Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 24, 1955 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1955
Page 19
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? .r v ,-, > $**$• , * lv-4 *S , IJN PiUi i^ourMN llth ySyf FAITH * ft * fc J8;T A t,. :M Q M ,. A UK, A N * Friday, June 24, 195S FAITH In GOD.. -man's ONLY eHUiteH efcovV through REGUiiAH CHURCH ATTENDANCE ?,** •fHW.* **•,* — U, •It Is Wrirfeh 1,7-i • 'fMan fj»S.')V - &\X V fer f ,s? r '< r » * fa"' V ' ust What Me 1 l Products Oiit. Jtani^'bnif Store r' k'* Wtl ' ollp -|f l F , lrrt - ?• T « Chu «»> I*' J" * A HWt Furniture Co. v^ • Fine Furniture William M. Duckert v A ,. * •">«••• °' fie^P 'Iron '* lia-Chtiter Hospital k Branch Gentrol k« rvlee ~r" ! , T -,T-i""~i"'*"V"~""~; < " '"?",fKyjt'l,'**™ f*5* J ?.,i < P I lf.-'!;™ ia » a . ^y seeing the world through tj?e.eye| of a map,' Wtot ^ir|cjoUji'days are^offered every falser in the land; days of the he(o.yv,orehip of ,o son '^'listens «ndj learns froiri the wo|ds and from the doings of a lather ^ho lias brought him .into'Ijcing. Every father hastjoirfcd kith God and with a loving mother to bring the son into existence. The Creator of the universe is responsible for the success of the great'experiment,He has entered upon when he called all things into being. Just as truly have we fathers accepted responsibility for the new life we have called into being. This son is "my" son and. I am "his" father. What a privilege to walk by the side pf a growing boy!,What a wonderful experience to find a little fe\lay trying to step in our tracks alprfg the dusty way of life! To be a father is about tfte^jhighest privilege that ever comes ro any man; and to be a 'good father takes about all 'there is of "any one of 'us. We lia've no greater task than this; it takes precedence over making money for food and.for clothing. its', 1 fi Midwtit Dairy Product* • Gra^t A Carry ProdueU J 5t*pheni Grocer Co. n ^. • WholeMle Growers - V 'v - «;Avto Compony, Inc. ,, ; ; ,f Ford Dealer OV«r WYiukrl »'$ Pepartinent Stor* The Fanjlly 6hopplrt| Gerof e f Glou Shop ' ' Auto Regain — QUie Install tone Got C«mM||y; •;- - (1| .,^1 ?,.B«t.n.^r.Tlu?i^i!.^J today how much time we are giving to this opportunity to be 1 jf?! 1 * 6 / 8 ' **° w ® c a' cu] 3te the ( day's schedule to seek for the hour we may spend '- .1"^ ^?""1. 1 ? e . r !? ^"MPf 61 "!. 9 r do ' we al!ow °u rselves to become so busy about Vfie <esser tilings tnat tne precious 'days slip into the years and we have lost the boy 'B, ^ ef (SP^ ) ?' ? '= H ^? ]? e lo °8 ed ^ s P me , t irne to, walk with us, to play with us, to go with «f *g ^ ball gaine, to work by our side in the menial chores of the place? How foolish if,we allow.these great days to slip by while we give our attention to the little affairs that call for our time! The great God will ask us some day how much time and how much love and how much fellowship we gave to the little boy he sent to walk by our tide, We asked that God send him our way; have we "discharged our responsibility and •our privileges? Take him to church,.teach:him the way of God. \Villbms Newspaper Feature* P. O. liox m, Fl. W»nb, Tc«. y » Pendletop, paetor Federal e Coin AMeclitlen .lr«s F Foundry Ir ,e Machine Company ^•»j?jjj»»i ;r«iic"<c'u» Supt. , , v-Wiflf a. m. Morping Worship JSermon by the Minister. ' 2:30-4:00 p. m. Cpmmuniqn Service to shut-ins by 5The, Elders, . „ p. m . Christian Youth .the , is Board .v,fh.e,£. W. F, Ck« the h>mes the first f Pepeniiably « ftTfn fiMVIIBMt FIRST PREBfVTERIAN 7,01 ;8«Mth 'Main Street Re,v. (..' ,T. Lawrence, D. D., . The Men's J&lbje Class will meet in th<t Fellowship Hall at 9:30 ,?. m. (or 'doughnuts .ap<J coffee; the lesson 'at JO: 00' will be taught by - Jack Lowe; Dr. J.,W. Branch, pianist, 10:00 a. .m. Sunday School, James H. Miller, Superintendent. 10:55 a, rn. Morning Worship Sej-mon subject; "Like a Deceitful Brook" Anthem: "Hear My Prayer, 0 Lord" Jarnes. 7:30 p. m. P. Y. F. Mrs. Jack Lowe will have charge oft the program. 7 p. m. Evening Worship Echoes from Ferncjijff. John Ban- presiding. Talks will be given by the young people who attended the F&rneliff Senior Conference, Monday 7 p, m. Choir practice A full attendance s is> urge<t •SThe.Womep *>* -the Church, will mjset Monday rnoirnlng at ten o' clock m the GARRETT MEMORIAL 300 North Ferguson Street Eld. Elbert O'Steen, Pastor Sunday '. • . 9 a. m. Rock of Ages Broadcast over KXAR. 9:50 a. rn. Sunday School. Paul Church Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 7 p. m. Baptist Training Service 8 p. m. Evening Worship Monday , ' 2 p. m. Senior W. M. A. Wednesday 7 p. m. Teachers' meeting and G. M. A.'s 7:30 Mid-week services and prayer meeting Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior W. M. A. Monday , 2:30 p. m. Womens Missionary Council. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE W. 0. W. Hall (2nd <£. Walnut) Services are held each Sunday Morning at 11 o'clock in the W. O. W. rooms, second block South Walnut, across from the Post Office. CATHOLIC Ire* and wr, Father A, C. Dunleavy, Pastor T MilTHfa^|T9HUIiQN 8 a. m. Mass f tat )) *. m. Morning Worship tey,,!^ari|s tyvlkiw will be spi- lat Belter. ' . v. p, e V O. K*fl«v. 9:45 a. ni. Church School Miss Edith JMasey will teach the Jett B. Graves' Class. C. ,V. N"nn, Jr., will teach the Century 9ty)le Class. 10:^5 a. m. , Morning Worship Anthem: "O Divine ^e<Jeemey" Soloist: Mrs. Harrell C. Hall (Gounod)-.. Seynvgn: "The Pearl of Great Price" Minister. 5:39 p. nj, «W#sley qiub. {g;39, p. m. Senior and Intermediate MYF. 7 B •<"• Evening Wprship. i: //When prayer Becomes CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughei, Minister Sunday 0:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Communion 6 p. m. Bible £tudy 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladies Bible Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7:15 p. m. T- Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Study CHURQH OF CHRIST 5th and Crady Street F. U, Jennings, Minister Sunday 9:45 Bible Study ' 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. rn- Bible Study, Classes for all '•» *• TO- UNITV BAPTIST CHURCH s South Elm Street Pastor, Howard White 8:25-8:55 a. m. Unity Gospel Hour KXAR. . 10 a. m. Sunday School Jessie M9Adams, Supt. Morning wr>rsv»n-ij a. nr>, 7 p. m. Baptist Training Service J. E. Powers, President. 8 p, rn,. Sermon Monday 7 p. m, Willing, Workers Auxiliary, Mrs, Sidney Ward, President. Tuesday 1st 4 3rd • 7:30 p. m. Brotherhood Meeting Howard White, President. Wednesday 2 p. £>.. W. M. A- Mrs. Barney Gaine j, President. 7 p. m. Teacher'? Meeting 7 p. m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary, Mrs, Howard White. 8 p. m. Prayer Service FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Rev. H 1 . P. Hudspeth, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Luther Cornelius Supt • 11 a. m. — Morning Worship Sermon by pastor. 6:45 p. m. Pentecostal Conqueror's — Mrs. Joe Lively; President 6:45 p. m. Children's Church, (Junior Conqueror's) Mrs. H. P. Hudspeth, Leader. Wednesday 7:45 p. m. Evening Worship Sermon by the Pastor 7:45 p. m. Bible Study (Everyone urged to come we are studying the 4th and 5th chapters of the book of Janie's.) FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday 9:30 a. m. Sunday School W. H. Munn, Supt. 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship wilh Sermon by the Pastor. 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union, Hubert Thrash, Director-. 7:45 p. m. Evening Worship with Sermon by the Pastor. Monday 9:30 a. m. Woman's Missionary Society Executive Committee Meeting to .be followed by the Round Table Book Club. 2 p. m. Beginner and Primary Sunbeams will meet at the church. 4 p. m. Junior .G. A.'s 7 p. m. — Training Union Council Meeting and Supper. Tuesday 10:00 a. m. — W. M. U. Young People's .Rally at CaJvery Baptist Church, Texarkaria. Wednesday 7:45 p. m. Fellowship Hour - The Midweek Worship for the Whole Family. Thursday Visitation Day HOPE GOSPEL TA0ERNACLE Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor Rev. G. E. Hicks, Mus}c-Vouth Director. 9:45 a. m. — .Sunday School, T. C. Cranford Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Radio Bible Class, Broadcast over K&AR, Rev. C. S. Walker, Teacher. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon by the Pastor. 6:30 p. m. Senior C. A. Junior C. A. 7:30 p. m, Evangeljsjttc service, Sermon by the Pastor. Tuesday Choir Rehearsal p. rn. Ladies Pentecosta} Aux,. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday 7:15 p. 'm. Course. 9 |u a, MJ*Wee£ ^ ; a fa t t*aflmtt *iua 1 Workers' Training May This Page . Insps're Many !s the Sincere Prayer of Hempstead County Ministe 'S First National Bank • Member F D I C Collier Tire & Eoffery Service • TV Sales alid Service Hope Beverage Company • Soft Drink Distributors Southwestern Packing. Co. • Pork and Beef 'Packers Bruner-fvory Handle Co. • Socializing in Handle Supplies Montgomery Grocery & • Prompt Dolivnry Hotel Sarlow • Your Home Awny From Home Hope Gin Company • Serving the Farmer W. Shcinhouse Sons. Inc. • Clothing Manufacturers Cities Service Station • Bumper to Bumper Service Citizens National Bank • Member F D I C Anthony Manufacturing Co. • Pine and Hardwood Lumber Sears Roebuck & Co. • The Family Store Hope Transfer & Storage Co. • Bonded and Insured Gunter Retail Lumber Co. • Everything for The Builder Hosey's Down Town Texaco • Service Station E. C. Coleman Garage • Experienced Mechanics Hope Body Shop • Guaranteed Paint & Body Work Byers Swap Shop • Used, Modern & Antique Dealers Jimmy Cook • Hempstead County Sheriff Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. • Machinery Repairs Hempstead Motor Co. « Pontiac Sales & Service Appliance Repair Company » Service With a Smile James Cleaners « Mr. and Mrs. W. F. James This religious service is paid for by public spirited firms 100% interested in the, spiritual life of Hempstead £punty. They urge regular church qt- tenaonce and support. ».») 9\ f •« ! '>' Friday, June 24, 1955 f BLONDIE HOW DID YOU ) I AND DADDV < HAPPEN TO > SET MARRIED, A MAMA?./ -^ WELL, LETS SEE ONE NIGHT DAOW MADE A DATE TO TAKE ME TO THE MOV1E.S t- ^/ •III! BUT IT RAINED SO HARD [ WE COULDN'T GO OUT/ SO " 'WE Just MAD TO STAY HOME "• AND SIT IN tHfe PARLOR AND TALK Cash on the Line ACROSS 3 What cash is 1 Japanese cash j 5? cts . <• 4 Copper cash 5 City in 8 Mexican cash Pennsylvania 12 Cravat ° Closer t , 13 Plastic 7 Account of ingredient cash owed 1.4 Baling 8 They use zloty chamber « £• f 8 ? K r. 9 Wicked Answer to Previous Puzzla S p 1= u y t= T 1 & E 1 K E O V E P T K U W u O F? ~m s T A P '•/} T K R A T E T E to 1 T K B P A "';• e A cr ^ R. E R l- B R H H S l_ 7 =; E E N T •/•: M O O M A P t E P A N >>,- S T <3 E 1<5 B C l_ S <5 ? l_ A tf *=, M P T F ^ * E U «» P <; c» A T V & := in uurve ,"_, •— ~. 16 It costs cash 10 Caterpillar 26 Martinique 18 Come in again,, Q air . . mountain 20 Slacken H Semiprecious 27 Negotiates stone 28 Network 17 Turkish 29 War god of decrees Greece 19 Saltpeter 23 Ceremonial garments 24 Headgear 25 Gem 20 Slacken 21 Bud's sibling 22 Ages 24 Needed cash 26 Goad ' 27 Musical syllable 30 Each 32 Carrier 34 Boy scout group 35 Property, including cash 36 Furtive 37 Permits 39 Individuals 40 Notion ;41 Abstract being 42 Scottish tea cake 45 Dethrones 49 Endures 51 Dove call 52 Chiller 53 Existed : 54 Fox ' 55 Cash is the '• of all evil, they "say 56 Love god •57 Musical direction DOWN 1 Asterisk 2 Ireland y - .-•• —n^jjjp- -y v t{"- j- , i ""* *•-* By Chick Young OZARK IKE "III GEE,COOKIE-- IT WAS l(||l LUCKV FOR YOU THAT IT RAINED THAT NIGHT WELL, BEFORE THE EVEN ING WAS OVER DADDY PROPOSED AND LEROY...A CUB T IFNHECA 9ATTER TRIPLED WITH TWO OUT IN ] OLlt.At LfeASf HEtU TH' LAST INWlM' T BUST UP HIS NO- 1 \tTUH.' By MlcnoJ O'Melley and * * OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TH' BULL 6' TH' WOOPS HAS \ TRIED EVERYTHING TO KEEP \ PEOPLE FROM STAYIM' TOO ^ LOU<S-- MO EXTRA CHAIRS / AMP HIS DESK FIXEP SO \ YOU CAN'T LAY ON IT--BUT HE FOR6OT THAT NON-SKID PEBBLE-GRAIMEP WALL. ytn. M(NJi> vv. . . . RUBBER HEELe THEY JUST SIT DOWN! COMFORTABLY IN TH'SEAT OF THEIR PAMTS--NOW HE'LL. HAVE TO HAVE TH' WALLS PONE OVER IN 5LIPPERV ELM FINISH BEBM ATTEMPTS ON SOUR L1PB SOUR BROTHER IS AT A SATEWAV TO 42 Mix 43 Actress Imogene 44 Bread spread 46 Roman emperor 31 Chillier, 47 Blow, as a 33 Make amends horn 38 More tense 48 Soft drink 40 Motionless 50 Inspire 41 Worms reverence WASH TUBBS By LeiliflTurn.r NOW W&'LL TAK& ... X , ANP TOMIOHT THESE FALSE PANELS WE'LL TAKB THAT BEYOND WslV ROAD- | HIGHWAY F0£; OFF THE VAN AMD PUT UTTLB KOAP. OUT ON THE CANVAS /OFHERB'THAr BLOCK THEV WIGHT COVER UKfc'WLlTAW X WAX KVIOW6 TRUCKS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ESAD/ HOOPLE./MAM&B IS FULL EAS6K Kl 8lf2TEgS/—X MEED ', •> , .. t'i' , y Edgar Ma THESE PAMpDS PIDDLES -~ALL TMEEE I've (SOT €0 FAR V4EES AT MS X HAP TIME FOR: DROP THAT -DECANTER AND LOOK AT ME/" BOOTS AMD HER BUDDIES ^Bt V^SE-rtAV " CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY SET UP, VA LA.7V FELINE, I GOTTA PAINT THIS BENCH / 5NOOZIN' ON ANY OF TH'OTHERS.' I'M SONNA PAINT'EM ALL/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger »• . '.*' ' .- * v *"* .f 1 "^^^T^?^^5te'»Ji ALLEY OOP flHAVE SCOP'N ' / NO OTHIjR WOULDN'T BE SOOP PLACE UEARN / THINGS BACK ROOM,;AN'-FIX WITH THE TROJAN WAR ALREADY STARTED, I'LL HAVE . TO DO SOME DIGGING TO GET A LINE ON HELEN'S HAIR UP/ I CANt HAVE VM3RK HERE IN THAT OUTLANDISH There's really nothing much to it—you just 'sorts walk around and wipe your feet!" SIDE GLANCES Ely Galbrairh "It's our new contemporary trailer!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selzer PRISCItLA'S POP BELIEVE MB, I'LL LAY DOWN THE LAW!! V BILLS! BILLS! BILLS TH E STORY OF MARTHA WAYN|| "The old/man insisted that I start at the bottom^! hoot thit bro/om realizes it's getting all the benefits of a f college "Ut'i fit Whll y»M h»v? in » : it? • ^ t' • v\

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