Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 24, 1955 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, June 24, 1955
Page 6
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*:i£ Upheld y ilellor —• A new fouhd To Continue Feed Tax Collection ROCK (A »f the state's 2 per Collection cent sale tax 6n poultry and livestock fee< ' ~Z — --«- " ui*uu« *>**£ "- •" *•*» (SVSUAVI. ,7 «ZJIt4 JIVC3 lUCn. JLCCl *^ «f 6 ?? *!£* upheld, will continue 'until a legal dis pute over an attempt to wipe Ou the law is settled. 1 Ed McLees, assistant • Revenue commissioner, said yesterday the collections will be kept in a spe« eial account ifl case refunds ate - Chancellor i»*;r— °zf ~•"••=•««• a siiit filed Weft doting Cattleman ban tuples,'Who had contended Ine law : amended the 1948 IMS/Initiated afcl which allowing alohg .. _„ .. — chafget irtbe lawTdldn't get a two-third^ - Orlty vote in v b<fth houses, as ' v y, the Constitution i ittlllated act. ,-tb fey would Appeal- the do* ilort to -the s,tate Supreme Court. •Gentry the ballot title on •v.— * or a popular election v the aet.is incorrect/Irt its pfeg» ehtform, Gerltry ruled, the title is #! 4h«l ent '' to ^ ain ^ a $ lae ' e °n the. 1956 general .election ballot. Alex Washburn, Hope publisher WHO led the drive forrtefefral, has dgmanoed 30 13ays in which tb correct the..ballot title. -Washjburn based his-demand--on' a, law which ?ayfe' petitidners Insy riiiVe 3CTdays ifi which to correct errors in their petitions. Gentry has been asked tb rule on "that-too; ••••'•' The exemption, asked for' by joultryrnen ^ho claim they need t to meet competition from neigh- 3oring states, ^was passed/ by, the 1B53 General .Assembly' with the approval of' Govs • Oryal "Fatibus W&sh^urir ca'rrie out' against the ac(,s on ,the grounds that li~ Would deprive public schools of much* needed revenue. His'petitions' contain 34,000 signatures. ' MOM SfAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Friday, June H 1955 Slinging Attack Continued from l»age One Chinese Communist regime which became an aggressor, in. Korea, !oi- which it stands condemned by the United Nations, gression in It promoted News Briefs LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Joe Johnson lost his billfold containing $280 in Lake Conway while fishing almost & year ago. This week, A. C. Franke snagged r a log on which was a shot himself in the abdomen while cleaning a rifle at his home near Benton yesterday. Senator Ordered to Pay Damage Friday, June 24, J955 , STAR, HOP!, ARKAN.1AS , HARRISON W — State Sen, Korea. (UP) —A South'Roy Milum of Harrison and Ar^ Casanova," who proudly|thur Poyner of Carroll Counly| ordered to --/ t charges of seducing 70 each have been , may esca P e tnal because force and the threat of force bark - I{ tur ned out, course, to be 'lice'said°to Import its ambitions in the Johnson's billfold. The m ' BARBERING BOBBY-SOXER—It was shear ambition—and envltohtiient—that drove pretty Joan Matteo into the barbering bUsiaeSi. The 19-year-old cUtup of Rochester, Pa., learned the tonioMal trade froni her father on'weekends'and evenings, when *h* Wasn't working as a secretary. Trimming heads was • a natural for Joan, whose father is a barber, mother is a beautician. They opetate both businesses at home, So Joan is right at home helping her father. She's shown above trimming Billy Nelson of Zelietiople, Pa. EXCLUSIVE NBA PHOTO. ,,i" 4 IN .HIGHWAY TRAVEL BUS! -. *t H*r«'» »nly en* of evr many ddily Irav»l cerwan- i»nc«* thai may fit Convnient Through • " Biiiei to ST. LOUIS Boyle P.S. <MI ym* Atwrt atari HM MW tai-CMI Family fmn Plwil , ATION Mlttouri Pacific Passenger Station Phont PRoipect 7-2651 TICKETS 2 -INFOM .AlWAVS A r tk>0« A MO.MC IUS TICKIT Continued from Page Ont "Okay" ^iFqe ,500, thjies ,,in, a; row, in the aast-,20 years the- .victim' has meekly murmure'd, '.*Uft -rhuh," tfrtd ^aldl" Bat in Kis 'daydream he suddenly rebels and says: "No, it certainly isn't okay, Tony. You got it parted wrong. There are at" least 8'"Hairs too long on the right side. And I told you to life the sideburns, and you .d.idjilLJ:_Want._me_._td_.lobk. _jjke_ .a sheepdog? Now get out your scissors and do the job right— fpr once:" 1 The abashed barber bends anew to his task. "When he Is finished, our little hero steps from nig chair With a crisp,, 'That's better:',' As he swaggers from the shop'the other customers'break into admir^ ihjf applause. . . , 1 Or suppose you are on a bus making the long voyage home and the driver., says, "Pleezmooveback- ihnabus, movebackihriabus," and Jjou try to. 4nd a fat lady says, " ',, G^rganima?!' fjp" in i;mumbling . . - , . „.," you"'sing'''buf loud and clear: "Out of my way, fat lady, I'm going to get to the back of the bus Jf I havwu-to carve my way through a wall of living flesh — and I do mean your flesh!" 1 Well.Tthe driver* "slopsVIhe bus, Tears streaming'-down J-his checks he comes back, stfakes your hand, ana mutjers,, "Pat, pal^-after all these- yearsf-jsomebody-'done it at last. Somebody 'moved backuhduhbuss." 1 have two simple daydreams myself. In one I 'am cashing my paycheck and the bank teller asks, "Do you have any identification with you?" Instead of fum- % bling through mjt ly fix, him with I mere- pair of steel , hlue eyes and tell him coldly, "my face ' is my identification 'in this man's town, sonny." He takqs one -iand - cashes the la the oUier I go with a guest into one -.of the velvet--' rope ris- tpurants, and 'when the headwait- #• srippyiy asks U I havfc *-re S . ervation, I tell him,: yMe'have' a reservation? Look, mister, I don't even own an in- dian. Now quit stalling, and show us a table,",'' ' *' - Overcorne bylh)it of swift MARKETS i ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 W) — Hogs 5,500; active lower or 180-220 Ib at 20.75-21.15; few choice ho. 1 and 2, 21.25 and few around 210 Ib'iZJ.SO; limited number 220 40 ''Ib at 0.25-75; 140-170 Ib 18.00 39.75; 100-130 Ib 15.50-17.25; sows 400 Ib ;down 14.75-17.00; over 400 Ib 12.50-14.75; boars 8.50-13.00. Cattle 600, calves 400; lower; canners'and cutters 8.50-10,50; top cijtters to 11.00; .most utility and commercial beef cows .11.00-13.50; ^battered lots beef steers and- year- ings steady; some average choice 1,100 Ib steers 22175; good to choice mixed yearlings 19.00-22.00; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15.00; janners' and cutters, 10.50-12.50; ;oqd and choice vealers 18.00-22.00; ligh choice and prime 22.00-24.00; lommercial and good 14.00-18.00; Ull and utility 8.00-13.00. ', Sheep Ii200; good and choice teady to 50 lower at 20.00-22.00; wesi'. all grades, 3,500-5.00. GRAIN AND PROVISION CJfiCAGO (fl — Wheat turned trbrig '•-, about -midseason on the ioardpjf Trade today in response o rurriprs of changing farmer at Itudes toward' the wheat, referen um tomorrow. For some time the trading fra v srriity ftas appeared to epect the ropbsal: for production controls nd?''a :25cent lower "support price oiild be defeated. . Other -grains- ruled around steady iost : 'of the session while soybeans lowed" ia" ; tendency to advance. Wheat, closed'' V %1 cents higher, lily $1.99>41.99;,_ corn was l>/ 4 >wier,' July! $1.42%; oats were lower to % higher, July 61ft, sale buying prices >/ 2 to 1 lower;' U. S. large whites 6069.9 per cent A 's 375; mixed 37.5; medium J 55. 5; U. S. standards 34; dirties i 32; checks 31.5; current receipt'- 32.5. -...-••.. . • :, Maryland College J Drops Race Barrier i •• By The. Associated Press , Maryland state teachers colleges have bowed to racial integration i but utterances from the Deep i South continued the theme of a , 1 fight to the. finish over the U. S. Supreme Court's ruling on the t touchy question. . ! u And a leader in the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People called for complete-;, school integration "by not -later f than. . . September 195G." :The. Maryland "State" Bq£rcf of f Education and the -Board of Trus- £ tees of the teachers colleges met af Baltimore yesterday and unanimously adopted a resolution decar p irig that racial segregation in the n five teachers "is hereby " abol- J ished."..Dr. Thomas G. Pullen Jr. b superintendent u>f ! M- a Jf- y'la n d u schools ^projposed 1 - the resolution. - : 'Officials 'at th'e 'meeting a'Iso sl called on the 23 Maryland counties a to comply with the Supreme action tt ruling before further court action ** forces them to .it. rr BOLD THIEF ' ^ V '* f { STURGEON BAY, Wis., (UP) — w A daring thief broke into a feed h store here and stole $205 from an unlocked cash register. fe The store is owned by Door th County Sheriff Ernest Gleasner and sa lis. brother. Franoia to support Taiwan Formosa area. He said recent developments, in- eluding the Bandung conference suggest that the immediate threat of war is receding. He said, how-ever, the situation still could not be regarded without concern. He also delivered a sharp attack- on "international communism " This, he said, constitutes "a Worldwide conspiracy to bring into power a form of government which never in any country, at any time was freely chosen by the people,' find which destroys the reality of independence." j The recent Soviet overtures Vest Germany and Japan c*,,.,.- only after years of abuse and hostility from Russia. Then Dulles listed problems, which he Johnson hoped to recover about $100 of the deteriorated money PO- covery department. five to came major as the govern- "higher; July $1,031.04." S%oybeans. were % to : 1 ..cents ' higher, . July $2.432.44. Wheat: No. 1 red new 2.04. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.50; No. 3 1.48%; sample grade 1.39%. Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed 74>/ 2 ; No. 1 mixed 73; No. 1 heavy white 76'/ 4 ; sam pie grade heavy white 'Soybean oil: tZ'/aVf. meal 53.00. . - hinted .^ would like to see tackled by the umrnit meeting' of the Big Four n- Geneva next month. He did not st them specifically as agenda lems. but he enumerated them he led into his discussion ol eneva talks. They are: 1. Unifciation of Germanq. 2. The problem of the Eastern European satellites of Russia 3. Communist China's use of force and .threats of force in Korea, Indochina and Formosa. 4. Efforts of "international communism" to overthrow ments by conspiracy. 5. Disarmament. "These are some of the problems that confront us as we face the future," Dulles said. "They are problems which cannot be met Jf we shut out eyes to them, or n we are weak, confused, or divided. : "They are problems that can be met if we are faithful'to the principles of our charter, if we work collectively to achieve their application, and if we are prepared to labor and sacrifice for the future as we have in past."It was here Dulles asserted the cold war can be ended by halting the use of force arid subversion. "It is in;that spirit that we go :o Geneva," he -said, "and we hope to ffnd that spirit shared. "If -so, we can find there new procedures, or at least develop a new impetus, which will help to solve some of these vast and ^stubborn problems that still confront us. "We shall not, at Geneva, as- ume'to'act for a world director- te with the riht to determine tie .desinites of others. Good solu- ioris do not come from such a nood. We shall seek to find pro- edures such that all -nations ectly concerned can fully assert vhatever ' rights and views they ave." Early "in his speech Dulles re- erred to "abuse" of the veto in ie 'UVN. Security Council and aid this led to the creation of rp- onal organization under Article LITTLE ROCK (UP) — W. A Gray Construction Co. of Shreveport, La., was apparent low bidder at $116,203 for construction of one-story non-commissioned officers' club at Blytheville Air Force base. Six bids were submitted on the subject, estimated by the U. S. District Engineer office here to cost $115,685. The contract is expected to be awarded early next week, calling for completion in s210 calendar days. was arrested last month. The trial was originally scheduled for this week but has postponed in view of the dif- in finding a complainant. HOPE (UP) _ Negro visiting day at the University of Arkansas Fruit and Truck Branch Experiment station, an annual event will be held here Thursday. Speakers will include Storm Whaley, assistant to the university president, and W. M. Pierce, feild- man for Negro activities of the Arkansas Farm Bureau federation. LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Eugene Roger Parks, 18, was listed j n 'fair" condition at a hospital here following an accident in which he 51 of the charter. This article provides that member nations can defend themselves individuc VIENNA, Austria. (UP) —Austrians were authorized todsy to discard the four power identity cards they were compelled t o carry during ]0 years of allied occupation. The Austrian ministry of interio.' announced yesterday that the cards are not necessary since signing of the Austrian state treaty. TOKYO, (UP) -U. S. Far East Air Forces today announced the transfer of the 67th tactical reconnaissance wing from Japan to Okinawa in line with the policy of <eeping "constantly alert and mobile." collectivplv --."•"'"""""* collectively against aggression. MANILA, P. I., (UP) —Eight c tudents from the University of California arrived here yesterday by plane from San Francisco on a three-month goodwill tour of Southeast Asia. The group is headed by. Dr. Victor -Rosenblum, a constitutional law professor, "it plans to spend three NOT GARBAGE MEMPHIS, Tenn., (UP) —Garbage Collector J. C. Wilburn was charged with malicious mischief for allegedly hauling off 25 wedding gifts which Mrs. Larue Hart had (left on her back steps. payl 14,500 damages to Mr. and MrsJj Arliss Clark of Harrison as a re-1 suit of an auto-truck collision which killed the darks' son. Terry Michael Clark, 4 months old, was killed, and Mrs. Clark was hospitalized 44 days with injuries as a result of the accident. The accident occurred south of Harrison Feb. 1, 1954. Clark charged that a cow owned by Milum was, on the road, causing Poyner to swerve his truck and crash into the Clark car. < Clark sought total damages $203,000. Of One of the world's largest herds of elk lives in the Jackson Hole! country of northwest Wyoming. 1 SCIETY Between A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Snyder. Experts Vote to Go Ahead With Vaccine WASHINGTON medical experts to continue the Do You Know? Important Issues Concerning Our City Will Be Discussed in This Space Each Day Until Election. B. L. (BERT) R.ETTIG Candidate for Mayor Pol. Adv. Paid by B. L. Rettig. Monday June 27 _. . The Junior GA's of the First: children of Carlsbad. New Mexico!Salk polio vaccine. Baptist Church will meet Monday! are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ernest ~ June 27th. at 4 p. m. in the home of | Andrews-of this city. Mary Alice Mosley. panel . of voted 8-2 today present program IsftetutySorry? fold No Reason to Talk of Transfer WASHING Dear Miss t)lx: I am not going to director i Administration *- The acting (Marvin Wade resigned last Se* tember. The office) has not been lilled. However,, ced that JcW Wae&fag* , spare myself in this letter. We have anci the older ones help out. What.ara E. Lucy, has been told that ' ' of the Federal Housing ton .would replace LWfcy ift LHtld ation in Arkansas', How- Hock. Nystul is a Efi&ffiocrat; Lufij 1 ' * - ' been married 18 years and have three children. The trouble started after Our first child was borrt. My husband decided his place M , „ A , , , , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews and, of inocu atmg youngsters with the I . gs ouUW , , th home - ojfidclius SS Class of the First Methodist Church will have a picnic supper at Fair Park on June 27th. at 6:30 p. m. A full attendance is urged. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Glen Williams Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Reed have returned to their home in St. Louis, after a 10 day visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Huett and Mrs. .Pat Williams. Don and The vote was taken at a meeting of the medical men before a House Commerce subcommittee. In addition to those present and voting, there was a letter from Dr. William McB. Hammon of'the University of Pittsburgh, who was not present, favoring a halt to the ! t was treated like a child, told what to do and what not to do while he went about as he wished. I loved him very much and did everything to make him happy. When the other children came he grew more tired of me, and finally took up with another woman. All . .. . Patsy Reed are staying two week's|Program. Counting it, the vole was with their grand parents. Mr - and Mrs. Raymond Huett. in the Purkins Home 601 E. -2nd! Mike and Ronnie have returned to 8-3. Four of the 14 panel members did not vote on the controversial question which \va,s raised by Dr. Monday June 27, at 8 p. m.'MI-S. i lncir home in Pasadena. Texas af- Albert Sabin, of the Children's Clyde Sexton and Mrs. Ferrel Ba-' ter a Io da y visit witn their parents "- — "-' " •- «-.-->-.•..-. ker will be associate hostess. with! Mr ' an d Mrs. Hamp Huett and Mr. Joe Reece in charge of program. the! ancl M) ' s - Deward Collier. Notice Miss Edith Massey will teach the Jett B. Graves SS Class of the First Methodist Church Sunday June 26. All members are invited to attend. the HOPE Memorial Dedication SERVICE Sunday Afternoon - J une 26 4 o'clock in MEMORY GARDENS One Mile West on Highway 67 The public is cordially invited to attend this service Mr. and Mrs. Terrell 'Cornelious, Owners * ARKANSAS Get into the Fine-Car Class... 69. soybean mjlated Awnings repartee, the humbled headwaitei 4 drops his velvet rope and steer? us to the best seats in the place. In another variation-of this daydream J mnrely take out a Boy Scout knife, hack the rope in two,' and stalk right by-the Ijeadwaiter as nearby guests Jook up and ask, "Who is he? Who is he?" But, pf course, this is probably the average man's most common daydream; He wakes up to find his house is finally paid lor and doesn't need any repairs, his car is paid for and there isn/.t even -a knock in the^, motor. He ?Hs. dowr> to breakfast ""apd ^neither' 'his" 'wife por the kids hit him fpr»money. He reaches in his pocket and is Barley nominal:, .'malt'ing choice 1.3552; feeb ' 1051.16. 5;-•--• ' / • NEW YORK'COTTON jsrfjjr -YORK CB—cotton futures werp irregular ioday. Most of' the ac.tiyltypivoted about nearby July futures, rlt was first notice day at. the opening, with July movin'g up $1.30-a bale'. That delivery lost fl good, part of its gain on further liquidation. Switching from July to later, months was -active. Late 4f$erndon pirces cents a 'bale higher to were 45 25 cents loWer (hah the previous close July 34.20, October 34.16 and Decembe 34.22. , - BROILERS ROCK (ft — Northwest Market steady; Demand 3d.. .Brojlers and' fryers 2626'A- Mostly 1 :2B, BatesyTlUeFloral area: Market steady; 'Demand fair to good. Broil ers -fryers 26. pprnnanents ETHEL FRANCIS * PUKE All prices F.O.B. farm. VORK STOCKS N8W yORKIJI-A quiet decline today, tpok the .Stock Market mod eratejy lower in the early after noon,. -,", All sections of the market were gathered iri by "the decline. Losses wentUo between 1 and 3 points at the outside with most changes ei {her vyay small. • Selling was spread evenly in the major divisions-^steels, rails, mo tpr?, rubbers, coppers, airlines aircrafts,' radio televisions, and chemjcajs. *»QUt.T RV AND PRODUCE CWCAiSO (ffi -T- Live poultry eteafly; .receipts in coops )53 ye< t?rdqy 135 coops, 46,054 Ib: f.o.b RayWf prices unchanged; heavy hen? J2<38; light 17.'518; broilers u can 3033J old rosters 1212. 34.35. ' Steady; receipts 1,205,883; bpying prices unchang fcpre AA 56.75; A 9.9 60.75; f5; §8 0 5?^i cars 90 g 55; What is a fine car? What sets a certain few apart in the world's esteem . . . wins them first place in most people's desire? ' First and for0mogt, a fine car ia a style-setter— a real advance in smart appearance. Naturally, it's alao a pace-setter—& fundamental forward step engineering-wise. At the wheel you should know that you've reached the peak of performance—experienced an all-nevy kind of flashing, vigorous,' smoothly delivered ppwer.' ' There's, moire, of course. It must be enviable for sheer luxurious comfort, for restful readability, for thought quick handling ease. ' ' ! • j And it must, above all, be wholly dependable, iff 4*0 DHIYi $ for only a trustworthy car can be called "fine." If this meets your definition of a fine car and you want it, there's nothing in your way. For this de-> scription is right off the Pontiac score sheet—a short but perfect picture of this big, powerful, future- fashioned car. And Pontiac's prices fit comfortably info anybody's new-car buying plans! Come in for the rest of the reasons why thw is the fastest-selling Pontiac in history— such as the inside story of America's most modern and efficient auto- ni0tive power plant, the sensational StratbrStreal^ V-8. And get the trade-in appraisal this great success permits. We're sure we can prove that now's, your time to move into the fine-car class! : • |M TWO-POOR, 6-PASS. SEDAN WOW $2295.00 State aw?/opqf texei, if #ny, extra PriM;m#y vary in «wr- rounding comrrmntiies due to freight differential. ; s tq'«nd he still it's only two Helen Formby and_Grady ^Beard Are Married line wedding of Helen Formby to Grady Beard was performed by 'he Justice of the Peace, Jim Dodson June 17, in the home of Grady Beard. Spring Hill Methodist Church Honor Pastor and Wife On Tuesday June 21, the Spring Hill Methodist Church held' a reception in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Ault, the new pastor and his wife, show their appreciation and an Births Births in Hempstead for a month ending June 20: White- Robert and Peggy Ellis, girl, Sandra Jean, El Dorado. William and Opal Stone, boy, Ronald Lee, Texarkana, Rt. 8. David and Leona Oiler, boy, David Lee, Hope, Rt. 1. Barney and juanita Starkey, girl, Deborah Ann, 314 N. Hamilton, Hope. George and Shirley Thompson, girl, Joyce Lynn, 406 W. 16th, Hope. John and Thirzy Crow^ girl, Patricia Anil, Hope. William and Faye. Petit, boy, Tony Michael, Hope. N Glenn and Columbia Winchester, girl, Alice Ramona, Mineral Sp- lo've for Rev. and Mrs. Ault old fashioned "Pounding" was held I Grady and Maude Clark, boy, and refreshments served to those Joey Douglas, Hope. presnet. Non-White Fred and Margaret Bennett, boy, Fred Lidell, Hope. Herman and Elsie Frieson, girl, Ellenor, Hope. Joe and Roberta Harris, girl, Roberta Jean, McCaskill. • Willie and Bobby Ogden, boy, Larry Darnell, Washington. Frank and Willie Fellows, -girl, Angeleia Yvett, Washington. , -Beady and Luceil White,, boy, Vernell, Texarkana, Rt. 4, Box 584. Will, and Winnie Gray, girl, Catherine Diane. -Bradley. i Willie and Margie Pickens, boy, Billy Ray, Hope. Crawford and Johnye Milus, girl, Janice Marie, Hope, Rt. 3, Box 15A. Tommy and Ruth Love, girl, Beverly Ann, Washington. Hudson and Vei-sie' Wigley, boy, Kerry Ray, Hope. Coming and Going Mrs. Kenny McKee and daughters Brenda and Cookie of Houston have returned home after having been the guest of her Mother, Mrs. Je- •j^ll V. Moore, Sr. Mrs. Fielding Huddleston and sons, Leslie and' Gary spent the day in Hope Thursday as the guest of her Mother, Mrs. Jewell Moore Sr. - .: Mrs. George Brandon and daughter, Betsy have been the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cline DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 Tonite & Saturday 7:50— 10:07 Men . . . Lured by Lust and a Sheriff that couldn't lie Bought . . . • Brpdrick Crawford • Wanda Hendrix • John Derek THE LAST POSSE SIX-GUN ACTION ATNT'S BEST Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati, who said the present vaccine is potentially too dangerous for use. Sabin drew support only from Dr. John F. Enders of the Children's Hospital, Boston. Among those voting to keep the want to'kno\y is should hi.,-, another chance? I give there's ho reason for him to como A. N. |to Washington to discuss his tramAnswer: I have had to shorten jier to Pittsburgh. Pa. your letter somewhat but? the long I FHA Commissioner Norman Mn- story it tells is just repetitious hunvj^on wrote Lucy that nil aspects of illations and rebuffs. Now that youri tne transfer had been studied care ant * added: "It would not that your going] husband ha£ no plprce to go his sentence is served, he'd like the assurance of a home. The fact' 10 lhe trouble to come to Washing- thai he hasn't been responsible fori lon al.this time would sarve any At . i. . . . f ' + ,, - ItCCkfiil mii't^rtca * * a Republican. There are no clouds on Mars such as we knolw ort Kajrth. I Hi WHO fflt ftX " that home for a long time seems lost on him. Counting on your everlasting forgiveness and no-ques- . ,„„,... r - V u wl ,f fault b "t he . t Willing to come back and start over again. The love I had for him is gone and with all the children in school we get along quite well. I work tion given /selected schoolchildren. Dr. Smadel predict when. said no one could ironclad .improve- don't,like it here, go back to your mother." He began to stay away for weeks at a time, leaving us with nothing to live on. We got our food from his mother or mine. Always when he returned he expected to be treated as though nothing had happened. I never was a quarreling woman so could.only cry and beg him to be different. He just laughed At one time he was away for almost a year. Finally, on one of _ , . i these jaunts, he was caught steal- program gomg was Dr. James A. , and • Q * Shannon, associate director of the] J uw '"-• WIU National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md., and Dr. Thoma,s Francis Jr., of the school of the public health of the University "*of Michigan, one of the leading forces in getting the Salk vaccine program under way. Dr. Jonas E. Salk, developer of the vaccine, elected not to vote. He said he regarded himself as an investigator and did not wish to get involved in the .vote which was asked by Rep. Wolverton {R- NJ). There appeared to be no dispute among the experts that Dr. Salk's vaccine was effective. Dr. Sabin, a long-time critic of the Salk vaccine, is a researcher r-t the Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati, He has been working toward a vaccine using a live virus, rather .than the killed-virus type perfected by Dr. Salk. In addition to recommending a halt in manufacture, he said "it 1 would be better" . if inoculatipns were postponed "until this fall, when it does not have the potential, danger it does now." Polio is mor prevalent in the summer. Dr. John F. Enders, of Chi drean's Hospital, Boston, agr.eecj saying, "It seems tp me trie par of wisdom to wait a little yyhilc. That approach was ^disputed b Dr. Rivers, of the Rockefeller Jh stitute for Medical Research, Ne; -•rf •• w*v ++t* n in* aiiuLiid vvuiuciji. mJ i. « »*. «. he had to say to me was, "If you |tion.asked'-policy; he s willing to come back — unrepentant. On that useful purpose.' Lucy has charged that the older transferring him from Little Rook to Pittsburgh was the result of politics ' He wrote Mason asking basis I strongly advise a refusal, if 0 !' ? conference with the com- i. • . /? (mission to discuss the change. H e u ?" 9e , ,. I Luc y has becn acting director If hed at least admit his faults I o f the FHA in Arkansas since he might be worth another try. | As it is, his arrogance is a dead have manners enough to return the giveaway that he'll proceed in the records in person. However, since ments could be put into effect with "new difficulties" arising each time. It was. better, he contended, to use what was available and not wait "indefinitely." Dr. Sabin said it was necessary to eliminate the "Mahoney strain" of .polio virus from production of the Salk vaccine, and substitute for it a "less dangerous" strain. The "Mah,oney virus", is a virulent strain found in Type 1 polio, the paralytic type. _ . same way again. is being such a boor, the only You are at fault in one thing; thing you can do is go get them, you were too meek. Tears avail-Call the woman up beforehand; she nothing with a man like your hus- may suggest returning them her- band; hailing him into court for'.self, non-support of his children would) have accomplished more The home set-up is just about perfect for him; through your efforts and those of th'e older youngsters, financial worries have been, alleviated, making it unnecessary • for Dear Miss Dix: What sort of woman would take her daughter's ex-husband in as a boarder? The daughter has course comes remarried, so of to her parents' ho me. When she encounters her i'o'rni- hiim to work — and,, you'll/have I er husband, she is embarrassed, his pleasures to pay for. That pic ture is out! Give him- time and perhaps he'll remember some things were his fault., Dear,; Miss Dix: Recently I loaned some records.'to He --•,., ' A. B. Answer: The man, after all, was the son-in-law of these .people and made a much, better impression on the parents than he did on the daughter. It's foolish for the girl to feel embarrassed, wben she sees took them to a friend's home and.Mnv nowadays divorced couples left them there. Since then I have' broken off with him, and have repeatedly asked him for 'the records. He says if I want them I can go get. them. Since I don't know the woman -'.who has them, and since often attend the same parties. I think she enjoys the fuss. she live? quite far from me, I don't like to go. \Vill you suggest some way I can get my property back! •.-;;• : " i . • . iS.' S. Answer: The .boy certainly should HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Completely' AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 7104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel „ Virginia . Aullne or LoUly • »^, »*. Celling* and. * ** PHONE 7-18*2 N. MAIN AT AYI. B «>», *»„(•, a York City, and Smcdel, • of the Dr. Jose'ph' E Army's Walte EXTRA! "Chicken Rodeo" 10 Purina Fed Fryers from "Feeders Supply Co." to be frhrown Off the Snack Bar . . . You Catch Em . . . Keep Em! Reed Medical Center. ,Dr. Rivers said "no vaccine ha ever had the testing this one ha last summer" in the mass inocula ANNIVERSARY SHOCK SHOW A REAL HAIR RISER LAST DAY Fiiu.DOMERGUE-iitM.lONG THOMPSON • i.m... HUGHtS MuAGAR-urtNElSON MiBROMFIELD . AWIIVtRSAl-lNItRNAIJOHAl P Special Midnight Show Saturday 11:58 WHAT is IT ? ? ? "The Thing" NO ONE PERMITTED TO SEE IT ALONE . . . Starts Sunday * ROMAN HOWARD * Free Kiddielond t Monkeyland i Zoo Kiddie Swing Ride Swinfli EXTRA TONiiGH Boxoffice opens 10:45 MIDNlbHTSHOW Show-time 11:20 Here's a Musical Comecjy, that's Packed with Songs & Laffs • PIPER LAURIE • RORY CALHOUN • JACK CARSON "Ain't Misbeh^vin' Saturday Only— Double Barrel Action THEVAR AGAINST CATI" Cover the Underworld AUSO — Color Cartoon — Chapter No. 12 Black Arrow STARTS SUNDAY Oneof the All Time Great War Stories! THE FiGHTIN'iST GUYS WHO IVIR JTQJWID A IEACHHIAD. HIARJI '$$ "tti - ...' '..-.•, i -,..-•;».., - ' . ; ' ' -.,; TTT > ••*• (•((•'/'"'t ';' T7 '" "I i- •»•• 99 • i 7« TT- '-•''•* •'•^l." •' > ^ Were Sell-a-brating with hemmrs on brand new ong or Ime. For, thlj '55 fj|l pjlepn selling new Fords at a.J^ader^hif| pgce, Now i^e're "SeU-a'-b'rfttjng" jn advance what looks like the most successful galee year in Ford history. We're offering Leadership Peals on all '55 Fords—so you share the benefits. ^WJi|rnpt hop on.t^e Ford Ban4wagon--join the big swing to Ford— get in en a d?a} that spells savings to you— now while our summer "Se)l- Arbratipo" js ip full eww|;— npw while your present car Is worth, its top dollar—now while you can enjoy a fuU supyner of f\m m Aw e fic»'s X_JJ__A:_- «nrk» i-»^: n « «wort)i-inofy' car—tW pliant '55 .rtT* AA»*^ &*f /»<« "Az»0/^*l GQ"-l best"\ '•*••-,'• mmMi^n^im'mi^ Sells more because it's worth mo, e Jl> %MHLiKpP fWBWB^Bff' ^ ^ ^^^f^^^^fj^ i ^•'pf-tb ^ ^* **"* _. " J ' v * HOPi AV * r ..«*. )*",» ^». i«5i£.6(»*j_ tft I \1 '» < *^f4S*«w

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