The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1930
Page 6
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IAIIK.) rouuiKi't M;WS Dame lavades Troians' Strondiold '- . '• ••-•'•,.•.• -••HI.-.'-',-:. •-• . - . • •.'.- D iri^: Expected to Be Factor in Important Saturday. , •"• . . _ _ . %/rtJr.WIU.IAM BRAUCHFR V;-7J:-MJiA.8OTic«. Spoils Kdllaj- :-;'>iSc*a*'-6I.-'the boys 'tell ft story •About;*«r old Troy and how cev- •••t»Iii- ; preelt scout i; get Inside tins -^-Impregnable walls or tlw city', by "- hiding themselves in a' huge Wood* '• ' . to the tale, when Hie ;}ior«: bad trcn dragged Inside, (lie . »»lte by the curous Trojnhs, a d*'a' 'opened '' in the side of the great feeutVahd the scouts opened the ,'• 'flift gates to their borde of henchmen: '-.There.' wa.s blocking nnd . tackling and stiff-arming far int". |he; night; . ,v.'-The Irish of South B«nd, led by , 'that jetti lot -.County Mayo.' Kmile Kockrie;' ire, going, to try to. repent Ihc famous. 'hrraeplay at Los An- P>lts,'Dec; 6. when they, will grapple with the powerful University of Southern -California war machine. liu' a. horse, Knute Isl placing the assault 'into the busjljiands and swift r fett of a half dozen . hrrnjpien. as critics are wont to refer to- this year's Notre Dame backfield, arid/a line composed ot ^ome. 14 or 15 mules. • ',: The- Pacific .--Coast is willimj to concede it's a grod trick If -you can do :it, ' A;;V V •" •-•'.•' .-:;.>The.-Rocktv>,idea 1s that a continuation of plays perfectly executed Is bound to score, oddly enough Hrjijird. Jones,, director, of ttie Tro. Jans, his subscribed .to similar Ideas. rjRoikne's theory (Is that wltlv 10 men /blocked out flat on. their fcscks,'the. eleventh can be dlspos- «J- of with a well-placed stiff arm, iujdv.the'.man.felthi the ball can proceed ', then ' to the ' point where tallies ,;«re registered. . jLGerieral;.IV>ckne . has c'ntrusted t he ' duties ; of mast er-mindtns o field to-iOPrenk; - Carteo, an amazingly Jiersisteht;.person.;-Francls.'Ui — one ,'td.. walk of f the One Teain Simply Is j Not Interested FORDYCE.' Ark. - •fhe' RKlb'ugs' 1929- -state' • high'-:: clwmps, have competed tli'elr 1930 season and Iwili play no post-seas'n games, ulthqugh -eiveral..-preposi- tions: have been offered. It. trams that the -Bedbugs arc the only! team In llif stats ,wllh anything -!;kc a cod. rec-rd that has. not- claimed [ .ie, chnmploiishlp. .,"•.. i ' i Tl'iis year : the Red bugs do 'net' now whether the title should ' go o'Fordyc«,'EI Dorad:-, Camdeii, Little Rcckl'Davdenelle, Van Buren, larab'urg, Mount Holly or .what me you. Fordyce -Is -not clnlm- ng any title as It fulls to see any '-•nor in-a title that has a cloud jvcr It,-, especially when no ; mch Itle is- awarded officially'.- The Redbugs simply point to their rec- Td and-say that they-had a won-' eiful season 'and played all the iard teams-inVthe Mate. . . OOKS if ;the first . play of. thi .result; .hi''. r a touchdown. In the Northwestern ' gama, : Carldeo ciill- e<J ,'end '-rUnj- ahdo off-tackle plays and .they !wer.3 '.fntitrated, so . he called .some mere, and these also wen? rudely jolted:- He 'called cue more.- and it clicked, Schwartz go- ihg .for a tiuchdown. ^ pJM>ei 'teaches' hi»- young men sl- mitor optimiattc; 'thebrles. . Thus,' In th8.;g*ine : »t Chicago last year be? r - ' " College Cruiltle« : : Tlie colleges, it seems, hove no', fallen into step -on the national movement to provjde employment for heads of families, married men, clc. Witness the way West Point treated Christian K. Cagle n's soon as the military authorities discovered lie wa smarirled. Likewise, see what happened to Joe' Eavoldlj.the ' p of South Bend,' id work playing pro football finally, .Mr. Cagle" with 1 the New York Giants, and Mr.'Savoldi with the Chicago Bears.: Arlother failure on the part of the colleges. - • • • *. -''<-• R. T.'Jones, Jr., and Money Even in-his renunciation of further tournament golf to make a dozen movies for $200,000, Bobby. be'irresistible: But it. must-b« said .hat'Bobby' Is qulte':«''stufdy!little' register!' ,-./."• ••:.'•'•:•, ', :. .'[. , iWhea- Comt^JMii Kttgttt [• Just .why.^Nict, AlUocli :»nd.. JA1. Schacht; hate become all - fed', up with o^* another'and p*rt«d'com- pany hasn't Wen-Mtlsiictortlr'«- ilalned. >Perti»«rel>. the artistic tSf'mp«r«Unent"»$3er'tlh(p JU' cnlf thA -"ifarlnllc hak't-l ;»t>*f' Vuw^tc. Francis.•!£. not what happened t .field disgusted Wandering Wop 10 game'drosn't Bot hntul to fln( j . .fween- r tKese:-,twa '. Trojan Jones retains amateur Jones could have made . sincerity. twice. :as . . Saunders carried back-a kickoff for i touchdown,: and. one of tlw rea- 4001 hc.wti «W« to do this was because, even. a Notre Dame man cannot lie nn. his back and tickle airenrier at the-iame time. /rElocking may dfclde the national championship this ..-year. 'If the boys of Notre Dam? carry out the ::Mpckin?.'pTomt£es they gave in the Pitt-mme; .Troy will be destrfj'ed. SiinUarly/.Uie Irish, bin lose by being laid iBat. - -.."•; ' 'r:-'- : : '-.'. .-..••.*••' .f Each; team has. a marvelous of- fuiiei. with .the iWft as an import- »^t- x element-; In -• timing, Notre Dune -may ' be ; found to have . a slight -edge.. on. the/ Trojans: It is like:*, lesson, in music t-i \valch the South Bend.^r's do their cadences. The Troy! offense, with either Dut- fieidvor. Monler carrying the ball behind • wonderful blocking, • is an inspiring ~u]£rie-'U>' Tr«tch. ' i The game may be decided by dc• fetise.; On'tne. bask) o! the S:a<ih- ern California defeat at' the hands b( .Washington State, the Trojan detepse does lack a little. something •jpinewhere.. Also! scores have filtered through the Irish defense but in regarding the Nctr.j Darrie team, it is hard to forget the ferocity oi that goal line, itand against North- xestem. - : - , . " . ' * * ? ..It you rate the two teams as equal from a standpoint of offens: and defense, there is one factor ' ' that may logically force you to give tile edge to the Irish; In case of a free-scoring tie game, Notre Dame misht Tin by the margin of a point or two convartsd after touchdown. ' That would be because Frank Carideo. doesn't know h-<w to miss placeklcka .:'-.. - CwdweU Boy« Loie, ^ GirU Win First Game -' • much money as he Is being guaranteed for. the pictures, if/he hid deslred''to endorse certain commer- claT ! 'p61f' : protJunts in con'necllon with his film exhibitions. Mr.- Jones chose -not to endorse. "' It is hard to think that we have seen the last of Bobby . Jones -An national . «impetltion. . '; He : couki appear with': the best- o^.graM•..'ln the 1931 open. . -.,-.' .-' . Not brily ; would his appearance in that event help golf but it:would serve as a nice ballyhoo for the Jones' fllms. . . . ' - : " • If Jones ;- should, change^.'-his mind and enter, it wpuid- not be because he wants to .ballyhoo the pictures, however. . ' Anyone ; . who knows. Jones, will bet on that. •' ' I prefer to think his entry ,wouip be the response to the call t» petitloh that he mighi discover to ... . under the grpte^que ; spangles' of the clown;". 'and. ell' -th'»l,;CUirlcei'.'.' • | !J But . . - v'n ee ^Airing.' i .tht / lumrrfe* ' when th'ey were, lr com- , edy boxliig .set/before : a.'ball' : garaei : • ' • • '' . . • w.oiind • up and; let ;Nfck ; haVe a'' 'right .- pa'.- the' whl»k«rt : and Nick.'oov' the blow., On; another. day,VNi«X be»r)«l.Al with a league ' bas?iaU..'wtuV the '.'two : *«.'re gqlnj: through- th'eir-! soft-ball ait. Maybe ! U'«;'j»l/, 'fhkt / ' eyen- ' tome : - y-.: '-Tenn": XSpectal) - PtatUring ;'6iie ot-theigreiatest >A11- Americ(Ui» : iaI..aU -tirae,''.Bfnie. ; JJev- srajvfrom"; Sttriford, •' Uie y. Chicago CaVdinals witt corns, here ^ for a re- tura..tiit -with UVe Memphis -Timers pro, {iootbaU % . eleven- next;: Sunday, [Jlecember- 7^ : at JBfodges. Field; Two nekx: ago <lri' Chicago the ^National Pro' League ' team- won . f roin the Tl- O- (0^7,;; before a .large crowd, e>locaij-are. out for..r^venge. e' adilUon'of fed Sfrader. dlahs -. are. ' : .^oun<l , U> hankfr for variety sooiwr' or' l»«r. ' "•'.'•';'•', ' ' '''''" ''' / •'''• .. .. Cblcl; 'Meehui, • VcoacSv at 'New York'.'V-, breaks into ifrlntj a» Ihe freque'nUy does, 1 . '' " th«t it. wouk(- not.. see; Y»K: ••"""' ""' on ca i jte»ms, ' aiaf'.-AUrAiarilcik.Vi bunk.'f-;*-.''•-71/ '•• Jhlmjtp tihcetoa -_U-Amerl'- Mmyuslvtly **}•& <1« .V s ...•'.'?'•- !•••• at . coach • 'of • RetU ' college; and former 'St'-'lttry's' -.-' star ; v ' iiuartjertack, , • the *' '- ' . *R««ra' aiet sho'iuiag- a dliillnj; 'ot- fenslveA ^SblJc^ifleld'.opiiapbiied'pC . §trwJ*r,: Bucky-'Moor* "iandv -Bill Sinker., at Halves and 'Tony Holm atvfull' will iik'ely'.get theTeail- for ^rtlqn'lto.sUrt-agauiit Uw-,Wlndy City;-«lut>,.;and. this '.•Quartette': can lVBiirliltora' plenty ..-of- trouble. '..? Bu ; ;ihe -Tigeriv biggest Vcibstacle '''' inf sic^'of man that is an experl- eDcedieipooent of:the:i'arf' of . kick. runrmpd >pus:'HlB Une plungmj; Is »fia't pe>»:'th» : Tlier» in 'the inltisl '. .backT ; punts; e'' endsr Hi4 'flanks'was In-' 0 victori' of .--Mills'' Stadluni of 'pst.'SundaY'TQhy Holm 'is 1 ;'Arici h« :can; knife a line '-'-'•'•'••••'- • • ' BRUSHING DID YOU KNOW THAT— I Bobby Jones has been'strong for the larger, lighter baU.Bince lie first played it. . . ; iHe" says [hat fellows who.can't break 100 actually .should be plftying with n "noaler"'', . -. .but it would .be taking your'life into your own hands "to tell them.that. . '. . Contestants' in the' recent Oregon open held a driving contest . . . and it was discovered the smaller, heavier ball ayer-. need five yards better on,'distance. ...' . Jones says he favors the new bill, because it.rq- wards skill.. rather tlisin slug- Sing. . . it gives a man a chance' to draw his'approach finer and mokes an Intentional slice easier . . ..'and provides.a wider variety; of shots .. .'.- .. .because It sits iip, It is easier to hit with a raashie or mashie-nibllck. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that tru undersigned commissioner, In com pllance with the terms of a de cree rendered by the Chahcerj Court for --..the Chickasawba"pis trict of Mississippi County,'- ArkBin sas, on .the 18 day of. Nbirember .1930, wherein American Buildinj & Loan .Association was Plaintifl No. 4663.:- vs.-. ' and C| H. Oairner, ct al., were De endants, ..will sell -at public auc lion tc trie highest and best 'bid der,. on-a credit of three months *t the front .door of the Court House, between" the hours pre scribed by iaw,;in the City of Ely thevllle, Arkansas, on the 22 da ,9/.'..rjcccmber, 1930.. the followini real .estate,' to.-wlt: OARDWELL, Mo.— Cardwell high school 'basketball teams opened their.. season Friday evening by pUyirig town . tiaras. The bays played the Puzzlers and were detected 'with a score of 32-23. The. hlfh 'school girls played a team made up of former high school . fjliyars and defeated them, 25-7. Bcwever had the town girln not "teen '.handicapped by lack of prac- tlce the nore . would have been narwhal different. VTOe boys teams were composed «tf: Pnnlers— D. Herrln. M. Kinsoy, •f.-'IOOKj, T. Hull, J. R. Mann, O. KinieT,- H. Wilson. High school— .W. Tatee, P. Killl»n, B. Mlze, L. Hswart, p. North, W. Whltson, O. Mtae. ' •; ' •'.;•• The " : itirls' ' teams : High school— L BUkeaey, E. L. Collins, I. McCoy, B. l*Jd, P. Rlggs, O. North, Town girts: »4rs. I» Orr, Mrs. Avis Rays aon4-UaMs Vtary L. Fields. JesJa- : fcne~ •' HiUhews, Flossie . Fleeman , Oracs Tucker and Verble Bishop. ;:->>- -*licl*..bee swtrm depends on ' : without a queen is "are mo*l help- tame, "drone," . bfie' hundred twenty- flve Jee't East .of the ' Northeast . cornet "of ' Main and Front '-: Street s. ifhence.. North to the J- L. C. & E. Enilroad right of way; thence East fifty feet; thence South' to Front Street, thence West to place of beginning, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. SAID sale will he had to satisf .said decree in the sum of $2,109.6: 'with 10 per cent Interest from No vember 1, 1929. • ; •THE purchaser at said sale wi be required to execute bond wit approved security, to secure th payment of the purchase money and a Hen will be retained upo said property ns additional secur ity for the payment of such pur cho.'n ' money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of snid Court, on Ihis. the 1st day of December. 1930. ' •W, W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancery. •: <". . 2-9 Farmers t<* Give Fruit : and Produce as Aid HARTTO.pp ' Conn., D ec. 2 = (UP) •As a. meaiii cf 'relieyirig distress due to uneniplpyrhent; State' Com- nisslon.2r-of'Agricult'urc S. Mc- ^ean Bucklnjha.m 'has suggesUd that--Coririec(lc.ut 1 '- farmers- flcnate produce .'and-'fruit to distributing organizations," as • the Com muiilty Chest..,", , '-. ';•'.•'• .''Farmers,"; iBurtin'gham declared, 'should .fplicw 'the' exampb of ;the Connecticut Valley potato growers, who have ccri'tribufed 500 bustels of potatoes^.to : Hardford's needy. r \DMINISTRATOR'S, NOTICE OP INTENTION TO APPLY FOR ORDER OP SALE OF REAL ESTATE TO PAY- DEBTS Notice 'is hereby given that the inderstgned as Administrator of ie~ Estate "of Mary Cruso, deceased, will apply to the .Probate Court of Nebraska's New ' State Capitol This photograph-shows the la spire of Nebraska'^ now slate 'cap itol, now nearing completion : a Lincoln. The »12,000,MO - building— ft radical departure in state capltc design—will be nished next sprln It is the most cosily state capit< in ths United States except 'to Pennsylrahia. . .: COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned 'commissioner, in compliance Tilth the terms ot a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 18 day of November, 1930. where!n American Building & Loan Association was plaintiff, . t -,-• V.ffov-4816 : .vs..-'. and-Ada Reagan, were Defendants, will, sell at public auction to the highest and brst bidder, on a cr It .'of- three* months, at Ihe front door'of the Court House, b»tween the-;hours prescribed by law, in the' City of Blylheville. Arkansas, on th6 22 day of December, 1930, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot 'three, Block twenty-five, Blythe Second Addition to Blvthcvinc, Mississippi County, Arkansas. 3AID sal* will be had to satisfy saVj> decree In the sum of 11,578.17 wltrf 10 per" cent Interest from July 1, 1930. THE purchaser at said sale wll be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money and a Hen will be retained upon said property as additional security for,.the payment o! such pur- f . .chose money. WITNESS my hand ond the seal ot Mid Court, en this, the 1 day of Cecembtr. 1330. \V, W. HOLLIPCTER, Commissioner in Chancery. 2-9 COMMISSIONER'S SALE • < NOTICE Is hereby' given tftat th .mdersignrd commissioner,. in -com pllance with th« terms of. a crce rendered by.'t,he .Cbaricer Court for the CWckasawba Distri, of Mississippi County, Arkansa on the 18'day pfj-Noverabff, 193 wherein,:Amerloan'Bitildlhi i Loa Association, waifl'latatiff,.'-! NO. .4821 ' : .;..n:'",-' and Ada Reagan, let al.,- were De fendants, will seivat public au tton to the hlzhest and best bid der, on a cremt of three month !)t the front door oi the Cou House,' between'the hours"prescrll cd by law, in the City of Blythi vllle, Arkansas, on the 22 day i December, 19», the'following re estate,. to-wlt: ..'••'. Lot Sixteen, Block Twenty-four, Blythe Addition to Blythevllle, Mississippi County, 1 Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to satisfy tald decree in the sum of WS3.98, with 10 per cent interest from JlllV 1, 1D3Q. : . THE purchaser at said, sale will he required to .execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment ot the purchase monev. .and a lien will be retained upim said .property as additional .secur. ity for the payment of such pur- j chase - money. WITNESS my hnnd end the sral of said Court, on this, the 1 day of December, 1830. . W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chan the Chlckatawba MtVJct of i slsslppt. County, . Arjunsas at adjourned session on"' the 13th L_, of December, 19SO, for authority to- £«ll the following lands belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to wit: . Lots 0 and .7, Blo:k 8.'Allison Addition to the city of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said sale .Is necessary for the purpose 9! paying. debts of the estate. •'. ' ; B. E. ROBERTS, ' ... Administrator. Reid, Evrard'ife Henderson, Attorneys. . ; . ••'_-.- 11-18-25-2 Women wo liave hnn a university training marry, on an average, at the age cf 30, a London authority has found. • •; • jVhy Pay More Than Half ica -For Auto Parts? JACkSQ?J AUTO 'PARTS 2020 Main .Phone 66 BOMEtHEATRE •'tuesir}ay—.AV*dnes,ilay — ';" .• Thursday MANHATTAN "..'.. with ^/'.-.'.Claudette 'Colbert .;'.,'Charles Ruggles "he.;Saturday, Evening Post 93it)'g'''"best selling", novel! Brought to'life!!. Tfayelouge and Corn,edy. • 'Adrn; Matinee and Night— •••.::'•- -10 'and: 25c: 1 . orn.ingT—Friday & 'Saturday '' Pictures. The love-life of a famous beauty brought now .to the Talking Screen in a perfect >roduction! A LADVS MORALS GRACE MOJ)RE V > (Broadway and Opera Star) REGINALD DENNY WALLACE BEERY JOBYNA HOWLAND Comedy • and . Review. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—15 and 40c. ^ Coming—Thursday &- Friday —Richard Arlen SAPS WORK". in "ONLY Coming—Saturday — "THE PASSION FLOWER"—with Kay Johnson and Charles Bickford, Coming-—Sunday & Monday -"MADAM SATAN". Phone 55 5 Washing & Greasing §1.50 Phillips' "66" Gas and Oil Quaker State & Mobile!! Goodrich Tires & Tubes Storage by week or month Tire Repairing & .Road Service . :.. ; . • Across slrret. from Holel Nob!: SORE - WE GIVE' EAGLE STAMPS-J YOU ALWAYS, GET MO Bob Dent. Prop. Color too- for hats. ., and shoes! \ — As well as for furniture—floors—woodwork and motor carsl Stunning, stylish,colorl Easy to do with r i I i Fasf-drying, flawless enamel. Locquerthal"drios in no time". Varnish that even hoi water can't harm. This sforo i; headquarters for points-vcrnish— lacquer—enamels—brusheil The Arkmo Lumber ^rcls

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