « * i'*«t* a selC-respcpting A, fewjiourj d'ent's mee.Mn$M Knowland (R.'Q5li hope thal'Etsefjh! ise to recall r— K Ihe situation thc U, N. peso Cornmunlsj Knowland. 'V pledge might, Congress IseishUlon.V asked ab,out 'JCnpWl*n| WOUld llail dtlai lv Hut he InhoMJd m umUd uitli ull In i inimli 1C", All Around the Town By The Star Staff into Rosenberg's bedroom, stole the | Hope may have lost its ba.se- pkase k-ave cuntubutums M Hamtn Active pallbearers; keys to his car from the pocket of j Herbert Cox, Claude Wilson Sam' tne his trousers, then Ernest and' buil manager, Marty Filogamo, loJTue and Appluinu, Hopi HatdwaiL Dorado Oilers oi the Cotton, and Oklahoma 'Iiic and (supply, Jho This fallirc pnrollmpnl h-n 1 pel "UIISI.-IB, "«-•" wu» uic >-•'"" MVlcGlll Bil Etter, Brooks Sin •'Wanted: theTmer can Assn TcoXeges o>° m th f st » d l° c ° uch '? U "'' Uv ,H Y - Trimble, Paul Cornelius, •ounfi men for Pharmacy to ilio ISO not. booklets; roorn whcro she Was aslco »'' r '° 1)C ° Union Revival in took the child McGill Bill Etter, Brooks Shultz F. Slates league . . . . howevei, thejc Rev Mi O Stem ::h in tho living | Y Trimhln P;ml rnrnnlius is no official word on this but loyal Pharmacy to issue 150,000 booklets lo high school career advisers citing the opportunities in the cor-1 ner drugstore. The United States-has some 10o,- rjul A newspaper ad like that would JOOO registered pharmacists 1 sound like the answer to a colleg.j O f 10 is a .voinan— of whom aboin p ,,"' said. Mrs. Rosenberg satri she heard the car i-oar away and when she i got up found the child mi.-.sing and : thc front door of UKJ house standing graduates prayer. But jobs with these advfaUages Jhey were King H. Simmons, 47,1|a»'e practically going ' begging ' :•# his mother. Searchm?;! parties still were probing Ihe debris for other bodies: r\i\ rir\f\ i i • i i' f iT 90,000 are employed in the nation's : , ,.-.,000 di-iit! stores. 1 ho rosl- won; : Whitman said a hasty exumina- of th« child's body indicated in hospitals goverlnrcnt bureaus; ¥ •.day in Ihe nation's four-billion-clol-1 research projects'or for maiuil'ac- lar-a : year drug industry. It is!taring firmf. faced; with a growing shortage ofj But ; , steadily increasing popula-i Also siiught for :j time were trained pharmacists. tion and grou th,i'ee children playing noa.r the "PurtjIliYient jn the country's 75 have spin-red CRUSHED TO DEATH CASH (A' Progress at PrescoH 1 The Association wide Revival of the Churches of Union Association is now in progress In the City Park 1$ batting .315 and in 14,i Uips, to thc at Prescolt. Services are held each! plate banged oul 43 hltfc, meluct- Legion officials believe he has signed and he definitely wasn't on hand when the LegionnaHes plajed night, , . . Gaiy Andeiboii, an Legionnaire, is playing K shortstop foi the Oileis and ii thud He said, the wwk as R mtfit On lodaj's t.poit-, pa-; dule uf all Ivicl L> iseball fe\v leading hittei of tht team he evening al 7:30. Large crowds areU n S two home >un&, allending, bul due to greater seat- ........ . but il was believed" they growing interest in health:"' Virgil Maxum, 43, of Egypt, rred a need iyr more no; Ark., yes.ti-iday was found under ing capacity than we had last year, The, crushed body!m.an..v more can yet be accomodnt- ed. Elder Harold Brunson of Carthage, Texas is the Evangelist. The ' phai-niagy ctilleges 'has dropped 25 'f ewer phavmacists. And the di-! an -overlunieri truplor-near hero, singing is' under the direction of —" "" "'"" f " ' Ti-.oper Ab Shuy said the'junmic Jones with Joe O'Steen at ere safe. per pent,' said Carl Willingham. nitlnci ls lor Better tunm-d HKII S^t*-' Ti-mpor Ab Shut; said thejjimmip Jones with Joe O'St The plane, built at the Genoial secjetpry-t/t-asuur of the National It - lt> ej> tim:iled that mnif than hall »»•'» app.u -ntly \\as on his way to the piano. The meeting will _,.__, _ ,,-,. ^, ...,,»-, ».,.,,. ,- ._, r .^ I __,_._ -juaftcsmtitinjuniMiiii''!^* Planl here, v\as bems de-'A&wi of Chain Diugslorr.s. "They t he drugs used most often , Jjveved, to <in undisclosed Air Force igiaduajted fi.OOO phaimacists five se - lyeais ^go, only 4,000 J«s.t yvar.' m prc W0lk con- and balled in 18. 34 iuni The Rev. Klbeit O'&leen is head,- ing a drive toi fwvJs to helj) out the Hawthorne fantUy foUovvjng the July 4 wet'kfHii trfl^edy at Fultun and his two mill svhen tht tiac tinuo" ihiough Jvily 16. A welcome'W dil^cult . Ihe di owning pi Mi left the in thu fc a led Stai 1 - H to 1 in a fin*, ctmte&t Wednesday night thi" junior a sche- tv\ night On said pipst$p*4 Congress w|U'| ,\i'hioh,;ansi» i „' llopi' Poiy loop Aljblaia dg^,« 0 ,,dA J- 4 lied tho I J M-.lott i*j'>«o AU''~'. t .,f.pS Hope and Piosicjott will the Park al 8 p, in, An old-lime siugiu stall JiUj 13 i)t P Clnucfi ajjd the tegular jiion .' a) school service will be h<?ld ai Celt- . todav weu- unknown h... loi he was dnvmg overturned pn a 13 extended the public arid Iheve is Conlmued on Page Two | spit shoulder. (ample room tp parlk a}} cars, many out «_ you ^ ^ |il> ._ ^-.-. ,* Vf .., f r („ Aikansas State* ^rg, I'ict Uom Uun>J»s,*^_ t«beJ.|ij"efSyjii'b( , '. , , x *&** f *,

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