Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1954
Page 7
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HOPE St*R» H»M* ARKANSAS 19S4 lUiV "'tttt&Eo' IftWff Wst but Mid Sows J1R fchblte 180-230 up several cents. Dealings goi"tjtt id a slow start, but the 1 terofrj tjuhrkened as the <)arket ad- vanded. Brokers said mills bought a little wheat and speculators were aggressive on the buying; side at times because of firmness in cash wheat prices, Wdw crop soybeans al£o attracted Speculative buying. Feed grains did not do as well as wheat and Soybean?, although a •firth demand for czsh corn helped futures of that ceral. Council to ShidyTax on Bauxite LITTLE ROCK (M — The Arkansas Legislative Council faces an- „ „„.„ U1V » luUMmf , other full program here Friday, in- violate both slate and federal concluding discussion of Ilio proposal|stitutions. His opinion; prepared by for a study of the severance tax assistant James L. Sloan, said the Rules Against Razing Property LXT f LE ttOCK m Atty, Sen. Tom Gentry today ruled invalid a proposed ordinance in • fiierks which vvouid have allowed the city council te order the removal or razing of undesirable Red Divisions Spriod Om Delta Sector HANOi, .Indochina (UP) — She closed 3V4«4% higher, >$2.00, corn ;.li/ 8 high a few . cutters 7.50- J.UL b&d vqalers 'unchanged; . i'na Commercial bulls 13.1)0\ tafc&er and cutter bulls 9.00»v -AAj ^j choice voalers fculls several lots , prime la,m,bs 2200-50; higher; te\v Sots mostly d Uhoice,, sottie unsorled btftk fun still tinsold; no ' 'ge'd'^hapl '-undertone en 'slaughter ewes. Wheat July !1.8 ejr July $1,5?).- oats J ' B lower to Vs higher, July ?2>/ g , rye 2^ cents highor July $1 03 ft and soybeans l>/i-Ri/4 higher July S2.83.Vv ' Cash Wheat: No 97'/ 4 ; No 2 3.88 02 ; No mixed 1 95'/ 3 -99'/a, No 2 1 red 1.9514- o 1 hard 2.- All grain's girmod ltd of Trade'today with '" "irew" crop soybeans Book on Arthritis Rheumatism '»i. • Deformities g newly enlarged 44. nUtlid 1 fRheumatism" nttfree" to anyone who, tor at. i.,' «V,1, " "•" drugs and medi- tempprpry relief jove the.causes of plains a *p£fcialfe " mixed 1 BO. Corn- No 3 yellow 1.03 -I/a! o 2 2.03 ; o 3 l.Gl'/.i- G2'/ 4 ; No 4 l.CO; o 5 1.59>/ 2 -GO'/i; Sample grade lS2'/ 2 -5.)i/i. Oats: No 1 heavy white -77'/2; No 1 1.77%; sample grade 72%; No 1 while ' No 2 69—. Soybeans: ordinance ran counter to the con- on bauxite. The proposal was amended at the last council session. The study would be made of five non-profit research organizations. A three- man committee of the council, not including any legislators from Pu- Mfnn „ °4U ^"^ • C " lmtieS WOllId —" .-» l^w^-,- lu, I'UBB nOUSGS or ilinff or B"n«2ol«« from n [buildings determined to be "dilapi- Gentry anid the ordinance "would Cohirntmist divisions spread out to- ''"'-'- '-"• ----- ..... day only 25 miles from Hanoi 'in position to clamp a North-South pincers on the capital. The French high command said three divisions were established on stilutions provisions against tak- person's property without' a narrow""front''2rmiie7'.sou < th "of cess of law. >• |the city. They arrived t here. ye£ terday on the heels of withdrawing ** ---- "" '"'' ing erne process An opinion had been requested by Dierks Mayor H. .W. Reid; the ordinance would have extehded the council's pow*r to, raze hcrtises or nohe. feat-ley nominal: malting 1.10-00; feed 90-1.05. a proyeri successful years.-! ; ' cur*no obligat'idn'ln send- :tete;ln6tructive book. It tn&y " Saving -you ild-Mnisery. Write today t< •"- ••• 4210, E«cel NfeW. YORK STOCKS NEW YORK tf) — A generous handful of blue chips stocks stood put .strongly today in a moderately advancing stock market.- By cartly afternoon prices were up 1 to 5 points in the favored areas. For the market as a whole, price changes were mostly fractional. Most 'buying centered in steels, motors, aircrafts. chemicals electrical equipments radio-televisions and theatres— but only for selected stocks. Mfany minus signs appeared in railroads, oils and in miscalleneous areas. nd Pulaski counties wer excluded because bauxite depbsit are located in t hose areas. Also scheduled for discussion a proposal by Saline County Rep J. A. Gipson, calling for a study o the functions of the Slate Vcleri rtarian's Office, Gipson wants tr determine Hie "feasibility for pine ing the position on a fulltimc bas is." Committee meetings will bo hek Thursday nnd Friday, preceding the council session. The Committee on Legislative Budget and Appropriations Thurs day will discuss studies on stats printing and on a job classification system for state employes. The Committee on Education and the Committee on Judiciary, State and Ldcal Government will meet Friday morning. French forces. Boyle ^POULTR 'AND PRODUCE fcHICAGO W) — USDA Live poultry barely steady; receipts 1,030 coops; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hons 15.5-17:5; light hens 14-15 ^ fryers or broilers 34-28; old' roosters 13.5-14: caponettes 27-28. Butter Steady; receipts 1,828,- Continuea irom if age One • he is not fitted to endure' Marcus Aurelius. "Endure and persist; this pain will turn to your good by and by' Ovid. , . " ; "Of a_ll the ways of life but one the path of duty- ness"Southey. leads to happi- Store Wide Summer :•-'-'«'•.' .. :'.,>>;,! Clearance Sale ,rf! summer m'emhandise or'more. We give bonus -McHEILL ft Clothes^for Young -Ages , i"There is no substitute for hard work — Thomas A. Edison. "Let us go forth and resolutely dare with sweat of brow to toil our little day"Milton. "Who first invented work, and bound the free ahd holiday rejoicing -spirit down to the ever- haunting importunity of. business? Sabbathless.. Satan!" Charles Lamb. ' : 'Wqrk is 'not a good. Then what is a good? The corning of'work?" Seneca.. , ; . . ' ." "A life of pleasure is t he most unpleasing vlife in the world.' 1 Oliver Goldsmith. ... "A perpetual holiday is a good working definition' ot hell" Bernard Shaw. ; "Miserable comforters are ye ALL"Old Testament. . ' the public welfare. 1 ' 2,000 Jailed in Guatemala Red Roundup By ROBERT PRESCOTT GUATEMALA CITV, Guatemala (UP) More than 2,000 persons suspected of pro-Communist political atrocities filled Guatemala's prisons and jails today. Each was promised,a fair hearing. Tho new military junt a said thn roundup of suspects was continu ng even though jail onger were available. cells no "We shall produce drastically ind rapidly quick and efficient jus ice," the ruling military junta*.an a neighboring ra 343;-- wholesale -buying prices unchanged; 93 s core' A A 56.5; 92 A 56;5; 90 B54; 89 C 4ff;.i:c'ai's flD B 54,5;,89 C ,49> - "*'( ' ,", , Eggs steadier; receipts 13949; wholesale Uuying prices unchanged to , J/2 higher;;' U. S. large 33-34; U. S... mediums ^a.5;.U. S. standards 27; current -receipt's 23; dirties 205; .chocks 19. . .:'.'• LITTLE kOCK" (fi>) — Northwest area: Market steady; Demand good. Broilers arid fryers 24-25 Mostly 24. Batesille-PloraF area: Market steady. Demand not fully established. Broilers and fryers 2* 3 Ibs .24-25. Mostly 2. All priqes f. o. b. farm. lounced. El Salvador, public, formally recognized the~new •egime and Col. Elfego ' Monzon, emporary president of Guatema a said he was told recognition rorn Great Britian and Costa Rica vould be forthcoming soon. • Monzon indicated the n ew gov ernment wanted friendly relations vitlr all free governments but no onger will conduct business with Communist or Communist-controll ed countries. He specifically .ex mpted Yugoslavia because '(it appears they also follow democra- ic precepts..' In other action, the : junta said: 1. Guatemala is considering a enewal of relationship with Spain n line with the. United States and other estern dernocratcies. '.-.,'..•, %. .Guatemala Hyii.1 back janS." co- other Western democraticies.?"^ * and. the organization .of Ameripari states, .which" it is.mow. wilMg^ join.. ' • , '.'. •'.' 3. Guatemala will sign an';; anti- Communist resolution : wHicli the ousted regime of President Jacobo Arbenz, Guzman opposed at' the recent Caracas conference of Inter-American Foreign Ministries. The junta said Arbenz' regime took action at the sentiments fel." up within ;he same distance north of the capital, after moving down from the big rebel basr? of Thai Hguyen in the northern Red Rivor delta. -French military sources said the Communists could begin a strong pincer movement from both directions almost immediately. The high command packed artillery, tanks and troops in a wide area around Hanoi to erect a steel wall of firepower. Military sources said tho French will attempt to employe the same kind of "defense in firepower" tha American troops developed in Ko rea. A small-scale defense of thi< nature had been planned for Phi Ly, 30 miles south of Hanoi, unti Red pressure along the Day River became too great a nd the French had to evacuate the town. The gradual withdrawal of 'French troops from Ihe southern delta added 20,000 men to the defense of Hanoi and its Gulf of Tonkin port of Haiphong. An overflow of troops in Hano_ spilled into empty loin and tents went up in the citys parks. Some soldiers were camped in the garden across,-from, the palace of vacationing chief of state Bao Dai Haiphong, port of entry for American supplies was full of soj- diers who made their way up the coast by boat from the evacuated provinces of Thai Binli and Phat Diem. • Caracas "against all Guatemalans 4. The no\v government will suspend expropriation -of ibreign-owned or operated lands such as those of United Fruit Co., pending a study of the problem in drawing up a new constitution, 5. All foreign, investors rights will be protected. >M* n! s Shirts in 'ds- white, in and Large. Boy's Swim Suits Our entire stock of Ladies', Men's Boys, and Girls 1 Swim Suits going at this Value Day Price. One day only. i «.n ,> * PRICE 'e Diapers ; DfAPIRS, Pocked Jfc« package,'A reo! Value 1^1' ^ 47 Ht to limit Quantit Nylon Sport Shirts Boy's assorted color & white Nylon Sport shirts,in sizes, 2 to 16. Bought to sell for much more. Spve on this Value Dgy Special at Rephan's m- Hope.' 133 !• " • s ,^ t M|^H|^_|»_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^jprr^ V ^B ^ ^JP STORI The average length of life for Americans has reached a .r.ecord high of 68.5 years,, an increase of nearly four years in jhe last decade. Hospital Patient Burns to Death CROSSETT (!?] A patient from the Arkansas State Hospital was found burned to death near Ham burg this morning. Frank Carpenter' 60, was on leave from the' hospital when he disappeared yesterday from his home in Hamburg. Sheriff D. A. Courson said that Carpenter apparently sot out of his automobile near Hamburg soaked his head and shoulders with gaso. line, then set fire to himself. Carpenter formerly was a grocer in Hamburg. He is survived by a widow, three sons and a daughter. Fans have been • used in China sin.ce about 3000 B C. Mercury Soars Over 100 Degrees By the Ass6clat fe a Press Temperatures aVeraged. highest for the summer iri Afkat* sas yesterday, the t7. S. Weather Bureau here reported today. The mercury soared over 100 at many points around the state, it shot up to a schbrching 108 . at Searcy, the hottest spot in Arkan sas yesterday. Arkadelphia and Newport were hot far behind with 106 degrees, Batesville and Gilbert were just under that reading with lOo. Little Rock registered 162, a rec ord for .Tuly 5 for the CHy. The i previous record was 100' degrees last year. ' But the capital city was way down the list of high tempera ttire spots around the state. Here's a rundown of other repoting points: Ozark and Camden, 104; Morril ton, Stuttgart and Walnut Ridge, 103; Pine Bluff Fort Smith Flip pin and Dardannelle, 102; Port land, 101; ahd Blytheville and Fayetteville, lOOi The Weather Bureau said a few scattered points got a t race of rain. trol of the Senate and House at thej w hat they are geing under polls in November are going to be Republicans, {rhpressed by the quality of leg islatiori- rather than tho quantity. ; "I have .never belie vod the public was enthusiastic about having a great Volume of legislation' he sftid. "i tfflnk the people are more interested in the proper administration of government and that is , July"*,* STAtt, MOM, ARKANSAS INJURIES FAtAL GRAVEtfE yft—Harry fedgman, 33, of Gravette, died here today of injuries suffered last night in a Highway 71 accident near Oravetto* Details of the mishap weren't -'..- - 4 available. Sen. Knowland Praises Record of Congress WASHINGTON m — Sen. Know Jand (R-Caljf) said today any fair appraisal by the voters will credit the Republican controlled Congress with more accomplishments than any which operated -under recent Democratic presidents. Sen. Sparkman (D-Al) said in, a separate interview that while some- important measures have been approved or seem likely to be, he thinks the' Republicans have "come up with nothing newi'' With the July 4 holiday breath^ er behind 'them lawmakers start ivork today on the la.st Inp of a session President Eisenhower has said he is confident will produce 9 constructive program. Knowland, the Senate Republican leader, said he thinks the voters who will decide on party con WATERMELONS Waferrnelon 3Yic Ib. Dry Cold 4c ib. RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET Tomatoes 3 Ibs. " 25c Plenty Peal Si Butterbeans •901 WEST THIRD V Beware of Strangers DEMAND NON CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Life Ins. Co. Little Rock. Ark., issue this, type policy—Premium never Increases; ' ' s Buy From Local Agent, He will be here during the -months to corne. Your Doctor and.-Hospital know this company. . Call or Write.. . . '. '••'•.'<•'•'• CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3141 P. O. Box 104 SPECIALS FOR VALUE DAY Mary Grey Hose Lovely First Quality. All sizes-knee length. $1.25 value - ONLY 75< No Seam Bare Leg Nylons By Mary Grey $1.35 and $1.49 Value NOW $1.00 THE FASHION SHOPPE (THE LITTLE SHOP WITH A LOT OF STYLE) 112 S. Main Phone 7-5850 ' SOCIETY Fb6ft* 74411 Betwtia I A* Mi *b4 4 P. M. l"Calenddr , ' Tuesday July d ! . ' 1 Poplaf drove 19d Woodman Circle ;-will hold their regular monthly bus- ,jiness meeting in' the WOW Hall on •& Tuesday, July 6, at 7:30. All mem- ;| bers are urged to attend, f }l .fiircie 3;pf the.WSCS of the First a :;HeihodiSt 'Church will meet Tues- 2,1 {'day, tTuly 0, at 4 p. m. in the home 'i. ',of Mrs. Bill Mudgett with Mrs. B. W. EdwardS as co-hostess. at .. ££•'• Monday July 12 \ Circle 0 of the WSCS of the First '! Methodist Church will have a meeting Monday, July 12, at 3:30 p. m. ,chtirch. Mrs! Collins Hostess F« Evening Shade Good Neighbor Club •' On Thursday afternoon, the Ev- j ehlng Shade Good Neighbor Club J met in the home of Mrs. Mae Col: lins. The meeting was called to ord- | er by,\Mrs. Joe Martin in tlie . ab! sence Of the president and vice-pre| sident!:- ' -.A , •.''•; i The devotional was, presented by i Mrs. Collins 'and Mrs, Herbert Elam The door prize was won by Mrs. Elam. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKinley have returned to their home in Dallas, after attending the funeral of Mrs. McKinley's uncle in Mihdon, La. ' Misses Donna and Lynn Russell of Dallas, spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. (2. Russell. They were accompanied to Hope by Miss Sylvia Dominic of Dallas who was their guest over the holiday-. Miss Bonnie Sue Easterling is spending the summer with her sister, Mrs. Herman Sachs, and Mr. Snchs in Belen, New Mexico, Mrs. Thomas Berry and daughter Cathy, returned to their home in Spring Hill, La., after a weekend visit with Mrs. Berry's parents Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins. Horace Hubbard returned Sunday ;o Nashville, Tenn., and his graduate work at Peabody College, after spending the holiday weekend with lis family. •'' - -, • led in prayer. RoH'call was answer- t up by/nine members,and the minu- ; tes of. the : previous, meeting were I read. Mrs. Verner McMurtreygave I the treasurer's report. j Reports were given by' various *'' rnembers on ways each had improved her home. - , ..' , Plans .were made for the annual picnic which will .be held by the ' [LEWIS - McLARTY ANNUAL SUMMER SALE Starts Wed, July 7th SUPPLY THE IDEAS SUPPLY THE MATERIALS ..., * "* WCIU" 1 " You can get started on that remodeling or modernization idea of yours right now, Sketch out what you have in mind and tajk it over with us,,, no obligation, of course, USEF;H,A, REPAIR LOANS » NQ Down Payment • First Payment 30 Days After Completion t All Ubor & Materials Included. . 7-2381 Clearante LADIES SPglN and SUMMER SHOES Broken Lots But All Sizes and ^Widths Many of These Shoes Can Be Worn Right Into Late Fall ON TABLES IN THREE PRICE GROUPS _ 00 Sale Starts Wednesday July 7th Ten Days Only! • These are Final Prices Please -7— No Phone Colls No Exchanges No Lay-A ways club at ; Mrs. Hackler's pond month. • '':.-....••' next MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. TONIGHT & WEDNESDAY The Mighty Story Of The Man Who;Fought For The Biggest Bonanza Of Them; All! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier and Joy arrived home today frpm Houston where Mr. Collier has been under a doctor's care. Mrs. J. W. Perkins and Miss Evelyn Briant are ', attending Camp Tariaco on Lake Catherine for three days. ; - .." U.S.fdyors Full German Sovereignty By ARtHUR 6AVSHON. LONDON WV-fHe United otates nd Britain pushed ahead today ith plans to give West Germany imost full sovereignty :i — including carmament powers—-iit their t\\o ccupation zones if France docs ot ratify the .European army Ian. Political and legal experts of the vo Allied nations opened meetings t the Foreign Office yesterday to raft n program of joint U. S.- iritish aotion to be launched if ie European Defense Coinmunily s not set up soon. The conferences hero nre expect- d to conclude before the end of his week. Under- study arc pro osals to: 1. Give the West German gov rnment almost comnlolc indepon ence in the American and British ones including powers to raise a efense army. 2. — Abandon the U. S.British 'rench High Commission in Bonn nd set up American and British mbassies. Such action would leave the 'rench zone, in southwest G nany, the sole occupied territory n the federal republic and would lut the French under acute Ger man pressure to get out of that The drafting of plans here was irdered by President Eisenhower ihd Prime Minister Churchill at heir meeting in Washington lai-t week. They agreed then that West ermany should be given "it= jlace as. an equal partner in the ommunity of western nations.' The French were not invited to Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mr. T. C. Lee, McNab Ark., Lurlene Se\vell, Patmos. Discharged; Mrs. Cornelia Wil liams, Hope Mrs. Aubrey Campbel Hope, dharles Bryan, Hope. Julia Chester . Admitted: Mrs. Fred Perry, Hope Mrs'.'.'; Alvin Hamilton Columbus Jim Arnold, Rt. 4, Judy Arnold Rt 4 Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Porter C. Wil son, Rosston, Wm. Robert; Spragins Hope, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Turner Hope, have a son born 9:10 a. m Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hamilton; Col umbus have'a son born 4:20 p. m Thursday. : •• : De\yitt Girl Is Miss Lake Chicot LAKE VILLAGE, "— ' W Nine teen-year-pld Betty • Jo Ruff in ' o DeWit.t ! ;A-r]c,", ; ; was .narned .Mis Lake Chicot of' 19i54-- r here lasfriieht Jo Sheffield, 10, of Lake Village was second in the Lake Vill Water Carnival cor.test. Shelbj Jean Farmer; 17, of Hamburfi was third. - : ••:. ' '"" An estimated 17,000 persons turned out for the carnival activi ties yesterday. Evenos included a morning parade 'and speed .boa races on Lake Chicot. .David Livingston of . Lake Vil lage, t\yice national speedboat rat ing champion, won eight of the 1 BY REFRIGERATION t -TODAY ONLY- •rFEATURE:..TiM.ES:-2:00 - 3:45 - 5:30 - 7:31 - 9:35 REVELAtl0NS!OF THE INTIMATE LOVE TALES THATMlLlilQNS HAVE ENJOYED! . be enjoyed by.all rnovie fans.' It is not for children; of course, but young romanticists will thrill to its love scenes. The sensation-seekers will enjoy its romantic innuendos, yet the more conservative moviegoers will find nothing to criticize. Ahd the average mavie fans, who demand action and romance, will find plenty of both, ' ' : JOHHW , tODIS FONTAINE. JOURUAN PIUS A BIG ADPiP ATTRACTION! Hope Builders BREAKOUT! ,,INTO THi WHO FIRt AND FURY boat races li e entered and took second in the other three. Earl Griffin of El Dorado and lis 15-year-old son, Richard, beat Livingston in two of the races. Bill 3arron of Memphis finished ahead PRIDE bF ENGLAND—June Peters will be competing as "Miss .England" for honors in a forthcoming contest to name "Miss Europe." The 18-year-old beauty is a Manchester resident. take part in the talks- here, he first svch omission of France from joint Hied planning on Germany since the war. An ermine as a stoat when its of Livingston in the third race, 'fur turns white in winter. Foreign Policy May Be More 'Agonizing 7 By JOHN M. WASHINGTON </P) — The United Itates is beginning a reappraisal if its foreign policy which mny Drove to bo m itch more "agoniz ng" than Secretary of State Dulles orcsavv. Dulles was talking only about a reshaping of U. S. policies in Eu 'ope when he served notice oil Trance several months ago tliaf his country might undertake an 'agonizing reappraisal." But mr Senate Republican Leader •: Knowl and of California has rutsod a fa more sweeping issue over the pos- Ibility of United Nations mem jership for Red China. The issue essentially is: At whal point in, its efforts to get alonj: with allies should the United States decide the struggle is not worth the result, and strike out on its own? What Knowland has proposed is that if United Nations, members override America's objections und bring Red China in one U. N. door, the United States should walk out the other. He has not claimad that this is art administration view, indiea- ions are m fact, thnt he Would be opposed in the State Department. But he has said that he would resign the majority leadership and trusade to* his proposal, rte has asserted, furthermore, that he is getting many expi essions of popular support. While some members of Con gress have • aligned themselves svith Knowland, others have declared that U. S. policy toward.Hod, Chin a should not be frozen, and that withdrawal .from . the.tJi ."' would be n grave error. Over 200 varieties o^ spring flowers bloom, in the Blue Ridge ntid Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Accidental drownlngs kill about 0,500 people a year m the United States. ploye bt the zette was fdtalt/ shbt he*** terdaJV luujri^ r i» > **"i"i i, i the dead man w.aS id*Mtfi«ij ftf tend** he' — ,-...... ««.. •-.—i-M.—-.- ^ «»»— -—— ^ »-^^*r'r*r^?J!'*BB* *wr, ted the I am nel wx! to Jesse fifown, who ^^ 6r,e6nnleeted wiflh him m tm JESSE t. &RQWN Candidate for! Alderman Word 4 . ('•...„., froi. Adi. PiW faf by = NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans lor all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 Big Savings —Wanted Merchandise Large Assortment Sleeveless and short sleeves. Sportwear and suit type.' Cotton-faille, silk- Nylon-Save as mucrvqs 50%. 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