Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 3, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1954
Page 13
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MOM, AftftANfArl MUffibdBNMilK^Htffe^^brt OIARK mi , July 3; 19S4 02ARK IKE WHAT oS you WANtSUMffBAb? • J'MAiugVA*- THAT WAV- I IN A HURRV INVOLVBO WITH W UAW/ out OUR WAY •v J. R. WHOiiM By J. R. Willlami OUT OUR WAV VIC FLINT •« Micha*! O'Man«y «nd Ralph Lent Answer to Previous VIC FLINT THAT t>O& ALWAV& DISTR^CTIM MlNPWITH STUNTS WHUTS H6 COIN' WOW '/ CAM'T VOU OEE »,.3 HE'S 6OT A BITE? Baseball Season Answer to Previous Puzzle AlEANWHlLE//M THE THE HI5TOKV/MUSHJM. JUST THlWK/Y OW/T/ If It) 7HE : REWTAL MA, HLJRRV UP/ THEY'LL HAVE TH'X «>*>" WELL, HE. THOUGHT HE MIGHT WELL SCRATCH HIS EAR.TC4), WHILE HlS HEAP'S BACK THERE. A<&ENCV. ANC? i PARKEP THE TO tMB Ml§fi_... MUSfeJM AMP A REMC*2VOU5 WITH,,, , WB SOT AVVAV WITH\WltW THE CAR OUT FRONT 60 WE CAM COUPLBOF TO JINX ,,» HOURS i < OUR 'LUCK? , 3 Medley 4 West Point freshmen 5 Health resort C Made lace 7 Region a baseball plnyer does at night 9 Cellars 10 State 11 Obtains 16 Synthetic fabrics 20 Musical instruments It/ 1 LEPT THE MU&6UM H AUP 'f ACROSS 1 Short—5 Joe DiMaggio was one 9 Base 12 In good health 15 Peel 14 Hail! 15 Estranges 17 Place 18 Fool (slang) 19 Hags 21 Blackthorn 23 Total 24 Marble 27 Prayer book SHOVE OPI= WHEN IT ©BT& 2 Sea nymph AN- HOUR ASO/ THEY PON'T ^ PUNCH f AM' PlM WHEELS' ALL SHOT OFF HURRY UP.' SUSFfcCT NOTHING,/ 4 Bind ib the' SLoh&ngrln's endence a bride i! ««i« ' » Hinder 45 Musician's wand 46 Begged 47 Rector (ab.) 48 Sea eagle 50 Fired clay • piece.: §1 Garden topis 52 Seth's son (Bib.) 55 Witty.saying 25 Metal 26Generous 28 Present 30 High cards 31 Advise 33 Employers 35 Mollusk : eating part 40 Herons 43 British race track 30 Aleutian 42 Gull-like birds island 44 Entices 32 Through 40 Lock of hair 36 Lurch 48 Look for UWW1UUISK3 N WBK 9O FOB , ,, ,(scot.) ftfcafn 19 f Legal pbint 37 Handled 49 Makes ldya«- «, 25 Dismounted 38 Weight of mistakes - ,«,*>261t's a nice day India 50 Dissolve t < *, 'for n —;— in 40 Heed 53 School group *, ,,the country 41 Qolf, tennis, (ab ) <\» ,28jSocia.linsdcl football, 55. Three times 29 Burden baseball, etc. (comb, form) WASH TUBBS WASH TUBBS 29 Mike Garcia, By Leilie Turner the Big 32. About 34 European • country 36 Frozen dessert 37 Went f podless 38 British , 'princess 39 Rustic pipe baseball manager gives 24 Mother VOU UP TO PMTB OKI PAb'S- f TW5-6. iUTHBl^ WAIT'LL YOU I&BEM KNOW. 1 tlSi^lff.rWBU.; I THOUGHT VOU \MfiHT HAVE S0toB.£0(3- WE'VE .T&K6N X HWW...ITS A NICE SET-UP.' \ (SECTIONS. BUT.m M6EP 'EIA Rfv,THEK. THIS- HOUSE FOK\ BUT WOT ABOUT ME PAU&-.I 500KJ,..HJ FA.CT WITHIN) THE M£XT THIP-TV A WHILE. IAEWIM! \ WHO ARE COMIN TO HIDE J. YOUR STRIP IN Tri IWWUTBS \ r\)E SOT TO START PRf>,WIIOS ON THO&B STRIPS IF THEV 6ET THERE WELCOME OUT-ER-5TAV WITH ME SOT ME REM WORRIEP NBOUT IAE FWORITB H&RO! BEST TO SET HIM OUT OF THW JMM. 41 Compass point 42 Musical syllable . 44 Baseball i players' food 46 Ironer 49 Shaping machine • 53 Mr. Durocher 54. Burning 56 French coin 57 Atop BORM THIRTY VEAR6. TOO SOOKl .'..N^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hobple With Major Hoopft OUR BOARDING HOUSE S.MA30R/ DID THE OVOLS DSCID& THE ourroooe -i*OR-ALL CHAN\PlOM5rtfP STARTED BACK, OR DID THEV .'X 6LANC&'THATVOU'R6A , A AND IN MO;:6MAPeTO BOX/—A RESI/WSM 16 SOM£<S£CLLJt>£D ESTREAT MP TTrtP. TO TH! *^^^v ;.„ »: j j., . ^^w r )j'—,yi'.4tf—fflWFtMBriUl^fe BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 58 Bread spread 59 Alcoholics' , PROGRAN\ POR AsJ AMD THERE'LL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Mtfrrln VJODLD BE IDEAL disease (ab.) 60 Try ' 61 Cape ttWitW\ «3Et» (prefix) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner rtML-in^BM'*' ^^ JS%s**Ihx<S>Z i y ' i ALLEY OOP BUGS BUNNY REALLY /Tfo NOT'"' JUST -VEI? SIZE! TWO BUCKS AN', ITS YEeS WAIT A MINUTE! i, WON'T B'UV A MAT WITHOUT •SEEING -HOW V IT LOOKS ON ^ ME! CULTURAL EV^VCSr SENP ALLEY OUT ON WERE PRAGONS A DRAGON HUNT BACK THERE .. . v .. AND HE WIND5 UP / IN THE THtRP |» ALLEY . IN 50MEBOPY© <^ CFNiTURY? Jt MEASURE THAT DINING ROOM. .. a 2 FUNNY BUSINESS '*By Herihberaw VQU HAVE SOME ) \ SLAP THIS ATTWACTIVE ' r^ SNAZZY HATS -HSI?E.OLDA :• MODEL ON S1OSSN ' FUNNY BUSINESS BUGS BUNNY ALLEY OOP LJ^TO-i-V^ I TH' DRAGON'S KNOT TH 1 ONE YEAH, ITS / WELL,WHY YYAKKIN YOKELS COME ALONG/ PANGED WELL SHOW I STRUCK-Afi/MNlAWITH TH JUST LIKE! AROUND SOO'NESS, HAVE A GOOP APPETITE /XLVVAY5,.) WHYAIN'TCHAv 1 SQUIRE SKIGG57 HAIR AN 5UMPIN/' WHAT CAN " PREFER V ABOUT BLONDES' •'You should feel flattered! Who else listens with such I appreciation when you sing?" T M RBJ y >S4 b; back J»nc[ take By Golbroith SIDE GLANCES My husband is having him guard his first 3 tomato!" "JUst trim arpund the ears and neck—I'm going to br«ak the wfeof her horsetail hair-do!" ByGdlbroitb SWEETIE PIE SWEETIE PIE By Carl Anderson THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THE 5TQRY OFW^ARTHA WAYNI 3^»^^^^ By Wilson Scruggs fl«w»frPW«*R*M6. < !8 P»HAPP YOU'RE RI6HT, M?U CAN OQWBB W -. ni .i.rw•» i ^W§|l« there go the part? to the rpbot (wa^ going to builds" '""""" -''~'"-~ i: '" :r * " T "" «'AH rightwl promise you san w § will yew j*y* thi •DLBMIq^HT^riu-Lul' JLMM i ^ a! JUI_A „ AT__ " _ __^ "* r * T11 -.*-"•«•- -' -•"• -v r « ^ - v «r-,, », „ „ ^ p^ B-r-o» ( r E"»»**»*»*'ii»«w"**Mi«i*»i»»i»«IM Bp..^, ^L a .jtW^^^»^™™*™ ii i-' i ^^"^ ^g*gjq^^S•^^^l•^^^^^•J^•gg-J M2Sl32B*sL§i*w* 1 **' w_^^^^fc£3Bg*y "«, i * V^is^HHB^ J '' ^ ' "•>

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