The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on February 24, 1990 · Page 9
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 9

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1990
Page 9
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T t- r y fjw-yjin'i i phi. iiym f ivy , ' y " V-" THE AGE, Saturday 24 February 1990 WORLD NEWS Reagan denies telling staff to break law on Contra aid Washington, Friday In a videotaped deposition made public yesterday, the former United States President, Mr Reagan, repeatedly denied that he instructed his subordinates to break the law during the Iran-Contra affair. Mr Reagan said he never knew about the full extent of his aides' involvement in covert efforts to help the Nicaraguan rebels, and that he did not authorise any of the illegal acts charged in the indictment against Mr John Poin-dexter, his former national security adviser. Mr Poindexter faces five criminal charges, including accusations that he obstructed congressional inquiries and made false statements to Congress about the Iran arms sales and efforts to aid the Nicaragua rebels at a time that official assistance was banned. Defence lawyers have not asserted that Mr Reagan told Mr Poindexter to engage in unlawful activity. Their strategy centres on trying to show that the former president gave Mr Poindexter the authority to carry out the administration's Iran-Contra policies. The former president has acknowledged that he was the author of policies that sought to free American hostages held in the Middle East and to support the Contras, who were fighting the Sandinista government. It was these policies that set the stage for the Iran-Contra affair. Mr Reagan's deposition, his first public comments under oath in a criminal proceeding in the Iran-Contra affair, was taken in nearly eight hours of questioning last Friday and Saturday in a closed session at a federal court in Los Angeles for the upcoming trial of Mr Poindexter. Mr Poindexter, a retired navy rear-admiral, served as Mr Reagan's national security adviser from December 198S until he resigned in November 1986. His trial Is scheduled for 5 March. In Mr Reagan's sworn testimony, furnishing the most extensive account of his Iran-Contra role to date, the former president was repeatedly unable to recall White House meetings, telephone calls and Oval Office conversations that figured in the affflr. Mr Reagan said he could not recall when he learned of the initial arms shipments to Iran, denied that he knew that Oliver North, a former aide to the National Security Council, was providing military equipment to the Contras, and said he knew nothing about the diversion of profits from the Iran arms sales to the Nicaraguan rebels. Mr Reagan sat In a red leather witness chair, listening attentively and responding cordially to the questions At times the former president seemed apologetic for his Inability to recall details and at one point during the all-day session on Friday a defense lawyer told the judge in a bench conference that Mr Reagan appeared to be "getting real tired". New York Timet Sri Lanka rejects killings appeal By LINDSAY MURDOCH, South-East Asia correspondent Singapore, Friday Sri Lanka has refused opposition demands to lift a nationwide state of emergency, despite evidence that security forces are using extra powers to kill opponents of the Covernment. The Opposition Leader, Mrs Sirima Bandaranaike, yesterday stepped-up her campaign against tne emergency laws, saying in Parliament that "there is no doubt the majority of the killings and abductions are done by Government forces". Human rights activists and aid workers say security forces are using the extra powers they have under emergency laws to abduct and kill thousands suspected of opposing the Government. GOOD WEEKEND: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields. Markets nervous over German union Bonn, Friday West Germany has tentatively decided that the only way to prevent an exodus of East Germans Is to exchange relatively worthless East German marks for the . stable West German mark at one-to-one rate. Government sources said yesterday. The move could eventually cost Bonn more than SA136 billion. Halting the mass movement of East Germans into the West by giving people powerful economic reasons to stay home is the primary goal of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's offer to unify the German economies in the coming weeks. But replacing the almost useless East-mark with the stable West German mark will raise the hopes of East Germans only if they get enough West German money to begin working toward I. V-- Mr Kohl: aims to slop flood of people from East to West. a Western lifestyle, Bonn officials have concluded. A one-to-one exchange of the 181 billion East-marks now thought to be In circulation or savings accounts would be a massive, unprecedented undertaking. The solution now gaining favor, several Bonn sources said, is to allow East Germans Initially to exchange only some of their savings at the liberal one-for-one rate, perhaps 111 to SMI marks per household. East Germans would then be allowed to trade the rest of their savings only after one or two years. The prospect of West Germany achieving currency reform and union with the East by spending an amount equal to H per cent of Its own annual budget has sent shivers down the spines of the world's financial markets. The enormous cost has made world markets nervous, pushing up German bond rates and fuelling the global rise in interest rates this week. The Immediate replacement of 180 billion East-marks could be a dangerous drain on West Germany's economy, analysts said. That's why Bonn Initially considered exchanging at a rate of four or five East-marks to each West German mark. But Mr Kohl's advisers feared that such a high rate, which would slash savings and eat away at wages, would encourage hundreds of thousands of East Germans to pack their bags and head West. But a one-to-one exchange Is seen as having a dangerous downside as well: East German businesses would find themselves unable to pay high enough wages and unable to compete with West German companies. Unprofitable businesses would quickly begin laying off workers, leading to massive unemployment. And inflation would jump markedly as East Germans rush to spend their new Western money, depleting stocks of consumer goods and forcing prices to rise. Washington Post US troops key to stability of Asia-Pacific region: Cheney Tokyo, Friday The United Stales Defence Secretary. Mr Dick Cheney, said today that the US had no intention of weakening its military presence in Asia and the Pacific. In a major policy speech at the end of a iwo-week Pacific tour. Mr Cheney said US troops, warships and aircraft were a bulwark of stability in the region. "If we were to withdraw our forward-deployed forces from the Asia-Pacific region, a vacuum would quickly develop," he said. "There almost surely would be a scries of destabilising regional arms races, an increase in regional tensions and possibly conflict." The Soviet Union was not the only reason for a balancing US presence in Asia, said Mr Cheney, who earlier visited Seoul and Manila to discuss planned minor cuts in the 120.000 American troops based in the Pacific. There was also potential for internal unrest and regional conflict involving a number of Asian countries. "North Korea, Burma, Vietnam. Cambodia, China and perhaps others may well undergo significant internal changes . . . it's an open question as to how those changes will affect regional stability." Mr Cheney said. "Numerous countries in the region have territorial claims and counter-claims that periodically flare up . . . the potential danger of the flare-ups is seriously heightened by the spread of intermediate range ballistic missiles and by the increasing capabilities of near-nuclear states in the region." Members of the US Congress have accused Pakistan of being on the brink of building its own nuclear weapons. Reuter UN signs deal to fight trade in drugs New York, Friday For the first time, international consensus has been reached by the United Nations General Assembly on a global program to combat the drugs trade. The drugs program has been called the most significant decision by the world body since the international human rights machinery was established in the 1970s. Others have compared the drug plan to the UN efforts combat world hunger. The agreement papers over some of the differences between countries where drugs are produced and drug-consuming nations on ways to stop the drug trade, but it has been generally welcomed as a breakthrough. The drug trade is worth an estimated 500 billion a year and is second only to the international arms trade. The program binds member states to taking specific steps to fight the drug trade; their actions will be subject to regular scrutiny, as with human rights abuses. Independent WORLD THIS WEEK P14 mm IHi .ifl K "aSjev ?' " g 1(0) Ik mm mimwm ifmm v " i hi ; : 'i' - r it' Ji i CAMPBELL - $147,500 275.3 m! (29.6 Sqs) When it comes to affordable luxury, Orlit Homes' Campbell is streets ahead. Two storeys of opulence at a 1988 price. If you're thinking of moving up in the world, now you can save thousands. LOUNGEDINING WITH BAR LUXURY KITCHEN WITH WALL OVEN COOK TOPI DISHWASHER I RANGEHOOD I WALK-IN PANTRY FULLY LINED CUPBOARDS FAMILYROOM- ' " ;. T" STUDY ' " ORl 9.1200 MAR RUMPUS ROOM POWDER ROOM MASTER BEDROOM AND PARENTS4 RETREAT WALK-IN ROBE A ENSUITE THREE CHILDREN? BEDROOMS FAMILY BATHROOM milium i Tt,Arfi'iT ' 1 mi ,. iiin urn i 1L aVJ w ' m jgp& "Homes P -jit. frj& " -Sa j33t! f jfyl TEMPLtSIOWE ' .Tf 5o Sj! b.- i BlS 5 ti '' : 1 bim mSsV' fipJ'SjLyS JsrK5t! chnbourne nohih w cm I all 139! 1 SS 85 I fffil&XW$tt Wi'Xin '"""a w-,".,o0W'do" .Jewel., i'i Z HI Win i vK..aVlMY4JHpMd)ow td 40t4s00! -.5 i 'VmfmaHXr Jb-tS-T. keysoorouoh iii8'jFnio!c.itna.i . - ".'tftL iraSS - tJvt t-'V'tfiM-i Ha !i .'JB'4J iT--. - - ' ix5ik MILLPARK IMeHS.C'O'OsRaji . ' "I I U" - TEMPLESTOWE Av .MLS Mc,-oCj cj ?i 1 I " ' ' hm Ov-ai'Ms na T 8 Ji'ii ii I I ! -' we. 5 ? .1 I IWFRRIBFF M R i HnMM Nn I !i I i rr p -I arm i n I i . f ' . . h TU.T,PJ0l lii i I tj I U , i I I i l . mi j1" ; -trr - - ;- ; Ground Floor " First Floor j INSULATION TO WALLS CEILING DUCTED HEATING FLOOR TILES TO WETAREAS ' Pnct dops nol incloOp Land Of Conncton to Sarvcft t Design if Copy"gnt 0" NUBRIK Quality Assurance Manager Pfllllilffi Reckitt & Colmaril Major Upgrade & Implementation Around $45,000 Negotiable Benefits Our client. Reckitt & Colman Pharmaceuticals, wish to appoint an enterprising young achiever to join this Australian and international market leader involved in the manufacture and marketing ot a range of leading brand name consumer products. In this challenging role, you will assume responsibility for the upgrading and introduction of OA procedures into the manufacturing process This will also involve regular OA audits ol laboratories, production areas and suppliers. Aged from late 20 s to late 30 s with a degree qualification in Chemistry. Pharmacy, or a related discipline, you will be familiar with the GMP code and have had an exposure to pharmaceutical, toiletries or cosmetics manufacturing. Computer literacy andor a basic knowledge of statistics would be a distinct advantage This is a career opportunity with a high profile organisation and an attractive salary package including substantial benefits will be negotiated to secure the very best candidate For further information, in strict confidence, please telephone Lucy Christie on (03) 600 0122 it you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref. No. M089515. Property Development Opportunity Canberra and the East Coast Package Negotiable to $100,000 Property development remains one of the most challenging and rewarding careers lor individuals seeking autonomy and reward This company has the vision and capacity to be successful in any economic cycle They are seeking a Development Manager who is able to lead a proiect from inception through to completion. Opportunities are currently being nurtured in the ACT. however the breadth ot the organisation is such that career prospect! can extend to Sydney. Melbourne or Brisbane To qualify, you will have a good exposure to property development in the commercial or industrial sectors, an ability to think laterally with flair, and an ability to appreciate the needs ot the end user Your background may have been in engineering or building, or perhaps in real estate or valuation and to have gained sufficient experience and market knowledge, you will most likely be at least 30 years of age . , ...... A highly flexible remuneration package will be structured to meet the needs ot the successful candidate For further information, in strict confidence, please telephone Brett Douglas in our Melbourne office on (03) 600 0122. II you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref. No. MO69910. Account Manager IS :Sliiigfiiuiil Autonomous State Role Key Accounts People Responsibility This is an excellent opportunity to join a major grocery marketer and producer of leading household brands Our client is a well-known, resoected and progressive organisation which is about to enter an exciting expansion phase in its market place, where you will have the opportunity of being part of the foundation of this new initiative The company seeks an experienced account negotiator, having been involved in presentations and negotiations with major grocery accounts You will have an established and professional reputation amongst the trade, and possess the maturity, flexibility and leadership skills to handle this autonomous role Field sales supervision would also be an advantage Aged to 35 years, you will ideally have strong interpersonal skills, be highly motivated and results orientated, have a hands-on" approach to management, and strong analytical skills. You will be keen, not only to further progress your career but, join a new and progressive management team. For further information, in strict confidence, please telephone Sheena Salton on (03) 600 0122. If you prefer forward a brief resume quoting Ref. No. M086725. Sales Representative Publishing World Wide Market Leader Mass Market Consumer Goods $ Negotiable, Vehicle, Incentive, Super This successful organisation markets an exceptional range of very popular reading material throughout the world. As market leader they have a traditional reputation for continued growth and successful diversification into the consumer market. Reporting to the Victorian State Sales Manager, you will be an integral part of a motivated professional sales team. As accounts are well serviced by merchandisers, your responsibility will be to develop and manage new and existing clients in a given territory Prerequisites for this position are energy enthusiasm and excellent communication and presentation skills Sales experience would be desirable. . . .. An attractive remuneration package, including non-contributory superannuation will be offered to the individual who can contribute to the growth and further development of the organisation. For further information, in strict confidence, please telephone Sue Barrett on (03) 600 0122 If you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref. No. M089711. NewAS400 Site National & International Network Innovative Development Project Excellent Negotiable Package This high profile international organisation is renowned for the development of high quality products world wide They have recently undertaken a maior project to replace their current extended system with a new fully integrated systems solution tn this role you will be responsib'e for further specifying user needs, modifying and developing applications, implementation and training of systems users You will work closely with the Systems Manager in overall project management to ensure that systems are developed in a pragmatic, cost effective, and timely fashion Ideally candidates will be aged early 20 s to eaHy 30 s with some hands-on experience with RPGIll and CL In addition candidates will need to be strong commun.cators with the abiMy to quality users needs and make presentations to user groups at atl levels w-tnm the company A very pleasant, professional and interactive working environment s offered with the ability to tae on broader responsibilities A salary package will be negotiated to attract candidates of the necessary calibre. For further information in strict confidence, please telephone Scott Frayne on (03) 600 0122 If you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref No MO89019 Senior Internal Auditor High Profile, Dynamic Group Proactive Central Role Package Widely Negotiable $65,000 Car The company is a diversified successful, quickly-growing g'Oup which is involved in some of Australia s highest profile industries Tne atmosphere is professional, progressive and results orientated This position will take responsibility tor the audit of the companys Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian operations, and will be responsible for scoping, planning and enacting these audits You will also contribute to the ongoing development of audit methodologies and techniques within the Group We seek a person experienced in the management of audits in e ther a chartered accounting or corporate environment, who adopts a proactive approach and enpys a hands-on role The career path options are exceptional eitner within internal audit or in general finance management, and are guaranteed by strong growth in the company t operationa! divisions For further information, in strict confidence, please telephone Andrew Marty on (03) 600 01 22 It you prefer, forward a Brief resume quoting Ref. No. M088822. Regional Manager Renowned Market Leader Use Your Management Expertise Circa $65,000 Package Vehicle This well established public company has enioyed market dominance tor over 50 years Their reputation has been built on a highly professional and ethical service, as well as a quality product line The Regional Manaqer tor Victoria and Tasmania will have absolute responsibilities for achieving sales budgets developing and implementing the regional marketing programme, administration, staff management and training, and other diverse tasks that are inextricably part of the management function You will be an experienced Manager with well developed skills in sales financial management and team leadership Exposure to direct marketing and advertising strategies would be particularly well regarded Personal strengths should include high energy levels innovativeness. assertiveness and a strong sales orientation For further information in strict confidence, please telephone David Dick on (03) 600 0122 If you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref No M08945 "Switched On" Management Accountant Key Member of Financial Team Diversified Food Manufacturer Circa $50,000 Negotiable Salary This international public company leads the market in the manufacture, marketing and distribution ot specialty food products Our client is clearly focused on a number of long term objectives which will see them continue leading well into the future This newly created position encompasses a wide range of activities including budgeting, strategic planning, as well as analysis of management reports, product profitability and cash flows. You will also work closely with the Financial Controller on a range of special projects, including a new systems upgrade The ideal candidate will be formally qualified and aged around their late 20s. with at least three years experience in manufacturing Other qualities will include computer literacy, motivation, strong analytical skills and a desire to take on the challenges that this position offers Career prospects, both locally and internationally, are excellent. For further information. In strict confidence, please telephone noeemarle Thlria on (03) 600 0122. If you prefer, forward a brief resume quoting Ref. No. M089317. .' I f T '

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