Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 21, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1955
Page 9
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•?^ ar Husband right? i* - , S** I? 6 . 8 Sct .«P ah ob- file and d* the cab, and , tWnfe seriously UnlU * gel O f Sftie. fcnotf if yours is the v * MAC Ybtfte JOUt of your mind you let her talk you into Cubing elflfe* You have ,a Drofit- »<w«i busiftftfis, you like It and It's 2E5*- 4 " **** """* ls there to * Parents are News Briefs SPRINGS (A - About 3,000 persons .are expected to attend a three-day convention of as the other way around. As tion is expected -- ThC assc «=iation is an organic- of mi ssionary Bapti U«- ' " a V ^ ' ant? that to she'9/Jlke tdT stuff you in- a , h name yOU re be dignified, ac- 6t you. After all, you are growing tip, Boon you will be a teen-ager and new responsibilities are coming .your xvay. Perhaps your mother unconsciously expects -too much of you, but In another-year you'll be asking an awful lot from her. You'll want freedom .you'll ask more rust. Just do the best you can. Believe me, mom's concern with he younger children doesn't mean he loves them more. It just takes more time to do for them things you can da yourself. If you can baby-sit some evening and earn the money, buy these two pamphlets which cpst 40 cents each and may be obtained from the Science Resarch Associates, Inc., 57 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago 10 111.: "Getting Along With Brothers AftKANSAS MARKETS j jday. was a feature. Apart from „"• that, routine trade buying ^MANILA, tfV-Three U.S Force officers today 1«« 1 .;. tuitajr ullluiailV limf • 15 ,, minute s of night flying time in the middle of the dav They were in T33 the day. trainers and Sisters,' Parents," "How to Live with that followed the 1^nl J eclipse" „ *L!™ "* he , Phi »PP'nes. P The ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATION/M. SJOCKYAHDS *) — Hogs 7,200; steady; mostly No. 2s 210-215 Ib averages 22 '50- T- •* «• - —>— majority 180-220 Ib including N,' lj f ldatlorl an d small hedging. 3s, 2s and 3s at 22.00-25- 0-4o'L if a " e , rnoon P^ces were Ib 3.50-22.00; 240-260 Ib 20.75-21,50 k - bale higher to 10 170 Ib down steady 140 170 ih 20-25-21.50; 100-130 ib scarce Pt ™ or 18.25-20.00; sows 25 hiahe, ---• 34 - 2B - covering were offset than the and 10 400 Maf the noon of Doi-.g- «r -.g- Wyo., J3ih Air Force Public Information officer, said the offi- clal oymg recorde of himself, Lt. Clarence L Shivers, St. Loui s , and ^ Hllrlbut - G1 ^ a re would log the night flying CLARK AIR FORCE BASE PI "—An American scientist zoomed "°. r "IS moon in <> COO-miie-an Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkan lady she must > Slie ' s Merest- , f f flope What ' s have a etib drivers. They vBne and, for 'ext|-emely interesting e, there are lots of who will appreciate you and all. i, this your decision? sas June 20, 1955. City Docket Jerry Cobb, Reckless Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. driving, so. of Jn-law trouble. You c, I Jiad •as we lived on opposite "sides le country. Recently she begged iy TOSband to move near her sow- X? £ e three . My husband's propecls .here and we have a lovely if' u my m °ther.in.law want's ?" IMl .? t hwho 'n« Practically day. I'm just about fed up J do MRS ' to be g«nerpus until this phase -over. Mother and son have lots £ Ver : Jln « ! " the y haven't seen other in « lone time (you don't fex whether yom husband has ever Isite,d hts.rao^her). Certainly it Js° r - "****^* «ver or con- a*<JJw>rcie.«bout it. A. J. Kaufman, Driving while intoxicated, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond and served 1 day in jail. George Townsend, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. G. A. Neal, Gaming, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Charles Daniels, Lawrence E. Bearden, Tneodis Primus, Hazardous driving, ^Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. J. D. Johnson, Morris Allen, Lawrence E. Bearden, George Dunn, Trvais Lively, No City car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. The following forfeited $10.00 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Luther Laudermilk,. David Wills, Sam Smith, Charles W. Stewart, Buck Brown, Joseph Martin. •Robert Lindsey, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Chester Spearman, Carl Jackson, Robert Lee Martin, Lillie Mae Howard, William Walker, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. The following forfeited $5.00 cash bond on a charge of no driver's lie trainer plane said he was able to see five minutes longer as a result. "The phenomenon was far more pronounced and clear than any other eclipse I have observed from ,the ground," said Dr. Frank- Back president of Zoomar Inc., New York "The sky was full of fi B ™t^ W ,f C ° Uld obser ve stars of the third magnitude." Back said the flight set a pre- eclipse inn ..w rva- tions We don't have to depend on the weather, and we can even extend eclipses of short duration." GLENDALE. CAlif., (UP) — ? uneral services will be held lere tomorrow for King G Gillct e, son of the late safety razor down 15.75-17.75; relatively small proportion above 1750- 400 Ib up 14.00-15.75; boars 9.00-1300 Cattle 4,000: calves 1.200; steady nigh good and choice steers 21 0022.50; good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 22.75; cows utility and commercial 11.50-14.00- canners and cutters 8.50-11.00; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15 00' good and choice vealcrs 1700-2l'oo' prime up to 23.00 ' ' Sheep 2.000; spring lambs steady! ±!f° '°i s J^ 0 -^! ""lily and 1 GRA4N AND PROVISIONS . , - wheat con- made substantial gains in price on the Board of Trade today after getting off to a shaky start Most of the rest of the board's '- carried steady to. easier quota- lions. Wheat cjosed unchanged to 1} cents higher. July $1.971/8-1.97 1 cent up, lower tc good 18.00-22.50; cull light weiehtsi'' 8 hi S»er, July 65%, and rye wa o^ 0 : 1 ™ 0 ' shorn ewes all graclcs : c nc ^ anged to ^ hi * her < J "ly $1.03 3.50-5.00. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK (m _ Major motor and oil producers led the Stock Market higher today in moderate ly active trading. Rubbers, motion pictures, au- toes farm equipment and distillers also tended to gain ground. Aircrafts, steels, radio-television, utilities, railroads and chemicals vere mixed. There were no weak sections. magnate. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W Cotton futures were irregular in listless dealings today. Evening up operations _ . — "" < *• e*-- —•* j UIAIJI jn ,03 Soybeans were '/ 4 to 1 'cent better July $2.44-2.441/4. Wheat: No 3 red 2.07; sampl- grade red 1.40. Corn: No 2 yellow 1.49-50; No 3 1.47-48; No 4 1451-;, 4714; sample grade 1.37'/ 4 -40% Oats: No 1 heavy white 75i/ 4 -i'i- No 1 white 73 \' z ; No 2 71-72>/ 4 ' ' Soybean oil: 13%-U,; soybean meal 52-50-53.00. Barley nominal: malting choice B -"" feed 95-1.16; No 3 1.00 sclc. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO m— Live poultry about steady; receipts hi coops 356 yesterday 995 coops, 127,189 Ib; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy in hens 24-28- lieht hpn« ^'' " -- e pn« 1 nearby July. -prior to first notice, broilers or 'fryer's 29-32; "old Girl Takes Final Exams in Jail POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. I/ft — Jail doors have opened for a 17-year-old girl so she can attend to a matter very im-i pprtant in her young life —her high school final eaminations. Barbara Palmattier left her cell yesterday in -custody of High School Principal Ma A. Reutorshan after the district attorney agreed she be paroled to take her senior class tests. The girl, member of an old Poughkeepsie family, was arrested last week in . Miami, Fla.. on a warrant issued after she ran away with 25-year- old Joseph Lee Jr., of Highland, N. Y. She was charged wifh being a wayward minor and Lee .with abduction. Both were placed in the .Dutches.? County jail. Barbara was described as a good student,- w el 1 liked by her teachers and classmates.' , June tt, final Rifes for Futrall Today PARAGOULD, f/p) — Funeral fo former Gov. J. M. Futrell, 84 who died yesterday, were to be held a the Church of Christ here this aft crnoon. Burial will be in Lin wood Ceitietory. hr- INJURIES FATAL CLARKSVILLE I/?)—John Morris of nearby Hartman died yesterday of injuries suffered in an aulpmti- bile collision near here Friday. He was 78. er 5)2-12.5; caponeltes 34-35.' Butter steady; receipts 1.478,074; vholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 16.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars '0 B 55; 89 C 53. Eggs firm; receipts 16,799; wholesale buying prices 1 to 2 lighcr; U. S. large whites 60-69.9 >er cent A's 39; mixed 39; medi- ms 36; U. S. standards 35; dirties st- 3; checks 32; current receipts 33., House Speaker May Seek Stare Post WEST MEMPHIS, (UP) _Hous c Speaker Charles F. Smith of the 195o Arkansas legislature will tour the stale in August to sound ou the voters on his chances in the 1956 race for lieutenant-governor, bmilh indicated he -also woulr seek grass roots response to an> other statewide race he might make. But lie .strongly hinted he was interested mainly in the lieutenant-governor's race. Tho crittenden countj --representative. who enjoyed a successful term as speaker, is not discounting the possibilities of running for Congress against E. C. (Took) Gathings in the first district, for the Stale Senate seat vacate'd by the death of Ihe late Sen. Lamar Rodgers. But the August tour is contemp- ate.d solely for the purpose of assessing sentiment for his chances 'n a statewide campaign, Smith said. His wife and two young daughters will accompany him the trip. Smith said he planned to he! first for Northwest Arkansas; al then swing South through the wtj ern section of the state. He end the ' tour in Southeast Arkij sas. » Tueiday, June 21,19SB HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS MRS. GEORGE DiUtt,' Chicago, 111, says: "ttf youngsters hated orditaaf aspirin. They readily tit* St. Joseph : Aspirin F«* Children, the; like it*pure orange flavor." ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDRM Duke's Beaufy Salon 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Air .Conditioned Complete Beauty Service Operators Frances Gllliam — Ethel Moran died Billette was 64 when he UKU Saturday at his Newport Beach home. Gillette's father, King C. Gillette, founder of Gillette Razor Co. died m 1932 and left his entire estate of more than $1,000,000 to his widow, Mrs. Atlanta Elle Gillette. She died ten years ago, three years after the younger Gillette filed-personal bankruptcy. ense: ou, it is probablyy ess more th,«n active dislike. sure r Mis? <Dix: I am 12 years ;*and;my nmjn problem Is my - My mother paysVnone at to my two younger sisters d 45 > alway»,,|)ickta«,x)n me. Wo ijng I do, pleaaes he/. What can Edgar Williams, Charles Daniels Ervin "Anderson, Jr:.""Regoberto "' Earl Stroughter, Judy Kay HAZEL'J If AUTY SHOP V Complexly , AIR CONDITIONED • 4 for your comfort "104 l 8/eim Phone 7-287» Virginia Auline 'OUR MALTS I AND SHAKES... $t Are mode with the same f Dairy Queen as Sundaes and cones, That's why Highway 47 lost Wright. Billy Stroope, Illegal parking Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Jimmie J. Edmond. Fictitious license, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. ^Trank ;c. Clark., Possessing untaxed beer, Forfeited $50.00 cash fcond. '•••'-•<• ( \> • -'•' T. H. Bond, Illegal turn in street, forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Chloe Stroud. Lee Porter, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $5100 cash bond. . Hollis Luck, Huey Smith, Oscar Lee Crider, Logan Davis, Walter Verhalen, Jr.. Mrs. Milton Lang- stori, .Running stop sign. Forfeited (5.flO cash bond. The following forfeited $10.00 cash )ond on a charge of assault and >attery: Huby Johnson, Semo Jones, C. B. TOKYO, (UP) -Takezo Shimoda, director of the'foreign ministry s treaty bureau predicted today that Japan's growing land forces .alohe would receive ''more than $100,000.000" in arms from the United States during the 1956 fiscal year. He said additional loan of warships and planes were expected. T KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany, ^ UP) —The Army said today that Pvt. Andy Jaszak, or Cardale, Pa will face a general court martial on charges of assault and attempted murder of two companions last month. He is accused of shooting the men during an argument in an Enlisted Men's Club here. TOKYO, (UP) -Japanese demonstrators-attempted, again today to stop American artillery fir-' ng at the foot of sacred Mt. Fuji, 'apanese police quickly moved the 0 farmers and labor union members out of the shell impact area. _ TOKYO, (UP) —Maj. Gen. William S. Biddle, who commanded mechanized cavalry in Europe in World War II, will become thp new chjef of r ackson, Semo ' OtlCSi ' lj.1 TT "tj •i~***uuj,suii, The following frfeited $5.00 cash toda£ ^ EaSt Command sald >ond on a charge of speeding: Beauford Wyatt. Wm. P.'Hartley, Jones. Anthony sistanqe advisory g rol)p ., HOT SPRINGS W Thn fii™ Robert Burton, Gaylon Wilson, Os- version of Smger MarToJe Law ar Lee Criner, Tom Ellis, Geo. L. rehce's life, "Interrupted Melodv" : Coulter. Patrick C. Wynn, R. D. will be shown for the first time Rogers. Thpmas E. Willis, Edgar publicly here June 30 ,Henry Doyle E. Scroggins, G. C. Miss Lawrence, a Hot Carnahan, Otis Ware, Chester Mul- .resident, will attend drow, Don Hall, Foster Kidd, Truman Coradine, Logan Davis, W. J. Parks, Sam Cook, James Sanders, LeRoy Jamison, Lonnie E. Ferrell, Wednesdo irk Neck Bones , v tfe4 r 'rowderPeas resh Tomatoes Cream ib Bacon Sliced Sausage Salt Neat Specials Site. 1.00 to. 3 fe 100 Blytheville Folks Dedicate Site BLYTHEVILLE •(*)—This northeast Arkansas city today dedicated a 27-acre .industrial site in which local citizens already have invested several million dollars. Fivij firms have located on the site since it was ooened last year furnishing about 400 new jobs. Speakers .included Gov. Orval Faubus and Winthrop Rockefeller,] chairman .of the Arkansas Indus-1 trial Development Commission. Geo. Peck, Jr., Frankie McDowell, Eugene Smith. James A; Thomas, Curtis Walker, Grandison Turner. Oscar Lee Criner, No State Car license, Dismissed, State Docket Querner Truck Lines, No Identification, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Melvin Releford, Assault and Battery, Plea guilty, fined $25.00. Richard Graves, L. C. Nunlley, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. John Russell Daniel, Driving while intoxicated, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond and served 2 days in ail. i"t~ John Stuart, Leon Miller, T. E. Jodnett, Driving while intoxicated, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond and served 1 day in jail. The following forfeited $25.00 cash >ond on charge of overload: Stauffer Chemical Company, Cliff Whitehead, Shedd Bartush ''ood Co., .L. C. Calicott .Culiman Bana Supply Co., Tennessee Valley Tomato Co., Clyde E. Stone. V. G. Gordy, Henry William Studer, Billy Burns, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Leon Milleri No State car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Vernjce Cpley, No State car license, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. John Russell Daniel, No Driver's license Forfeited {5.00 cash bond. Robfeje Purrji, Improper lease. operation. Forfeited $100.00 cash bftn4 -~ $50.00 suspended. i OCIETY ! Calendar Thursday June 23 EXTRA SPECIAL TIRE SALE 200 Good Used Tires! Sizes 6:70, 7:10, and 7:60. In good condition and high tred. $3.45 I Monthly Bridge Luncheon will be held at the Country Club ^•Thursday June 23, at 12:30 p. m. | with Mrs. Teddy Jones, Mrs. Basil I York and Mrs. Royce Smith as > hostesses. B. E. Dougan Reunion Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Dougan Glass & Salvage Co, We* 3rd S»r«** OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK », ; and children, Billy and Juanita of •Emmet, and Mrs. V. A. Lambert, jGinny and Belinda of Texarkana • attended the annual family reunion • in Blossom and Paris, Texas last | weekend. ' Others attending were, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Jay Johnson and children of J San Antonio, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert : and daughter of Houston, Mr. and Anniversary Week • 7 DAYS OF FUN • DRIVE-IN (^THEATRE 'Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • TONIGHT • BATTLE OF * TV STARS * . 8:03 - 11:06 DESI ARNEZ and ORCHESTRA m CUBAN PETE with Lots of Guest Stars HIT NO. 2 9:18 LUCILLE BALL GEORGE BRENT in LOVER COME BACK EXTRA TONITE! One Bushel Popcorn to Car with Most People . . . FREE KIDDIELAND • Kiddies Swing Ride • Monkey Village & Zoo • Swing — Slides .— Merry-Go-Round • Horseshoe Pitching Mrs. Oliver Allen of Reno, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Hill of Paris, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Barnett of Paris, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dougan and family of Texarkana and Mr! and Mrs. B. E. Dougan of Blossom, Texas. Amanda Tinkle Circle Met With Mrs. Dayton Thomason The Amanda Tinkle Circle of the First Baptist Church met at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dayton Thomason with Mrs. Reece Chambless as 'co-hostess. Methodist Church met Monday, iCopeland; Telephone, Mesdames ed the University of Texas and New June 20, in the home of Mrs. Mary Leonard Wright, Grover Thomp-| Mexico. She is a member of the Hamm with Mesdames Milton Eason, Ernest Turner, Winston son, Harton Barber, Paul McClellan, Arlis Brooks, Pauine Tyner; ctor of English. I and during Woi-M Waf tt } h£ serv- The bridegroom was graduated ed in the Air Fotcfe .as a dentist; Monts, and Miss Mary Copeland as Status of Women, Mrs. Mary co-hostesses. Arrangements of beautiful spring flowers decorated the lovely Hamm home. Mrs. Claude Tillery, chairman, opened the meeting with the group singing, "Lead On O King Eternal" followed with a period of silent meditation. During the business session reports were heard from Mesdames E. P. Young, Jr., Odette Johnson, Leota Futrell, and Virgil Keeley. Plans for the new year books were made and it was voted to have a worship center at all circle meetings) The chairman expressed her thanks to the members for their splendid cooperation during the past year and appointed the following chairman for the new church year. Spiritual Life, Mrs. Virgil The devotional was in charge of Keeley; Christian Social Relations. Mrs. Gus Haynes who is circle leader, and she also conducted regular business session. In the absence of the regular mission study chairman, Mrs. Haynes reviewed one chapter from the mission study book, "Thus It Is Written," by Goerner. The hostess served punch and cookies to visitor. six members and one Mary Hamm Hostess To Circle 5 of WSCS W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Mesdames James Myers, Lyle McMahen; Membership, Mesdames LaGrone Williams, Sam Huckabee; Visitation .Mesdames John Pierce, Carl Gaddis, Bill Wray, Hinton Davis; Missionary Education, Mesdames Denver Dickinson, C. V. Nunn Jr. Magazine and Publication, Mrs. Fred Glanton; Publicity, Mrs. Clifton Ellis; Missionary News, Miss Mary Anita Laseter; Songbook, Mesdames Jim Cobb, R. E. Story; Absentee, Mesdames Wayne Russell, Kathryn Jones, Lloyd Story, and Miss Carolyn Mann and Mary 3rd ANNIVERSARY WEEK 7 Days of Top Hits TODAY & WEDNESDAY FEATURE TIME: 2:30-4:41 - 6:52 - 9:03 So you like a pictures that's Different . . . try this one • MUSIC...DRAMA...EXCITEMENT... and that pleasure-levin' gal — all from Ihe Smash Broadway Hill OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN'S DOROTHY DANDRIDGE • HARRY 6ELAFONTE PEARL BAILEY • OLGA JAMES • JOE ADAMS ALSO LATEST WORLD NEWS Hamm; Fellowship, Mesdames Har rell Hall, Jud Martindale, Lloyd Guerin, H. O. Kyer, Jr., Cecil Atchley, Edward Aslin, Ernest Turner, and Homer Jones. Announcement of the auxiliary meeting of all circles at the church July 11, and members were urged to attend. A devotional book entitled "Everyday Religious Living" was presented to Mrs. Jack Wilson who has been a member of the circle but is moving to Louisiana. The program consisted of a musical selection "America the Beautiful" by Mrs. Harrell Hall, soloist, and guest pianist, Miss Carolyn Lewallen; a most inspiring devotional by Mrs. Grover Thompson, and a very interesting and informative panel discussion on the United Nations led by Mrs. Denver Dickinson and assisted by Mesdames Hinton Davis, Lyle McMahen, and Edward Aslin. Sajd Mrs. Dickinson, "The United Nations may not be perfect but it is our best solution for peace." When all peoples of the world are provided better living standards and know the word of God we shall have peace was further shown through the worship center on a table which held an open Bible, a white carnation and world globe which had been arranged by Mrs. W. M. Reinhardt, vice-chairman of the circle. The meeting closed with all singing. "Rise Up O Men of God" and repeating in unison the circle benediction after which the hostesses served a delicious sandwich and dessert plate with cold drinks to 27 members and one guest Mrs. T. P. Foster. Nancy Ruth Carrigan Becomes The Bride of Dr. Joseph A. Lonnegan The announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Nancy Ruth Carrigan, daughter of Mrs. Adolphus Moore Carrigan and .the late Mr. Carrigan of Hope to Dr. Joseph Albert Lonnegan, son of Mrs. George Franklin Lonnegan and the late Mr. Lonnegan of New Orleans. The ceremony was performed on Thursday, June 16, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in the presence of members of the immediate families with Rev. Mr. Lawrence .J. Plumley officiating and William Teague playing the nuptial music. The bride was dressed in a white batiste afternoon dress 'and white accessories and carried a white prayer book covered with white stepanotis, entered on the arm o£ her brother-in-law, Ira Victor Perdue, Jr., who gave her in marriage. Mrs. Perdue, who was dressed in a blue organdy afternoon dress with white accessories, was her sister's only attendant. George Franklin Lonnegan, Jr., was the brother's best man. The bride is a graduate of Henderson State Teachers College of. Arkadelphia, Ark., and has atterid- Byrd High School faculty as instru- from Loyola School of Dentistry| Immediately following the cere- mony, fin afifl parted tot a Continued ort Get out of the ordinary* •• LOCAL DELIVERED PRICE OF OLDSMOBILE "88'! J ~~ -... 2-Doer Stdaa i* State and local laxei extra. Your price depends upon choice of model and body style, optional equipment and accessories. Prices may vary slightly In adjoining communities because of shipping charges. White sldewall tires optional at extra cost al a price that's surprisingly lowl Something happens vhcn you go over to Olds! You discover that driving was never like this before. You find youiddf enjoying every minute behind the wheel. Perhaps you boast a little abont your car . . . you compare it with others at the drop of a hat. And, of course, you'll find 'that Oldsmobile is outstanding in any comparison test you care- to make — performance, styling, comfori : :. . anything! .Let us mnkc the comparison,^ ,/ for you— and get our generous appraisal! Get out of • the ordinary ... get into an Old*' I - „• ''*'• '" ^a for a price that's surprisingly low! ^ V IV! 1 »Ti $11 TOUt NIAIIIf QlVfMOIILI DIAlll GIB LEWIS' AUTO SALES i *• < Phonc7-3461 500 S. Walnut 60 AHEAD i ; i OIIVI If YOUISILFI THI OOING'S • 11AT I N A "ROCKIT t" me at "J.?^ ever-popular 188-horsepower Montereys, and the lowest-cost 188-horsepower Customs. And no matter what model you choose, you are sure ot Mercury s exclusive styling—shared by no other car on the road today us during lunch hour, drive a Mercury home that night It's as easy as that to own America's most advanced new car. No double-talk. We give you our high-volume allowance for your present car-and work out easy terms tailored to your personal heeds. So stop around- even if it's just for a demonstration drive. IT PAYS TO OWN A FOR FUTURE STYLING, SUPER POWER Don't miss the big television hit, Ed Sullivan's "TOAST OF THE TOWN," Sunday evening, 6 to 7. "station KCMC-TV Channel THE TRADING POST 321 S, Laurel Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Hope, Ark. • • Lewis-McLarty's re FlMrt PtpfftmMt ft«r« Hundreds of Summer Dresses in Misses, Juniors, VYomens and Half-Sizes. These are from the country's bejst flng'tors,',*, jjf of style dresses, • . ' '* • "- *- -7' v *^>^a| Priced from...-,...,„.,. i- .** **• > „ « . * tf'? . ^ ^ ^rfiw £ '* < T >r q5y^ £* i.^ 13*1 ^l^ /I a ^>Mhp

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