Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1954
Page 10
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'"£$•&*<* %»*; '"-'^'•'jf ir j -^ "• H o P, e , ROM. ARKANSAI fe ^'Wghfei'j 1^0 •Ib-'uP pBeWs 26-tfi higher aft- Al steady; choice ' 6.25 dbvsn, down iidwtt barely en heifer .MO;"-safwe • fcutwr r t.S.(XVi&OOi <*ows mod" .fully> steady; utility ?ip6; ~canners -ii|»ht shells _.. 7.0fli" bulls steady; £6rnrrtercSal 1300-14.60; cutter bulls 9,00-12.00; .egal Noficc IENDMENT Nb. is D'-b^ 'the House pi tttntlVes oj'lhe State of Ark- Members filocted to e; Aftceeltns; Thereto: ...ilpOLLoWnJG « hereby «in •dmendrrtfent to the Con- iJHef.Stftt* ^ ot Arkansas, elftg - iUbmltled to the He*St4te for approval or '"" k hext general elec- titatives and S6n- 3tS*ol, ttie 'electom in,-at such an election, i v amendment, the same .^.j-, 4(i part' of the Const|4 thffi State of < Arkansas, to- f!.'& *H«, Executive. Cepart- i State 'shall consist of a Secre-" ite. AUdi- and berj.of State (lands,, all of Ui'AeelU 1 tSeU i *t)ffices. at 'the vernment., end .hold their 4 the ,terin' o! two years Sir, successors are elected .f,a' %Th« annual "alaries of •fofiicers, whicii shon be paid plnstilimenU. 'sHftll be'ai 'ernor, the! sum ot Fifteen ,4 Dollars (»19,000.00): the tf.Governor, the cum ot Three ^ahd^Six'^Hundred DoUars ;Lof,, State,. ilaftd. TSwo *JSH%S2>' 9?. ^SSK „„ oli^State,' the' isantl?'''ana , Tw'o ,200:Oq)J'"the"At'' le^vsunv,-4 ot Eight $8,tJ6o.OO);. and.,the ' !'Lands, v the sum ,ars ,,,($6.000.00). , •^iinc .above mentioned ; ! shaU be elected by •lectors'tit-,the State ,at ', of *tjie'. regular •"••-'.ing' for mehi- Assembly; >tiie „, ,„-.. tfterefpr shall j.up •'separately , and trans- 'searfol gwerntnettt by- officers not later than ,'day, of'"; November , of ,the* L.^,iL "^^a^uth 'ts held. (Jcted.'to the f Speak-. - ' ~ jresenrtuves^ hall, convfenc • Br*t Vealers steady at yesterday* close; few high choice and prime 39.00-21.00; good and choice 14.00* 19.00; Commercial and low good 1000-1200; Citlls 700-800 Sheep SOO; spring lamb trade mostly 5 lower; spots 100 lower tin throwouts; rnbdernte showin| choice and choice 16 rpifne WS11 sbHed lambs El.OOS2.00; t6p 22.65 sbaringiyj bitlk feC6ipt^ utility Id choice mixed lots If3.00'2000, seV« eral small Kits 1SO&; most cull arid tullity throwouts 10.00-13.00, espe* 11.06-12.00; light CUllS doWH to 800, occasionally below; aged sheep steadh to i50 lower; b<*st light ewes 4i50; culls 3.00-4.00; aged 4.00. fails rtibber* and electrf6al, eqtiip fnents were mixed. New YSftk ddffON J^fiW "5?OIitrt IJFi.', Cotton .._.» mostly highef today ofl 1/ght But persistent trade &fid cothmis (HMl house bityihg which fouhd ol ferings limited. *Wie market was helped by an absence of liquidat ihg pressur in nearby July There were ohly two July transferrable notices were issued at New York artd none at New Orleans. Late aftefhooh prices ^Ver6 5s cents a bale higher to Id c.feftts Idwer.thah the preViftiis close, July 53.8 , Oct 34,02 and free 34.13 POULfBY ANB CHICAGO , (Jft :' Live poultry 6bout steady; receipts .. 408, coops; fb.b. paying "prices tinfchaheed 10 1 lower; hdaVy hens' 15.5115; light hens 1415; fryers or b rollers 2428} old rooster 13514; caponettes NEW VORK STOCKS NEW. YORK 1*1 A brisk rally turned the Stock Market around !o day after a quietly lower opening and by early afternoon gains' in leaders ranged frorn one to as much-as.four points. Du Pont, whic?j lias bounced up and down for o.good part of the Week, led the advancing shares With a gain of 4. -at 139. General Motors climbed 2yi to 76Vi. Mostly higher groups included the steels, dhemicalst motors, tele visions and coppers. Aircrafts NEED MONEY? We' make real <estate loans for all purposes—to buy, build, repair, reflnanc'e, etc, Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to'pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — this, interest reduces, each monlh as you make 'monthly payments on loan. There le No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 SPECIAL SALE! Cologne FOUR OUNCE Butter steadyi receipts 1,866,331;j29: Current receipts 23; dirties 1._4.^.lA l_l.^:.*^t «««tlA««t *«4i«M^.ji4.£kl 2Q5* CtlGCKS 1^* Wholesale buyhig prlcer tiflchaht ed; 93 scof* AA\56.5;92 A.Xe.Sj 96 fi 54,' 89 C? 48; cars Sttfi £4,3; Bft C 4ft. y .."••'. ' ISggs top Steady; tmde i-grafi^s V^lliilc' f'^C^ifrts 13 68?* ^hdl&ssli* biiyih'l prices uhcftahged tfe I J6W er 34;,.U, S. lar.fee 32.5§S.Sf US mediums. 285; Of S sstaftdardS Lfi ROCK (#> area: Market steady: Demand fait to good. Broilers and frjtei's $V& to & Ibs., 2425 feents. Mostly £4 cefitS •.-..••:>. fcateftvirteFlorai area: Market steady to firm Demand good. 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS AN OFFICER Tortt Middlebrooks and Collector ], OUALIFJED .. .EXPERIENCED j ?oi. Adv. paid fo^by.Torri MiddlebtooM. ; rtMUMMob For Ym|p 4th Of July §Y tHfe^ASE OR CARTON See SERVICE £ ', \ OPEN 24 HOURS A bAY - ,\. * ' the 4th DANCING SAT. NIGHT ENJOY THE EVENING DANCING IN COOL COMFORT COLISEUM PreseHpticm For Cooler Living • JOHNS MANVILLE ROCK WOOL IN ATTIC • CANVAS or ALUMINUM WINDOW AWNINGS • ALUMINUM KOOL SHAbE SCREENS • ATTIC FANS • FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS • WtNDdW FANS FIX-UP & FINANCE s YOUR HOME f LOANgffl Fiji up your home now. See us^ f«W simple FMA financing plans and ideas with terms up to $6 months. — C.oll Us For Free Estimate — Hope Builders Supply Co. Phone 7-2381 3rd & La. REG. $1.00 • fragrant • Refreshing UMJTED TIMe ;ONIY Lewis - McLqrty Hope's rflhest Dept. Store - .e, General . 'd--ahd •shall ben oot *tO' ex,called Into c»verrtpr. At Houses '; Uio o openS' eln e epyptesrcasl'ifand, given for ?>H|eA officers v hereinbefore ft to "the- presence ' ot both *4fi»>> rinnatnal AttaantHlu r Thf> Assembly, The .highest number ol * the respective of'"?ed duly elected immediately be- ~iej but if two the highest Jce, * one ol i.u»,.. w, A joint vote /of the General As- majorjty of - all ti>e -"--" be necessoj-y Qenersl Assembly ar session of six- need not be • eon$eat ot' gpvernnacnV oa, L «fce - 1 FINAL NITE OPEN 6:45 MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RD3. DOCTOR SATURDAY QNLY! • A GOOD DOUBLE FEATURE • [ -».- -.,,. Assem. aftd in addition , members of the - KB,ffiwK f >fir m«* * ,Mrtie< rate .herein pro£„' f << i - ' Tjereby created >mm«e,,af. the • •They're the 'goffiest race "drivers in laugh histbry! LEO GORCY & The Bowery Boys "JALOPY" . . . most daring- of 4 the early West's adventure — blazing breed! WILD BILL ELLIOT "The Homesteaders" ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON SUN. & MON. FIRST HOPE SHOWING THE MAN TURNED MONSTER who grips a city with panic qs he'stalks the show-world's beauties he craves for his CHAMBER OF HORROR'S! h?re ^s Jjereby crea " o be jg^ed from -.,-„ je prpvj&e^ •pose o| conduct. . , r pjj, ItsSemlly WtU : rpejc diem and ex- -W.WS a end cf the eneral AB.,. tjlroe prc- md ownpensa- % foe SjIBreme ,..,. s o| this State; Salaries and com usfises of 'the C LJOPTQ. * JOE McDOAK$ COMEDY jn VIV I *>. t CARTOON "35ll»PINa A SEE OUR BIG HOLIDAY FIREWORKS fi.Ati' SPECIAL PURCHASE * * i* * * * * * * *'.. * •* ; '* '****•* •*:• * There Were Only A Few Of These Sets Avaailable At These Special Prices So We Bought All The Distributor Had. Only A Limited Number Left! Take Advantage Of These Tremendous Sayings Now! 3 i ton Window Unit $384.95 Now 95 AND LOOK Philco One Horse Power Flush Mounted Air- Conditioner Completely Installed With 22Qypit Wiring F"\ , , ! This Week Only $29.95 Textron Electric Blanket With The Purchase Of Your Philco Air-Con ditioner! 114 S, Elm Street SIMILAR SAVINGS ON OTHER MODELS • * '• • "'••'',.' For Full Details Of Free Survey Of Your Home or Office ;•''..-..,'. • . - July 2, Ha»»t IfAl/ M«Pl» ARKANSAS SOCIETY tkont M4I1 ftttwIM I A. M. *Arf 4 F. M. !Cb lender !• FHday July 2 'The MYF council JC held, at 7:30 p. m. Friday at the tonie T of Paul O'Neal, meeting will Poplar Grove 196 Woodman Circle will hold their regular monthly business meeting in the W6W Hall on Tuesday, July 6, at 7:30. All members are urged to attend. Tuesday July 6 Legal Notice CONSTITUTIONAL • i AMENDMENT NO. 43 i BE It- RESOLVED by the Senate m the State of Arkansas and by the . House of Representatives of the State *f Arkansas, a Majority of All Meiers Elected to Each House Agreeing Jjereto That the following la hereby pro- •'ied as an amendment to the Con- .utlnn at the State of Arkansas, id, upon Being submitted to the actors ot the state .for approval or •ejection at the next general election lor Representatives and Senators, V i majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt " amendment, the same shall be- part of the Constitution ot the . 'State of Arkansas, to-wit: SECTION 1. No ,ad-valorem tax 111 be levied upon property • by the ite. , • . J county, city, incorporated town school district may levy a tax ually upon property therein at Its •ket value (or the- purposes and subject to the restrictions now pro- .Vided by the Constitution; except that ..Where the Board of Equalization here£ After created has for the first Jjpmfr equalized the assessments ot prop- lj*rty.'In any county at Us market Jf Value, and has certified such tact as .-provided In Section 5 hereof, tbere- jjtteathe tax levied for any such local jmbinvisloris shall be a total tax tor ;«1J purposes and shall not exceed aye (5) mills for the county, eight (o) mills for any city or Incorporated ttoWnjv-and 'twelve. (12). mills for any aicHool district, on each dollar of the susseJSSed value of the property therein,' exclusive of taxes levied by im- jprovement districts, and exclusive of Whites.''' levied for local tmnrovements an.', towns and cities ns authorized by lAHfble '19,'? Section 27 of 'the' Consti- •tutipm Provided, however, there shall Ibe'set aside annually an amount kquar to the maximum amount col- llected for the retirement of each !l.56tie,,of outstanding bonds during any .'yeaslprior to the year of the .col- 'lectMn of taxes wherein the aforesaid waxlmum rates have become et- ifective, to be used for the retirement w , such bonds as provided by the ItertnS thereof: and the tax shall be less than that necessary Circle 3 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will meet Tuesday, July 6, at 4 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Bill Mudgett with Mrs. B. W. Edwards as co-hostess. Fire Destroys Mine Loader Ct/AftfcSVlLLE, UP) Fire yesterday destroyed a loading tipple at the Clarksville Coal Co. mine near here. A company spokesman estimated the damage at more than $10,000. Clarksville Fire Chief Bill Chambers said that in addition to the tipple, two M issouri Pacific coal cars, seveii electric motors valued at $500 each, and a grading machine burned. Pour Arkansons WAXAttACHIE, TfiX. Uft Four Arkansans were killed and eribther &f the car. Highway patroiriteti said the cat traveling at a high speed and h wate rmelon truck collided, the Arwas hurt yesterday in a three-Veh- k ansas car bounced into another iele; crash hear here. The dead include: Cpl. Carlos Levon Nelson, 24, of Cotton Plant Ark., stationed at Fort Hood, Tex. Fred Nelson, 58 of Cotton Plant Ark., father of Carlos. ' Mrs. Myrtle Nelson 55. wife of Fred. Charles E Krumpler 22. of Magnolia, Ark., owner and driver Monday July 12 Circle 6 of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church Will have a meeting Monday, July 12, at 3:30 p. m. at the church. R. E. Dougan • Family Reunion Held Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Dougan and children, Juanita and Billy, and Mrs. Virginia Lambert, Ginny and Belinda, all of Emmet attended the B. E. Dougan family reunion in Blossom and Paris, Texas, on Sunday. Others attending were Mrs. Jay Johnson, Jim and Modenc, Mrs. Archie Turner, David and Randy of Ft. Worth; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dougan, Gerry, Murray, Norma, Barry and Judy of Tcxarkana; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Allen of Reno, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hill, Polly, Muriel Lynnc, Linda, Kay, Elara and Dean 6f Paris; Mr. and Mrs. Elbcrt Ross, and Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Dougan, all of Blossom, Texas. • Notice The Hope Country Club Barbecue Picnic scheduled for Sunday, July 4, will be held instead on Monday July 5, at 7 p. m. Hosts will be Mr and Mrs. Fred McElroy, Mr. anc Mrs. E. J, Whitman, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore. Phone 7-2629 ttq produce such annual amount until :the bonds have been retired, or suf- iftqlcnt funds have been set aside for jihelr retirement. 1 As to bonds Issued after the date jot the certification that assessments •tiave been equalized nt market value In any county, the maximum tax rates "lerein provided may not be exceeded icept when necessary to prevent or default. .._.e assessments of benefits m ,ny improvement district are based on the assessed value of the property for state or county purposes, the as- ,«essors of the district shall have the I (right to equalize all future assess- jments of benefits; and for this pur- nose may reduce the valuations to, the extent that such valuations have Been Increased by reason of this Amendment. SECTION I. The tax shall not b* levied upon any property now exempted ky the Constitution from taxation. IT SECTION 3. There Is hereby created • Board of Equalization which shall Assess at Its market value property nse"talri the operation of public util- ftieMT or such other property auth- lerized to be taxed .by. the .aforesaid qlitical subdivisions, as the "General Assembly may .direct. ; The .'total •••r. fcessed value of all public utilities jriiall be apportioned to 'the various Jeounties. cities, incorporated' towns iand school districts as' is now -. or jnxav hereafter be provided by law. .Vntll such time as the assessments W property in any county are equalized at market value, the proportion Ef thp total valuation of any utility allocated to any county, city. Incorporated town, • or school dlstnct Shall be adjusted by applying, there« percentage, of market value Jlch the Board determines prop... is therein assessed. -• ••: SECTION 4. The Board ot Equal- .lition shall see that all property is Assessed which is required 'by'law to he assessed, and to this end shall Sasess property which the tax. as- fiessor of any county has failed to t; assess, after notice and hearing by ! khe Board. _ : ' i! SECTION 5. The Board of Equal- IZation shaa equalize the assessments * of property in each 1 county at its »market value, and for that purpose Jit shall classify property according to I type, use thereof and income there- 3 irom, and prepare and prescribe a ' method or formula for use by it and tfttffHx assessors of the various coun- , toefJin determining the market value t of property or classes of property; 1'nnd shall reasse'Sr-property not as- f cesaed in accordance therewith, after , notice apd hearing by the Board. Each .year when the property in any coun- y has been equalized at its market /alue as herein provided, the Board rf Equalization shall certify such fact 10 the county clerk. • VSECTION 6. Within the time and manner provided by the General As- lertlbly any taxpayer or any of th« itorewid political subdivisions affected «n«y appeal from any order or de^ cision of the Board of Equalization to Saf Chancery Court of the County •• ilch the property affected is lo- except that any appeal from on^order or decision affecting prop• 'i of public utilities assessed by „„.Equalization Board shall f.e taken to the Chancery Court of Pulaski County, The Chancery Court shall try '•my such cause de novo. Either Saw may appeal from any adverse Secision of the Chancery .Court "to the Supreme Court of Arkansas where Jt shall £e heard do novo on the record. • SECTION 7. The Governor shall «p- Mint three resident electors 4s mem- >ers of the Board of Equalization. shaU respectively serve, ^as d.e- ined by lot, four, eight and ' ye«rs from the date of »eir lent, and shall appoint » »uc- Mfcessor of each, who shall serve *or 5 term of twelve years: which *p Ipointments, including appointments in rwe event of a vacancy, shall b*, Subject to confirmation by the Senate. The members may be Impeached * removed from office as provided „ -Article 15 of the Constitution., . LSE.GTION 8. The total expenditure l ->Jany year (or all purposes by any uhtv, city, incorporated town or H o} district, shaU not exceed .the , v Snt pf the budget tor that year, $5e amount of revenue, whichever as may be necessary . to itstandlng valid bonds, no :ad t«x shall be levied upon Bperty by any county, city, in* irporated Wn or school district un**• budget has been approved by --"~"y 'ot the qualified electors on Uie issue. -The budget _ ..„ be submitted for approval, "rejection 9t' P" election except -ii»bjtp notic? and hearingl w«U to the amount thereot. T| the -•"budget is approved, the t»s lertifiersh^il be that which .is ary to provide the required net t" after deducting available ,ba> ' and 'uiids forthcoming from [rises. If the proposed budgjt year is rejected, then the for the preceding year B the budget and the tax .„ shall be*thjt wWch_is sary to provide the required nf'attM deducting »vanabl e i^>i "s**"?. ., *_..ii—7^-*—^ from • Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. James Atkins anc children, Jim, Judy, Cherry anc Kay, of 'Long Beach, Calif., are the guests Atkins. of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Hit No. 1 BY REFRIGERATION! BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM • TODAY & SATURDAY • • HIT NO. 2 • Thrill Packed Adventure! CHARLES STARRETT & Son of the Pioneers "WEST OF ABILENE" It's That "SHANE" Shooting Man . . . . Jack Palancc a Joan Fontaine • Corinne Calvct * — In — Techni- Color FLIGHTTO TANGIER" And so will YOUI PLUS: Chap. 6, "GUNFIGHTERS OF NORTHWEST' No. 6, "MOUNTIES AT BAY" COLOR CARTOON, " LITTLE BOY BOO" Sun. & Mon. You'll stay cooler, more comfortable, when your home is shaded with CANVAS AWNINGS. Enjoy the benefits of ventilation PLUS flexible sun control that ONLY" Canvas Awnings: can give you. Call us v,for a free estimate on tha low cost of Canvas A*n- -ings; for your home. Hope Builder's Supply Co. Everything to Build Anything Phone 7-2381 % s r &> . Statement of Condifidn of CITIZENS NATIONAL BANtf HOPE, ARKANSAS At the Close of Business on June 30, 1954 S*} ' ' "«i| RESOURCES 1,395,68*.;?*. Loons" bhd Discounts -•> Banking House Ond Fixtures United States Bonds Other Bonds and Securities Stock ih Federal Reserve Bank 15,000,00' Cash and Exchange 1/053,851.94' TOTAL 5,397,098.94 LIABILITIES Capital Stock 150,000.00 Surplus 350,000,00;.;/ Undivided Profits 332,232.5|" „ Unearned Interest 12,69|.00- v Deposits 4,552,168.38^/. ' ,i"il TOTAL 5,397,09t.?4 ^. ; ;$| t '" 1 -' Officers O. A. Graves Chairman of the Board R. M. LaGrone, Jr President C. C. Spragins Executive vlce-Pres. Dale Jones Cashier OH'n Lewis... Assistant Cashier Raymond Jones Assistant Cashier Directors "1 h l O. A. Graves R. M. LaGrone, Jr. C. C. Spraglni 8. L. Reed J. A. Waynes Albert Graves N. T. GeorwW. _ j ... George W. Dale Jones $10,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor MEMBER 'OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM " YI.S1 l>T-o'fl . ^ ^^ If - 't '' ** • We'll Be Open at 12:45 Both Days • Hospital Notes Branch ' Admitted: Charles Bryan, Hope, Mr. Douglas Dougan, Rt. 2 Emmet Discharged: Mrs. Aubrey Campbell, Hope,, Mrs. James Hester, Hope. '• Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Pearl Whatley, Hope, Mrs. WiUord Mauldin, Hope Mrs. Bob Turncr, ; Hope. , .Discharged: Fannie Ross and son •Hope. ' " ••. • ' ;'••':- • •'••'" :.-'. , : '' Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Mauldin, Hope, have a daughter, Vickie Sharon, born at 2:44 p. rti.yWed nesday. .. ' Although Easter is scheduled for the first noon after the vernal equinox, the date s set by observation of the real'moon but by rules established before astronomers knew as much as they now do about the movements of the moon * TWO KILLERS in love with a ganglord's gal ... fight for a second chance at life and love! Robert MITCHUM Linda DARNELL EXCITEMENT! sttBSssraciaKn-w*:*^*''-*-* OAKCREST i i High in lh« Mountain* of Mexico) NOW OPEN wiih JACK PALANCE AN »HO-«»OIO HCTUII ' S.'R7Ajp$ u- v-"^"W • -UA^« • •' t ^.j/^&^^iM „ y- J-~ -!(, «*-> ; .'»'>j<i,SVfM , , r k i& v $$W: i>' IJ'A- « l»<V«iw ^Sf » -• ^^fe'^t-Vi*! "-" - " ^(v^- 1 * w$ SPECIAL SHORTS FOR THE 4th 1. NEWS OF THE DAY 2. DEZI ARNAZ & ORCHESTRA 3. CARTOON, "LONE CHIPMUNK" Statement of Condition of FIRST NATIONAL BANK HOPE, ARKANSAS At the Close of Business on June 30, 1954 RESOURCES $ 787,149.02 Loans , Furniture and Fixtures ^-W Other Assets 874.92 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 13,500.00 Bonds and Securities : 1,186,990.89 U. S. Government Bonds 2,561,982.03 Cash and Sight Exchange. 1,084,164.11 TOTAL 5,634,661.97 LIABILITIES Capital Stock '.... '..-. 100,000.00 Surjslus • 400,000.00 Undivided Profits 58,997.72 Reserved for Taxes '...: 25,000.00 Reserved for Dividend 10,000.00 Deposits 5,040,664.25 TOTAL..., i .'» 5,634,661.97 Officers Lloyd Spencer , . . President W. Ke'ndflll Ueml?y Vice President Syd MoM«th Exec, Vice President Thpmal I. Hays • , . Cashier QeplI J, P'Steen . , Ass't Cashier Qdnie Chamberlain . Ass't Cashier Directors B. W. Edwards Vincent W. Foster W. H. Sunter Thomas E. Hays ,). P. Puffle Graydon Anthony W. Kendall Uemley 9yd McMath E. M. McWIIIiams Earl O'Neal Uloyd Sppncer E. P. Stewart $10,000.00 Mqximum Insurance for Each Depositor MEMBER OF FEPERAU RESERVE SYSTEM CHAPEL and MORTUARY East Second and Hazel Streists ,0 » ^ >'f >, * ' b r y ( '"f 7 -4? \T3,^ ' -.^ ,• v '*v,' "*'iV . :>i'~^r$m *. . ' * . . - ' i .... '.IfMism FAST - EFFICIENT SERVICE — 24 HOURS DAY or TRAINED PERSONNEL TO SERVE YdU ,' ,***'•• • • |, We take : this opportunity to announce to the people of Hope and Southwest Arkansas that we are now ready to serve you. It is our privilege to lift from your shoulders the heavy burden of the mgny details attendant to the Funeral Service .'-... You may rest completely assured that these details will be eX- ecuted with. Sympathy, Dignity and in Good Taste, vm , :•'*& **,. We have completely remodeled, redecorated and Air-Conditioned the building, and the large chapel will seat between 250 dnd 300 people, A new 1954 Superior |_andau Funeral Coach and Ambulance ready day or night, and trained, efficient personnel ready to serve you at all times. PON WESTBROOK, Director *>•$$& ' - v.:^^ f, /:9|f -"'^ :^m " ;ff * , ; "l^lf ^r.-mi '4.. -*• r^^fi^-feai . ' t , f h»t"'•;$• ^ * f\ .iv^j i me ' Q| ^m • *• *• rf-^^v DIAL — 74123 '••. •• i j <r"} \ >- r < «»\fT. w.^jBI i ' A- , iff/rir i- f ->\] AMBULANCE SIRVICi DAY or NIOHT BURIAL ASSOCIATION Mrs, Bookkeeper "STTTTT^T^rTTOiy'Ts ^ 'T ** W^T j r j > \ •r<?!r* n • T," r v V ^-'W^ »| 5?5 «

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