Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 25, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1955
Page 7
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STAR^HOPt, ARKANSAS June&IfSS " 2S, DRIVE-IN THEATRE Opert «;36 • BrWHck Crawford * WftHrftt Mendri* e Joh* A Shrift that Couldn't Be Bought MIDNITE SHOW 11:58 WHAT IS IT THI THING SOCIETY Mary Alice Mosley, Fidelius SS Class of the First Methodist Church will have a picnic supper at Fair Park on June 1 27th. at 6:30 p. m. A full attendance is urgetJ. The American.-Legion Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Glen Williams n the Purkins Hbme'601 E. 2nd Monday June 27, at 8 p. m. Mrs. ?lyde Sexton and Mrs; Ferrel Bacer will be associate,hostess, withl rs,- Joe Reece in charge of the re-gram. #*»• Starts Sunday FORBIDDEN EMPIRE IN THE SAVAGE HEART OF AFRICA! fAN HEFLIN RUTH ROMAN HOWARD DUFF 'Brfng the Kiddies and Come Out Early FREE KIDDIELAND The Workers Sunday School Class f GarteH Memorial Baptist Chut- h will meet Monday. June 27, at :30 p. :m. in the home of Mrs, Ruth Taylor on N. Hervey St., All members are requested to be present. Notice Miss Edith Massoy will' teach tria Jett B. Graves SS Class of the First Methodist Church Sunday June 26. 'All members are invited to attend. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lee Bales and .children of Racine, Wise., are visiting Mr. Bales parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bales, Rosston Road and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bales and son of Stamps. Gubs . ... Victory One hundred dish towels were sent to the Arkansas Crippled Children's Home by the Victory. Home Donronstration Club following the June meeting, The club also voted to give $5.00 donation to the Cancer Fund. Mrs. Bill Burke used Psalm 122 for the devotional. The Lord's Pra yer followed. Mrs. ; Hallar McCorkle receive: thfe thrfft package and game went to Mrs. Dexter Alford. Mrs. C. J. Rowe, hostess, serv ed refreshments to the following Mmes. William Schooley, Jack Sumpter,' McCorkle, Robert Cash Alford, Cecil Smith, Burke, Dalton Smith, Gewrge Hartsfield, and Wil liam Stephienson. The July meeting will be in the home of Mts. Archie Smith. Baker Wardrobe planning and simpli fie'd techhique»s 'in making clothing were the derrtonstrations given by Mrs. T. B. 3j"enwick, Sr., at the meeting of 3aker Home Demonstration Club on Thursday night, June 10. Mrs. Jj B. Hargis was the hostess and Mrp. Howard Tippett co-hostess. ; The Home Deijionstration Creed was repealed in ^nison and the song, "United Nations Hymn," was led by Mrs. Edith Jester. The devotional, Psalm 12, was given by the hostess and was.' followed by the Lord's Prayer. A radio program was planned during which a report of the orgin and activities of Baker Club will be given. Refreshments were served and the club adjourned to meet in July at the Fair Park for the annual picnic. Sweet Ho'me Sweet Home Demonstration Club met June, 17th at the Sweet Home Church with the president, Mrs. Doris Carmen, presiding. Mrs. C. A. Fillips, clothing leader, gave a demonstration on sewing in sleeves. ' The July .meeting will be at the church. PRESCOTTNEWS Mrs. Bradley Hostess to C. W. F. Christian.,Women's Fellowship of Ihe First Christian Church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. 'W., Bradley..Dijer^ci 'the .ill* ness of Mrs. Heni:y Thprnpsorii pre- •iident, Mrs. Bradley cb'nducted' tha •)Usiness. .session". ' ;.. ''.'•'•''••••*''>•:•'•'. Mrs.' Edith D^avis' had charge 'of .he .program on "India" using as ler topic, "Such .is Their Faith." The scripture reading was from he first. chapter of Acts 1-8. The jrogram closed with prayer by Mrs. Al- Lbomis. • . ..... ..-...--,•..• A nice slim i was realized from he "Food Basket" and the group decided to continue with it for an- 'ther month, The meeting closed with the/benediction. Dainty refresh ments were served by the hostess. The July meeting will be held in ,the home of Mrs. Al Loomis with .Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter. leader. TONItE ONLY DOUBLE-BARREL ACTION ! WAR AMINST'BUCK CATI* utt TECHNICOLOR GEORGE MONTGOMERY • COWMII* PICTURE "ICover the Underworld • Mrs. .Basil M.unn Hostess to Wednesday 'Club . The. home- of Mrs. Basil Munn was beautifully decorated with arrangements of roses on Tuesday afternoon when she entertained the Wednseday Bridge Club. The high score prize was won by Mrs. Scott Ross and the low prize by Mrs. T. R. Moberg. A tasteful salad course was served to guests Mrs. Jack Robey, Mrs. Mark Justiss. Mrs. Otis Townsend, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Moberg and members Mrs. Allen Gee. Mrs. 'Guss McCaskill and Mrs. Jim Nelson. jiey; Sergeant at Arms, Rip Inger ,sol; Chaplain, W. S. Black. Sam Vick Scott, past post /ccfem .mander installed the following^pffic ,ers for the Auxiliary: Preadent JWrs. J. W. Gist; First Vice^Presi dent, Mrs. Julia Oann; Second ,Vice-P-resident, Mrs. Loyce Ander ,son; Secretary, Mrs. Curtis Ward .Sergeant at Arms, Mrs. Join T ,McRae; Parliamentarian, ^Mrs Burke Shelton; Chaplain .MrsiiSam ,V. ScOtt. . : ;' Guests were Mr. and Mns. J .Ed Smith. Mrs. Wallace Pemberton has re .turned from Little Rock where she has been the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. McRao. Dr. N. R. Nelson has returned from Dyersberg, Tenn. Where' he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs, D. T. Pope. Mrs. Nelson and Lynn re mained for a longer visit. Mrs. J. W. Gist attended the funeral services for her uncle, Mr. Ross Roberts in Shrcveport, La. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Whitaker and children, Susan and Bill, re- urned to their home in Corpus ^hristi, Texas on Tuesday after a visit with their parents, Mr and Mrs. Norman Whitaker and Mr Martin Guthrie. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Marsh and ,Johnny returned to their home in Birmingham, Ala. on Tuesday after a visit with relatives. Pour Brides for Only Two Brothers HOUSTON, Tex., (*)—Two faroth ers were in -jail today because a justice of the peace ruled that four brides for two brothers is illegal. •M, T ,, „ », But Edward Roberts, 31, and Mrs. J. V. McMahen and BetsyfLyle. 21, said they didn't intend to Jane spent Monday in Texarkana ' '- •"-- '- — Major and Mrs. Williard Home and son, Mike, of Fort Knox, Ky arrived here Tuesday to be the giiests of her mother, Mrs. S. H Mahan and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon have returned from several days stay with their daughter, Mrs. Erhmett Parham and family in Benton. Mrs. Marion Franks and Mrs. Clyde Marsh are vp^atiohing in Hot Springs. Friends' of Mrs. Henry Thomp- .on will be glad to know she has returned to her home after being 11 in the Cora <Donnell Hospital. Cows on lush pasture tend to ive large amounts of milk, but o lose weight 'unless they are fed rain and hay supplements. break the law. Yesterday Mrs. Louise Roberts. 17, told Justice Dave Thompson she had learned her husband EC ward had married her without gel ting a divorce from another worn an, Russella, '21. Thompson charged Edward with bigamy and set an examining trial. Brother Lyle was called as a witness. Two 17-year-old women — Doris and Joan—also appeared, both cliiiming to have married Lyle. Edward said: "I married Russella in Mexico. A lawyer told me the marriage wasn't legal. So I married Louise." Lyle said: "I married Doris in San Angelo. We separated and I came to Houson. I heard through my brother hat she divorced me. So. I mar ried Joan." federal Pay Hike Needs Ike's Sig WASHINGTON (JO — A 7'/ 2 pe cent pay raise for more than one million government workers rieec ltd only President Eisenhower's ai jproval today to become effective as oil'last March 1. The Senate and Housi both ap proved yesterday a compromise version of the pay bill and sen it to the White House for expec ed signature when the Presides returns, from a lour of New Eng land. The measure would cosl about 328 million dollars a year. L. 1 Strike May End Real Soon Formosa has about the same area as the Netherlands. Trys Suicide But Only Breaks Window JERSEY CITY, N. J., June 24 (UP) — A 54-year-old Los Angeles man today admitted that an explo sidri which blew out 20 windows in the Hotel Earl this morning was caused by his vain suicide attempl.. Police held Albert J. Luche on an attempted suicide charge. They said Luche had turned on four gas jets in the attempt. He was found wandering dazedly through his three-room suite-short ly after the blast. LOS ANGELES —Striking L Angeles transit lines workers Vo today on a wage offer the cor-a | pany hopes will end the five-dt old strike. The negotiating committee the AFL Amalgamated Assn.*'tJ»' Street, Electric Railway and M tor Coach Employes of Ameri has recommended that the worke accept the line's offer. It calls for increases totalling cents an hour in three steps ov a two : year period. Current rate fi operators is $1.91 hourly. Some 2,600 members of t union's Division 1277 struck earlj Monday. A big traffic jam blockej Los Angeles freeways Monday, IX"' extra taxieatos, extra buses on twj- other bus lines and additional pc* "ice traffic crews prevented ftutt er snarlups. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Completely AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 j Hazel Virginia Aullne* OAY FEATURE TIMES: ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREAT 'ROMANTIC WAR STORIES! INEMASCOPE (j'fajV, '* *• Color Juvenile Music Club Has Swimming Party The mejnbers of the Juvenile Music Club and their guests enjoyed a swimming party at Hoon on Monday night. After the swim a plnlc supper was held at the CPrescptt Methodist Church. • Accompanying the group were Mrs, L. J. Bryson, Mrs. P. A. Escarre, Mrs. Dale. Ledbetter, -Mrs. E. Adams, Mrs. Glenn Hairston, Mrs. T. F. Grayson, Mrs. Frank Haltom, June Hines, Nancy Buchanan, Delver Escarre and Barbara Moberg. New Officers Installed at Legion an Auxiliary Meeting Forty-eight attended the joint meeting of Hooker-Nelson Post No. .51 American Legion and the Auxili- ,ary Monday evening at the Legion Hut. Members of the Legion, hosts Jor the meeting, served baked ham, .potato'chips, pie and cold drinks. Miss Claudette Smith, delegate to .Girl's State and David Hanning, .Gladwin Connell and Jerry Cotting- Jiam, delegates to Boy's State at Camp Robinson were guest speak- ,ers and reviewed their activities ,while at camp. (Dale Ledbetter, past district com. .mander, installed the following officers for Hooker-Nelson Post No, 51: Commander, Bill Gist; First .Vice-Commander, Ellis Ledbetter; .Second Vice-Commander, Maurice McLeland; Adjutant, Albert Peach- ,ey; Post Surgeon, Dr. L. R. Tur- CQLOR CARTOON *• NEWS LATEST IN HAIR DESIGNING Plain Shampoo 1| and Set .... I. Cream Shampoo 1| and Set .... I • Veration Hair 1 /\^ Cut .... . I .UU Permanents . O«Dw up ETHEL FRANCES SEE DUKE ON WEDNESDAYS Cwts , .... . . $1.50 Cut and Re-Style . $3.50 DUKE'S HAMTY SALON DEARBORN SUBSOILER uu/CfaL ^^W '•'.-'''* SM TUESDAY JUNE 28, 1955; 1 P. M. Courts 2 Miles North of Hope, Ark., on Highway 67 "-w See the new 900 Series Ford 1 Tricycle Tractors with front- mounted Cultivators Bring your family! Bring your friends! Meet your neighbors! See the World-Famous FordsoH Major Diesel! See the 600 and 800 Series Ford Tractors • in act/on? •*.• 1 r- SPONSORED BY BtONDrE TW6A.M.ANO 3AISVS NOT HOME YET .DAISY VOU SHOULD BE ASHAMEtS, WORRYING .YOUftttMlLV LIKE THIS I WISH I COULD THE EXCUSE SHE IWIGHT TO US* it SOMETIME, MYSELF OZARK IKE 14th U. S. President AhVWer to >>eVioui Dealers Tractor MEMPHIS, DISTRIBUTOR TENN, ACROSS 50 Harangues 114th U. S. S2 Continued , President, , • story • Franklin — 53 Recorders 7 He was a —— ' DOWN 13 Standards of fPastries '' ,,£f r< £ tion 2 Loafer •;«: 14 The East 3 Lamprey ' 15 Measure of fishermen MWWi* 4 Egyptian sun 23 Irony 37 Angler's 16 While god 25 Term in basket 17 Bristly 5 Clothed horseshoes 39 Hinder 18 Observe <> Perfumes 27 Greek letter 40 Native metals 19 Low sand 7 Defeated one 28 Large plant 4l Feminine •>i £ s ',' o?7^ B < od , 30 His wife was appellation- 21 Genus of . 9InteUectual Jane Means. 42Fiddline • rodents power Roman ' - 22 Railroads 10 Petty officer 33 Click-beetle emperor K nJr'ul »Follow after 34 Sorrowful 44 Stud £ ' fn£ etth ?f-. ™5 out £ s (ab - } Dimply' . ' -46 Assam .& '< 25 New Guinea -20 Numbers 36 Rugged silkworm •>«?° rt », " (sb<) . m °untain spur 51 Near 26 Levantine ketch (pi.) 28 Number 29 Pedal digit 30 Brazilian .: macaw 31 Belongs to that thing 32 Writing tool 33 Age 34 Rate of motion 36 Drink made with malt 87 Wolframite 38 Color 40 British account money 41 English forest 43 Tortoise beak' 4F. Chemical substance IV Symbol for tellurium <• 'icuan'. Indian Blasting CARNIVAL n \o OUT OUR WAY LEROY OlD IT/.ME. TH'.CUB \Tf Mwif RUNNER 8>W STCHUH !r S u^7^^> wftHA TH PLATE, Jy (SNE'MlTttK T !TEAL° ^ 1M HIS F1RST HOME / LlttL-E ,LEA&UE A •> By J. R. William* VIC FLINT PEEP WATER RlPPteT / WHAT FOOL©.' ONLY WITH .WIND- ) PULLIN' THIS- SHALLOW STREAM / RlPf*LE ALL TIME.' \ /A GUY WHO __,_ -. . f WASWAPIN6 THAT IW'LOW jl I RICE PA&CM6 BEFORE we WERE BORM.' UMPfcESSeC 1 ? •TOdOAHEAb VOiJ IP SOMETMIM' HAPPENS/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE W: With Major Hooplc By Dick Turner; : "DROP DECA^Tfig AlOO FUNNY BUSINESS you spare a dime for a cuppa ._. I__ * ^ tn. *tms- - f" _. SIDE GLANCES B y GalbraiH, Our_witnes$ epuldn't be here so we're using & player ._ jand a photograph!'^' SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seder "This is one of the nicest rooms in town txcept _..Jhe bikery next door burmd the doughnut* c? «lw»yt fcluihes AMSttV SEA5 c - —, r ,._ ' ' ' Pft6l(SHTB^, WASH TUBES r -. TRV ANOTHER. , r |p TH'VA.W TOOK THIS X HIQHWftY-HEy, . ROW?, FR&WIG WE'D HAVE V HERE'S A KOAO- . G.DT CLOSE EMOUSH'By .«LOCK, SET-UP k. NOW TO S&T A REACTION/By.TM 1 PATKOtl NO,THEY DIPNTCOMB-X 60.,,^. ,. TO ^, THI5 WAV. AMD THIS \ OW EACH HISHWAV BLOCK. WA* JSBT UP IN / OUT OF CARKIZOZOI • TO CATCH 'BMl 7 WE JUST GOT A RAPID < REPORT woue-OF «n•\ HAVE 5B6W THE »W1 •THEN THEV'RR HSMW6P UP IN JHI^ AREA i senaeAW-. , PR08A8LV 'ON A 5MALUKDM* ' ALli, WITH TW5 5CMILI BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES -so, i^w^VL wowow ; — TO BUGS BUNNY :. 5CREWV . ,..,„ .UDD5VV ) BUT 1 1 ACCBPT / THAT'S WISHT...I SAIP CAWWOTS VOIJ A&V'Jf&S THAT WABBIT CAN / > ONLY EAT 6b Z MAN/ BETO!?E HE SETS SICK... THENI'LVBe 6-25. N ALLEY OOP OKAY, BOY5, -. WHAT1L WLJ HOW'S MOVV: y"LOOK\.IAVE? HOPING TO GET A HELEM OF TROY. COOLA HAS TAKEN A JOB A5 BARMAIP Y« j » • THERE HASN'T V- <SHE 1^5 Klp- BEEN A *B0yVwWCHA\ NA^fP, 'ATJ SINCE THE ( OFFP !HNr9/ > U6^iSKS\UEf'XI OFF WlfH T 'AT'S THAT reOJftj^ PRINCE. .i ^i PRISCILLA'S POP THf SfpRY OF MARTHA WAYNI ^JiiiM H59AIOHE W46 60IN6TQ A/WMWT WVt" , HAV5 Mg CHA»?fP WITH »SfADIT. — ""'" -LAIOAHAWOW ANSZyTHIfATj J*^ JMWUI ,'-, ^ . "i ^ •-./ • t'^' ^ t -. • v., . w ;v/i-^^&^ « ,'. .'. R -f»''(';«'"?*'* \,iV, t J'. ii t ^ i\j%V)-*i^l

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