The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1946
Page 2
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DLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 19-10 Kaltenbnmner Gives Testimony »No«i Police Uad«r T«kM Responsibility «r AeH Of Henchmen tY WALTER CBONKITK Utiitfd PI-MS Staff C«rr«pond*«t NUERNBERG,' ApcU 11. (UP) — ecarfaced Ernst K»lt*nbrunner, Nazi ct)ief of 'the S<teurlty Police, Bluntly, lold Ihe War Crimes Court today'that white the ''hatred" of the vjhole world is directed against me,"-he .took full responsibility for everything his henchmen did. Kaltenbrunner testified in his (mi defense, )ite beady eyes darting nervously, about the courtroom and his pasty face twitching. In a flat, dispassionate voice he recited the story of -his rise to Ihe job iiv wMcr/he, as. Heinrich Hijnmler's 'chief hatchet man, was charged with the mass extermination or dispatch to concentration camps or millions, of..anti-Nazis! "I am fully- aware of the 'serious character of. the accusations against me," Kaltenbrunner said- "I .know that the hatred of the whole world is directed against me, particularly since Hlmmier and the others are dead, leaving-me the only man-to answer forthem. ., "I T am aware that I have to tell th e "truth, and this tribunal and Ihe -world ,must be. In position to recd^niai Uhe events Jn Germany In this $af to understand and pass jurtgrnent 'oh them. - . . "Pjbr eveything that happened (Sine*-.I became chief of the Secret Polife in 1943, for'every wrong committed there as far us it hap- :u'!>ed under my actual control— if I knew about It-for all that I tissi'hne responsibility." He got the job after the nssas- sination -of- tlw notorious Kelnhard Heydricli, the Nazi hangman who also was'-"protector" of Bohemia- Moravia, after Heydrich was assassinated at Prague. "I lokl Himmler," Knltenbrun- nerlEaid, "that my name, my honor and my family were too sacred to allow me to Inherit Heydrich'!, Hearings Scheduled LITTLE ROCK, April 11. (UP>The Arkansas Public Service Com- mlsslon Wednesday set dates for teorinfs on applications of three bus and truck Hues /or operating permits. On May 1, the commission will hear the application of the Safety Taxlcab Co. to operate In Forrest City. On Way I, the application of Sam Grlsham of Oklahoma City, for permission to operate ns a contract carrier from Benton to Fay- ettevllle will be heard. Grlsham proposes to haul the temporary houses now at Bauxite to the University of Arkansas. Also on May 8, n hearing will be held on Thurmon H. Gray's application to operate a bus from Des Arc to Little Rock. fr; jrunnlng sixth In the second district, d was ex|»cted to win u seat. The first candidate elected was 87-year-old Vukio Omkal, long a member of the Diet. He polled 82,287 votes in the Mlye 1'refecUiru In central jupan. NOTICE Notice I:; hereby given that the undersigned will within Hie lime fixed by law apply to the Commissioner ol Revenue of the State of Arkansas (or a permit lo sell beer at retail at -117 We.sL Ash Street. Blylhevillo, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he Is a citizen- ot Arkansas, of jjood moral character, thai ho hns never Ijrt-n convicted of it felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no cense lo sell l>oer by llu 1 under- Jap Communists Show Strength Conservative Parties Out Front, However, In Election Returns TOKYO, April 11. (UP)—The Communist party showed unexpected strength today in early returns from the Japanese national elee- lon, but trailed the' conservnlive- nlnded Progressive and Liberal parties by large margins. The surprisingly large nuiubei of women who voted In Wednesday's election to chouse 460 members of the Diet (Parliament) upset pre-ballotlng calculations of lh» outcome. An estimated 10 per ceiv of the eligible women cast ballots roughly double the iiuiuljer ant! cipated. Competent observers predicted. 01 the basis or the first three hours' ballot counting. Hint, the communists might win 15 seats. Just before ttie election the Kyodo News Agency predicted they would gel six. Th c Liberal and Progressive parties showed their anticipated strength in Ihe early returns. Thc Social Democrats were running job"nnd this hated name. /• [ »>lrd. ahead of the CoinmunisUs "Himnil«r quieted me down and Japanese voters participated In • ••«.. -.. ....... H-.-I !.•„.. balloting signed has been revoked within live years last past; and that the undersigned hns never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, •jr any other state, relating lo the siilc of alcoholic, liquors. R. A. Manning. Subscribed and sworn to before me this lOlh day of April, 1046. Kamuel F. Norrls (Seal) Notary I'utjlic. My commission expires Sept. 8, 194U. Shady Grove 4-H Club Has Meeting Tuesday A meeting of Hit Shady Grove 4-H Club WHS held Tuesday morning, with Billy Jane Lynn presiding. When Lavada Reagan, secretary, called Ihe roll. 37 members answered roll call by telling of In- ctJvidiiii] club woik. Mis.s llutli McCormlck and Mrs. Essie iwvld, ent at this teachers, were pres- meeting Miss Cora Lee C'olemaii, home demonstratio agent. :u>ci W O. Hiizvlbakcr, assistant county present. Reports were given by lowing club captains:, calf captain, one; I!Hly Kolllugcr, pis agent, were also the fol- Clovern reported captain, rtportcil five; Mary Jo Williams, poulliy captain, reported seven; Ann Smllli, cookery captain, reported iwnlve; liexsie Jean Pierce. clothinB captain, reported six; and Jo Ann Cioodson, gardening and canning captain, reported nine (jUcmnn nave a demon - slruliim <>n accurate measurement:; In cookery. Gerald Adkisson Cassldy and Perry from, the Armorel Lee 4-H C'lub were present at tills meeting and gave a demonstration on tractor maintenance and farm safely. Rotations To Attend Meeting At Holland All members of Sleele, Mo., Rotary Club will attend the charter presentation meeting of the new Holland Rotary Club tonight, 7:30 o'clock. Steele Rolarlons sponsored the organization of the Holland Club, which was recently admitted to Rotary International, Among the guests lo be present State Pays OH Bonds tonight Is Charles H. Kcmper of Troy, Mo., 'governor of 135th Dis- trlct of Rotary' International. LJ . rrLE RQCK Ap| . n „ (Up) _ _, ' . . _ a • Gov. Ben I.ailey Wednesday burn- I nree Air Corps Units ed more limn $5.000,000 worth of Alotted To Arkansas Arkansas stale bonds which were LITTLE liOCK Ark Ani'H 0 '• |3ald dilrl »g the lasl U '° veilrs - ' HOOK. ^A^k.. Apinj. , prank Slol . cy _ sce ,. cl(u . y Qf thc Sttitc Hoard of Fiscal control, said the bonds represented all paid unU cancelled direct obligation securities—highway and non-highway— which had been paid: The amount included $400.000 worth of secur- <UP)—The State of Arkansas has been tillottcd and has accepted three Air Corps units as the stale's air uini of 'the' National Guard. However, iruaructions for activating the units have not been received. Brig. Gen. II. L. McAlisler. slate ltdjulant, said here loday that l\:< 154th Fighter Squadron, the 15-lth Utility Flight and the 154th Sub Depot Detachment have been allotted to Arkansas. The three units will.have 312 men, ities purchased by the stale advance of maturity. The first cash register was invented in 1819 by James Rltty of Ohio. . Read Courier News Want Ads. !•>* LIBERTY GASH Phone 2763 Blytheville's Food Headquarters 501 West Main Street DRIED PEACHES 1 I.b. Cellophane But Lb. 37c DRIED APRICOTS 1 I.b. Cellophane H-J.K Lb. 45c DRIED APPLES 1 I.h. Cellophane Bag Lb. 52c DRIED PRUNES I I.b. Cellophane Lb. 16c SW. POTATOES In Syrup No. V/i PORK -" BEANS BEANS Pinto or Gt. Northern 5 Lbs. 50c; 10 Lbs. eSauce No. said-lie-personally would-retain all executive po\vei-s. exercising them persbnftll.v, anil I. wns not to concern niyseif with them »t all." He said Htmrhler told him his soW'dutv wbxild ;i>e torgautiing and cxtSkiing 'the Intelligence Service. Thai, .he .said, was In bad shape after Heydrich's death, and A'dolf Hitler railed constantly against- Himmler about, it. 'Aen, belying, his .bold ncep- tnnce of respohslblllly, He began slutting -the blame from himself. "1 state here emphatically that the";speciai. tasks given to Heydrfch. nscii as the- final solution of .the Jewish «ioblem,-were not known to " ' the ;tline,"ond in (act never RAISINS Seedless or Seeded 75 oz. Box 15* MOPS Rope or Twine 16 ox. Mop 59* Cat-Best Halves No. 't'{. Can 25c Farmers Furniture Store •'-,. .- Norn- LwaUd at 405 East Main St. New and Used Furniture . th e "r s( - "'ce balloting In more than a decade In unusually large numbers. It was estimated that between (JO and 68 per cent or Ihe 40,000,000 eligible voters cast ballots. Nearly half the ballots in Tokyo wer e cast by women, voting for Ihe first time In their lives. The city is divided Into tv:o election district!!. In the first Tokyo district, which will elect 10 Diet members, early returns put Ichiro Hatoy.ima, president of the Liberal Party and aspirant to the next premiership. In 'the lead, communist leader Snnzo Nozaka was in fifth place, but wns expected to win a seat. Mrs. •Shlgeyo Takeuchi, 60-year-old doc- tor'running on the Liberal ticket, was fourth. • Mrs. Shlzue Kato or the Social Democratic party led In the second Tokyo district, which sends 12 members to the Diet. She was formerly the Baroness Shizuc Ishlmoto. American-educated birth control advocate. The chief secretary of the Communist party, Kyiuch! Tokuda. was Polmolive Soap Biilh Si/o 2 for 19c Regular Hi/c 3 for 20c Lifebuoy Soap Regular Sixe 3 for 20c Brooks 14 oz. Bottle 19c Grapefruit 4U-O-/.. (Inn I'l-anois Drake 28c JOHNSONS >Vox or Paste 76 oz. Bottle 59* All Good or Val-Vita No. 21/2 Can 31c KELLOGGS CORN FLAKES 8 oz. Box 6T How to MILK Peve/y or Pet Large Size Can lOc Ladoga Cream Style No. 2 Can Cement Block PEAS Girnit City No. 2 Can Kadorh In Heavy Syrup No. 2!/2 Can 49c GARDEN heartily your MW , Bondex seals moisture out of your walls. Also .mellows the appearance of cement block. Gives "lived-in" look. Low cost. Use with brush or spray. Git your BONDEX color card from .. _.- .ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS »nd WALLPAPKR co. 1*5 East Main St. : -•• ' •'• NUBBAK1) HARDWARE CO. ! "•"" . 213-15 W. Main St. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER CO. 1801 W. Main St. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 W. Ash St. ' rsolD TH * N THf TOUt °" r * u OTHIR WiTtRPSOOF CIMiNT PAINTS COWBINID POTATOES Red Triumph 10 I'tniruls HEINZ BABY FOOD Strained All Varieties 3 Cans 20c GERBER'S BABY FOOD Strained All Varieties 3 Cans 20c CABBAGE Texas (Jreen Heads. I.b. LETTUCE Icebcrtf ads. I'ound 18 PEAS Blackeyed Ohio Valley No. 2 Can 1.5c ASPARAGUS Del Monte Quality. I,t>. LEMONS ^c Sunkisl Dozen 23 White Ribbon 4 Lb. Carton 75c ORANGES Florida Juicy 2SO Sue. Do/. 22 Large Size Box 33c CELERY CELLAR DRAINERS (Sump-Pumps) ; Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE C O . , 1 N C. Large Stalks GREENS Mustard—Turnip Hunch I 2 Pure Cane 5 Lbs. 35c 10 Lbs. 69c SQUASH Yellow or While I'nuiid COFFEE ENGLISH PEAS Pound 15 C l-'olgfr's. Canovi ISlaxwell House Old Juilfre T.ouisunnc I I.b. .Jar 32c GREEN BEANS 17 AC-ME Brand Qt. Jar 55c APPLES Winesap liox Fruit ONIONS Dried Yellow Spanish. Pound 141 10 C TEA MoC'ormirk 1/4 1b. Pkg. lit BEETS Garden Fresh Hunch 10 C OLIVES 3-«i. Jar 2 Huasr's 4-ei. J»r \ Sp.inlsh S-«7. Jar 4 SUiftrd It-ai. Jar ...'.'.'.'.['. 16-oz. Jar Sl.ii ALL MEAT FRANKFURTERS Ib. 35c ALL PORK SAUSAGE Ib. 35c LEAN MEATY PORK ROAST lb.35c SALT MEAT FAT BACKS . BACON SKINS Ib. 15c lb.10c A DELICIOUS HOT DRINK VITALOX . . . . Bottle 35c CURED TENDER HAM HOCKS . Ib. 29c COOKED READY TO EAT PICNIC HAMS . . lb.39c FILLETS SALT MACKEREL . Ea. lOc COUNTRY CURED "~ SHOULDERS . . . lb.35c ALL MEAT BOLOGNA Ib. 35c Here are some of the many items that we hare— Our Birds Eye Frozen Food Line, Peaches, Apricots and Rhubarb, Cut Corn, Wax Beans, Green Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Asparagus Spears, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Okra, Pumpkin Pie Mix, Oven Baked Beans, Salad Vegetable with bean sprouts. Turnip Greens, Green Peas, Chicken a la King, and Oysters.

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