Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 30, 1955 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 18
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HdM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, June 30,1955 Thursday, June 3d, 19IS H0M STAR, MOPE, %. <*" !> s * Vai*"' > ",,. Chuck PIGGLY WIGGLY! Death Has Will I belly and couple of times. "Blundering shouted hoars him alive in Now he's dead, triggered "Shut officers up, was m ViJ ARMOUR'S LUNCHMEAT T R E E T 'I"* WESSON OIL "BANG-UP SPECIALS FOR EVERY FAMILY OUTING! OUTRIGHT — 125' ROLL WAX PAPER ..... 25c FARM HOME — 28 OZ. JAR DILL PICKLES 2k STOKELY — 14 OZ. BOTTLE CATSUP . . 21c . . 35c C T • \A fml \f t il RATH'S BLACKHAWK Save Twice With Valuable LUNCH MEAT "S&H" Green Stamps! tercd earlier apartment. "I STOKELY SWEET — 12 OZ JAR PICKLE CHIPS . Pint Bottle 12-16 LB. AVERAGE HAMS FRESH GROUND LEAN BEEF BRISKET & RIBS OF BEEF Quart- Bottle STOCK UP! We'll Be Closed Monday, July 4th SHANK PORTION BUTT PORTION Lb. QUALITY CONTROLLED BARBECUE SOME FOR THE HOLIDAY Lb. Chapter XXXIV ' Agnew saw the car parked be- jiide the road a short distance | mead, and the man standing be' ide it .He slowed an pulled up I lehind discreetly cutting his head- Rights as he did so. Let her get in he back seat without being seen ,t>y him. That way, he could hon- |bstly deny in the 'uture that he Recognized her as the woman he *]had picked up that night. '' Things like that were important, loe Agnew thought smugly. A man ' like this, now, would recognize the delicate perceptions of the driver of this particular taxi. He was walking toward Joe's taxi in the moonlight. He did not appear a particularly romantic figure in his gray suti with a gray felt hat pulled rather low over his eyes. Sort of middle-aged and heavy-built, he looked to Joe. But that was the kind, he told [u'mself. That was the kind that got into trouble and needed Joe's help get out of it. He didn't see any woman, though. IjJust the parked car and the man •fwalking toward him. Maybe she I';was hiding out until the man fixed i things up. The man in the gray sit stopped beside Joe momentarily and asked | in the same voice Joe had heard v over the telephone: "You're Joe Agnew" | "That's right. Mister." Joe tried to make his voice light, but not ton light; confidential, but not too confidential. "You wanted me to pick up a fare here?" The man just grunted. He reached out his hand to open the back door of the cab. At that exact moment the car that had followed Joe all the way out the Boulevard turned into the side street fast, switching on a I -powerful searchlight on the turn so a walie"C"flipped 'it openVnTnodded ™lho cab and the man were sud- . qn hpriv "Wnro-c iii= iriontirinatinn , denly bathed in bright light. that wasn't there. unnecessarily, of the man's with a soft-nos he is, Mike" though," he First Class exact." sivelj, coat to pockels. atJoul a going bad." j) Lives J <w4««l to" •F_ «» VrtM, t». ggle convulsively a >S. ped wriggling by the Shayne reached his head straightened td o police officers who up with drawn guns. idiots!" Shayne ely. "I'd have had one more second, d. Of all the fast- Vlike!" One of the the same Sergeant Shayne had encoun- in front of Lucy's ordered Powell to are we to knnw you :ab wailing to grab known you were ; you have him. But htm escaping . . ." and knelt beside the ;m over on his back Wants U. S, to Get Out of Power Business By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON UPI— Ben Moreeil has opened a bag of torn cats. He is a retired admiral and chairman of the Hoover Commission's task "force on water resources and public power. His 26-man group did the groundwork investigation for the 12-man commission headed by former President Hoover. The task force, set up in November 1953. handed an 1,800-page report to the commission on March 31, 1955. Now the commission, free to accept or reject the task force findings, will make a recommendation to the President and Congress on water resources and public power. The task force and commission recommendations are due out in about a week. But in a speech at St. Louis mberly as he put his 1 June 15 Moreell, who is chairman isten for 'a heartbeat, of the board of Jones & 'Laughlin ?re. ight," he announced since half the side head was torn off cd slug. "Know who him before." Shayne heavily, knotting big Drt to control his fu- this outcome of his ared trap. "I think, Steel Corp., indicated: 1. His group recommended to the commission that the federal government sell its power plants — and get out of the business of selling electric power — to private utilities or, if that can't be done, states or local communities. 2. The Hoover Commission itself will not, in its recommendations to the President and Con- went on harshly, 1 gross, go along with everything the ut he's one of your v Orleans. Detective lark Switzer, to be tered LofLus defen- inn back the gray ough the dead man's ef said something Orleans cop maybe ack on. his heels with d it open and nodded task force proposed. But MoreelJ did not hint what exactly the commission will say. He did, however, say its recommendations will be a compromise between political and economic considerations. This seemed 3T1 ODllCJUG SUJ^^GStlOn rllS t3SrC force was motivated strictly by economics. 3. He will "do all in my power to mobilize public: support" for those parts of the commission's rppnm mAnHjlfinnc urifh \ifliir>Vi Vin ^i Ml nr mm Wm mm ~ £ — i— Z =±1 •MHHM.MI Jjjj$l : : fflOL mm mm •M •m VptfP mC ^^ ^•*"T\«» vCJ* 9 \ ls v ^ ' /.^^P\^^ ^\C V_ <! • 111 Wl I A A ' | '1 i Ul smart shoppers salute JUP for PICNIC SPECIALS! VIENNAS"""""' PICKLES 8sr *"* GHERKINS GHERKINS M<N>0 FOR HOT OR 1 f}4 Dlflf I EC otlT * HOM > COLD DRINKS _._..-.. "••— f*9- • W rlVI»E9 SITU DILL.,, PURITY. .JfclO*' PICKLES £88 WE- BONDWARt PLASTIC .««. Lb. p&p — OLIVE Declare Your independence! Go : orth for Fun with these Weekend Values! MAC. & CHEESE - OVEN LOAF 6 Oz. Pkg. 29c KRAFT'S CHEESE SPREADS PIMENTO — PINEAPPLE OLIVE PIMENTO 5 Oz. Jar SALAD BOWL I SYLVANIA FLASH Salad Dressing Q*. NEUHOFF'S PREFERRED - SKINLESS FRANKS Lb. The man in the gray suit whirled •• away from the cab and dived for the fringe the road. Two things of underbrush beside happened at the same moment. The oncoming car jerked to a stop on screeching tires, a man tumbled out brandishing a revolver, shouted, "Halt," , and began firing at the man pin-pointed by the searchlight. At the same moment, the rear door of Joe Agnew's cab came open from the inside and Michael Shayne's rangy figure catapulted out from the cramped space in which he had been hiding since picking the lock of Joe Agnew's garage shortly after 1 o'clock. He had a gun in his hand, and he soberly. "Here's his identification. He deserved killing, Mike. When a cop does turn wrong . . ." Mike Shayn e snarled a reply from his teeth. "But he's got Lucy Hamilton somewhere. And probably another innocent girl he kid- naped in New Orleans and brought here. All I wanted was two minutes alone with him. That's why I didn't tell you cops what I was planning. I knew you'd interfere. And now he'll never talk to me or anybody else." "Tough about Lucy," said Sergeant Loftus gruffly. He began to explore the other pockets in the dead man's gray suit, came up with a folded sheet of paepr which he opened and read carefully in the searchlight glare . He looked up at Shayne with a , , , . ,. , -*"»"»-'-» fc*fr'«fcyji«j'iicw .in i et was also ^ shouting, but_ h« jvoice troubled expression as he finished '*' ' "" """ * ~ reading it, .hesitated momentarily, BULBS SYLVANIA FLASH BULBS SYLVANIA FLASH BULBS SNOW BOY MELLORINE M2 25'i - ARMOUR POTTED MEAT >?.YEAR GUARANT GARDEN HOSE 2 Blue Dot 10's 12's 10's Gal. Vi Lb. Can >Y!AR GUARANTEE — PLASTIC 50 Ft. 1.29 99c 99c 49c 19c 3.49 U. S. NO. 1 VINE RIPE Cantaloupes Lb. lOc DAVY CROCKETT EMBLEMS FOR THE KIDDIES PACKED IN EACH PACKAGE, AT NO EXTRA COST!! PICNIC PACKIN'S SEA AND SKI SUNTAN LOTION !£• INSECT REPELLENT WOODEN HAMBURGER PRESS 1 GALLON PICNIC JUG 1 L tir was directed ai the man from the ther car, yelling for him to hold 'his fire. The man stopped shooting. Shayne was too late. In the glare of the searchlight mounted on the second car, their quarry was seen to stagger just, on the fringe of the underbrush, plunge forward on his Each Each METAL BARBECUE GRILL CHASE AND SANBORN INSTANT Reg. $6.95 49c 98cJ 2.98 3.95 OME GROWN PURPLE HULL eas Lb. 7c NO. 1 YELLOW m nions - 6 c CALIFORNIA PREMIUM WHITE Potatoes 5 27( U. S. CALIFORNIA ICEBERG Lettuce Head 19c Coffee Wrisiey Soap 49c Bag ARMOUR'S Vienna Sausage 19c 40z. Can / W« Hffftrrf tht Right CLOVER BLOOM "99" Margarine 29c Lb. WIGGLY KEN-L-RATION Dog Food 6 Cans 85C inc. to Limit Qantities OUR .FAVORITE Beans & Wieners Can 2 ' : Ur-s .' t. -yf- I®, -. $» - FRENCH Mustard EXTRA SPECIAL TIRE SALE 200 Good Used Tires! Sizes 6:70, 7:10, and 7:60. In good condition and high tred. $3.45 WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK We Will Be Closed All Day Monday, July 4th. JULY ISSUE OF of 10 Pkg. SPOONS or FORKS PAPER NAPKINS M ARCAI ^==_ ........ HOT DOG RELISH !!£ OUR OWN TEA COFFEES TOMATOES 25* OLIVES $UITMW ne agrees. This promise points to perhaps an even more intensive fight, lasting for years inside and outside Congress, on the old dispute over 1 public versus private power, or to put it briefly: Should the government sell electric power in competition with private enterprise Moreell did not say outright in his St. Louis speech what his task fore e's recommendations would be. Nevertheless, here are some of the conclusions he said he arrived at: 1. No new federal power projects should be built. There is no present or prospective need for federal power activities. 2. It is unfair to say federal power plants are a yardstick for the electric rates private utilities should charge since the government plants pay no taxes and then passed it to the angry detec-jhave been financed at lower live, saying, "Guess this is meant for you." It was a letter signed by Lucy Hamilton. (To Be Continued) Jane Wyman Up to Eyes in Work By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wt—It's lucky that Jane Wyman likes work, because she's going to be up to her pretty eyelashes in acting assignments for the next three years. This week she was laboring on "Miracle in The Rain" with Van Johnson. She finishes July 12, then starts July 15 on a grueling TV schedule that will consume the rest of the year. Jane recently announced a deal to take over the longtime TV favorite, Fireside Theater. The Tuesday at 9 spot will be called Jane Wyman's Fireside Theater and fhe'll preside as both hostess and She explained the project in her Warner Brothers dressing room. "This is what I have been after for five years," she explained. "It is one of those dream deals. I'll do 20 of the shows myself and introduce 16 others. We made our first in the series last week. It terest rates. Pulling together some pieces in Moreell 1 s speech, this seems to be his philosophy: The nation's taxpayers in general shouldn't have to bear the costs for the benefits received by local consumers in some particular area of the country. Expanded Manganese Program Predicted WASHINGTON I/P) Approval of an expanded federal manganese purchase program by the House Interior Committee is predicted by Rep. Mills (D-Ark) and two Virginia congressmen. In a joint statement, the three congressmen yesterday said the bill would result in the construction of manganese depots in Arkansas and Virginia. The committee will vote on the bill Friday, and the House members said they had no doubt that it will be approved. Joining Mills in issuing the statement were Reps. Abbitt and Harrison, both Democrats. In addition to authorizing establishment of the depots, the bill would call for the purchase of 18 million recoverable units of manganese at each establishment. • To Our Customers ond Friends We have completely AIR CONDITIONED our Store for your comfort while shopping. Meet your friends at our Fountain and cool off with a cool drink. , 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 • VETERANS Are you making your training and experience you gained in the Army pay off? WHY NOT? Contact Captain Julian E. Spillers, 204 Main St., or phone 7-3301 and see about joining an Army Reserve Unit and draw pay and become eligible for promotion and transfer from the active Reserve. The Army Reserve Unit here in Hope meets ever Thursday night 7:30 P. M. at the National Guard Armory. Early telescopic observes thought that dark areas on the planet Mars were water, but more recent data indicates tat there are no large bodies of water on the planet. stars Victor McLaglcn and Walls ce Ford, and I believe it's the first time they've been together since 'The Informer.' " Jane dipped her toe into TV a year ago, when she made a half- hour show which appeared on G.E. Theater this season. It was the type of story line that might havo developed into a series—the story of a woman doctor. But she abandoned that idea in favor of an anthology type of series. Jane said she wasn't just a passive member of the enterprise. It's her company and she has her finger in all phases of production. She ought to know how to juggle the movie making angles; in 18 years of film acting she has accumulated a world of knowledge. All this TV activity doesn't mean she's going to neglect her movie career. As soon as she winds up the TV season, she must report to Universal-International for a picture. If the TV sponsor picks up her option, she'll' be set for another 30 half-hours in 1956. Then she'll have to make a film for Warners. "I've got to do a picture a year during the next three years for Warners and U-I." she said. "The options for the TV show come at the same time as those deals. So if all goes well, I'll be tied up completely for the next thre: years. EACH ANN PAGE i KETCHUP KOBEY : POTATO STICKS | NUTLEY j OLEO 1 MORTON'S i ICE CREAM SALT2 t±25c ' ARMOUR'S i CHOPPED BEEF WHITE HOUSE 19c MILK BORDEN'S ASSORTED FLAVORS lOc ICECREAM Lb. TO- ASSORTED FLAVORS 18c KOOLAID •"<£; 29c CHIPS *** Smart Shoppers Salute A&P's "Super-Right" Meats •SUPER-RIGHT" JUICY, TENDER SHANK PORTION Ib.. SPECIAL PRICES FOR THIS WEEKEND: BUTT Hal< PORTION Wh 334 Jb... .,43* ">• Half or Whole 53 ALLGOOD BRAND SLICED BACON SUPER RIGHT FULLY COOKED HAMS WHOLE*" SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF f STEW MEAT SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF ROUND STEAK HORMEL CANNED 4 Lb. Size Each 2.59 Lb 47c Lb 43c PICNICS SUPER RIGHT WHOLE L K 59c FRYERS SUPER RIGHT u 19c FRANKFURTERS RATH'S Lb 43c PICKLED PIG FEET SUPER RIGHT Lb 75c LUNCHEON MEATS sJSciuninfiats- 1 Lb. Cello 140z. Jar PKg. ANGELUS WHITE OS COLORED... 10-or. Pkgs. 35' SUNKIST FROZEN LEMON JUICE Can NAIISCO im ".< -,, CRACKERS ^ NAIISCO OliO CMUM1 LEMONADE 2t,» 25c COOKIES - SUNKIST FROZEN Fresh Fruits and Vegetables SANTA ROSA PLUMS WINESAP APPLES CALIFORNIA CANTALOUPES CALIFORNIA SUNKiST ORANGES Lb. Lb 21 c Lb IOC 49c SUNKIST ORANGES HOME GROWN OKRA YELLOW SQUASH PASCAL CELERY SUNKIST . 15c LEMONS Lb. 15c ANN PAGE FINE FOOD* # ANN PAGE I BEANS with PORK | ANN PAGE ( GRAPE JELLY '^ ANN FACE ** SALAD MUSTARD ANN PAGE FRENCH DRESSING SALAD DRESSING- PEANUT BUTTER AH* IS** - JANi PARKER DELICIOUS FRESH 19c CARROTS2Cl9c YELLOW u 5c ONIONS u 6c FRESH Stalk 19C CORN 4 E ars25C Apple Pie GOLDEN SUNSHINE CAKE GOLD POUND CAKE * SLICED CINNAMON LOAF ( s \ t % ' < i -,•

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