Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1954 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1954
Page 21
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'1,10, pi^S^t::!:;.";;:;}' i !;o§ MWartklilat:- D. n ...l,.>.>l u ... i?Bwy^ firW M bl|cat?pn 7 t^ Inrrn'VhAtJbA nrlnTA<-l <• f n «-Ul» - Rrjntgd"in,this - fflf-;;^;^ ^ VJfLi> _.-t "" 1^ ^(1*-> V ' " mtedtoBuy Fdr Bute hduSe. All modern 6on- 5v 146% acres land, $8,000 For information sec D. E. Good" \ ftbute 1, Box 44, Fulton, Ark. 1-Ot SlN&LETAttV Peas for sale. Billy Hodge, Route 1, Mineral Springs, Arkansas. 3.31 4 ROOM houset 7 miles South of LewisVllle at Mid Way Oil Field. Mall bids to Sunray Oil Coipor- atlon % R. W. Shannon, Patmos Arkansas. Bidding closes July If Company reserves the right to re ject any and all bids. 3-01 , July ', July $, 11*4 -• Political Announcements ffe* Staf li Auttorteed to *a* Btitmcft that th* foUowtet '«*• «lfldldttc8 for public office ftub* Jfect to the action of the Demo- CfAtlC tJMtoary election*. Congress 4th District •OREN HARRIS O.-Wi LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK REGISTERED Guernseys. Bred heifer cows, bull calves. Hale Guernsey Farm. Prescolt, Ark- RED sjpider lily bulbs, $1 per dozen postpaid within Arkansas. Cheaper here. Arthur Gray, Ozan. July 0-1 Month For Rent JNFURN1SMED 3 room apartment. $5.00 pet month. Bills paid. Private hath. 808 West 4th. Phono 7-3152. June 10-TF NICE 7 room house, two story, In Obkhaven, four miles from town At $60.00 per month. Call Foster Realty Company Phone 7-4691 , ' 30-Bt 'URNlSHED' 2 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Private bath and entrance. Newly decorated. 321 Bonner ' St. Phone 73353. ' J ,• 2-3t DOWNSTAIRS four room furnished -apartment.- Available July 15. Mrs. K. G. McRac, Telephone 72432. 2-3t SODBOLD Apartments, Nicely fur- •nlshed 1 3 rooms and breakfast nOok. Private bath and carport. % block from town. 321 West Sec- 'ond Street. Adults only. Call 73314. 3-31 ROOMS & bath. Will be available July 15th. Lights, water, & gas. Plenty pasture for cow and truck patch. Located on Experiment oad. Phone 7-2253. 3-3t ROOM house and bath. Large garage. Phone ,7-4420. 0-Ot Notice OTE Boley's all new, "All air con- 'dltioned, 1 ' court. When guest's or Tburists inquire. 4 people $5.00. ',' •''«.-, July 3-1 Mo. Services Offered MATTRESS renovation ahd Innerspring? work- Cobb Mattress Co. 318 South Washington. Phone 7^2622. Mar. 4-tf Wen's trsedPShoes. Reaves (Shop." '- '• ' 31-TP, '*«**•,•.'•:•'• > {'.*,,,. \J? <<± ||.;.CaU»7:2244. Community bduce Co, June 8-1 Mo.* cb. tjsr Barrels for Sale C^flCAGO W) Casey Stengel of jei New "York Yankees, who will manage the. American League team in the annual Allrgtar Gamei Sni ,. tt ,, at Cleveland July 13, named eight p ' ' ' ;: : - ^ , . pitchers for the battel todya. right-hander pitcher deck because Only'onp, Whitey Ford of hisi of • ,the National' League's rought un VnnUo* <o Q iof4.i, Q ^^ r .,. lineup of right-hander batters at least in the Tan's Jlificup.' It includes Gran, Hamnerfoit .•••philadsl- phia, Ray iJablonski' pf St'. Loui:,-, Al Dark of : New. York^Jacliie Rob- wrapped for deep Freeze renN SHARKS more. UICK ' Mimeographing service Reasonable rate. Call Samuels 7-|3760. Farm Bureau Ottice. 101 Bast Front Street. June 17-1 Mo, For. Sale or Rent 2—4 ROOM houses. Tile floors, attic fdn. F^HA financial, little cash> Al^o good milch cow for sale. Sam Hartsfield. 1008 West Ave. B. 2-3t Steitgel Picks Hurlersfor the Big Game l''or.Tfea«ur«l i HASRY HAwTHoRmi CLIFFORD BITERS OwlGHT RIDGDILL County Clerk AHNOtD 3. MiDDLSBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERfl ARTHUR ANDERSON for Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RtTGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thru* B. L. RETTIG A. P. DELONEY For Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER PRfiSTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T. O. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State 8«nal« 7th District GENE LEE For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. The Negro Community * y 'By Helen TurniBr . ' Phone 7-5830 Op bring Itums to Miss Turner at Hicks ks Funeral Home NATIONAL Sfew Yorlt 3rooklyn Philadelphia Milwaulioe •incinnati t. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh LEAGUE W L Pet. G 52 25 .C75 .G32 3 .528 ll .SOt 13 .500 13U .401 18V 2 48 28 38 34 38 ,17 38 38 35 41 27 -16 .370 23 25 52 .325 2?' Yesterday's R e sults ' Brooklyn R-7, Pittsburgh G-2! Now York 10-4, Philadelphia 0-3 Milwaukee 8-10 Philadelphia^ 6-!! Mllwaukefi 8-10 St. Louis 0-4 ' Cincinnati 0-8, Chicago 5-7. Today's Games ';• l New York at Brooklyn Pittsburgh' at Philadelphia -. Milwaiik(;o at Chicago Cincinnati at St. Louie, (night)' AMERICAN Cleveland Vow York hicago Detroit Washington Baltimore hiladclphia Boston LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 53 23 .B97 51 28 .640 3Vjf 48 30 .615 G' .438 19'A .413 21l| .305 23 < 32 41 31 44 30 40 29 45 28 45 .392 23 .384 23!a Yesterday's Results Boston 14-1 Washington 0-?' • Chicago 3-2, Baltimore 0-1 New York 7-11 Philadelphia 4'-2 Cleveland 13-0 Detroit 6-1 Today's Games Baltimore at Cleveland (night^ Boston at. New York (night) Chicago at Detroit Philadelphia at Washington (night SOUTHERN Atlanta Birmingham r ew Orleans hattanooga Memphis lobile ^ittle Rock .ittle .Rock 'ashville ASSOCIATION w L .. Pet. GB 50 34 .595 ' s! .583 49 35 47 38 46 41 40 45 39 47. 37 47 1 •'• .553 3'/n .529 51/2 .471 101/2 .453 12 ' .453 12'i 37 50 .425 14 ^ 32 50 300 17 Brendes Joyce, Shearley Ann and Jackie Flenory from Hot Springs are visiting their Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frank- Flenory, • i Mr. and Mrs.'Frank Fleiiory nnd granddaughter Mary Anri Phillips spent Sunday the 4th visiting her sister Mrs. Pinkie . Williams and Mr. Williams and-neico Mrs. .Pearl Bradshaw and Mr. Br'aclshaw in Spring Hill, La. 12 Persons Die in Arkansas By The Associated Press At least 12 persons died violently in Arkansas ..during !he long July Fourth weekend.' Seven of the deaths were attri 3uted to drowning,: and five were traffic fatalities. The latest reported victim to die accidentally was Hank: Lewis r.C Jerome, Ark. (Drew County), - who was killed Sunday night when he was struck by a truck on Highway 165 near Boydell, r Ark. The truck; driver '\v,as.identified I by Sheriff B, A. .Cpursore/as C. ' Rn p own is a left-hander. Yesterday's Results Little Rock 6-1, Nashville 5-4 Memphis 4, Chattanooga 0 (Second game ppd, rain) Atlanta 4-2 Mobile 2-3 Birmingham at New Orleans rain. Today's Games Nashville at Little Rock Chattanooga at Memphis Birmingham at -ew Orleans Atlanta at Mobile. SPORTS ROUNDUP .S* ttAYLt tALSOt. By GAYLE tALfibt I !of the Braves knew what he was NEW YORK 1/PlPrivate reports [doing howsver. The Milwaukee reaching this corner that Charlie club's inability to mako runs shows Grimm was on; the griddle at Milwaukee and might not last out the season appear upon investigation to have been greatly exaggerated. The normal amount of second- guessing seems to bo going on but there is little indication that is . being plight. Russ LyHch, sports editor of the the popular rrjahnger blamed for the Braves' how greatly a hitter of Thomason's caliber was needed. "Bobby averaged more than 100 runs baited in over the last five seasons. At the same pace, h-.?' would have driven in 40 or more? so far this season. The Braves have lost 14 games by one run. How many of those might have been 75-Pitcheri-.. Used in Games By JOE REICHLEft Associated Press Sports Writer Big league ballplayers celebrated Independence Day With a home run barrage that rocked eight baseball stadiums from dug-out to bullpen and sent the harried, defenseless pitchers running t o cover. The day of double-hoadcrs returned into victories by Thomson's sounded with 35 hohio run blasts, Milwaukee.., Journal, .explaining,bat? How much more potent might f n 'y five short of the major leagur why a- club which one yoar ngo was fighting Brooklyn tooth and nail for thp 1 lead now is dropping more than'a dozen games off the pace, lias this to say: "Johnny Antonelli's fine pitching for the Giants has led to many slurs at Hie deal in which the Braves gave Antorielli and another left-handed pitcher, Don'Llddle, to get outfielder Bobby Thomson, Who oroke his nnkle in s piing training and may hot get J nto a game this season. "General Manager John Ecldi e Mnlhcws hnvc been, with Thomson -backing him tip? How much o f a lift would the additional power haVc given tho rest of the team? , "The writer-has no doubt at all that with Thomson in the lineup from the start'.of the senson Iho Braves now would bo right up there with Now York and Brooklyn. John .Quinn made a shrewd deal. He got' what the Braves needed. Wiiat a catastrophe Thomson's accident was is becoming Quinn [more and more apparent." COTTON STATES LEAGUE El Dorado Meridian •Pine Bluff •Monroe Hot Springs W L 4G 23 39 20 "37 32 30 35 28 41 22 4n Pet GB .G07 .600 5 .530 9 i .4C2 14 .400 18 .328 23 Yesterday's Results El Dorado 0, Hot Springs , Monroe 5-4, Meridian 1-5 Greenville 7, Pine Bluff 0 Today's Games Greenville at Hot. Springs Pine Bluff at Monroe Meridian at El Dorado By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kansas City 3-4 Indianapolis 10 .' i. .•••'•••. •' ; Columbus 3-1, Charleston 2-4, ! Paul 11-4, Minneapolis .1-3'' s Louisville 7 7. Toledo 3-3 TEXAS LEAGUE •• • = ? San Antonio 4-5 Houston. 1-1 ' Dallas 5-5, Oklahoma City ', Tulsa 8-1, Fort Worth 310 Shreveport 3-5 Beaumont 2-6 . The others are Mike Garcia and Lemon of Cleveland; Bop Kee- and Virgil Trucks o| the Chi- White Sox;. Bob Portorfleld of VBB.V YYHUB oux; DUO t'OMorneici or nl -^"iin ui JNCW. xorKy.dacKie JSob- Waghington; Allio .Reynolds of New ( lhs.on of Brooklyn |jl '. righ-hand- Vrtnlr • n nH T3j^l^ n^n».!«.. «* T3 *, 14 f PI*C nMrl ^ill iitNti 4-V. :i ».. ^ _ « s i- i ^ and Bob Turloy of Balti' The American League released Stengel's choices along with thr other players who, with the eifjht starters selected in a poll of fans, will represent the league. The eight American Laasue starters, announced Sunday night, are Al Rosen, Cleveland fiipt base; Bobby Avila Cleveland, second base; Chico Carrasquel, Chicago, shortstop; Qrostes Minoso, Chicago left field; Mickey Mantel, New York center field; Hank BRUCE JN«w York, right field; and "ogj- Berra, New York catcher. Rach of these eight top vote vet- ters must, qceordmg to the rcgula- t}ons govwuiing the game, start am| play A minimum of throe in- ntojw- • "Hi* For possible use in luter innings, Stengel chose the following pJayers to j-OMnd out his 2 5-man squad: Qarcher Shermaa Lollar, Chicago. Ipfiejder Ferris FaJn Chicago " ^inJ^W).' Philadelphia; Nelson Chlpagp; Qeoi'ge Kell Chl- " Kuenn, Detroit. Larry jDoby Cleye-" " ' ' 'Ted . i»nd; • Jfm •Wiljliams, Bfistpn,, gr^jijum9b?y ers and allj wit(l possible ex ception of Davk, respected sluggers. The pitchers antl other members of the National-League squad will be named by Manager Wait Alston of Brooklyn in Wednesday mom- ing papers. ' Travelers End 7-C5ame Losing Streak By The Associated >ress Floyd Fogg, Nushvijlo's sluggjtiy third baseman, is no exception to one of the unwritten rules of baseball. The rule is that -when a playey switches teams withjn a league, he's supposed to take special delight at harassing • his forncr mates whenever possible Fogg, wrr, wore a Uttle Rock uniform three years ago, teamed up with Ray Bcrnsi " to giye the Vols a 4-1 victory Q&er the Travs in the second gam* pf a do\ible- )Mjadcr last night. < . Berns wujlpped an 1 ojght Inniuy homer to tjc tjie spjaSfo at M and Fogg slammed one-'^ut of ijie park with two in the nintjj to settle things. Joe Mergpnaii Trqys to three hits. Little Rock won tho ending a saveivgami? losing fterns got two Jiojpws f °r *he Vols in the first |ame and drove in runs, fhe 'Pr.avs snapped then- runs in tho bottom of the nintlil Birmingham at New Orleans wa| rained out but A-tlanJ-a was'unable^ to take advantage of'the oppor.ti nity to increase. Their Southern v sociation lead of one -game o the Barons. The Crackers whippet Mobile 4-2 in the 'opener but log; the, 11-inning afterpiece 3-2 Mem phis ended Chattanooga's six-game winning sti'enk by downing the Lookouts 20 in .Kelly Jack Swift': three-hitter. The second game o the scheduled Chick-Lookout dot bleheader was rained put. Sportsmen, Commission to Meet Here Little Rock — Sportsmen throughout Arkansas will be given an opportunity in July to join the Com- nission in-their own communities ;o work out plans for a new and intensified quail program. The Commission plans to set up sportsmen meetings in eevery county to outline .its program. Hempstead county's meeting is scheduled for the Courthouse in Hope at' 7:30 p. m. on Thursday, July 8. Quail Unlimited chapters, hunt-, ng and fishing groups and individual sportsmen are invited to attend. The primary purpose of the .meetings is to outline to quail hunters', vhistlo-count and census procedures in which they can actively part- cipate with Commission technicians and their county game wardens. Another purpose is to offer all sportsmen an '.opportunity to engage in a discussion of ther local problems regarding, the Commission's over-all , management pro- ram. The me'etings will provide an excellent opportunity for sportsmen to suggesj l .j-ecommend changes in regulations'ordinarily received only at the semi-annual public 'hearings. •- . .. ' By opening this statewide -series of meetings to'these suggestions and recommendations -in advance of the scheduled July 19,public hear jngs the .Commission feels -that it ' PROUD-—Chester Cole, of El Dorado Springs^ Mo., is mighty happy about the sturdy corn crop, he planted in April. Cole is offi to an early, start in the 1954 Missouri Farmers' Assoei- ' ation corn-yield contest. portunity to be heard or represented,- . •--.". ; Hemember it's your Commission. The,; more you ' work with it, the will give virtually everyone'an op-1 for oije.yt. can.: r yvork and accomglish ! 'yciu. V -"'."" ' ••"•-.- ' ' '. record for most homers in oho day, A total of 315 hits worn penpercd about the parks and 7f> pitchers were used. Thats an nvorngc of almost 20 hits and more than 4-i pitchers a game. Cleveland's Bill Glynn was the merriest celebrant. The normally light-hitting first baseman exploded, three home runs in the 13-6 opening victory over Detroit and drove in eight runs. Ray Boone and Wayne Belardi homered for Detroit. Glynn's bat, alontf with the rest of the Indians, was silenced in the second game, which went to Detroit 1-0 in 11 innings. Three others the New York Yankees' Irv Noren Milwaukee's Eddie Mathews and the Chicago Cubs' Randy Jackson walloped two homers in one pame. Dusty Rhodes of the New York Giants and Ted Lcpcio of Boston also hit two homers, one 'in ' each gnme. Glynn, Lopcio and Roy Sievers 'Of Washington had grand-slammers. Only nine of the 32 starting pitchers went ihe distance with four of them turning in shutouts. The flashiest performance . was exhibited by Gaorge Zuver'rik of the Tigers. A member of the Indians' in 1951, Zuverink blanked his former teammates with three hits and was rewarded with the victory when Tiger shortstop Harvey Kuenn homered off rookie .Dnn Mossi to break up the game. The split, which snapped an eight-game winning streak for the Indians, cost them a full game to the Yankees and trimmed their first-glace American League lead- to 3'/ 2 games. The Yankees trimmed the Philadelphia Athletics twice, 7-4 and ,11-2, to win their v first double-head er in almost a year. They had split the last three twin bills i n 1953 and their firot 10 this season. Successive homers by Joe Collins and Mickey Mantle and .a r^n scoring double by Gene Woodling provided ihe margin of victory in the opener. Noren drove iin five runs with his two homers in the nightcap. Bill Wilson hit Philadel- phias only homer. The Giants and Dodgers 'swept; double-headers leaving the National League-leading Giants still 3 l /y lengths in front of Bs-oaklynv The two rivqls begin a threcrage s,e.t at Ebbets Field tonight. : -. s " : ',-' ;/ Johnny Anlonelli won his ir.th game with a three-hit. 1M) shutout over the Philadelphia Phillies- m the opener. .Rhodes, subbing for Monte Irvin in left field, homered. and doubled in the first game. In the second game, he hit two singles and a homer with two males aboard to give the Giants an uphill 4-3 triumph. Rookie Walter Moryn. playir-R in place of the slumping Jackie Rr! ''' inson, cracked four hits, including n homer to help Brooklyn down Pittsburgh 8-6 in tho first gamr. Duke Snider banged hip 20th tour- bagger in. that game too Junior Gilliani homered for the Dodgers ih the second game but it wn.= Cai-1 Furillo who drove in five runs !o account for the 7-2 victory. Milwaukee won two slu;:!?-''.? matches from the Rt. Louis Cardinals 8-0 and 10-4 as eacii tenin slugged four homers. B.v.klefi Mothews' pair, Bill Burton and- Del Crandall homered for the Braves while the Cardinal homers wnro hit by Solly T-Iemus, Rip IlepuUki, Ray Jablonski and rookie .Too Cunningham. Cincinnati's RndloRS dofen.tod Chicago 6-5 in the opener despite two homers by Jackson of 1ho Cubs. Bobby Adams drove in the winning run in the , 10th. .with, -a single. The Reds also took tho nightcap 8-7 on Hobie Lnndrltivs home run. Cincinnati's Tod Klus-_ zewski hit his 21st homer in,, the first game. Boston's Red Sox and Washington divided a twin- bill! Boston won the first game 14-0 behind Willr.rd Nixon's six-hitter as Leptiio bntlcd in five runs with a triple nnd ain- gle besides his gi-nnrt-slann'nc.r. Jack; Jensen also homered for : Bo:;ton. ' - ' Washington took the second 7-1 behind Chuck Stobb's five-hitter. • Sievers' four-run wallop offset a 1-0 Red Sox lead- provided fay Lepcio's second Komer. Only one homer wns hit in tho Chicago Baltimore double-header won bv the White Sex 3-0 and 2-1. Billy Pierce hurled a four-hit shut out in his first complete game since May 19. The only homev was hit by Ron Jackson a 20 year-old bonus player subbing at first base for Chicago in place of the injured Ferris Fain and Phil C.nvarretta. ' Jacksons blow came in tho seventh inning and broke xip a scoreless pitching duel- between- Baltimore's Duane Pille'tto nnd f Harry Dorish. Cass Michaels' single in the eighth scored Minnie , Minoso all the way from first to provide tho winning run. • Fights Last Night -i By The Associated Press ; -' -. • . NEW YORK I/P) Sandy Saddler, 131 "/ 2 , New York, stopped Libby Manzo 134 'a New York, 10. BROOKLYN Billy McNcece 1B314 Central Isjip, N. Y. stopped Jackie La Bua . 102',-i, New York P. LOS ANGELES " Kecny Tornn 116, Los Angeles,i outpointed Kiklo, Martinez I'M'/i, 'Calexibo' "Calif. . 10 Wed/is Value Day In Hope. As usual Owen's, Hopes Largest and Best Store brings you Hopes largest and biggest values^ Be at Owen's Wed. morning when the doors open. Get Double U.S. Green Stamps every Wed. at Owen's, Get valuable Bonus Buck with e/ery $1 spent beginning today at Owen's. Note - all dresses, play clothes, shorts, mens wearing apparel, bathing suits and many other items priced to clear. PUCKERED NYLON Hey look never before never again, 45 In. New winter Weight. You All Come.' 54c yd. Country Club Tournament Is Reported The Hope Country Club held its annual Flag Day Tournament" y terday and the winner was Will vis, with N; T. Jewell second and tied for third and fourth place? wore Tully Henry and Larry Bruce, Iri addition ill medal play James H. Jones and Larry Bruce tied for low with a score of 72. Jim Smith won third place with 73 and Honiier Beycrley was fourth with 74. A large, crowd was in attendance with 44 players participating in the tournament. Pgr?at§ can always look fpc- wgra tq th§ day whea their teenage dawgbtef wUl get mawled. ar*d have a ghojne pf her own SHEER GOODS Here Tis again, 36 in. New shipment value to 89c. Wed-Only-' 2yds. 79c DRESS SLACKS Look men Wed only. Values to $8,95. We will see you. -.-•-. $4.50 SUMMER DRESSES See this all dresses slashed in price. But here is an extra special rack of new crisp 1 dresses at this astohding low price. Don't miss it. $3.00 CHILDRENS SANDALS Come one come all. One big table of ladies and childrens. 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(.comb, form) 9 Male 10 Grafted (her.) 11 Expired 12 Old Eli 19 Summer (Fr.) 21 Pesters 22 Printing 31 Observes mistakes 37 Happenings 23 Being borne 38 Clamp 17 Abstra'ct being 24 Shops 41 Subtler 18 Lamprey "" " 20 Dutch city 26 Afresh 21'Be'd canopies 27 Father (Fr.) 46 Peruvian Indian 47 Hawaiian precipice 25 Caverns (ab.) 42 Norse explorer48 Winter vehicle 25 Antic 28 Redactors 32 Close (poet.) 33 Recipient 34 Vice 35 Goddess of • peace 36 Make pleasing .to the taste 39 Birds' homes 40 Unexpended I • sums of money 42 Age : 45 Roof ftnial '46 Pages (ab.) : 49 Keep 62 Breakfast food 55 Earnest 56 Make possible, •57 Ocean shores -58 Paid back DOWN , 1 Window glass 2 English river 3 Sailors (coll.) >4 Diminutive of Timothy 5 Note in Guide's scale { CARNIVAL 29 Individuals 30 Lease 43 City in Nevada 50.Roman bronze 44 Unsorted'.-, 51 interest (ab.) ; wheaten meal 53 Compass point' (India) • 54 Knock '\ 15 27 55 37 lb 52 53 5") II IZ 30 Dick Turner ^ T-M. R.J. U. 8. P.t. Oft. Ctpr.1954 bj NEA Sirilct, Inc. "You gotta realize dis is an age of •specification— we. in r- •',/'•" straight garbage don't take no cansl" '" ' . SIDE GLANCES . . By Galbraith # ,„ hasn't finished a letter for two dayis^yflfy $W9 'lit i calls me foe dictation he wiod§ up waving bi$ arms |^ __ _ trout ancI JjassP y^ OUT OUR WAY F WIVES COULD JUST 00 WHAT By J; R. Wlllltitti DON'T . HAPPA PLAYAGIWST GIRLS WITH MAKEUP THEY SAID I WAS SLIPPIM' TH' BALLOVER WHEW THEY WASN'T LOOK1M'-AN' THEY'VE FIXED IT <=>O I CAN'T TELL.' VOUR PARDOW (3OOM.» THE FIXEP STARE . : With Major OUR BOARDING HOUSE HAK-KAFF// OMPLETED VACATIONS — t'A\ FAIRLY ITCHING VISTA5 ~-'AH-ER<~- YOU'D QUIET INTERLUDE I ' AlK.'SpST TM£ TONIC VOUK AJADED GUARD \6 -OP =7-1 FUNNY BUSINESS By HenKberger •••••-. •.* t;',~:•:-'• ' '•. -\ • i' • i^y-"-' "I almost said yes when somebody '\$*&$'&j$'$J^. 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