Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 30, 1955 · Page 25
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 25

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 25
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HffPI, ARKANSAS NEWS i Clad wet on Friday evefc ) ft£fr$tsn~$iotel for, a dinner t aaatnSffliallon of ofTiders. %wSft &£autifullfr decor- fSfes, yfelfofr pom pon cfersagc By Ihfe club. ' , tfhe tneeting adjourned with the club tolled. • Jftd other-, summer bios- GoVei-s wefe Ittld for 26 mem- Jl gdfeftlft, <G6ldett a--•;—, flctjompaftied Miss Kfeetey who sang ttwr. solos. pfCsfded jrtid "Introduced Hamsd of Magnolia Mrs. Imo/i Gee to Mr. and Mrs. Tom De woody, Brenda and Sharon of Gurdoh were the guests Suh'day of Mr.'; and Mrs. C&lbum Stuart in Watsoft . . . Tmon Gc<r was beltmilly decorated with arrange- Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Semis accom- baniqd. their grandchildren, Judy and fteed Duke, whb have been their guests, to Sulbhur Springs, Texas Sunday where they were met by their paternal grandparents, Mr. arid Mrs. Ernest Duke, of Fort Worth. Mrs. Bill Yancey in Longview and) a motor trip to Gaiveston, Corpus Christ! and points of interest in Mexico. . Trtursa'ay, June 30,195$ Jftents of roses and lavender on Friday afternoon when she was, hostess to the 1950 Canasta Club, i High score honors were won by Mrs. C. G. Gordon. A dainty dessert course served to guests-Mrs. A. W. Mr. and Mrs. H. H, Barber of Ventura. Calif., were tho weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. WiJburn Willis. was Hud son, Mrs. Burke Shelton and mem- the SOilth west district)hers Mrs. E. M. Sharp, Mrs. Horn tt> Mvn... a nd.she. in er.Ward, Mrs. H. J. Wflson, Mrs. members J - &• Hesterly, Mrs. .1. V. Tore and Mrs, Gordon. •' interesting W week -and what it ,, kHrttfean to i every member af- wh^fehe,fils«alled the following sldetor, Mrs. Vernie Fjrstt Vice-president, islj Second Vice-Presi- trs, Etecta Wells; Recording Miss.Faye Loomis; Cor- Secretary, Mrs. Shirley ftmilton; Treasure*, Miss Mary Jo '" accepted the 'ga- Chamberlain who for their support 'during her yea'r as pre- k '«. .-.*i if^lfarrod was presented a Mrs .Bob Moseley and Mrs. Travis Whately returned to their homes in Longview Sunday after visit with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Loomis. Jim Thomas has returned to Arkansas School of medicine Little Rock after a visit with ..... parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Tho. mas. the! in his Dr. and Mrs/ D. L. Moseley, Freddy and Dicky have returned from a vacation in Panama City, Florida and Atlanta. Ga., where they were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Watson. En- route home they visited Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Moseiey in Warren anc Freddy remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Johnson have had as their guests at their farm Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Haynie of Warren, Mrs. Clarence Gordon Jr.. Mrs. Bill Cobb. Jack Johnson, and Bill Cobb of Little Rock, Mr. anc! Mrs. William Johnson of Malvern and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Johnson of Hope. Mr. anc! Mrs. John Lawson Fel- t Hoover Group Politely Rips Into CIA tsy JAMES MAR LOW i j*\.« m/no emu sciuuiu JL* Jiiiujjigenc£. Associated Press ,News Analyst' That'job, the Clark group said, ter: (!)• he should get himself' a top assistant to take some of the everyday details off his hands and (2) the CIA needs an overhauling from the inside. The Clark group also took a sxripe at Secretary Dulles' State Department, which has the responsibility for collecting foreign publications and scientific intelligence. ' WASHINGTON I/P) — Allen W. Dulles, boss of the most hush-hush American spy agency against the Russians, has just been rippped in Legal Notice NOTICE TO BIDDERS 1. Sealed proposals will be .re- .. „,„.,„ pl . uiju « ajs WII1 oe re . prose so velvety you have to look I eoived by the Board of Education of twice to see the wounds. Mr, and Mrs. Quitmnn Steed and Miss Mary Lynn Steed of Greenville, Miss., were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gordon. S. D. Dickinson of Little Rock spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Sam Dickinson. _Mrs. Lera Johnson' of Clarksville, Texas spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. J. B. Munn. Mr. and Mrs. Coy Dewoody and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crow had as their Ruesls Sunday Mr. and Mrs, Perry D'ougan of Oak Ridge, Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Yancey have re aimed from a visit with Mr. and WITH THESE VOUR IN ITS 3 SUGAR 10 CAMPBELL'S PORK& BEANS DRESSING P, 29c (-Hove.All the Things You T Need for Your 4th of July PICNIC PAPER NAPKINS | - POTATO CHIPS & FRITOS 7, PICKLES & OLIVES PLASTIC FORKS & SPOONS „ '. l»APtR PLAttS -ALL KINDS OF SODA POP LUNGH MEAT ^ 45c BRANDED SALT MEAT 4 Lb , $1 SIRLOIN OR RIB STEAK Lb. 39c STEW MEAT 5 Lbs 95c GOOD CHUCK ROAST b 29c GOOD BOLOGNA 4u»$l FRESH DRESSED RABBITS Lb. 55c I ALL. MEAT MIXED SAUSAGE 4 Lbs $1 HAVE PLENTY OF FRESH CATFISH PROOUC€ I FJtfSH Lb. 9c >EN RIPE IANAS BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIX Flavors 4 For 1.00 Pure Snow FLOUR 25 L b s 1.98 Lb. [TER BUNS - |2c 5c MJUM, Lb. ., Soft-As-Silk Cake Flour 44 Oz Pkg. 2 IS" 89c swesssi IfiL v JOES 10 u$. RY an W« Of liv*r With Each Purchase CAKE FLOUR You Get a Beautiful CAKE PLATE FREE ARKET Pheiit 7wMM der, John and CTnrl^h'e^tunr n Ct n l ° f e ,, tflC r l L" dS ' ' Hopc Scho °' DlslrM No - cd to their home in' Snn Anton^^io UM"" n\n ' ' r ^"^ ° f l^ e ' Arkansas, at the office of Texas after a visit with M, ami >", iPT f 8 ,',- 1S dlrc . ctor of tho Jnmcs H. Jones. Superintendent of, uiui MI. and Central Intelligence Agency. The i Schools, until 3:00 p. m. July 8, i prose was in a report by a si:-:-j 1!)r '"'- at which time proposals will i man Hnover Commission task' l)0 publicly opened and road aloud, .force, headed by retired Gon U 01 ' construction of Additions to , 01 . Mark Clark, which investigated' pll!)li c School Buildings. 1 2. Separate proposals will be re- •ived as follows: (A> General Construction CB) Plumbing and Heating (C) Electrical Work should be turned over entirely to CIA. And it complained that some people in the State Department are "too conservative" about intelligence work in foreign countries. That attitude, the Clark group said, has worked "often to the detriment of vigorous and timely action in the field." After getting a look at. the whole picture, the report recommended creation of two "watchdog"' com- missions— one made up of members of Congress and the other of private citizens — to keep a steady check on what's being done. In World War I a huge mine field containing more than 7(),000 mines was laid from the Orkney Islands of Great Britain to the coast of Norway by England and the Unit-.. ed States in an effort to contrbl* submarines. Mrs. C. H. Thornpkins-. Mr. and Mrs. David White Lubbock. Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Kir- <, T r c- • , "" bard Young of N.-ishville voi-e Ihn'i ' S ' intcll 'Scnco setup. - • - • IIC mC| \Vhile the FBI works Saturday guests ol Mr. and' Mrs ', "'.— """ ' "^ >•»"'"= U^UHLMI Milburn Tippit Ib -i foreign spies in this country, CIA I Jwas set up in 1947 as this coun- 1 Mr ind Mrc \v v o • ] tr . v ' s supcrspy outfit overseas, and MI. and MIS. V, P. Cummings,|particularly to find out what the Mr n cl T v . '' C Visitf!tl Mrs W r , M«s. W. C. Reeves at the kana TI-vMal, Texnrknna on Sunday. Comm "»ists arc doing behind the Iron Curtain. 3. Plans and Specifications are on file at th office of James H. Jones Superintendent of Schools, Hope. Arkansas, and may be pro Further CIA is supposed to null P °J ArKa " s;is - ancl may be pro- sr-:",^ S-?S=«T° f S^:°'* ^rsiS'a Fin jtogel Jtf ^ Full refund will be made to bona f. ; de bidders submitting bids, on one set of documents, and $10.00 each set in excess of one. All others securing documents shall receive $10.00 refund On each set. To receive refunds documents must bo returned within five days from — —^w.*,,,.,. IVL w/.uii i "F,'-in-n--d, (jvujiuuu it ana sec last were Friday visitors in Texarkana. :'tho right government officials arc „. _ told what they need to know. Mrs. Paul Jones has been the Clark and his group said they of Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis in l nl 'e "dec-ply concerned over the •D,,,.!. jlack of adequate intelligence from behind the Iron Curtain." Had it chosen to use blunt language, the Clark Little Hock. Pat Combs of El Dorado spent the weekend with Mrs. Combs and Jan who are the guests of her mother, Mrs. C. D. McSwain. Friends of Mrs. J. T. McRae will be glad to know she has been moved to the home of her mother, Mrs C. J. Taylor, in Texarkana after surgery at the Texarkana Hospital. Maj. and Mrs. Sherwood Black Jr., and Leda Virginia have 'Our group might have spy' system isn't said: good The report gave Dulles credit for trying hard: "We found the directoi of the CIA to be industrious, objective, enthusiastic and imaginative." That's 'not the same as saying he's doing a good job. The report says he tries to do too. much him self _and, by getting tangled up in dale of bid opening. 4. No bids may be withdrawn within 30 clays from date of bid turned to Ft. 'Benning, Ga., after day-by-day details, doesn't have being guests of Mr. and Mrs'W S i cnouh time for a broad view of "• • ' ' intelligence work. Black. Mrs. Willis Wood and son Robert of Chandler, Ariz, are guests of her sister Mrs. U. G. Westmoreland and other relatives. . If you have heat prostration your body is cold and blufsh-pale and needs application of head in con- There was a sharp contrast between the way the report said Dulles handles the CIA .and the way J. Edgar Hoover runs the FBI. The report said of Hoover: "We found the director of the FBI, through his forcefulness, initiative and managerial ability, to have developed his agency into a model organization of its kind.' . . , • • , —• JUUUV.-1 urgamzuuon oi us Kind. trast to.sunstroke when your body The report suggested two thing; is hot and red and needs cooling, to make Dulles' agency run bet. opening. 5. Compliance with minimum wage rates.under provisions of Act 115 of 1955 of the State of Arkansas is required. . 6. Compliance with Contractor's Licensing Law. Act 124 of 1939, including amendments, of the State of Arkansas is required. 7. Deposit in the lor,m of Cashier's Check, Bank Certified Check or Bidders Bond in the amount of 5'7r of total bid -price as bid guar- rantee is required. 8. Bid security and other information and instructions are contained in said documents. 9. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities. BOARD OF EDUCATION' By: Albert Graves, President By: Mrs. C. C. McNeill, Secretary June 23, 30 SPECIAL 3 DAY SALE You'Hsave at Boswell's on these and many other values Friday, Saturday and Tuesday, July 1st, 2nd, and 5th. 18 Only— Ladies fine Print DRESSES Sizes 11 to 16 $1.00 100 of these Ladies 51 Gauge, 15 Denier Nylon Hose SlighMy irregular. 3 PF T $1.00 50 Pair Men's Dress Pants Values up to $6.98 now $2.50 Sizes 29 to 34 18 Only — Gingham and Rayon DRESSES Sizes 11 to 40 $1.50 25 Doz. Men and Boys Nylon Stretch Sox Irregular 4'"^ $1.00 25 Dozen Men's Shirts - Shorts Regular $1.00 values 75c 50 ONLY — TREATED BOTTOM COTTON SACKS 6 $1.65 n $2.00 BOS WELL DEPARTMENT STORE hill-f latteners ! 180 See that fine.fat mountain yonder? You can iron it out, flat as a flounder . . easy as whistling! Just point one of Chevrolet's special hill- flatteners at it (either the l'62-h.p. "Turbo-Fire V8" or the 1804t.p. "Super Turbo-Fire"*) . ._. and pull the trigger! Barr-r-r-r-o-o-O-O-OOM! Mister, you got you a flat mountain! ... At least it feels flat. For these Chevrolet V8's gobble up the toughest grades you can ladle out. And holler for more. They love to climb, because that's just about the only time the throttle ever comes near the floorboard. And that's a pity. For here are engines that sing as sweetly as a dynamo ... built to pour out a torrent of pure, vibrationless power. Big-bore V8's with the shortest stroke in the industry, designed to gulp huge breaths of fresh air and transmute it into blazing acceleration. So most of the time they loaf. Even at the speed limit they just dream along, light and easy as a zephyr, purring out an effortless fraction of their strength. An engineer instantly understands why these V8's are so hyper-efficient. .. how friction is held so low they need just four quarts of oil instead of the usual five or more ... how big valves let them "breathe" deeply for maximum power. But you don't have to be an engineer to know that these are the sweetest running V8's you ever piloted. Just come in, slip behind the wheel, and point tlie nose at the nearest'hill. These V8's can do their own talking . . . and nobody argues With them! *0ptional at extra art. YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. 300 lost Second St. HOPE, ARK, Phont 7-2354 02ARK IKE UNDERSTAND THIS-(UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES J^rrr DO I WANTANV NAIL-BITING AROUND THIS HOUSE AGAIN t KNOW WHAT I SAID-SLIT THIS is AN EMERGENCY OH.DARLIN«,t HAD THE MOST SUCCESSFUL 'DAY OF SHOPPING COOKIE STOP BITING YOUR FINGER NAILS.' By Miehbel O'Mtlloy o OUT OUR WAY HEAVENS, Mfc. THE IF YOU HIREC? HIS OLP AAANJ WITH EVERV KIP YOU HIRER VOJ COULP PO WITHOUT A FOREMAN.' IT MIOHT \ PAV--HE'P I 6IT TWICE \ TH'WORK 1 OUTO'TH' / KIP BUT \ 6ITWOTHIM* ' DOME HIS- SELF MEPPLN' AW WATCHIN' SIT AMP LET VERY VALUEP , WHO ELSE WOOW& youft ER& SRANPMC3THER HIP A PAKE PEARL OW r~< |N6 TO FIND THEM/ TH1& ESTATE? POUR POWN GOPHER Answer to Previbui Piwif* WOT PLUG HOLES WORKIW6 WAY THROUGH BUT THIS l& WAY 55 Conclusion 56 Makes mistakes 1 Freshwater fish 6 Snaky fish 8 fish 12 Fish are found in a large . of the world 13 Contend 14 Icelandic saga 15 Agreement 16 Sea eagle 17 Fish eggs 18 Assam • silkworm 10 Releases 21 Rodent 22 Assessment , amount 24 Christmas ' carols 26 Singing voice" 23 Treeless summits 29 Woody fruit 30 Mimic' 31 Compass point 32 Health resort 33 Nails 35 Surgical , thread 38 Papal cape 39Renovate 41 fatter 42 Erects 46 River in Switzerland 47 Eager 49 Fruit drink 50 Hideous monster 51 Folding ' shelter 52 Observe 53 Hammer head 54 Units of energy 1 Antic 2 Biblical . mountain 2 Repeat from memory 4 Light touch 5 Always 6 "Emerald Isle 7 Smooth 8 Weight Qf India 9 Idolized 10 Standards of perfection 11 Endures 19 Flatfish LIKE WftlTIWS. I'LL PULL v THAT TRUNK OVER ANPHAV6 A CLOSER LOOK/ 20 Basslike fishes 38 Harangue 23 Temper 40 Small birds 25 Oleic acid salt 43 Facility 27 Routes (ab.) 44 Arabian gulf 28 Freshwater or 45 Barribbfclike marine fish , grass 33 More heroic 48 Delirium 34 Storming tremens (ab.) 36 Wild ass 50 Unclosed 37 Closer (poet.) By Leslie Turner^ if t4"i WASH TUBES C7HB MEN ARE TENSB t£ TH TJ;WA1T FOR* 1MB TRUCK TO «A _, _ TH6V WBNT.ON PA£T«.\ ITHOU6HT-WU CH •'HfcRDLV SLOWED UP.* VlLllWING'. BUtjSJtl WE'LU £OOKI KNOW OT,' r 'V; yr^ I..V <•/<</. .!.«• THE- NEAREST POIK1T OM THE 4-00 VARP5 OFF THAT tteCOVB&y-TKUCK lUV CLAIMS L0CWE GRAVELED ROAD, /^"'jy^'i/^XC^ J«»<^^H _ BBflDE THB MtSft HfLP.P AMP 5CREBWE.P HEROES ARE MAPE-MOT BORN With Major Hbopl'e OUR BOARDING HOUSE I TOLD-WIM • IT MSAM TMAT PUZZL& W'VOLVRe \MMATFAM1LIAR f AT. THE 15 aieeesfeDj ~LME "ARE THOSE i^cueu=o UP THE MUCH PUM AS .AM OO A wV_itV •;" i'&W'f' y Edgar Ma BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HIS WCTH AM A -WO CARNIVAL By Dick Turner OID£ SALT TATTOO 'PA'RIOR BUGS BUNNY' t»ESjJT 66T IT, I , THANKS PER PiCMN'UPALL THKT JUNK FRO/W IN FRONT 0' AM JOINT By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP MV STARS, NlJTHlN.' WHOLE anything! Just steer clear of religion and politics!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "Help! I hooked a big one and he's running my head off!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selrer PRISCILLA'S POP SMELLS LIK .N OL BURN1 BOTTS IS FOULING L UP THE WHOLE, NEIQ-HBORHOOP, 1 .^^N ' "' -J^?*^ ! '*T^-' THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI UP, Boy-voult w QiTj /i wre iww KW, HUH.CBHW? «w, vo OF HOT QuwflwTHAN! *^Cw KNQW HQW UI^KYvov m <?AN SAV'FWB PfRCIN ,6OT40MORI PW/SOT PIV ^ "— ''When he get» riled up like that, he just puts in a lot Qf words I'll have to leave out!" 'jgA^fe-'flV) . /* ,* - 1 . Av l<fift I'^vutjd&gj

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