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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 3, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHEART-»vjviNo»o :„„„,„_._._.: ' "* -— * "' *<*/ Blylhevllle Courier Blylheviile Herald DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHEABT • AUKAMSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi valley Leader Blyllicvllle Dully News Factions Battle To Control Prosecution Of Accused Educator fieiK?? R n U ? E ,' La " My 3 (W)-Two groups of of • ,i n today for direction of Louisiana's cast S m^V' -* mes lMo ! lroe Smith, former president'of the oiits ,""<£ IS cluu 'S°d wilh embezzling $100,000 One wns District Attorney Dewcy J. Sanchez and other officials of East Baton Rouge parich in which Dr. Smitli Is alleged to have em- tezzled.-Thc other was Gen Louis X. Guerre, superintendent, ot slate police, who is responsible ohly lo Gov. Earl Long, and other slate officials. . for the struggle was obscure H broke out first Saturday night when word was received that Dr. smith and hfs wife liad surrendered in Brockviiie Ont. Sanchez claimed them as J)is prisoners and wanted to send his detectives for them. Guerre wanted them in the custody of his police. Gov. Long settled tlie argument by saying Guerre could have Smith and Sanchez' men could have Mrs. Smilh. But Sanchez stole a'march HC warned before.Guerre learned, that among^Emith's papers when he was searched • in. Canada, was "a little black books- in which Mrs. Smith iyas said to have written, at His dictation, his story of what has been happening'at Louisiana Slate ynlversity since he became president. Sanchez telegraphed Canadian authorities to turn tlie book over to his man and none other They replied that they would. .Smith was made president of the university :-by the late Huey l' Long when he started pouring millions in state funds into it Smith was Longs intimate n nuinbei of the inner council of the Long ma t-hine and prlvv to its secrets Ills trial was inliclpated mcuilj by enemies of the Lang machine nnd (Ireided bv some of Longs followers It was believed that i man defending himself on a felony charge could not be depended upon to be discreet In NL,\ Oilcans an important song gamed cm- rency over the ' week-end. It ' was entitled The Three Folitichns and it was a'parody of "The Thrive Little Fishes Us contents were lielo'us. Sanchez believed iie had Ton his fij,ht to investigate L S U without the appaiently^un«elcorn.e _as-^is_taiijg, jaf Generar Qjwrre smi his st-Rfe police There wab a po^ sibihty that state Attorney Gen- eial David M Ellison \\oultl invoke a Hues Long lav, \\htch per mils the ittoinej geher-U to -m perscde a district attorney -vt his Discretion Less thin Uo mon hs ago, Ellison denounced tins law in a public speech .Former ; Gov. Richard W. Leche who accused Smilh and then ie" signed will be called befoie the Death Toll OfHotiday Nearly 300 By United Press The toll of violent deaths Ii the nation's celebration of Inde pendence Day reached nearly hal the anticipated total today at th three 'quarter mark of the four day week end. Brownings, traffic and inlscel laneous accidents liad claimed 23 lives ID the 43 states and the district of Columbia by lioon today. Almost GOO persons died vlolcntlj in last year's July 4 week- eild. State Official To Explain County Bookkeeping System He Recommends A proposed bookkeeping plnn for Mississippi County will be explained by J. Bryan Sims, head of (he county audit division of the state comptiollei s office in a meeting of the Mississippi Countj Faim Buieau Tivmsday njght at the Rustic Inn, which will be opened to the public Tlie county group, which recently announced that effoits would lie nndc bj this organizition to get Mississippi Counts on a. cash basis has asKed Mi Sims to explain n plan recently studied bj him and is assjstants at Richmorjd Vaj grand jury Wednesday v,)ien ,t rccomenes Funeral Services Held For Mrs. E. B. Woodard OSCEOLA Art July 3 - Pu neral services for Mrs. E. B. Wood«rd, 54, prominent resident of the Little- River community, were held from the residence, of her son, James Woodard, on the Crews Lateral,:. Sunday afternoon at three o'clock with burial in the Ermen cemetery In this city. Services were conducted by the Rev.. Paul Galloway, paslor of the psceola Methodist church, - assisted by Uie Rev. J. C. Wiggins, pns- tor of the Garden Point anci Riverside Melbodlst churches of that community. Mrs. Woodard died Saturday morning at j Campbell's."Clinic in Memphis where she was taken two weeks ago suffering from injuries and shock received when run over by a, her home on Little River. The animal, frightened by a dog, knoclicd her lo the ground breaking her leg in three places' Born and Fayetteville, Tenn., she came with her husband lo Ihe LHlle River section in 1919, later purchasing and developing large>. tracts of land in that community. ^^rs. Woodard was active in charitable and benevolent movements, and a leader activities of the Red Cross during emerge.v pica caused from recurrent floods in that part of the county. She was also recreational leader of the Little River Home Demonsratlon Club. ' ,',•;< , She leaves her husband, four daughters: Mrs. L. B. Gibson, Mrs. V. J. Ashley, Mrs. I. E. Ashley, Mrs. Steve Cocherhaii, and two sons, Lawrence and James Woodard, and fourteen grandchildren. She also has six brothers and two sisters in and near Pnyetteville, Tcnn., only one of whom, Miss Mildred Kerr, could be here for the funeral. Slie was accompanied by Miss Emmn Comvay of Pay- elleville. Pallbearers were Harvey Crews, Coleman Crews, Robert Crews, Kelly Gardner, C. L. Grigsby, Nathan Weinberg, Woodard. John Doug-las, John Gregg Funeral Home of Jonesboro was In charge of funeral arrangements. In Kansas, males have a life expectation of 59.82 years, and females G1.02; Utah is next with 55.39 and 58,61, respectively. & aOlliin •piay-'not be ft Oils meeting it'has beefi out b> officers of the bureau lhat the gathering Is of prime Importance as Mr.' Sims is thor- ouglily familiar with lhe system now being used in' this county. Tlin will be the fouith meeting held since the Mississippi Countj Faun Bmean started the campaign to solve Hie countj s fimnml nil ments. Since .the farm bureau began its work on the matter Countj Jud(,e S L Glidish hib announced that the county can. be: put on a cash basis by the floating of n bond issue to take care of outstanding, indebtedness. In Ihe beginning the farm group publicly announced that it was in favor of more: taxes if it would take more taxes to pay off the indebtedness and get the county In ?ood shape. ''••'.'..: In statements made public, the county farm bureau members were told that .the county general overdraft, Including outstanding warrants, was S62.844.21 county road overdraft, including outstanding road -warrants, was $41,341.05; lounly bonds outstanding .were 528.000; outstanding notes on county farm purchased was $8,400, making a. total of $140,392.16. The county road fund and county bond fund and notes on the Bounty farm are said to be self II- luidnting and the road deficit is expected to be paid by the one- half cent turnback which is due this month. County bonds are being paid by approximately seven- Icnlhs of a mill already added to present taxes, it Is said, and county farm notes are expected to be taken care of by proceeds of the crop. The bond issue of $50,000 would 'akc care of this $62,000 remaining, which would put the county on a cash basis, according to Judge uladish. BLYTHKVILLiy ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 3, 1939 Foreign Papers Pleasb Copy " afK ^^^ s m^^mmmm^i^m^^^, rligh|Court Upholds Title Sufficiency Of Vote Petitions n t Uph ? ld r to a N0le of the ion and change ot \emie rcferaulums. supreme the workmen's compensa- loyd ay. Regulations Will Re- qune Some Skilled Workers To Double Houi's LITTLE ROCK, July 3 (UP) — ro'gresslve reopeniiiB of a WPA rejects in the state, which closed or four days to enable adminis- 'alive officials to place new regula- ions .into effect, will be started Vcdnesday it wns nnnounced by Sharp; administrator, to- Provisions of the nesv regulations equire that nil projects workers nisUabor a total of 130 hours per mnth to' earn the security \vnge 'hich formerly was allowed them n a graduated scale of hourly ay. This affects the hours of work of milled laborers who will be re- utrcd in some cases lo work twice s many hours as before to earn 10 same amount of money. A schedule of counties, showing ates In which (he 130-hour ref- lation goes into cirect follows: July 3, Phillips county; July 4 ndependence; July 7, Cralghcad; .Both laws had been iitiacked by in.xpnyeis who. sought' to obtain a court ruling that, the petitions did not'curry sufficient ballot'• U* ties, thus preventing Secretary' ot State- C. G. Hall from placing them on .the • ballot for the 1910 U A. Bailey,, a taxpayer, filed general election. . the suit in the workmen's compensation case. Tlie court's ruling K!>id: "We find nothing In the ballot title which would mislead voters mid think that the 900 words thai compose it make it clear to all." The tribunal also held that the emergency clause of the enacted workmen's compensation act was defeated In the stale senate in accordance with reports of Ihe general assembly. The attack on the change of vemie . referendum petition was made by Ben Hogan and was di- recled at Hull and other members of the state election board. Cooter Girl, Hit By | Truck, Seriously Hurt Dorolliy Punderburk, ten-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. U Funderbnrk of Cooler, was seriously Injured when struck by an automobile as she wns walking around the side of a truck late yesterday near her home. ISxamlnntlons made at Uie Walls hospital, where she -was brought after the accident, disclosed that «ly 10 St. Francis; July IJ'MJ'SS-l sl>c lmcl scvcre CHls nntl bruises c -=— : -• * - ' •• - • ion Ihe head and body, a broken rib and possibly internal injuries, the extent of which had not been Farmers Oppose Oil Drilling In Graveyard ST. ELMO, III., July 3.~Farm- srs of Avena Township, out in the oil field northeast of here, descendants of pioneers, are standing! guard over their dead ancestors ____ who sleep in old Yollon Cemetery ' CBllsc cnc ° r Ws ancestors hid to prevent desecration of their i cllarle s H m on cak tree way back and July H Jackson. Toledo Crime Decrc.iscs TOLEDO, O. (DP) — Serious rime in Toledo has been ricclin- ig gradually since 1930, the oimcil of Social Agencies reports. <ist year, crime readied a low olnl of 6,191 class one oiTenses s compared with 9,904 in 1930. outli crimes as reported. _ Elytheville .'And' ;0nc Hornersvilu/ Babies Die In Local Hospitals Deaths of three Infants were reported In this city over the weekend. • -.-';. Jerry Max Meatier, U-diiy-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Meader, dice! lale Saturday at the Walls hospital; .Billy Qene Brtvtton, five day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvic Bratton, died Sunday afternoon five minutes after he readied .'the Blyflievlllp hospital, and Jimmlc Travis Crawford, two months old son of Mr. mid Mrs. E. Ii. Cray/-' ford, died this morning at the Bly- Uicvllle hospital, , .Funeral services for the Meaiier baby were held Sunday morning at the family residence on South Twenty Second strcpt with the Rev. P. H. jcrnlgan, pastor of the Second • Baptist church, olllclatlng. Burial was made at the Sandy Ridge cemelery with Holt Funeral Home in charge. The baby was an only cliild. Tlie Bratton baby. III since his birth at the family residence at Homcrsvlllc, Mo., was-rushed here yesterday nfleinoon but death hovered over the automobile all the way and the baby died shortly after being admitted to the hospital. Funeral services were held this morning at North Sawba cemelery with Hnnna Funeral Home in charge. He, too, was an only child. Rites will be conducted Tuesday afternoon at the family residence near ffcrniandale for the Crawford baby. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother, Cecil, and two sisters, Lois and Shirley Ann. Bmlal will be made at North Saw- ba cemetery with Holt Funeral home In charge. New Deal Plans Two and Half Billion Program foi Agriculture WASHINGTON, July 3. (UT>)Tho New Deal lodny planned for n record tS.soo.oco.OOO leiulliiK- spending protnnn for aRrlcnltme ns it entered (he seventh year of perity '° rcst0fc rtirm tforc • tiin,, „ W11 | on aMm - m duectiy into tho pockets of tai- mort, for soil conservation, surplus commodities, parity payments nntl for com)i lance with oilier provisions of the farm prouram Another half billion will be spent for research nml regular ucllvltle.s of tho department, Wllh Dm. transfer under President Roosevelt's government rc- orgHi)lHitlon','of lhe commodity Credit-corporation, the Fa rm c ,./_ dlt Adcnlnlstratlon, Ihe Fnrm Security Administration, nml Iho Rural Electrification Administration to the agriculture department - an- olhci billion dollars in credit resources was made available for lending, purposes. Estimated expenditures this riscnl rear added to W.SOD.OOO .spent <I«r- mi! the past six ycnis will bring :he administration's fnnn aid cost :o approximately $8,000,000,000 more :bnn Has appioprlnted In the entire previous 20 gave farm adininlstrn- llon ofnclnh a "checking account" of approximately '$1,700,000,000 for the fiscal jcai which bcisnn July 1. This Section Has No Such Infestation As Elsewhere Found determined this morning. Tlie accident occurred' as the child was leaving a truck which had taken a crowd'.to a baseball game. After jumping from the end, „._ _ of the track she walked around' CAiUmiERSVILLE, Mo., July 3 it to cross the road, when she ' (Ur »—Two regular army instruc- ' Officers Detailed To Camp Joseph T. Robinson £I™ .."™* * the car. Act of 1051 Brings Reward SAINT JOHN, N. B. (UP) — Be- i raves by drillers for oil Farmers ln 1G51 Walker, 29, of , of Sefton Township, adjoining and Salllt Joh "' *'" r «*Ive SCO a year the countryside roundabout arc standing by them and the Carter Oil Co. Is their ally. The fight is against Riyette County, which owns the cemetery and wants the revenue which an oil well among the graves is ex- from (lie Royal Family as long as he lives. He has just received his first check. Jackpot in Junk WARSAW, ind. <UP) - junked slot machines seem to be worth slve by starting a court cose of their own. Electric Cord Smokes, Firemen Called Out The fire department was called to the Harry Frltzius residence, 300 N. Nintli street, shortly before nine o'clock last night when a short In an elcclric cord caused sit to smoke. There was no damage. Courier News Will Not Be Published Tuesday The Courier News will suspend publication through Tuesday, July 4. following its custom of years standing, In order that employes u>hiln ili« ,«~\ , », ... • )l " ll "'"a, "'» UJUL-I uiat eni[jjuytrs Willie the money in them totaled and stair members may enjoy Iho » M <*• ImlMnu holiday. tors attached to' the 140th infantry, Missouri National Guard, with headquarters In this city, have been detailed to the Arkansas National Guard field training camp at Little Rock, Ark., July 2 to 1C, It was stated here ycslerday. They are Major \V. E. Graham and Sgt. Grady B. Ferguson, both of tills city. , There Is no sign of any boll *eevll .in.Mississippi County, according to,D. S. Lantrlp.,;,comity ngrJcultuial agent, who lulled the statement today following nn- louncemcnt yesteiday thnt an un- isimlly, large boll vvcovll infcsta- lon In three.'sections'or Arkimsns s threatening•_ to matcrlnlly re- luce Arkansas' 1B39 cotton crop. Every precaution Is belnq taken .o '•'- discover 'llio weevil-if/It is nlgrnk's Into, tills section,,- iti' is mown .there wiis no ;, weevil: left rom."• last-'year as nmi'c has'been o'und In this county for several 'pars. .:A'number of blooms recently oiiml on the ground were ciirc- ully preserved but no weevils appeared, the extension agents office cporlcd. •'• - • No .-Infestation of tlie wcvll is' xpected In Mississippi County, du- pltc (he unusually inlid winter, he county agent 1 ! said, Weevils have damaged cotton squares In all Southwest Arkansas counties and have ben active In northwestern mid BOullienslcrn areas. Some small acreages are reported to have T>oen abniidoncd duo to the heavy rains and weevils. . : ' V .•'.-?' ..•';-,... Mississippi County cation Is said lo be In very good condition, considering the excessive rains and late season. • •, Britain Emphasizes Danger At Danzig, Still Courts Russia By United Press ' ' Grenl BHlnin hammered home lo the world .igers of Ktirope's sorest spot—the Free —in an piVoi't to bio ' " • While British juid Encampment; Major Crawford Heads 3rd Battalion Sixty moil of Company M and luce oflKors left lieic yesterday <Jf CnmiijoscDli T. Hoblnwn near Little Hock f 0( two weekB summer " I'nvadcs, field mnnevivcis Includ- K an ovoiiilBlil bivouac, mid nnnl Held Inspection on ihe Saturday bcfoio retmnlng on Suij.iny jnnkc ip nctlvltlcs of .(ho training po (XI. After Uo weeks In ciimu, " 0 " *"" te " mid Cnptaln Wendell Phillips, First. Jeiitcnatit Aidcii B. Ciowclcr nnrt Second Ucitlcnntil Guy T. McHcn- y of Manila, me ofilcers of the omimny. .Major Ivy w. Crawford, ouncily commander of Comimny VI, nccomimnlcd tlie compniiy con- oy to camn. He 1ms iccenlly been sslgncd tlie command of the Third lintuiion, which includa, COIH- inny M, TJi 0 entire icglmeiH of no 163rd In/miliy, imlU of wlilcli Tlie United slates government adopted nickel sleel for araior plate as a result of competitive tests nt Annapolis In 18DO. re sciilleii'il ovci the stnte, will .sseiiible "nt tlic : cniu|i. Cnptniu Phillips will lio In cliaige f tho innctilue gun school, LI. 3rowder in clmioo of Ihe pistol nngo and First Seigeanl Paul O. Damon will be lii cliaigo of HID ><!hool on propcily nccounllng. Tlie company left Dlythevllle t\t' om- o'clock Sunday morning awl topped In Poucst city for brcak- BSt. They nuivcd at tho cump hi time for tlie finon meal. During Uio afternoon, the company un- gnBed In , setttiiB up camp and gelling; ! ready .for^thi/ixbH ''diiy> work. Tlie (jioup wns scl^'dulc'd to go on pislol rango this morning. Train Strikes Boulder; Three Men Are Killed MOUNT VERNON, Ky., July 3 (UP)_TIirce members of a Louisville and Nashville ficluhl tinln crew were killed' today when the train struck , n boulder tlml hud rolled/down from 'n 'rnoimtnliuldc. \V, F. Qoebel, 49, of Cincinnati, the fhemnn, E. j. Weaver, 6V, of Spilnjjlnko, Ky., engineer, nml S. O. Loiiu of Lntonln, Ky., bmkc'mnn were'' killed. Tlie boulder which the. locomotive' struck was estimated id wclglt'.n't least BO.OflO Ions, it was V5 feet long ,30 feet, wide and 15 feet high, negotiations at Moscow sought • to complete an alliance bringing ' tlie Soviet Union Into the security fionl Piime Minister Neville Clinmueilain announced, In the House of Commons that a ' free coijw was being formed Jn Dan?lj», after n huge Influx of Germans. ' Developments Included: '* , Prlmo Minister Neville Chamberlain icporlcd to King George an , Iho fntornntlonnl situation, rcv'iv- IIIB Interest in rejwrts that he, in 1K h t soon Include Winston . Churchill and Anthony Eden—i»th publicly denounced by Adoll- Hlt'-'i ' Icr-iu the cabinet but political' ' sources bllll wondeicd If Cham- 1 berlaln would so oixmly challengo Hiller at present • > The llrlllhli and French governments conthmid n slrong cam- ,)alsn of pubilo deinonstiallons and speeches Intended to convince Ger- )nai,y Hint they would opiwse any dlioct or Indirect movo by^ force lo change (he status of Danrlg.. Poland wns' reported 1 in London . to bo planning not only to warn , lhe r Damig senate against mill- (nry jirepaintlons but perhaps ' lo "' intimate that Mie would intervene, .= If necessary, to ha'.t such activities. B3llsh sources insisted they % had complete promises of support from Britain and France. • • The Danzig government Issued a decree providing that all Dan- xlg cltbens could be called up for work Important to the statfl. Italy planned army maneuvers ' on K large scale In the Po valley enrly In August with King Victor Little Girl Injured At Park Playground Dorothy Jean Wiggins, seven- year-old daughter of Mr. mid Mrs. Ben Wiggins, was given treatment at the Walls hospilnl yesteidny for Injuries received wlien she fell on n play slide nt Walker Hark. Frlilny night. Examinations disclosed tliat the bone In her left arm was fractured. Diversified Amusements Arc .: Holiday Attractions Here Tlie Fourth of July—America's mid-summer holiday—will be celebrated tomorrow In Blylheviile along with the. rest.of the towns and cities which are planning big a Hairs tomorrow. No one In this section can say there won't be enough doing on that day. There is to be an all-day celebration at Walker Park and Mississippi County Fairgrounds, featured with a fish fry at hoou and midget automobile races in the afternoon; three baseball games and a barbecue at Lutes Park several miles south of here on Highway 01; a golf tournament at Hie country club climaxed with a picnic supper, In addition to all day and night swimming at the pools and motion pictures at the theaters. While thousands are expected to enjoy Uiese special treats, there will also be many who will Irck to the lakes tor fishing, boating and picnics. The largest event will probably be the fish fry and auto races, the American Legion for the benefit of tlie new police Grateful Steeplejack i Never Forgets Hospital MANCHESTER, Conn. (UP) — Every year, for 12 years, Stanley Noren, a steeplejack, paints the flagpole at - Manchester Memorial hospital free. Physicians at the hospital saved broadcastlng'statTon.' his daughter's life 12 years ago and | Such contests as fat man's race he vowed lie would paint the pole sack race and greased pig race every year as long as he lived to have been planned for the morn- show hts appreciation. Ing. auto races are already creating much Interest, several hundred tans having watched the tiny automobiles work out Sunday afternoon. There will be J3 cars and drivers in tlie nine events which will be climaxed with n "suicide race." Drivers and numbers of their cars are: Hugh While of Miami, Fla., No. 138; John Holden, No. A Space; Hugh Sabltenla, No. 1; "Shorty" Campbell', No. 7; Lee Stickler, No. 8; Ken Heatherington, No. 5; Claude Burks, No. 33; Car) nunkln, No. 34; David May, No. 36; Joe Patterson, No. 38; "Pee Wee" Hood. No. 07 Old; Aicli Lyle, No. B7; Walter Gross, No. 1078. Racing will begin at 2 p. m. with the trials beginning nt 12:30 o'clock. This group, which has raced on many of the best midget tracks In the country. Is widely known through the .South where races have been held recently. The drivers performed at Memphis Friday night. . . ' Much excitement added to the thrills of the trials Sunday afternoon when Stickler lost part of Ills Emmanuel scheduled to review tioopa within 30 miles of the . French fiontlcr. In tlie Fai East Japanese re- 1 ported the cailliue o! 30 Russian, tanks and the damaging of many -,v' otheis h\ what Tokyo dispatches J V described as a "bl^batye" ,ln r \ lighting along the j Manchukub'-, Mongolian frontier.-' Aerial aiiil ,, land wnifnrc between Japanese and'"~. Russian lroo|>3 has been undervvrfy; " along lhe border - for weeks bu.t f v conflicting .dispaUJlics 'to each capital continued: la/niake tl' dlfflcfilt to delerjnlne^the 'extent' ^'-"--VDT- ,lhe >'Ii(jfit!n'£7 Mrs. Louis ,G. Craflon \ Dies In Little Rock Mis. Louis G.' Ciaflon, who lived heie for a number of years until I03J, died Sunday In Little Rock. She would have been G3 years of age on Sept 27. Futieial services will lie held Tuesday morning, U 'o'clock,* at lhe Methodist chmclii In Blod- Belt, Mo. A son, W. L. Crafion of Ihls city, and membeis of his family, left lodny to Join other i datives there. < Born In St. Louis, Mrs Craffo'n ivas married theie In' 1893 She lived In Blaclgett until late In 1925 when she moved to Slkeston for year before she caine here ,to inn fee. her home. An Invalid since stricken, ill- in October, 1925, her condition was nppaiently no worse until a. short lime prior to her dealh When she lived In Biytheville she made her home with a ton, and a daughter, the former Mrs.' ; Bcinlce Jones of Biytheville and now Mrs. U. A" Gentry, with whom she lived ; iti'" Little" Rock.\ She h also survived by her husband, Louis G. Crtifton of St. Louis, four other daughters, Mrs. W. A. Johnson of Sikeston, Mrs. Ina C. Hunter of St. Louis, Mrs. W,. M. > ?arker of Kansas City, and *Mrs. Morris S Cox of Lubbock, Tex.; two sisters, Mrs. Mattie Griffin of Okcmali, Okla, and Mrs. Laura Prcdcilck of El Dorado, Ark.,;and two brothers, William Stobaugh of Carulhcrsvllle, and Fred D. Spaiks of El Dorado, Ark. Impatient Motorist Wounds Truck Passenger PIKEVILLE, Tenn., July 3/ CUT)) —Police today were looking v for Ihe exasperated'motorist who sat- sfled his anger at not being able .0 pass a truck on a narrow inoun- .aln road by firing a pistol into the truck and wounding an occupant when lie finally did get by. The shooting occurred while the truck was taking a group of children hfiine from .church 'The wounded passenger, Betty Scarborough, 14, was : expected to le- cover from a hip .wound. WEATHER Arkansas—Local showers tonight and ,Tucsday. Memphis and vicinity — Occasional showers tonight and Tuesday, not much change In temperature. ' • , j • It rained .2a.of'an inch* up to 1 eight o'clock today • during.,;the shower of late yesterday afternoon and the ram which started'early this morning. The maximum tern- machine but he was able to stop perature yesterday was 92 .degrees the motor without Injury to him- slid tlie minimum, 67 ( degrees, ac- self. The car Is being repaired to- cording to the' official 'weather 6b- day. server, Samuel' F.'.'Nornsi

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