Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 18, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1955
Page 3
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MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS c! Saturday, June 16, 1955 ' for the use of Ms is as vivid as when , y! «. Tr «~ occurred, hi frit newspaper ever started 36Blfwafi."TheiStar of Hope." VAfl&fti W. Hobson was the "OMd editor, who had moved ' Carndert, Ark., and had lit the printing office with l ie *ahie to Hope in the fall I, soott»juUer the railroad got and brought with him H L. - feneraliy known as Bob, ...J. printer and publisher. • hftd a Considerable family and lived just across the street east of the school house, on South Ha- Sel st. Col. Hobson was a doctor also and did some practice. His office was in the rear end of Sam Br'acy'S Drug Store on Front Street in Block 29 near the middle of Front Row. His printing office was in a small building north of A; Kyle's dwelling,' about where the Oil Mill's cotton gin is now. Col. A. W. Hobson had been a celebrated cavalry officer in the Civil war, as Colonel of the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry. His regiment and the 8th Texas Cavalry fought together and became noted "in both armies. When he started his paper in Hope he was getting well along in age and had left much of his work to his printers, yet the Star of Hope was a live . C.,R. •Williams There will be a Revival at the CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Starting JUNE 20 Through JUNE 26 Services will begin each evening at 8 O'clock. Everyone is invited "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN' Our Sincere Congratulations TO THE HOPE STAR We ore happy to join in this salute to the Hope/Star, Publisher Alex Washburn, and his entire staff in the formal opening of this modern new building. Hey there! SALUDOS the friendliest of all casuals! Absolutely never licforo' liave you met shoes so light, so soft as these cool fabric Saludos! Cushiony inside. Solus are crepe. Wonderful color*, M and widths. Ypu'lHive hi 'em, feel free af'a *\ $3.98 West THE WASHA0LC CASUALS STEP'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" 113E. 2nd. Corbin Foster Phone 7-2700 wire. and Colonel continued to issue it until the second Court House election, when noted as one of the f6femost~eaHo~rs"TrT~"the State of Arkansas, he was induced by the people of Washington to move. there and assist Ed Givens, the editor of the Southwestern Press, in the Court House fight. During lis time away from Hope the material of the Star of Hope was unused and the paper suspended. This plant was finally old to Charlie Adamson, who moved it down to Magnolia, Ark., and thus for a time died the first paper to be published in Hope. However, it was brought to life in 1899 by Claude Mr:Corklc and has been published regularly, up to the present date, and a complete file of the issues, without a break, for the past seventeen years, is preserved in the office of-the paper'and Claude McCorkle . Can -be found there six lays in the week rounding out a ife w e ll spent'in his calling. Story • and' Blackburn The second paper established in Hope had as its sponsors Col. Jim Tom Story and Charley Blackburn. The former moved to Hope from Magnolia in 1874. just after the railroad was run into Texarkana, the latter came to Hope soon after from Homer, La., and they went into the business together. Col, Story bought himself a home on the Block No. 16, Beard's addition, the dwelling fronting the Iron Mountain track on Front street, n'ear the dwelling 9ccupied now by Mrs. Williams, built by S. P. Brundidgp. Charley Blackburn lived with hs father, Col. Black- aurn, who occupied a dwelling about where is now the dwelling of R. O. Bridewell. The name of their paper was "The Hope City Times." The printing office was in the upslai.-s of the Newt Little building which was about the middle of the front row on Block 28, space now occupied by John Moses' transfer office and store .room. The paper was a neutral, independent one, but supported the Democratic ticket all the time. They published a semi-weekly in the busy seasons, and published also a hand-around-sheet, giving markets, sales, etc., a sheet 12x18, which was distributed by Col. Jim Tom Story in person. During the life of this paper Col. Story printed a book of 120 pages, giving the advantages and resources of Hope, several thousand copies of which were sent broa'dcast throughout the United States, and a great, or the greatest, work in putting Hope on the map, and starting her to her present greatness. The paper was a real booster and contained articles each week lauding Hope. It also made a gallant fight for the Court House removal. The hand- around sheet showed that for the years 1875 and 1876 there w'ere HO.OOO bales of cotton shipped from Hope. This sheet also showed that Hicks and Thompson were the biggest buyers, with J. R. Giles, Jake Powell, George Taylor and McNeal close followers. This paper also boosted the new railroadifout to the t town of -Washington- and into the black lands/and Col. Story and his wife were.-of-"the first to ride on this new railroad. The paper was printed on 'a -Washington hand-press. They had'an old-fashioned Ruggles job press (none now in use), and a subscription list of 1,500 subscribers. Judge Calvin Hervey was the-:, first one; Newt Little second. Sam While was the first advertiser and Hicks & Thompson the second. The Hope City Times did the town printing. . . Continued from Page One sfied with life in a strange coun- ,ry with lower living standards. Of :he original 22, one was British !1 were Amercan. The broadcast said the remain- ng 16 could leave any time they wish and admitted "difficulties" :n keeping them happy in China. • Two other American prisoners 3f war who at first refused repatriation changed their minds and -eturned to the United States.' Both were court-martialed. Cpl. Claude J. Batchelor, of Kernit, Tex., was convicted of col- aborating with the enemy and in- 'orming on his fellow prisoners. 3e was sentenced to life but this ater was reduced to 20 years. Cpl. Edward S. Dickenson, of Big Stone Gap, Va., was convicted of informing on his comrades and currying favor with his captors. He got 10 years at hard labor. The average U. S. farm uses 363^ kwh of electricity a month. TARGET!! MANGUM, Okla. (IP) — Mrs. D. O. Givens found a skunk in her chicken house but it wouldn't be scared away when she tossed rocks. Finally, she grabbed a pitchfork and from 15 feet out threw a perfect strike, killing the skunk. Red China to Molofov to Continued from Paige Oh« here Monday. Secretary of State Dulles, British Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan and French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay will arrive by plane Sunday from their strategy meetings in New York. If the Soviet foreign minister follows the recent friendly pattern, there should not be too much difficulty in arranging an agenda for the Geneva conference. The controlled Soviet press, however, has indicated strong opposition to U. S. demands that the future of the satellite countries should be discussed. If this question is pushed, it may prove a tough one. TRAMPLED TO DEATH NAGOYA. Japan M — Visitors watched in horror at the Nagoya Zoo today as two female elephantss knocked down a 23-year-old attendants with their trunks and then trampled him to death. Opinions on Continued from Pape One supposed to be a peace conference, and with the arrival of hundreds of delegates to the United Nations anniversary meeting in San Francisco. Some think, it a good demonstration to them of the seriousness with which the United States views the wo rid situation. Others think it will increase the feat among them thai American leadership has its eye on war more than on peace. President Eisenhower says the drill has been a good thing, stressing the importance of alertness in such a troubled world. He points out also that it is a demonstration of American abaility to" keep going under any circumstances, something which should deter anyone from thinking of trying a "Pearl Harbor." Chinaman Held in American's Death : SINGAPORE (M—Police investigating the fatal beating of American news correspondent Gene D. Symonds jailed a Chinese truck driver today on charges of being a member of the mob believed responsible for the attack. The driver, Ong Ah Too, -was ordered to stand trial June 24. Symonds, a native of Dayton, Ohio, was beaten to deaht May 12 during roits that accompanied, a bus workers' strike here. The current wave of strikes in Singapore, meanwhile, appeared 4o be waning. Nearly 300 of the 6,000 striking busmen returned to their [jobs and elsewhere Inrge groups of workers indicated a desire .tflp go back to work. INDUSTRIOUS THiE-F --• • DENISON, Tex. (>P)— The thief- who swiped Lt. George Realmutb'a' car had to fix a Hat beforei. he could drive it away. Only 4 per ceht of Brazil's people' are over GO years old. [ The six New England states have 9,843 people in 66,608 square miles. FATHERS DAY, JUNE 19 Remember DAD on His Day. We have a complete line of appropriate gifts to select from. Electric Razors, Schick, Remington, Sunbeam. Scharfer Snorkel Pens. Yardleys Men's Sets. Old Spice Sets. Kodaks and Supplies. Let us show you what we have. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 GET THE FACTS ahout - IT DOESNT COSf... If PAYS? Modern <J0J[II>- sprinkler irrigation pays you in the form of better crops, higher yield which brings more profits. Moil coupon today for a free irrigation analysis of your form. .... I want Information and faeti on IRRIGATION for ii»y iam. Nom«__ Addrtfi TetephoKt , .A55-4 Haynes Irrigation Co. P. O. Box 148 Phone 44 Nashville, Ark. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE On the formal opening of your beautiful new building qnd newspaper plant. To Publisher Alex Washburn and" the entire Staff we wish you the best of everything in the years to come. REPHAN'S YOUR FRIENDLY PEPARTMfNT STORt Symbol of Progress SO NEW ... SO MODERN ... TE BUILDING IS AN ASSET TO THE FUTURE GROWTH OF HOPE This step forward the Hope Star has made certainly indicates that Hope is still on the march . . . progressing as time goes by. We share the Hope Star's pride in the completion of this modern new brick building because of the area growth it reflects, and because it makes possible a better, and more complete newspaper for the community which it serves. Diulm East Division Street Saturday, June 48, 195S 1 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS* 3 blender Jonday, June 20 V. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the 1st. LAST TIMES TONIGHT Those Boys Are Here! THEIR ALL NEW LAUGH EXPLOSION! . leo G0RCFV Hunt? ; and rni BOWfRY BOYS will, AMANDA BtAKE BERNARD GORCEY HUIEO AUtlStS WODUCTON GENE AUTRY and CHAMPION ^ "STRAWBERRY 9 ROAN" Black Arrow — Cartoon Sunday - Monday First Big Hit of Anniversary Week Sinatra - - - Greater Than in "Eternity Frank SINATRA Sterling HAYDEN •rtffcMO THM VMIIIO Aimrt • EXTRA TREATS CHAMP BUTLER SINGS RIVER THRILLS f "SUDDENLY" STARTS I 1:35 - 3:30 • 5:30 - 7:25 - 9:15 SOCIETY Phoni 7-8481 ••{wetft I A. M. and 4 P. M. Methodist Church will meet Monday, Jurie 20, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Mary Hamm with Mesdames Milton Eason, Ernest Turner, Winston Monfs, and Miss Mary Copeland as co-hostesses. A panel discussion on- the United Nations .will be led by Mrs. Denver Dickinson assisted by Mesdames Edward Aslin, Clifton Ellis, Hinton Davis and Lyle McMahen. The devotional will be given by Mrs. Grover Thompson. This being the first circle meeting of the new church year a full attendance is urged. The Rainbow Girls will meet Monday June 20th. at 7- p. m. in DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 FREE KIDDYLAND AND ZOO!! — ENDS TONITE — "JESSE JAMES VS. THEDALTONS" and JUNGLE JIM in "VALLEY OF HEADHUNTERS" Special Anniversary Midnite Program Tonite at 12 THEN PLAYS Sunday - Monday FIRST SHOWING IN HOPE The Craziest Show in Years A RIOT! FRED CLARK LYNN BAM HAXIE ROSENBLOOM "~7~ — Also — CARTOON — COMEDY 2l2Main PR 7-3441 »' $159.95 SPECIAL! SAVE $30 21-INCH CONSOLE TV SET Full size, 21-inch console. Mahogany finish. 8-in. dynamic speaker gives excellent FM sound. See it on display in Wards Catalog Office today. Only $5 down on terms. GH 5000R .. VHP ., WAS 189.95 .. Now 159.95 Monday, June 20 the Masonic Hall. All members are urged to attend as a very important business meeting will be held. Notice Mrs. Ralph Routon is teaching a course on "Learning to Have Faith" based on a recent book by John Red" head in her Bible Class at the First Methodist Church. The subject for next Sunday is "Faith Through Prayer". A full attendance of members is requested and any others interested in this subject will be welcome. before," one veteran observer remarked. "He's boxing at long range, and punching harder." Olson, looking quite large in his sweat shirt and ankle-length tights did seem to be punching with authority, as if he realized that he'd have to do just that against the heavier Moore. He was constantly on the move, DOPOTHY DIX Hove Faith , ^ _ Dear Miss Dix: My first husband! .^,11- as unfaithful, and the marriaee ly seen him often enough to smile was unfaithful, and the marriage ended in divorce. 1 am married again to a good man, an excel.ent Mrs. B. C, Hyatt has returned from Jonesboro after being the guest of her son, Charles Hyatt and family. AAC waa iwiiaiauiij vn uiit *AIU»V-, — - . _ r and you could detect the quiver of ! P rovld ,? r an , d * hard worken We have three children. Mv husband's hours are long and he isn't home until quite late. I am beginning to have suspicions that he's unfaithful. I'm afraid this will be a repetition of my first marriage Perhaps I have too much time alone at night to imagine things. E. C. Answer: You need a substitute for worry — and that is faith! You have absolutely no reason to suspect your husband's fidelity; his disloyalty exists entirely in your own imagination. , Try These Books It is possible to pluck bad seeds from the soil of our minds and implant good ones. There are many books to help you do this. One is lis shoulder muscles through the shirt, as even when he isn't punching or blocking punches he is 'einting with his head or body and wriggling and twitching much as Henry Armstrong used to do as he hunched his way "forward. He boxed six rounds in this work out, two with each of three sparring partners, and only against the third, a burly fellow named Bull Halsey, was he boring in and rip ping short punches in the style which is associated with him. There was considerable clinching in this session, too, and again you felt that Bobo had Moore in mind, as Archie is a stout puncher and there might be times that a good, tight embrace might be the best Mrs. Tom Purvis and children of Fort Smith arq the guest of her Mother, Mrs. J. M. Houston. Mrs. John <L. Stewart and child' ren of Montia Vistia, California are the guest of her Mother, Mrs. Ched Hall. Dr. and Mrs. I. L. Murphree and two little daughters, Kathryn and Emelie of Athens, Ohio will arrive unday to be the guest of Mrs. ilurphree's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'rank Trimble. Bobo Olson Roughs It Only in Ring By WHITNEY MARTIN ASBURY PAriK., June 17 — 3obo, Olson isn't exactly rough- Jig it, except in the ring, at this easide spot where he is prepar ing for his shot at Archie Moore's ght heavyweight title at the Polo Grounds next Wednesday. Which doesn't mean he isn't eadly serious as he goes aboul lis training chores. It's just that onvention hall, where he mauls lis sparring partners, practically its on the Atlantic Ocean and the ine resort hotel where he stays s only a few steps away on the 'Oardwalk. The ambitious middleweight h a m p i o n probably is working harder than he ever did for ight, despite the fact he has no weight problem such as Moore aces in making the 175- pounc imit. "iNever saw him work like this Legal Notice protective measure. It generally is believed will be up against the most ganger ous puncher he has facea, although his manager, Sid Flaherty, would have you believe Lloyd Marshall could do as well in that department and that Bobo showed he could take it against Marshall. "Marshall connected and stretched Olson out," Flaherty said, "but Olson got up and knock- Fulton J. Sheen's "Way to Happi- Olson [ness." Another is "Beyond An- ed him out Mickey Walker, an artist and prospective restaurateur, watched the middleweight champion perform, and said it was "a good workout." Inasmuch as Walker was w elterweig ht and dleweight champion and fought for the light heavyweight crown, hts sizeup of Bobo's activities might be termed an expert opinion. Mickey, who never weighed more than 170, and who fought heavyweights he had to spot scores of p o u n d s, leans a little toward Moore in the fight next Wednesday, although he admits Olson's comparative youth is in his favor. He believes Moore has the know- how, and that he punches loo hard and too fast. Ordinarily, he said, the heavier .man is the slower puncher, but Moore is one of the exceptions. After the workout Olson visited the Monmouth Park Race Track. Walker was there, too, and we caught Bobo covertly staring at Mickey, Who at 53 carries only 155 pounds oh his five-foot-six frame and who doesn't look at all formidable, and you almost could read Olson's mind. Our guess is that he was thinking that If a little fellow such as Walker could beat good heavyweights he, Olson, should be able to handle Moore, who figures to and say "hello," at least. Dear Miss Dbc: 1 am 19 and ces, but I must always refuse theirta breach o! elicftletW fe , invitations. JANE'lowing instance? 1 *ffl AMSTK' 71 tmrtio* living alone in the Suttttrtbft. Mf l*fc.i! hTttM» wife and her Mi« U* ««&''? " "LrJartment in the citf. fW*Mfc tf J[fy Answer: Since one of the ses of education is to teach get along with others, your ents are defeating their P -thenigM ents are defeating tneir own ena. i =»•"" •••- !"?"• '" ,: •"• 4 f Youf education is being dearly' since h s father-in-laW W«8 i t.« »«j TM «v,:^t imi^o Viefnro'I occupies his room, coni bought and I'd think twice before going on another year under this harsh rule. Have a talk with your parents and tell them that you will have just ended my first year at be forced to take a position in an- the university. My parents hive gi-1 other town unless you can have ven me just about everything In more freedom. Could there by the way of clothes and an educa-'chance be something in the past — criticized for this? 6. Answer: Absolutely flot. Mil KM served as a guest rdGfn that's illr tion but they won't let me have a date. Whereevei- I go, it is always in their company. The boys at college have asked We out quite often, especially to the school dan such as an unwelcome suitor — to, make them take this stand? Dear Miss Dix: Was I guilty of I Duke's Beauty Solon 1019 W. 7tH PH6M Air Conditioned Complete Beauty Operator* , „ Frances Gllllam — EtHel Mtraft xiet.y," by James A. Pike. Unless you do something to change your way of thinking, you may ruin a good marriage. It's understandable that one perfidious male would make you suspect all others, but since you trusted your second husband enough to marry him, let him show himself worthy of your trust. Dear Miss Dix: I work in an office building and in the afternoon my girl friend and I go down to the drugstore for coffee. Four young men who also are employed in the building take their coffee break at the same time. I am particularly interested in one of them and I think he returns my interest. How can we go about getting acquainted? P. O. Answer: Since you work in the same building, striking up a conversation is perfectly permissible. Take whatever opportunity offers itself. By this time you've probab- outweigh him five pounds. by no more than HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Completely AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Aullne OUR MALTS AND SHAKES..: • .Are made with the same Dairy Queen as Sundaes and cones. That's why they're Rich, Thick and Delicious; Highway 67 East Sale Discontinued Styles STRAPLESS BRAS By FORMFIT All sizes in the lot Regular Price 3.00 to 4.00 CLOSE OUT JUST HALF PRICE Hipii'i FlHMt DcpcrtmMrt COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN" That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the de- cretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 16th day of June, 1955, in a certain cause ;hen pending therein wherein Leslie Terry, et al. were plaintiffs and Sam Terry, et al. were defendants, the undersigned as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to the Court House in the City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours for judicial sales, on Saturday, July 9, 1955, the following described real estate, situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: The Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i SEVi) of Section Twenty-six (26) and the East Half of the Northeast Quarter (EV 2 NE'/i) of Section Thirty-five (35) — all in Township Eleven (11) South, Range Twenty- four (24) West, Full possession of said property shall be delivered to the purchaser on December 31, 1955, and the purchaser will be entitled to one- half of the 1955 crop rents. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute bond as required by law and the decree of said court in said cause, with approved surety thereon, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent per annum, from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. GIVEN Under my hand this 17th day of June, 1955. GARRETT WILLIS, Commissioner June 18, 25, July 2 EXTRA SPECIAL TIRE SALE 200 Good Used Tires! Sizes 6:70, 7:10, and 7:60. In good condition and high tred. $3.45 WYLIE Gloss $ Salvage Co* OPEN 7 DAYS A WE SALUTE THE Hope m Star As they hold their formal opening in their new and modern CARRIER AIR-CONDITIONED BUILDING The Clause Refrigeration Service is "proud to send our congratulations and best wishes to one of Arkansas finest newspapers ,.. the Hope Star, This modern new building and newspaper plant is certainly an indication that Hope is still on the march. * We are happy to have been selected to install Two"7!/i Ton" Carrier Weathermaker Units to Air Condition this newspaper plant! Clause Refrigeration Servie "YOUR CARRIER DIAIIR FOR HOP! ANP THIS TRAD! ARIA 11 506 E, 5th Street H*pi,Ark. j. iii^^fc-Sl u&l'i ^i £*; *'' ~&A*4*!MMiK& ^B*V

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