The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Opening of New Establishment Is Being :-field This_Wee|c. The Main Service Station. 13ly- IhevUle's newest and one of ths most modem up-town stations, located st tlatn and Fifth streets, is holding its 'formal owning this week. T<ie handsome new Texaco station, at (lie old site of the Wart: building, was constructed accord- Ing to the plans of the Texas com- b'.illl rivr-r country. C. L. Ecitnell, local bushier nui:. is manager of the station :irrt '.•; Is nsfl5icd by Vlrsll SUson ar/l V. B. Freeman. Tlic pure white finish of Hi/ interior of the Jlfitlon compels :'l'.::i- tlon.a'nd al night '.he bmldiiu a i- sumes added alraclivcness due to ri'. unique light arrangement that reveals Ihe entire stiuciiirc in ci | clearly defined light. A pressure washhi;: s\.-i!-:n IKIF hocn'Installed lit Cic sMlbn. allowing for swift and eilidcn'. cleansing : ot cars. Grease racks an mslall:rt ' east of !hc station proper and | plenty of space has been provided I in or'dcv that service may be rendered' quickly. H. A. Lefiueister, Blythcvlllo an.i Jone'sboro conlracur. constructM! the station al a cost ot approsi- malcly S10.000. The WigRiivs Ebc trio stop and Pels the Plumbci were siit-contrartcrs on Ihc construction work. PrimaryijElection : Officers CAISSON TOWNSHIP Carson Judges: ... R, Puce. W. I). J. K. Piltman. orgotlcu Romance ol thc 'ceiage Revealed Rancher's Figlil {or Estate IIY .MILTON KROXNKU XKA Servli-c Writer i LONDON. —Behind the seeming j l;iiii-.drum court deci.'.ion that Fred- ,r::tk Jcsopli Trcu'lyan Perceval win ilcrn i::ii-j niiiilecl lo (lie relate of lile ninth .0 "Alfalfa | Lnrl cl Kgmunl tlie other day, lay Oklahoma.: '••"> ruiriiinlie a iloiy as has been told ratlc- !;1 Br '*~ s!l courts In many a moon. 101 only romance in il, but the blufl for a novel atom llie Oil Uiv si-limn: a dull cuinlrmin i ili: wliii-h the briuhl Minsliiiic lil- '.,r. with difficulty. Up on Hie" | bench : its Mr. Justice Eve in his i! :•,'-: (uli-botlor.i white wig. Below at- t'jrncys. ' Title one ''H'tip of them (AUK.) COU1UKU NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST U, 1930 When you grow up look up the I family hlstoiy. There arc great ti- lics and estates to v,'hkli we have i llie riglv.Iul claim. Tins Spciicr; l-'erceval was my erandfullier's bro; (t:er. In 1800, when my mother wa> j only icvc-n. iwo grand ladles In a • cuich and four came to her hum- lj|i: lo'Jtinsis where she lived with j her mother, who liad been Ihc act- i Vicar of Pinhoe Needs Tills palnlial execuUv.? mansion, ic|iii;i]:cd • vfnience. may be all rUh( ft;r ciiy foil. b 1 .:". it (!•; , Bill" Munay, picti:res!|iie fanner carciidatc iu: pany and Is one of a series of mod- \ wlio opp;tcs Frank'BiUtnm.-oil minimum's, in crn stations being b'.illl wrr Ih?j iiin-off primary of Au,:. 12. which i:. tuu-idcnd .-Ircllii). " "l'i:ey said llicy weic tile sist?r;; vf tic prime minister and my iM-aiuKulluTs. They wauled lo see lli'.-ir brother's widow and daughter Tht-y oltcred to take tlic daughter • -my mother— bring her up in accordance wilh her rightful station ai:d uitimiitely leave their property to her. liul they ottered nolhlnr: to • my poor grandmother. Th'.- bite: refused lo pail wilh her child. She snld while her husband, the disiin- . j-iiished naval olilcer. was aliv I'jlu-M'd to recognize him 1; In' maciied beneath him. Now [hey toi-ld not have his child.'" Tlic Judge saicl Powmll had -•-au'jhl to establish a t? THE iTKAX.SrKillKATION On August (J, Greek and I,all:] churches cominen'.oralc Ihe anniversary of tlic Transfiguration, I when Chrbl ascended Mount Ta-• br>r v;ilh his three favorite disci-] pies. I'elcr. James and John, ani! i revealed a supernatural change in i his personal appearance. j A chauel dedicaled lo Ihc Trans- Jjguration caps Ihe Inches', peak of Moinu Alhos in Greece, where ii great annual service is perfornu:! en the recurrence of the festival.! Tozer describes llie scene as fol- j tiiey I lows: ; "A.; we approached Irtim tile eus maintenance of his tloukcy since 1001. needs a fresh donxey. His . New Donkey After 20 YrS. itfaithful bcasl Michael is dead after 1 j 20 years service. I J P1NIJOK, Exeter. England. <UP> : - — —— -in loot !>. D. the Priest ct PHI- ] Cat Makes Way Home ihoc mounted his donkey and >o;Iu i ,, 1 9A MM T • for two miles to secure a fresh sup-! Alter 1 JU-ITlMe ' Irip ply of arrows for the English ferccs , COVENTRY, Kngland, (Ul')-A 11 illtlitliu: tile n.mcs. ' cat lhat was loit en rout; to Today the Vicar of Pinliuc, Rev. Bridtewater. 130 miles from Cov- Oliver Puckridije, who in common I entry, was found eight weeks la'.er will) other 'vitars of Pinlicc hasj iryiug lo uain admission lo Its old received 1C ;-hlllinss a year for (hi- nonie litre. -/' v;e firs', heard (lie coimd of clian;- ' ina Iroin within the chapel, and \ v.'hen v;t- came round the platform . m-i 1 ' i in front a scene appeared v,-;iich I 'Slab- i shall never forget. Distinctly s?^r lishcd by what he himself sai-.t ; | n ij l( . mo-.nliijht were the '.veil-: Tlu-ie was 1101 MiflU-itnt e\icl'.nce ti j ^hoally liijLrrs of llie monks. do:-.? pi we v'.lu-lhei Ills claims were I cue | |y wrapped in llielr gowjis, witii: nv not, but in any case limy were long black beards and mushroom IJJMVI.I l:y Male. Decision warjiocks. sume sillinsj close to the lit- therefore, given for tin: rauchei < He window of llie chapel, where goin; ( .. : .| Ho'.vmll's application was dis- iiii-.iTl villli co:ils a^ain-it him. Til'.••'.'.\ man piutvs'.eil against li'.is fi- ' \\ K service w;is going en, ; lying about in scaups, like I'.ic n> nrcs of (li? three apostles In Rrx- t j ( | oni . . . Al intervals, as \ve sat | there, the priest cnnic onl arrayed ' \ n gi)rRl .ou.s v^tiiiruls f.n;l swiiti'j i n lc incense ubciij us. Th; vlgl 1 : bstcd a whole nii;!H." E-j "Allaifu Dill" tay.i ili-.u il c:«':;i sucll miiiisicn, turn the nv.iicy i;\vr : llie ijaiMvi in llie rear, which i- iiicluml l:irl'J at thai, is liv Also, "Altair.i liil!" vr.v . l:» vj\\ converl Hit- mansion's lew garden inlu a potato nali-li i-nd m.ikc its Illy jxiiul a watering ))l;u:u b'.nden ln'ing placed upor ', phacl's picture cl (\K Tninsfriiira- iiim. Tin: Jlnlgc repiiwl that he must ,.:cl:v tlie c:)sU n::iiin:,t liim, bu( ih oilier side, in view "f tin 1 cir- riiiiiMr.nccs.. nut'ht n-liL've htm <H iin« inirden. Will Hil Will: l-vrds Th'TC is now only oi:c mme step ; it, js estimated tha! 4000 perIK: lakcn. The ranclirr enrl wi'l i ^, ls Vl - c ,. c executed with the guil- ! LL:;!II.V lo the proper cimmitlc'i- or : i c[illc ( i ur ing the Rvnch Revolu- ! '.lie H-jisre of Lords for permission j t i 0n !:( liis seat in that anvils'. •_ -------- ... _____ '; l,r.:iy. This will follow almost as r. j mfy^-'yf^^^.'f-^r'^.^^^^^f j :r.:iU.T of course, in view of Hie lw;> •^^'^^^^ '• — '— '*^-^- ' J^riiv.'_t : i ]>ri'icdmg court decisians. j ,fjy ', Tlic dream will li<ivc come true. ,pj ; fifth f.'-i will liave t'jcn writ- | ' Congratulations TEXACO Don't Get Shocked CALL ins Electric Shop If You Want Light Call Us .:MI. T'.ie Canadian rancher \'.il!.«il |'f|1 '^.ii :be seil volvct seals where Ih? i i(l)' lolls when Parliament J:iiiii]!»un. Calvin L.uicli Mo-s. ij. T. Tilimaii. S. B. Alien. Clerk:;: II. M. Cr;;!';. < Alternate Judges: H. U. rlciiiiiig.:tJ:>ndy. ,,,,.R A Cramer, C. L- Chamberlain.; AHvnuitc Clerks: th, -ibi'lh (.i:ii-j. Clerks- W. B. GraverDS. .1, D. i Mrs. Calvin Lynch. Stalls 1 WJIITTON TOiVXSHIP Alternate Clerks: Ed \\Yob. Mrs.j \Vliillnu R. A. Cramer. Judge:,: L. P. NldioL-nn, (.i. A. •CANAUIAN TOWNSllir I r^oncy. N. II. Muhan. ' Anncrcl j Alttinale Judges: E. E Kti'.iii, r. Judges: Fred Kirkcndall. M.IA. L. Tire. J-. T. Wisii-j. Stewart,'E. R. Garner. j Cleste: I'. D. Dean, H. L. An- AllcTiiale. Judges: I. L. Jones, drc-ws. JOB .Jones. Joe McNeil. Alternate Clerks: L-.-us I.un^. J. Clerks: Erb Ruckcr, Mr. Walls. | ,y 1-iiney. Alternate Ckrks: Tom DrjlaiKi.i cix'AX TOlVX.SIill' j Mr. iEads- . ' I J'ci-an | Tnmalo I Jo i, n U,.:ll, ,K. C. .Branch. KmJudjos: J. H. Uanlcls. U. BUilr.. mcu aMAf t A. T. Harslunan. 'Clerks: IS. K. Moore. Jack U/i'll.' Allernate Judaes: S. U Til!man.| |.]|-ii,j; mvi;il Tinv.SSIIII' i J. 1\ Carson. Erm Myrick. . .Klmvuli ( Clerks: Chas. Collins, L> W. j j u( | goj: j 0 ] mm v naviilscn. Prank Gosfian. - i Hill. Tom Alternate Clerks: Gus McClain,| A u crnalc jndscs: Ann Jackson Lewis Tiilmnn. • Wailc Slewail. S. H. Wo,>:lru!l. BOWEN TOWNSI1H' | c'lciks: C. Erby. Kd \Ve(.Jy. Cosiifll ; Animate Cicci-.o: S. \V. Mortar. .Judges: M. E. Ccok, U. Buuell., C ; rov - lT ,f,-,ck;of.. D. E. Bragg. _ .. . _ , . ' . li.Uiln-r Si-lmul 1 Leads Caretaker To Wholesale Killing . . . Canadian i)f l!f;niunl. ,1. c. SUiils, Mont J3M-.V- i v. U.uik-1 U-.'.en Alim-niu-.- J';:.= : K. C. Uocne. L. A. Stein, R-iljih Hurkcy. Clsl-ks: Sam llrannan. Fred D.i- vi:.. : Allernate Cl-rks: C. C. Clrealile. w./u. inn. Sitidway Jmii;c:i: IJ'iyd Tomlhusan. J. W. Osbornr. Kiidic I.lnyd. AHerivale Judges: 3. P. Cm. II. H. Baiil::,loti. J. A. Crcsnn. . ClL-rks,: Victory linilc. Uryanl ().-- boriie. Allcniiite Clerks: Harry iiJ ; :l-.\ H.-B. Williams. jl'mvlivpn Judges: J. L. M».v. Kiinu-sl Il-.ilui, p. \j. uceves, W. II. Wade. Clerks: J. L. Winsieud, Ilruev Gulp, Allc-rr.ali: Clerks: Hy Tine. U. L. Lverlv. ilF.HKi'OUU. liii:;land. tUl>)—l^ij 'l'i n aiiiiiiU's alter liis daughter had ! •'•;•', js;c:i a Minkc disappear into ft l» li! ]ifl) IVitEViil. a l.-ird bitten. weaHiw- ;,, R1 . ;ivs on lh c hLstoric Holme rj«», beaten mm-., wlio ,uv 2.i years had 1;ll -,-j ^.inte John Gaincs. care- !><v ccen a r.uiclur in Albrila. a Cft- ,.,i :n - \ YM \ killed 21 of llie rcmiles \'V\, nadian seemingly settled there for | m us.v.i:'ing from three feet lo -ISj'lIi life and satisiied with his fate. j :K | Kl , ;UK 1 destroyed numerous Tlirn came a cable Iroin iKindan j bunches of eggs. iiprisini; him ol the death of Uiu j 1_ | ninth Eail rf L'ljiiiont and ihe piou- ' «;.-;a- ability lhal lie was entitled iH.I-iR ec l usc Living OH Little only lo Ihe title, but to the estates, i ° \Vih his sen. a i.j-yiar-old boy.; TOOQ baVC to Charity win) had j;ri>\vn up in Ihe rourUiV free life ol Ihe plains and the cat-I LONDON. Aug. G.—Edwin Dudley. Ik 1 laiu-hi-.-.. ihe ..lurdy I'en-eval set i H. i'.as works empiuyi.-. lived the forth frr iiu England Hint was u | !i!c nf a icchrrc fcr years, in his •-.tiairAc v.urld to him—its manners, luctlicr's bouse, lie licuglit a ixjund ot Ira and a pound of sugar cues n year: Iwu loaves of bread lusted him for Ihe week, wi-.cii he died r.f h-arl disease, p.iiire found he had l;eon Riving all hi;, savings lo charily. Between 508 nnd GOO postal \V<; roiigralulale you on llu- opening ol' your inoil- cni sci'vice slalion at llu: corner of Fifth and Main. Alternate Judges: Pal Rasbt'iry, Mr. Hcce, "Ftoyd Drummond. Clerks: L. I. Mcorc. Harvey Han " Alternate Clerks: G. R. i.cdbet- ter G C. Wadley. BUKDETTE TOWNSHH' nurdctlc Judges: J. B. Cook. H. C. Weathers. H. D. Stockton. Alternate Judges: John Harkncy. G. A. Eberdt, Irby Burnett. Clerks: C. K Toaipkins, Sieve Highlower. Alternalc Clerks: W. H. Hnm- mcck. Earl Jor^s. CI.EAH LAKE TOWNS1II! 1 New Liberty Promise Land i Judges: FinnV: McCoiniie-:. .l-.ihn 1 Cassady, P. U- 'liwinji^o:!. Ar.crnali -J'.-.Jjcs: Uud Hmill). '. Diane Morgan. Mr. Slii'llui. Ole:i:.= : Ro.-i Smith. Cl.iy Mf.y. : Alternate Clerks: J. R Il!:iiuou, iHncnii Williams. .\tlii-i-Upn Si-hi:'il , • Jnd;;^: S.mi <J;':\l. (Jn:o \Yo!:cl- Altcrnale Judiji-s: ii:!j Ciuis'.- • Clarence i'.oll. S'i::( Tu:!;:. | Clerks: J. 11. \\VjnrulI. r.lleu Ea- ; Lcn ! Alicrnate Cierl:.-.: liai-.ty Ccnise, I Floyd AiK'rr.-on. Judges: S. H. Bevill. S. Golf, Carl Green. i Alternate Judges: II. G. Mehatley. ] D. G. Graccy. P. G. Jarrett. Clerks: Charley Lutes. Hunter | Creol:. • Alternate Clerks: Marshall Ay- I cock, Frnnk Wheat. Clear Lake Judges: H. R. Jones. Roy Mitchell. B. W. Forrest. Alternate Judges: W. D. Vuiing, J. J. Cliildcrs. J. D. PriceClerfcs: W. A. Lun?ford, Arthur Wilson. Alternate Clerks: H. C. Ellis. J. W. White. SCOTT TOWXSHIl 1 l.inney'? Stnn 1 ' Jufiecs: Hay l.iniu-y. John Tar- \er. SyUian oirdli'y. Alternate Juiit-.-. .'jr.n DeSpain. Georpi: Ahcii. J. II. Hi'.mun. Clc:k~: Iluvlcy l!a>. J. II. Carter. Alternate Clf'.'>:•:• U A. Morgan, C. Turvrr. Jiiii'ji'-: J-j,.n (.^'.'.•v.. Lor. f>;i Ci'.nvlif W»-:in:i:. AUeri-.'i-.e .h::k;i. : Ceo. Xral. Lcdman. -Jiia ilo'.i::i-r. Clerk;: S. No'.cn. Allov. Stillm.m Aiternnte Cleil:^: Slilrlcy Nolan. Wayne E-.-.-cn. School JuriKt!-: Henry Briukl'.y, W.iltri j Morris. Hn-i.-.:(! Uibcrls. Alf.M-.JIC J'"!- ^ K. S- 'l'h!)l!l|)- :on. J.'-.i'.i, Uric l^iuc. Cirrk.-: P::il; Oraynell'. 1 . U. il Tlie Itcv. Mr. JuKiiin tilled his nrulhly appanintmcnt at. the Promised -Land churcli Sunday morning ul 11 o'clock. Misses flertlm :inrl Uulvic Hall spent the week cr.d with ihcir fis- icr. Mr.:. J. T. Sykc.s of Blylhcvlllc. Uora Davis siifnl Sunday with Miss Maryir Wilfon. Mr. and Mrs. Hrmy Nipper vis- il«i Mr. and Mrs. Il.ivvey Lynch ol Gosnell Sunday. Mr. and Mr.-. Cti.nliy Gray anil Mr. and Mrs. Li-wis Davis wtrej visitors In Memphis Fridny. Typhoid aiui-tosln wiu givtn al Ihc Promised La:id sclnul Mur.ilay afiernoon. Mr. and Mrs. Rui-.-ell Gaincs of Burdclte attcadrd Siindny school hoe Sunday. Mr. and Mr.; Merlin Hay o! Chico: nldpi- spt'iil a fi'v.- dr.y:, ol last ivi-i'k with Mi . Hay's paruils. Mr. and Mrs. J'- ••; ::• i-.ri:i".r. Mr. and Mi.=. Wurlh Go:iv.-in <>'. Arnicjrcl visited in :his vicinity Sunday. Lena Mac Cntlc;- c.illec'. en Gcr- alrii'.:c Ri'.cli Snndr.y. Mr. and Mrs. Iv.i D;rk.:cn ol Krcce vi'err vMicrs ,:•. i'rcmised ils cii:.toins. i'.s life. He had three Inmlk'.s to jump: Firs'.—he prove hi^ ri'^ht to thr- Second -he ;nu:-l prove his n^ht to n seal in thc Hoii'.c of Lords. It was mouRh to make Hie sun- pic laiiciier pinch himself In see |™ s charities whclbr lie was really roonis. Wlien in- .iumpc-.i the first liunlle , " ' ;•_ ami V..LS ucLlacoi! llie rightful H-nlli Karl el' Ksinonl. In- begiin lo sit up! and Ur:, 1 notice. When a-muster in chancery said he had a ilijln to tlie intuits, he saw there was so:nu- Ihim; m (he day dream after ail. I AiHilhcr C:l:iimanl A|'|iriirs , Hut Ucfcre this second diei^inn j ciaiiinncd. lliinss must come | bi'K.'.f 1 yir. Jnstii:c Eve. bu-;::ivj j ll-.i-ri 1 v.,is a claimant, no', to thc | c..:iili:m. bul to the estates. Ii: llirj 1 eci'..!-'.:'^:!! for Ihe first lime :i:r: c,ul saw the man who clrn:r-:l his rishi'! In Ihc rich eslate He was P.(J',I.i". Puu'iiall of LaiK-ii-,;,.re. in eld .«-]>ite-!mire(i mar. of 71. -.'.Ho iiirl I'.ntc br^n an oiHiciiui and v..i^s a ixjor man. drawing an nlcl- ponsiMi from Hie stale. No 'i 1 hail taken his case. H^ ap- d li:r him.'.clf. •INCIS for tlie other side . ,nd rijnioni title an Iri'.h one 1 1 I -nimcy-crder stubs in favor of vari were found in his umber any A Home Industry" All the niiitcriuls usttl in [he i-onstructiun of Ihc \eiv wurc funiishcil by us. ItiXtlCU -^-. -. -f, Slittiun 1 1 i I I i ii <**•*> I I I | 1 . ^^^ . f ,. f .... j , - . - t _^ . f v ^ • Land Sunday. I ATi..i Ktlic! M:ic . iv.-.:i- C:::-is: Gco. .il;'-:M-:.\l, I'OVVNSHII 1 Judges: R. J. Brown. R- S- Kal|)ii.: Ama Crawford. Alternate Judges: A. F. Ashbnn'..' Grovor Burnett, R. W. Bo^irn.: Clerks: O. C. St. Claii. To:n N'cii Carey. ! Alternate Clerks: Gco. Hill. Ii. S Bo-xden. Uassctl Judges: Gco. McralricJ:;c. Hit Bell. U.. Westbrook. Alternate Judges: Joe Miller. W. A. Parker,- Calvin Wiliiams. C!;rks: Jesse Clonton. A. S Catchtngs. AUcrnate Clcrtv W. B. Bmkclt. "Lcachvilk . t I. Brcwnlec. jjo\ 1 Frenchman's l>a>on ,),- , ; . ts 7om Kennc 1 .!. Judges: L. R. Clack. W. H. Glov- ^ j "p.- cc er, L. L. Speck. i A iirrr,- : o .iii(Ji:c.s: .'. Alternate Judges: Barney Smith. C. C. Speck, W. H. Bagery. C'Jerks: W. V/. Adani«, L C. Spc<*- Alternalc Chrks: Carl GoUli-n. E. W. Uliodes. SWAVNE TOWSS1HI' Wilhuii:-. :.]iclll ' las' week with lie:' au:U. ?.lt>. Bur I tis \V.ilrlrc:i of HlythcUlIv. I Mi.-.scs Sunshn. 1 : and Lc-u | Mick nf Tom::iu :::ivndr,! iiiiuiay j --i:h:'oi al Prnir.iM ;l I.aucl S;:tu:TV. I Mr. and Mrs. iV.i'.nr SU"Mir\ »nd j Mr. .uid Mrs. |-:I:K- A. hby uerc'vis- 1 :toi•- isiBlyllitville K.-iiisilay r.iglit- -I. 1! C;rr;n Ahernnte .'.cigcs: W. M y^n.n.-v \V L. L:i ij\v, "Albert Trn.--. Clo:k;.: B;v- Giirncr AV. A. Mci- ti.n. I A: > Clerks: C. E. C.'Jic T. K. C. K. 3:own. O. -1. M CK:b. (fhco. Il:i:!c\ Pierce. - AUrr: Vienna Merchant Owner ol 4CO,OOOUi Radio Set Clerks: Judges: Dcuglas Boucn. lyic^n D.'Rozcll. Albert Lee. A'lteriiale Judges: Ed Hayucs. H. M. Rodgers. Loy Pcrminlcr. Clerks: Waller Pcrmcutor. Sam ' . Ingram. , ;, AHernate Clerks: Harvey Peniu.n. '.::. Trasik Demon. TKOY TOWNSHIP Butler j.'.. ; Ji-.d;c.-,: P.." H- Cra';7 •. \ •'ii'.'.-s: G. W. BIN-.. '!• ::i J. \v.' -Johnson. Aiic.nntc Judi;'-:-' M I. K:. llci:-. Bailey. Earl ;•-•:Tirfes: O. J. IIiK'.r. - Aijrnatt Cl?vks. (.: K. i. tTcccl. (!armi • .'.idgw: J. M- Hoa-ciion. r "ii. U;ne, J. 13. Hcdgr.;. ' .'.Iternate Judges- To:v. IVislry K C. HnrUfic'.d. Ji.n C.;i-,::i:-^'., :,•:-, C!cvk:: Lloyd Layiii-. I'.-. :•..;.- C.u VIENNA. (UP)-In A::--t: niijiilH 1 :- of ic^istcrvd ri'.:iio rr.-i r> - I ii:3-set. owners has jj.isscd :i:« -ito.-j CCO-mark. ' Thc owner of Hie lOU.Cfioi.-. s-;., ,i merchant. Emil Vclkm-r. v.:l:r!-! ccivp from the Nation:.! iiix:v::( a- 1 .- • .r.a Ciiir.pnny o.' Au-lrn 'li-.c lia-, %:(;:» a yoid watrii ;iufi CLKIUI n.^ .. TO «rn,n OWN siitr LISBON. lUPJ-'Uli- [:nvfi- !in- aniu;:.nccd liul nil r.av.i I Mruction ronliac'..s in I'm tiili ' be awarded to I'ortmucr-r yiivds. thus allayiiiij tiic f'.-: the shipbuilders .'.'rut mrh : r.c.^ mi^l'l- f.o t'> loivijii iv Win'c ;io definite p:'i^r.i:n h.- • iiv.uic public. H is vuKln-blui 1 . . projected to to™ lay ;hr kccX ! r j i:t two cruisers of 2.000 !ons cr,<li: r.vo ! li:i- sunboats of l.OCO lon.s cac);: m ,t:l dr.ion to four dc:-.'.vf"'. •.i ; ::n:>i;:-.c;-. tin- cual'ii in n:tx u was acctp'.cd on ;iii s.i:c-.i Ilia!, when Hie ninth car; (li-.-d in January. l!>2!i. '.ne whn!,- ,.[ ;i-.e mult- 111:0 on Ih.'.' .-i::e nf i!:e !::u:iiy rame to an cr.d. O:;c of i::i- y^er sons of the .'•r tii:l--a;)ci)Lvr Pciceval -- beer.nie jiirir.r- minister of Engitir.ii. '[j;e rai-.cnvr. Frrticrick Perceval. v..i din-it de:-t.'inlanl ficm tin- n win) hail b.e:i premier and l-.arl bin lulil to hi- tlie liiiliUiil holdi-i i>[ tl:e tiiic ;i:ul estates. Ti'.CLl o'.d I'ov.nall l;ot lip tvl )-enl in.- r.isc. He said lie did claim i:-e earldom, bec.ur: :i:r -.r.r.rrit tliiougli the- s-.c." •;[ tl:e family. Bu: ,:m :hat there was icah. •: K.;;:,cMit HUM- nnd :ha' * .--..( ILO come to liirn. r !ii.-i Karl of F:;mo;-,l. 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