The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 3
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AI-KIi, n, Juror Dismissed In Forgery Case Admits Serving Prison Term When Defendant Also Was At Folsom SAN FRANCISCO, April 11. (L'Pl —The grand theft and forgery trial ot former choir singer Alfred Leon- ii'd Cline was resumed today with in alternate; Juror in plnce of ;\ man I'lio admitted he served in Folsom irlson the same year as the delen- lant. .The .trial was hailed at the bc- Klnning of the afternoon session yesterday when police notified Superior Judge Herbert Kaufman that. juror George Grissell was an reconvict sought by Oakland, Calif., police since 1942 on a bad check charge. After a conference in the judge's chambers, Grissell returned to the jury box and formally asked lo be excused. He then was ordered lo police custody to b<> hold tor investigation by Oakland authorities. He was removed from Ihc jury indcr a law which provides that no one convicted of = felony can (AUK.) COUUIKK NK\VS Sfep/jen Foster's 'Swonee' To Be Immortalized Along Florida's Real Suwanee River BY JtVMKS W. ATKIS'S NKA Special Corres|xmiU>iit WHITE SPRINGS. Fla. April 4. NEA>—Stephen Foster bad never seen the Suwanec River when he brte<| its nnme from a map, changed to "Swanee ever a part and made it tor- American musical .folklore. Bui Florida intends to do right by Foster anyway. Already the State Legislature has appropriated $125.000 towards .the cost of n suit- jnble memorial for I h e n a I i o n's V K 1(1:l 'est SOUK wri- i.\»Ui. And citizens of this sleepy little village nestling in a bend of ibe Sitaw.'inco have donated 200 acres along the river for a park to house the memorial when it is finished. First plans for the Stephen Fosler Memorial were drawn up in • • ••• n-i^rnji v <ui i JO.sD, ;uul n coniniission 1 set to icrve unless civil rights urc restored. [ work. The war interfered with the Since Grissell signed an affidavit.! program, but some tilings have beci >:iying he had nut been convicted felony. Assistant District At lorney Norman Elkington said he intends lo 'prosecute Grisbell for perjury. Grissell .said he sinned Ihe affidavit "without, reading it." "I felt uncomfortable on that, jury." he added. "I was figuring on how to gel out, without raising a fuss." Police said Grissell was sentenced lo San Qucnliii prison in 1021 for a Long Beach forgery: in 1024 he served three years in Folsom for a forgery: a Sacramento forgery In 1928 netted him five years iti Fol.som: an Austin, Nev., forgery in 1935. resulted in his serving two years in Nevada state prison: nnd in 193B lie started serving a three< \car term in McNeil Island federal penitentiary for forgery. It was while he was serving time for the Sacramento forgery in the first six months of 1U3H thai Cline also was a prisoner in Folsom for drugging and robbing a Los Angeles businessman. Grisseil said, however, that he did not know Cline in prison. Since his last imprisonment. Grissell said he has been "going straight." He married two years a,-,o and has been employed for the past year and a half as a painter-decorator. His record came to light when police made a routine check of the jury. Judge Kaufman denied a defense motion to lele.scope eight of ninu forgery counts against Cline into one. Tile defense contended that Cline. in alleging the loss of a stock certificate belonging to his wife. Mrs/Eva Dolora Krebs Cline. signed an 'affidafTt *in (ufa'druplicale and acknowledged indemnification in quadruplicate. Kaufman held that every time an alleged forger takes his pen in hand arid writes a name, separate crimes are committed. The other forgery count accuses Cline of forging a deed to four Richmond. Calif., lots belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt Lewis, one of ^fc\he eight or more women in Chile's ^ife who died mysteriously. Marriar/e Licenses Marriage licenses issued during liic past week were to the- following couples: Oscar McMillen of Sleele, Mo., and Lizzie Crocker of Holland. Mo.: Jnmes Braglinc and Miss Gladys Mills, both of Manila:: Eddie D. Ashabranncr and Miss Jessie L. Holder, both of Manila: Robert Nancy and Miss Lorinc Eiibanks. both of Hoseland; .lames C Gray and Helen Janice Karncs. both of Blytheville. Olis B. Harman of Leachvillc and Miss Hazel McDaniel of Slccle. Mo.: Bernard Newton Allen of Biythevillc and Mrs. Maxine Brown McHaney of Luxora; Oral Riemon- ad and Miss Ethel Mac Riglcy. 1 both or Biythevillc; Harold B. Wood and Miss Vcrua Mac Wheat, both of Blylheville; George W. -•Kcen c and Miss Maggie Hall, both P of Leachvillo; Huey Phoades of Bcrnie, Mo., and Miss Barbara Gardner of sikcston. Mo. Charles Thomas Purile and Miss Louise -Cummings, bolti of Blytlie- ville; Marvin Arthur Ewing and Miss Pauline Jones, both of Leachville; Virgle Harbor nnd Miss Evelyn Minton, both of Biythevillc; Clarence A. Moore and Miss Ester Mario Barkley, both of Holland: Eldrcd Bowman of El Dorado and Mrs. Imogcnc Vardas of Harrisburg. 111.; William B. Hodge of Biythevillc and Mrs. Josephine EI- fcrt of Cincinnati. ' J. b. Campbell and Miss Flossie Rollins, both of Blytheviiic; Frank Crawford and Miss Pauline Barger, both of Cooler. Mo. accomplished. When former Governor Fred E. Cone, of nearby Lake City, beard the Jacksonville, Fla., post office would lie torn down, he made a deal with the Treasury iJepartaicnt lo buy the old marble. The marble was trucked 80 miles to Memorial Park, and will be used in one of the buildings still to be constructed. • Sin^inji Tourr Into the singing tower will go of the largest tubular carillons ever marie. These were part of Florida's exhibit nt the New York World's Fair, and will be installed \vhen tile . lower is built. Committee plans for the Memorial presently include: 1. The singing tower which will stand 21G feet high. ' A museum building to house Fostenma. 3. A rotunda along the river bank, the centra] feature of which will be a life size statue of composer. The rotunda later Armorel Women To Meet With Dogwood Group The Armorel Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday for u luncheon niccting (n the home of Mrs. W, T. Melzgar. After lynch Mrs. W. o.t Anderson presided at the business meeting. Mrs. W. L. Smith hud charge of the devotional. When Mrs. Ifob- erl Hodge, secretary, called the roll T> members told of the progress she was making in \\n- itve-iit-hoinc program, df the baby chicks, and the Spring garden. Miss Cora Lee Coleman discussed the garden leaflet and gave Ihe insecticides for the garden pr.sls. 6he then distributed colored pictures of garden pests on cards to p^ s i,,,>,. ( each member,,nnd they were nsked i, uvn j\m^\ Alabama Steer Slated To Fly To Washington «.v W1I.I.1AM II. TII.I.V United Press Staff Coircsimmlnil ISIIiMlN'CillAM, Ala., April 11 iLr.l'.>--l!hmlnghanr.s ,,O!UK U) shoot President Truman the bull Fast, loo. He'll be traveling In a foiir-enidue plane, a twin of (he President's private ship.- the "Sacred Cow." Around his neck will be an en- tinivcd imitation to the lllrmlnn- hnm Livestock and liodco show April 29. Tf plans pan out. Mr. Truman will meet "Alabam," a black nu- (Uis steer calf, on the White House Kry In FUiritla's proposed memorial In Step turn Fust IT is this Kinging lower, which will stum , to give the ''name of the Insect ;>ntl its control measures. In this contest Mrs. 1). li. Gnrncr and Mrs. U. c. Patterson t won first niul second prl/es respectively. The club was happy lu have Mrs. F. 8. Kim; anil son, Gone, recently discharged from the. army, as visitors. Mrs. Kinc Is a former member and now lives at Carulh- crsville, Mo. ^ The piny comtnlltee r»'i><>ntxl that the play for the Play Tournament had l;ren ordered anil the part.s would be distributed at an early date. H was reported that Miss Sue Marshall. F:\lensiou .Specialist In Clothing and Household Arts, would )e in the county on the 23rd. this 3cing the next regular date for .he Armorel club to meet. They feet high ami the hirgrst (ulnilar ever made. have 75 carillons be used as the main entrance to Delaiid, a 15GO-se:it am\)hitheater where Foster festivals and other musical events ',011 be staged. 4. "Melody Lane," a f)0-mile-long highway through the forests along the banks of the Suwanee. Near the highway, reproductions of typical southern plantations will be conslrucled so the tiavcler may get the feel and thrill of the "Old South" as Foster sung of it. Present appropriations are inadequate for immediate dcvelopmeiU the j of ih c whole program, but Cornwill mission chairman Earl W. Brown is optimistic that the slate wl'/ make further financial provisions for the project. Music lovers throughout the country wil be asked to make personal contributions towards the cost of the shrine. There is. no documentary evidence that Foster ever saw the Suwance River, even after he wrote Ids famous song, nut older citizens o White Springs say 'heir parent, told them the composer acluiill.' spent some time there during th last years of his lite. Foster died in New York City' Bellcvuc Hospital on Jan. 13. 1804 at 37. He was destitute, able afford only a cheap room Bowery. Bui he has lived on the heart of America. PAGE THREE . The llirmlnKham chamber of Jommerce. engineers of the deal uaranteed that Aalabnm. unlike Vrdnmml. [xisitlvcly would NO'l It under a White House tree and mell the flowers. | Alidjum will be chaperoned by' Maury Farrell, who was drafted his job as special events rc- for a DirminKham radio tatit>n i\VAIM>. Farrell, u westerner from lllrm- nuham's west end. and Aliibam et for Ihe firsl time this week. \labam kicked up tils heels and Barrel! kicked- about his new Job. According to plans. Alabam will ^ telhered near Washington until .e grows plump. After Hint, he Is scheduled to do his bit for UNUKA md hungry 1-Uiropeans Alaliiim will travel to Wnshlni:- ton ttnchaperOLietl in the bin Pennsylvania Central Airliner. He will be met there by Fanel. who will fly ft yet unnamed Mayor Cornelius 13. Scully voted lo dispense with ing and meet with the club at. Dogwood where they will hoar Miss Marshall give timely suggestions for this year's clothing work. I'Klshurgh Ihrcc days railler. Around the neck of Mayor Scully's calf will be an Invitation like Mr. Tnmiim's. sinned by Cooper Civreu. president of the DhmliiKhuin (jlly Commission, and! president Krwln Juckson or Ihe 1 Chamber of Commerce. Memphis 'Rosies' Like Big Wages But Less Lifting MEMPHIS. Trim.. April 11. tUl'l —The "llosie Ihc lilvelcrs" at Memphis Ford plain Wednesday doubled thai cciiial working right:* acquired during (he war were the blessing they appeared to be. Peacetime automobile assembly, It seems. Is tougher Ilian Ihe nli- plan<> production Jobs Kosle held at (he Ford phint during the war. In fuel, some current Jobs me proving moi> limn Hosle can bundle-. "We're being run ragged." moaned Mrs. Jennie r.i'e Murphy. I've got a job lining !)o-pouiid lop antl- sciucak inslllalols. We're having a miserable: lime." "We'd rather have lighter jobs and less money" walled Mrs. Murphy who makes $|.2:| |ier hour. Kfforls lo uncover a stale or federal law placing a Hinlt on Ihc weight women may lift, have fulled to uncover any relief. Company officials) mild they were willing to relievo Kosle of her heavy work, And some union men said hey would like to take some Itosle- ield jobs which offer high pay— md more grunts nnd groans. Hut the company-union agrcc- ienl provides straight seniority, fi'giirdless of sex. And if Roslc is t on the llsl when a job reopens, Hosle gets thai Job, whether It entails carrying u spark pint' or a,, axle. Tin- 401) to 500 Rosles at (lie Memphis plant will meet with United Auto Workers (CIO) officials tonight In an effort to find relief lor Uosle's urlilhK back. Hosle, red-fared and straining, BABY CHICKS Kino-si Complol (Veil. The (own. s ready to yell "Uncle." But Uncle Sum Isn't making airplane*.at thr.-: Memphis Ford plant now. , at all limes linr of poultry hamlicsl place in "We liny Poultry ,V liRRS" Chester Lewis Poultry •II!l Hast Muin SI. Join th« iwing wM thouuidi of ArkaniAs houiewives who shop *nd lay— '"Give me t itcli cf •!t-purpot« MAGIC MILLER'S BtST FLOUR!" You'll b« 'delighted when yo*j dil- cover you can m«Ve Lifchen curfiini from the gtf, colorful print' .7** MAGIC EAGLE STAMPS YOUR EXTRA SAVING HEADACHE C.j-cJin, ,on:lin 4 •piclillr / ROY WOODS WE DELIVER BEAUTY A!DS ELMO SKIN FRESHENER $1.10 MARCHAND GOLDEN WASH 49c G STORE RALPH N'ICHOLS "Where BlythcyiUe Meets" TWO PHONES—507 and 508 Owners EASTER CARDS Triced lOc to 50c True Spot Flashlights Complete with Hatlcrifs 59c MARROW OIL SHAMPOO $LOO size - 89c $2.25 LUXURIA CLEANSING CREAM Special —$1.50 Exclusive in Biythevillc FORTUNES 60 MURINE Kor Your Eyes 49 CAROID BILE SALT 10(1 Tablets 98 WAX PAPER 12:V 'Feet 21 IPANIA PASTE Value 39' MfCRFA Fountain Special Fresh Strawberry Sundae Served With Famous Fortune's Ice Cream WOODBURY SOAP liars FUSE PLUGS In Hox 25 LiSTERINE 59 ABSORBINE JR. Size 89 BLACK DRAUGHT 19 DRENE SHAMPOO 49 DDT WALL SPRAY 1 Gallon 5',r LIMITED QUANTITY! EVERSHARP $14 75 Itr pin and ptncll rim Fed. TM -^ ^ L)on't miss this chance lo "fiick up" one of these h.iiutsornc, modern sets. Miifjic Feed prrvrnts , Hooding or Ic.iking . , .' Mat;ic Point is so smooth you riiu'l even hrar It write Matching Fc.ithcr- .weight Rcpc.iicr Pencil feeds new leads automatically. •"* - —"- Jlruc economy lies in gaining the utmost value. It costs no more to be advantaged bythcskilled professional service ever available at this Prescription Pharmacy. WE DELIVER! 4THRIFTYSPECIALS I $1.00 Miles Nervine 83c $1.50 Amphojel $1.19 60c Alka Seltzer 49 C 100 U, S. P. Aspirin , 19 C 400 Cotton Tipped Applicators In Glass Container 98c 50c Johnson Baby Powder 39c 40c Cartose for infant feeding 35c 50c Mennen Antiseptic Oi! ... 39c 75c Oleum Pecomorphum .... 69c WEEKEND FOOD BUYS! 's Corn Flakes 6 oz. Pkg. 7c Hormcl's Cooked TONGUE 12 oz. Can Special Ea. 54c Loose- Wiles Hydrox Cookies Per Package lie Bath Size 3 Bars for 20c Crowlcy's Ridge Cut Green Beans No. 2 Cans 13c Saiforman Asparagus::: tc:37c Happy Landing KIPPER SNACKS 3'/4 oz. Can SPECIAL 16c Gulf Kist Fancy White CRAB MEAT 7 8/10 oz. 7ftf Cans, Ea. ' «H» SPECIAL NOTICE! On or about April 15th We Will Receive Our New Allotment of the following Soaps: Super Suds—Per Package ... 25c Cashmere Bouquet—3 Bars . . 27c M EATS We Have an Ample Supply of U. S. No. 1 Good Beef FAT BACKS.. Ib. 17c ALL MEAT BOLOGNA . . Ib. 25c POLISH SAUSAGE . . lb.41c Fresh Country Style Pork SAUSAGE.... Ib. 35c PRODUCE FRESH CRISP LETTUCE... head lie IH1MB GHOWN KALK, TURNIP, MUSTARD GREENS RED TRIUMPH POTATOES., sack 1.75 U. S. No. 1 Red Triumph, Washed POTATOES 'C JUICY FLORIDA ORANGES ^ 39c Your Home Owned Grocery and Meat Market ' Parking Space For Your Car At The Rear ot Our Store

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