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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 3, 1954
Page 7
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ym*?'i?i if ' •*- r> ' >ns-yy,ft f- -S*f r *?"-is"' ^s^^™rv5? s v'«5r~^ &' A. - STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, July §, 1954 IETY ft****** l * M *nd « ?>, V i»~ ••" ^ * IY ttiail Circle irtonthly bus* Mali m Circle 3 of the WSCS'of the First Methodist Church viill meet Tuesday, July 6, at 4 p. rrt. In the horrte of Mrs. Bill Mudgett with Mis.. 8. W. Edwards as co-hostess. Sttetld. ^ t*t ' «»i .. • tf&r '••••' -' SFRIGERATION! DAY • "Hple .Program it .'u.« •„-->»-. Tijugh Sficaught between n*'-'^;.- W 6 men r rllGHT TO TANGIER Monday July 12 * Circle 6 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will have a meet* ing Monday, July 12, at 3:30 p. m. at the chttrch. rYjrmnq and Going ' Mrs. Stella Weisenoerger will have as her holiday guests, her daughters. Miss Elsio Weisenberger of North Little Rock, and Mrs. t E. Huckribee, Mr. Huckabee. and children, Dolores and Darwin, of Houston. Mrs. Beverly Johnson and Mrs. 'Edwin Powell leave Sunday for a weeks vacation in Galveston. They will be joined in 'Shreveport by Misses Nell- Foster, Colleen .Cof fee and Nell Coffee. .WOMAN CHARGED LITTLE ROCK M — Mrs. Berdie Gill. 52. of,Little Rock yesterday was charged with second de gree murder- in the fatal beating of'her. half-sister,, Mrs. Josie Brad shaw, 59,, also o'f Little Rock. Prosecuting Attorney Tom*Downie filed tho charge in Pulaski Cir- jrnit Court. Demo Workers fd Hedr Stevenson. DBUVfiR :tffr Aaali Steven'sort, ill obvious good" spirits as he ar rived late yfesterday, addresses a $4-a*plafc noon luncheon for Democratic workers today* "I*m not tne advance man for the President I'm the also-ran man for president,' quipped the 1952 presidential candidate referring to President Eisenhower's prospec live Colorado vacation. Stevenson is stopping here for 36 hours eft route to Alaskas. He leaves by plane for Pottland, Ore, late today. -. ' ' , ,,'-' Sunday & Monday at Drive-In MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. OPEN 6:45 • TONIGHT ONLY v . __., Adventure' ARLIS STARRETT of trie Pioneers t *^ft ^ ^t h ~ES.Ti.OF TKey're the goofiest race drivers in laugh history! LEO GORCEY & The Bowery Boys "JALOPY 7 ' , _ . , of ^Serial NFIGHTERS OF . . . most daring of the eorfy West's adventure -= blazing breed! WILD BILL ELLIOT "The Homesteaders" ORTHWEST Always A'Color-Cartoon LOOK! A TOP FIRST RUN PICTURE FOR THE HOI DAYS! • SUN. - MON. • HAtrF-MAN , HALF-MONSTER AND THE ' BEAUTIES HE CRAVES! : . ^ "' ' in love t Joe McDoaks Comedy • Color Cartoon , CHUM SEE OUR FIRIW0RK& DISPLAY MONDAY NI6HT About Tomatoes 25c Actor Lashes Seekers of Bad Publicity HOLLYWOOD W — A man is judged by the c ompany he keeps, figures Robert Ryan and the same goes for Hollywood. Ryan, one of the screen's solid' citizens, today lashed out at some Of his fellow townspeople for at taching themselves to figures who bring bad publicity to Hollywood. For instance, Porfirb Rubirosa, tHe 20th century Don. Juan, "t think a guy like that should be shunned when he comes to Hollywood,": said Ryan, an ex Marine who speaks plainly and has muscles t!» back up ; his state ments.' "Instead, people rush lor the'opportunity to'throw him cock tail parlies 'and receptions." e said 'the : lothario's current Glamour, Zsa. Zsa Gabor, hasn't profited from the headlines Her film salary is still small. And thats just what she's worth, as far as ability is con cerned,' he said. "During my career, I've often wondered if I. shouldn't go after the more sensational stuff he said "Every actor thinks about, it, cspe clally those who are 'dull, copy like myself. I have a wife and family and lead a very quiet life. I've never been in any scandal "It's j,ust as well nothing like that ever happened to rne After all, you have to HVe with your self. And I'm. convinced that scan dais : don't help "a career, despite thinking to .the contrary. :.; "i'-ve; done, a lot of traveling on the!road in the past few years talking.!to theater rnon and prdin ary citizens '.'all; over the c ouritry I;found' but th'at Rita. Hay worths career: was actually hurt at the time of her romance with Aly Kh'an.v- '..'-.',-' ' , : '-". ' :: "I . don't. know, about Bob Mi chtinv-'but I imagine he was hur during his scandal. Afterwards? Well, 'thats a different matter .people 'have short 'memories." He observed that Hollywood has changed in recent years, advanc ing ' spmewhat falteringly in the direction.', of respectabilHy. This ''i tti; good thing, he said. PHYLLIS KIRK is discovered byjthe Ph.antotfi, in a scetie from Warner Bros.' "HOUSE Of WAX;" ..""".," , : . . Sunday & Monday at Saenger Linda DARNELL and Robert MITCHUM dine together in a scene from RKO's " " "* film, "SECOND CHANCE" Technicolor. PRESCOTTNEWS Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gllroy, D. D. 4 )The Greatest Life Ever Lived." This, I think, is part of the title of a ra'dio program on Sunday afternoons, . to which I assume that many listen., beside rnyself. It consists mainly of stories, which are pf an imaginative nature, but very realistic.-in application of the teach ings pf Jesus. Without minimizing in anyway Presbyterian Circles Meet Jointly •'._,_• Circles one-and two of the Women of the Presbyterian Church met jointly on Monday afternoon at '3 o'clock-in the home of Mrs.:.T. M. Bemis with Mrs. Walter Hirst !'as co-hostess with 23 members pre,sent. •''•'' . .••'•-'•'''•'.' ••••''']•'•'• Mrs. S. 0. .Logan, chairman r of Circle 2, presided and called .the meeting to order with : tHe prayer hymn "Hope of The World:" .,.,, Minutes of the Circles were read by the secretaries, and approved.!. Mrs. D. L. McRae Sr., chairman, made announcements for Circle .1'. Mrs. Allen Gee presented the Bible study on "The Beginning^ of World Missions." She was ..assisted by Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr.,; tyft D. .L. McRae Jr.., and Mrs. O/W.' Watkins. Mrs. Gee closed with the poem "Brotherhood". Mrs. C. H. Moore had charge, of the conversation period on Christian Citizenship" . closing with prayer. . . ' ' .' ' At the close of the meeting a .delicious frozen salad course was served. •, Nashville on Monday evening. Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Barrett, who have been the .guests of Mr. and Mrs_. Fred Powell, returned to their home in Victoria, Texas on Monday. They were accompanied by Mrs. W. F. Deriman Jr., who is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Allen Willimen. Continued rrom tfage On» only taking membership, and this other giiy nominated you. Arid now you belong." Or Death puts his arm arourtd a teen-age high school driver arid says "Faster, kid, faster. Boy, you're a real hot rodder. Sure you see clear in the moonlight. See how close you cart come ;o that bridge abutment." A mo ment later the boys ribs are in iis lungs blood drowns his whirh jers, and Death tags him and says, "You nOw almost through you'd make it. Well, even count- rig the funeral costs I still sav- ;d your:.folks most of the $3.000 they'd put •'away ! for your college education?'- ] And somewhere a mother at a picnic, bttsy fixirig the lunch,, is sure' someorie else in the family is temping an eye on the child who toddles toward the lakefront. And, sure enough, someone is. "Come in. little boy* says Death from the water. "1 will catch YOU and your mother will never, never for got you again. See the pretty ta? I have for you?" An overweight man of 45 with n fading heart calls across the ten nis court to his son, "Junior, I'l beat you this fifth set'or drop dead." And he wearily lifts his rac quet, Dealh taps him and- says "Drop.' . Death waits on a darkened, porcl as a little gii-1 in a -filmy :dress sneaks out with a sparkler • in hei hand. "Go ahead and light 'the sparkjer all by yourself,' coaxer Death. "You're a big girl now.' ' When the screams die into s ence, Death hurries' to a room vhere a holiday lonely man, sick vith selfpity, • looks at the un , in is hand and • mutters "• "Would e any more lonely dead?" Anc Death, writing his tage say Well come and see." So Death will move at a ceas ess pace today Saturday, Sunda and Monday, playing his deadl ame of tag across all Americ with the holiday risk-takers and heir victims. And the foolish. And the unwary. Wherever he pauses .Mrs. Betty Gordon and Miss Jossis Gordon were Monday visitors in Texarkana. Mrs. Paul Jones has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis in North Little Rock. Mr.-and Mrs. P. D. Whitaker and Bill of Corpus Christi, Texas have .-arrived'to join their daughter, Susan, for a visit with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Guthrie and other relatives. the divine nature of Jesus and His rhissipn of redemption, the emphasis upon the greatest life ever lived and the greatest story ever told is of great practical value. It reminds us that Jesus is not only Redeemer, Savior and Friend but that in His Life He manifested frpm day to day all that He taught. He se,t an example for all who wpuld beUeve in Him and follow Him. Jesus taught as much by exam pie as by precept. When He taught the. lesspn to humility and the greatness pf service "- a lesson that the Twelve needed to learn right up to the Last Supper, and the near ness pf the Cross ; -^ Jesus set the example of the - f eet«washing. Ho said, "if ye'love Me, keep My opmmandmentsi" fbut He not pnly said "Do as I say," but "Fpllow Me," What dpes it mean to follow Jes* us? In what sense did Ha set in His earthly life our great and true example?. TP follow Jesus is net necessarily the same thing for us all It was not so in the time of Jesus. Him' self, To gome H? said. "Folipw Me in the sense pf joining His actual Mrs. Floyd Hubbard f' v : Hostess To Presbyterian Clrc'je 3 ; Mrs. Floyd Hubbard was hostess to Circle J of the Presbyterian Chinch at her home on Monday evening at 7:30 Mrs. John. Hubbard presided in the absence of the chairman and called the meeting to order with prayer. """ During the business session the minutes were read by the secretary and reports of committees were heard. ...'•' Mrs. Max Kitchens presented! the Bible study on "The Beginning, of World Missions" . Miss Julia Logan directed the conversation period, on "Christian Citizenship," • " The meeting adjourned with. sentence prayer after Which the'lips,; tess served ice cream and cake. Methodist Youths Attend Sub-District Meet Freddie Moberg, Mary Biichan. an, Marilyn Lee, Gladwln Connell, Johnny Sage and Billy Bvasker of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, accompanied by Mrs. Wayne Eley, attended a sub-distrfct meeting in company, And those who answered that Mrs. .Harold Locke and Sandra have been the recent guests of rela tives in Winthrop. Mr. arid Mrs. Frank Dawdlin who have -been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonarc Hart, have gone to Alexandria, La. to spend the summer. Mrs. Ed Cantley has returned to her home in Hot Springs after a visit with her sister, Mrs. J. E Regan. Mrs. 'Obert Henderson and son Laos Officials Meet With r Vietmin Envoys By EDDY GILMORE GENEVA UP) Defense Minister Lou Varavong of Laos and three .aolian officers arrived here to ay tor' talks with Victminh. reprc sentatives arnid growing Ameri an fears a sell-out in Indochina is mminent, The Laotian representatives ar ived shortly before the 27th ses lion of the Indochina peace t alks opened in the Palace of Nations, 'hey were accompanied by the 'rench adviser to the Laotian De ense Ministry. They weve met by members of he Laotian delegation here and >y Philip Bonsai, director of tho J. S. State Department's office of Philippine and Southeast Asian Af 'airs. A Cambodian military delegation leaded by Gen. Nhiek Tiotilong i'-. : due to arrive here tomorrow. With the top Cambodian and .aotian military representatives in Geneva, it is expected that the military phase of the discussions lere can be brought to a speedy conclusion. Both the Cambodians and Laotians have stated tlioy will Walk out of any discussions in which the Vietminh try to c laim parts of their territory. Both contend they are victims of open invasion by Vietminh ele ments and the only solution is tho withdrawal of these forces. Today's conference session, was the first since the evacuation of the southern portion of the Red River delta began, an action whcrS* implications hung heavily over tne conference. :• •-..... j The evacuation iti the delta, ft was learned on high authority,waf! taken independently of the nego tialions here. It was understood the action aid not come as a surprise in Western delegation circles and apparently the French had kept their Western Allies advised of events in Indo china. The U. S. State Department n Washington said yesterday it lad no advance information. . Saturday, July I, 1954 HOP! IfAK, H0M, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ad* lituf Be In Oifiee Day Belof* no picketing. Construction jobs ir six Arkansas counties are affectec by the strike of painters, plumbers and carpenters WRONG T'ME TAURA, Japan tf) Police in .his small town celebrated the ha. tionalization of Japan's^ police forces yesterday with oshiruko, a traditional New Year's dish mades with sweet red beans. . But what's gopd in January isn't always so good in July. Forty-nine ot the 53 police collapsed. Of these. 23 v/ent to the hospital suffering from acute numbness. The other 20, were suf ferine from a violent diarrhea. i WANT AD RATES 1 AH Want Adi of* payobl* In ' advance but ads will be acceptsd • over the telephone and accomoda- floH accounts allowed with the urt- ; demanding the account Is paydbl* when statement Is rendered. Number 3f Words Up to 19 16 to 20 il to 25 16 to 30 31 to 35 On* 36 41 V 16 to 40 5 50 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 three Day* .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 One Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sale 55 HEAD young cows and calves. 200 acres improved pastures for rent. 2 miles west of Rosston. See me at Rosston July 3, 4, or 5 or write Hollis A. Dillard, 542 Holder Street, San Antonio, Texas. Phone 34563. 28-6t Beware of Strangers DEMAND NON CANCELLABLE' HOSPITAL INSURANCE Home Security Life Ins. ^Co. . Little Rock. Ark., Issue this type policy—Premium never Buy C lFrom local Agent; He.will be here during the months to Yo'ur Doctor and Hospital know this company.. Call or Write ... CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3141 P. O. Box 104 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY i time 75c per Inch 3 times 60c per Inch 6 limes 50c por Inch Rotes quoted above are tor consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will take tho one-day rate. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of- feffi^.for publication and to re|ect ah-jr objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention ofter FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 COLDSPOT Deep Freeze. 14 cubic foot. 1952 Model. Can be seen after 4 p. m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 520 North Elm l-3t SINGLETARY Peas for sale. Billy Hodge, Route 1, Mineral Springs, Arkansas. 3-Gt Hope Star Star of HOD* 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 an ambulance will follow, halt, pick up a still burden and race with it to a hospital where it will get the epitaph: 'D. O. A. dead on arrival." Two Strikes • Unsettled By The Associated. Press Two strikes still were on in Ar •cansas today With no immediate settlement in sight. '..'••' Hundred of carpenters, painters and plumbers in : .:the Little Rock area were out for the second "day About 36. Western .Electric -Co. maintenance men went - into the second day of their striker' a part of a nationwide: walkout of General Electric employes..', , The CIO Communicatoins Wor'* ers of America officials met sep arately today preparatory to meet ing later today with Weitern Eiec trie officials. The negotiations involving Lion El Dorado were stalled, pending a scheduled meeting next We'dnos day. Workers at Lion's' chemical plant ftill are on the job, however. All crafts involved in the three labor disputes are-seeking wage in creases and other benefits. The Western Electric walkout af fects telephone exchanges in seven Arkansas cities, but there.'has been DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Open 7 Days A Week Cafeteria Open from 11 A.M. until 2 P.M. Cafe open from 5 A.M. until 10 P.M. Otis and Bertha Harvey, Owners Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Altx. H. Washburn, Socy-Tm. ot The Star Building 9 212-14 South Walnut Strict Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor JesvM. Davis, Advertising Manager G4fte W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkanias, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Cam, of Walnut Ridge'have been the: guests of her .parents, Mp, and Mrs.'Cam McGuire.,-' : ' DOROTHY DIX Philandering Mystery Dear Miss Dix: I have been mar- make for complete domestic hap- Scientists believe men would die after taking a few breaths of the atmosphere on Mars. • • .Legal Notice No. 7641 in the chancery 'Court of Hempstead County > Avk. Benjamin S. Cox, ..........,,...; Plaintiff vs. - • ' Shirley Lprajne Cpx ........ Defendant WARNING ORBIR aefend.ant, msley •torajn? Cox is warned tp Appear i« this oqju-t withl» thii'ty aay§ and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Benjamin. §. Co«, Witness my hawl 9M the seaj of s.814 court this w day of June Garrett Willis, Clerk special invitation said with truth, "Lo. we have left all and have'-'fol- Ipwed Thee" (Mark 10:28).. '."•'••• But to some whp wished to"join His company, and follow in'that particular way, Jesus said as de* finitely, in effect. "Go back horha" (See Mark 5, espepially verse 19). But these whom He sent away were as truly followers, spreading •••• abroad their testimony as to what Je-> sus had dpne for them. one thing that is certain is that Jesus set us an example of the spirit that must underlie all our words and actions. Tp live b' ythe precepts, of the Master, and to live in His spii-it, is to • follow Him. whatever- "our task may be; and nothing less than that is following. ~J think that In times like 'burs one might illustrate it in terms' of jiatrjotie devotipn. We are not all called to be soldiers, but the true civilian patriot will live as much in the spirit of the men who serve, A crucial weakness pf Qur national life is the fact that so many have no such spifit QJ 1 d,evQUon t Jt is a crucial weaMess of th,e church and of current that so many who do not f«el at all The man whora sent home was as truly a>|ol : to eojne spepJeJ <iis9i^es_hip fail to. ried six, years and have two children, four and five years of age. The first year of marriage was bliss fully happy: then followed four years of constant quarrels and, as I learned later, infidelities. There was one particular girl with whom my.husband lived while I was in the hospital having our second child Eventually he admitted he loyed her and wanted a divorce. Then something happened between them, what it was, I never knew, but he said everything was over, he realized what 'a heel he had been and knew that I was the only woman for him. That was a year ago, and he has been simply wonderful ever since, However, I cannot get the thought of this girl put of my mind I go out of my way to pass her house, ask people about her. think about her constantly. It's a form of mental torture that I cannot stop. Should I tell by husband how I fei£ or will that bring the whole story [jack to him? DELORES D. Forgive' And for pet Answer: Your'husband having duly reformed, certainly will not welcome continued reproaches on his past conduct, or a reminder of it, JJe exercised will power .in. giving lip, the other giri; you must exer- ci4e' yours in . forgetting about her. Of course, your husband was guilty of putragous conduct and moralists would insist that he deserves no credit for his last action. However, not every Wife has the satisfaction pf an erring husband's return; you have been fortunate in that. Now to ypAi to put the past away, to give your man every reason to be thankful he was repentant, and to look forward tq continued happi- together. you try piness.. lovely children, a pleasant home a husband and father lovingly appreciates his family. Do make up. yaur mind to enjoy them. Dear Miss Dix: Last summer, just after I graduated from high school, I met Matt, who is five years my senior. During the year we've been going out together we have planned marriage, then broken off, made up, become engaged again, then another break, and the whole cycle starts again. After every quarrel I'm the one to call or write and ask for another chance, yet more often than not the quarrels are of his making. Should I go on like this or not? GENEVIEVE Answer: It's a good thing to apologize when you're in the wrong, but very foolish to put yourself always on the defensive. It dpesn'l seem logical that all the fault would be yours therefore ail the reconcil- iations shoudn't be up, to you, either your relationship with Matt is too one-sided- to be happy. While you're in the present state of separation, it would be a good idea for you to go out with other boys and, whatev- you do, don't crawl back to Matt again. For Your 4th Of July COCA-COLA'S BY THE CASE OR CARTON See BYERS GULF SERVICE AT THE S CURVE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY To The People Of Hempstead County -%^ I wish to announce that Mrs. C. Cook will be one of my deputies in the she•= riffs office if I am elected sheriff. Jimmie Cook Candidate for Sheriff & Collector Paid Pol. Adv. Paid for by Jimm'e Cook SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WILLIAMS FLOUR & FEED, 106 South Walnut/ will be open all day Monday, July 5, for the convenience of our customers and friends; Subscription Rates (payable In advance): : By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— Per week ,. .25 Per year 13.00 Bv. mail in Hompstcad, Nevada, . LoSiR'ette, Howard, and Miller counties'—- One month 85 Three months 1.60 Six months 2.60 One year 4.50 All other mall— One month 1.10 Three months 3.25 'Six months ; 6.50 On* year 13.00 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; I£02 Stcrick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Mlr'-Joan Avc., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 4Sp5t., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 PerTobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal' Bldg.j- Okldhomo City "'2, Okla', : •• •• Member of The Associated Press: • The Associated Press is enlillcd exclusively to lite use for rcpublication : i of oil Ihe local news printed in this ."newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Notice ROOM house. All modern convenience. 140Vfe acres land. $8,000 For information see D. E. Goodlett, Route 1, Box 44, Fulton, Ark. 1-Ot NEW Fedders Room Air Conditioner. Ovie Stephens. Route 3, Box 16. See after 5:30 p. m. 1-31 ROOM house, 7 miles South of Lewisville at Mid Way Oil Field. Mail bids to Sunray Oil Corporation % R. W. Shannon, Patmos Arkansas. Bidding closes July 15 Company reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 3-6t For Rent UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. $25.00 pgr month. Bills paid. Private hath. 808 West 4th. Phone 7-3152. Juno 10-TF FURNISHED 4 room apartment, electric refrigerator. Garage, No children. Mrs. Anna Judson, 22C North Elm. June 10-TF Political Announcements the star i* authorised to announce that the following «** candidate* tor public office *ub- Ject to the action of the Democratic primary election*. For Congreit 4th District OREN HARRIS G. W. LOOKADOO NORMAN M. WARNOCK Cor HARRY HAWTHORN* CLIFFORD BYERS OWIGHT RIDODOJL For County Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOK8 JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUOGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON SYVELLE BURKE Alderman Ward Thre» B. L. RETT1O A. P. DELUNEY For Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER PRESTON DOWD TRAVIS MATHIS VAN JOHNSON Alderman Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN CHARLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY MRS. G. A. NASH NICE 7 room house, two story, in Oakhavcn.i four miles from town At $50.00 per month. Call Foster Realty Company Phone 7-4C91 30-61 UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment. 3 big closets, modern con- vcncicnce. ear Handle MilK $20.00 month. Sid Houston, Phona 7-3743. l-3t FURNISHED 2 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Private bath and entrance. Newly decorated. 321 'Bonner St. Phone 73553. 2-3t DOWNSTAIRS four room furnished apartment. Available July 15. Mrs. K. G. McRae, Telephone 72432. 2-3t GODBOLD Apartments. Nicely furnished 3 rooms and breakfast nook. Private bath and carport. •*k block from-town. 321 Wcs y t Second •' Street; Adults only; ;Call 73314. 3-3t 4 ROOMS & bath. Will be available July 15th. Lights, water, & gas, Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE FOREST L. HAIRR T, 0. (TOP) PORTER Alderman Ward One MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES For State SenaU 7th District GENE LEE For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-6830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Pishing Good for Holiday LITTLE ROC fc -^*) The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission reports fishing will be good in the ollowng counties over th.6 week* end: Baxter County — Nofork lake, bream. Benton — Streams, bass at night. Boon — Bull Shoals Lake, crappie. Carroll — White River, catfsH, Chicgo Lake Chito, bream. Cleveland — Cranes Lake, bass Faulkner — Lake Conway, bream ery good. Garland — Lake Hamilton, crap* lie, bream; Lake Ouachita, bass, jream. Izard — Lafferty Creek, sma'..'- nouth bass; Rocky Bayou, bass, jrcam; Strawberry River, catfsh, Lafayettcville — BodcaW Lake, bream, goggle eye. Perry — Lake Nimrod, white bass. Prairie — White River, channel cat: Peckcrwood Lake, crappie, 33SS. Saline —• All lakes and streams, bream. Stone — Red River, small mouth bass, bream; Tomahawk Creek, bream. Yell — Nimrod Lake, bream, bass. The NATIOAL LEAGUE New York Brooklyn Philadelphia Milwaukee St. Louis Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh W L 40 23 44 28 38 30 Pet GB .081 .011 .559 By PHILLIPS ROGERS . , _ . ,_„ . .. suaded rne to forget it. Story: Fred Ainspach super-1 important Fed" he said. "No is 'Them market employe and wr*stl!ng'few bucks no matter.' He pulled D 30 34 34 25 35 37 33 43 23 49 .507 12'/ 2 .479 14'/2 .472 15 .368 22 .319 26 pupil of Milo have teen matched with different oppoenls at a lodg* meeting to settle some bets Mild quickly disposes of his opponent Herman Glut* a butcher and Herman is to . referee... the bout between Fred and JaktJ Stumpflg a fair collegiate wrestler. Jake has hammerlock on Fred. XI I Inched long the mat with Jake on top of me toward where Milo was sitting. If I could Ret off thn mat Jake would have to give up the hold but the pain was too terrific. I was hardly aware of the shouting crowd of Herman Glulz's face over us while he waited to give the tap to Jake When I nodded that I had had enough. Suddenly everything went dark and I thought I had gone blind from pain. Then Jakc'r grip weakened and with superhuman effort I threw it off. If he had blinded me I intended to have my revenge. Groping over me for his head I caught him around the neck pulled down and heaved upward with my body and d own he went with a slam so terrific that it must have knocked him almost unconscious. Then I realized that I could see again which renewed my courage. Quick as ,a flash I threw myself oh Jake's recumbent body and pinned his shoulders. I practically sewed his whole body to the mat. He was so groggy that Herman a roll of bills from his pocket that made my eyes stick out. it seems that most "f the Odd Fellows were so sure that Jake Stumpfig would win that they had • been going around offering two and three to one and out ot loyally to me Milo and .his friends had covered. I was touched and shook hands with all of them except Milos special friend Steve Skouras whom he had introduced me to before his bout. Milo explained that he had left early. It was a slow day at the supermarket because everybody was wailing for the week-end sales ads. My thoughts were distrubcd by the produce manager calling back to me "Hey head friend of . an auto horn outside. Go tell him to cut it out will you?" With a supermarket being buill closer to where I lived I didn't have to take anything from him. Besides I was still feeling sore Tarzan that egg- yours is blowing 300 on Strike in Arkansas By the A&soelated Press "Two unions went on Strike in Arkansas, and a third local still was negotiating a new contract with employers. Eight hundred carpenters seek ing a 25 cent an hour increase irt pay walked o ff the^ jobs in Liltle Rock in a strike that will affect jobs in at least six Arkansas court ties. Plans tor the walkout wore- 8ri bounced yesterday by Z. Q. Bur nett. buslnoss agent (or the AFL Brotherhood ot Carpenters and Joiners Union. The carpenters contract with Associated General Contractors expired last night. Burnett could not be reached for comment. Counties affected by the walk out arc PuJaski, Lonoke, Prairie Marion Baxter and part ot Sn line. U.S. Presses for Anti-Red Pact in Asia a couple of the slx-for-23-cent apples that nobody have bought bruised anyway but could would they be • considered were Yesterday's R e sults Chicago 7. St. Louis 6 Philadelphia 7, Brooklyn 6 New York 9, Pittsburgh 5 Milwaukee 11-2 Cincinatti 4-1. Today's Games New York at Pittsburgh ; Brooklyn at Philadelphia St. Louis at Chicago Cincinatti at Milwaukee (night) Rev. O. N. Dennis. State President of'the'-Youth Department of Southwest Arkansas and daughter Arene with several other delegates made their return Tuesday from the National Youth Contrress held in Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Washington Baltimore 3oston Plenty pasture for cow and truck' Cleveland. Ohio after spending se- patch. .Located on Experiment jveral days there. They-brought a Road. Phone 7-2253. 3-3t 4 PEOPLE, $5.00. Two, $3.00. All nm. "Safer," quieter. Innersprings, foam pillows,, refrigerated. Boley's Court. June 3-1 Mo BEEF aind Pork Custom Slaughtered. Call Jess Morris 7-3578 or 72244. Cut wrapped & frozen for deep freeze. Call 7-2244. Community Ice & Produce Co. June 8-1 Mo. Notice report of the Session of the Con- _ress being the greatest in the his- ;ory of the Church of God In Christ UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment. 3 big closets, modern convenience. Near Handle Mill. $20,00 month. Sid Houston, Phone 7-3743. 1-31 going put of yo,ur way t9 stpp in at phivvch. instead pf detouring & your ex<riva]'s a prayer pr two fpr the to V® »•*.§* to Rear Miss Dix: I've been in Jove with. Gerald for the past year — since I was 15 and he 16. We had often talked of being married, but now his family is moving clear across the country and we won't see eaph pther for a year. Can our love survive this separation. W. W, Answer: True love can survive just about anything and this is just as gpP4l a. test as any for you young pepple. «re bpth Gerald ha? hU education t<j ypirog: SP f«tur§ i? %Mit.e a way p«. It wi}i be best Ipr tp make new social contact?, the JWture trujy f, V. _ IP? whether ypu Prescription For Cooler Living JOHNS MANVIU.E ROCK WOOL IN ATTIC CANVAS or ALUMINUM WINDOW AWNINGS ALUMINUM KOOL SHADE ATTIC FANS FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS WINDOW FANS FIX.UP & : FINANCE fix wp your home now, Se$ Jj for simple PHA financing pl afl j and ideas w«h terms -up to momhsp. c -^ C«ll U* F«r Free Estimate Hope Builders Supply Co, 3rd § ^ Th,e Canadian National Railway "jyith 24,150 miles of main track and CpOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 Large Enough to Serve Youl Small Enough to Know You! VOTE Boley's all new, "All air conditioned," court. When guest's or Tourists inquire. 4 people $5.00. July 3-1 Mo. >ce» Ottered QyiCK Mimeographing Reasonable rate. Call H, E. Luck Highway 67 West , LUCK'S UitSED FURNITURE CO. Edge of City Limits West 50 Gallon Water Barrels for Sale Phone 7-4381 Hope, Ark. CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef cut and wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for Deep Freeze 26 to 35 cents. h Montgomery Mkt. Phone 7-3361 MATTRESS renovation and inner, spring work- Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622. Mar. 4-tl service Samuels 7-3766. Farm Bureau Office. 101 East Front Street. June 17-1 Mo. Mrs. Dealdy Rogers of Nashville died in Howard County Hospital Thursday, July 1. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Sgt. and Mrs. Jessie Phillips and son, Jessie Jr, of Denver.. Colo., are visiting Mr. Phillips parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips in Washington. Rev. Neal Franks has arrived home after spending several months visiting relatives and friends in California. Simmie Munn of Los Angeles, Calif., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Dora Munn, and other relatives. Wonted to Buy TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves Bargain Shop. 31-TF For Sole or Rent Mrs. Leona Metcalf, Mrs. Lena Burns'of Albion, Mich., Mrs. Erma J. Miles and Madison Miles III of Shreveport, La., and Mrs. Velma Pennington of Hope motored to Hot Springs Thursday for a plea sure trip. AMERICAN LEAGUE Glutz toilet had to that we carry him to the were using for n sport it is grit W L 5 22 47 28 46 28 31 38 30 41 28 44 26 43 Pet. GB .694 .627 4'/2 .622 5 .449 17V, .423.191/2 .389 22 .377 221/2 Yesterday's Results- New York 6-4, Washington 5-7 Baltimore 2, Detroit 0 Boston 8. Philadelphia 4 Cleveland 3-5 Chicago 2-4 Today's Games Chicago at Cleveland (night) Washington at New York (night) Detroit at Baltimore (night) Philadelphia at Boston SOUTHERN ASSOCIATIO Atlanta Birmingham New Orleans 'hattanoogK Mobile Memphis Little Rock Nashville W L 48 3) 48 35 37 40 : 38 45 37 44 3G 46 30 47 45 43 4'/2 Pet. GB .608 .578 .549 .518 7 .458 12 .457 12 .439 13 Va .390 17 a part of my diet if I ate enough of them. . . Not because the- manager told me to but because my curiosity was aroused I went to the front of the store and looked out. There is Milo his hand pressed on the horn button of a brand-new Marmon roadster.- They do not make Marmons any more but then they spelled class. It was painted red and if it had had a bell mounted over the vadiator it .could have been taken for the fire chiefs. Milo was wearing his turtle-neck sweater but sitting behind 'the steering wheel he looked impressive. It was remarkable what a bright red roadster could do for a fellow sitting in the driver's scat. XII All I could think about was Betty Jane Blane seeing me drive with some other girl sittinc next to me, real close. "Whose is it?" Tasked petting the upholstery. Milo smiled. "Milo buy. Pay down .payment. Money make Odd Fall"' He went on to explain that his Greek friends were all. stooges, who -had used his money • to bet oh me with Jt just went to show how smart Milo was., ••. • .'•'..'• •' • . --•••,:' "Is yours, -any time you want use,' •'. Milo said.. "But promise no for tpk,e womans....-Bad' f<?r rassle. Is •• better'': for "go : in , country, for watch clou.dSj like sheep in sky." lit was pretty swell of him to offer me the car whenever I wanted to use it and I sure appreciated it but I can hardly Oppel Is Mai Until He Die: By JAMES WASHINGTON ert Oppenheimef will ' bffW? he dies as if he By JOHN M. HlGHTOWER, - • ., WASHINGTON UR—The United about belns bawled out for Baling stalcs presi5cd on toclay for carly creation of an anti-Communist pact n Southeast Asia while hailing a victory over international communism in Guatemala. Secretary of State Dulles, cau- ;ioning that "communism is still menace everywhere," pledged the support of the United States yes- mark on his forehead ernrneht verdict Ihal rte IS 8;- ity risk who eahnbl-be jttUstM, his country's § An ordinary rnari,'bi like this, might dfsapt ^. scurity. the StKyear^l*!); heimer never can. He Is "6* He is among the top, theoretical physicists :)tff. *i He directed the^rriaWhg rjf<;, lime A-bomb. Hd -fil"rifca8 M t Institute for' Advanced , Sttl Princeton, N. J. He is knot,., scientists everywhere, ' WjM with them and exchanging' 1 ^! 1 with them has been Tits li" ' can hardly begin another. The drama of trie fesfofiW days may not be as spectacutarTa the drama of the last 12 rnont% ( no doubt it will be just, as»"lfl1f for him. if only bee'aiise,JV* probably be more Quietly jierT* It was almost 12.months'? July 7 1053 — that ** • ' Strauss, who only three fore had become 'chajlrni Atomic Energy Commission',,' derod a reexamiilatidn-.'tof terday to the mala in their people efforts of Guate- lo build mine whether should continue the to gover "trust <>( heimer with some Of its secrets. •'„" '. • ; ' k , « In December .St?auss? ( ,inf Oppehheimer; the i'c'ply - $ It wasn't .final 0p£p%clm;< makeshift dressing room. Which goe.s to show that in wrestling like every other that wins. Pa and the other five Odd Fellows who had bet on me slapped me on the' back and said .what a wonderful wrestler I was while Milo kept repeating "Fed good b'oy. Is good." Jake Stumpflg and his father returned. Herman Glutz was with them looking bewildered and another character brought up the rear. • The Stunipfigs. proved to. be very urisDortsmanlike. It seems that I hadn't v gone blind at all but that there had been a short failure of the'electric power. The Odd Fellow with the Stumnfigs who had bet $10 on Jake claimed that one of the Greeks had. been hanging around down where the switches were while we were wrestling although he wasn't prepared to state tffM hC'-dtfinilclv ; saw this Greek switch 'off- 1he lights. My pa asked which Greek it was there they were. The Odd Fellow had to admit it wasn't any one of them which disposed of that. ... . Jake Stumpfig claimed that when Imagine having an automobile just the lights went, out somebody hit to run out to the country in. I ve "prosperous and progressive" and non-Communist .nation. Several hours earlier, United Slates joined Australia and New Zealand in a declaration that there is "need for immediate action" to bring abbut early establishment of a collective defense m Southeast Asia The three nations are signers of a mutual defense treaty, met yesterday, with Dulles Austr.U' ask, and did/ for, a . a special- board' of 'Hhe A Opponhcimer testified So did dozens oY'olh'Gr. the witnesses -said --He-, was^'ilf worthy. A few said'he'"w'asnfi^ board decided , he', A was ,loji not a man , to^Uc crets and reviewed '^ All that was j work' on- the atomic ."-bprnb, that one of his old friendg^| ' Yesterday's Results Chattanooga 12, Little Rock 7 Atlanta 7, New Orleans 0 Mobile 9, Birmingham 8 Nashville 7-2 Memphis 6-13 To°ay's Games Chattanooga at Little .Rock Nashville at Memphis Birmingham at Mobile Atlanta at New Orleans COTTON STATES LEAGUE MATTRESSES Rlbulltor Made Into Innersprlng ' Work Guaranteed — On» Day Servlpt •— ; DAVIS Furniture & MaHren Co. 110 8. giro Street Phone 7-3212 2—4 ROOM houses, Tile floors, attic fan. FHA financial, little cash. Also good milch cow for sale. Sam Hartsfield. 1008 West Ave. B. 2-3t Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday night, July 6, at the regular meeting place. All members are urged to be present. WN WESTERN SHARES ff plvtralfled Inoomt |, •nd pallM Fund *£ ' 'T$! IA¥SS* Aaiiit OOK!!! |w Commode Units while they lost. Only $19.95'- I' Wfi Will trade for anything " HOUSTON No Act on General Election Ballot LITTLE ROCK UPiNo inititated act will be on the general election ballot this year. The deadline for filing such acts will expire tomorrow, four months before the Nov. 2 general election date. Secretary of State C. G. said that no petitions for signa tures necessary to propose an act had been circulated The ballot will include one re ferred act and three constitutional amendments proposed by the Leg islature. The referred act will permit a popular vote on a law passed by the 1953 Legislature to reduce the profit permitted liquor wholesalers under the state's fair trade act. It was referred with the neces sary number of signatures within 90 days of adjournment of the Leg islature as required by law. Pending the popular vote the act The Youth revival will begin at Garrett Chapel Baptist Church July 12-16 will the Theme "For The Is Youth For Christ." Preaching each night is the Rev .George Hunter of Warren. Every youth of Hope and surrounding communities are invited to join in this march for Christ. Rev. F. R. Williams is pastor. El Dorado Grenville Meridian Pine Bluff Monroe Hot Springs W 43 36 34 30 27 22 L 23 20 31 32 SB 42 Pet. GB .652 .581 5 .532 3'/ .484 11 .415 15'/ ,344 20 him on the jaw with a club or rock knocking him out and ha thought Milo did it as we were working close to him. Milo said "No got rock me." Besides as several Odd Fellows pointed out there was no scar or contusion or cut on Jake's chin only a red m ark which probably came from one of my head locks. Herman Glutz closed the matter by saying that during lhat moment* of darkness he had been closer to Jake than anybody but me and much as he liked Jake and was his teacher he couldn't honestly say that he had heard any noise F uch s a blow with a club or a stone might have caused. There, was nothing for the stakeholder to do but hand over tho money to P a after which my father also showed an unsporting streak. In the first place he had entirely forgotten to mention about taking up a collection a nd then he refused t o give me the $50 I had won or even ,half of it saying that would make me a professional blue eyes that were laughing all the time,' where Milo had big, sad brown ones. Otherwise in build, they were identical except Herman's legs were longer. As s a student of psychology who almost made a passing grade in a difficult subject I say that those eight inches were the difference between success and failure. Whoever 1 ' of Herman Glutz now? formation fort the' .,C|«iimi)in}|t was 1 turned '' layed telling 'the, this, then lied , a the truth. Ho,.j3onynUod*Hi| ship, with Cheva'Ufir'"'*"" 1 "' £ him as' 1 late v as 'last Oppenheimeiv>ap!>ei . „., .,, five-man AEJCl, •Y.osterdayj.'tt; eiween the • previous ysi lhea »|curity>'»lc.'$he Herman had taken it as a bip joke when Milo started to come threw him, and to the Y for a one commissioner 'who', sider A great revival is in progress at Bethel AME Church conducted by Dr. Willard Leake. The public is invited to attend these services which closed Sunday night, July 4. A birthday party was given June 27, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Dixon honoring their daugh-. ter, Cleytes Joyce, on her 4th birthday. The guest list include Helen James, Pheobia McGill, Wanda Lee Muldrow, ,Mary Muldrow Martha McGill, Easter M. James, Robert McGiil and Howard James. V itt'. J ' - f fr '-"• Sm\li, • i; ^'& JSLs-S ^ ^klkfetfeffi W>ANS Yesterday's Rssults Hot Springs 6, Meridian 4 Pine Bluff 11, El Dorado 10 Greenville 6, Monroe 0 Today's Games Hot Springs at El Dorado Pine Bluff at Greenville Monroe at Meridian Baseball and he wanted me to amateur. stay strictly I was pretty mad but Milo per- often wondered how fellows got along before there were cars. Imagine trying to date- a girl on-.a bicycle- Well, it was done, I guess, but never by me. I could just see the envious look on Betty Jane Blane's face while she stood on a street corner with that tennis player and I wont by in the Marmon, With the cutout open. I could have forgiven her for dating a fellow who wasn't an athlete, but a tennis p layer was too much. Anyway, like my diet, Where I ate what Milo said during the day and raided the icebox before I went to bed what Milo didn't know wouldn't hurt me, as proved by the way'I was taking on weight, which is very important to a wrestler. And I could understand why Milo disliked women; probably they always laughed when they saw him for the first.time. • : Things worked out pretty well, especially because of the friendship that struck up between Milo and Herman Glutz, whom Milo threw that night at the Odd Fellows. Herman was a square-head and not an egg-head, and he had little SPORTS ROUNDUP OAYLV TAUBOT. NEW YORK There was con- By The Associat e d Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION St. Paul 6, Minneapolis 1 Toledo 4, Kansas City 3 Only games scheduled TEXAS LEAGUE Oklahoma City 11, Fort Worth 4 Tulsa 10, Dallas 5 Houston 5, Shreveport 4 (lliv nings) f Beaumont - San Antonio 0 Mt. Whitney in California is rated as the highest pak on the U. S. mainland at 14, 495 Mt., Elbert in Colorado 14 feet lower. pie of which 1,376,560 live on farms. Th^U. S. Tuberculosis death rate has declined from 183.9 per 100,000 population in J903 to 12.6 today. was suspected. , Jt will become effective only if by a majprity pf AP&L Rate Hike Effective Today siderable - indignation or at least amazement among this nation's sport fans the other day at some nejvs'that came out of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club were for nearly a fortnight the ...world's best tennis players have been using up many hundreds of tpnnis balls. It seemed that some 180,000 paying customers had sat and stood through a long afternoon of chilling rain without having seen a ball struck and then upon being prodded by the public address sys tern simply had gathered up thtif possessions and gone quickly back home. There were no rain (.'hecks toijhe used on another day. There were no refunds The general reaction we have heard and read is that if anything LITTLE BOCK W—An approxl of the in had occurred mate $3,900,000 annual rate' in crease for Arkansas Power and Light Co. became effective today on a temporary basis. The Arkansas Public Service Commission suspended AP&k'* new rate schedule containing the increase, but the company filed a bond permitting it to put the rate intp effect. guarantees that if " b,e <j customers The he. increase in this side'pf the big water there would have been a man-sized riot at the very least This probably is ture. It shpuld not be lightly assumed hpweyer that the British tennis fan is necessarily a splnelesi creature because he submitted to such highhanded treatment- Ovejr many yeays am 1 Pbserva. «n has been that the pritish tennis fan J§ a man PS»rt- He bears. yttle|re^erixbian.ce to the can 1 tennis. Over a matter of 75 years Wimbledon has become more a state of mind than a mere tennis tour- namet to the normal • Briton. The great sprawling plant with its covered main stands and acres of belr vety grass has become the shrine of tennis-loving folk everywhere. Men and women and medium* sized children stand in block-long lines all night for the privilege of buying tickets which will permit them to stand at the sides of the lamed center court all the next day and, witness .a final. . The Big thing is to have been at .Wimbledon at, least °"e day of the great fortnight. For the first week the quality of competition doesn't really amount to much yet we have seen a crow.d of 30,000 jamming happily i'rprn court to court on the first Saturday or drinking tea blissfully under the tents and stands. Chances are that nobody thought of 4e' manding hjs dough back the ptjxgr day. There is tine additional fact that most of the 14.000-plus seats in th center court— the expensive pnes- are reserved froip, year to year th,e length of the taur that thwke who brought in at the workout instead of with' Jake Stumpfig, at tho Turners as he iuscd to.-^claipiing^ that.^Tito^gave him betior "practice, which was true, of coiirse. It meant "that t didn't gel to wrestle with Milo us much as I had, but I was willing to make the sacrifice, as those nights were ideal for borrowing the Marmon roadster and having my workout with Betty Jane Blane. She had made explanations about the tennis player which I accepted as satisfactory, and I must sa'y that she was never floored by a new hold. But t o get back to Milo t and Herman. They were bpih too heavy for me to do more than give them a workout, but when they wrestled together, Milo always threw Herman. Sometimes he did it one way, som,etim<fs another but the end was foreordained, I always thought that Milo won because he never thought it was possioU- "that he could lose. Herman never got sore or anything. After Milo would throw him, he would get up from the mat and laugh his fool head off at the idea of "anyone as short as Milo picking him up and setting him down with so litt}e trouble. Strength for strength, I do not believe there was anything to choose between them, but Milo in his gabbled English used to explain that Herman's trouble came out of his diet. According to this old guy who had taught Milo, the strongest ani- rnals in the world were those who never ate animal ment. Milo said that the most d angerous animal in the world, which ligm-s feared, 'as well as humans who had no guns, w as some kind of buffalo that he'd seen when he w as a sailor. What did it live o n? Grass. Elephants lived on vegetation and so did big bulls, which could move plenty fast. Bears, one of the strongest animals there was, lived on s tuff like honey and in. sects they picked from under rocks or Hsh, in the case of polar bears, which didn't altogether support Milo's contentions. He did say that tho animals who ate meat, like tigers and lions, went to sleep afterward, and that The majority\o Suggest, most regard ,_ .... indication ih .... ^ v .,.. Dr t OppenheirnSr'''*»: vulged^ lany .'secrct^'i^ This, ,ampng oiherrji.? by Smyth-as a defence , . > , af ^. t •. V~-* heimer, may, trpuble minded men. Who read! and ask, $ would have' sitting in Yet „ this par^ticulap''-^^! bears exanvjnatt thpre was any* ... ^ penheimcr had j^yerT'myjp ihere Would have -"be|n| '< he was a jecuritySi;r>i wouldn't-be a jr.qpli*-" A -*- <i then. 'His uase grand jury, „ > The majpritytpt. the 'co decided Oppenheimef ,'y/ae,. i jty risk "because -or \'^"~ his, chaVacter"-°-they;'no lying^ a^d, r to his' a^so'ci Communists,* not ,befpre y|i trusted with •'"*—'-' At If the , jority could be sqmnj few sentenc r es; t .tJilj^,$0! When -a .rnan^'fe'ent'ruS high secrets, which '' nation's wejfar^ responsibility. 'Herjs"oons pable of' Hying, yp' tol sibiltty or ,h> the secrets. There af by whicl} sense ot judged. Assoiatiqn nists was what was wrong w ith Herman who was half asleep most pf the time. Somehow Milo thought that all the promoters would Plart making a path to his dopr after the Odd Fellows bouts, which were written up in the papers, and nothing happened he began to tfeil despondent. I woujd have qn being able to make payment on a Marmon and hop^ to keep up what was due b,ut not Milo. He was go, aged he didn't even w?nt out in the ear, and ,!>drpve it much that a ipt oj people -began to think that " " which One

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