The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, DEC-EMBRU .fl, 1930 Calendar tt\B.''Gee'fs having the Thunidiy Luncheon club. ... Mrt.'T- J. £rowder ; Is having the ThurMay .'Roo'l; club.' . ,, » Th$, Amencin ' Legion Auxiliary U -meeting '-with. Mrs. 'R. N. Wore jr., at '2:30 o'clock. The First Christian church will have a congregational dinner meeting at yie hal) Et 7 o'clock, ,,AM -' t' Bridge and. roook parly by Ifci'^Amerlcan. Legion auxiliary^ at tlfrhoine of Mrs. 0. R. Babcock at 2JO o'clock. ."•.••'• .-..••• ; Thfraetirig; of the. Jewish Ladle:! Ajd society scheduled for Thursday evening to meet with Mrs. Walter Rose'ntfcal has teen Indefinitely postponed. ».••*- • Ciub-His Guests. . _____ Mr«?Edgar' ; feorurh. wis- iib^'css ID the members Qf .the Tuesday Dinner Bridge club 'and Mesdamss : O. R. ; Babcock, •'' Hafri; •.W:\;Hil)ies l LouU Greene ', ahd SamueV'F, No'r- ris last evening- Kr ttie usual Weekly contract bridge-name and -din' ner.-; ••'.;-,"""''.• ".' : ' ."','.;-".' : \ In tht'bfidge which followed <the" " " serving", .iff" an ^ miemi !i> , . two courses. Mrs.- O. W. McCutchen won 1 high • tliib • prize and . Mrs. Hairles.'the j^uest award. Both received '.face', powder'. ;• . '" Tticre. was ("Christmas note seen In the" attractive ta'llles and floiverE used in, the/. living room' where the small tables were -arranged." •>•:-. -. >.-.-• • • /"•-• Cluh Enttrtalnirf. '' , . • Mrs. Charles Martin/and Mrs, ;W. M. McCauglian werfrguests 61 Mrs. Hunter..- Cv Sims * jesterday ' wllen she also ehterUnje'd the . Tuesday BrWM.clufc J.sVvyTV'V.- ;.;„•,,. v. SheV,Bride of. i; Movie Czar BilsofNewn Mostly Personal HoldB ; Y wi PiU iPtf J ft The Great Meadow," New at Wilson This Week! ' ' Talkie, Fails to Click M.S. Guy Kdwnrds cf Batesville, I Ark., anil formerly Miss ciema I Bcardeu of this clly, Is new much ' Improved. Ely: has been critically I III from typhoid fovcr at the trine ' of her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. 1 R. B L. Bcarden at Arkudelphla. Harry L. Driver, cf Osceola, war, a business visitor In the city Tues- L, G. Dyerloy arid -J: d-'Olbbons, of' Lcoclwllle, were here Tuesday on business. ' \ . Judge G. B. Keck find his caurt. i stenographer, Charles rarllow,. illumed Monday night from Marlon .where circuit court.was In s9-: r ibn I Monday. Tney will spend the rc- I lualniter ol thc week here,, going | lo llarrlsburg Monday, i Mr", and Mrs. R. L. Gardne: _ i nnd son have relumed lo Para'"' " ' gould utter visiting Mi. and Mrs. She's the bride of Will H. Hays,; Marcus Evrard, Mr. and Mrs. W. former Postmaster General and | M . McKcnzic for thc week-end, now czar of the moving picture in- urnxlon Bragg, of Osccola, wns n 'dustry. Mrs, Jessie Herron Blules- business visitor In the clly Tues- inan and Hnys were married at Bethesda, Md., «nd left Immediately for a honeymoon trip in the west. Mrs. Stutesman's first husband was "James P. Stutesman, one-time U. S. Minister to Bolivia. Her father, until his dcalli three years ago, was a bank president In Crasvlonls- vlllc, Ind. day. Mrs. M. W. Flannigan, ol I'.ir- ugould, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Marcus Evrard, and her. brother, W. M. McKorrzle, and their families for a few days, Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Thompson spent Sunday In Joucsbora. The Rev. P. B. Langley, missionary of the Mississippi Count.'/ Baptist association, and John' Bj tans, educational director of the First Baptist church here, arc conduct- Ing a B. Y. P. U. (raining scho:l this week at Wilson. The Rev. T. E. Welch, pastor of the Osce'ola Bap' tlst church, Is assisting. Two classes .arc hel^ .each eve- j nlng which will. dose. Friday'. ' j The Hev. E. H. pas-i tor of the Wilson church',;';'. ; ', Representative of Petition i . Fund Visits Here today Dr. W. W. Wharton' of Tcx'av- kana, southern: representative'of the Ministers I'enslon Fund of the Christian church, Is In the city, today In conference with'the Rev E. K. Latlmer, minister of the local congregation. It was announced last by 7 Dr. I Wharlon ,.:that . the. Blythevllls church.expects to take-part in the eight million ^dollars drive started three, weeks -ago' throughout ..the , , „ , „ .., United States for 1 the mlnlst-iv -> ohll »r Mack Brown, Eleanor Toardnun and Gavin Gordon ur, "*•• •>**»IIJV-I^> ,.1,,,,, ,, Udm In r, pnAt,A> #_„.-.' lW-l._ ' *x_^_j -mm-- i .. BRIDGE By WM. E. MeKENXEV . the declarer wins with th? ^ • Secretary .American Bridge I.eaju?; Scuth's only hope to make an e: The .in'formatory double In con- -tra trlclc Is to save his queen of dh- j tract is a much abused declare- ! rnonds, therefore he leads th; ac- i tlon. The beginner at contract h j of clubs and a small ciub, We; 1 , inclined to double too often, and j winning the second club with th" the information received from i king. partner in response to art informs- | As ^toWs lead of tie Jack oi tory double is not very reliable and hearts probably showed tte On. cannot assist the doubler a great deal in arriving at a proper contract, The writer prefers a double to show three and one-half high card tricks'and instead of asking partner for Information It transfers to I partner definite information re- West, leads the deuce of h:ai'tj. East covers with (he ten, fy.-cl:;j the declarer's king. Declarer 1:iil.; the four of clubs, We*; disijvds c diamond, East winning with th.- queen, fast plays the -khvj cf diamonds, and then switches to t 'n c four of hearts, which \V;s: gnrding the high cards held by the ^ the nne W ' 'ckWl^ riniiblnr with ti<!= ,l n n^n n i,,f™-_ . . nme - wcs - l'- Cr " li l j ln - doubler. With this deflnlle tnfor- malion tlie partner of the doubler can often pass and turn the in• fonnatory double into a business double as shown In the following hand. South, the dealer, was vulnerable. Holding three high card tricks and a biddable four-card suit, he pensions. Already more' than $2.000,000 has been raised. .-• . i, . shun n here in a scene'from •'Tin, Great Meadow." declarer's last trump wiih his i. of hearts; East discarding the foii-j of diamonds. West plays t!:e )K'r. of diamonds. East wins with I:.ace and cashes thc last trie:-: wltli the king of spades. North and South have only taken three tricks. Their cm'.ract called for one heart, therefore th:y opened the bidding with one heart | went d tour ^^ d . West a"nough ; holding cne and | svere vuUlerable , lnis 3momi , lo one-half tricks, cannot overcall as . ,. nn _.i., t ,. home of Mrs. 0. R. Bibcock, has relatives. Mrs. Kenneth Morris, of 'Maiden, I Ckoter high r, Mo., Is spending a week hore with Mln """"> """ Cootey News The Homo .Economics cluo Hosiery went to . Smith --'for- hifcri club arid' tiie'iilijh' . won; by Mrs. Main. Tije hostess served a delicious salad course. - been Indefinitely postponed. 4 h » To Have Sale.- ' ' ' Fancy work, cuke, candies nnd ravioli will be sold by the altar 30- clety of the Church of the Immaculate Conception Thursday nfler- noou raid evening at thc social hall. • * » * Many Attend Recital. A. large audience, ol parsnls.-and. in It G( of J?S rn rth dance by Sara M • t h'- McCutchen, Chamblin III, Detty Brooks Isaacs ! havG t 4 hom ' c Raymond Crawford .ChRinblln wp tfXs- followed selections interspersed nnd Jack , .In costume, with Tnis solo dances-and readings. « Francis Holirid was' "presented n gold medal for lidr regular prac- tlce work, work accomplished nn'-J grades made In theory and history. ' Mrj. Hermai; y/alpole vras'. leader o£the prbgfiril*tn'! li Love" T'ties- .day afternoon In the series of prayer services for-foreign missions nt, the First Baptist church. Talks on "Love Seeks a Way," by Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell, "How the 'Week of Prayer Started/' '.Mrs: K. p. Marr, "Expectations,"-Siri^ R. (f. Cash and "Love Finds a Way,". Mrs. R. S. Harris, were supplemented with prayers by Mrs. Herman Walpole, Mrs. E. E. Alexander and Mrs. R. L. Reeder. "Christmas Prophecies" was the subjjfpt discussed in the devotional wheiv Mrs .Walpole took up the life of Ohrlst, '- * - 9 9 FitlWan-Dameworth. MH. Opal Martin is sniiDunclng the-jnarrlage of her sister. Miss Thelma Dameworth, of Mils city, to. Mr. Jj. - Pittman, of Osccola. The Marscy, Roberta Ploriiian,' Eloiss wedding was solemnized til Wilson Saturday evening by Justice Jack' Kirkpatrick. Mr, and Mrs. Pittman are now at Hpme In Osceola where the bridegroom U engaged with his father-in farming. The bride, who is the daughter of Mr.^nd Mrs. S. T. Damewortn, of Charleston, Mo., has lived here a nurrrber of years. Mfc- Pittman, who is thc son of Mr.jijnd Mrs. Thomas Plltmnn, at- schopl at Wilson where he Mrs. Wyall Henley Is vlsi'.lns j relatives In Willow Springs. Mo. ! : Thc Rev. G. R. Tyler, pastor ot the Manila Baptist cluircli, and Frank Adams, oi Paragould, wen; visitors in the city yesterday. Mrs. W. D. Cliamblln jr.. Mrs. M. A. Isaacs and Mrs. Marvin Hobln- £on motored to Memphis Monday. Mrs. J. T. Bimks Is a patient nt Hie Memphis, Ear, Eye, ^ape mid • n, iak£^ uuuiciivn ui . j_ini Wiua ; vu\\ . •; • ' • . • • it -\ i friends attended the presentation Tlll ' oal hospital atMemphls of the piano, violin, expression and Mrs - c - w - Aftllcl: antl tap dancing pupils ot the Lowe- M , rs ; T. ^H. ' Moon studio at the high school au- * " " ditorlum last evening. ; ' ' mont, N. C., were In Memphis yesterday. Mrs. and daugh- Misses Inez and Dorolliy Rich. '•' •'Memphis, d A|bm u ' ' M '" ! Mrs. J. P. Lentl has returned Macon,.,Mo., ;.wheri; she suent trie holidays with her' brother.' ' Byron A, McKay, of Memphis, is attending to business here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Rllcy Jones have A gold medal, for second honors,! as their giicjil Mrs. Jones' mother, was won by Lucille Tyrone. Wlni- [ ML- S . Walter M. Card, of Wilson. Mrs. Dixie Crawford, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. W. S. Hanley, ol Stcele, spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. Fannie Alexander is In Memphis today. The Hcv. nnd Mrs. \V. J. LeRoy returned last night from Clnikton mid Holccmb, Mo., where they visited relatives for two dnys. Eli Saphian, of Cnrulhcisville, nt- fred Crawford received n comblnn- j flon handkerchief nnd jewel box t filled with handkerchiefs for mem- orbing 15 selections in the pnst three months. These ure piano student.'; of Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe. The following appeared on the program In addition to the pirate dancers: Peggy While, Wylodine was 3 member of the football team £4 * « • JIis£Mary Elitabclh •Hobgison h in Contest M%s Mary Elizabeth Robinson Rainey, Baby Ruth Sccoy, Bllllc Damon, Letha Splcer, Elizabeth | tended lo business here today. Baxter, Marilyn Burnettc, Wanda! Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Whult, of Smith, Jeanne Burnettc Csvlock o! Stecle, Mo., Chnrlyn McLeod, Jessie Irene Livingston, Jnneltn Jcnn SebiVjgh, Harold Nnlhan Rosen- Foi-t Wayne, Ind., avrived last night. Mr. Windt, wlio for 11 number of years was nuuuigcr of the .?ntly lie Home economics entertained club of C'n- By DAN'.THOMAS . NE AServlce Writer HOLLYWOOD.-^ Film, producers; who spend, much .of their-time be- good evening's entertainment. Paramount made a mistake, though. Stuart Erwln, not Roeers, should be the star. Thli young comedl- thc box offices,.might profit if they would step out and mix.with Mr. and Mrs. Public once In a while. This simple move might save ! them money and worry—provided carried through all the decorations they paid some heed to the pub- tolilch were very beautiful. .'The'He's likes and dislikes •• which they table was decorated with yellow couldn't help observing.. bind locKed doors worrying about i an, who has been going like wild- whether their pictures will click at] fire, -absolutely steals every scene riitl-.eisvlllc high school with a i.'arty in their well equipped 'rbon: In the ;chool building. . The yellcw color in .which he appears. The story Is that of a once wealthy young man, who lost a!l of his money, and a very pretty girl who fall In love with each other. Each is under the impression that the other has a great of man- ey, while as a matter oi fact, both _____ . _ , chrysniilhrmims and crepe' -paper.' 'We were surprised . to see Metro- j' are practically penniless. Of course his test suit Is-hearts. North passes and East, holding three and'on:- half high card tricks, doubles. tilT-Y-O E-6-V-0. .f-V-H t-8-r-D-V-S »mwa—mnos e-t-s-o Z-9 Z-8-6-D-H—1 Z'S-6—H 9-01—a i'X—s. 9-g-0-)|—H ' 1S3M V-i-8-fl •i-fll—H E-9 •6-01—S Many mare pretty flowers helped coldwyn-Maycr •'tuni' out'a pro- td mnke the room beautiful. 'Deli- j ducHon'like "The Great' Meadow." \\'c thought' Irving. Thalberg,' who jn, Ihe 'past hns-shoWn himself to bo. oiic of' the: ablest' Hollywood clcns lunches wero'-'8»Ved W -th ty- o eHAbtMlto: _ Mr. and Mra A L. Jordan, o! (executives; knew ' -better 'than to Stecle, were recent dinner guests of ~ - • Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Holly.,.,., „ fl ij,. -. ' lege'at Capz Glrardeau, spent Ihv e j ?' ln . mcnt cf ' the publfc ' lts l )rct "; Dau -' - - . . ;Jolinny 'Mack- Brown,. Eleanor Gavin Gordon, a good , ' ai ' d ' » .' flock 6t Indla "s ' 1>la> " the ' leadm ? roles !n this ' of which is to week-end here with her pnrenls, j Mr. and Mis. Buford Mullens- j Rev. E. G. Stephonson nnd Mr. and . Mrs. Clay Capps, of Stecle. | were recent; visitors cf Mr. and I M».:-'p;J.'McCoimick, of Holland.! „ Mr. nnd Mr.:. A. L. Jordan and i f mot'4he,.hardships suffered by family, anil Mr. and Mrs. Frank fe. en r,y. pi oncers in- Kentucky., Of j«rso, : ..we..weren't going around round .much .in those days but, •|ith nil due "respect,.to the.makers of'the film, we just naturally don't Believe lhat people did.such things oji-en then as ihey.So -in this plc- ^For e sample," can you Imagine a man"Icnying his.wile and tiny baby stranded in'the wilderness for two ; pars while he chased over h-3 (bunlryslde looking for ir.n Indian Who liiid killed'Viis'motlier? That's ist one pf 'the things they do. «' i -'*••"• .However, we did catch a preview " ' so ba:l. Jordan nnd family, nil 1 of 1 'Stcele. |' recently visited tl:oir parents, Mr. i' and. Mrs. • Jordan here Mi', and Mrs. Tom Hal ford r.iid family spent Mcnday in Caruth- U'svllle. ' Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robinson were the gucsls of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. All re d, Sunday. A young Indy of Cooler places t!:-2 following return nddre.s on lirr letters: '"Cbcter, Mtssdui'i, the Clly of Lov?:" ' ' Superintendent John P. Rose and Prof. S.rB. BryaiU-^lsiled in Bly- Ihevllte,. Saturday. ..: Horace Hnynes nnd family, of Nvne, Atk.; formerly of "here's nothing great about Charles j Coster, nre going to move back to ' Buddy" Rogers' latest film. "Along National Handle company, will gs thnl, Lioyd Florman, Pauline Mas- ! lo Jackson, Miss., for n two days daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kobgjon who Is a student at the stale,- university, Fayctteville, has bc,?r^selected by the Pi Beta Phi sorogty as one c< Ihe two girls- frorriithls group to be entered In the ciinual beauty eontest. KJe of the 18 selected from var- fous.'.ECToritbs will be chcsen' for placcS of honor in the Razorbacks year-book to be published early in the goring. Foe several years Blythevlllc girls attcfting t'.iis scho:-! have bf'^n en- tereqyln the contest, last year having more than any other city ex- Iris Kleban, Rebecca S.iplilan, I3et- (y Jo Essary, Earl !i. Snydcr, Rosa- sey, Ruby Nell Ogle, Elna Pounds. lee Russell, Sue Rnmey, Lorraine Sccoy, Emmallne Pnge, Sara Amn Eskridge, Winifred Crawford. Frances Holland, Kntliryn Wnlpale, Mn- ry Cumnitngs, Lucille H.iRgctt, Gladys Barnaul, Enrlene D.-imon, Mnbellc Snyder, Lucille Tj-ronc, Kntliryn Keith, Nancy Claire Mc- Catiley, Maybelle Snyder, Geneva Carter and Charles Lay. Instructors of "the studio arc: Mrs. J. Cecil Lowi!, Miss Helen Lowe and Miss Marie Moan. Manila Baptist Revival Drawing Large Crowds business Irip while Mrs. Windt will remain here. They nre visiting A. B. Fali-flr-ld. Mrs. W. W. McOauglicy of Lake City, is vlslllng her daughter, Mrs. Harry Taylor, this week. Mr. Mc- Oaughcy will come over tomorrow for thc rest of tile week. Ben Runyan. who Ins just graduated from Eastmnn University nt Poughkeepsle, N. Y., where he received his C. P. A., UK highest degree in accounting, will arrive to- this section. Hubert Woods spent the week- {; — --,— cud nt Number Nine, Ark., with friends I'. P. Byrd, of Tyler, spent Monday here on busineis .as well as nmomj friends. Mack Barker, manager of Ihe Hugh Mlclilc Plantation, made ;i business trip lo BlythcviU? day. There were large ariiS interested attendances at both and Methodist Sunday Sunday.. Many basketball fans ot SWele, :hey go ahead and get married just the fame. Buddy Rogers is his usual self as Ihe young man. while Prances Dee does very well as the girl. It is Frances' second picture, and her work shows quite an improvement over that In her first Him, "Playboy of Paris." Half-Moon Everyone is Invited to Sunday [.chcol at the Half Moon school house each Sunday morning. Miss Addie Hampton of Stogie, morrow to visit his sister. Mrs R ! Attended thc Cooler-Dcerlng games J. Dodson, and lamily. (or several llcrc FTi(lri y evening. days before going id Little Rock Coot « r 8 irld - alumnae basketball here he will have an olucc , ' - a '» wl » nlnv W1 indepe Kendall Berry, pf Manila, trans- i lcnm .' ol ' slcelc ' Ulcrc ' acted business here loday. J . evening. Hitlfoi-d ' made The drawing large crowds. Services" will I noon for ths Shrine ceremonial nt I -hurcTIs the auditorium. I -iiurcn is ^ iss Bnbe Parks of M C1111> |, i5 is I „ .,,»!/ continue through Sunday night ne gllc ^ with tlv KOV r. p T,.I., . ': ', ! two weeks. llle gllcst of Mlss Leggett for Mrs. Carl Bftker, Carulhr-tsvil!:. i admitted and Miss Grace Kinder. cfpt^ayettevtlle which was thd. OcleSraU: !, doliig the prc'acliiilg' ^m"' "pr'ankj Mr> mld Mrs ' Crnivf ""d Green;.' Bragg City, Mo., dismissed. Adams of Paragould. evangelistic Mr ' a ," d " rs ; JOf: Trteschmnn are is Birihdaj. I £i»ser, in charge of thc music I m °'° rln S t( > Memphis tonight. | M«y Berj-al Downing, daughter j Service:! held Ulce daily at 2 1 Abe Klnnl _'. l «™ m ''•« returned of ^5f. and Mrs. P. A. Downing, had I and 7 p. m./ The music l» a'special torn^of her friends in lo play with j attraction with a choir leading the her J^stcrday aftcrncon in coiebrat- group singing. In? Jei' cightli birthday. Pl»ylng v,1th the gifti. games and the S%rving of fruit punch with the birtKSay cake afforded cntertain- iTiintfor these present: Mary Evelyn ••Wlscn, Billy Leggett, Juanita Whltt, James Barnes. Harold Nathan,: Rosenthal and Pesgy Downing. J •t- • * » * Class- Name* Captains. Mary Elizabeth Borum and Bernard? McFarland have been made from Water Valley. Misf. wheie hc:j spent two days. He accompanied : Miss Charllne Parker, of lhat city.' who spent the holidays here. Miss Nellie Johns has i-cturnrci' [ | to Union University .11 Jacks;) Wnrlr On Annn-.! Tcml " atler sP*" 1 ""'^ 1113 holidavs.l Y?orK un Annual. wlth hcr pare nu, Mr. am i >rrs . YOU High School Students Work has beer. s:av;ed on th-j high school annual lor 1930-31 which will bo the third year baok issued in thc past CMisen.tive years. Two other annuls were published a number of years ago. Miss Kathryne Demon is 1931. As the bD3k will boas the name "TJe Ciiicfcasa capFjlns of' ihe 7B3 mathematics in chlef of the publication which class*? for the next six weeks by I J™ 80 to the publishers early in haying made 100 in a test yesterday 3n papers first handed in. Gwendolyn Fisher and Frank Cau-1 _ — — die also made ioo. British Will Protest Th> retiring captains in tlie - '" 1 " llu 'eSl group sponsored by Mrs, Luclle Haley, are: Frances Little and Thel-, a McCtrty Soviet Radio Propaganda' Johns. T. J. Crowder hit last nigh; j f -,- ; St. Louis after visiting hi s fam:iy. for several days. Mrs. Sallie Hubler has iciiini ' from Memphis w'nere Mie i datives for n few days. B. F. Brcgrton jr. ha:, rr-ttin to Mr.rtln, Tenn., whrrc lip i student nt the University «I Tt cssee Junior .Ccllege. aftci v his parents for several days. Mrs. W. A. Hclllnswonli. who l-,:i-, been critically III from tj ,„ „ fever, t slightly Impic^d today. IN BUYING BAKING POWDER You save in usin3 KC.UsJ.LESSlnanof i priced brands. American Legion Auxiliary ] Soviet v.-irt that the benelil \ td as inc id rook party, to have been ! tlcn. For r alt»mooii-At tbe4tMMMKin ! '5n Secretary Artiiar told ihe hov.sD of com- Dr. and Mrs. E. V. Hill ib-.M-Thc J-j elurn { rorn p unera l Dr. and Mr'.l E. V Hill return-,:: today from Htldenbuu. Mte .v\- f ~. they" attended the funr-ul ol MI- Hill's mother, Mrs. J. W. Jr.ntv who died suddenly last Wednesday. jauie Youth." .biiflc-will afford a South passes ami West, knowing lhat his partner holds three.and one-half' high card tricks, passes. For North to lake out wilh two clubs' might only be increasing the contract and gelling into deeper waters. South might re-double to fell his p'artner - that hi-, original bid was only a four-card suit and that he could support almost anything North would bid, but it might prove dangerous and South In this cose passes. The Play West opened the ace of spades, __ , East played the nine- a come-on Mo.;-is visiting relatives here for a card—and West continued with the few weeks. jack of spades and then the foui ••Miss .Helen Williams was the din- of spades, East winning y\l\i the n'er guest of Miss Ora Lee Haw-! flucen. East feeling that his part- kim, 1 , Sunday. ' ner's strength be in hearts, Mrs. Lightfoot was the guest or i returns the jack of. hearts, which Mrs. Hawkins, Sunday. j Tom Bass, Earl Shaneyfelt, and ' •Hairy Golden motored (o Missouri j Friday.. ! .Mr. Jim: Bass was a visitor in' Half Mr,m, Monday. J. W. Portlock motored lo Little Rock Monday. Mrs. J. W.'porlock and daughter will return from. Three Rivsre Michigan the latter part of this week. Mrs. Paul Twnliiibon and family, will ncccmiviny them home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams of Gomel! visited in Half Moon, Friday. 1400 points. Dunklin County Typhoid Fever Epidemic Checked KENNETT, Mo., Dec. 3—Th: typhoid epidemic willed his b:en prevalent in Dunklin county dur- cording to Dr. Wheeler Davis, canning the past four weeks lia^ b::n put completely under control, a:- ty health officer. In spit; of t!u wide range of the spreail of th? disease, only 2 deaths rcsi:it^\l, and It is felt at this tir.i? that t'nere will be no more. During the height of the p'.-eva- lence of the disease, approximately two thousand immunization inoculations were given to school children of the various sohcc^s o! (lie county by Dr. Davis an:', llfc; Hae Shirley, county health nurse. In addition to this number several hundred uijccllcns were giv^n ta adults who attended the clinics at the school houses. Read Courier News waul itds 9 More Days To Get a Regular 810 Permanent for §fi.50 „ ' ' MRS.. itlcADAM'S BEA.UT-V SHOP ':' ; ••'•:" Ingram Blug. Thane 288 ST. LOUIS, Mo., <UPi — Salad Dr. Paul F E McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 a hot start on a cold day! iill-lb wih^Phillips 66 - J ' -• ••'- .'•'. ' • " : DAY & NIGHT SERVICE '•Listen In on tho l. Plllllips 66 Flyers every night except 2. C. J. CKANK GRO. Sunday. 6 lo 0:30 P. M . Central Standard 3. Time. Station KMOX, The rf Bt, Loali." Voice J. H. ROBINSON MID NIGHT INN no more J grind ing sf artSr^ 4J • • v • f « "" ••' -". ->o*: v - '-^ : • : ::^.' C O N T RO L L E D VO LATI LI TY a. SAM BAh.EY, Yarbro G. K. SANDERS, State One Arch .'7. VI SERVICE STATION, .108 Nth. Glh. 8. B. H. SECOY, Deli ' : ,:

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