Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1955
Page 3
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t^m HOPE STAft, H0M, ARKANSAS ThursJay, June 23, 1955 srA MARKETS .—B- 0,W6; lowetj ch&iee 1 a*d 2 arounft 200-215 Ib majority 180-tiSO Ib 20.85 v »Jpper demand more ac- <Jj»*S40 Ib 20.5*75; around ' ib 19.%; 170 Ib doWfl 50-75 JlKJ-lTft Ib, 18.75-20.25; 100- 16.?5-ll25j sows 50-75 low.-Is l.Oi; 406 Ib flown 15.25- .,Jbver 460 ft 18.75-16.25; boars •13,00. 1,300, calves 600; fully choice steers, mostly year- 1.00*23,60; good and choice Wid ttliXBd yearlings 19.000,' ' COWs utility and commer- *" 11.00-13.50; a few commer- 14.00} Thost cartners and cut- t6.5fcil.06; bulls and vealers changed; utility and commercial I3.5p-l$r00,' canners and cut* lp.5<y£.50; f good and choice choice .- laU»-22.<JOj high hd, prime 22,00-24.00. YORK tTOGKi YORK OB-fh* Stock Mar * advanced cautiously today ards 34.5; dirties 33; current receipts 33.5. checks 32; NfeW YQttK COttON dation, especially in the July 1955 delivery. The seling in nearby [cotton contract was in a prepara- jtioti of first notice day tomorrow. | Late afternoon prices were 15 td ^0 cents a bale lower than the pre- ivious close. July 34.15, (October 34.05 and December 34.12. YOftfc Oft— Cotton futures, following early steadiness, turned plenty of losers in the list, lowef today. . During initial deal- Most changes either way were ings, the market was helped by small. 'textile mill and Liverpool interests Railroads and steels were lead- buying. However, when this buy- A colony of beavers can chop ers onlh e rise. Steels later turned |ing was satisfied, the market en- down half ?. doztn young fruit trees mixed while railroads maintained!countered a large volume ofliqui-'in a single night, their headway, Airlines did well together wit 1 movie issues, chemicals, and cop pers. Radio-televisions were down Aircrafts presented a mixed pic ture. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (M — Live poullr., steady; receipts in coops 135 yes ierday 419 coops—60,618 Ibs; f.o.b paying, prices unchanged; heavj hens 26-28; light hens 17.5-18;,broil" ers or fryers 29-32; old rooster; 12-12.5; caponettes 34-35. Butter steady; receipts 1,674,409 wholesale buying prices unchang ed; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.75, 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars 90 B |55; 89 C 53.5. feggs unsettled; receipts 15,282; j wholesale buying prices unchang ed to 1 cent lower; U.S. large whites 60-69.9 per cent a's 38; mixed 38; mediums 36; U.S. stand- Lodies and Childrens SWIM SUITS $1.98 ,„ $7:98 CHILDRENS SWIM SUITS In sizes 2 to 14. SUB-TEEN SWIM SUITS . In sizes 8 to 10 ond 12 to 14 LADIES SWIM SUITS Several styles in cotton prints and Lastex. Sizes 30 to 38. HALL-MCNEILL SPECIAL 3 DAY SALE You'll lave of Boswell's on these and many other values Friday, Saturday and Monday — June 24, 25 ami 27. Regular 79c Dan River Ginghams yd. 49c Regular 79c Baby Pucker Nylon yd. 49c Regular 79c Indian Head Linen yd. 49c Regular 88c Gilbrae Crinkle Crepe yd. 49c Regular 69c Embossed Cotton yd, 49c LADIES HATS $2.98 to $5.98 values. Special 69c LADIES BLOUSES $1.98 to $2.98 values. Special 98c Regular 29c THREAD Sewing Thread, Embroidery and Crochet Thread. Extra special. Now only 4 for 88c BOSWELLS "SELLS FOR LESS" 215 S. MAIN HOPE, ARK. Thursday, June ?.3, 1955 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Of SAVINGS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. " Boyle All our deparfmenfs are dancing attention on your purse and good taste! So come early, come soon/ Come see ... come save. 1 Calendar iMonday June 27 llhe Junior GA's of the Notice Miss Edith Massey will teach the Continued from Page One U. S. Public Health Service. Scion- ilists tested truck drivers before and after a long stint at the wheel and after sleeping and resting Drivers were given intricate manual tasks and then timed with a stop-watch. They also were CAKE MIX 29 FRUIT PIES 8& 19 GRAPE JUKI ™ 2 ; 29< VIENHASr: 2 : 29c ANGELUS A & P MARSHMALLOWS 2-'35c GRAPEFRUIT JUICE OUR OWN TEA A & P's DEXO SULTANA RICE IONA SLICED 3 a 73c PEACHES jiplist Church u ill moot Monday ne 27th. at 4 p. m. in the home of •v Alice Moslev. •§>•' . Ficlelius SS Class of the First Jthodist Church will have a pic- c supper at Fair Park on June Jett B. Graves SS Class of the First i lcsted for simple reaction time, re- Firsl Methodist Church Sunday June 26. (action - coordination time. and th. at (1:30 p. m. ce is urged. A full attend- Monday June 27 The American Legion Auxiliary 11 meet with Mrs. Glen Williams the Purkins Home E. 2nd •lay June 27, at 3 p. m. Mrs. yde Sexton and Mrs. Ferrol Bar will be associate hostess, with •s. Joe Recce in charge ol ogram. the No. 2i Con ALLGOOD BRAND "Super-Right" Quality Meats SLICED BACON Lb. HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK HEAVY CALF ROUND STEAK HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST •, u, HEAVY CALF RIB STEAK HORMEL OVEN BROWN PICNIC 4, b Con CAP'NJOHN BREA CAP'NJOHN Each •yfii CAP'NJOHN . ma* \ 75C BREADED SHRIMP '&£• 53c! M*% CAP'NJOHN 43C FRIED FISH STICKS JpjIP SWANSON mm \ *^fc^V rltj Chicken. Turkev. Rppf 2 For T'wPCl'i LAND-TAILORED RRIGATiON SYSTEM Call or write us lodayl HAYNES IRRIGATION CO. P. O. Box 148 Phone 44 Noshville, Ark. * LATEST IN lOOz. Pkg. Chicken, Turkey, Beef f/ro BUICK SPECIAL 2-Dbor, 6-Passenger Riviera/Modsl -MR BUICK AiLfiME Fresh Fruits and Vegetables GOLDEN BANANAS SUNKIST ORANGES SUNKIST LEMONS FRESH CORN 4 CALIF. CANTALOUPES LONG WHITE POTATOES CALIF. BING CHERRIES HOME GROWN OKRA Plain Shampoo Tj and Set .... I. Cream Shampoo "j and Set .... I. •f'eraiion Hair Cut Lb. Lb. Lb. Ears Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. JANE PARKER LARGF Angel Food Cake Special! Permnnents . <<wi' t W up ETHEL FRANCES WEDNESDAY SPECIALS $1.50 Cuts Cut and Re-Style $3.50 ...Each JANI PARKER BLUEBERRY PIE JANE PARKER IEMON PIE Eath JANE PARKER CARAMEL RAISIN BUNS Eoth 29$ BEAUTY SALON: Air Conditioned for your comfort 1019 West 7th P*v. 7-43^9 AIL members are invited to attend. : manual tasks and then Ulrled with a stop-watch. They also were tested for simple reaction time. Mrs. Patsy Nix " ' Complimented Mrs. Jewel Burke, Mrs. Ervin Burke, and Mrs. Carlton Samuels, reaction - coordination time, and manual steadness. In one of these tests, the drivers grasped an object shaped like a your Mixture of Rain, Heat Hits Natron FulbrighfSays Continued from Page One "be quiet while I answer question." "There are some of us here who have the courage to be with you i when you are right but ifi Ihi? instance you are wrong," Capo- hart fired back. j .. - __ .— Capehart said McCarthy had!spread rain and thunderstorms, laid down in the debate "a blanket! ever much of the nation's eastern ; has oeen compared to champagne, indictment of the President, the! two thirds today. By United Press A battle between baking summer heat and a Canadian cool front | NAME CHANGE NECESSARY I SANTA MONICA, Calif.. (UP) — Ten-year old Billy Zimmerman said today he might change the name of his -lost pet. Abbot the rabbit, to Abbie. One nursery firm which returned the rabbit, had kept him in a ca?o with other rabbits, the BiUy report? I Abbot will become a mother short- Uy. , There are 2,370,000'.people iri "the fttetfiffll Sgfi tfflfi V. §/ greater Bostofi. "|is 58 yeart. ,' +*>•***• • Wine produced daKndelion heads secretary of. state and Republican., as communist .appeasers." of t h u n d e r s t o r ms (from ndrthern Texas! entertained with a pink and blue.pencil and. as rapidly as possible, shower, Tuesday evening, honoring! alternately tapped two small brass Mrs. Patsy Ann Nix. • j plates sepaiatcd by a block of The lovely-Burke home was beau-j wood. In another, they had to .lab tifully decorated with spring flow- a pointed object through a series ers. A boat-shaped milk glass bovvrof different sized small holes, with- o£ gladiolus graced .the living-!out touching the sides, room mantle. The dining table held; In each of the tests, the men a large bowl filled with swcelpeas,; who had not driven since sleep shasta daisies and other flowers j made the best showing. Only 9 per were placed at vantage points j cent of this group failed to me a; A band stretched The ilicmo of those who opposed | inio the Ohio Valley, while to the! the McCarthy resolution was —as;north cooler air dropped tempera-i I the Senate Foreign Relation.-; Coui-itures about six degrees in the na-j Imittee expressed it—thai its pas-! lion's central portion and as muchj sage would "have-• tiv effect of; as. 20 degrees in the Northwest. | lack of confidence expressing a lack ot commence in the President at a critical junctu: 1 '. 1 in world history. . ." McCarhslicd at. the 1952 GOP platform pledged efforts But a command heat wave was still in across the Rockies and! •egion. Little relief wa'sj today after the mercury! free the "captive peoples" behind the Iron Curtain. He said any Republican who didn't vote for his resolution would be a "disgrace to his party." throughout the entertaining rooms. | l "'c up to a predetermined level of Mrs. Nix was presented a cor-[ driving efficiency. Of the group sage of mixed flowers, interspersed | which had driven seven hours or with pacifiers. jless, 27 per cent failed to reach Appropriate games were played ! the efficiency level. But 42 per with the prizes being won by' the c , cnt - failed in the group which had honoree, Mrs. Jesse Samuels, and Mrs. Lile Arnold. After the many lovely gifts were oriven 12 or more hours. Studies conducted for the U. S. Navy by Dr. Arthur H. Steinhaus, nuts, and punch was served the thirty-three guests. There were eleven who gifts. . sent Betty Hart Hostess To GA's f\i. n.:i lAiv^lAlUJijr nj v •*- ij £,* j. bu .,*,-.— , ( opened, dainty cup-cakes, sailed I Pjofessor of physiology and dean - to George Williams College, Chicago, show that fatigue considerably reduces the ability to see, especially in dim . light. . . Getting back lo Mr. Iron -Man, the National Safety Council says his first mistake was in not setting a daily goal of 400 miles, with an absolute limit of 500 miles. The Josephine Skaggs Junior] Dr. Steinhaus.'believes another Ga's of the First -Baptist Church!serious mistake is to drive through met in the home of Betty Hart j the lunch hour. The simple cxer- Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. |cise of leaving and reentering the Forward steps were given as the j car causes the hea;-t to pump a program with each girl taking part, i much greater colume of fatigue- Refreshments were served to the erasing blood of the brain. All investigators agreed abstinence from alcohol is a must on such trips. Numerous independent studies all show the reaction-slowing effects from as little as two Tiine members present. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Grant Luck and daughter Fai'c, of New Brounfels, the guests Texas have been this week of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Allen of Bodcaw. They also had Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Buchanan and son of Texarkana as dinner guests on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ken McRae , and their two boys, Kenny and Nathan of Forrest City are- visiting Mrs. Helen McRae Barlow and Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Mouser. Don't Scratch that Itch! In Just 15 Minutes/ ' If not pleased, your 40c back at any drug store. Try instant-drying ITCH-ME-NOT aj any time of day '' or 'ninht'.tq. KILII and fungus . ON CONTACT. , pine for eczema, 'ritravi/ocrii, .foot it'cri ! --flnd-' other surface itches. Today at John S. Gib son Drug Ofa. HI-HO CRACKERS HYDROX COOKIES 6c 35c 25c ™"* CHICKfN Of THE SEA WHITE SOLID 7-Ox. PACK Can P BOPLB s«y success makes success-but we s«y Ptoplt make success, and how! •It'* people-just like you-who are snowballing Buick sales this year to an all-time peak. It'tpeople-just like your neighbors down the street -who are snapping up these gorgfeous new Buicks almost as fast as we get them from the factory, and Gauging Buick production to climb to new levels every-month, to handle the unparalleled demand, And it's people-just about from every walk of life -who keep Buick sales soaring without letup-and Loctl O«|fv«r««l ^r/p« of IA« 1988 flu/cfc SPEC/A t J-Door, o-PoM,ng«r Sedan, Mod»l 49 (illuslrolod) it Op'lonol vaylpmtnt, acctiiodti, »I8'» 0*4 ttfft (OKI, if any, tlffUlwgt. frlcn nay vary illuhlly la odlpInJnfl cemmunllltt Evth lh» <05l«y-Jmlall«i .itfai you may «wot«f ta/jolM. tueh w> H«IM »Cl?f9|ljr-»|l,7»f Rod!?* $2515 who have moved Buick more solidly than ever into the charmed circle of America's top best sellers. But why? Why this phenomenal swing to Buick on the part of people who can choose any new car? Because Buick's a buy—definitely. And because it's a bold beauty that catches the eye and holds it—that's for sure. And certainly because it's supremely level of ride -and a sweet joy to handle-and a mighty bundle of high-voltage V8 power to melt away the miles and the high hills. But most of all, because Buick this year is a performer like no earth-bound vehicle ever was before.., Because Buick—and only Buick-has the airplane- principled magic of Variable Pitch Dynaflow* where you switch the pitch for big gas savings in cruising -or for whip-quick getaway response and accel. eration when you need a sudden safety-surge. It's sheer thrill, and pure pleasure, and a big boon to your gasoline budget-and you really ought •to try it. Come visit us soon-this week, at the latest —and see lor yourself why this is the car folks just won't do without-the biggest-selling Buick of all time, *Dytiallaw Drift is ttandard on Roatinmster, optional at vxtrt co)t w ott>t* Swti, TOILET SOAP IVORY Medium Bar.. ..« * s • n£; ^ ThHH of th* y*mr is Bu/c/c AVf«MMIUi AN WHT WICK WIU IUIIO THIM m SID ROGERS BUICK CO • f W»T»^^RR|f ^^^pJWmUPff TOILET SOAP IVORY Large iar TOILET SOAP ' IVORY 4 P«r$onal lli« PURE - MILD IVORY FLAKES Large Pkg J9^ SAFE FOR NYIONS IVORY SNOW M* Olant Sise. DfTiROfNT OXYDOL ANN PAGE 7/,'f'-•• -,---\ '/i- wffVlwMP -^-, DRESSING 1PICIM. QT. JAR | GRANULATED SOAP DUZ Giant Six« w BEANS with PORK ™", 3^ 354 - •• FRENCH DRESSING .'.' 5£ 254 FRENCH DRESSING ^ * ft 154 DETERGENT TIDE Giant Size SHERBET MIX A$$T. K FLAVORS ........... 3 fkgi. 254 TOMATO KETCHUP S& !*:Sft 194 MILD Lb. WISCONSIN AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEESE 45' SL 55 8 0akt In •«« Pr/cej «ffechV* through Saturday, Jynv 21 *»HK«'t IIIAItM ItH $tores HIINZ COOMB CIRIAl 7 £* HKNI i nw *iM«m»»«(m i PINK DETERGENT DREFT Giant $1*9..... 69^ TOILET SOAP WRISLEY BRER RABBIT SYRUP Brawn Label AW> 34-Oi. Bti 37* ounces of whisky. The safety council offers these fatigue-fighting tips: 1. Set a modest goal for a day's drive, starting and stopping early. 2. Stop whenever you feel drowsy or muscle strain. Drink water, walk around, breathe deeply. 3. Break the monotony of uninteresting stretches by singing, playing word games, license' plate games or listening to the car radio. 4. Keep your car well ventilated. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Wayne Weeks, Emmet, Ark., Mrs. George Murphy, Hope, Ark., -Mrs.- L. •&.. McClane, J Hope, Ark! Discharged: - Mr. Paul Oiler, Mrs. Erwin McAdams, Hope. I expected 10 'hit 116 at Thermal and El Centro, Calif., and Gila Bend. Ariz., and 103 at Hanksville, U,»ah, yesterday. The sharply contrasting weather yesterday included a tornado near Marks, Miss., a postman's heat stroke death in Los Angeles, and "tar-thick" fog which caused a iic'ar ' disaster in Boston Harbor. At Boston, a captain was crecl- .ited with averting a "major dis- LITTLE ROCK i/l'l — Chancellor j aster" when he deliberated ground- Guy E. Williams is not expected ed an excursion boat loaded with No Ruling Ycf on Spa Racing Issue 272 persons after it struck a object in the foggy sub- har- to rule on the dispute over valid! ty of the present Hot Springs merged horse racing operations until nexllbor. ' wepk, at the earliest. j Elsewhere -in the Northeast, Williams, who''head testimony in • more fog caused cancellation of six the case 10 days ago, is on vaca.-j airline flights between New York lion this week, but will be back j and New England points and a tor- on the bench' next Monday. jnado'ajcrt was posted for the Vcr.- Oaklawn Jockey Club at Hot Springs sued for a ruling that the franchise it now holds, designed to expire in 1956, is a valid one. Chief Assistant Ally. Gen. Kay Matthews says it isn't since it was mont••; 'area where President Eisenhower is visiting. The President and his staff, slaying at Chittenden, Vt., showed no concern for the" twister warning, which was later .lifted. But Rug a former franchise >land. - .Vt., was hit by a severe thunderstorm, with wind gusts clocked at 70 miles per hour, issued before expired. On Matthews' advice, the Arkansas Racing Commission asked for new bids for' a franchise. Oaklawn got a temporary injunction against opening of the bids and is seeH'.r^ to have the ord made permanent. Attorneys on both sides have sub- "What is decent on a Marilyn Monroe type may not be so decent ei ')on another. And there will be no measuring tapes, because the lad- mitted briefs, for the last day, in stand. which today was support of thei THEY'LL JUDGE CHICAGO, (UP) —Chicago policemen will judge the brevity of bathing suits on the city's beaches with their eyps only. "We will judge each case on its merits," a spokesman said. ies might object." Commenting on accidents caused by fatigue, Ned H. Dearborn, president of the council, said: "The miracle of wonder drugs has overshadowed the oldest and one of the best remedies for man- Kind's ,ills—rest. So..why not >make your 1 ' vacation a time of rest and relaxation, instead of an annual competition to. see. who can drive the farthest and fastest" Friday and Saf-urday / June 24 - 25 KRAFT'S PARKAY MARGARINE Q UY O±: 2 ubs 54c GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 us 87c DIAMOND BRAND CREAM STYLE CORN &m Cans jttwOC PURE HOME MADE SORGHUM SYRUP <*„.„ 1. MAXWELL HOUSE or ADMIRATION In Tin Lb. COFFEE 87c I'n Paper Lb. LIGHT CRUST MEAL ANY BRAND BREAD Long Ol- Leaf Z.IC Short 1 C Loaf I .JC IN ONR MARKET Lb. 39c SWIFT'S RASHER, TRAY PACK BACON D&W PRIDE BOLOGNA Half or Whole Sticks Lb. D&W PRIDE WIENERS MSoidV, 3 u s 79c EXTRA SPECIAL STEW MEAT Lb. 21 c EXTRA NICE PICNIC HAMS Lb. 39c We Havu Plenty of Fresh Buffalo Fish FEATURE BIG SMITH Work Clothes WE FEATURE BLUE STEEL Shoes MEATS .. 2 %°"45< WILLIAMS FLOUR * Wt HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP • _ Completely AIR CONDITIONED foi> your cornfort ; 104SJ'.EIm Phone 7-2878 Hazel • Virginia Auline Anniversory V/eek • 7 DAYS OF FUN 9 Hwy 29 South • Open G:30 Tonire: 7:45-9:30 BATTLE OF * TV STARS * DESI ARNEZ CUBAN PETE and LUCILLE BALL LOVER COME "BACK" STARTS FRIDAY Men . . . Lured by lust and a sheriff who wouldn't be bought The Last Starring Broderick Crawford Wanda Hendrix John Deyek FREE KIDDIELAND Swing Ride Monkey Village Kiddies Zoo Playground Here's an Anniversary Week Special! l TODAY & FRIDAY REVENGE OF THE CREATURE 3:22 - 6:29 • # CULT OP f HE COBRA: 2:00 - 5:07 • am Here's Two That Will Score the Yell Out of You .... «>>' v.» DON'T SEE IT ALONE. fiLIDLATH JOHN P. Playtex BABY PANTS or* 7-4617 Venjilatec),. D unable.' 1 . We Give Eagle' Si-amps Your Extra Savings & SATURDAY ON SALE THURSDAY, "Keep your baby Socially Accept',ed" • • • . '- '-.-'.. : PINT SIZE (Limit I) "Knrly Kite" All Metal REG. SIZE (l.imil "MOIST-TEX" 100-ft. ROLL NEW! KLEENEX TISSUES In Sarv-a-Tisau» Box 28' Herco Imperial Grey Reflex CAMERA C95 UNIT ,. ^P Uses 990 film. Walgreen 3-<jrain ASPDRBN Bottle of 100 . . Children's 50's . . 33<= ECONOMY BOX OF 400 phoioe of white, pip or yellow S*vt on Wtl^rtin 'No-Shock' Extension CORDS 12-iool Bi9v»n—Whlto 10'Os, aerosol BUcIt 6- WhU. Guaranteed CIIM Formula 2O Hair Spray "Wlllsonlte" All Purpose NO, 120 ^:QfiC or i)lO . . . %f • %T W Mo.ia7.\,.,3%W° »' 65 C ALKA $2 LUSTRE CREME Crtom Controls waves and curls. It's LANQLJZED. Sturdy plastic cany case included. OVER ONE THIRD MILLION PRESCRIPTIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED AT COX'S. Co«ofl Tailf" QQtfff 100CPUW ANAL6E8IC SWAPS „ MIIMIIT 2 Qlifsen Qleum PercoHorphum 98 T/ie Brush, Comb and Mirror O-CEL-O

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