Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1954
Page 2
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3 HOPE STAR, MOPt, ARKANSAS Thursday, RKETS 111 B 54.fi; 89 C 4. Eggs lop about steady; balance Weak; ,receipts 11,432; wholesale buying prices Unchanged to 2 low erj tJ S. large 3133.5', tl. S me diums 285; U S standards t1\ current receipts 24; dirties 215; Checks 20. ttfTLB HOC* (*) "Northwest areas arket steady. i3cmand fair to good. Btaflete and fryers 2423 tnastiy as.^ SateSVffleFlorai a 'rea; Market steady. Demand good. Broilers and fryers 2426, mostly 2$, All prices f.ob Be^ 1 gtbady but erciaL and. good 16.00' of fecelpt9 'and steady; 9.S042.00; 7.004.60; light steady; utility li,0(W4.SO; caiaier §.00*1200; vealers j.' lacht. ot Bhtpjser some wekaness on -fiOpd grades; few choice 1S.OO- btaercial low, good 11,00 'spotted bearish ;'Choice,-and prime 'fiJtH'°scarcV and rV'choice- and choice to 'KM* aridl butchers /others, pot I iefevy with yU3.00; skip culls ^sir '*The Slock lower today, began moylng up afternoon. ;-to' J wfe}elf lofeses ruled in hfefWelsrJ fcMBte / air iKf -«feltricalVJequip The' -rails and While the lere d te the upsi'de. * K "- - j rto -hold per hour will furnish power to the AEC. IThfe propose^ plant wfll be thd largest trf its kind in the fiddle South area. . .'' '.\',''•"•, AP&L officials said cortslfuctiori point on the Mis ir West Memphis tract details are worked out a labor force can be moved and in. i n ««4 Will require :> three It will 'require a years labor to build, force of will employ about operating personnel 0,1 200 when regtil COfljQ Ai-lt, 'Will begin as srptl as con It .is estimated the.giant plalrt betweert 2.1)00 and 3,000 men and re Cotton futures McClellan Says Pliant Payroll Mill'on a Year WASHINGTON (UP) —The new power plant to be buijt in East Arkansas for the Atomic Energy Commission will have an annual payroll of more than $1,000,000 Sen. John L. McClellan said to day, McClellan made the disclosure in a joint staatetnent issued by him and Rep. K, Cr (Took) Qathings of West Memphis, The AEC.' s approval at the plant! was announced yesterday by C Hamilton Moses board chairman of the 'Arkansas Power and Light Co. , , Gen. K, D. Nichols, head of the cormnlssion, itivited " renrescnta tives of Middle 'South Utilities Inc. and the Southern Co. to meet with this AEC to ' work 'out 'a contract •agreement. Middle South utilities is the parent . company of A. P. and L. The plant ^ill furnish electric power< for* a new AEC plant at Pndticair Ky lifcClellan and Gathings said pre liminary work on thp plant will start "promptly" and that the construction payroll would average $7,000,QPP over,, a three year, period The operational payroll -would be 1,600,000 annually the statement" "' ' was active' than n Construction will oost about $107 000,000. The ' AEC ' a'pprovftl "apparently put an end, to a bitter dispute' be private and ,e which in Valley Au thori'ty^The proposed power plant, with 'if 'capacity "of S COO,000 kilewatts ire. Explosion s Rtfinery^ fr , ** ^vw~,z.7i" r - T-^-"- ^^71 damaae*'»-*There were no in- ifr+death.B r^poyited iai "'-'-'- said'iihey-were not sure< what-, caused the explosion in ' " ' ' - unit 'of the refinery, The flee which followed, was ^3ftingi;ish.<>d' quickly.,, ' r '< FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT "HKsNtolxWcnsiptlpn 1* a mustl T^rlL.^,-,4,, .keratolytlc fungicide, sloughs'off infected skin to reach arid ° kin ' germs and fungus ON CONTACT.' ' If not pleased IN 1 at any drug 3. .Gibson. . <i\. <Mt fj-, ' , ' t i- • SCOTT'S sel|ers t " jastJ FRUIT SLICES F/esh^ pnd ^eliqlojjs,; Buy seve/al-pounds at this low C *£ f f Uc 1 Gallon PICNIC JUG Special promotipn Reg. 2.9$ Now 2,57 ~ eg. 5'.97 Now 4.77 , Fire King BATTER POWl , Urge .size 'grid what you nesd in the kitchen, Special, v* ••" '" • " 29c . MeMy , BATH SOAP 7V4 Q?, Holiday values again KROGER FRESH, TENDER WHOLE FRYING No ordinary chicken these, but the finest of fresh fryers! Extra tender, young chickens that reach frying size sooner than regular 1 chickens. Lb. SMOKED HAMS Capital Pride Swift Premium Swift Swift 10-14 Ib. Average ' Whole or Half Ib. 18-20 Shank ib49c ib.55c Wilson Certified, ! 6 Ib. Average Each C'Onn60 H Q HIS 6$ Ib^Average Ea Cl\ .DU Cold Cuts Pickle & Pimiento, Liver Loaf, Olive Loaf or Bologna. Lb. There's nothing like fried chicken on a picnic. Buy plenty for the 4th of July! Closed Monday July 5th SLICED FRYING FISH Swift Premium, Tray Packed - Ready for the Pan WHITING Pan Ready Ib. 10 oz. Pkg. Ib. 69c CHICKENS Cut-up, Tray Packed, Fresh, Young, Tender SKINLESS FRANKS 17c CHICKEN Swift Premium Backs Necks Ib. Ib. 47c 47c 19c Kroger Brand. Plump Tender Beans in Tomato Sauce €,£311 French's Delicious on HotV Full, Rich Flavor MUStard Dogs'or Hamburgers Barbecue Sauc Kroger Catsup Wesson Oil Poking Peaches Pineapple Napkins K lb ^^: Paper Plates Cups 6 oz. Jar" 5' oz. Jar 19c 14oz. OCL- Bots O«2C «29c SweetPickles Dill Pickles Stuffed Olives Boned Chicken Banquet Louis Roe's American Brand Embassy •Queen's Qt Jar Avondale Slices or No. Halves in Rich Syrup Kroger Sliced Can No. 2 . Can 25c HormelSpam ' _ • • •_. r j • " " '.* 25c Orangeade 39c French's Mustard 25c Sauce Worcestershire French ' s 4%oz 35c Swanee Napkins 29c Omega Flour 45c Orange Juice Kroger 9 oz. Low Price Jar ?a; Jar 5 oz| Can ?± ed 2 16c 21c p'kg. 23c 5 oz. Bot. Bondware Brand Pkg. 39c Buns Dunks' 1 9 S o z2 P s\ze 2 c 2pkgs.23c Fresh Co ke Brand Makes Deli- 12 oz. clous Sandwiches Can Hi.-C Delicious " 46 oz. Orange Drink Can I/ ~ ^1 ' jt'-'j Jj Six Delicious Flavors, Take 6 -5c IxOOI /\IQ Some on Your Picnic Pkgs Sandwich Fresh Baked Hamburger or Weiner Rolls Pkg. Gplden Each25c Coca-Cola Soft Wheat Krogers Frozen Favorite, Hardwood Rainbow, Sliced 19c Vess Beverages Pound Loaf 2 Cans 31C 3 Pkg.25C J°a Zr ' 25C Varieties 4* Bots. 6 Assorted O24 oz. C/n. 29C July |SSH# Of FAMILY CIRCLE Now On Sale. Only 5c •Juicy Ripe, 32 Pound average LETTUCE TOMATOES Jumbo 48 Size, Firm/ Crisp Heads Heads Each, 29c GAKTALOUPES^- Home 2 ? reihf ii, 25c LIMES i^^osw grown Ib. *»«rV »•-• »mm Fr«h, Juicv Pox, flP |^ -^B i^ff'-' ^P^ ^W ^» ^^^r ^^^ ^^f "' i^^^ ' ^R ;'/444'' * J1 * " *"" **•<•„ ^r ! "^ ^ T,->* T** j J •)- f htfttttdy, J«ty 1, f 954 SOCIETY Phint 74411 •**»•** I A. M. «a« 4 P. M b1»- : :-STk» tt <Sf I, A ft RAN § k S % Friday July 2 S; the MVF council meeting will rbe held at 7:30 p. m. Friday at the 'Kprhe of -Patil O'Nenl. : 'f# Tuesday July 6 j?| POplar Grove 196 Woodman Circle •/win hold their regular monthly bus- |?jf$ ^meeting in the WOW Hall on ^Ti^^fday, July G, at 7:3ti; ; AH fnem- '|>ers are,ur-ged to.-atlend. -,, : i | Circle 3 of the WSCS of the First JiMethodist Church will meet TiUes- |Hay, July 0, at 4 p. m. in the home k>f Mrs. Bill. Mudgett with Mrs. B. i\V. Edwards as co-hostess. Monday July 12 Circle C of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will have a meeting, Monday, July 12, at 3:30 p. m. a'^the church. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. James C. Henry and daughters, Dorothy England of Hope, and Mrs. Lonnie Buie and children, .Vicky and Lonnie, Jr., of Prescott, spent Tuesday in Texarkana. : Hospital Nlotes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Pattnos. Tony G. Clark, Boyle Discharged: Jimmy Wayne Fry Fulton, Mrs. J. L. Willett, Rt. 3 Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Samuel Williams Hope, Mrs. Aubrey Campbell Hope, Mr. Lewis Horn, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. R. C. Horn & I baby boy, Hope, Mrs. Verdo Hollis, Patmos, Mrs. Helen Westfali Patmos, Mr. R. B. Williams, Rosston, Mr. Lewis Horn. Hope. Continued from Page One ^shifts' his wallet frdm pocket to 5pocket-ha|iha/a'rdly is probably in an "• emotional 'flux about what iiwiey and .other thing's" in his life rcWlly mean to him. He's unset- lied." : v psychiatrist said that the 'guy who'keeps-a'.cluttered- wallet ^ull of car'ls he never throws away is related in type to the stamp oollector. •'.'.,'•'. ; "He may be stingy rigid of mind and stubborn. He ;is likely to.be genet ous only spurts. But a man Wi,th too neat a wallet may have oven more of a withholding por- qfitilily than one with • a messy wallet.' It isn't as easy to tell a worn- at\'s personality by the way she Cariies her cash. "The question of what is chic or fashionable complicates the 'pic- tu^e' said the psychiatrist. "Custom dictnk-s more what a woman Joes. "But a woman who .carries her money in her bosom is quite likely tdBje an exhibitionist. She keeps it tlteie not for safety but to draw attention to 'herself. This doesn't h61d true of course of a woman who thrusts her money inside her ijcess to avoi'd imminent robbery." ACan a girl'-choose a husband by the way he carries his wallet? '.'Well the best husband" said Dr. Cooper "is the one who cnr- |jgs a wallet full of money at all times and opens the wallet at her st&htost whim.'' BY REFRIGERATION! > JLAST PAY • 2:l-'l.-4:31-6:51 -9:11 HNICOI.OR! ELIZABETH TAYLOR <Jk mm • 1AWN-! • CARTOON, , "Skeleton Frolics 4 ' • NEWS OF THE PAY II 'BIG TJUHE PROGRAM * ^ m --r^^^_, ..'•.in'...,. m T—-, JOAN FONTAINE MJWME t Altot MHPRMIMRHHMMMitB''iiVHilMII CHARLES STARR ITT §9n* pf th? Pioneen "WIST OF ABILENE" ,ef Top Radio Programs iNEW YpRK(XP)— Radio: Selecte programs tonight. NBC—6:30 Six Shooter Western 7:35 Eddie Cantor; 9:30 Jane Pick THE YEARS HOP-ALONG—Seventeen years haven't changed the happy expressions of these two people. At left, William Boyd, better known as Hopalong Cassidy, embraced actress Grace Bradley after their wedding in June, 1937. At right, the couple, beaming brightly as ever, cele- ' brate their 17th anniversary at a New York City night club. - Meet Millie; 7 Th ens. CBS — Lewises; 8 Mr. Keen. ABC — 7 Sammy Kaye; 7:3 Whiteman Varieties. MBS— Detective Drama; 0:3 Crime Fighters. 'Carmen Jones' Has Cast of All Negroes By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP) The mos expensive movie with an all-Negr cast is getting under way and will present Bizet with a Harlem touch. The picture is "Carmen Jones It is being made by Otto Premir. ger the bold bald Viennese wh tilted with tho censors last y,ea with his "The Moon Is Blue" "Carmen Jones' was a wartim hit on broadway when it was pro duced by Billy .Rose. Oscar Ham merstein TI — this was just befor his historic partnership with Richard Rddgers —took the pper and made Don Jose a GI Carmen a parachute factory worker am the toreador a-prize fighter. Th Bizet music was.not jazzed iip. T> arias remained the-- same -:bu Hammersloin changed the lyric into the'idiom of the American Negro Now "Carmen Jones' is getting the film treatment with cole Cinemascope and all that. Head ing the cast are two popular sing ers— Dorothy Dandridge ' arid Harry Belafonte, But you won' hear their singing voices. Their songs will be recorded bj Katherine Hilgenburg a promis ing young white soprano ana La verne Hutcherson current lead in "Porgy and Bess" "Why do you hire singers am then don't let them sinj-? I askec Preminger. "Because t he music, is stil Bizet; I cant change that" ' -replied the producer-director. "The two leads are not operatic'singers "But I think it is very important to cast singers in the roles Thus they will know how to 'sell' a song If you- have an actor do it he merely 'mouths the words without feeling. And I- am having the'stars work closely with their singing doubles so each will get the feel of the songs together." I asked if he anticipated any resistance to the picture because of an all-Negro cast. "I have been assured there will be none" he said. "Apparently MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS, COME OUT EARLY AND ENJOY A SNACK AT OUR SNACK BAR * Tonight & Friday • in TECHNICOLOR! Always A Color SLOWPOKE—Even Air Force Maj. "Chuck"-Yea'ger, flying the famous X-IA plane at 1600 miles an hour, couldn't keep up with: the-gigantic shadow of the moon as U moves aciosb the earth during the Jurie-30.eclipse'of the sun. The shadow covers the entne distance of dbout 8000 miles in two hours and 45 minutes—an average speed .of 3000 miles an lioui Peihaps, by the time of the next total eclipse, on Oct. 26, 2144, the Air Force will have a plane last enough to track it. LIKES HER PRODUCT—This Jersey calf apparently was happy to hear that. Evelyn Ay, belter known as "Miss America," drinks ! milk and likes it. The calf was moved to kiss the young beauty, ' appearing at a dairy festival iri EdmohJori, •;.;" Steel Workers Get Increase, Prices to Rise PITTSBURGH (UP) Industry ihservers looked tod»y for pnssi- sle increases in steel prices in compensate for a wage increase and social benefits "ranted GOO,00 CIO United Steelworkers em- jloyed in the basic steel industry The new agreement signed yo;s- erday by the union and top prn- .ucers' giv.es Steelworkers a fiv;.- ;ents an hour wage increase anr! , boost in- minimum pensions Ue:v ifits to $10 a month. Insurance jenefits also were improved. Worth of the "package" settlement ranged from eight to 1?, ents-an hour per man, depending n pension costs from, company to ompany. Signing of the agreement, hailed y USW President David J Mc- 3ona.ld as "another historic document" in the industry, wns led esterday afternoon by U. S. Stne! prp., the nation's No.l producer, hich also shaped tho contract, The pact, completed in detail ate Mpnday night, replaces in- ustry-wide agreements which xpire at midnight tonight. Other earjy signers- included ethlehem Republic, Jones fr aughlin, YdUnpstown Sheet & ube, InaldR and Pittsburgh Steel ompanies. They with U. S, Steel mploy about',380,000 of the basic: teel industrys workers. Other produces rushed to sign milar agreements with the USW fter settling minor individual dif- erences, Observers said pi'ice increases of •om $3 to $4 per- ton may follow oon to compensate for boosts in production costs brought by the new agreement. ; However, one industry source said yesterday a price,.rise may now depend on how much pressure is brought "from Washington"-on steel companies "not to do something ..., inflationary.' Steel prices are a, major fa'ctor in the nations economy. Early white settlers in America brought' lice, fleas, bedbugs, clothes moths, mites, bots, grubs, and flies says the National Geographic Society,. ... , . .,.,,,. Suit' Protest's Light Pole LITTLE ROCK W - A. law suit protesting erection of a high-voltage line by the .Arkansas: Power and Light Co., yesterday was pre sehted to Chancellor Rodney Parham, The suit, filed by Mr. and Mrs. Lester? Kell, -asks .the court to decide the property rights of the Kells and the rights of the AP&L to erect the line. : ' Parham' will base his decision on, briefs and stipulations present- ed^'.sAttorneys for the Kells and the.AF.jcL'. There .were .no oral arguments. -...'<:. . " '.- ' ".' . - ,N-"•Leland F. Leatherman, repre senting the Kells, has asked that the light company be restrained fr6m constructing the line and that hig' clients' be paid for damage to their property. AP&L contends that its franchise with the city granst the right to erect the lines and poles on public property. ' Only one in 15 British householders own washing machines. ARTHRITIS RHEUMATISM Pains Relieved Once, , If you suffer th« oqonlilng pains of oHfc- rltli.' rhtumatism, sciatica or nturlHs, our n«w formula called REMATRON, must afv« you the faiteil relief and the qreaiMt, longest lasting improvement you nave ever known or It coils not a penny. REMATRON Is told on this GUARANTEE: If your pal* Is not relieved to your satisfaction after the first bottle, if REMATRON doel not bring soothing relief to your aching ' |ol*tl • and muKles FASTER than any other product that you have ever used, the boH*e costs you nothing. Jus* return the bortt* to your druggist and get your mone REMATRON coVs>2.50 ond Js with is. no objection to all'Negro i.cture? even in the Deep South jie piptures that hav« trouble re - those with mixed casts or ones >at present problems like 'Pinky.' nd even those manage to get laying time in the South. "Ours is not a problem pictur^. here is pot a white pejr^ofl, in the t Thei^hol? a,ciSop tsas.es place the Negro world. -;hus creat- . this strict money back guarantee by!J..P. Cox Drug Store — Hope Mail Orders Filled East Third Street Hope, Arkansas RED HOT MEAT SPECIALS RIB STEAK Plenty of Fresh Fish Friday News Briefs MAftKEt) TSfiE. Ark. WSher- iff J. Lee Wrltht said yestefday the three men arrested on charge's 6f robbing the fc. fitter Co hero Friday of $3,056 have admitted ftaging the holdup. The sheriff said that Kenneth Churchill, Ik Continued Jrbrfl Fagfe Oft* action agi cement with this try on Southeast Asia His proposal ifi effect called for Sullens, 32. his brothei, Claiencc the United States to reverse its Sullehs Jr. 23 and Hubert Harp attitude on Hed China Jy 'ighitl 26 admitted they took pent in thc| su c h an agreement the Unite robbery. The men are being hold States in effect wotild be recoRrti? in the Marked tree jail Officers found over $2,000 when the Sullens brothers were arrested. DATTO, (UPv— James W. Ed— dington, 14, was killed on highway 67 near here yesterday when he stepped from behind a parked car into the path of another car State police identified the driver of the second cat- as Richard W. Branch, Chicago, 111. Branch told officers he was going south on the hlghwa y when the boy started across the road too late for him to stop his car ir* time No charges were filed, LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Crip, pling polo continued an upward inclidence rate in Arkansas last week with 10 new cases reported in eight countes State Health Officer Dr. J. T. Herron said the new cases; reported were in Pulaski, Clark; Cross, Lee, Lonoke, Monroe," Ouachita and Union counties There were only seven cases reported In the .prevous. w.eek. Dr Herron Said the new cases brought to a total of 81' the x: number'. of cases reported so fat this year. . FORT SMITH, (UP)— Guber- natoral Candidate Sen. Guy Jones, Conway said here yesterday that candidates for governor are "haying troubles laslng money." However, he said, the drought of campaign contributions is in the favor because the type of campaign he is conducing "does not call for much money." Jones said Gov.* Francis Cherry has assessed each county for campaign contributions based on population, but "isn't getting any an- sweis to his letters," ing the Communists as the rightful uileis bf China. 'Jliis it ha^ icfused to do. Besides this coWH- tiy could hardly believe the Goto* rnumsts would live Up to any <?tt6h agreement when 1 it stinted them* to Uriited ho.t be a party' to that would "«>nffrtti v bf ? the ''unwilling . "sovereign 'state ttewtl age • M'^v'Vis Snce tns Vhtted'SWefffl recognise Che fcwrHftthiMfcj| legitimate gbVertiffienl of regards (Silna 39- tjemgf/ age 1 ' CHurchf»l * t Seetr)i clearly id fee, agfieeiflk ^«, Loearffo treaty' in AsiW H, Eden-hati. 1 w '' "' Prescription Cooler Living • JOHNS MANVILLI ROCK WOOL IN ATTIC • CANVAS or ALUMINUM WINDOW AWNlN6S : 1 • ALUMINUM KOOL SHADE SCREENS/ • ATTIC FANS | - ' - * •; • FEDDERS;AIR CONDITIONERS^ ttf \r • WINDOW FANS-'' -.',(, j • , . p FINANCE HOME'^/L(t>A *« ^P/y°«r horte^ow.,' ,'SeelT for;s mp.le FHA financihg plan* ^ ' _ — Coll Us For Free Estimate — Hope Builders Supply Co. -t •»•'•} ->t<j>! > >vm Phone 7-2381 ."..'. HEAR -4 •Your-Congressman.' j « :«»v; ; x^« .. I''.'.,'. 1 " V ^'VCA;44^ OREN HA 4thDisfrict Arkani *:; ~ 4$fc*3fe»$as$s -L&ti W m***. wt, f fi IA>..* / M ii tf ^^;*'*.ii f^,', J, •-,^j^ '^..sV; s CAMPAIGN OP /«, You are cordially; invi The Opening of iw,y cgmpaig ^H ^^B ^^^^M^P^^^H ^^ miM9IRP^ppF * SATURPAY, JULY 3rd SPIICH Will BE IBOAOeAST OViR YPUR if. .,, ffi "W Vi ' " ^"i*Kfl -^4^1 ",w^ '"|J I-OK.,*. * u f"-, "-J? * ' , ,M *»fi - < ""-:;^ :.«, IUlV&il*v f " ft Sp*cip>int*rtflinm«n^f«^jwr,f«| f w JIMMr UE - J0HNNY M*?fUS-^ ,^f Uuisiano Hay l^id»fii^|,fT^W^ .. ... _*•_*# l T A *• JM i Ai^w EXPERIENCE ABI-ITY * KEEP AMI

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