Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1955
Page 8
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?•§• MOM STAR, MO ft, ARKANSAS Thursday, June 23, 19SS Thursday, June 23, 1955 H 0 P I S T A R, M 0 PC , ARKANSAS fL ttfft J«n ore, coal, and, lime fKffftedf fey 1 tee u. S. steel fa one year were placed In liats and attached to one fcfani watild -be 38,228'ifil! fork,- - . leep, Play In Comfort :hout N*£gitig Backache telhg backache, headache, or muscular tndbalng may come on with over-cxcf- BlotlodBl upselt or diij*to day «lr<>*s and i. Atidfolka who eatdBd drink unwisely inie* Buffer mild bladder IrrHntion -_h that restless, nncotiifortable fcellnK. JTUaremUcrflble and worn out because ...liS** discomfort*, Doan'« Pills often help Uwlr pain relieving action, by their sooth' effect to ease bladder irritation, and by rftlild diuretic action through the k i-lnej-s tiding to Increase the output of the 15 _* Of kidney tubes. io It nagging backache hiakea you feel 'rfed-out, miscrable;..*lth rentleM, sloop* illghlA...don't waltiv.try Dnnn'a Pills... .. ine Same happy relief millions have en- lytdforovereOyeara.GetDoan'sI'illa today! Russia Needs Time to Iron Out Problems By W. A. MV8ER LONDON (UP) — ftussla needs Memphii Stunning Own Steom Plant policy, is due as much to difficulties at home as to the firmness of the West, Soviet government leaders seem njrvufmite >r^~ >* *n* to be confronted by a series of -. M ^ MP J? 1 ,? 1 Tenn ,; . **- M ^ formidable internal problems which> FraI ™ T ° be . y . "H ed _ a spetUl they need time to Settle. |rneetmg of the City Commission ..... .for today to authorize the building may be listed of a mun j c i pa i stcam plant These problems as: 1. The unresolved struggle for power. The main thing about the nn-Yates time m ofder to deal with some Russian Communist party is that pressing problems of its own. K has remained uhburged after 1 construction This fact emerges after an ex- the downfall of Premier Georgi M Ark. The commission has said repeatedly that Memphis would not buy power from the controversial Dix- stearrt plant now under at West Memphis, ur y ey , ° f ,, re l ent . ! nt .<: rnal ,Malenkov. This is attributed to the developments in the Soviet Union ay experts here. These experts believe that the current switch in Soviet foreign WANTED MAN & WOMAN Willing to work. Good Pay. Reaves Bargain House 23-2t ' Good Neighbor: DID YOU KNOW? Your favorite pharmacy has raised its prices less In proportion ;to the general increased cost of living than any other merchant With whom you deal. The cost of a physician's call Is no greater than that of a plumber tr an e ectrlclan. The cost of the medicine he prescribes Is no hlflher than the cost of a valve, a faucet, or an electrical outlet. GET TO KNOW YOUR PHARMACIST BETTER. £. FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE — Visit Your Favorite Pharmacy Us Often. 102 W.2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phon* 7-2292 moderating influence of the army, which is now more,^powerful than ever before, and itl'.the failure of any one man to .win suprehiacy. The present period of government by committee is likely to continue until some candidate for Stalin's mantle emerges with the backing of both the Communist party .and the army. ~ { •"' 2. The agriculturdl crisis. , Russia's difficulties in producing enough food, publicly admitted by Communist Party First Secretary Nlkita S. Khrushchev, have not been overcome. Grandiose schemes including vast land reclamation projects have failed to bring vic : tory in the fight for more grain and more cattle. 3. The industrial lag. The recent conferences which industrial bosses have held in Moscow have shown that Russia is falling behind in new techniques and scientific invention. Productivity in industry remains low. Low produc- ,ivity is becoming a major national problem because ,of the shortage 'Of labor. As the result of the conferences, Lazar "M. Kaganovich U also said that if it beckrne apparent that the Tennessee Valley Authority couldn't furnish Memphis' future power needs, then the city would build its own plant. The ' ' •' • follow Thomas H. Allen head of the City Utility Commission. commission said it would the recommendation of DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE FOR EXTRA SAVINGS! THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY Pre-Season School Dress Buys In The Most Wanted Sizes! New cottons in original plaids 'n plains, smart- prints 'n stripes! Start a school time wardrobe now . .most all of Penney's back-to-school dresses are fashioned in Dan River cotton, a cotton that stays fresh and crisp through several wcarings; washes and irons with ease! Looks fresh and "store new" through a whole school year of wear. SPECIAL! Sizes 6, 6x, 7, 8, 10 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY! ALL METAL VENETIAN BLINDS i Heavy Duty! Finest Quality » 23" to 36" Wide! 64" Long! All Widths! • Gleaming White! Big Savings! REDUCED! 50 ONLY WOMEN'S QUALITY DRESSES i Plenty of Sizes! 7WJ Highest Prices! »___ _,,_* has been named labor and wages boss and Vyacheslav Malyshev has been named head of a committee on new industrial techniques. 4. The coordination of economic plans and There are help for Red China, indications that the Kremlin plans to integrate its own and satellite economic systems in such a way as to give maximum aid to Red China in its industrialization campaign. | The most immediate of the four! problems is the struggle for power within the Communist party. This struggle may be resolved before the next meeting of the all-Soviet Union Communist party, due sometime next year. The agricultural problem is a long range one. The latest time SILVER MIST FLOUR i SAVE AT BARRY'S This Week-End limit for the fulfillment of a target of 185,000,000 tons of grain is 1960. The. probem .of reorganizing Soviet science also is a long-term one. As .for the'industrialization of Communist' China; 'the ^ needs ol that-country are' lihiltle'ss.' Lego I Notice NOTICE TO BIDDERS 1. Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of Education of Hope School District No. 1-A, Hope; Arkansas, at the office of James H. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, until 3:00 p. m. July 8, 1955, at which time' proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud, for .'construction; of, .Additions to Public School Buildipgs. 2. Separate proposals will be received as fojlows; (A) General Construction (B) Plumbing and Heating (C) ..Electrical Work , ..." 3. Plans -ario; Specifications are on file at th office of James H. Jones Superintendent of Schools, Hope; Arkansas, and may be procured at the office of Weaver, Blowers & Hiegel, Architects, 806 West 2nd. Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, upon 'deposit of $25.00 per s.et. '•.'•:•'. • .'' - -'..., Full .refund will be' made to bona fide bidders .submitting bids, on one set of documents, and $10.00 each set in 'excess.;of one. All others securing documents shall re-, ceive $10.00 refund on each set. To receive • refunds documents must be returned within'five days from date of bid opening. • 4. No toids may be withdrawn within 30 days from data of bid opening. : 5. Compliance with minimum wage rates under provisions of Act 115 of 1955 of the State of Arkansas is required. '1 6. Compliance.with Contractor's Licensing Law, Act 124 of 1939, including amendments, of the State of Arkansas is required. 7. Deposit in the form of Cashier's Check, Bank Certified Check or Bidders .Bond in the amount of 5% of total bid price as bid guar- rantee is required. 8. Bid security and other information and instructions are con- .ained in said documents. 9. . The Owner reserves the right ,o reject any or all.bids and to waive any informalities. BOARD OF. EDUCATION By: Albert Graves, President By: Mrs. C. C.' McNeill, Secretary June 23, 30 NOW-SAFELY REDUCE EXCESS FAT UP TO 5 IBS PER WEEK y^"V Sensational New Plan New hop* for rtlUf from th« burden o( exccu fit (du« to over-ettlnir and not glanduUrl ti ie«n todny In report* o( iUc* 1 cess with A niw viUmln*com* pounfl tablet plan which act* to hflp .redue* without danger* | oua druffi or exerolae. Called BENATROL. thtt new preparv ' tion worki Ilk* a charm to help reduce ugly exc«a« fat 1 ways: --_ (1) helpi reduce hunger, curba «pn«tlt«; (2) lUppUei etientlat vitamin and food elements to help sustain entrgy. Women *nd men who formerly lufftred with exce*» fat (due to over-eating) now tell of remarkable result* after .uiing It. Many report .loasea up to • 10 Ibt with very C»t box. OL co.U IS.60 but con a up ATR y C»t box ilde ring re . BEN aulta, U not expensive; only penolti a day* Sold with lull nwney*b«ck guarantee by; J. p. Cox Drug Orders Filled. Hope — Mall EXTRA SPECIAL TIRE SALE 200 Good Uted Tires! Sizes 6:70, 7:10, end 7:60, In good condition and high tr«d, $3.45 SATURDAY ONLY FREE "IO" FREE BASKETS OF GROCERIES Nothing to Buy Just Register J We will give a bushel basket of Groceries E away each hour beginning at 10, 11. \ 12, 1, 2,3,4,5, 6, Saturday j Grand Prize Given Away at 6 P. M. s Don't miss this . . . Just register CLOVERLEAF POWDERED MILK 2 Reg. Size Boxes. NABISCO CRACKERS PRESCOTT NEWS Victory H D Club Meets The June meeting of the Victory Home Demonstration Club was Mrs. J. V. Fore co-hostess. Lovely arrangements of summer flowers decorated t^° rooms. Lb. Box 25c Lb. Can FOLGERS or MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 87c SNOWDRIFT Shortening 6 Lb. Bucket LIPTON ICE !/2 Gallon GOOD VINEGAR * Gal. Only held on Friday afternoon in the) Mrs. A. L. Turner presided and home of Mrs. Roy Loomis with gave the devotional on "An Indian Girl's Interpretation of the 23rd Psalm." Roll call was answered by each one present naming the sewing machine attachment they used most often. Mrs. Loomis told of her trip to Miami, Florida, where she "attended the Southern Baptist Eohven- U6n, and to Cuba. She displayed a sandalwood fan and a man's white 33 c SILVER MIST FLOUR SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE IN OUR STORE FRIDAY and SATURDAY Save this week end on Silver Mist Flour. All persons registering at our store will be sent a check from Silver Mist Mills. Nothing to buy — Just Register. 5 Lb. Bag WITH 15c COUPON 35c 10 Lb. Bag WITH 20c COUPON 80c 25 Lb. Bag WITH 30c COUPON $1.79 50 Lb. Bag WITH 60c COUPON $3.49 PRODUCE DEPARTMENT THE FINEST YOU CAN BUY SUNKIST ORANGES DOZ. 19c PostToasties 29c America's easiest riding truck offers features that mean long, thrifty truck life for youl • Powerful V-8 short stroke engines with proven gas-saving economy, plus high torque Econ-o- miser Six • A wide, practical range of .models and bodies to meet most hauling needs * Most Comfortable, easiest riding trucks on the road • Husky box-section frames with front K-member • Brawny axles, oversized brakes, cross- link, big leverage steering • Heat-treated, oil tempered springs for maximum load cushioning, light or loaded • Overdrive available on 6. or 8 cyl. '/2 and % ton models • Automatic drive available on 8 cyl. Vi and % ton models. BUY THE EXTRA-VALUE TRUCK... STUDEBAKER! ARCHER MOTOR CO. Eait 3rd Street Hope, Ark. Giant Size VINE RIPENED CANTALOUPES LB. 9c VINE RIPENED TOMATOES LB. Extra Special PET MILK 5 SST 67c FILLED OUT GOOD FRESH PEAS LB. GAINES EXTRA SPECIAL RED POTATOES 10 Lbs. 33c DOG FOOD lOc Can Only EXTRA SPECIAL LEMONS EACH 2c SPECIAL MARKET BUYS TALL KORN BACON 2 ubs 89c CHUCK ROAST Lb. 29c GOOD BOLOGNA Lb's. 1.00 FRESH DRESSED HENS Lb, 35c SPECIAL WIENERS 3 p L k bg . 89c Good Rib or Sirloin STEAKS Lb. 39c BARRY'S GROCERY and MARKET 111 South Main We Deliver Phone 74404 FREE!! Saturday Ice Cold Dr. Pepper Enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper Saturday when you visit Barry's, EXTRA SPECIAL 6 Bptrle OC CARTON ZDC 24 BotHe OQ_ CASE 98c Shop and Save at your friendly B&B this week end where the temperature is cool and the prices Hot. MACKEREL SALMON 15c 1 Lb. Can BROWN BEAUTY SPANISH RICE 2 £ 35c MELLORINE FRE-ZERT CREAM }/2 Gallon 49C ROSE DALE YELLOW CREAM STYLE 2 ^ 25c COFFEE MAXWELL HOUSE LESS 5c POUND CLOVER LEAF DRY MILK 29c 6} Oz. Box RITZ CRACKERS 31c 1 Lb. Box CRUSHED or SLICED PINEAPPLE Flat Cans W. POWDER -sr 29c JUICE 2 - 29c STOKELY'S HONOR BRAND ORANGE 50*. Lima Beans, Cut Okra/ Whole Okra, «fc •"•NA-V.-LI r.M.AK.*. English Peas, Cut Corn, Cauliflower, i FROZEN FOODS Brockley, Spanish & Brussel Sprouts j£ PRODUCE DEPARTMENT HOME GROWN TOMATOES 19c HOME GROWN P. H. PEAS 2 Ibs. 25c SUNKIST LEMONS doz. 29c VINE RIPE CANTALOUPES Ib. lOc MEAT DEPARTMENT BISCUITS 3cans29c MEDIUM SIZE PICNICS ib.35c GROUND BEEF 3 N». 79c BEST GRADE FRYERS ib.49c CHUCK ROAST ft. 39c RIB STEAKS lb.49c Wi DELIVER ^^^^^ -^Hi!W|^ . -HIMJ^ SUPER MARKET D ,AL WS PRICW FOR FRIDAY JUNI 24th and SATURDAY, jacket she brought from CubS. A delectable sandwich course and cold drinks were served -by the hostesses. • • Ann Bolton Celebrates Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bolton hotiorJ ed their daughter, Ann, with a lawn party at their home on Friday! afternoon to celebrate her fourth^ birthday. .] The guests spent the afternoon i playing with toys and were given suckers and whistles for favors, i Pictures were made of the group. Ice cream and the pink and white cake were served from a table co-rj vered with a white cloth centered, j with a white vase filled with pink gladiolus. Those present included Eddie Daniel Gilda Fay and Brenda Hines, Ginny Gray, Marvanh Cunningham, Charlotte Easterlin£, Becky and Mike Payne, Becky and Buddy Banner, Larry May of Delight, Johnny Shope, Oscar McDougald, Kenny Formby, Tina Bolton, Vicky and Debbie Cummings, Deborah Harris, Mike and Donna Harris and Phyllis Ann Dildy. Mrs. W. S. Black Hostess To Westside H D Club The regular monthly meeting ot the Westside Home Demonstration, ~lub was held Wednesday, June 13; in the home of Mrs. W. S. Black i The meeting opened with group j singing. Mrs. Harry Keeley presented the devotional with the reading of the 23rd Psalm followed oy prayer. Due to the illness of Mrs. Fred; P. White, Mrs. Robert Peachey read the minutes and gave the treasurers report. Roll call was answered by each one present naming the sewing machine attachment they used most often. Club president, Mrs. A. E. Me- Guire conducted the business "session and then introduced Mrs". Horace Rosson, R. N. of Columbia, Tenn., who gave several interest- ng and informative demonstrations She demonstrated methods of inhalation for use with small children, aed patients and others and how to 'old (or palm) a wash cloth for use in the sick room. Mrs. Rosson also showed the group how to prepare waste containers and emergency iiouse shoes from newspapers or any large piece of paper. Mrs. Keeley conducted a thrift sale at the conclusion of the meeting. The proceeds from the sale went into the club treasury.. The hostess served cold drinks and cookies to 17 members, and a visitor Mrs. Rosson. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Black of Malvern were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Mettle Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Hays Maxwell of Houston, Texas were the Friday guests of Mrs. W. O. Hays. .. , Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson Felder, John and Charles of San Antonio, Texas have returned from a weeks vacation at Quinns on Lake Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Robinson, Betty Lynn and Jenny of El Dorado, Mr. and Mrs. Denton Robinson, Dennie Sue and Debbie of Camden spent Sunday with Mrs. Mettie Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Brice Durham of Kilgore, Texas and as their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Horace Thornton of El Dorado. — Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Daniel spent the weekend in Searcy with Mr. and Mrs. James Daniel. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fore and granddaughter, Mclinda Sue of El Dorado and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Furr of Camden were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Fore and attended home coming at Harmony. Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Tippet and Betty returned Sunday night from Lubtfock, Texas where they attended the wedding of Mrs. Tippet's niece, Miss Georgianna Young to David White .Mrs. Tippet served as matron of honor. They also visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Young in 'Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson and Walter were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fair Nelson in Havana and were accompanied home by their daughter, Jane, who spent the past week there. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn Phillips of Longview spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, Imon Gee. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Woosley were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Shell Blakely in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Quay Worthington and Bobby of Hot Springs visited relatives Sunday. M..r. and Mrs. Gerald Goff of Texarkana were weekend guests of his mother, Mrs. Vivian Goi'f, who accompanied them home for a visit. Johnny Davis of El Dorado and Lt. and Mrs. Sidney Parker Davis Jr., and Drew of Fort Jackson, Columbia, S. C. have returned to their homes after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haynie ofj Smackover were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie. Glenn and Joe remained for a longer visit. Friends of John T. McRae will regret that he is seriously ill in the Veterans Hospital in Shreveport. Mrs. McRae is at his bedside. Friends of Mrs. Charlie Scott will regret that she is ill at the Cora P.gn,neU Hospital £ojty>>yjng major STOP! 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