The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 25j 1936 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE TimEB Yvonne and Annette at 8 and 24 Months Doctor Dispels Legends Surrounding Advent of Quintuplets III a series of four new anil absorbing stories. Dr. Allan 11. l)aloe, physician to the Dlonne quintuplets, lulls of llio progress of these famous children as they complete their second year of life. Tills is the second slory of tills exclusive series. * • * IIy ALLAN n. DAFOE O. B. K., M. D. (Copyright. 193B. NBA Service. Inc.) The story of thq birth of the Di- onnc quintuplets hus teen told many limes. But like oilier oft- told tales, It begins to be rather legendary. I recently rend one account which solemnly asserted that I was asleep throughout, the Whole affair, and was nol sure 1 had not dreamed It mill! inquiries began lo come In l the next day. It is hard lo be"eve that any such writer Is being serious. So perhaps It will be worth \vMlc to recall the events of that May morning of two years ago from my own vivid recollection and the Holes wlilcli I made soon afterward. Of course I knew the Dlonne family well, having altcndcd members of it from lime lo time thru my 30 years' praclice in I'ne Callander neighborhood. 1 hud looked aflcr Ihe births of three of Ihe children of Oliva and Elzlre Dlonne. So llierc was nothing surprising when Oliva Dionnc came lo my office In Callander on May 12, 1934, and reported thai hisj wife was expecting another child and wasn't well He described her symptoms, bill didn't think it necessary Hint I go out to see her. I nmdc up some medicine in my little dispensary. We country doctors have to be druggists, too. you know, where drug stores and p'narmacisls are remote. On May 19, Oliva returned with further descriptions of his wife's condition. This lime I thought besl to go and see her. I insisted on Mrs. Dionne being pul to bed. and on help being obtained for the housework. * * * Finds Sirs. Diouna III Jvfrs. Dionne's face, 'nands and I legs were badly swollen willi fluid. She complained of blurred vision : and vomiting. , > . i ,- -T-dlag'fioStrt frViiyci'fiJmnlotIc' coff- I dilion, but there-was no particular reason to suspect that more I Iliau one child was on th? way. The mother was placed on n fluid diet and told to remain in bed,.though the child was not expected for a month or two. Twice In the ensuing week, Oliva Dionne appeared al my office, and re- I ported thai Mrs. Dionne seemed to be improving. On Ihe nighl of May 28. I had a confliiemenl case In Callander, | ; nnd did not get home until about 1,3 a. m. I went to bed, but I was I nol destined for much sleep. About 4 a. m. the doorbell rang. : I answered it, and found Oliva Dionne on the doorstep, 'highly ex- I cited, saying, "Mama wants'you,' j or words lo that eflecl. * * » Neighbor Women Help I dressed and got my own car I out of Ihe shed behind the house. H was still almost entirely dark. |l|The "headlights of the car danced j'on the rocky road to Corbel!, which I was. then in poor, even dangerous, I condition. But the 2!4 miles lo the Dionn. plnce was quickly covered. There I Were lights in tile windows as I (drew up. Mrs. Alex Legros and Ben Labelle. neighbor women Uwho had been called in by Oliva H before he came for me, were Tacks No Terror to This An to Alaska Rcfics On Air In' lu> Just 1C months elapsed belwccn these two pictures. Below, Yvonne and Annette In their nib at 8 months. Above, Annette and Yvonne at 24 months are proud to show off their crisp, pretty new dresses Just be• . fore their second birthday. | charge. They "hurry." called to me to There was considerable • confu- Islon In the 'nouse. The three older | children had been taken I neighbor's. But, to month-old 1 Pauline was crying in her babj I Carriage. I was told that Dan. the lyoungcsl boy, was asleep upstairs land that he had a cold for which Dionne had been treating A lea-kettle was boilin^ on (Mrs. Ihim. I the stove. I * • * | Three, Then Two More Two babies had been born, ant, |.i third was on the way. I "scrub - Ifced up" the best way I could, iis- n basin, and promptly deliv- lered the third baby, directing the I covering and wrapping I three. of tin Commencement Kxercises Will Be Held Next liuivday Night (VimiiiiU'fiuom activities lire lo bo held ibis ucck in ibe local iWii'ii liish school fulluivlng bac- cabi '\MU> si'is'lecs yesterday nf- ln IHI, n ; it ih t . pilgrim Itr-st liup- 'IM liuiivh. ''lit' iiu mcmLris of the uraii- uitii:< class |iMird the bawiilaui- 'tili- VTIIIOII dcit'eml by ihn '''''• .1 K. Hutoid. 'The Invurn- !i:i -.MIS>d by Ihe llev, E. I, H.imi:sn>, followed by scilpline mi's by the HIT. 7,. R Jolm- iin:l Hie liev. M. Crudiip. The diction \vns s:\ld bv the liev. Ilu iiir«ui!. I ast Friday tin' primary de>im input Df the school presented upi'i-elln at the school as <:;i<'iilii«.j feature of the com- .'••iiii'iil activities. Tonight the liilmiu'dlale di'imtmcnl will iivsi'iit two pluys. mid (here will x i'. "cluKs day" i-xcrelsc lomo'-- 'o-,\ morning ni 10:30 o'clock, fol- owrd by a play tomorrow night it « o'clrx-k. : A drama Is to be presented by ,\w .si'tiior high school ilepau- iiicnt Wednesday evening al B::iO o'clock. The |;radvmlJiH! exercises are o b? hold al the 1'llerim llesl Baptist church Thursday cvenhit;. The program will Include- the song. "Arkansas", by the hljli school chorus, orations by Samuel Eavle Jones, saluiatorlnn, Aluu Mac White. Lucille O'Unii- iel and Waller W. Walkins. valedictorian, and n solo by Ethel Enrle Jackson. 'llu> class address will be delivered by I'rofcfflOi 1 Hnyd II. Brown, prcsldenl of Kin-go Aerl- cultural and Induslrlal luslitute, Ark. Presentation of Ihe diplomas ivill be made by o. M. Buck. president of Ihc school bitard. Friday aftenicon at '2 o'clock students will receive Ihclr promotion curds mid the Until event, of (lie week will be the Jiinlor- scnicr bniHiuet the .same evening at B::iD o'clock. Members of the graduating class ire: Ethel Karle .Jackson, Alberta Joiner, Samuel Karle Joiirs, Anlble Mackllu. H'cille O'Uaiilcl. Coiinc Wilson I'erloat, Mormon Terrel Smith, Waller W. Watklns, Her- Irude Williams and Alma Mue While. bed and covered with a succession of heated blankets. I'alher Is Dazed The mother's condition was not 1 too bad, everything considered, and I went outside lo inform Oliva. of ills good fortune. Some- \ what dazed, he came into the ' house and greeted his wife, and then went outside again. j Ohiaair to Head U.S. Physicians Since the babies were the smallest I had ever seen, llicir tiny! bodies of a dark red color, the. skin shiny, and their breathing uncertain and irregular, all medical history Indicated that their chance of living was slight. j So I baptized them separately, i using drops of warm water from the tea-kettle. I believe Mesdames Legros and Labelle also baptized i them. Suddenly Ihe mother relnpsed into a condition of shock. There was severe internal hemorrhage, despite the fact that 1 had previously given treatment lo prevent it. She gave every appearance of being a dying woman. I remained with her some little lime until.! A strong advocate of individualism in medical practice, Dr , John H. J. Upham. of Colum- 1 she had showed signs of responding to a solution of pituitary and ergot. Her pulse picked up somewhat, though still weak and fast. As I was the only one then present who could drive a car, I hurried to Corbei], a distance of 2'.-'. miles, !o gel the parish priest Father Routhier. *.. * " Nurses' Help Enlisted He followed me back to the Dionnc home in another car. The mother's condition was still. Improving, and by 1 a. in. I fell justified in leaving the situation in charge of the neighbor women. We had secured a large butcher's meat basket and laid the babies In it, covered with heated blankets. Complete : Instructions were left [bus, O., is pictured above fol- ! lowing his eleclion nl Kansas :Cily, Mo., as nexl prcsidenl of ithe American Medical Associa- ;tion. Dean of Ohio Slale Uni- ;versity's College of Medicine, I Upham, G4, is to be installed in :his new office- at the 1937 convention in Atlantic City. the sleep that had been interrupted the night before by the arrival of Yvonne, Annette, Emilie, Cccile and Marie. NEXT: The grcal crisis In Hie quintuplets' life, uith hilhcrlo un< told details of Ihc story of : nurse's heroism. TOLEDO. (UP)—A large kite, formed by five smaller kites, each and I started out, to get help. A bcarim- „ ,„„„„„ „. r-i™,.)™ 5 ' 5 mirSC 8t Bomleltl ' Miss Dionne quintuplets, won a prize Cloulhicr, was sent lo Ihc home.'as the mast original and the high- I appealed to tile provinfcial re-'est Hying, In a city contest, The nm, i HI at i N ? rth - Ba y' aml he kite was made by 15-year-old Lew- promised lo back -me in procur-l Is Rabldcau ing anything needed.. I secured'..— . - to Justices of Peace LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—PetIIion for the initiation of two measu one ri free textbook bill and th oilier a constitutional amendmen lo provide for homestead tax empticns. have been mailed I justices cf the peace in Missis Eippi county by Lieut. Coverno Lee Cazorl, candidate for gover nor. The justices have been ask ed to assist in the circi. T lat![> of the petitions so that voter of Arkansas may express them selves on the measures, by Ihe vote, at the next general elec lion. November 3. In sponsoring Ihc textbook hi! Lieutenant Governor Cnzorl de clared it was one of the Iras; edies of our governmental sel-u lhat we guarantee by constllulio free education to • every child, bi in Hie case of the less fortun nate families deny to the chil basal textbooks— the most import- limoniilty In meeting Its newest Iralfl hazard. In the general strike wiilcli the 1'iileslin luve been .scattered In nil the principal 'streets of Iho ancient city, lo Halt tiall'lc. Here Is shown an unto equipped lo oveVcome this obstacle. Brooms have beon placed In front of the wheels lo sweep ii]i Ihu lacks as (hr- car moves along and (he huighlny crowd beside the machine seems to be conlldenl that the Innovation will work. Service for New Boom 8EWAH1). Alaska (UP>—Whera the railroad developed Hie western pint of the Dulled KtuUs, Alaska Is counting on tivlullon to promote tlu 1 rapid development of its In- 1 dvslrlcs and communications, The Alaskil Territorial Chamber oi Commerce, In 1111 effort to obtain further airmail service for the tnrllory )ms prepared statistics .showing the development of iwla- llnn here, In 1821) (here were only eight planes In the Alaska service. They carried n tolal that year of 2.171 Hew 33,001) plane miles, •273.000 passenger miles and curried 118,000 pounds of freight mid express. In 1935 there were 75 plane:: tlui^ ,<snclfd ItfOOO passengvrs, Hew 1,000,000 plane miles, 2,100,(00 pnssi'iiiji'r miles and carried more Umn 1,700,000 pounds of freight and express. • The chamber Insists this demonstrates dial Ihu nil-plane will develop the territory scores of yoatn faster than Hit! old lime railroad,' slniim'r and doy sled means of transit. •In olden times, slaves warmed their ma.slcrs 1 beds, on cold nights, by lying In them first. for (iraduates approxlmalely four limes grcalcr limn that ol a yem ago. The unprecedented slhnuU'.s Iti blinding, which extends through the so-called "heavy Industries," such ns conciole, Umber, Iron inul steel, is iimklng a shnrply Increased demand on cnulnccrlni! ami technical Institutions. However, iimrkcUtig and Bales olfer (he nnimn'oi's openlnjs. and the denniiid for accountant has lucreiiscd sharply. The' latter, especially, Is Interpreted as Indicating a ureal incretiso In business activities. [\IAny IndllstrU's .Surveyed Insurance, Investment and II- nauci? companies, oil concerns, Ui2 lubber companies and makers of business muchiues arc shown to be employing greatly Increased numbers of Ki'tidtiiUes, uccordlng to one report from the Northwestern Niiticnal Life Insurance company. The University of Pittsburgh reports cue circumstance which may or may nol hnve an etlect on the employment situation. In some. Instances, Inquiring employers do nol take the .students recommended, but seek employes elsewhere leiiling thul some "shopliu aioi'iul". Is bcliii: done for the best" available laleiit. ' : • •ant fundamental education. The provide in the woula child would be furnished set of texttooks for that first In his or her proposed act every school eight grades a complete his or her grade, free of cost to parents. Move Jobs A v a i I a b 1 c, Survey Shows; Salary Scale Is Higher. BERKELEY. Cnl. (UP)—University sradiiaU'.s of UBB al last will begin lo come Into Ihcir own as far as jobs arc concerned, according lo Ihc Bureau of Occupa- 'ir.iis of the University of California. As a resull ol n nationwide survey of (he leading American unl- vcrsilies it is announced llml all parts of Ihc country have experienced a pickup ranging from 20 to 100 per cent for college and university graduates. In addition, salaries will range from S5 to S20 a month more than the June figures for 1935. The Universities of Oregon, Washington and South Carolina report a demand for capable graduates averaginj 100 per cent over The annual cosl of crime in the Unllcd Slates Is said to exceed $10,000.000,000.. WELDING i:i,i:OTItlO & ACKTVLKNK ritOMl'T SERVICE KKASONAHI.K MUCKS Barksdale Mfg. Co. Now Locutail nl 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HlWAUim, I'roiiflulor All niikri oi rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Macnlnn »nd Ctl- eulalori—Repairing—I'artu—Klbboni Diamond Trade Improving CAPE TOWN (UP)—Continued improvement in Urn diamond trade 'nas led lo Ihe belief (hat ICImbcr- ley will resume full production this year. The nulolspan Diamond Mine is being rc-opciicd and possibly will start production on a normal scale .soon. Another Klniber- ley diamond mine will be ready lor re-opening before in:«. William p. Cody, known "Uulfalo Bill." was made a colonel by Ihe governor of Nevada. Wooers Musi He Honest BUCHAREST (UP) — Rumania has cracked down on the lover who "swanks" In a new penal code. Anyone who seeks to win the love of a girl by pretending la be richer than he really is or falsely claiming n title is liable to three months' imprisonment under the code, even if he really intends to marry Ihc girl. Courier News Classified Ads Pay. NOTICE Tlie following dental offices will be closed every Thursday afternoon during the summer. I>rs. Brewer, Child, Moore and Taylor Two more babies followed, both Iborn within Intacl amnlotlc sacs I You could see their arms aiu I legs moving, through the trans I parent walls of Ihe sacs. It was | then about 5 n. m. Mesdames Legros and Labelle I were attending to the babies, and Isvhen the first three were seen lo I be whimpering and breathing, I I ruptured the sacs that held the (last two and they were similarly | attended lo. ' • I note that some have been !n- Icllned to assign a regular order I of birth to the babies. If they I know thai, they know more thaii I1 do. All I know Is lhal Ihe three I larger babies were bom first, the 1 iwo smaller ones lost. I When Ihe babies had been I wrapped In rannants of cotton [ I .'heeling and old napkins, they I were laid on the corner of the from the St. Joseph's Hospital North Bay the sen-ices of Miss Yvonne Lcroux, young graduale nurse who has been with the babies from laic that afternoon til the present. Miss Alma Dionne, sister Oliva, also reported at the home, and when I relumed there In the aflernoon, we had the beginnings of an organization to carry on the flSht for Ihe babies'i lives. H was laic that night before I was able lo reluni lo my own home in Callander and resume MIMEOGRAPHING BUSINESS & POLITICAL LETTERS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap & quick Velerans Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale HIdg, of last year, mnnd for certain even grimier. Heavy Gain The demand while the de- catcgories is i Snulh particularly heavy In the South. The Louisiana Elate University, favorite educational Institution of the late Sen. Hucy Long, reports the demand Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 p. M. 1109 Chlckasawbn INSTRUCTIONS TREE DflDEHS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YAHN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley Phone 792 FOR THE FARM* WHERE WASH INGS ARE BIGGER! • There arc tnggcr washlngsof harc!er-to-wash clothes on thcfann.'l he roomy,onc-pLcce,casi- aluminuni Maytag tub is an advantage. The Gyratator washing action, originated by Maytag, quickly flushes stubborn ilirt from budiy soiled clothe*!.The Rollrr Water Remover, May tag's exclusive^ method of wringing, completes the washing In the best way. IKE MWUfi HW THE GUOL1NE MUITI MOTOR A simple, dependable engine built fora woman to operate. Electric May tags for homes with electricity. /(*/ eaty to oixn a • .\Iajtax en tfit Ji- fiJtJ fay mtnt f>?an B. GEE SALES CO., Inc. sin ft Main — Phone 61 NtWTOM. IOW« 'I like these bargain long distance rates" ''Plnyin' jockey lo one of these highway parlor cars keeps you away from home n lot, 'Course I don'tgethomcsickjbut. the wife nml kid miss tlie old man. Sol just give "em a buzz by phone^ after? at night, or any lime on Sunday, when you get these new bargain rates. Say, you oughta hear that kid holler 'Hello DaddyV when he hears my voice !'* SAVE AFTER 7... AND SUNDAYS i After 7 o'clock every evening, and all day Sun Jay; rales are reduced on lioth persoii-to-pcrson and sla> tion-to-atation* calls. The re due I ion j apply on all calls lo towns over 100 miles distant, and to many shorter calls, Just ask Long Distance for the new rate to any pointj * P£RSON-TO. PERSON—You V.III lalk onlysilh a particular pinea. STATION-TO-STATION—You o f « willing lo folk wltS onyo.ia who oniwen or con b» called qukkly lo the dlilanl taleplione, SOUTHWESTERN BUI TELEPHONE COMPANY

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