The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1930
Page 7
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Chevrolet CV.ipc § 31 i I!I2U Model I-'ord I'liuctuii.. S^Sii' SIT our stock luday and make | juiir selection, yriir car acccnti'd. as parl payment. ! Used Car Dept. \ I'lHI.Ul'S MOTOR CO. j Authorized V'ord Dealers P110NK ill TODAY ! Km SALE—$500 credit on new I Oaklaiui or L'onltac at reasonable discount. Kay Jackson, Phone 8., care Tom Jackson's Filling Sin- ! lioiL •'I* 1 FOR SALE—1827 Chrysler 52, 9,000 miles, Iivo new tires, practically new, S325 cash. R. i). Oalti, call ti(K) before 0:30. itkll A NNIO WIXTB I*- was now livii ..- -J fruin u frll'nU In Ne*y Yurli, IM.\ UOKnilMl. MullyivoniJ • «•- I aar[«i vtrficr itnd former NptT | Ynrii iu'\t Biiniicr mnii, mreln i AH XI-: l\l\T!:i(, "bo lin» conic , (rink TuUn, OWIii., lu try <o in ri'.r.i «nrk In the iiinvlL-M. Dnn find* 'hrr ehHriulne nuJ irtUr* 41 ,ltr|i (nlcrr»( In fctr. blip lr:trnx fturn uljn Hint lir \iOTkl n I dinllnrn1:il I'li'turca, nnj «ko cnlliiTM llml br l» tint iiullc ••!!•* H«il ullh i-ondtlloni thprc. She IJ.IB ivorkoil only one d»v n« i«» PAlrn licrBL'lr, hnvluR Ijcen Ihpre l>nt n ^iirl llnip. ljut ii ttw ilnjra litlt-r llii-lr miTtlng >hp gi'la ei- (ru vinrk in fii-nuil U'nllrd. Iffr Itrhi itny llirre alii- meHa n Klrl mimed MO.V.V MOKIIISOX. find {iiinieilUlclj Ilkci her, Mima It llvhipr In Hn uimrlmrnf itllli i:VA IIAIU.r.V, mil) Anne UTPI nlcwc 1 . mill Muim siiKctsl* thnl the llirri: nccuiiy n liunKcilim that »Tu- mill I'.vn litivc KCPII. MOW CO IIX \V1TII THE S'I'Oltl' CHAPTKR VII! WIXTBR hail moved and wllli Moua Morrison mid Kva Hurley In tlio litllo furnished bungalow on llio western filiiso of Hollywood. It was n iiiuJm [dace ot unlc-grccn ulucco, 1'iit II w;ia clicerfnl anil well-lighted am! "lioincy"; ;uid Ilan Hortmcr. uMiliaaliu!! it ivltli Anne's funner iii'arlci 1 . 1 :, rniiEd well understand her' euihiisiitsm for the ctiante. "A place to live In," Aune said, "r;<:v<:r than mere Btorago for one'n i,i-ily nnj oiio'a Iclongiiuis." And slio hnil a;''lcd: "JCvcu if il Is too close 10 tlic iracka to be fashion- r,ldc, It's a liome at least; ivhleh Is more Mian I could say for one room cunl a liituhcnct." Mona wun Roi'inier's likins tn- Flantls 1 . She was as vivid as licr I'.auiint; linir, wliich w;is curly anil I'jljhcil. and sliu didn't look a day over 111, nnil she was slightly toutjh !••. a pleasant, Ijoyiiih way ibat he Slic UKiVl l-'OB KENT—Two modem stucco I residences, 512 North Fiisl ami' 201 Missouri. Also frame residence j on chickabiiwbj. Or. aillb;' •110. FOR RENT—From 'ueiivuoin ad- : joinin" bath, private liuinc, call I 179-W -t^S I.-QU fjENT—Two downstairs front j hcdrooms. 719 W. Ash. WANTED — Family W Washed find ironed by (enl wiiite woman. Mrs. •ifll a- Lake SI. WANTED—Experienced s • gi-aplier. Telephone , 69, Brown, j 17ck-tf , 1 bieno- | Luxora.| -lck.-lf I loiinil itlliKether dclistilful. i\'in cniisidcrahly shorter llian Anne. Lititl more roundeil, and Dau *iii[ic<:&e(l Ihat Mona iniHht ucca- Ki';u:il!y have to [lay careful atleu- lion in licr diet, lie discovered be! re lie liail ktior/n licr more than ii few luhiuti'S thai she waa quite a tease n ml liiat she sii'eincd lo take Keen ilcU.^hl 1:1 i>]at;iiiu!; her EricL;ds and receiving their Lanler ':i ret urn. Kva llarlcy lie likeO. loo. Uul ». illi reservations. Slic had hecn nc-iLLicr caniial .nor inirrlendly in hrr greeting, but alter a brief smile anil LI nnirninrcd commonplace or two had nuielly withdrawn from the conversation, and Dan sensed a Guarded aura aboul l:er that left him a IHlle iil at eacc In her She v.-iis a striking lookins per- sou. thoii^It^-iall aiui.sleuder and norhncr loll a gultl clallou; ai llio nanio time. Iliousli, lie n.n nwiu'o thill lie wus slrusBllne with >i va);uc S«HEO ut inicnsliicen, nml with a i;nc.-Uou on Ills li[is lie In si- Ixtod. liut M>.'!i:i Informed lilm In a llirllled iindcrtont: "Cany Sloan nollrcd her today: he iiletcd her out o( tho eroivil and talked wltli her. Atul Aunc'6 FO excited nlio doesn't know wliclhcr It's Tliurs- dity or Sunday. (Josh. 1 ilou't lilaino \ : .c\'. imagine wb»i Hloan conlil tin. ..." Aiiiii- mill Kva I'll me In then, ami Monu Mild uothlin; iuor» nlunt Sloan; lini (lie matter sal on Dan's mind, and It remained there be- uealli tho llsliL hunter lio anil Mcniu cxeliaiiijLil wlillo lie IMIIIB tlio tnr- talna. Later on lie Giigscstcd lo Anno that they RO lo a movie, and he named a iiktnrc tlml Aiiuc !md said elio wished Bhe nilBbt ace; but K!IO pleaded tlralncsa nnd an el^ln o'clock rail at Iho studio. Rinl Dan, rcnmrklug her nvcoccuiiallon nod fecliiiG cLirlniialy unwanted, i:al<l llial I'trliajis lie had heller run )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru Ailm had that Jay tough! for (he (ifclicn. pnfc-grcot curtains which Tn! liil:e uf fi^Cre. anil languorous of n:otion—anil crowned almost spec- ANNE hesitated a lltlle. "Kva. hasn't been very busy," «be said. "Mona tells me sho eonic- limcs models clolhcs in one ot llic 1.03 Angeles dcuarluieul stores. She has a hcauliful llgure." fiorimcr ilioughl: "Yes, hill there's something just a, lilllc svrong about . her. Hhc's—sbc'a hard lo figure." And he hud tho strange thought that Eva Ilarley ou°ht to have a foreign iiamo and speak broken Un^lisli, and this, eoinchow, would make her less difficult of cxiihiuation. lie thought: "There's something aboul her voice; soiuctbiDg—dis- appointing." It ought lo be, he felt, low and vibrant, like a low- strung guitar; and it was unexpectedly high and wrongly keyed, WASTED—Iloom and board private residence for couple. Ad- Hair, dross Box B, Courier News. 5p!;3 AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent j positions: clerical. mechanical. | Eulcsmansliip: experience unr.ecc;;- { sary. Salaries 32D.-S1M. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX : 1175. CHICAGO. ILL j __^_ j LUST ' LOST—Coin purse witli money, | ch?ck anil key in it Keep the : money and return other contents j to Ccurier News. 4pk7 , lacularly with abundant pale-gold Gorgeous looking, Horimer • thought, at the same lime remarking that her mouth was just a liltle Ion wiilc anil thin of lip lo be hpau and In disharmony with her per- sonalily. Dan had gone over to the bungalow one evening lo call on Anne. It was shortly after thetr removal, lifiil: her cheek bones a trille hiGh.j ani1 be ; o uu( ' 'be Sir's busy with and marring the ov;il contour o! I some new pale green curtains which MULES For Sale G to 15 years old, gooil condition Phillips Motor Co. her face. And ho jnilgcd Ihat she was uliltr than liie other two glrla, Anue bad said. "Uva's lust a llt- lle uncouiiminicativc and mysterious, but I like her—she minds licr own business, and Ihat's saying a grcal ilcal." "Il H" Dan agreed, "I'jT a sir)." "Weil, juu niicilu'l he tincoiuiili- niciuary." b!iu taid iviih a grimace, ur,d Dan grinnc-il. "\\"hcre is slie from?" ho asked. "Somewhere down soulh, uilli thai drawl. You can'l fool a TciiMesscean." "I'^va COIHC3 from New Orleans." Anne: informed him. Aune had liiat day baughl for the kilchcu. And il was liiat evening lhal he asked Aunn about Eva; bill lirst. he bad beeu put to work hanging curlains. It was Mona who opcneil Hie door for him, ar.d she said, "Aune, it's (he boy friend fiom New York.' She said, "t'oine in, and wipe o/ your feel and lake off your hat; the butler is oh" duty this evening. . My goodness, you're all shuveu up this evening, aren't yon?" Horimer said, "Pipe down, nu tauce!" ami followed her in. "Goo nil bade him welcome. "You'ro just in time lo do somo nlerlor decorating," Moua Morrion lolil him. "Take off your coat t your suspenders don't show, and omo out In llio kitchen. . . . What oc.i he wear, Auuc—suspenders or hell?" "How should I know?" Anuo sked with a Iniigli. "Well, you've kiiown htm almost wo weeks, bavcn't you?" Dan said. "Suspenders, Redhead —but tho hetlcr shops call them iraces." "Yeah? Well, down on the farm we call 'em galluses. Did you know Uul Anue looked up iiuickly ai his lyuc, and her cyca reproved him. "Yon'ro a dcur, Dan," she salJ. "I'leaso dou't mini] It 1 don't Iccl like dolug anything, will you?" Dan felt a litllo cheaw. llo thought: "After all, she camo out lo Hollywood lo not Into pictures; not to go running around at nlglil with anybody who cornea atoni;." llo Ihousht: "What a big chump 1 aui lo cutnnlahi because eho Inslsla on getting Biifflclcnt Bleep bcforo a hard day's world" So ho remained n while, anil Mona fuggeslcd cheerfully that they have sandwiches and coffee, and went out to the kltclieu. Eva roso with a faint suillo &ml paid, "You'd iMttcr let mo belli yo'j, Mona," and followed her oul. Anue Uirncil lo Rorlmer n-llli i lllllo laugh. "Mona," sho explained, "Is almost useless In a kitchen. Sho cuts (tie bread loo Ihick for sauiluli'L'.c?. and sho doesn't know the firsl 'Itiug ahout uiaklug co(- tcc." Kvn, she said, waa illfTercnl. "She's very capable." • • * "PkAN saiil, "Looking at Kva, you'll hardly think she was domestically Inclined"; and ho expressed somo curiosity about her, and for IM M16ri"T PME- Paid/lA llUPEFZ 'QRr\B A rlERD OF FlStt Fa 1 ' ^ CAP^ MS- ORDERS -fa SERB fl5H - AFteArtHeRSusfe* AW SOAP . AT FlSrl Wltrl - o nro. u. s. r*T. OF r. —- fl - C BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IIITCIHIIKINC By Martin . was boru on a farm, Dan?" "You've never eeen a cow lu your ife." "Say; -I've milked moro cows ;han you've ever seenl That's right; t ^vas raised on a farm down near Urbana, Illinois. And then the liltle gal went lo Hie big city." "Chicago? Do you call that a J)i£ city?" • • • TITOXA tossed Iier rcil 'head tn •^ •* flfsilalii. ".luEt another 'fresh New Yorkor," sho said. "How's the job coming?" Dan asked. Moua said, "All washed, up; I was through today. Anpc's still working, though. Isn't, that great?" Dan thought: "Auu'ahe really means it, loo. Slic gels as his a kick out of Anne's good fortune as if it were her own." .Mona vent on to say liiat she considered -herself lucky. "Nino, straight days of -work is nrctly hot for. littls Mopa." And iu a lower somo mir.iilca ho ami Anno talked In loiv tones ahout llio two glrla •wliom tiicy could hear moving ahout tlio kitchen. '•They're dears—holh of them," Anno said afler a short silence. "Bui a slr.inge pair lo he Buch eooil fricuJs," Dan reaiarked. Anno agrccil. "Perhaps that's why they get along BO well—Ihoy'rc BO ntterly different. Mona'8 so blithe and gay, and Eva. . . ." She paused, and Dan fluid, "Ev,i gives QUO llic imurussiou lhal ^Eiu haa'n'L found very much lo ho hnn[iy about. I)o you suppose it's because sh^3 disaiipoiulcd iu not doing well in fhe movies?" "I think there may he something else, loo," said Anne, and Dan felt that, sho diiiu'l care to discuss the subject further. "Moua tells me," be said presently, "that his things may be in store lor you. Here's liopius, Anne." At llic same lime, though, ho knew a feeling ol injustice that voice' that only Dan could hear, for Garry Sloan could do so mucli for NOTICE From May 1 lo September 1 ju r dental offices will be closed ;acli Thursday allernoon. Dr. L. H. .Moore. Dr. TI. A- Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis. V. Jt. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Plionu 851 Memphis Phone 3-0315 WERT llic Makes 'Em Set Royal C, Mills I'ublic Atcoiiuliml und Auditor Specializing I" Income Tax, Buokkccptas Systems Vhone 52 liijUinn lildg. Blyliicvllle. Ark evening. Miss Harley," bo said t lier without ball IrjiKB, while he. been in Hollywood Eva, and held out his hand; who wished so greatly I»r her suc.- kitchcn, she added; "You keep VOUT tLree y«rs." "Doing extra work?' the girl smiled as sue said, "Good evening etas, coulit do nclhiuz. ITK :;» Continued) FKECKJ-ES AND HIS FRIENDS New Orleans Cotton LCOii! 'IW !oT AM' LA7W6RSD A\i)ri>L soaay THAT Newsy VJAS JUST AVIFLIL. so,7ay...BOT THAT sis SUM. JOST RODE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE TREES. IT ,6££.',\EO. ASS' Vt[Soe!t£O OSCAC. AW //,6 FQCrfA OLD T, TE!OTH Ml' I DOUT ABOUT IT Mottoes.. SH2Ou». eavs. F IT T Z'tL FIHO TU£ PARTy POU.&0 TU\S POLO-OP FIRST PI-ACS I'LL LOOX. IS IM WIS1T CANVOM — T.1AT OUT.... THE DIETy DOSS.'. 1 Spots closed .steady at 1260. New York Cotton NEW YOKK. Aug. (i. lUPt— Col- j ton dobcd sleady. l.NTKKVIBWKD closed steady a! 129J. up 10. B'JI 1 TJOWT 1WUK DOGGIE. CAM BEAD UC BCCU TO SCHOOL Closing Stock Prices i TO vfflnc r* TIWL DOG AUD HOVJ COHESOIIC P\Rt TOR HIM. . coiir: ,V T. mid T 210 3-! Avialiun G Chrysler 23 5-8 Cities Service 23 1- Coca Cola 175 1-4 Fox . General Electric Gcneini Motors Grkiby I. T. and T 43U Montgomery Ward 34 3- 3 Packard 14 3- Radio ' Simmons 25 United Gas 33 U. S. Slccl 106 3- American prortuction of inacaron is mincing iniporlalions from Italy l.OO.COO i»unds a year, and our exports arc six times the imports, a dinner in Paris.

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