The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1936
Page 5
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MGNDAV, MAY 26, 1030 HIATHKVll.LK, (AUK.) COUHlbJH NKWS Classifie CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally fate per line tor cpiisee.u- tivo Insertions; DUD lime PCI nno lOc Two times per lino per dny .. D8c Tnrco ttrnes per line psi day . 06u Elx times per line por day .. ")5o Monlh r»lc lier line ..- BOc Minimum cnarge 60o M* orflercfl lor tnree or »lx times and stopped beiorc expiration will be charged for the mum bcr of times the ad Appeared and "Ouslment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lubnilllcd by persons residing out- Eldc ol Uie city must he accompanied by cash. Rales may be eully computed from above table. Aavcrtising oroerett for irregular Insertions lake the one lima rale No iM|>on.',nmny will be taken for rncro than nne incorrect In- wrtlon of any classified ad. Business Directory ! Want < d - U^d furniture {_i bpol Cash laid Wade Furniture Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired I'HONE 10 PP1NG GUIDE! 301-303 E. Main Formerly Dnyla & Dwlson A\\'S. J. J. IJavis — Hiiet'.ocr UorsethTc Cnli t'il-Vf for awwlnlments For Sale ll> inch lOmi'Vson <»rlliiitlue KAN, ' (iaid condition: Prlcis $13. Trail- [ (hum Coal Co., B. pruiulwuy. 1 28-c-ll-U ; | !r , iV TOMATO sltuks. && 6 t(. lony, p..(. each. Chlruiso Mill. Poullry Certified'Potato Plants Cliavaelcr Loans from $100 to $20(10 repaid over a period of Vi to CO mouths. No red tape iind low Bovernmcnl Interest rate. See E. c. noniNSON LUMBER co. SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE AI3OUT THE CLUB PRIZE AT Hubbard Hdw. Go. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONEY HACK GirAKANTEK Wilh livery 1!. * «. Or Square Deal Car Hough I From 1'hillir.s Molor Co. 1331 FORD V-8 FO III) Oil SEDAN—Same as Men .. 531)5 1935 F () It I) V-8 1'IClv-Ur. j Color nUrk. nlolor and | Tires OK. Trice $115 j 1335 I'O III) V-8 UK I.UXK COlll'K. Color (jreen. A Krnl Hii} 1 ! Evcrylhiiiif in A-1 Condition. 1'ricc $""> 1931 MOnKI, "A" I-'Oltt). l!i3G License. New Paiul. New Tires. Molar A-l Shape. 1'ricc 5185 Mlicral Allowance On Your Present Car - - I.uiv Finance Charge Through II. C. C. Open EvcitiiiBS for Your Convenience. Drive by Mils and C!cl Acquainted. Call 810 - 811 fur Dcmnnslraliun or Information. Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calviu ur ISarljcr. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5lh * Walnut i'lione 610 or 811 Oren Al Niflil Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, ' Hides & Bones Ulyllicviltc Iron & Melii] Co- 221 W. Cherry i'oui/niY BOUGHT ,fc SOLD lilehcst Prices Pivld n. T. woimiy—sis E. MAIN Cash Feed Store P;vys Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry Main Automotive CUT ON AUTO I'ARTS Tires, Tnlx's. nnlterles, Paint, Tools, Motor Oil, Floor Mats, Seal Covers. Get our prices before you buy. Bnve Money I WOLF A1SIAN Wionc 116 128 E. Main Shoe Repairing C." C. Hawks Cur. l.:i!:i> ,t Main or 6-20 Miullsoii Good Used Trucks I9:i5—l!.i Ton Ford I'.r.',:,—'.. 'Con Hud rirk-ll|i 1(131— 1</. Ton Chevi-olfl llllil—l)i Ton Inli'rnatliiniil All tnve Coml ^lalie Hodire Ti:i!i\lS J)rlia liuploniont Co] $r2S.OO Creilil on New Ohcvrok 1 '. or used tar, value $-100.00 in mo".', to buyer having no (rndo-ln. C!' .:d illscoiiut lor cash. Uox "AIJ'. Courier Nous. dh It l-lclp Wauled VACCINOL Shoes Half Soled, 65c& ijp Strings will) job, lc extra j • SATISI'YlCTION GUARANTEED • STEADY WORK— OOOD PAY. TliUlC JILUH SHOE HHOl' HEUAHI,E MAN WANTEU to Next to B. T. Worthy's \fM (in fanners in Mississippi - | County. N'o eNpt'rienec or capital needed. Write today. Co., [liein. K, Frcepml, Illinois. BETTER BATTERY SERVICE" Istraly. reliable inun lo retail j iiatlcries ! Call J. B. Chine I fit Tom Jackson's Service Stnllon Salesmen Wan led Kills When They Swarm. I'lionc 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co WANTED —.'-LI. K1NI»S JUNK Scrap Iron. S3 to S5 Ion Aluminum, lOu Ib. Brass, 2c In WM lu. 'joppcr Wire, 4c lo 5c Ib. Radiators, 4',-ie. Ib. HIDES & FUI^S WOLF AKIAN PHONE 17G 128 E. MAIN For Rent AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Heady Made Awnings $1.'*5 up Best Prices ror Quality Work Carney Awning Co. Call 643 4 room house, furnished or nislied. Mrs. Edwin Robinsoi Call 27'1-W. 23-c-tI yrr HARRY BAILEY'S 3 FURNISHED Rooms, modern. Sink in kitchen. 914 Hcarn. 2 room Furnished apartment. .Lights, water lice. Reasonable. Call S'tJ. 22-c-tf 3 room FURNISHED n]Hirtmcnt, 224 Dotiean. Mrs. Wcrt. Call 091-W Crk-tf 8 Room HOUSE, 115 S. Division. Ideal for tourists, Low rent. Max B. Reid. Phone 882. 19c ktl COOL bedrooms, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, OCO W. Main. 8 room house, furnished or unfur- nls"ned. 2 baths and sleeping porch. (Ill Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call SC or 20. c-fc-13 3 room FURNISHED apartment, modi-n. 1117 Ash. Mrs. George Matl'..e\vs. Call 294. ck-tf Modern lurnishcci house tor summer. Reasonable. Mrs. Cross. 300 Lake. 6-ck-tf Waikiiis I'roducls In Mississippi County. Company in business lid yrais. Applieanl must own car. No capilal re(iuired. For infornm- THIS CURIOUS WORLD IN EAST LIBERT^ PENNA 1 , YETARS AGO, TV! ERE WAS AN OR(O(.€ 'WHOSE SONG WENT, £XACTLV IN TUNE WITH THE: FAMOUS SONG- OF THOSE SAME WOR.DS . WAUMNG Qimi'lt Slmhewlu finllbi\| N. S. Kalltiu; Union ft Plniilcvs flank & Trust Company, us irnsiwj Union I'lnn- ler.s Nnllonnl Uiink & Trust Com- imny, »« truslee; I-'ranklln iionil A Morlyajjo Company nnd Krank- lln Delinnliiro Coi'immlluu ii'c warned to npinniv In (ho Clian- y Coiiii /pi 1 Hie Chlekasawbn j Klslrlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within three months, mill answer the complaint, o( Commodore Cor[)oratlon. Itatetl this Muy I Illi, 11)3(1. II. M. CliAKI. Clerk, lly A. P, Hiullh, D. c. Held & Kvrunl. Atlys. for Plnlnllir. Drs. Wcrt & Wcrt oi'ToimmusTs Over Joo isnncs' Slciri; "W'K MAKli 'EH SEE" I'liono 510 FOIl DISTINCTIVK- HKAUTY.SBIU'ICH Call 101) MAIIGAIIKT'S 1IEAUTV SHQ1' Innrnm Uldg. mammm OWE STOP SKHVICl-3 STATION TOll YOllll CONVENIRNCI'.' ' SINCLAIR GAS AND l.UUUICATION . WYHH I'I'jKltY in clinn;o »r Sfii'vk-c DepiiI'lment. I.. II. .10UNSON in ciini-Kc of Hotly A COULD THR.OW MO CUfiVES, IF I-1E LIVED CW ' THERE WOULD BE NO AIR. RESISTANCE TO GIVE A BREAK TD THE BALL. RADIO KEPAIRING A Odmpltlc Line o( TnlfS mid I'»rts KV1MARD T1IIK .t BATTBOV CO. 1'HONR Vt lion write Mi 1 . Keene, The J. Waikltu Co., Memphis, Tcnn. YOUNG married man with automobile. Salary nnd cojumission. cnnaneiil employment v.'ilh pos- £ibi!ilics of advancement. Must lie nblc lo nuikc bond and willini; lo work hard. Apply to SinRcr Srw- ng Machine Co., Blytheville, Ark. cr Sliops HOLT'S HAi:i!i;i{ SIIOI' 101 Santh and St. 1I.MI1CUT 20r, SHAVR IGc Ilath—Close !! pin.--Shlno AMAZON DISCHARGES ABOUT £;OOO, OOO CUBC FEET OF WATER. INTO THE ATLANTIC gt^ggV SECOND/ Since there is no iilmiviplicrc on the moon, there would be no diction Mich as Is set up when u ball Is Ilirown Ihrouyh air. However, a iMsclmll nilulwr. deprived of his abillly lo llnow curves, would linvc flic Kiillsuietton of knowlnB (hut, due to the lessened univlly liull Iherc, his indelclers would bo nblo to lenp Iwciily feel oil UIL yronnd to' spear hue drives. NliXT: How IOUB luts lire been mulmlooil? —IIATTKHV SIvliVICK —KADIATOIl IIHl'AIll —11011V AVO1IK —niNDKIl WOHK —(iliASS INSTAI,l,i;u —AUTO I'AH'l'S W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES DodRC .<i Vlyjuoudl ) teller 888 HEAR! HEAR! If yon liavc n Ijudiil iissociiition ccrli(ic;\lo of any kind nn your lovwl OUCH wlion Uuiy piisa' mvny, wu will nccupi it »t full vnluu on the fmicnil, yon buy (is iuuo|i ;u> ?00 or more in COBB FUNERAL HOME I'tlONE 2(i' 2 bedrooms or a two room (ur- nished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. Lower floor nl 1013 W. Walnut, 4 unfurnished rooms. Call 227-J. ck-U UNFTJRNinilbD 'I room apartment with ball). Call 327, or 55 at night. ^12-ck-U Furnished 3-room house. 503 N. Fiflh Sit,. Couiilo Only. dh 5 ttomn Apartment, 4 rooms.fur- nished. J. II. Smurt. Ciiil 805-J 2c kll UOOK, .sixe 22 oy £-0, next TO Unhtard Tire & JUllcry: nnwly decoralcd. Tom .JackoOn. I'linnn 8. 25-ck-U •1 room FURNISHED apart- niont. duplex. Shade. vcr>' cool. All conveniences. Bess Hall. Call 280. 22-c-k-U V? anted To Buy I'lll' .is pet. lor little girl. Must he rlicap and penile. Pedigree unnecessary. Mrs. Samiiel F. Norris. Call 306 or 25G-W after f P. M. dh If Found 40 rhono TO Arkansas Truck license No. 217-7M. O\vncr may have same by calling at Courier News office and pay- Ing charges. TUAIL OP TIlOlJIil.K! I WAK1T SOMETHIKJ& EXTRA SPECIAL- THOSE WEVE SEEM WERE EITHER TOO TOUGH OR TOO SOW/ /OU SEEM TERRIBLY CH005EV TODAY -WE'VE SEESJ ALL KIMD 4MIMALS AUD'YOU'VE PASSED THEM ALL UP?. WE MUST YEH -DIMMY'S COVERED BE AkJ (A LOT OF 6ROUUD...7HIS AWFULLY ( PART OF TH' COUWTRV • I THOUGHT-I'D SEEM ALL TH" DIFFEREMT KIWD5 OFCRfTTERS THERE ARE-BUT I'UE WEVER LAID EYES OK) TRACKS LIKF THESE-WHADVA SAY FOLLOW ' LOU6 WAV FROM •MOO - IS ALL MEW TO ME BUT I LIKE A CHAWGB IM SCEK1ERY OMCE IW A WHILE BOOTS AND lilOK HUD DIES ^^^im^fm. COKf\Ri\5V TO THE SHOW'S NOT OVKH VET! IM-X&IMEAFEE-WEE BETTER \ HE LL GET \ P|D ANVBOOV HANDCUFF PLENTY FORI$EARCH 'IM,BOV&./SHOOTIN' y LULU SEUE. THAT'S TH' FUST BUT WHERE'S THAT'S RlfoHT. MAKE HIW '-' f 27,000 IN *500) LOOKIT ALL L7.ll i c± nM 'iA,1 I TM K-T nAnkirw z REST OF f 13,000 STILL TALK.IkE. ? PICKET X 15 MlS9!M' I RECKON BILL? ON'IM. HE'S THE GUY WHO ROBBEP MR. PICKET, ALL Rit>Hr. THUTTY OOLLftRSWAS ROBBED IN MY LIFE, yOV- 'to THOUSAND THI& AFFAIR A1NT CLEAREC 1 \ UP, AFTER V ALL. I'RKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS DOG CATCIIKK! GEE, I DOJTXIMK so, MISTIER! i GAVE HIM A rWTH THIS MORMIWQ AN' RUBBED POWDER ALL OVER KM! A Vfes!THAT'S THE LAW HERE.' VbU'LL HAVE TO KICK THRU WfTH $ 2, OR THE CITY WILL TAKE HIM AV/AY FROM VOL) !,' DOMT BE" W:»U V:'J VE GOT TD B'J-f'A LICEW5E AWD FASfEM IT 11 HIS .COLLAR,IF YOU v.'AMT TO KEEP YOUR DOG IW THIS HAS THAT MUTT car A LICENSE ? KIOTHIMG DOIWG.'THE CAM MAKE. ME BUY A. LICENSE, BLTT I'M NOT GOKIWA CHAWGE HIS NAME ! I'VE CALLED HIM POODLES EVER SIWCE HE WAS A HEY, KID.... .".ALL. YOUR DOG OFF... CALL HIM OFF I SAY!! AT MISSOURI STAT13 LINE Open D?y and Night •FRESH CRAPPIE 35c Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday LTJN & TEXACO a AS 16.8C gal. Cigarettes BIG BASEBALL G,\ME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1505-F'l or 143 We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co, Phone 19 Wall Paper S'EW VATTEHNS—LOW PIUCES CANVAS, I'ASTE AND TACKS ASK ABOUT NEW' TAINT F The ArUmo Lumber Co. Highest Market Prices I'AII) VOK SCRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Wli SEI.Ij All Leading Brands of COAL Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. \YlioIcsalcrs, Kclailcrs A Miners X. lliway 01 Opp. .lake Ungar Gin Ulythcivillc, Ark. STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I You White JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE ',07

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