Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1954
Page 8
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110 trOMSTAK, MOM, Aft KANSAS Thursday, July 1, 1954 a8 ". jnvdlvea, ' kg bdsfctlrtg about hl» hold Sff with, , rfty name Isn't .Fred Arispach. it was wer quicker than it be- a JS8V twfcf Mllb Is "matched a butchir, •vi"'"i'--. lifcTBl« with ds were in their seals bated to defend them bn- so much as one Jlat down. ||fW'SMJaday school teacher, tried to horn in until the icissors slipped »H and Glutz landed oh the mat, }gn spfnnmg like'a tdp. Before it ^ijgean it ">«« o^ejf^.as ,thei spying «Bcs, helued bjK'Jtty" pa, mnyhe, who gave Mild v the tap before he could really see whether the big German's shoulders were touching or hot. Herman Glulz Wai" "a different kind of characterv from Jnfce Stumpfig. He had v Hnrd!> "pjc'keii himself off the, ttiat beft/re ,he began to laiigh MiV was standing of having no rope*. Then he came back, I caught him off balance and applied a head lock. It was wonderful to wrestle *it'ri a fellow who had a head you could slip a hold onto, attd also one it wouldfit slip off of. 1 could feel Jake's head just where it ought to be, between my right arm and ches!, With over my his forearm cutting across eyes, and- f; throw my , !to the applauding audience, Then faw £, P th ,?l n £ a ,H6«Ti«m grabbed,!* hand and be- to fight tfliKUliat honor, gan t o shake it themselves, j»}K * >. __ ^eems'li^e'thc Oddfellows had """ v ~" ^"*w«V! "'ft . * seems jiice tnc Udd 1-clows had 6 bout betWefeAGiute and do ne a lot of betting on our bm.t instead of? l£in£*; b&cK -and and.•:"thAse whn harf imi nn «-,„ i Man «rcould ha K^hlch is i . notht <betweett>*yte''two»'eon- t$, except fbt^rifttfe eight •M leg, whichi added" yp,' to st2/'pounds, roughly, that "Milo , .ced, "On this hand, Hj?t;rnaii fe'vt'rybody began to"* claps my left, as Milo I can Milos name really orV htt* shortened '"it to V Nobody ""lipplauded, "" Wey - " ., that Herman Glufsi ng but meat, "'a'ntmiiat". ' n^Ust have infurl- a frightened horse. tefknow *what Herman was g,, but .it ' t adv says. was standinfi^at' -the -edge T". . ' ". txitejM' AlSnJl. I* « * * and'the - -*i . and » - , ^ ghad • bo'unc' a'hyone jjfe, Glutz mp tri .... ..... |Kii'led arouTfd.0ike a pin- '^Milo's" head sank between his feel forward and rolled back hard, bringing 'him over my 'head and down on-the mat with a slam, to the applause'of^ the Odd Fellows. 1 could near Mllei'sV.Volce above all .the Others while' he told me to do what I was trying to do anyway, which was to hang on to that head lock, but Jake bridged out of it. , It would . take too long to tell all the holds we used, nnd besides, I don't rtimomber thorn, but for the first 35 minutes we were pretty evenly matched. Then Jake really went 'to work. He knew a mess of -those fast collegiate kinds of wrist locks ^and elbow holds that Latin to me, and into hotter water all the lime. I could see Pa's $50 disappearing very fast.. sad and were so much I was getting didn't want Jake's father cre6. •* to i-cf- Milo was screaming, but T couldn't make out what he was The saying. Then Jake threw me on|Garrett The Negro Community Ot bung Item* to MlM turn«r at Kick* Funeral H6m« Mrs.' Jannie Mae Phillips, a native of Hope died in a Texarkana hospital Tuesday, June,-29,Funeral arrangements are incomplete Osbie Cole of Hope died at his home Tuesday, June 29. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Soys Administration 1$ Pro-Labor WASHINGTON (A — Secretary James P. Mitchell told A Labor Department employes' pep session yesterday fhat Eisenhower administration policies are "pro-labor. 1 "Despite what you may hear to the contrary,' Mitchell said, "i ask you to look at the facts, look at the Presidents program for health and social legislation. No one can say that this is not pro-labor." Funeral service for Oscar Campbell will be held Saturday, July 3, at St. Luke Baptist Church. Time 11 a. m. with burial in Westmoreland Cemetery. t Friends of Mrs. Alma Coleman will regret to know that her brother. William Hunter died in Los Angeles, Calif., Tuesday, June 29 315 E. 69th St. Lewisville Firm Unfair, Cites NLB WASHINGTON 1*1— The National Labor Relations Board yesterday dismissed a charge of unfair labor practices against Alvis Fuller and Lewisville Flooring Co., of Lewisville, Ark. In dismissing the charge brought by the United Brotherhood of Car penters and Joiners of America. Someone suggested that at least the mBt so nard ' J thought my the referee should know something liver was coming loose, but it about-' what he was doing and suggested' 'Milo, which seemed to hn a good broak for me. To my surprise, Milo shook- his head nnd pointed to Herman Glutz. who had Also dressed by this time. "Him honest, Make good ref'ree." he said', and then added to me. "Milo better here, rlri'gside, which didnt friake'rnuon sense. , /( Anyway, those who had bet 01 me* couldnt * object to Herman t whcri Milo and I didn't. Even Gus SWrhpfig''. cculdn^," although it wa easy to s>>c he -was disappointed Herman didn't make nny an nouncements like they do on the ra'dio.- He' shouted, ."Jakie Stump made me . realize' what Mils was screaming, which was to get close on t he mat. . Well, I \vas.on the mat, and it wasn't doing me any, good. Before I could move, Jake had my arm up 'my back iiy a .hammer lock that I knew was the finish. (T<j Be Continued) Youth revival will begin at Local Na 2757 (AFL), the board t Chapel Baptist Church July reversed -the decision of trial ex- 12-16. Our Theme "For The Is ou- th For Christ" Preaching each night by the Rev. George Hunter of Warren, Arkansas. Every youth of Hope and surrounding communities are invited to join in this march for Christ. Rev. F. R. Williams, pastor. fig, 187, fall. No Fred Anspach, 178. One time limit. Now- rassle' We" wern both cautious, circling around each other, and T coulc hear some dimwit shout, "What samatter, handsome? Afraid o getting your pretty face mosscc up?" If you could have seer. Jnke Stumpfig, you'd^understand why '. knew he meantime; and it made me sore, bccaus'e Jake wa~ Flailing as«-Jtiuch, .as I \yas - Just then hc.< mado a dive for roy legs, ; but I sidestepped and he ended "up 'among the apecta- using a head scissors'tors, which was one- disadvantage a 1 sterr with ,siipported l£ Wrman ^wM'-;"-''.V , '«* »* ** ~,t 16LY WIGGLY BUDGET T I | 1ST CHUNK STYLE S EFFECTIVE FRI. & S'AT., JULY 2-3 EVERBEST STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 33c , 39c ' -120z. ' Jar RASPBERRY JELLY o&. % , t» ^ I 39c ? . NABISCO Ritz Crackers ••'"I ib. • ', -Box 34c jal,,,TOILET SOAP «»'» i ' * f LUX -fe 75c NABISCO ORECREME SANDWICH 25c Oz. Pkg. ^INSO 30c "•' <, f ««•«,' . TOILET SOAP LIFEBOUY ^ Bars AiwC POWDER te LIQUID LUX • 12 Oz. "Can 39c *><! ><; 23c GENTLE LUX FLAKES Lge. Pkg. 30c POWDER .*¥ IF-' i. TOILET SOAP LIFEBOUY 3 fe 25c PPWDiR "^ W-^W -^^ ^^R^PWl 3k i," '.<• SHORTENING SPRY 3 Ib, - if^c ton; - VDC ' <'('•' **? l> , Scheduled airlines of the world carried 52' million passengers in 1953. i A great revival is in progress at Bethel AME Church Dr. Willard JLeake is doing the preaching The jrevival will close. Sunday night, July 4. The public is invited. The Church of God delegation is aminer John C. Fischer. "We do not agree with the trial] examiner's finding that the company discriminatorily denied employment to A. B. Culp and his son, ,Rice Roy Culp," the board decision slates. The union charge against the Woy Left for Oppenheimer to Appeal By WARREN ROGERS Jfi WASHINGTON (^—President Eisenhower said today- the government will entertain an appeal by J. Robert Oppenheimer if the atomic piotiee'r decides to try for firm was filed in behalf of Culp and his son. ' A company, request for' oral ar* gument in appeal of the examiner's decision declared "the exceptions and brief, in our opinion, adequately present the issues and the positions of the parties." The board ruled that in its opinion the general counsel has not proved that the company denied employment to the Cu'ps "for discriminatory" reasons. 'Since this is the only unfair labor practice alleged, we shall dis- niss the complaint in its entirety," he board concluded. back from Hot Springs where they attended their State Sunday School Convention and Youth Fellowship meeting. Is reported a very good meeting. AIR-CONPITION - FOR YOUR COMFORT • • • Mrs. Tucker CARNATION or PET :.;"• For The Week-end At B & B. Shop Friday and Saturday FRE-ZERT Ice-Cream ;i 49c PILLSBURY &IBFTTY CROCKER - CHOICE CHO., WHITER YELLOW and SPICE CAKE MIXES! 3 BOX, Package of 80 Dl A "TCC 12 to Pack and PLATES Southern Star TUNA FISH Bonito Flakes r Can 19c Sausage VIENNA 2 S" 19c BLUE RINSO POWDER O Lge - •< HELIOTROPE — PRINT BAG FLOUR 25 &T.69 NABISCO VANNI LA WAFERS 7 Vfeoz.'«JQ - , BoxZOC .HOMEGROWN NO. 1 TOMATOES 2i bs 33c EXTRA LARGE LETTUCE 2 H e 0ds 29c HOME GROWN YELLOW CORN 6 Ears 23C SUNKITS LEMONS Doz. 27c WHY. NOT EAT A GOOD STEAK AT THESE LOW PRICES Pure Ground BEEF ib. 27c Chuck ROAST Ib. 33c Toll Korn BACON Ib 5/t T-Bone & Rib STEAK Ib. 39r Sirloin STEAK Ib. 45c Stew MEAT 5 Ibs, 93c Wl DELIVER ^^^^^ ^(B^^ft W^i^^ SUPER MARlCET ^5«" PRICES FOR FRIPAY - JULY 2th SATURDAY JULY 3th tT'O'f: pvl\lTlT^»y»W<£^.l^^ffV^HI^^*^^^^^^^q^ ilS"^ ; '7 .^•l.l t > 1 ft, flj reversal of the 4-1 vote refusing him security clearance. The Atomic Energy Commission yesterday found that OpiJenheimur is . Unfit to handle Americas nuclear secrets because of "defects of character. . . and dangerous associations." That decision closed out a long and wordy legal battle involving the 50-year-old physicist. Eisenhower, on whose" orders the se6urity clearance was suspended ilast December, refused at his news j conference today to comment on :the AEC decision. 1 fiut if Dr. Oppenheimer wants to appeal, the appeal' of course will be considered the resident said. And if that course is takc'n, Eisenhower said he would go to the attorney general ,to find out what his prerogatives and responsibilities are in' the matter. The President said he has not studied the AEC findings, having merely read about them in the papers, but he added that they were made under normal procedures by inen whom he trusts. He declined to answer a qucs- ilion whether he felt the country, "was safer and more secure now that Oppenheimer is no longer working for us." Such a question, the President said, should be addressed to the AEC. Neither Oppenheimer nor liis attorneys have said what steps. "• any, they now coniempJate. The physicist appealed after his sccurit clearance was suspcndea six months ago. The AEC then sejj up a special security panel to con sider the case. This panel hcaul 38 witnesses', including Oppcnheirrr er, and on-May 27••voted 2-1 against him. Oppenheimer, in ^ow York last night after the commission released its decision upholding the board's' ruling; had no direct comment on the.majority report. ' Jt>> * *' !9 ** _ . H.OM ItAft, HOPE, ARKAN&AI .- -. . ; 'l£;-4! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••••••••••I^B Weekend...: •Vs. -1M Colorado'has 4B peaks more than 14.000 feet high. •^-w-^t w ^ ^r 7^1 / • c s s __ c s ^ L^ Y \\ M SHOP BARRY'S and SAVE 1 SHOP FRIDAY AND SATURDAY $& BEST GRADE OLEO Blue Bonnet Ib. . . . 27c LO-0J WE GIVE "S&H" GREEN STAMPS SALAD BOWL WE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY, JULY 5th SALAD DRESSING FRENCH'S MUSTARD gff^ k'L^ % y la** ftP" /A'' 4 ' :^J Prices Effective Friday And ^aturcJay, July 2-3 CELLO PKG. ^^^ ,'i'f.. HfrHJI'13 -. . ,t tWSJffiZA Wilson's Chopped .V" rx Ht^l Armour's Star Home Grown PEAS 2lbs. 25c Fresh Home Grown Tomatoes 2 Ibs. 29c Large Sunkist LEMONS doz... .• 1 Nabisco Fig NEWTONS Vi Ib. Box I Nabisco Fig NEWTONS Box37c PET MILK 2 ?.r 25c GODCHAUX 'K'i Reg. 39c Jackson's Vanilla WAFERS £33c Silver Mist FLOUR 25^1.89 Admiratiorj COFFEE Can 1.15 Enjoy Marshmadows .... 25c Buy one for 25c and get another one for only . ... . 5 C Diamond Soft TISSUE Rolls Only ** 12 Oz. Can -V ^•^, JiA? ICE CREAM SNOWMAN 1/2 Gal. Size Lipton TEA ME ATS Fresh Dressed Hens For those Chicken salad Sandwiches. Only Shoulder or Rib Round STEAK Ib 39c Good Grade BEEF ROAST , b 29c Sirloin or T-Bon'e STEAKS Ib. 49c Brisket or Rib STEW MEAT ,„. 19c Round Steak That you can eat STEAK Ib. 59c <* Choice Veql CUTLETS Ib, m& ^^^. m%>- m^fr. '••: I : GROCERY and MARKET 111 South Main We deliver Phon^ 7-4404 -GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE- Half or Whole Lb...... ARMOURS BANNER SLICED AGON U.S. GOOD CHUCK OAST HOME GROWN PEAS SUNKIST LEMONS BELL PEPPERS YELLOW ONIONS 2 Ibs. 25c Ib. 17c Ib. 14c 2 Ibs. 13c WE RESERVE THE RIOHT TOUMITQUANITIES -'• PICNIC AMERICAN PIGKLES RAINBOW V*T"";: HOT : PPS COLGIN \,J ( LIQUID SMOKE COLGIN * ' ' ' t "*•% L'' BARBECUE SAUCE KINGSFORD CHARCOALt , ^^| BRIQUETS DIAMOND 9 INCH S DIAMOND WHITE DIAMOND ' WAXED PAPER DIAMOND PIE PICNIC ROYAL'OAK,' \* { CHARCOAL •All »*» *'^i. HOME CENTER VALUES FOR THAT 4th of JULY OUTING SMOKEY BARBECUE GRILL Regular $4,95 Value '.**,! * Red plaid, outer bucket with handle, Durable v Bakcd-on Finish. t Novel Folding Grill. • LAWN CHAIRS YATCH CHAIRS THERMOS Jugs 3 $2.99 $2.99 eal -$2.59^ S i -t'j*: GERBHAROT DEVILED,SPREAD £ lOc GERBHARDT eVIRJIST DHL f'VVrf."*V-. i- Barbecue Sauce 2 WESSON 7Q?. Cans BASJN BRAN ^•i • m m \. t •"kt •

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