Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 2, 1954
Page 3
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!-, ' - - - > - V Aj* !r*** - * HdM STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS thuriday, July 1, 1954 TTflEWS i Of. wlfarriv'e July be associated with Dr. Ifr. fume? Is 39 , A graduate of Uni- t-fcansas at' Fayette* llSt&L Arkansas. ^— Ltttfe-Socfc He I Mftjfttst Hospital ifi Little *""*e<Tin-U S. Jfevy to February is- it ."Arkansas, IttmV office building has ' a^hd'Alr- Conditioned, fftodrseope and ujtra- addcdt'.tm* SSsoclation this £lace< ot ^.,,*,_ fae callc(t -j» r fc scolt Tifefeti Women's Women's Circle ot Mrs. John Gibson and" Mrs. Abbott. Mr. and MM. J. R, fiemli Hdnor Haul* Ou**t» On Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hi semis honored their house guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Hussey of Cincinnati, Ohio with a pl6nle supper on the, back lawft o! theif hornR, Others on the guest list included: Mf. and Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mr. ftfld Mrs. H. H. McKenzje. $tr. and Mrs. D. L Mcftsc Jr , Mr* and Mfs. T. M. Semis, Miss Ethel Bemis Mr. arid Mr«. Orifl Ellsworth and Mr. and -Mrs H, F. Yarhrpugh. Mr. and Mrs. .Ellis Lavender of Magnolia were the weekend guests of Mrs. Tom Lavender. Miss Thelma Bruce of Little Rock spent 'thb weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Huhhard and was ac- -for -the June* th'slx mdmbcrs prcsen! '.'SUwartof Er'Ddrado onicompanlcd homo by Miss Ada "' *'-"- Glettn of Hot Springs who has i.K...-; - ft the chairman. presided in the f ave^ the afld.lfed in pra- ahc presented the -he Sa- s were ; «ung that b*3TWe T nilsslon ar, ' , .able "dessert *t6ursc was 'V - •? *»" "• -• . nk and .blue s bn ^Thursday after- t * iti' with ?gummew flowers ,^ Vert 1 flayed being wpn byljIrs^Har- ' Martini and gifts dfto-Mrs. H^isburtbn. t been visiting the Hubbard - Wells Hamby Jr, loft Sunday for JTfiycttcvlllc to join the University of Arkansas band Id go to New York to play for the Lions International convention us the guests of the Ark. 4nsas Llon». Mr. ant} Mrs. C. 0. Wahlquist had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wahlquist Jr, of Littles- Rock. ,-' )f Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Dcnman Jr., and Mrs. Clinton Barrett spent the Weekend *in"llot Springs. I < / OMiss Janie MeGUirc has returned tp "Little ttpck after spending the Weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. McGuirc. Mrs. J. J. Battle of Fulton was the,Friday guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby * v Mr and Mrs. William Hays and Mack of Okolona were the Sunday guests of Mrs. W. O. Hays. fMr. 'and Mrs. Emerson Bradley and Suzanne of Shrcveport visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bradley over the weekend. Mrs. Wayne Eloy attended a Methodist work shop .for adult worki 'crs with youth aj, Camp Tanako dur ' Lighting Kills Con way Farmer §y th« Associated J>r4s« The death of a donway Courtly fartnfcr, who yesterday \var struck by lightning, brought to three the total number of violent deaths ?n Arkansas since Sunday midnight. John M. Neal, 71 year-old Center Ridge, was struck by lightning 33 he prepared to mend a wire fence. Mrs. Neal said lightning struck a tree to which the v/ire was attached. Rescue - workers near Black Rock.V late last night recovered the body of 14-year-old Billy Pick- ncy. Police iaid the youth had been swimming near the confluence of the Black and Spring rivers about 4 p. m. when he disappeared beneath the water. The body was recovered about 9 p.m Thomas Q Grigsby, a 10-year- old Negro boy from Little Rock, yesterday drowned in the capital :ity's Gillam, Park swimming pool. Bis body was discovered at the Jottom of the pool only minutes after lifeguards hart rescued a louhdering swimmer. • ng the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crow have returned from a visit with relatives n Lubbock, Texas. Senator to Get Report oti New Employees By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON WI--Senators who investigated the McCarthy-Army row were promised a report today on why two employes of the Senate Investigations subcommittee haven't been cleared to handle secret Defense Department documents. The question was whether tha two staff members, Who have not been publicly named, were refused security clearance or whether a check on them, asked over a year ago had not been completed. Sen. Mundt (Il-SD). in catling today's closed-door meeting said tie had received a reply to the question from the Pentagon hut he declined to disclose it in advance of laying it before his colleagues. He said he also expected the subcommittee to decide what tu do with a report received from the Army, in an envelope stamped con' 'idcntial. on the case ot former Maj. Irving Pcress, a New York City dentist. Mundt says ' he has not opener! it. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Harrcll have as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Dar- •cll Marsh and Johnny of Burming- lam, Ala. Miss Virginia Otwcll of El Dor- ido spent the weekend with relatives. Miss Winnifred Duke of El Dorado was the weekend guest of her other. Mrs. J. M. Duke Sr. and other relatives. Dr. and -Mrs. George Pakis Jr. and son formerly, of Little .-Hock were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Colcman cnroule to .heir new home in Dallas. Mrs. Ruby Stewart of El Dorado spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie. S. D. Dickson at Little Rock visited his mother, Mrs. Sam Dickson over the weekend. . Don Sallee of Bossier City, was ;he weekend guest ot Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRac was accompanied lomc by Mrs. Sallee, Tommy and Miriam, who spent the past week icrc. Court May Rule on R&D Authority LITTLE ROCK Wl The Arkansas Supreme Court, before summer recess, may rule whether the Arkansas Resources and, Development Commission lias the. authority to dispose of a gift manufacturing plant. .'-'," The plant was given the state last winter by the Westinghouse Corporation. Thomas V. Harris Pulaski County taxpayer, filed a friendly suit agninst the Resources and Development Commission to determine the commission's authority with respect to the plant site near Hot Springs. . . Harris appealed a decision by the Pulaski Chancery Court that the commission had the necessary authority to the Supreme Court. As a matter o£ public concern, the court advanced the case on its docket and took it under submission two days ago. With next Monday the final decision day before summer recess, it is ^expected the court may hand down'a decision then. ""''•'••;'" JOHN P. 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JANE PARKER HAMBURGER P Co «oh Photo-Finishing t ^«J) ( v^'^-if^^H^ 4 t ,1 r '. i j > Ktft, .,:. SPARKLE COCONUT CREAM PUDDING SPARKLE BLACK CHERRY pg GELATIN na .y ANN PAGI '•'''' M Jfc MAYONNAISE :.49^ ANN PACE »ALAD j^ Mm* MUSTARD 2 £3 19 4 YAlllEtjIS— ANN P40I JPREPAMB f* SPAGHETTI 2 MIX fen v ICECREAM 4; .'Hf, »i )4( •* ^ „.. i, j v fi? SULTANA STRAWBERRY PRESERVES ' v^v-'bakt--.'* - wm%r&? ^-V" -"•-'- ' f L " N "' " ' J,'.^ .4""- Our Doily Bread t Sliced thin by the Editor ^. .Alex. H. Washfaurh We're Nor Sure Who Did Guatemalan Job Bur the Job Is 0. K, Quoted Lady: You look strong enough to ork and earn a living. Jg?ramp: Yes, mactain, I know it. and you are beautiful enough to go on the stage, but we both prefer the quiet, happy, home life. . -^.iMMtailinW 'j^jjit Star _ _. «o fchfiges t unW?, Widely, efening thtirtderiftowe'f* the west ftOfth. Experiment Si&tto*. 24-hour period ending, at 8 a, Friday: High 98; Low T4. 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 ; ^- NO. 220 HOPE, AftKANSAJ; FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1954 M«Mb*r: th* AHftel«t*d ^r»lt A Audit *ar««tt •( CtrtuMtlMt Av. Net Paid Gift). J Mo«. Endind M«»eh St, 1*S4 -> 1,414 Overthrow of the Communist government o£ Guatemala sets a pattern of behavior for the United States which the Russians will find hard to convert to Red propaganda. If any responsible nation ever was tempted to intervene it was the United States, confronted by a organization close to the .Panama Canal and supplied with . [ major armament by Russia's j puppet government of Poland. And in the old days, intervene is I precisely what we would have done. The Navy would have rolled down the Caribbean, the Marines would i have landed; we'd have wrapped up the "war" in a week or two — but at the same time wo would have given Russia a Sunday pro" ganda punch to throw at us. And atin America, smaller than us, poorer, with infinitely less fighting strength, might well have let resentment against North America lead her into an unwise flirtation with the Kremlin. But if the United States had any hand whatsoever in the Guatemalan brawl it doesn't show in the record All Indochina to Red Troops to Re dTroops By LARRY ALLEN SINGAPORE (IP)— French withdrawal from the southern sectors of the Red River Delta looks 1 ike the beginning of the end for that strategic area and possibly for all of Inodchlna. The delta, long regarded b y the French and most Western powers as the main bastion against the stf'eep of communism into the rest of Indochina and Southeast Asia, is crumbling in huge blocks. The war against the Communist-led Vietminh. now in its eighth year, may end with P cease-firo giving the rebels northern Indochina as their peace prize or they may take the area by smashing the French. In either event it would be difficult to find anyone who believes that would content Vietminh chief Ho Chi Mirth. WASHINGTON Wl Sen. Doug las (Dill) today moved to' send the administration's omnibusl tax revision bill back to the Finance Committee. His motion carried instructions to the committee to c Ut down ben efits f or corporations and wealthy individuals, and raise them for persons in low and middle income brackets. Republican leaders expressed confidence they could d efeat the maneuver. Bulletin; Senate Set for Vote on Tax Issue By JOE HALL WASHINGTON -Weary sena tors, a marathon session behind them and promise of a three-day holiday ahead, gathered for a quick push to final passage today of the administration's disputed tax over haul bill. Leaders on both sides predicted | Most observers French; Viet the remaining half-dozen or so Rival Leaders in Guatemala Sign Peace By ARLOS R. ESCUDERO 1 SAN SALVADbR El Salvador Wl —Rebel chief Carlos Castillo Armas and government boss Col. -Elfego Monzon signed a peace pact here today ending Guatemala's two week-old civil war. They pledged a continuing fight to wipe out communism 'in that Central American nation. v The treaty provides for a new five-man military junta-Guatemala's fourth government this week with Monzon as top man. The other members include Castillo and one of his aides and two ministers in Monzon's outgoing regime.. Authoritative sources said this arrangement would continue for 15 days, after which the junta will elect a "permanent 1 chief. The agreement was signed at namese and foreign — are convinced he will have all of Indochina in a very' short time, regardless of any line drawn by the Geneva conference, once the' final — and at least up to now we seem \ chapter is written in the delta. to have convinced our Latin'neigh- JWrs we were innocent bystanders. 1r know it sounds incredible. But as far as the record is concerned any aid to the counter-revolution must have been by devious private channels. Obviously it appears forthright America is changing. Nowadays, we have to resort to European cloak-and-dagger methods instead of openly calling out the Marines. It's a point that should go over 11 with our Latin neighbors. They :e finesse. And they may charitably overlook the fact that the U. S. A, couldn't possibly have tolerated a Russian-backed government so close to the Panama Canal — because, if the truth be known, down in their own hearts the Latin Americas recognize that couldn't tolerate it either. they The French high command says the pull-out from the rich southern' areas of the delta region was nee essary to strengthen the defenses against an expected "human sea 1 ' assault along the Hanoi Haiphong railroad and highway. An enclave 64 miles long be tween Hanoi and the port of Hai phong and less than 30 miles deep on each sicle of the road and rail line is being bolstered with thou sands of French Union troops. But there seemed little hope the less than 100 French battalions can hold out long even in the enclave against a big Vietminh attack. When the Vietminh hit, they can use six to eight Red Chinese trained and equipped divisions.^ in eluding the four which smashed the French Union fortress of Dien Bien Phu. Aiding them will:' be amendments would be disposed of in short order. Several senators said they planned to vote against the giant tax revision measure on final pas sage. But its approval, pretty- much in the form sought by President Eisenhower, seemed assured. . Members were saddened by the death of 70-year-old Sen. Hugh Butler of Nebraska, announced in the chamber just before the ', Senate wound up 13 hours of debate at midnight last night. Butler was the second-ranking Republican on the Finance Com mittee, which wrote the Senate ver sion of the tax bill. At 11 p. m. half an hour before Butler dieri of a stroke suffered Wednesday night, Sen. Bennett (R Utah) said the long debate on the tax bill during the woek probably had contributed to Butler's!: col lapse. . Sen. Long (DLa) revived-)'the in come tax cut issue yesterday with a plan whose effect was. in be tween two earlier amendments, 4:45 a. m. in the ceremonial hall of El Salvador's presidential hou before ambassadors and representatives of a dozen countries and the Vatican. It proclaims a total cease- fire in Guatemala. Castillo's followers invaded . thair homeland from neighboring Honduras on June 18,. vowing to .ovei'i. throw the Communist supported government of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, Arbena' resigned last Sunday and a cease-fire followed on Wednesday. The junta which replaced Arbez 1 " after his resignation was in. turn replaced by Monzon's group. In addition to Castillo and Monzon, th new junta will be composed of Maj. Enrique Oliva, defense minister in Castillo's- insur^ gent regime, and two other members of Monzon's government Foreign Minister. Col.'.'Mahricio Dd- bois 'and Defense Minister Col, Jose Luis Cruz Salazar, Lester Kent Is shown holding the 5-foot rattlesnake which he killed on Little Bodcaw croek earlier this week shortly after EJdridge Formby had almost s tipped on It. The viper had 15 rattlers and a button. , —Star photo Schools Never Got "Enough Money LITTLE ROCK I/PI—Beebc Junior College President B. E. Whitmore tpday said his school never has received enough money from the state to pay for agriculture courses which are required by hiw. Whitmore said the school doesn't offer " agriculture courses and "hasn't for 27 years." filpThe college president was commenting on a report released yes terday by the Legislative Audit Division. The report pointed out that the school was not offering the courses it was established to provide. 100,000 Vietminh regular, regiopal! one Democratic and the other Re and guerrilla soldiers, who long' have been making it tough ior the French to hold onto the d£Ha de fenses > ,-•.>•-<-•».• - ,'. - •.-.•S' v rf.»'• Populace Views Bodies of Tortured By JACK RUTLEDGE GUATEMALA Iff) Handkerchiefs to their noses, a long line of men, women and teenagers filed past a row of mutilated bodies in tropical Guatemala's .capital today. The smell of death was overpow ering as the curious populace lifted ^Vhitmora said the school would [the lids of the crude wooden cof not be able to offer farm courses ; fins to peer at some o£ those the until the appropriation is increased.' The college has had a surplus of about $84,000 in the state treasury >r about 10 years, Whitmore con- nued, and we need that to put a satisfactory operation into effect. publican -jponsored, which' had gone down to defeat by identical 4947 votes Wednesday, k .-„ Installers of Telephone, Go. Officials Meet new military government says were tortured to death by deposed President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman's dread secret police. Some of the lookers fainted. Oth ers vomited at the stench. Most He" said the surplus had existed fled. since the beginning of the Revenue | In the small, plaster-walled room NEW YORK (/B— Western trie Co. and union officials Elec may Colleges Spend Funds Thev , i.»A»«^*^ A,; ^.J'&MMMti*® 1 ^ -*>•* K 'VtHave LITTLE ROCK.W — State agencies and institutions spent $7085,361 in ' in Arkansas 'cash funds' Stabilization Act. Whitmore said he wanted to shift emphasis ! n the schools program from generalcclucation and teacher training to agriculture and vocational work. • Gives Lesson in Law PROVIDENCE, R. I. (ff) Gerald astracchio, 31, serving 15 years _ for attempted robbery, got a lesson * A ) in law yesterday from Judge Fred Perkins. Serving as his own astracchio went before attorney Superior writ a Court with a petition for p^'"habeas corpus for his release <||}om prison. He said two other men had con- in Guatemala City's morgue a statue of Christ loomed behind the coffins, candles burning at its side. The gruesome display was part of the drive by Guatemala's new [government against Arbenz's Com munist backers, who parked the terror wave which preceded his downfall and who now are reported stirring up pleasant opposition to lis conquerors. In the weeks just before and aft er Col. Carlos Castillo Annas' "lib eration" army of exiles invaded trom neighboring Honduras, the po lice rounded up hundreds of anti- Communists and opponents of Ar benzs red-backed regime. Of those picked up, the bodies of some 60 so far have been brought to the capital—torn, bat fessed the attempted robbery for which he is serving time so he should be freed. Judge Perkins explained to Mas tracchio he drafted the wrong pell 1 Uon because he was not attacking • the legality of the trial but was, "ii\ effect, claiming new evidence. '' What he should have brought, the udge said, was "a petition for a it of error corham nobis.' went back to prison ,,f 'presumably to draft a new petition. meet today to try to end the day old coast-to-coast strike by phone equipment installers. Officials of District 10, CIO Com munications Workers of America, called the walkout yesterday and by noon most of its 17,000 mem bers were idle. The dispute over higher wages, contemplated transfers and gricv ance procedure could cripple the Bell Telephone System in 44 states and the District of Columbia if the union throws picket lines around telephone exchange buildings. Western Electric is the manufac .uring arm of the Bell System. Telephone operators in Texas walked off their jobs yesterday in a number of cities, honoring the installers' • picketlines. Operators were reported out at Dallas, Aus tin. San Antonio, Houston Mexia Fort Worth Mineral Wells, Abile and Lubbock. Union leaders Do Ann Asks Help in Cemetery Cleaning The DeAnn Cemetery needs to be Worked and concerned persons are 0|FFeRENT K1NP Op tered and broken by police torture. Six of these, brought in yester day from' the little village of Villa Lobos, were typical. After several days of working over by the po lice, they were machine-uned on June 24 and left in a shallow grave. All were men Their bodies were purple from beating, slashed and cut by floggings. Eyes were gouged out and teeth were kicked in. The groins had been a favorite target. Each man's hands were tied hind him. M °" r0e SamUel ° r have announced (JOLPSBORQ, N, Bemis Given Key to Spokane, Wash. A copy of the Woodworkers Reporter furnished The Star by Guy ... ,E. Basye ot Bruner-Ivory Handle as soon as possible. icompan y barrl6 ,. 8 f ron t page I picture of James R. Bernis of Prescott being given the key to the city of Spokane, Wash., on the oppasion of the recent meeting there of the hey plan to delay nalionwide pic eting until Tuesday but also indi cated the plan was "subject to change.' With 80 per cent of the nation's Jhones on the dial system, the full impact of the strike on local tele phone users would not be felt for some time. But corss country picketing would seriously disrupt long-distance calls and various services such as information. Some 300,000 phone operators are members of the CWA. An exception to the mass walnut yesterday was in New Jersey, on the job. Informal talks between both par ties were held .yesterday. Follow ing the conference, company offi cials indicated a joint meeting may take place sometime today. States not affected by the strike are Maine, New Hampshire, Vcr mont and Montana. Maintenance and installation work in those areas are handled by the Bell System rather than by Western Electric. The CWA's contract with West ern Electric expired May 2. money not appropriated by the Legislature during the fiscal year which ended Wednesday. ' Almost half of the amount $3, 542,709 went for salaries. The re> mainder was spent for maintenance and operations. The "cash funds" register, was set up by the 1953 Legislature to record the amount agencies spen from funds derived from fees grants and similar income not al located from general taxes. The biggest spender was the Uni versity of Arkansas, which showec an expenditure of $1,947,136. Thi includes $966,937 for salaries'. A Little Rock the University Medi cal School spfent $568,136, includ ing $322,961 in salaries. The Labor Bepartmont's Em ployment Security Division use $1785,507. Agencies, the total amount eac expended and salary allotment: Broiler Inspection Division, La bor Department, $87,361 $54153. State Plant Board $129122, $05 690. AM&N College at Pine Bluf $11,587, $61,349. Arkansas Tech at Russellvill $98,660—$37,898. Southern State College at Mug nolia $190,147, $107,942. State Hospital, $344,043, $17881 Boonevillo Sanatorium $265,640, $7,386. Arkansas State Teachers College at Conway, $147,391, —$30,831. Arkansas A&M at Monticello $220,664, —$28,021. $50,000 Taken in Chicago Bank Holdup CHICAGO jiff) — Five robbers armed with a machine gun, shot gun and pistols,took almost $50, 000 in a bold daylight holdup ot the Ashland Stale Bank today. Bank . officinlSi at first estimntstl the loot at about $25,000, but later reported nn audit showed $46,878 was missing. The gunmen wearing black stockings with eyeslits over their hends, charged into the bank through a s ide door a few minutes after openi*g time, menaced bank employes and then vaulted over Counters into the tellers' cages. The robbers were gone within minutes. The bank, on Chicago's south side at 9443 S. Ashlnnd Ave. is inly a short distance " from the msy Beverly Hills intersection 6f 5th Street and Ashland Avenue. Four gunmen forced Eugene F. Cronin, the bank president, "two other men and five other employes o lie on the floor during-the hold up. One of the men carried a brown canvas bag for the money but dropped a package of 100 $1 bills n his hurry. Young Folks to Conduct Service at First Baptist Jerry J ackson, Barky Fuller ftftd Joe Don Willis will have charge of the worship:services at First Baptist Church on Sunday in the absence of the Rev. S. A. Whitlow and Earl Bailey who are attending the. Baptist Encampment at Slloam Springs, Arkansas. Jerry, a ministerial student .at Ouachita College, will speak during the morning service, and Barky, a ministerial student at Baylor University, will speak during the evening service. Joe Don, Asst. Director of the First Baptist" Chapel Choir, will direct the music at both services. i fhis 72-pound turtle was taken,, from Terre Rouge creek ne'ar Emmet this week by Claud Potter, Joe, Cornelia and Al Hlckey, all of Emmet. Oqkcrest Mortuary Opens Friday in Old Church Site Opening of^Dakcrest Mortuary a backing another y^a offf their forces today from over new farm legislation" WASHINGTON Thej| Rio Grande Is Back in Its Banks EAGLE PASS, Tex. <#)— The Rio Grande wa,s back in its banks today, its receding waters carrying the secret of how many died and leaving mounds of foul, disease breeding mud. Hidden in the muck and in the draining waters was tlic answer t 'o whether the best available figures 02 dead. 90 to 400 missing fall today approved a prdvisi controversial farm bill ral ry price supports of parity 5 pet cent >' at level ordered last AMll" tary of Agriculture Beh Prior to Benso dairy support rate per cent. He lowered, y t ,', r Church was announced tbday"by'Dc>9 West jrook, mapager of the new organ- zation. The old church has been completely remodeled inside and out and is air conditioned. The spacious chapel will seat'from 250 to 300 persons. The firm's large Cadillac ambulance has arrived and- everything is ready to serve the public, VIr. Westbrook said. . Insurance salesmen are currently soliciting and Mrs, Inez Compton will be bookkeeper and in charge of the insurance department. The Balance of the personnel will be announced later. A formal public opening will be announced in the near future. Saboteurs Stream Into River Delta HANOI, Indochina, (UP) He fugees streamed into Hanoi today from the abandoned southern halt of the Red i River delta, raising fears among residents of a rebel fifth column rriove to take the city. Because of jthe speed of the eva cuation, security officials were un able to cheeky all of the arriving refugees. "•; • '•. Saboteurs w'ere -believed to be among them, only awaiting the sig nal to stage a bloody repetition of the ,upri£ing „ and rnpssagre .'of short of the truth. President .Eisenhower declared the stricken borderland eligible for disaster loans. Gov. Allan Shivers' own state disaster task force flew to the border to work with the federal people. The Red Cross, the Salvation Army and Individuals had little rest. Both the • House' 'the rival fixe dieted victory House action, still <tertl up for a formal The House both fixed high Eisenhower admiriistrati gram r of flexiblfe'', ^'sg' voted for a , comp'rorrij ward by llousfe leader|} Nebraska Senator Butler Dies By DONALD SANDERS WASHINGTON' (#1 — Republican Sen. Hugh Butler of Nebraska died at the age of 76 last night, the fourth U. S. senator and the sec ond from his state to succumb this year. Butler, who had been elected to his third six-year term two years ago, suffered a stroke Wednesday night. He was taken to the naval hospital at nearby Bethesda, Md., yesterday morning and died there about 11:30 p.m. last night The day before he had been active in the Senate apparently in good health. A former grain dealer he was a strong campaigner who defeated several governors in his various campaigns for the Senate. He was active in Rotary and the Congrega tional Church, The-- French high command an nourioed that the last French troops, an armored unit, pulled out of the once thriving textile center of, Nam Dinh, 45 miles southeast_ of Hanoi at noton yesterday. Communist units entered the abandoned towns and villages in the rich delta country as soon-as the French left. The French high command said two full divisions now were occupying the southern delta. ' Military sources said the two divisions backed up by possibly two more, might launch an attack on Hanoi regardless of progress in negotiating a cease fire. The high command announced yesterday that it had given up the southern half of the delta because it had been infiltrated, heavily by conquerors of Dien Bien Phil. : The French admitted they were subjecting themselves to adverse public opinion in evacuation the southern delta, without a fight but hotly denied making any -dal with the Reds to end the war, now in its eighth year. But in Washington, high military and diplomatic officials feared that deal had been made. Tlie U. S, jtate department said it had not •eceived advance notice of the vithdrawal Mundt Says Veto Is Like Russia WASHINGTON W)',' Sen Murtdt (R-SD) said 'today a.'Tules change urged-^by the Sena'te ^Republican versed in a call scheduled Ninety-two m part in the standing 'vto House yesterday, ".appKov| a compromise? >?Wlce' ' amendment to. the^lSri fered by Rep.v BObert JXl (R-Neb) with tthe <backinf ^ ^><«* House leaders;}^ Vl , th6*Tadnj of fle?tlbleMsjj] Instead program to 90'per cent^ol Jjarit prorhise caills .iSrV between' 1 82i/ a «and parity. , ,, , Before voting f.on,, r misje, the Hpu'sjj v ;Sih"oUtec a mend ment?»by ;f "** ' the total, >' - The/conio tui-e bl the basic cornmbd His wife and two ceded him in death. children pre All Around the Town •y Th» »Ur Staff Sheriffs ,.. v _ didn't believe the signs on ,*,.•«*• barrels hidden in woods pear, directors of the National they went ahead and test- contents, the kind u/>ed to read; poison. Cotton Manufacturers association, of which Mr- Bemis is president. The key was presented Mr. Bemis by Mayor Arthur Meehan, and tUase on the platform was Fire Destroys Magnolia Plant MAGNOLIA (/P) — Fir edestroyed the main building of the Partee Lumber Mill twg miles south of here early this morning. Superintendent T. S- Perry estimated the damage at $200,00. No one was at the mill at the time of the fire. Fire, Chief Fred Rogers ssmi neither the cause nor origin of the This city will observe the July 4 holiday on Monday with practically every business house in Hope closing including offices, etc the draft board office will also close as will Hope Postofiice .... there will be no city or rural deliveries but mail will be placed in boxes and dispatched as usual and stamps are available in a lobby machine. the Mississippi River and one man save4 the other the incident Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumwalt and Henry Zumwalt of Blevins recently visited in Barre, Vermont at the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, the largest one in the world, occurred at Osecola, Ark, Arkansas State Police list the following suggestions to follow dur ing the- DEADLY July 4 holiday weekend; 1. Don't start late and try to cover too many miles; 2, Be pared for heavy holiday traffic , 3. Slow Down and Live . . . 4. If you drink, don"t drive and if you has Thursday night, probably the best TV night in this section, Arkansas got quite a bit of publicity on the picturewave? a 20-year-old air- and line pilot and his wife appeared on Groucho Marx's program and they were from Malvern. Ark. . on 'Place the Face' gents the first time in 40 years . pccurred when a. that drive don't drink. 5. Common courtesy will prevent accidents. Twenty-two children were born jBempstead County last month reports the State Statistics division Health Dept . . there were four white boys and seven white girls; seven Negro boys and four Negro girls. nss give the 'minority ,Va Russian-type veto." The rule, one of nine advanced yesterday by the policy .group to meet criticisms of.congressional Investigating methods, would ban one^man hearings lor taking sworn testimony. It provides that no heaving to take sworn testimony or rtestimony from subpoenaid witnesses shall be held unless a quorum of a coni- mittee is present, except that by majority vote a committee could authorize one majority party member and one minority me'mber to constitute a quorum. A quorum normally consists of one-half the committee membership plus one, Mundt, who presided over "the Senate investigations subcommittee in its televised probe of the McCarthy-Army row, said adoption of the proposal would set "a dangerous precedent." He contended it would "give ,,a Russian-type veto to the minority and provide for government by absenteeism." Sen. McCarthy (R-His), the regular chairman, of the investigations subcommittee, was away bu,t he has repeatedly protested against any ban on one-man hearings. He has contended such a ntle would play into the hands of Communists and hamper efforts to expose Parity- 'I standard sijj relation to Still to be to' raise dairy their existing of parity to 90 of Agricul^e' Sairy support f«fo, froi per cent April 1, ?'•$£"" Tj\e * standing"? 1 , vp went pretty rawph' party lines, wUlMonl;^ . 20 Republicans -vpting \sk compromise .-"^-—-" *** Dempcrats fa , Democratic , Texas Iaslje4 out at i pomprprnj^e, |! no more the between er." * -- •' • "You^cault 1st tpld the Howsd continued 22 Dead in Philippine Earthquake MANILA W — At least 22 per sons worn reported dead and scores were injured today in a strong earthquake which jolted the central Philippines, The provincial capital of Sorso gon bore the brunt of the quake snd a police official ihvrp rpeortod 20 persons were dead and enor mous property damane. Two others were killed at Legaspi City to the north- Capt. Isagani Abella. commander pf the Sorsogon constabulary gar rison radioed police headquarters here; ; "Twenty persons Ijcjlieved dead this capital alone. Property dam fence radio transmitter s tation totally wrecked,, Our headquarters ba,dly them. Sen. Ferguson (R-Mich). chair' •, Hot B/ ."'i. man of the OOP Policy Committee, announced yesterday the grpup tiad unanimously approved the .nine rules changes which are intended to "assure the rights of witnesses and. insure' effective' action by com 1 mittees handling investigations," Light Officials to Attend Meeting LITTLE R.OCK W 'Arkansas Power and Light Co, officials yesterday sqid they probably would appear ut a City Council hearing July 12 on the contrpv« sial rate increase which the company has requested. . * The AP&L recently asked tre Arkansas Public Service CommJSr sion for rates to thundershpwers weqk, the temU ag^in yesterday, at Newport, permission W customers. increase The mejcury degrees and w spattered parts j The tlnue wifh one to three normal P| Hi, "P be liKht to teved afteriwpn ' ! LITTkE er with Jittle >aM i» f . for Arkansas Avfv Julv weekend/-V f enormous. Concrete around our camp and our The League All-Stars play- ,gugk, **,'A. ed Arka,de}pjua hpre Thursday flight aiyl came out pn the bjg end of the * *, lh/?J/ Former Hope Mon DiesotMinden Claude W. Altbrd, 6J. ol Minden, *La , died Friday morning of a heart attack. Mr. Alfqsd is a lormer resident o| Hope and is survived by two sisters Mrs. J,^. McDowell rs. Q. C. Colling $>fa ol Funeral arrangements ' rt The City Council Utilities Committee invited company pHicials to the hearing to answer charges brought by Arthur K. MeL,ean, Littie Rock banker, that the firm, has misrepresented its earning. * McLean, pyesident of the Commercial National B.ank. recently i-harged. that tb,e company ,. wa? ea.rning rnoi-e than the six Her prescribed by la,w. "Jt ihe , jncreass Is granted," "the firm's jproJEit on July The forecast fpr fe calls for 13 to S3, •? f erate, ital Invested will vise to 18 The public ^.erVipa l^as ?et six per cent at vetjjrn on

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