Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1954 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1954
Page 15
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"Wtj*-—• ILO a* Ml(6 f , who U leach *i-e»tllftft, hi* at ft rttult 6f against H'rm'an S:, tan Hacdly wait a 6af,t6 take §etty Jane meanwhile.. Mil* fain'have 3 XIII t)t seeing little Milo pick- _efmsit arid siamrnlng him jyts&i, nice and ftlendlylike, v'as usually the case, there ,—Jltf lying on his belly and Dhl-ihc way he did the times * ! "fce tny nose by , accident. —i \vas trying to comfort him, 8bka sad, too, Which is un' ' hirrt. ;i> he cry?" Herman nr,kcd. J< ilnd out but -no-can.' fiife 'lost ifjy, paflericli, some; ]$w/ orkiijg, 'wiu£ w Cvij f fellows" /sed such" basic 'JJngllsfi, but *-"**t f . Ourtkelberger had. Irttl- Tei'Wan was easier to un„..„ than Milo. pi|in went on to explain th at if H was 1 Msl wrestling before peo. pie that Milo wanted, there was sdmebody he knew through. The Turfteirs. this German club to which he belonged, who managed a theater that p-Jt on wrestling matches during the intermission. He though thai-it would be easy to get Milo and We tsft the bill which was on Monday nlfehts, when^.otnerwiss it would be a siow night nt the Bijou \Vhen Herman mentioned the name'of the theater, t knew right away that'.Pa and Ma would both raise' heck if I wrestled there. I had jiever seen one of its shows, but J had heard about them from fellows who had. "The Bl}mi!' 1 says. "But that's a burlesque theater, - where the girls take their clothes off.-Milo won't Hkr it «i- thert because he hates women, even when t hey have clothes on." But Milo said we didnt hove to look at'the girls. Herman / came through like he promJscd. T kept my folks in 1 ine by not telling them and 1 believe that Milo would have wrestled anywhere, just so people would see NOTICE , _ Service will be interrupted tcrfiporari- ^,1y from 5 A:M."fb 8 A.M. WiDHfcS- 5 * 'DAY In Ward 1 everything, feast of ^*'j*3rd Street.. Including Highway 4, '' i Highway 67 East, and Rocky Mound K *-$# .^W-*« T»/ *«r »v* l' ' HOPE WATER & LIGHT Clydfi Zinn i ,i. , «•;*' an. " J i*f T4^ V-' • .-. J 1 ' "88" 2-Oo(,r f Sedan delivered ' locally; itat« and .. local taxei extra. loaded with looks! Packed with 'pbwerlSee and'drive the new 1954 "Rocket" Oldsmobile- f/ie va/ue k(?y of »/i« y«arl ' Your prki.tleptndf upon (hole* ct ' mod*! and body jtyl*, optional fcqulp- 1 * 'm*n» bnd oicMibrim, Prle«» mny vary .. .... . _j.^_._ tommun |||»i i—- v'Sjf i .<• cauit ofiijlpplnji «harg«i. All wlcii '."Wto*. i t fo\ fa (0 c h'{,nj|, ^ithout n^tlei. K c)i»cl( cur - •«» frwdgjij Ifrnul ' YL f ifj^'F C*?»,?' •* -,»t "-WfjfySyg *% w »'* i ^s! VW «^^BSS « f" " V •^^^ ' r "" * %^","',- t ^;^- , •-aa^-^w^ ,^ " ^ 7T t*> Tuetday, Julf l f 1*54 him. t had never beeti hacks tag* in a theater before, and it was really exciting. Girls were still zip- jpwrihg up iheir clothes, rrien were srhoking cigars and moving scenery at the same tlhie. In the back there was just a bare brick wall, with the mat laying in front of it, along with the posts and taped-up ropes. • A cha^acter wearing a derby hat comes up to me. "Volt .the other rassler that Merman Glutz sent?" he asked. Wheh I nodded, he said, "Well, you look like a rassk-r anyway but .1 could drop a- hammer on Merman's square head for ' sending me that grease ball." Id learned in the stipefmarket to agree with- your customer b e« fore you begin telling him he's wrong, "t know" I said, "that's the impression he gives. Mave'you ever, seen Mermaft Glutl, wrestle? "Sure, he teaches" it ^t the Turners.' . •• •?.' "Will you believe me that the longest he has ever lasted with Milo is three minutes and 47 sec-, onds? I know, because I did the timing." This is the manager Of this place, I decided, and at least I've: part way sold him. He reached back in a corner s omcwhere $rid took out a cigar butt that he had slachcd away. "I dont know" he said. 'But Herman is only s.n amateur. I've got a good man for tonight. He's buidlt up quite a reputation out at the Arena as a tougru;article," Something was worrying -md, < I thought I Vnighi as well be/honest. "This Is the first time Ive' ever \yrcst1cd in a place like Jhis,' but it seems to'me the. mat'is awful far from the -people i:i the show." "That's oh dollies, ready to he rolled In front - of the cuftajn. He wcht on -explaining in'a lot of .stage terms that I. didnt''' undct'stand much, about, and. ended up,', "This is .a. theater, which is sho<v business and show business is something for the customers: to sec: hot two guys,going to sleep ort'a mat. Besides, the audiehcfc in the orchestra pays a buck and . a < half; Maybe-the 75-cent balcoriy can-Sec Lwo. guys playing footsie on the Uoor, but thq buck-artd-a-halt guys can't, so keep on your feet." I could see that he understood very little about the fine points of wrestling, one of which 1 is that one of the opponents has to hove" both shoulder^ pmncd'lo the mat to Jose, which it would be very hard to do standing up, Milo didnt want to K(.t undrdssed because he was afraid sonlt; pf the girls Would sec him. The ^irls were running bnck and forward with practically nothing oh themselves, but thatM the way Milo was, modest. i There weie an awful lot of those women and some of them were real nice-looking especially one who reminded me 'a lot of Betty Jane Blanii e-ce^ot that this girl was ithllcr and had red hair. Sh^ was prettier too, but then I could see more of her han I c'ould of Betty Jane ; Anyway, we were* no more than icady, Milo with his blue satin robe on and me. with the ' purple one that he had bought for me, when in come the two fellows we are going to have to wrestle. The one in front is toughf all right j has flowers on, both ears, one of them still puffed up and blue and a flat node. He takes a looit at Milo, and sjays ,to ther other fellow, "Is ttyistwhat I'm simposert to wrestle? Can it talk or does It only grunt?" '< ' /^^ Mjlo only got Jh.e- *g{Bj: of he was'sayiiig, or, Jhcce^ttught have been trouole the' oihuf' follow I could Sec at .one glance ) old man who must hive' ttaon close to 40. " , fr (To 84 ,Cor(tlpu*d) I |E 'Ybu* OLDSMOIILI DiAiiR TODAYJ ^ & H% "tTJEs S fJi^ i 'V.Vf.* **t»» »- > f r , 7-3461, 500 S. Wolnut The blood volume of whales is relatively greater, «Sven in propor tion to size than that of^ other roam- mals. , 7 Students estimate that Ameri cans spend an aveaage 10 Jiei cent of their incomes for the;t'bperation ot automobiles, TOUR £ MONTH (NORTHWEST coolness of the uplands orw to the tourist heading fof north- West Arkansas. The Ozarks, which ripple the surface' everjrwhere you go in this area, make possible ths irdnders which attract thousands to tpls section each yeat in search of .:; the hills are honeycornbed with caves (UL) containing fascinating forTnatioris, the White rivef is; dammed at Bull Shoals (LL) to provide a fishing lake second to none in America,' while; ; the float fishing on the upper White (M) and the .mountain Views at every hand (LR) make this one of the state's most varied wonderlands. At Mt; Ne in extreme NW Arkansas arc the ruins of "Coin*' Hifvey's amphitheatre and time pyramid, monuments to a misfit of the century's early years. The Albert Pike Museum, Devil's Den State PArk, famous Wonderland Cave and Eureka Springs, ftre other attractions in the northwest corner, while Marble Falls, Diamond Cave (largest in the state) and Fitton's Cave with the highest underground waterfall in America are attractions along Highway 7. Everybody "floats" in north•west Arkansas, since the White river is everywhere, twisting serpent like back and forth across the .border before coming to Bull Shoals 'Dam, which provides wonderful rainbow trout ..fishing below itself for 50 miles. The "cool" NW Definitely has lots to offer any vacationer. , ; . r , SUCAR — Chaiiene becK is showered with candy at a confectioners' convention 'ip .Chicago,; HI Shapely Charlene was named "Miss Sweets" by the 1 attending members 1>!''1 V C* '' UNESDAY IS HOPE VALUE DAY FIRST: QUALITY FOXCROFT COLORED SHEETS 81 x 99 size - Guaranteed for 100 washings - VAUUEPAVQNIY $198 CAS1S TO MATQM 49c EACH ARE GLAD THAT WE HAVE ^E^IgRTUNATE ENOUGH TO "' ',•• FEW ADDITIONAL GENUINE FOAM RUBBER FOR VALUE DAY $1.59 5HOP IN AIR CONDITIONED , COMFORT f *\ Deportment Hits Russian Veto *.<• V, •: / -?r — The New York ran into a ,Rus- ian'vptr) ^los^t^night when two fire o'ljjpanljEa wer,^ barred frpm the ailc <A!vehU6 IjUilding housing the soviet ^ /delegation to the United using a fireplace' and there was no reason for firemen to have come. A fire official surmised .that paper had been burned inside the I building, as fucmen saw sparks and papci ash, apparently rising through a scieen covering an incinerator chimney. Mae West Says, Win Over the Ladies BY 868 fHOMAS HOLLYWOOD wi Mac west has some advice for Marilyn Monroe: you'd better win over the ladies, baby, Miss West, still the epitome of sex, is a logical party to hand out advice. She made millions by muttering spicy comments. She can • still command a top salary, as she will when she opens at La Vegas 1 Sahara July 27. I won an audienr.o with the fabulous star in her sixth-floor apartment near the heart of Hollywood. The living room was unbelievably garish. It was all done in white, with Louis XIV furniture tr.'mmod in gold. On one wall was a nin.Ie painting of Miss West, for which she says slic has refused a $100,DOO. Atop the piano was hur nude likeness in white marble. Beside the statue were tintypes of her parents. Miss West's entrance was in character she sauntered into the roorn in a flowing negligee. She looked, impressive. The record books indidatc she's around GO, but she seems 20 years, youngcn Her figure is still plump and curve- spmo, her skin smooth ' and her ch'in singular. I ashed h er how she felt about Marilyn Monroe. "I haven't seen her on the screen' 1 , Miss West said in her soft nascl voice. "But folks tell mo she is using a lot of the things I do. The wa)k, for instance. They tell me s;he walks the same way I do. And Hie humorous things she says. I don't know whether she has' said them herself or note. At any rate the press boys have done a good job on her. "But it she's as great as they say she .'f,, why isn't she saving the- studio, the-way I did wiih Paramount? I paid off the mort £age on : the place." Miss Wr-st reflected her own rise to fanttkandf-said she "broke records everywhere" because' sne , didn't a-lterate the femalS audi- • cnce. ' t 1 "Youll notice'in my pictures I never wenf after a inairiod man or took ;. man from another woman,' she said. "I always treatedI _ other women with respect. That w was all part of my plan to keep the women in the audienc-s happy. "MTTy-E. s*»' L.IX. 7-3 The person who is ashamed .of his post can'always turn if into a bestseller. *"«*« The_ equipment responded to nn larpn fljjj, 1 a. pa|ser-by that-smoke, '' ossibly flames were e delegation build- turned 3'^ ,the,^hfatds?_' however •• BITTER RESIGNS .FAYETTEVILLE W) Roy C. Ritter of Sprmgdalc has resigned as president of the~Arkansas Poul .try Federation. .Vice .President Joe Ray of Danville steps up"."to the described him elf as^thie^'officer on duly,' said he del^S^tinj personnel was "only I Ritter icsigned because -4t the press of other business. He: Is new director for Arkansas ih':,cthe Na tional Broiler 'Institute. 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Archie Johnson, Mrs. Frank Gilbert, and Mrs. Jess .Hays, who was a tea 'guest. A delicious dessert course was served. huhliand Sandra Ward the prize fn the guessing 1 game. A TV program was.-also enjoyed. Water, cameras were given as favors.' The white'birthday cake was embossed Vvith.pink roses and topped-with pink candles. Ice cream and individual cakes word'.served-to Jane Nelson, Sandra War.;!, Ruth Hairston, Karen Ann Rouse, George Junior Slegar, Car- 6linti,\Danlcl, Nancy Bratton Helendale 'Lcdbcttcr, Nancy McNeil of Atlanta, Ga., Jimmy Graham, Richard Graham, Donald Bratton. Frankic Anderson, Wally Pittman Gcor- 'gc Hamiltoh Christopher and Bill Justiss. far. and and were Jimmy Elrrts who HdS bfeferi a guest in the Arnold Cynthia Arnold Honored On Tuesday afternoon, Dr and Mr .and . Mrs. Mark Justiss and _ ^ill, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Buchan- Mrs C P. Arnold Jr., entertained' an Jean and Marlon have been rc- with a party for the pleasure of .cent visitors at Camp Albert Pike their daughter, Cynthia, oh her eighth birthday. Jlln the games wally ' Pittman that were played, won the treasure Mr. and Mrs. Guss McCaskill were- Tuesday visitors in McCaskill Mrs* C. P. Arnold Jr., aicdmpanied\ home by Dr and Mrs J B Hfstcrly motored to Little Rock Tuesday for the day. Mrs. Roger Slth and Miss Ann Smith of Magnolia were the Tuesday guests of relatives Col. and Mrs. L. C. Dill and Miss Ida Rae Hamilton spent Tuesday in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Escarre and family arc spending several days in Houston and Laredo, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. W. E; Gunlher of McNeil were the Tuesday guests of their daughter, Mrs. J. M. Drake Jr., and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sloan and children have returned to their home in Little Rock after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tcctcr don. Mrs. Cl£o ftihSs hid IS hef fuest* Wednesday, attd nines, Susan and David Ge« of Cam den and Mr. aha Mi's. H. Canley ot Nashville. ' V. Me- eVenlng Hope-. Mrs. . ( Livingston accompanied the group. Mrs JSdwai?d Brysbn, Ed and Mary Beth, and Mrs. W. L. Britt returned Wednesday from a visit ffom a visit in Galv'*6tdft. Mrs. RKssoIl Mdblrg and Mfs. Bill Dail motored to Memphis Wed* ncsday and were accompanied home by Misses Barbara Moberg and Wyonda Dail whtfhave been'vi* siting relatives th<* past scvetal weeks. ' ' Miss Cettie Lue DaVis and Mrs. Marvelle Williams bp6M Friday 1A Fordyce. Mrs. AUen Gee Jr., Gailand Bill of Hope spent .Friday With her pa'r* cnts, Mr. and; Mrs. J. A; Yaftccy and other relatives. " • A NEW CREDIT PLAN... "CREDIT COUPONS" Like Cash in Your Pocket'. . . Pay for Within 90 Days Budget Your Purchases .. . Budget Tour Payments Have what you want. .when you want it. Ideal for Career Girls,or Housewife. Pay out.of your weekly salary or allowance. Credit Coupon' Books are in $10.00",& $15.00 denomination, Pay ten pe,r£ent down-(pi us tax and small 'carrying charge) pay weekly, bi•weekly : or monthly. Get yours today at \ V ogue 2nd and Main St. Master Monty Scott of Little Ilock is the guest of Itis grand parents, Mr. and Mrs.- Wren Scott. sit with King Jr., Mrs. Frank- GilbeH, Misses Joan and Judy Gilbert and "Marguerite Bright wcrc'Monday visitors in Tcx- arkana. Mrs. Floyd••JUeVerelt"and Amelia ot Hope were;:the Thursday guests of her parents,' Mr,. arid Mrs. Ira Davis. " Mrs. Ira Ward of Little Hock has returned to her home after a vl- Mr. and and and family. Mrs. Karl Friends of .Mrs. >Carl Dalrympld will be glad.to know-her condition is reported satisfactory following major surgery; at St. .Michael'^, 1 xarkana on Friday. MLS C AJ Wynrt^aUd Mrs. Warren Klniicy 1 visited' Xrieilds in El- Dorado Tuesday) Mr and Mrs. Biice Stbwait had as their Monday guc's'ls, Ilev and Mis Noel Cio&s and family of Little Rock. , On Wednesday afternoon the flag on the post office was flown at half mast in respect to Mr. Brad Hunter Scott who passed awa>* Tuesday, June 29lh, at the eor& ; Dohhcll Hospital. Mr. Scott was a retired merchant and former alderman and had lived here since 1875. Mrs. Hugh McDanicl and her guests, Mrs. Bill McNeil and Nancy ot Atlanta, Ga., left Wednesday for Wichita, Kansas for a visit .with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Swafford. Mrs. Emmctt Parkham of Camden was the Wednesday guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. . H. Gor- Fifteen members of the Mfethodist YcmtH Fellowship enjoyed a swim and" picnic supper on Wednesday McCarthy Return* to Washington at the Municipal pool in . „ .. .»v***«i%« »^-. fff» Sfifri. McCsr- Wayne filey and Mr. Jeff thy (fc.wis) has returned from a Coaeh.and Mrs. Boyd Arnold. Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough, Mrs. J. f. Worthington and Bob McBrayer ac- fcompaniod the Buddy Leagut baseball team to Arkadclphia Wedncs- dfty afternoon to play a double header:. 19-day vacation trip and his offic* said hC Would be back at his dtsk this aftefriobn. Mis aides still refused to tell whether the serifltor has b'een sliiCR he left tovvft Juhfc 19. two days after the windup of the McCarthy- Army, hearings,^ ' . ToTh Hempstea ! wish to ahrtounee tha; will be one of my deputies ' riffs office if I <am et&ste'd. Jimmie Cook Candidate for Sheriff 4 Cdll«tof Paid P6I, AdV, P«fd f6f bjr Among,[ (hosts' from out of town who attc'ridcd- the -funeral services for Mr. B. H.'Scott on Wednesday afternoon at;>thc Fltst Methodist Church were: Mr. and Mrs. George Wylic, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wylie, Mr Atch Wyjic 1 , Mrs, J. F. Qor- ing, Mr. and Mrs.* Frank King, Mr. and Mi^ Jih) dole ot Hop6, c Mr. and Mrs. Edwa-rd. Harbison and sons, Mrs W A. McMillan, Mrs. J. W, Scott of Camden;, Mrs., Roy Wylid, Mrs. Cafl French? J^.Mr^ and Mrs. Bill Boyd and Sue >6f,Dallas. Mr and Mis. Jihi'Smith of Clc . burne, Texas; -Mr. aftd Mrs. Burton S. Burke' of Lubbdfck, Mrs. W. R. Burke, Miss Dimples Burke of Lonoke; Mr. and*Mrs." G. W. Crumby of Magnolia;' Mr. and Mrs\ jM*re- dith Crumby, ,Mf. afld MrV. Ofls Townsenfl, 'Mr. C. Ef. Bfeed, Mr. Denman Wylic df Emmei; Mr. and Mrs Brooks Montgomery of Garland, Mis O. J. Stephenson of Conway; ana Miss Lessie Cagle of Texark- Mrs. Ruth Cantley, Mr. and Mrs. Gfeorgc Scott, f Mr, and Mrs. H. 6. ScOtt, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Montgomery and Sammy of Little Rock < f ' - : . M. Y. F. H«s v , Swimminfl fatty TODAY R TOMORROW stqy-in-*tyle styling I the forward Idokiiig d*digtt 6Jf ih* fi&b&f Ford Crestmark Body, ntakW it "At home" everywhere. It is styjjrt| that fresh now ... styling ihAt will rt appeal for a long, long timi. it* f' V-8 in it* fidd! The n*w 130-h,p. 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