Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 28, 1955
Page 3
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-\ysf ft I ,*• -i-.-'V*^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, June 28, 1955 tout t tf* of the hiind against igHoriftce', kttoy, After these ahd they have been centuries. scientist 'taaay can tell wiftt sleep is. Or how, al- .Jmows the art .to enforce s cft&'t build life. t&T surrounds his patien words ahd 'Soft medics. h« fools tieither himsel fnyster o MARKETS Sy Sutton Livestock Cofnmlsilenl ' Fat Cows $9 to $11; Canners and| Ce |Pts Cutters $7 to $9; Good Heavy Cal« ves (8W) $16 to $18; Choice Calves $19; Stocker steers $14 to $18; Stacker heifers $11 to $13; Heavy 1,2(J8, 239; wholesale buying uttchariged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.73; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars 90 B 55; 89 C 53.5. Eggs irregular; receipts 16,068; •fc*fcv*v«».v.«. »«•_**. ^,1.0 iff 4* fcv ipujf .LACCIVJ »t_|*** • bulls $12 to $13; Light bull* $9 toiy hole , sale bu 3" n g Prices unchanged til • to 1 lower; U.S. large whites 60 Court Docket 9 » owledffe escapes both— ant to knew. ILJ.UII: , uivine |imimai, is a »'tJOie t , a taiifbttd enduring Jienl on whfch is scratched yighoHince.and discovery. jls^each fot^ what is true is uitjremendous Voyage of man 1 ?ttifltt has putfhls foot in a blihg canoe he created him ,,Siid pushed with a smal ^ihto'8 ^roaring dark, j&re you? -Where can you iat cah you learn? Whal MBLLS •"!?*• L2£V 'rsf PLHOW! toft 5*» ^» X. ' inor MOUOOM EMJT to fatten yourwlf. Light; sturdy, grace. fill NAVACO awnings and doprhoodt M* nade of finest aluminum, with tough, b*ked-on enamel finish. Awnings have famous, origi- .._. •nal-ventjlated-rib feature. 't ^Allows circulation, yet protects against sun and rain)' Navacos add beauty and comfort to any bornei See raj^jwwe JIJM l SK2fffif ll<K * $ 28 11 f99 n^^HV w99PV ^V^F $19. St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. *** ~ ? ogs 7 .' 000 -', steady to low and er; bulk choice No: Is, 2s 3s 180-220 Ib barrows and dirties 30.5; checks 30; current re ceipts CHICAGO (ffl • Live poultry steady; receipts in coops 554 (yesterday 1,080 f.o.b. paying cllts *3< coops, prices lower; heavy hens 128,659 Ib); 20.00-50; mostly choice Is and 2s 20.60-65 largely choice Is afounc 200-210 Ib 20.75; 220-240 Ib mostly 19.50-20.00; a few to 20.5; small Its 240-270 Ib 18.00-19.50; 160-lV< Ib 1B.50-19.7S; few 120-140 Ib 16.7518.00; sows 400 Ib down 15.25-17.00; hens 29-31;. old ettes 34-35. unchanged 24-28; heavier sows 8.50-13.00. 2.25-14.75; boars Cattle 3,700, calves 1.200; fully steady) good to low choice with early Sales 20.50-22.00; cows utility and commercial 11.00--13.00; 'catt- ners and cutters 8.00-11.00; bulls Jtility and commercial 13.00-16.00; heavy fat bulls 11.00-12.00; good and choice vealers 17.00-21,00; Urn- ted number high choice and prime 22.00-23.00; commercial and good 14.00-17.00. Sheep 1.500; rharkct not ,eslab- ished. , • t GRAIN AND CHICAGO-\B PROVISIONS Wheat developed \ \\ \( 0 GVNTER ETAJL LUMBER CO. 422 W. DIVISION 7-3495 a price splitN as trading conclud- d on the Board of Trade today >ut most sales were on lower levels. Distant deliveries resisted pressure until near the close. Corn clung close to final prices if the previous session but mainly were on the down side. Oats and rye were, lower most of tho day a6 crop prospects continued to mprove. Soybeans lost ground on announcement of increased bean crushlngs. At the close wheat was l>/ 2 cents ower to 1/4 higher, July $1.97.18; corn was unchanged to '4; higher, July $1.42%-.i/4; oats were ' 8 -% lower, July 65, and rye wa, to 11/4 off, July $1.01"/.,. Soybean were ,%-lJ4 cents off, July $2.4 .43. Whmaet: none. Corn: No. 2 yelld .49'/ 2 -; .No/.. 3- 1.48.; samp grade white 1.29. Oats: No. I 3 white 72H-73V2; No. 2 heayy sa'm ile red 72. • Soybean oil: 12-12%* soybea meal: 53.00. Barley nominal: malting cholc 1.35-52; feed 95-1. 16. ,. , 9; broilers or roosters 12-12.5; fryct-s capon- Tornadoes and Continued from Page One the little Hilldredge addition southeast of town. There the tornalo ripped through c cemetery, clawing up tombstones, and then wiped out the community's two rows of houses. All of Scottsbluff's dead and injured were in Hilldredge and three persons were still in critical condition today. Jim Karubps, 25, was killed and four mfelfnbers of his family were injured wfien -their, lapsed around them. home col- Also killed were Mrs. V. L. Daniels, Sr., in her late 60's, and an elderly unidentified man. Hours after the first twister had dissipated, another tornado came roaring past Scottsbluff. But it touched down in rural sections only and first reports indicated damage was negligible. But at Carlsbad, 80-mile-per- lour winds had left two sections of the city in shambles. Roofs were ripped away in the swanky -a Huerta district, . huge trees were 'uprooted along Canal street, and rainwater backed up from the ;ewers. The storms were a continuation of the bloudbursts which touched 'Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas June 27, 1955. City Docket Dean H. England, Running "Red" Light, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Gillis Ingram. No Slate car license. Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Richard Trotter, Aggravated assault, Forfeited S50-.00 cash bond. Gillis Ingram, No City car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Junior Stewart, Possessing wine for purpose of sale. Forfeited $50.00 00 Cash bond. John Nolan, Jr.. Improper lights, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. Booker T. Edwards, Burl Creech, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. JOhn 'Nolan, Jr., Willie Lee Criner, No Driver's license, Plea euil- ty, fined $5.00. Dean B. England, No Brakes on car. Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Eugene Bishop, Isaac Benton, Assault and Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. O. C. Hill, More Given Freedom in Argentina By SAM SUMMERLIN AIRES (#) — BUENOS t'he" Argen- of Faubus Will Not Recall Divorcee LITTLE ROCK Iff) —A New Year woman accused of fradulently obtaining a divorce at Hot Springs apparently is safe from extradition to Arkansas unless such action is requested by Prosecutor H. A. Tucker of Hot Springs. Plane Picks Up Stricken American Tuesday, June 28,1955 number of developments in the quickening situation 'in the For- I mosa strait. These included: J 1. Adm. Arleigh Burke, newlj ; appointed chief of U.S. naval -,p- ^movies erations, arrived today for two jpg ac ^ days of conferences with U.S. and j O n an- Nationalist officials. 4, motion^ 2. Nationalist authorities bitterly TAIPEI. Formosa, (UP) — The attacked the Red Chinese for Mon- same Poshing Commercial air-day'si unprovoked attack on the Gov. Orval Faubus said ycster- 1 lines plane which was shot up by PBY and two unarmed Jet T-33 would ignore Ally. Gen. j Communist MIGs yesterday re-.trainers. . re- n I T ° Gentr y' s «Q«««t ^ the ex- turned unmolested to Matsu island deined since th P InnPi« I s «Q««« e ex- urne unmoe volt Team*. P M /T J, re - tradition of Estelle Goldstein Price and picked up volt aai volt eam*. P M T volt against President Juan a stricken American other were still held. Simultaneously, police at •D. Pe-,WeilI. At a news conference, the 1 officer, said he had received a extradS, ^lay^T ^^^ *- ^ ° f ^^ 3. Nationalist manded revenge newspapers dc' and the great i China Evening News asked for The officer was identified a, Lt.| upport ln wiplllg ° Ut ncw Red air Eva Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Richard Caldwcll, Andrew Jones, A .T. Jones, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. R. H. Griffin, Illegal parking. Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Joshua Prater,. Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Booksie Brantley, Garland Grant, Peron, in Buenos Aires province in eastern Argentina, announced .he arre-st of two persons identi-, ..... -fed as Communists and two Radi-i wisnes in the matter. cal party members on charges of' Gen t'"y has not revealed the ba spreading rumors. The nature of! 5 ' 3 the rumors was not disclosed. I The Radical party is the main an artillery officer advis- bases on the coast. 4. Formosa Gov. C.K. Yeh ruled II ap- ^board tf Free|Para- efement Mpered f and with Sclosed MOPE STAR, H 0 P t, ARKANSAS'* I Calendar I I Tuesday June 28 I _ Friendship Class of the First Bap:| tist Church will meet Tuesday June § 28, in the home of Mrs. A. A. Anil 'drews, 1512 S. Pine at 7:30 p. in. | IA11 members and associate mem- I tiers are urged to attend. be present. The Hope Round-Up Club will meet tonight at 7:30 at the Coliseum. Come and bring your houses. July 4th Picnic at Country Club A family Picnic will be held at the Hope Country Club July 4th. at Few Words by Sen. Fulbright Irks McCarthy By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON W) — Sen. Fulbright (D-Ark) uttered just four words on the Senate floor the other day and brought down on himself a torrent of criticism from an old foe—Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). What Fulbright said was: "Mr. President. I object." But. the Fulbright objertion had DOROTHY DIX Should Mother Interfere? Dear Miss Dix: My daughter and her son have lived with me for the past five years. She is divorced and goes to business while I take care of the boy. Now Velma is want to be a difficult Monty Wooley Complains in Usual Manner By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UB—Monty Woolley was seated in' his hotel room and complaining as usual —about different""?'don't you "un'ui'he"s old'"enough" to ca7e| h j s <» m role hotel living, televi- Icult mother bull for himself ' Then she '» come and i O "' " ba " a " d ° th6r "^ Answer: On the contrary, I uphold you on every point. Your daughter's place is with her child, and a second marviage should make planning to marry again, but S hejP rovl s'°n for him. What will hap- says she is going to continue work- P en ' Probably, is that she'll coning so they can buy a house. tlmle working, leaving the boy with My ideas are think if she remarries she should! , ial < c him - J ust when he can be of stay home and take care of her son. Faubus did not say why Tucker| ing ' the ' Natioi ; a ,j s Y command on 1 a state of war Jisled in Formosa illution _ . „ wanted the delay, but he said Uiatj Ma tsu as part of the US milita-v' and called on the P°P ulation *« * Vn in^P* Kathleen Mallory Circle of the be Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler Sr., he wonlrl fnllnw )h» n,- n =: 0 r.iiin,.' =, . . . . • Jiuo,.i, ••.,„„ „,„„,.„«..,„„ ,,.v,i n i, ^,oy v • ipj rs t Baptist Church will meet Mr. and Mrs. Fred McElroy, Mr. the effect of blocking a maneuver (Also, she wants to have a big wed- he would follow the prosecutor' n ' s interest in the case. assistance advisory group. Nature of his reported illness was not disclosed. The plane sent for him yesterday a converted jback "any emergency which maj arise." 5. Maj. Gen. George Smythp took over as head of the MAA'J •Tuesday June 28, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Ed O'Gran. opposition group, holding 14 of the 16G seats in the Chamber of Deputies. All the other seats held by Peronistas. are Doris Hart in Easy Victory WIMBLEDON, England (/P)—Dor- PBY was "attacked by a flight of j from Maj ' Gcn " willian ? c - ctlase Among the 19 released is David- is Harl - a former Wimbledon ten- Michel Torino, former director of nis charn P' o n and top-seeded play- the Salta newspaper El Intransi- f fhis 3' ear ' ea s''y won her way genie. The Peron government I into the semi-finals of the Wim- NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W—Cotton future were firm- todayt -with .trade buy ing and short cpvering meetin only limited hedging offoering and profit taking.-During the earl afternoon, distant 1956 crop deli' cries ran up sharply as epvqrln ordtrs' found offerings • scarce! Late afternoon prices were cents to $2.05 a bale higher thu the previous close', July -34,08, Oc tober 34.17 and December 34,26. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK (M—There was general decline in the Stock Mai ket today. Losses of around a point wer posted in early afternoon by som recent market leaders, but th majority of declines were no large. Brokers said they were en couraged by the light volume, Mostly lower were the steels motors, rubbers, mail orders farm equipments, coppers . a^ rails. The chemicals, radio-(elevi alons and oils were mixed. POULTRY ANP PRODUCE CHICAGO 1*1—Butter steady; re can you really do for people What can the human race be come? More than it is. For all that know, we remain as a folk a child curious, but a-tiptoe, loving th light behind us — and afraid o carrying a candle forward into th< blackness ahead. EDNESDAY SPECIALS DOWN KE MIX 'Boxes O VC • •»"- _ PifPWHWIppHmillHMHMHBHM utter Beans 15c u. HOUSE ~~ COFFEE 79c P. H. PEAS 7c Lb. FOUGER'S Instant Coffee 149 6 Oz. Jar GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 ub 5 89c :K ROAST Ub. 29c rp §gy rum* HUU \RRY'S TOf^wJyJ^^^V r ^^W ^^- ^^^^F ' * - iff flash floods in the vtalley Monday. Wyoming Heavy rafh continued today, over tho Northern and Central Plains, with North Platte, Neb., measuring 3.61 inches in' 24 hours and Pierre, S.D., 1.11 inches in six hours. . ^Elsewhere, showers widely scattered thundershowers pelt- cd the Southern Plains and part of the' Southeast, While cTear Weather dominated the land from the middle .Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic Coast. Is Continued from Page One into Budget Bureau files for formation on the employment in- of Adolphe Wenzell during early negotiating on the Dixon-Yates contract." Sen, Kefauver (D-Tenn), chair man of a Senate Antimonopoly sub committee investigating the pn vat.e> power proposal, ordered th investigation yesterday. Budget Director Rowland Hughe told .the committee it was all righ with him, saying "I've no purpos in hiding anything despite the im plication of some questions." Kefauver said facts showed "tha WensJoll Was at brie and the sanu time, actipg as an adviser to th bureau- )••',". ., and as a represen tatiye of the First Boston Corp In the negotiation of the Dixon Yates agreement.?' The/F-ipst Boston/Corp, is a New financing; house • which ha becorne financial agent for th Dlxbn-Yates private power group Hughes testifed that Wenzel was an unpaid consultant to th budget bureau. He said he' regarded Wenzell a irjerely another member of th bureau's staff who had been called In as if pon«u.Hant because of hi of public xitilities and their financing. That, 'lie said, was why Wen jell's name did not appear in chronology of jbixon-Yates confer ences -prepared by the bureau and the Atomic Energy Commis sion (ABC) last summer. He sajid in response to Question ing that be had called to Presiden Elsenhower's attention criticisn by Sen. Hill (D-Ala) of Wenzell's dual employment. , Hughes added that he had seen no Change in the situation as i result of Wenzell's operations.' Wenzell now is employed by the World Bank. He insisted as Wenzell did .estimony before the Securities and Exchange Commission considering Dixon-Vates bond financing, tha WenzelJ's duties were merely to advise the bureau on technica )hasps Pf power plant construction and financing. Firif Pasomon of Boston Succumbs CAMBRIDGE, Mass., <UP) ~Harry Aggains, 26-year-old first baseman for the Boston Red Sox. died today. Agganis, a native of Lynn, Mass.,, was the regular first baseman for the Red Sox until he wa,i| taken ill with pneu- rnonla Jast month. The reported back for duty with the Sox but W3a sent back to Santa Maria hospital, here, when h* suffered 9 relapse. Ageanis broke into baseball with LouisvUJe j n 1953 0() ewWiin<Jir,e care.er as Bp* tjjjv JJniyersity .athlete. H« . for the }053 in tho i*W. *$& Lacy, Drunkenness, Forfeit ed $10.00 cash bond. State Docket Lonnic Brown, Drunkenness, For feiteu $10.00 cash bond. W. L. Perry, Driving while intox- cated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. C. W. Walker, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. D. H. McCall. Speeding, Forfeited >5.00 cash bond. Denver Martin, Doylon Washing- on, Assault and Battery, Plea guilty, 'fined $10.00. Texas Trading Co. Harold Ard Gordon and Sanders, Overload. Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Assoliater Transport Co., No Identification, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. iDick Constant, Improper lease, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $50.00 suspended. B. Schwartz Company, C. A. Jo. nes, Driver, Improper lease, Forfeited $100.00 cash bohd; $50.00 suspended. Cello Produce Co., C. A. Jones, Driver, Improper lease, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $50.00 suspended. •Monteith Bros., Improper lease. Forfeited $200.00 cash bond. American Red Ball, Allied Van Lines, Rogers Cartage Company, John F. Ivoery, Atlas Van Lines, No cab card, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Lepnard .Stroud and R. C. Bennett, Improper lease, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. B. M. Roberts, Driver., Improper lease, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Glenn and Clarence Welch, Improper lease, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $50.00 suspended. Diamond Transport, System, Inc., No authority from PSC to operate, Forfeited $200.00 cash bond. Chapman Produce Company, No PSC authority to operate. Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Dennis Brothers, No PSC authority to operate, Forfeited $200.00 cash bond; $100.00 suspended. How Lawmakers of Arkansas Voted WASHINGTON (/P) — How Arkansas members of Congress were recorded as voting on recent roll calls: SENATE On ratification, 63-3, of treaty restoring independence to Austria: For — Fulbright, McClellan. . On Symington (D-Mo) amendment to defense appropriation bill to increase funds for Marine Corps by $46,300,000 to build the corps back to 215,000 men, adopted 4039: For — McClellan, Fulbright. On McCarthy (R-Wis) resolution designed to force discussion of situation of Communist satellite nations at forthcoming Big Four conference, defeated 77-4: Against —Fulbright, McClellan. On passage, 53-21, of bill to end cumulative voting for directors of national banks unless articles of bank so provide; For —McClellan Fulbright. HOUSE On passage, 370-3, of bill to raise pay of federal workers an average of 7'/2 per cent: For—Harris, Hays Mills, Norrell, Trimble not vot ing —Gathings. On passage, 831-153, of bill au Mills, Norrell, Trimble. Not vot thorizing Trinity River reclame tion project in California with an closed that newspaper in 1950, andi bledon cllal ;npi°"ships today with Torino was imprisoned for nearly'" " ' " ° ' ™ ^ two years on charges of contempt of court and fraud. Last year the Inter-American Press Associa- a G-4. 6-3 victoiy over Mrs. Dorothy Head Knode of Alameda.. Calif. Miss Hart, from Coral Gables, Fla., won the singles title in 1951. tion awarded him the "Martyr for ™ e J? mb ' d «[t«>us Mrs. Knode, Communist " wh ° hlts forehand shots from eith- 'Freedom of the Press" medal i . , ., ,. .. T,,, L , lor side, was the fnth-sccclcd Ine government today lifted all er play- remaining restrictions on flights of planes over Argentine territory imposed after the revolt. Commercial flights to and from Buenos •Aires have been permitted since June 20, but flights by private planes, and craft belnoging to air clubs continued under the ban. Yesterday, for the second Sunda y since the bloody revolt against the government, police furnished protection for thousands of Roman Catholics thronging churches in Louise Brougn of Beverly Hills, Calif., also a former champion and seeded second to Miss Hart, also won an easy straight set match, beating Beryl Penroso of Australia, 6-2, e-l. Faubus Would Get Memphis Business LITTLE ROCK (ff>) — Gov. Orvjl Faubus says he favors a strong Buenos Aires. The worshipers knelt j campaign \° take away cast Ar- yreckage before improvised kan ^ as business from Mempr in churches damaged dur- " II l were a merchant, I'd amid wr altars ing the.revolt and prayed for victims of the uprising. _ Services were held for the first time in four churches wrecked and looted by. mobs during the night after the attack on Pcron's government house headquarters. Police . reported they had arrested four persons suspected ot being part of the mob which desecrated fashionable San Nicolas, the city's newest church. Along with their prayers for' the dead, priests condemned the mob action "against the religious buildings. Church property still closed in eluded the Metropolitan Cathedral which escaped major damage although it fronts on the central iPlaza de Mayo and over which the fighting raged; the Episcopal Palace next to the cahtedral, which'was guilty by fire; and a burned, out church from which my agents out making have all the contacts they could," Faubus said yesterday. Memphis' decision to build its owkn power plant rather than use electricity produced at the controversial Dixon-Yates plant under construction at West Memphis ,has brought a campaign in east Arkansas to divert business usually conducted, on the Memphis market to Arkansas markets. Faubys said that he favors a speed-up in rebuilding P u 1 a s k i County highways to improve transportation into Little Rock, thus aiding in .the effort to reduce Arkansas shopping at Memphis. Sking goes on the year around on the perpetual snows of Mt. Hood. firemen are still pumping water that had accumulated in the crypt. MIGs and forced to return to Formosa without accomplishing its mercy mission. Nationalist military leaders were' reported considering emergency! plans to keep the supply lines open i to Matsu after the start of what | vas feared to be a Red campaign i to isolate the island. I High government sources said they were considering heavily protected convoys with sabrejet cover to the string of islands 120 miles northwest of Taipei to head off a campaign to force their evacuation. The plane incident highlighted a who has left for lhe Notice Whipporwills are seldom seen because they are active at night and in the daytime their plumage blends with their background. , The Jett B. Graves SS Class of the First Methodist Church will have a Pot Luck at Fair Park tonight at 7:30. All members please Comforts More Childhood Ills, than any other children's aspirin. Mothers trust it, doctors approve it, children like its orange flavor. ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN To Our Customers and Friends We have completely AIR CONDITIONED our store for your comfort while shopping. Meet- your friends at our Fountain and cool off with a cool drink. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS ,. bring your insurance problems to us Competent advice from our experts will help sol re your insurance problems. Let us analyze your requirements and provide you with a sound insurance program, tailored to fit your exact needs. Consult Us today • . . before misfortune strikes. Play Safe ... INSURE NOW! Consult your Insurance Agent as you would your Doctor or Lawyer ROY ANDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY PR 7-3481 210 S. Main St. appropriation of 225 lars for constructor million dpi For —Hays Mills. Trimble. Against Gathings Harris, Norrell. Feels Adloi to. Announce Soon WASHINGTON W — Chairman Paul M. Butler of the Democratic Notional Committee "presumes" .hat before the year is out Adlai B. Stevenson will say whether he vill seek his party's presidential nomination. Butler said he had no personal choice for the nomination. He repeated his belief President isenhower will not run again. In a radio interview (MPS) last yht, Butler called Eisenhower's administration one "that has erved the interests of the selfish ew and against the interests ot 11 the American people." "And I am sure," he said, "that will be our approach in 1956 vhether h,e is the Republican or someone to 3 pr tl T**»» n f re§ New M «nl? 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ENDS TONIGHT 2:35 - 5:44-8:40 One of the All-Time Greafsl NEWS & CARTOON Starts Wednesday ALL THAT WAS EGYPT 33 CENTURIES AGO! Us evils... mysteries... deeds... and misdeeds! HEY KIDDIES! We have a treat in store for you ot our "Vacation Movie" Wednesday Morning . . * . Don't Miss It. G:30 p. m. Host and Hostesses will;which McCarthy was attempting at the time. McCarthy promptly charged that Fulbright had "rendered a real valuable service to the Communist party." The situation was this: McCarthy had offered a resolution to put the Senate on record as declaring that the coming Big and Mrs. Homer Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Beyerley. Mary Ann Wright and Kenneth Garrett Are Married Mr .and Mrs. J. T. Wright of help to you. Don't Bear Their Burdens ding, and I can't see that either. . Perhaps her second husband She didn't think that way when she d ° esn l want the responsibility so married the first time — she ran' lhey ' re shunting it on you. Have off and neither her father nor I:' 1 .°. nc saw her married. Now there's this : ,_1"?, as big fuss over a second marriage. Perhaps I'm wrong; if so, you ''.' en \. ln H\ c t!rst can set me straight. MRS. H. S. • klng the dlvorce it! There's such a making life too easy for others. You were willing ta take them in the first place, thereby ma- and tumble debate that he was Spring Hill announce the marriage'Four conference should discuss the, expecting. However, Fulbright of their daughter, Mary Ann to' slatl 'S of the Communist satellite Kenneth Garrett, son of Mr. and, nalions Mrs. Buck Garrett of this city. | The Democratic leadership in Thd wedding was solemnized 1he Senate was determined to bent probably would have been there anyway. Arkansas visitors to Washington Clif Blackburn of North Little Saturday June 2, at 8 p. m. by the the resolution by a record vote. | this week included, School Supt.. The couple will reside in Hope where the groom is employed. Coming and Going Jackie Simpson is enrolled in Duke's Beauty School in Texarkana for a course in hair styling, In this the- Democrats had the support of many Republican 1 ;. In the view of Democratic Leader Jorm^ty school superintendent, son (D-Tex), the resolution mere ly was an attempt to hamstring 'legislation President Eisenhower in the Big' Four Conference. The resolution drew an adverse report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which then sent it to the floor for a vote. McCarthy sought to stave off defeat of the resolution by offering a substitute as an amendment and withdrawing his original. But when McCarthy asked unanimous consent to withdraw the Velma has grown accustomed to her own life run in her own way, avoiding all obligations to her ters. A chronic complainer, the bearded actor was in fine fettle. He growled about coming to California for the role of Omar Khayyam in MGM's "Kismet." "It's a small role; I don't even know why they need me,' he remarked. "I thought at least theyd have me reciting some of Omar Khayam, but th ey don't even have any of that. And I certainly don't sing. "The bad thing about it is that although I have only a little to Claims Nortji Korea Has Big Air Force By-BILL SHINN SEOUL iff! — Communist North Korea has built up an air force of 580 planes —part jets —in Violation of the armistice agreement, the Republic of Korea charged today. The government said the North Korean Reds have three divisions of MIG15 jets, a fighter-bomber force, 15 air bases in operation and two more under construction. The ROK statement attributed the figures to two North Korean Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Louise Morrison. Hope, Annie Ruth Brooks, Hope, Linda Purtle, Hope, Geneva Cum-!original. Fulbright, in line with mings, Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. Roy Na- Democratic strategy, ob.iected. tions, 'Rt. 1, Hope Homer Easter- McCarthy didn't like it. He snid ling, Rt. 2, Hope, Allison Wood- Fulbright knew the resolution berry, Rt. 3, Hope. •Discharged: Tony Mae Brigss. Hope, Mrs. Norna Cofield, Emmet, Wayne Weeks, Emmet, Mrs. Dorsey Ray Hollis and daughter, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nations, Rt. would be defeated and that this defeat 'would give Communists i propaganda' weapon and hurt the cause of satellite nations. "He has rendered a real service to the Communist Party j today.' 1 McCarthy asserted, "and a real dis- 1, Hope .announce the arrival of. a'service to the people of the sate!daughter June 27. Branch Admitted: Ruby Whitley, Hope, Mrs. Robert Eaton, Mrs. Finis Walton, Hope, Ark., Fulton, Ark., John Vesey, Hope, Ark., Mrs. Bryan Clark, Hope. Discharged: Mr. Charles McClendon, Lewisville, Jim Brown, Hope, lite nations." At that point. noting a slight smile on Fulbright's face, McCarthy continued in this vein: "He sits there and laughs, Mr. President. It is no laughing matter. He can grin and smirk but the enslaved peoples will not grin and smirk about it when they are It's about time she was stopped. You came to the rescue once; „ , j „ „ „ . , . ^ i don ' 1 make a habit of it. As for Rock and Fay Dunn, Pulaski Conn- the wedding, in the interests of "school superintendent. goocl taste it should be small and They came to urge support for conservative, msintinn which would continue child and she intends to continue |do, it's at the beginning and end along these lines. Her impulsive | of the shooting. That means I married the have to wait around until they fin- indicates this, ish with the other stuff. People gesture in getting first time further federal aid to help operate schools in districts crowded as a result of federal installations. Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) told them he expects the House Education Committee to approve such a bill next week. Dear Miss Dix: Do you know of a correspondence club for the physically handicapped? I'd love to get acquainted with others similar- Rep. Trimble (D-Ark) is looking for early action from the Civil Aeronautics Board on the application of Central Airlines for permission to extend a route from Fayet- Harrison, Wood, Mo., to St. Louis ly afflicted. LONESOME Answer: Perhaps there are readers \vho would be interested in writing this young lady. Any mail will be cheerfully forwarded. Dear Miss Dix: Two weeks before I went to boot camp, I met a very nice girl and asked her to write to me. All during training I wrote, .. T . m , , , ,. . i and sn e answered. I appreciated ihu pM P ™ of Citing action on her letters a lot. When I got home this extension of local air service to northwestern Arkansas," he said. Larry Johnston, Hope. I advised of what the senator has Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eaton an- done. I repeat, he has done a nounce the arrival of a baby girl great service to the Communist 0-26-1955. Mrs. Ruby Whitley announce the arrival of a baby boy 6-26-1955. Miss Christine Christie, secretary of Rep. Harris CD-Ark), has been ordered by her physician to take things easy because of high blood pressure which recently hospitalized her for a few days. Harris and his office have toeen unusually busy this session due pnrtly to the fact, he is carrying the ball on the bill to exempt gas producers from federal regulation — one of the big controversies before Congress. cause." McCarthy went back to the attack a little the same. later with more of American men aged 80 average However, a short time later Sen. six more years of life. • (Morse (D-Ore) and Sen Lehman (D-NY) arose in Fulbright s de- Home Grown Purple Hull PEAS They are A Fresh Lb. **C ALL BOB TURNER'S Caged Eggs Will be Sold at our CURB MARKET Tomatoes Fresh Home Grown 2 Lb, 25c ICE COLD Watermelon Whole, Half or Slice Bob Turner's Curb Market fense. Morse said "I do not know of pny member of the Senate whose record excels that of the senator from Arkansas as regards opposition to communism." He added that he never again intended to sit silently by when- .ever McCarthy "casts reflections iupon the integrity o£ any of my colleagues in the Senate." Morse called McCarthy's attack an effort "to brush all over the senator from Arkansas a smear of appeasement of communism." "I happen to be one member of the Senate who resents that kind of tactic in debate in the Senate." Lehman seconded Morse's remarks. Fulbright, who was one of. the first, to take issue with McCarthy several years ago when the Wisconsin senator was riding high, let the whole thing pass over without comment. Fulbright, incidentally, was on the floor at the time of the express request of Majority Leader Johnson. With Chairman George (D-Pa) of the Foreign Relations committee ill, the job of presenting the committee position during debate fell to the venerable Sen. Green (D-RD Johnson asked Fulbright, third Democrat on the committee, to be on hand to help in the rough More Peopl* Jtfde On Goodyear Tires Than On Any Offi*r Kind! --fad Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 Tonite thru Thursday , Not Recommended For Children THE TWO MOST CONTROVERSAL PICTURES OF THE YEAR BREAKOUT GUYS! ...Ihe Gallant Stor^ of C. I. Prisoners of War in the Infamous North Korean Prison Camps/ ROUSING... EXCITING.., THRIU-PACKEDI «. -~^<%m PRISON IDA LUPINO '> JAN STERLING CLEO MOORE AUDREY TOTTER PHYLLIS THAXTER HOWARD PUFF FRANCIS • Dignne FOSTER • Brian KEITH j'.<fa A 1 «>« Al-U'' V,''.',' jlfo « i • t,X,"-. 1 * •. r- Congress has passed and sent to the White House legislation authorizing Arkansas and Oklahoma to enter into a compact covering division and use of waters of the Arkansas River and its tributaries. The bill, by Rep. Trimble, is o£ special interest to Siloam Springs which is building a dam on the Illinois river to improve its water supply. Carl Whitlock, Clinton, a graduate of the University of Arkansas, has joined the staff of Rep. Trimble. I messed things up. Twice I was supposed to take her out and never showed up. Then I told her I was sick and she found out I wasn't. However, I never did take another girl out. I called her just before I left and asked jf she would write but she said she didn't think so. I miss her letters and would like to get her .back. How can I do it? GEORGE J. Answer: Well, I don't blame the girl for not continuing the correspondence after such shabby treatment. She undoubtedly feels that, while she's good enough to write letters, she isn't good enough to get your personal attention. Try writing her a letter of apology, explaining the entire situation, no matter how insignificant it makes you feel, and await results. 'Consider yourself a lucky boy if you get a letter. WRONG PLACE NEW PORT, R.I., (UP) --Police reported today a sailor responded when he heard a woman shouting for help in getting out of a building. The sailor got a window part way open, they said, before a companion pointed out to him the building was a jail. say I shouldn't complain because I'm getting paid for waiting. But do you know what it costs to live in a hotel It's monstrous!" Woolley said he hadn't been well at all. He had a bad sinus condition which affected his inner ear and caused vertigo. The sudden death of Walter Hampden also shook him. He added that his wasn't scenes helped by in "Kismet. 1 well his The being early first day's work had him and Vic Da- mbne in a mob scene. He had to fall on Damone and then several extras toppled on both. He .suffered through nine takes of such undignified and strenuous goings- on. "And the next day I spent most of my time racing up a staircase and shouting," he added. "Finally .1 told the director, Vincente Min- LATEST IN HAIR DESIGNING Plain Shampoo 1 and Set .... I . Cream Shampoo 1 and Set .... I • Veration Hair Cut ..... Permanents ETHEL. , 1.00 6.50 up FRANCES SEE DUKE ON WEDNESDAYS Cuts . $1.50 Cut and Re-Style . $3.50 DUKE'S BEAUTY SALON Air Conditioned for your comfort 1019 West 7th Ph.7-4389 nelli, that I had no voice left was hoarse." "That's fine," Minnelli replied. "That's the way you should be. Woolley reported that he has been spending most of his time fat Saratoga Springs, N. Y., where he has resided a . good deal of his life. He said he has not been well enough to attempt a return to the stage. Woolley exploded over one recent' report—that Liberacc might play the Sheridan Whiteside role in a musical version of "The Man Who Came To Dinner.' "I could think of nothing more ludicrous!" he snorted. air force pilots wfrt) munists last week. the Communist JKdrfSafli: now has 500 pilots Shd —with more being! trained la" China by Russian id^ilfttfy and more planes Comltig Ifl rail, the g o v e r tt tflfeHI ment charged. At the time of the North Korea had nt) ai operation and no dlr could be used for warplkriiS armistice forbids ahy forces over those July 21, 1953—the The too pilots, C«pi. 1 Yong and Lt. Lee "* "" from Nor'th Korea their at Seoul landed fighter were taken into custpayi ROK government. Today's . ment was the* first oittttal^ftd of the information they Experts say the wjra to rerofl a tick which has becdrrte, in your skm Is to plit v __ nail polish remover, Chloroform ehter on him. HAZEL'S BEAUTY Completely- * AIR CONDITIO^ID for your ranitori 104 3. Elm «Mto« Hazel Virgin!*; <! 'r Sandals "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN E. O. M. SPECIAI Entire Stock, Women's U. S. Kedetts All the popular colors. All sizes. Regular $3.98 to $4.50. Special price $3.00 Summer Shoes 1 lot Men's Summer Shoes Brown, white, brown mesh, and brown punched leather. Values to $12.95 $6.00 One lot of Children's?! sandals. Color/ whiie* red and brown( >„ $2.00 Boys Oxfoi < % / * 1 lot boys mesji^oxf Sizes 8i to big'Boy Values to $6.$5 FOSTER FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly". 113 E. 2nd. Coroin Foster Phone 7-2700 ktf 1* V , >i > ff f, V« J J r* i-. < : ,*, New Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 4-Door Sedan—the flpir of a Hardtop, the roominess of g Sedan, tV * SOLID • that's the way Dodge builds 'em! There are a number of exciting discoveries waiting for you when you join the growing ranks of proud Dodge owners! Its dashing style. Its surging power, Its remarkable handling ease. But none of these is more rewarding to you than the deep-down dependability you find built into the very fiber of this great automobile. Right from the start you sense the rugged qualities that put Dodge In a class by itself. Here is a car that does not ask to be pampered, or babied over bumps. Here is stamina and endurance that takes all roads as they come, and brings you lasting rewards in driving satisfaction, That's the way Dodge builds cars. Through the years and over the miles you'll learn to appreciate how much Dodge dependability means to you. THE NEW ^*"*BMt^^^^ ^^t^iftf^ w^W^^^^ ^^ff^r 9B1 and f (ashing 4hw£ . Dodge Dealers bring you: "Break the Bank," "Make Room for Daddy," and now the "Lawrence Welk Show" pn A^V-'V B. R. HAJVtM MOTOR CO 209 f«lt i^'^*3^* 1 *-5**«"?^^^^W?R30^/Tt^^Ti i 1

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