Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 28, 1955
Page 9
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, June 28, re»* -•• Tommy (Hurri ," 195% New York ^tlfarhy Slade, 183 "i, MJlaire Pratesi, 121 ti Nate firooks, 12P/ 2 srofi Mass. — Johnny .Hoye, _}idfa, Mass , outpointed ife iriitle) Johnson, 189, C., 8. average 1955 car has 22.8 lighT tfulbs compared to a! lighting lamps in a typi- YIGETABLES 6f Vegetables for your rttit. Delivery or Pickup W. D. HULSEY l(e* Northwest « Hope on hway No. 4. Phone No. 6 »hlhflton. We Irrigate ^Sf?RAY MATERIAL GRASS- S SEED STORE .27-Gt ' ICE COLD ATERMELONS tv the''S" Curve »"f6r your car needs. rtRS GULr SERVICE l^l^Shover Ph. 7-9955 TO BUY GUNS ( .GAS HEATERS BARGAIN HOUSE PAWN SHOP CLASSIFIED Adi Mutt Be In Office Day Before Publlottloft WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads ore payable In advance but od« will be accepted over th« telephone and aceomoda- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account is payable when ' statement Is'rendered. Number Of Words Up to IS 16 to 20 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 On* Morrfh 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 3 times 6 times 75c per Inch 60c per Inch 50c per inch Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will take the one-day rate. All doily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication )he following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to refect any objectionable advertisina submitted Initials of one or more letters, Qroups or figures such as HOUM; or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will rot be respon- tlble for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion, PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 For Sale TWO BEDROOM home 1% block from Brookwood School at 819 East 5th. Call '7-5574. 28-tf Political Announcement The .Star Is authorized to pn« nounce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary election*: For Mayor B. L. RETTIQ H. M. "(OL1E) OLSOH TALBOT FEILD. JR. Notice JESS Morris for custom slaughtering and processing meats at Community Ice Co. Phone 72244 or 7-3578. June 3-1 Mo. Wanted GOOD Used high chair. Preferably metal. Afler 6 o'clock call 75594. 25-3t The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Meridan Has Fans No Victories jBy The Associated Press Meridian's Millers performed before 5X150 fans at home last night, but today that Cotton -Stales League club still is looking for its first home victory since the franchise was ransferred from Pine Bluff two weeks ago. Greenville invaded Meridian and socke* the Millers 3-1. The large crowd : turned out for ''Bread Night," after a local baker bought out the whole park and let Ihe fans in free. Vicksburg relained its position atop the second half season standings with a 2-0 victory over the El Dorado Oilers. AMERICAN LEAGUE FWGERATION -v -and AIR CONDITIONING "SERVICE ' APPLIANCE REPAIR 10 E. ?rd 7-2809 FRESH WHITE RIVER FISH \\k Miles out on Washington Hy FULLER & SON FISH MARKET 21-Gt YORKSHIRE Pigs. A. B. Enoch. Patmos-Shover Springs Road. Phone 7-4931. 22-Gt There will be a weiner roast at the home of Mrs. Persie Turner Friday night, July 1, sponsored by the senior choir. The public is invited. Mrs. Edith Booker and daughter left Monday to visit relatives in Detroit, Mich., and Gary, Indiana. Highway «7 W.tt JkUCK'S NITURE CO. ii Water Barrel! for ••!• Hope, Ark. • WESTERN SHARES •IfUd Income-Fund etua available from M.S. BATES ' • .AQENT Phone 7-44M lECT-MITE .. jtito Control Service Free Inspection v Owned t Operated by GRIGG -«. ' . •• Seme* policy 109 South Main St. >-3445 or 7-2772 irmit« Control Co. > BONDED INSURED GUARANTEED ' H Free Inspection coll ,-.D. MfcMlebrooki Jr. * 7-2822 or 7-3791 Mr. and Mrs. John Ware of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting rela- ,_ „ . :r~7:—; I lives'in Hope. Mrs. Ware attended « 4 *?«nn 0n ' c Ee - C ° ndltl ° ned ,lhe funeral of her father, Lon Ab- Motor. $145.00 .See at Franks & j n Little Rock on Saturday, Son., 411 South Walnut. Phone 7-37C1. 28-31 LARGE House to be torn down. June 25. Rev. Samuel Hamilton has -re Built of virgin pine. .T. B. Silvey,' turned to his home in Chicago, 111. Rosston Rt. 3. 28-3t after spending several days visit—— ing his sister-in-law, Mrs. Mattie MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work.' Cobb Mattress Co. Hill and Bedie Hill. and Mrs. Nathaniel Hampton ond son and Mrs. -Mary Harris of 316 South Washington. '. p h one lRockforc1 ' IU - arc visiting relativ- 7-2022. Mar. 4-tf, es 'Emmet. MOVING? Long Distance Moving. All Moving Rates are not the same. Call collect 592 Prescott Transfer and storage Inc. Prescott, Ark. Free Estimate. May 14-tl RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering. We have meat for your deep freeze. See us before buying. June! 3-1 Mo. WATER Well Drilling' any depth Miss Earnestine JFrierson of Los- Angeles, Calif., arrived via plane Saturday and will spend three weeks-with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Author Frierson, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Marcee, and George E. Madlock of Austin, Tex., are enroule to attend the •N. A. A. C. P. Convention in Atlantic City N. J. and New Work City or size. See O. T. Clark and Son, Before reluming lo their home C. R. Clark, Cale, Ark., or 203 ?™£ ^'"..X^ ""'" " ' East Ave, B., Hope, Ark. June 24-1 Mo. Funeral Direct-art OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insur- Ambulance. 2nd & Ha- ance zel . . . Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDON-CORNELIUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. 23-1 Mo. Business For Lease lope Sta r lift; Pr*» it, mt ONE SUPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. See S. L. Murphy for details. 8-tf Reol Esfote for S«l«» WE Soil-Rent and Buy Real Estate. FRANKLIN COMPANY June 13- IMo. For Rent FOUR Room House, Venetian and friends , St Louis ^Detroit and Celeveland Ohio. Mrs. Marcee is the sister of Mrs. Recce Cannon and Mrs. lola Phillips. Brodie Henderson of Richmond, Calif., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Henderson, and other relatives. Ketty Frierson has appeared at the Purple Onion in San Franciscp, Calif., The following magazines have this to say about the Purple Onion: In San Francisco you look for that which cannot .be found in other communities, not only foi your own enjoyment but for visi tors from out of town. "John Vic kprs, Argonant Magazine. The fin est entertainment in town. Gour mol Guide, S. F. Chronicle. Our San Francisco sleuths are breathless about a newcomer at the Purple Onion near the Internationa Settlement. Walter Winchell. One of S. F.'s most famous cellars. Audience Magazine. A recommended night spot in S. F. is the Purple Onion. The entertainment here draws a crowd of discriminat- Mew York Chicago (Cleveland (Detroit Boston Kansas.City Washington Baltimore W 48 42 41 35 36 27 24 20 L 24 24 29 31 34 40 43 48 Pet GB .667 .636 3 .586 6 .530 10 .514 11 .403 18'/ 2 .358 21i/ 2 .294 26 Yesterday's Results No games scheduled .Today's Gsmes Detroit at Chicago (night) Kansas City at Cleveland Boston at Washington (2) (Only games scheduled) ar Ahead Brooklyn Remembers '54 By MILTON RICHMAN United Press Sports Writer There's lillle joy in Brooklyn today— even with a plush 12 Ugame lead —because suddenly everyone from Owner Walter O'Malley on down has started remembering an even bigger margin the ^Dodgers tldw in 1051. "We'n not getting the least big cocky about our lead," O'Mallcy said. "Like the elephant, we have Ion? memories in Brooklyn and we still remember 1951. We were 13'/2 games ahead in August, yet we lost. And here it is only June." None of the Dodgers players were spending those World Series shares yet. either. "You never feel safe.no matter hoyv big a lead you have," said Outfielder Duke Snider. "I re SPORTS ROUNDUP Jock son Wcn^s a j Chance at Valdes ! NEW YORK «P)— "Now I want: Valdes (Cuban Nino Valdes).! (Thais my last trouble- my last NEW YORR (fl _ Tho co . mel . ? .j ; ~ headache. encfe of (wo great yQung soulhpa ; v :ning game it's Feller again, with Tommy (Hurricane) Jackson sat.strikeout artists Karl Spooner ofj the !8 Detl ' f)l1 Tigers he sol down in his dressing room al ancient St. Brooklyn and Herb Score of Cleve- in 1938 - Tho I" cli -» fireballer lost Nick's after he had evened an old ; ] an d. has brought Uiis desk a query .By GAYCE TALBOT 10-rounds with Jimmy!as to how left-handers have com- ipared with righties over the years score in Slade. A technical knockout by Valdes last July is the most damaging blot on the Hurricane's record, 223-1 for 26 fights. Before Jackson gets Valdes he probably will be matched at Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 3 with the winner of the July 13 bout between Ezzard Charles and Paul An- come drews. in setting the third strike. If the man's made a bet on lh<3 lefties, he's a goner. You have to go down the list through four right- handers — Waller Johnson, 3.4B7; Cy Young. 2.830: Bobby Feller. 2.538 starting this season: and that contest, by the also struck out 1 matching the mark held up to lhat tinT* by Dizzy Dean. It is rather surprising to note that Grove never blinded as many as 15 baiters in a game. Still another righty. Max lionl. when the modern record for consecutive Standings in Local Baseball Leagues .-J.ty.JU ..T I, 11 1 I i" 1 J-, 11 J 1.1 ,-j\- «-'.».•! i . u i ii i i • 1 1 1_ A Mathewson, 2,499 — before you'Strikeouts when he put eight bat- to the first crooked arm. ters down in order two seasons Rube Waddell, who fanned 2.373 ; "S 0 - Spooner became the first lef- in his bin league career. Loftiest to got his name in the No. 1 Bob Grove and Eddie Plank fol-.sp«l "'hen lie struck out IS Giants lowed with 2.271 and 2.257, respi.-c-i"' h 's firsl b 'S league _ start last lively. 'September. Right-handers, in fact, lend inj , ,,,,_, r.lmost every strikeout depart-1 J'-ck Dempsey. the old left hook- menl. Among the moderns—that is. cr, has set some sort of a At the beginning of the last week 1he record for the most — ... .. u UKJU v-i t A i ^- ^i iiiicucgiiJiJiiij£i_>i.Litc;itiaLwi;i;i\. j o i V-i44 ' remember being with a montreal|of Little League play in the lirst son^ when^hejanned 348 batters jn club that had an even bigger lead ••-"• "• - - NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn Chicago Milwaukee New York Cincinnati St." Louis Philadelphia Pittsburgh W L 50 18. 39 37 33 31 32 31 36 34 30 36 30 38 22 47 Yesterday's Results No games scheduled Today's Games •. New York at Brooklyn (night) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (2) Chicago .at Milwaukee (night) Cincinnati at St. Louis .(night) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Memphis Birmingham New Orleans Chattanooga Atlanta Nashville [ytobile Little Rock W L 44 30 .45 33 43 34 45 36 41 38 38 40 35 41 20 59 Yesterday's Results Ne>v Orleans 4-5, Mobile 0-7 Nashville at Little Rock (postponed, rain) .Memphis 6-1, Chattanooga 5-1 (Second game suspended 7th cur- Ifew) (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Birmingham at Atlanta Nashville at Little Rock (2) Chattanooga at Memphis New Orleans at Mobile COTTON /STATEfS LEAGUE W L Pet. GB blinds, hardwood floors, gar-'" 1 * 5 patrons Fortnight Magazine. All nee. See owner at Jf)04 South!" 1 a " il is iui' e a spot. Mary Ste- Elm, 22-6t vcs Po well, Independent News Syn- weekdov oftprnqon br PUEUSHING CO. •jf«f, r«lm«, Pr«il<l*nl M. WpihbHrn, Secy-Tr** ITi* %\»i tuMIng louHi Walnut Sir** Arkantat m, juifpr A Jubllihw .., Managing Hl*or yh A4vcrtiflng Manaxw M«ch. $upt. Hc«Hi4 claw matter at Boles ' (payable In od- »anee): 3 room furnished apartment. Utilities paid. Phone 7-2205. June 27-tf Meln Wanted TWO Ladies. Ago 30 to 40. Apply in person. Please bring Reference. Barlow Hotel. 28-lt WANTED at once — Rawloigh DoiT- ler in South Hemnstead Co. or Hope. See Sales Manager. P. O. Box 2467, DeSota. Station, Mem- dicate. Kotty Frierson is known as Revoyda Frierson and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Frierson of Hope. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 and the Ladies Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, June 7, at the regular meeting place at 8 o'clock. WHY, MR. MOLOTOV CHICAGO (UP) Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav M. Molotov expressed interest in the air , , __ • i~ — • »"i.*»*-u«»*»fc» *it\w*i..{v Ji* n*v; till phis, Tenn., today or write Raw- conditioning system of the Cadi! leigh's, Dept. AKE-041-F Mom- lac limousine in which he tnnr«r iM»»V"""' ID ... .29 13.00 pjiis. Tenn. 28-lt Strayed •••• .? §? 1.10 13.00 m - STRAYED from our place 2 miles south of Shover Springs, one red, white faced cow, with horns. Notify P. A. Lewis or Ray Turner. 28-31 Wonted to Rent JIOPM furnished or unfurnished. for light house keeping. 7-3381. Phone 28-lt Riders Wonted limousine in which he toure.d Chicago yesterday. Chauffeur Myron Heyman asked "Do you have air conditioning in Russian cars" "No," said Molotov, "but we will have." Legql Nptict No. 7759 In the Chancery Court <rf Hempstead County, Ark. Helen Heard Plaintiff vs. Billy T. Heard Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, B.illy T, fleard warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Man to .ride to Los 1 California. Help pay ex-, ^ mv han . . .. Leave immediately witness my »ana 400 tfte - -ati?* said couvt this * flay P* isoo Carrett f«V ' " " Emmet. Vicksburg reenville 21 Dorado lot Springs Wpnroe Meridian than we have now but still lost. It was an open date for all clubs in the majors yesterday but it's back to the wars for all of 'cm today. The Dodgers are in a perfect position ,to .tie the can to the lifeless world champion Giants in a three-game series which opens at Ebbets field tonight but O'Malley prefers to "pat the dog and let it sleep." No sense in getting anyone mad at you and there's no need o lord our lead over anyone," declared the Brooklyn owner. "I feel the Giants can go only one waj up. Naturally, I'm hoping they Pet GB don't go up too high." 735 Unlike his former manager, .549 12'/;> Chuck Dressen, who coined the .544 13 phrase, : O'Malley does not think .478 n\2 "The Giants is dead." On the con- .477 17'/2 trary, he says there are "several .455 19 clubs still alive" in the National .411 20 League at the moment. .319 28'/2 The forthcoming series could be n momentous one for Giant Manager Leo Durocher, whose job apparently grows more shaky each day. Durocher's contract runs until the end of the 1955 season but if :the Giants' -fortunes do not improve, .there have been reports he may resign before that. .While the Giants .attempt to cut into the ll\f, game .gap between themselves and the Dodgers, the Cubs and-Braves meet tonight with second place at stake. Chicago is ahead of Milwaukee by.a mere half game. In other National League games tonight, Cincinnati is at St. Louis and Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. The game between the Pirates and Phils will be preceded by the completion of the suspended game between ,the two clubs on April 24. Over in the American League, the, pace-setting Yankees and last- place Orioles are idle but the second-place White Sox meet the Tigers, the Athletics face the Indians and the Red Sox play tke Senalors in a twi-night twin-bill. In the six exhibition games played last night, Bob Wiesler -\yas credited with the Yankees' 4-1 vie- ,ory over the Giants; Ronnie Kline was the w i nner in Pittsburgh's 8-2 decision over the Red Sox; Reliever Ray Narleski of Cleveland beat Cincinnati, 2-1, in 11 innings; York of the Class B Pied- ;nont League upset the parent Baltimore Osioles, 13-1; Toronto of the International League defeated the White Sox, 7-3, and Des Moines of the -Western League nipped Ihe Chicago Cubs, 3-2. half, with each team having games yet to play, Little standings are as follows: Dynaflows CBC Owens Lions Baptist Hope Beverage ,,,,,^. _ record since' the'p'i'tching"box was 'extend- hy picking, Rocky Marciano to cool eel from 50 feet to its present GO!off Archie Moore before the- match feet G inches in 1893—Feller set has even been made or the sili? selected. The Mauler, just turned 60. and that,Archie would have knock cd out Don Cockell quicker in a sea- Waddell stands second with his 343 whiffs in 1904. W L 6 2 5 3 5 3 Pet. GB .595 .577 '1 .558 2i/- .556,/ 2'/a .519.; 5V-J .487.' 8 .461 3V-* .253 26'/a 0 1.000 0 1.000 2 .500 2 . 33 1 0 I'/" 2 .000 2'/> .000 3 This week's play will determine a first half- Champion. In Pony League play, the Hope Auto Co., is setting the pace with only Monday's games to be played before a first half champion n strikeout in a nlnc-ln- Rocky did last month. OUT OF DOORS with is decided. As of last Friday's ga- else, will abide by the By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor Confirmed varmit though they'll agree shooters, on little statement mes, the standings arc as follows: ' that modern rifles, cartridges, and Hope Auto Hope Bldg. First Nat'l. Hope Basket In Big League W L 7 0 G 1 2 C 0 6 play, Citizens Bank is one game behind the League Leading Nashville team with this week's games determining first half winner. W L Nashville 41 Citizens Bank 32 Rotary 23 Coca Cola . 23 Hope Star 2 4 BorksdaleAir Force Team Here Tonight The Barksdale Air Force Base Flyers will be in Hope to tangle with the Legionnaires tonight. Game time is 8 o'clock in Legion Park. Edsil Nix, local Hope boy, will be on the mound for the Flyers. He has played for the Legionnaires tor the past three years before going into service this month. Joe Barrentine will be doing the hurling for the Legionnaires. Souchock New Manager of Travelers LITTLE ROCK Steve Sou- Yesterday's Results Vicksburg 2, El Dorado 0 Greenville 3, Meridian 1 Hot Springs at Monroe, (postponed rain) Today's Games El Dorado at Vicksburg Greenville at Meridian Hot Springs at Monroe (2) By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Minneapolis 11; Charleston 9 St. Paul 5; Toledo 3 Denver 12; Louisville 8 Omaha 2; Indianapolis 0 TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 4; Fort Worth 1 Oklahoma City 5; Tulsa 3 San Antonio 12; Beaumont 5 Shreveport 7; Houston 5 Two Arkonsons in Tennis Victories WINFIELD, Kan. Wl — Two Ar- kansasns scored first round vie- kansans scored first others were defeated here yesterday as the Missouri Valley .AAU Tennis Tournament got underway. In the junior girls singles division, Owen McHaney of Little Rock defeated Birbara Buckley of Oklahoma City, 6-1, 6-3 and Virginia Higgins of Hot Springs downed Joan Marshall of Ponca "Mty, Okla., 0-2, 6-1. The losers both were in the jun- pr boys division. Charles Nord- jnger of Little Rock was beaten by Bill Stout of Shawnee, ,Qkla., 9-7, 6-1. Alex Sheshunoft of Magnoli? lost <to Norris Barker of Wichita, Kan, 7-5, 6-,4, Newcombe Is RatedTpp Control Hurler NEW YORK (ff>) —Brooklyn's Don Newcombe, seemingly headed for his best major league season, has replaced Robin Roberts of Philadelphia as the National League's top control pitcher. Figures compiled by the Associated Press revealed today that Newcombe has given up only 16 bases on balls in 115 inings for a per-game average of 1.25. Roberts, usually the stingiest pitcher in either league when it comes to allowing walks, has given up 1.60 bases on balls a game. Ho has passed 25 in 141 frames. Robin only walked 56 in 337 innings in 1954. chock, former Detroit Tiger out- ielder, today took over as manager of the Little Rock baseball club, the cellar team in the Class AA Southern Association. Souchock, who has been playing •with the Buffalo Bisons, arrived (here last' night to succeed little 'iBobby Mavis as field boss of the Travelers. Mavis' resignation was scopes are getting so accurate thai a chuck inside 200 yards has little chance. Consequently the devoted var- minter will back off to make a shot tougher, instead of sneaking in to make it murder. And dyed-in-the-wool off-season man will agree on one other the rifle- point — that crows always have a chance. Remember we're talking about picking 'em off with small-caliber rifles not knocking the features off with shotgun pellets over an owl decoy. While killing crows with a scatlergun is fun fast and furious, it . isn't exactly a sport that gives the black marauders too much opportunily to extend their lives. The rifle game is a horse of another color. In the first place, there isn't much of a crow to New York — The Rev. Dr. Don. shoot at. The F. Pielstick, 48, executive direc- flap off should you stop your car range announced last night but the ap-jo7"show yourself at any pomtment of Souchock to the post closer than 300 yards was not revealed until today. Mavis quit last night after the Travelers had lost a doublehead- The youngsters are taught just how far er to the Nashville Vols. The leave the team has lost eight games ' apparently three football fields extend before they ,nest, and they never Newcombe, yvho shows a spar Cotter Favored Over Smith BOSTON MP) —Lightweight cham- pjqn Jimmy Carter makes his appearance in a title fight tomor- night when |ie dejertds his agains ; t Wallace (Bud) tf Cincinjnirti at the Boston C?.rtfr, 31, ;i|yho lpp,e?rs to reach ,.._ Jh « Ufl> Js on tne kling 13-1 won-lost record, pre viously had his most productive year in 1951 when he won 20 jqrne^ pnd lQs,t njn.e while issuing 91 wals in 27 2innings. In the American League, relief expert Sandy .CoBsuegra of the Chicago White Sox has the most impressive bases on balls percentage. 1.23 a game. The crafty right hander has passed only 10 batters in working 73 frames. He has won five games and lost two. In eight major league seasons, Kpberts has given up 464 walks in 3,148 innings Bitched for an av erage of 1.93 bases on balls a game. Newcombe's big league record shows 3M passes in 1,042 innings for a 2.62 average. Con- SUegra has permitted 224 walks in 701 innings for a 2.88 mark. 'HONEST THIEF -EAU CLAIRE, Mich. (UP) -At least Fred Schilling knows his deer rifle wasn't lost. He found an unsigned note in bis mailbox which said: "I stole your deer rifle." •fcoock ml- choice to place Mobile. Souchock, 36, a native of Yatesboro, Pen., has been a member oi the Detroit organization since Nellie Fox Tightening Batting Race NEJV YORK Wl— A 10-point gain by Nellie Fox of Chicago and a 14-point slump by Detroit's Al Ka- }jne has served to tighten up ths American League batting race. Fox cracked out 13 hit s in 31 at bats last week to increase his average to .339. Meanwhile, Kaline pnly 'managed eight safeties in 31 trips arid dropped to .365. Harvey .Kuenn of Detroit, the runnerup to Kaline a week ago, dropped to third place as a result pf a 83-point loss to .320. Al Smith pf Cleveland is fourth with .317 followed by teammate Larry Doby With .309. In the National League, Richie Ashburn of Philadelphia climbed one point to .353. Don Mueller of New York and Roy Campanella of Brooklyn are tied for second pt .339. Mueller slumped one point and Campanella nine. Ted JCluszewski of Cincinnati is fourth, with .333 followed by Bill Virdqn of St. Louis with .324. Kliiszewaki cluted two homers Jast week to deadlock Duke Snider of Brpoklyn fpr the lead. Each has lit 3JI. Snider is the National .League's RBI leader with 71. Mickey , Mantle of the Yankees qontinues to set the American to homers with 18 Jensen of JBftSian ,lvas whjle Q Y er ever takes a pop at them with centerfire rifle, by and large bird with the big voice and the the big appetite for game bird eggs keeps plenty of distance between himself long black sticks. We of the varminting clan, by using today's super-equipment in where killing with it is too easy, can shoot ourselves out of business with the marmot trible. So if you think you're pretty sharp on the chucks, shift to crows. They're more of 'em and they're more than somewhat tougher to hit. (Distributed by NEA Service) Tuesday, June 28, 1955 By Chick Young OZARK IKE GIVE UR LADIES- YOU'VE TPlED OM EVERY SHOE IN THE STORE BUT. BLOMDlE THOSE ARE THE ONES I WORE HERE I LIKE THE PAIR YOU WORE DOWN BETTER rSJUSTLIKfi BUYING A NEW ,v N AIR, ISN'T IT r<\ OOTSIE? WELL.GOOD LET'S JUSf TRADE H DON'T THINK MAYPE HE'S HAD AN ACCIDENT 0!' AND I WOULDN 1 BE HALF AS. .RNED/. OUT OUR WAY By Michel O'Molley and Ralph Uni T£ / .:., By J. R. Williams MOW THAT IM HERE, MISS HARPER, SUPPOSE TH6R6'5 A WIRE VOU TBLL ME WHV SOU REFUSE TO SUIM6A Pie THAT \\OOtD USW* IB, * 6ET BACK AT ME R3 WITH A £47*4 TWO OTHERS WERE BELOW VVHEN THE BLAST CUT \£> OM THE LAKES ACROSS 1 Vocalist, 3 Rave 4 German king 5 Consolalion 6 Exist 7 Cleansing substances 8 Sickest 9 Tidy 10 Fence opening 11 Eternily (ab.) 12 Crimson 7 He is a 13 Speaker 14 Oleic acid salt 15 He seems to be a person 16 Having wings 17 Greek portico 18 Masculine appellation 19 He has appeared on country television 22 Water flask 26 Savor 31 Iroquoian Indian 32 Louse 34 Erect 35 Gamb! cubes 36 Rocky pinnacle 37 Flag 38 Garden 40 He h some recoi 42 Petulant 44 Loreal 47 Stagger 51 Rely 52 Adhe 54 Lure 55 Dinn 56 Inferior 57 Pilots DO 1 Ship's book 2 War god 28 Native of Serbia 29 Kite part 30 Gaelic 33 Horse's gait 39 Poslure' 41 Absolute ruler 51 "Diamond 25 Year between 43 Church official State" (ab.) 12 and 20 44 Unaspirated 52 Footlike pvt 27 Operatic solo 45 Chooses 53 Legal point 46 Portuguese account money 48 Royal Italian family name 49 To be (Fr.) 50 Ma'.ign look 21 Strong vegetables 22 Surrender 23 Dry 24 Fastidious By Lcilie Turnir WASH TUBES /UEAMWH1L& FRANK TWE5 W40THER favv Our OF-.gARRlZOZO... |^—L^ \r'6> NO BLUFFl THAT'S HOW W KNEW IT VVA&IW YOUR VAM...8V NO 816 TRUCK TRACKS TURN IT WITH A SCIWTILLATOR THIS KIP SAW THAT VAX) HERE, GOWG EA$T, ABOUT TH 1 TIWE WE FlSLJRED - IT LEFT TH'-CAPBl INS OFF H6R&, YEAH? PB5CRIB& IT BOENTHIRTV YEARS TOO 5OOM "" , T -» •;«• u »• '•' ""• t-28 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople IM THEIR LE v—TMEV'D S MUCH «:ICK: COT OF FAMOUS BAVINS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgpr Martin VWOM Pti(Sl OH . Deaths Around the' Nation By The Associated Press CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Town and Country Church of the National Council of Churches. Died BUGS BUNNY' I (hospitals commissioner from to 1948. Died yesterday. OUT OF THE WAV, 0U55.' BACKINS OL I'M IN A HUWWV I WANTEPT'TELLYAI uieN TVA ME A FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger Santiago, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Died yesterday. Burcombc yesterday with her from the groom draped over her snake charmer, a 15-foot python as wedding gift. EXTRA SPECIAL ALLEY OOP OH/IVE BEEN AROUNP...HCW VOU F)N[> . THE 5EA, I WE'VE NO PRETTY" DLJLj,?y MAIP6 TO BREAK ROUGH, A LITTLE CALM AND VERY, s THE MONOJQNY OF THE ENPtESS WAVES, THE VWNP SKY.., 200 Good Used Tires! Sizes 6:70, 7:10, and 7:60. In good condi- tion and high tred. Die 'Survival City' bomb test? pVoved this type of house stood up .best—making it % ideal for children!" ~ GLANCES By Golbraith ?V'I v!i'/'.'*«P«. "55 bf NIA S.rric., Inc. 628 I can't blast it out, so I'm ditching to the hole and then I'm gonna putt it in!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selzer PRISCILLA'S POP WYLIE OH, I'VE BEEN >-v GOING TO SCHOOL Gloss & Salvage Co. Weit 3rd Street OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK HANGING O DQQR! r EVERY DAY!! , LESTER! m HAVEN'T THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI J'MIQOKMS FOK f THINK He WAS SPINS TO STAY w ASHLEY THB MATT? WHY, P?, § 1K WATT (WHY, K, I .THAVENT SEEN HIM ALLOW, OFFICE*. ,HAVEYOUL7 "Henry, next year let's go some place where the lifeguard* man boats—-or Pamela will never learn to swim!" "Stathore* Mountain? Why not >iv$? 1 . * , J i. 1.. whole target area of solid crow, other than feathers, is only the size of your fist, if that. Clipping a crow's tail feathers merely makes him angry and subject a certain lopsidedness of flight it's hardly fatal. And in the second place, crows don'l usually pose to have their pictures taken with a bullet the way chucks and other members of the mammot family will. In field, picking around for edible tidbits. You get all squared away, rifle WHAT A GIFT poked out from cover with the! LO NDON (UP) — Joan Hall scope crosshairs steady as a rock snowed up fol . hcr wedding to John on Mr. Crow's wingbutts, make all — • • ^ -•-•"- ' — -- 1 "your calculations and adjustments as to holding over, or holding into the wind just a teenchy bit —• and the durned crow swaggers over investigate a bug. So you have to get settled all over again. And while crows cannot apparently count .beyond .two, they very quickly learn to judge distance as accurately as any range-finder ever invented. In the eastern and midwestern states, where riflemen are forever harrying crows, singles and burjchcs will lift and HARD OF HEARING See the Complete Line Of New 3-Transistor Acousticon Hearing Aids That Are — —Light, Small, Economical. That Are Priced Reasonably ($69.50 Up). That Are Individually Fitted to You. Tuesday, June 28,1 to 4 p, m. SHIPLEY'S STUDIO 9aH«riei, C«r4i,4 Service Far All Makei Of Aid$" 4 oM A. L. lurnt, Jr., for Apppmtments After Houn. Acoinhcon . . . Since 1902 . . . Wor|a"« First Electric.! si Aid ' "'

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