Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 18, 1955 · Page 45
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 45

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1955
Page 45
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HO f I $ T A 1, MOM, A ft K A N $ A S , JIN* -ti; If 55 inae Rider till Keeping ~. lash Benefits has been UI Pay Hikes inStotes May Be Asked WASHINGTON Employe??. tion that'the states' unemployment fc*hefitl Jf« too low. Ford atid GM emphasized the contracts they signed with the CIO United Auto Workers do not call for a guaranteed wage in the real Sense but are a supplement to states'* unemployment insurance. ... — .._„ lookini,.gt,.the guaranteed wage than two years since iheiplan.gfantee.by Fdrd-and General [6 Rider has ridden the Motets and faced with the -Jtos- but he's still reaping, thelsflJlHty of tinted demands on them gV"^ •, •-» — • •*. o £11>1U M. "CO }JUMj£ P*nw fr&m the TV show, ... Jp """ i ftange Rider Is Jock,-.*** -—,. a handsome, 6-fodMf J **ohe- lm£ stunt man. His profU.'Ko'm.ftie — - • conies not from*what for some oi the same, may ask think. AlthougK-lt haS pt^ ' themselves: ,;; Wbiflt! ' 'tor rrte t6 agree to the same plan or try to tak'-'thd- steahi - out tftf unlori 'de« * Is small. t*$j?'*' v-.-.- toerniore, he! ''tW4.$ tti UiMtdur films a? ^^ starlit .'78 . rting sa of $250, ending ^iip at a max*hum $500. That'S J3tet much for TV 1 star, ' espe^iiJjjf, ,. Avhen you ider that nojvtfoubleg led for his stunts!-* f^r-ttui I'm not b: i money," said ^_. wf ,,,,,^,,, Sflmteful for the opportunity »v , took <m unknown "mxmt mSh ' a~h& } Jflade ti name out of him. "'* "They also taught me the busi- ;ss. Before, 1 was too scared to •fcpen my mouth in front of a cam- Jfef*. Now I feel confident in what [*l'm doing." * The experience In Range Rider ilWs six Loretta Young TV films "" him up for a movie career of own, instead of doing darc- »il stunts for other actors. He til not appearing with Jeff Chand',' George Nader and Lex Bark- Jn "Away All Boats." JiThis is the latest chapter .in the ^•mazing life of Jacques O'Ma- ' ley, once a poor boy in Daven- lowa. wanted to be. an actor, but ,I f suffered from an inferiority com- 1ejf, J> said the towering lowan. So I decided to use my athletic iackfjround for stunt work." He became very successful, learning as much as $30,000 a year h *" stunts most thinjklriTT"--'people never consider*; best check was $1,500 for ..'falling off a moving! train amid Ijbftulders for a Randjj Scott epic. iNopefu! 1956 |letiohs|Will Jllcmge Tactic (UP) —If Re- Ubiican party bosses have the jit.'tf) follow and' improve on a ,._. lead,' it! 1 -'may not be jiecessary after all '.to - vet er -to '; year's national conventions ^^. 'the vulgarities of 1956 " g|i;jChe sample of convention proces- fflXJjBerved up to the TV public in |1&52. was a shocker and eye-open^BJlilvThe: viewing public did not lot of the a\yful goings on political parties select lrj<presidential; tickets. -. -—. !Bnv*nfibn-- ; iprbcesses'^had"- "been [;i TV made them worse by Iting-'political; nobodies to various tripitesies to get their faces and ^mes on the air. Now. Democrats jive made a tiny start toward re- inn, knowing that insulting adult jtelligence is no. way to make ptes for a parly candidate ?i)emocratic party cha{rm,a,n Ppul ••'""--"-- - '" ' .suggest|; ^iButler.has l| §; : 'regulation ' o|V ftio 4 >proCess of Hf^jirifi state delegations. Hereafter "will be takdn privately representative of the con- chairmgn who would ap- || IBJ-;'among the polled delegation |l| ihd take down the names. "*' Meanwhile, convention business Jjaiild proceed. The old system 'hich so offended those present j)d the television viewers in 1952 martdS: by . 6v6r and over JXtftfT ^v l ^«''A^ l to-;ih6ir'easii<^i6fr.uiieth'i)l'^ment'Jii.' that his returnijft^n;;th6 •re^swfafice'fer^aid-off Avorkefs?' • 'President"'Elsehhdwer" has' 'com plain,ed states .don't give laid-otf workers /•• enough unemployment pay. This ycaf 28 states have a greed to .is a fprW of recognl-lBut how muih they t>ay, ahd fbr how long, varied Soft* states will pay an idle Wpfker for no mote than 16 weeks. In some the limit is 26 weeks. And all states have minimums and maxlmurhs on how much they pay. weeks for a man with no depend- ers hav« shown any Intention of|ers get from states to bring an ents. Alabama pays the least: $22 making Jjayihents for 62 weeks o^enemplbyed man's total compen- for 20 weeki. Ten states give a^i unemployed worker an extra allowance for dependents. - - ; idleness. nation up to 60 to 65 per cent of The unemployment insurance i3; h 's take-home pay when working, paid for by employers through a! Ford and GM will now be mak- Eisenhower urges all states to tax on their payrolls. In most Ing two kinds of payments toward pay for 26 weeks; Ford and OM, states, employes make no contri- unemployment benefits: the tax to agreed to make their payments butions. Ford and GM will add the states for unemployment in This double payment Would be true for; afiy employed who Mv« a similar contract to a uhioh. U an employer tried to make the supplemental pay seem less necessary by pressuring his State to pay higher unemployment insurtfc ance, he migh teyentually have to Alaska tops them all with a for a maximum of 26 weeks, j a maximum of $25—the minimum surance and the supplemental pay pay more into the insurance fund The -kind of guaranteed -Wage plan 'which Ford>--..and- • GM just Chicken, Beef Still Best Grocery Buys By The Associated Press Fix up a chicken dinner for dad on Father's Day. Or tempt his palate with beef roast. That's the advice food specialists are offering this week to budget minded housewives. Chickens for broiling or frying are probably the best buy this weekend. Tu r kcys arc being offered at reduced prices in some cities, and one big food chain is featuring roast, ducklings. There's a nationwide promotion this week of Cape Cod cranberry sauce, at marked- down ; prices. Beef specials include rib roast and top and bottom round. Sirloin steaks, however, are priced higher in most major, cities. Pork prices are still climbing— in some cities as much as 10 cents a pound. Prices of pork on the hoof are tnc highest since September, and market analysts say they won't .cptno down before July. Garden-fresh vegetables are in abundant -supply in most areas of Ihe" country. Outstanding buys include' cabbage, ..lettuce, beets, cucumbers, radishes , and green onions. Also plentiful and attrac- tively'priced arc stringlcss beans, peppers, peas and corn. Good buys in seafood include halibut steaks, frozen fillets of cod, haddock or ocean perch, frozen shrimp. the bedlam which, holpcri stampede the 1940 'Republican convention to nominate Wendell -L. ^Vllikle; a recent Democrat, wfio went, down for the count in the ensuing campaign when Harold U'' Ickcs tagged him as "A barefoot Wall Street lawyer." •„ There was nothing phoney about the. rival demonstrations in 1924 when Alfred E. Smith and William G. MacAdoo knocked each, other out after 103 ballots and left the worthless Democratic presidential nomination to John W. Davis. That was a blood feud. But most of them arc fakes and a nosy voter could look into the wings or ;back alley! during any qf,.the .rhoce recent political clambakes and' see the stooges -lining .up with, their banners for the next parade. The stooges usually number 200 or so and they are nonpartisan, appearing in all ..demonstrations just for the hell of it or, maybe, for five bucks. There was grumbling among the TV millions during and after the vulgarities of 1052 and there willj be more in; 1956 unless some sense i; to conduct the poll from the j of the dignity of the occasion wins |p|rqstrum in full view and hearing over the indecent trumperies **'"* "" Showoffs often forced polls j which have overgrown the conven- to get a fleeting peek at tion machinery like rank and TV camera lens and to hear poisonous weeds. If reform Is ac- heir names blared over national complishcd, TV can take the bow, wpkups. Even the legitimate polls'Not until 1952 did some millions |(5re tiresome. I of citizens get a peck at the two JiBut,; for resolute vulgari'y, there dry processes they were expected no match for the so-called de- ftenstration in behalf of an in- tlyidual just proposed for nomina- Ipn -as president or vice president. to underwrite with their votes on election day. It would not be the first such triumph for the science of electronics. Back there in 1932 the national conventions got their first i^e phoney. So are the aspirations, real radio hookup. Sen. Lester J. *, jpost of the political sceno Dickinson was Republican keynote speaker, He droned on for two hours and fifteen minutes, 'boring and disappointing millions of listen- sweaty parades usually l|i|alers who permit some payrol- " from back home to rise 'be- the convention and propose jjf?m for nomination. The conven- ers. Jpn, should demand a money for-j The radio public screamed in fit'-.if such a time waster failed protest. You will note; now, that k ~L" the first ballot to poll a fixed ! political.' speeches in and 6Ut of irceritage of the total vote. conventions usually run about 30 4-IPiiere have been demonstrations'minutes. Radio takes the bow for T:re,aJ political impact, such as that. . I Our Sincere Best Wishes To the; HOPE STAR On the completion of your Modern Hew Building DUFFIE HARDWARE GO. ' ., !", ' -, ^ .',* All nates have such insurance.'maximum -of $45 a week for 26 Neither the states nor auto mak-'is $2—-to what their laid-off work-,they give their laid-off workers. |through 'Increased tax. /*' i «• SALE! •f NOTB1SO7V£B OF OUR PRICES: 'Children^' Kid Oxfords, . , ., .; cfoth Top '" '6 tp 8,' former Price $i,oo. now .80 9 to is, '1 ", L-ag, " -go ""* - 1.50, l-5«>. <> <i <i " " 05. " Chiidfens' Russet Oxfords, 9 to 12, former Price $1.2*5, ncMr Ladies' , <f " 3 to 6. " " 1.75, Children's Red " 8 to io, " " 1.25, ' Prince Albert Vici Kid Shoes, „ " 3.50, * H It t,' Straw Hats—price cut in (Mm, %(3ent 1 s U'ndnrwcar nt prices which.will move it out. Great reduction in prices of Gent's White P6j> calc and Ouitng &bim. 'Codler Corsctfe' ru'duccd from 7^ cents to 40 cents, ladies' and Childrens' Trimmed Hats.at Cost. -Call^and- J&e me and I will' save you -moneys > > < <* *.< . . /' ,"'. >«<< •*••«• -f W.H.RHODES HORri KRKMNSMS. •*• t t A la 11- \u- •jnpci |ii'int~ <tn Tr v'ie - v v\dh > > s n.itni Stfi\»ut, tf Nt-vad.*, iti \\Iu< - h hi^ '-. civdttc'l »;u.utid v.i;h v.fth tun*'': i ''I haw no ilmilit ihb bjt'^ini.'ii^ 5il^n'!,uv U'tH Hi ; f-fK'.uIrd. flir )-, •<ni)i< 1 ?'i hnli' ^ 1 had IKI lit !|i in woi'lmt, <»1 thi* <',ita->n s .|iht', tii-i llu- 'l< niocnis f thoiu;!i> ili''> inspire u<» a-] down at ni',lu •» i th< wii rU one sii>j;!.' ihin biajikt't -o ^\y\n <uu h« ,nl--, *tlu.u -.l. ,lt lie ) ft'-, <>i « u v,itho-u fist' ' , \iiKn ' Mxs F. R ttBOVCKl 1 T 11 A in., t«>«', n't u in;irv<lc<is i v 'hi?' m<ij lot tlu-coti" j-tinci •-, .uxl I ann'l.iit' i 'hnijuol h<t\v t<« • j>,u>-tht K.-[i<in !->""! *>)l>»iiij 3 HU all sid Mr. ( K*v« i!ll1l< 1*1 l)<i lli'l'lt' .1 fVU-trtkl' \\ ilCO in *' I the JM'< sent urnhK- M> Wlt>l nin tm in in ,.ui < \vn thr mini <.nt If It (I lu-tn I'll}, tl |M X Irfrllfd l<> till* .'4x1 he i>'tu^t ikcu It^. nij.,ht ;>iu t< rsipoi.uy u'lit i, iK the PI-AI-U- and tn. ( }c»ni( \L' ilic i'Mi had hi>t'ii»rt • t tin t'vf! husdt'i't'i ' ft l|i>U It '.VMS IP ttk I'l jt nl ill > Jrt,ii*ii' A <\ lu Ihe h |!ui in .linti thiil Ii ('Ulisf 'fill fr.tbk' K f' ~i h<i\ i* IK t u ififKU" .it t\>i) tiif ]!t. .cut i* jx-rf IM* <• Jl"iu i iuitlu'i i.iloiiuv.i' si llic* Qoi 1 Uis(.u.ei> in Wi'St'tn The Lf>i:<lou Iron \un| Ota li.Kk 1 - Ktvjgv\ says, "l^.c'.iTu iiOiii'ti'fl <*\<-('('>\<!Ty uf rkh i.irtfci PJ-, .]i;,tt/ icch-jn \V"c!?tcii* 421 £aj,t Broadway, \n-itiiil 1 ..', vxi'l not -mjHi >* tbuN^t •• hi> \i''nij' anythinfj ah<n»t tJ»' %i i>'o;ji..il loiio.iiinji of tii<t1 ( tri <-i( dtir tonitoi'y sii-\'Vf'!-> h,»vc Ion*.* w,Ui,l, *iy \uii. iiitjily auii'i'tt us ' jnu Ihf lltt , l, Kn. nhl lu I.K <)£ K,ft'lK>rU-> ;IU'n<,H into TEMPLE OF FASHION, TEXARKANA, AR-K. MILLINERY. Ladies' Suits, Plaited Waists, Gloves,fiopsels HANDKERCHIEFS, KECK WEAR, HAIR MOBS; ETC. , Special Attention Givt'H to Inlatit's »nd Cluldreii's Wear, also 1m vet's* j im<l' of j,i.xX) j ,nc Is. i uk Tlje'ir*** is in) IK' witii I".', '., Islu -, <0!!H»1J-, \vUtl )fl > s, t>nJKh«l t»JX il,H>l. x « l]l(> ( ~. ' ( 'IUSH. ffika >itit ! I »a< \(.(, )! I'f ,111} tll<lt .111 tit K viil fh'V.*;)'til*. <\vh th.isi tit {it'lll 1^ ' J I %V L t i Attsclt!<; lot Fancy Work. l» I 'ii'in M uki > l , *'m1<lt' v. l<-< '\\nv, »v \ 11 •• " ( o v | t on? I , Oi.TLi.uV, C\(s>!,« < CAPITAL STOCK, SIOO.OOO. LAWYER, I f i«tj |<'<n<' ih« U»itL"d States' wttb uat iiiftkiuif ^i»t«.l to susuu'ti court tiut,bk \>ill i-jo <•» - I hopo wil! p!f>ai| atVI !!<'•>'•/ulYiinUflH} If 1 " 1 !- lili titi I.H W <ltlil J«", I lid nl xUuH ^•raplcttd, niul il vs.isi .is. -,- ! tl* BANK OF Collections a Specialty* ELM STRFKT, ...... THO..H. V-JMM«s, )oii», t.nic {'"> i oiii< "•M-IKlM! j i|» N, o) Ml Vxlil.l, Cll '(lulM'il i'-t'U.lt^l "ill VS lit'-; -IrfU' ni^'ii-t • rn» M jiil-..- ol iiUli/»i, tm \\.ifT p'iv.01 .U •\U*'<MI l'A\l- and It'ill'iJUIltlll,, it tV'cUUtlll) to jtoim*! ~»>\i\t' titiK • i,'.j~,f.,nt has lit i n pr-'u «•' ID I'llnm .*; uinipU'tjou i x < >\ ff<ii> M'uU it.ikti }{•, ' f tlu ku.i) Invc ivi i l>t e?X iiuitc i IM fulls txmiii^u n.C'U 1 visjoniM 1 -!)' < iiiicd f.'«!>.ui' 1 h< ll,1>. l.ll.l'O <t i'H'.U HtlilllM < OI H. S. SUTTOfl, <. Attorney-at-l%w. CAPITAL STOCK, $100,000. The Hempstead County Bank, HOPE, ARKANSAS. FbHu'- J'nve" |i,oi H.fK ilv vln .U.i'Vi .. i) r ) 'IUi' l<>ll«i\v5i<; uiii'jn 1 .ur.i c;*' nn in n.i'i tt«iU<'nhy,t *fil<l)i i in Camps ,tnui'i(i Kit tunnnil, and ifs {ij^t puhlir Uioii <iji[icni < > in t{u Me iNCiujt'i. 1 IK' iHithur, MK Loin^ M.xfui, It '••«] lor nianv jcai * on tiic Y| , ten wiles' lu*knv toiirilry will sufjci tlu-n-s-jl Ko.kddlr the V .ItvclupcU into a piujrcud i>r already i'1 npci itinn MIHS, ami i-> •«•» mnnj -uch will h<- i.-ni ^-d u ' folk io jiitiml «)( 1} Sf,! < f II; and Fire --AT- vaijou'. stttuy,- nf J, UOl'h, DENTIST, 3 • ARK •3*HGLLENBERG MUSIC 317 MAIN STREET. to Wham- of t \j^i».w l."n««hc Alibis f«»-.it«on «.l rhnirnun tA tin- Mali jbc> arc, 4iul help to ' (.-nib Nftw tll< , j,.,, - ,,,,^., ,. , , , __ > > *> 1 t 1 <«!•>» •peib, the lamr , Js>*.u<'! t<xiHiui i >»i<Ml 1 «l wiwch Judgt. \vu tiail>; Htions-, Vip)* as Ikur, has been_a munbor »"<>' up un" ^y vvM»Jin, Icfld us not l»»t deliver ««. fr-utt Mich nd <n whirl) po.ition hi. * b >' h H l^llow » rj' .Smith tk-sHf. to «W*titUo# at , but ,%flh & the h;i%'iMt|jr $•**•* ^%»i' iri DH, H. H BUB, Ear, KIMBULL mm. KIM8ILL The finest 1'iauo Mndo and ?Jie Best and I Sold at a Mcdfuit* Wee. * Organ i« TERMS TO SUIT •ArltMiuH, 1'attt, F. &, OJuxs Kurjklo, Minnio Haufe, I tiilcatcs of lluttoi' jn Many Ot^or Artists, j S and Bvwtybody wiio ha& Oaa. | the tUir.-bJc' <jun{jtits*, O.ive rc.ccivv'4 uites of 1 luii the 'WoiW. PRICES ibJ WQPE:,, ^1 n (I IHALLET & DAVIS PIANOS !» I Saturday 1 , Jung 18, 1955 HOPt STAR, ^aaiUdtMwaMb. ARKANSAS If* ! Claude McCorkle, Founder, and His Opening Editorial Weather Too Much for Texas Crops By United Pres« June weather tried to make a comeback today, but ended up wrecking crops in Texas and Indiana with too much fain and high winds. Two possible tornadoes. tO-mile- per-hour winds, and up to four inches of rain hit West Texas, where farmers were in the grip of a drouth not so long ago. Drumming hail stones Wiped out cotton, wheat and feed crops on some farms in the area. Also last night, tornadic winds demolished a house and overturned a house trailer near Abilene and destroyed another home in Fisher county. The same kind of weather hit In diana as warm air tried to fiuht its way back into the Hoosier state. Crops on hundreds of acres near Delphi were destroyed by flash floods and hail so thick a witness said it was like going through fog as thick as pea soup." The storms were part of a vast system which pounded the Western Plains last night and dished out heavy rains in Texas, the West Central Plains and the lower Mississippi Valley today. Cheyenne, Wyo. Was drenched by 2.9 inches of rain and hail stones three qquarters of an inch thick. Abilene had 1.67 inches of rain, Sidney, Neb., .85, and Post, Tex., an even two inches. Damage was still being counted, meanwhile at Las Vegas Neg where the worst cloudburst in 30 years poured nearly three inches o] rain on the gambling city in about an hour. ** - (From The Star of Hope first issue October 1899 written by Claude McCorkle, editor.) After a lapse of ten years this writer again assumes the relation of an editor and publisher to the people of the town of Hope ' and of Hempstead County, and in doing so extends a hearty greeting to. old friends and neighbors, both in town and country, and a fond wish that the enterprise may prove reasonably profitably to him and of material use and benefit to them. We have not returned to Hope with an, intent to "fill a long felt want," i egg csds around clumps of grass, i Roadblocks in Deal With Auto Workers Now Is Time to Kill Those Grasshoppers Kill grasshoppers now while they _ , ,„ . ,.. ,. . ... are small. They are easy to kill. General Motors didn't sign their are usually concentrated in hves . ™ a *- The !f agreement to ** nnirln!^ ntf 11 tn «<1>-n*. n W n n Will 14- Irt B y JAMES MARLOW AP News Analyst WASHINGTON (*— Ford anc i a id-off workers has built-in' pay lal ° °" ° To Let Businessmen 'Self Arkansas BENTON UP) — Saline County Rep. Virgil. L. Fletcher today said .hat Gov. Orval Faubus will appoint 100 businessmen in the near future to "sell" the state of Ar kansas. Fletcher said that he nad conferred with Faubus recently con- lerning Act 144 of 1955, which authorizes the establishment of a 100-member Industrialization Panel. Fletcher was the author of the act. Fletcher said that a list of Industries that might want to locate in Arkansas is being prepared. He said that the 100 businessmen will use the list, plus their own contacts, in trying to get industry for the state. He said that each of the business ment will be asked to campaign for new industry for a week without pay. Fletcher said: "An industry thinking about coming to the state wants facts—not? praise of the pretty scenery •— facts about labor supply, trans- porftation, utilities, taxes', soil, water and numerous other resources. We are going to be able to provide these facts in a very) convincing manner with these 100 leading businessmen." people solve their problems. "Actually, there isn't • anything ike U on the air how. You'll have happy peoplt invadihf frottt 1 livlh'g room. Tucker, * e-foot-4 JUftt, Will play Crunch Aajtns, fM boat.-- tSptfliri. Johan B saH, His Wife, *fcd Sfcfidjr intent to "im a long leu waiu, v. es —"* a t uu.,u ^u*.^., ^ 6i»=^. - t ti Roadblock* must be but in a modest way (as modest' Spraying or dusting these egg beds ^°__ S * "°!i 4.u°i_. ™ _L ! as is consistent with a progressive m ay protect many acres of crops newspaperman' habit) to print a and pasture _ After hoppers get big paper which will advance the m-. .. * h , . kil i terests and keep before the public j the y are nard to klil the enterprises, resources and This advise comes from County overcome. And theirs is not a true guaranteed wage at all. The roadblocks: 1. The plan dies unless the federal government lets the compan- , &u ...... ,._ _ ..... „„.„„„claims of this town and of Hemp- Agent Oliver L. Adams who says i es treat as deductible expenses stead county, an- inciclentally (with several new insecticides are very on their income taxes the contri- they put into their funds of boys and girls, of whom \ve ex- hoppers. He says they may be used for laid-off workers. , pect to make good and useful c.'ti- . as sprays or dusts. zens o£ the commonwealth. 2. The plan dies unless t states t Toxaphene is one of these new containing two thirds of Ford and Running a newspaper m Hope insecticides. It is a stomach poison GM workers say they can, if laid will not be an experiment with us.' so spray or dust it on the plants °«. collect both the pay from the We have been connected with tne hoopers are catina It is ef-1 companies and the full unerhploy- r-irncc nf i hie pitv f'-Vim I imp to tlTlG *- llc - uuf fi-i a cii u i_« \,iii' o . AL 10 (-0. i * ... * • .* Foi"thes past23years Weknew tWs fective for a week or more. Use it: ment insurance given by the people to be generous, liberal and at the rate of 10 pounds per a cre! states - The deadline for approval broad-guaged. They appreciate a o f 10 to 20 percent dust. For spray- good thing, and know it when they lng use two pounds of a 50 percen t Veteran of 69 Movies Turns to Television By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK UP —Brawny Forrest Tucker, veteran of 69 movies is going into TV in hopes it will- boost his picture career. He has signed to star in a new film series, Crunch and Des, based, on the Philip Wylie short stories about a charter fishing boat captain. They will be produced by RKO for the NBC film division for telecast starting this fall. With a backlog of six unreleased motion picture features, Tucker explains that while he has been very successful in movies he's never really hit star status. Most of the time he has been the heav/. He's hopeful his weekly appearances on TV screens may give him the recognition needed '.or sympathetic roles and stardom. "This finishes my regular motion picture activities while I'm doing the series, except for about one picture a year," he says. "But I don't mnd giving them up for a series of this kind. When I heard about Des and Crunch I said, 'This is the one.' "I'll be an outdoors guy— a good guy for a change. I'll be an ;xfighter but one who can't use his fists because, as his wife reminds him, they are lethal weapons. But he's is June 1, 1957. Most, if not all, states h a,v e see it. If "by study and endeavor * t o xa n'hene' VeuTbie "nowder^irTlOO rules or laws ' var y in S from state we can give it to them in a news-, ^^^cmlSate mra?^ state ' a * ainsi giying an unem - papcr.they will support 1U _ _. : J*!l lo !J?.™ ^!.V,_^._..??' ^.ployed worker any .state insurance, or in some cases full state insurance, .if he is collecting payments, from his old company. Chlordane is another stomach Ford has 140,000 workers scat- wouldn't use his fists anyway; he's interested in helping othar We know the ;. merchants and are also effective. Use enough to business men to be 'progressive,! give one to two pounds of actual enterprising and quick to avail toxaphene per acre, themselves of any aid which they can invoke to increase trada and make money, and if we can make , the columns of THE STAR a good pounds per acre of 5 or 10 percent investment for them they will put chlordane dust. For spraying use money in them. And this brings us ' one pound of 50 percent c hi or dane powder in !00 gallons of poison for grasshoppers. Use 10 tered over more than 25 states. o°f 5 B 8£and county will remember the b.d | water. Concentrate sprays with as STAR OF HOPE as the name of the ' least one-halt' pound actual chlor- first paper published in this' city; established and run for a number of years by the lamented. Col.. A. W. Hobson, one- of- the brightest minds and noblest hearts connected with the history of the press of dane per acre are effective. EHC kills grasshoppers on contact. It should be sprayed or dusted on the hoppers and not directed at the food. Use 10 pounds per acre Arkansas. It is a new paper with! - of a dust containing three-percent an old name. We are not working back tp old times, but with fond memories of the days of gamma isomer of BHC. For snray- use 2'/2 pounds of 12 percent GM has 350,000 workers in even more states. The companies will set, aside, in trust funds 5 cents on each hour's work done by their employes until, in the case of Ford, the fund reaches 55 million -dollars; 'arid, in the case of GM, 150 million dollars. . , . . . . ••--...• .•'.'. Tn case of layoffs, they'll pay their unemployed workers. out of those funds, reducing their pay ments by 20 per cent if the funds drop to 13 per cent of the, maximum level and stopping payments m^tHUl ±^tJ VJt VUV. lAM.Jkl W* Jfc>**^vr^««*' -w-fm~l Jill 1 *' UlUIIl 1C VUl rtllQ OVWfclW***fi t ff *J **»fc.»«uw we would press forward to a more i gamma BHC wettable powder m altocether ,? th funds'drop to 4 glorious era o£ . prosperity and 100 gallons of water. ! fa co- like commercial importance fo this j Aldrin, heptachlor or dieldren pleasant and beautiful little city of are other very effective insecticid- T_T«._ « TITi*-*U 4-UIr. niixJntKln n T-rtKlfl nit * es. Aldrin and heptachlor should be used at the rate of one-fourth and dieldren at the rale of one-eighth pound actual material per -acre, either as dusts or sprays. Because of the possibility of either immediate or residual poison- HOLLYWOOD (ff)— Dorothy Dan- ing of livestock, general use of dridge, the actress, reports she sprays and dusts on pastures and went to a women's club luncheon meadows is not recommended It last week. Preceding her on the is safe to spray or dust egg beds in program was the club's book re? meadows and pastures, provided viewer, who was introduced as livestock are kept off the pastures "Our Miss Books." for two weeks and hay is not cut Hope. With this audable ambition to inspire use we soicit the operation of all who have a desire. AUTHENTIC REVIEW S Congratulations and Best Wishes to the HOPE STAR On the Completion of your Modern New Building A, L, "AL" PARK j:er cent. A true guaranteed wage plan assures workers either steady employment or approximately full pay for as much as a year if thev lose their jobs. The Ford and GM plans do neither. Company officials have described their agreement as a supplemental pay plan. They'll give their workers between $2 and $25 for a maximum of 26 weeks. How much each worker gets from them depends on how much he earned on tbe job, how long he worked at it and what state he lives in. All states pay unemployment in- furance but they vary in amount and duration. Some give the in surance for 16 weeks; none gives it for more than 28. The companies agree to pay their unemployed people for no more than 26 weeks. They state their case this way: Their unemployment pay, added to the state unemployment insurance a worker gets, could give him up to 60 to 65 per cent of his take-home pay when he was working, WOMAN KILLED LEHI —Two cars collided at a highway intersection near, hero last night, killing Mrs. Herbert E. Oglesby, 54, of Memphis. Oglesby, 59, a rei.1 estate and insurance man, was taken to a Memphis hospital, where his condition was listed as fair." No one else was seriously injured, officers said. a fellow who i '»'! ) V I 'i ' > r NE BY i ' v ^ it- ,. i ( r-!ii' We 'are prbutf that j'we were-chosen as contractor for dH p'lurfrBihg'work in this beautiful, new building and y^ish the best of eyery r thing to you in the years jto come. j r- w- 'I f I "•; JI 1 ( V HARRY W. SHIVER t t \>- ;«W^i.< H (. > v ' 'i. i -, v PLUMBING - HEATING 104E;AVE.C ,»fOE7,2811 ' SPECIAL DELIVERY MC CALL. Idaho (P) — When Jim Larkin had to deliver 100 baby chicks to the isolated Francis Zon- miller ranch he dropped thorn by parachute. The ranch reported no injuries. from the treated area tot two weeks. Bait is very effective in .controlling grasshoppers a little later in the season. Also, the insecticide? have to be y?ed at heavier dos^^es later pjj, ^ r" T~Z~ r™"** *~ [rt'^xfif^'l T C '<, /V.-^'i 1 ' . ! <W, ; > Another Modern Building to Brighten the Future \Hope .-;:;.-::••.•: ;-^;- IT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE . . . T^^^W^^ ^9jr ^^H^^^^" ^^W^ UPON THE COMPLETION OF YOUR MODERN NEW BUILDING. * » J! J^i k ,.t-' J, 4 BUILDING '" -•-•••

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