Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 16, 1955 · Page 29
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 29

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1955
Page 29
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.»»« J»..,J.. ...... JJ..^. I A - Wes - CMStteeiWr Konrad Aden ^'believes a ftioeting between Sflvfet Premier Kikola may be»possible last fler or in the early fail, led abbut ready tb harvest *»f90*8f ifcore acres Ky 31 us.. Anyone Interested harvest on fraives. ~ §e« Clyde A. Monks. P~* Now is the time to • Get SCREENS ' l GUNTE'R "RETAIL •LUMBER CO. Kt L 422 ^-DIVISION ft high diplomatic source disclosed today* - - f That would be after the Big Four ".'summit 1 ' conference in Geneva In July. It also would give the West German government time to sound out the real inten tions behind the soviet invitation. Adenauer is not convinced that the meeting necessarily would be in Moscow, the source said. He may propose that the Soviet leaders come to meet him in some other city after preliminary behind-the-scenes contacts between West German and Soviet officials during the Geneva parley. Adenauer today wound up a wo-day visit to Washington during which he discussed the Soviet in- 'itation with President Eisenhower ind Secretary of State John Foster liulles. In answer to a question at jress reception yesterday even ing whether he would go to Mo ow, the 79-year-old chancellor r ilied: "Probably, but if such a trip i o have any point at all it mus c carefully prepared and time i ecessary for that." But the chancellor took pains t tress that in no circumstance vould he accept a Soviet offe f german reunification -in ex hange for cold war neulralizatio of 70.000.000 gcrmans. A joint statement issued by Ac cnauer and the President afte they conferred yesterday ruled ou neutralization as being "in no waj applicable to Germany,'" and ad(i cd its independence. 1 ' Later, at his news conference at tended by some 600 newsmen and diplomats at Washington's Statle Hotel, the chancellor states em phatically that germany would no sacrifice her partnership with th western nations. H ft > g., f holiday, June !«/ 19SS •• • Family of 4 to Test Atom Shelters By THOMPSON - LEO'S GARAGE - Sub-Dealer for TRACTOR & PARTS re>air shop is as near as your telephone" fi, m*.*m For All... • CAW »• TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Harrsfield — Owner and Operator * t, WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 • Expert Repair Service—All Types • Home and Industrial Wiring • Installation—Fixtures & Outlets 24-Hour Service—Call any time. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO, 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 HOUSTON. Tex. (UP) — A family of four enters an underground H-bomb shelter for a three-day stay today to test for the first time possible living conditions during atomic war. The family, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Christmas and their son, Stanley, 13 and daughter Mary Louise, 11, will lock themselves in the shelter at 5:15 p. m. (7:15 p. m. EDT). They will keep for Civil Defense officials an hour-by-hour account of, their existence in the shel- •er. Has tr Brut milter Lives Unlti. (M.. Chapter XXII [per arm to lead her away from lj-"-i ai 111 n./ itriv* uci av\rf^ iiuin The car came to a full stop. Shej the car toward the empty and de- heai-d him turn off the ignition sorted house. "Maybe Mister end open his door and step out.' Shaync lied /to you. I duno. May- then he swung the half of the front'be you lied to him. It don't mat- The shelter test is being conducted as part of a nationwide civil defense drill, called "Operation Alert." Christmas and his wife, both of whom experienced bombing raids during World War II, sat up most of Monday night completing a tentative schedule for their test. They enter the shelter at the sound of an all-city air raid alert. Christmas said they figured it would lake them until 8 p. m. to settle down, at which time they will have their first meal in the shelter. One member of the family will be on watch at all times, including the children, who will take their turns on shifts the last two nights the family is in the shelter. from 8 p. m. to 10 p. m. on the first night the family will play games, then at 10 p. m. sharp :hey will go to bed. Christmas will .ake the first watch, from 10 p.m. :o 2 a. m. and his wife will relieve him from 2 a. m.. .until 6 a.m. seat forward away from her, and she knew he must be standing there looking in to see if she. had recovered consciousness yet, She kept her eyes closed and tried to make all her muscles limp and she supposed an unconscious person would be. She felt his hands on her shoulders lifting and pulling her roughly out, and she moaned faintly and fluttered her eyelids as convinc- ter much. He's sort of sweet on you, huh?" "No, he isn't," she said defiantly. "Don't, think you can put pressure on Mike Sliayne through me. You can't." "Maybe not. It sure can't hurt to try." He was half - dragging, half supporting her around the side he flashed the beam of his ligh around all four sides to show tbet v.'ere no windows, no other open ing or means of egress except u the stairs. "Just so you'll know for sur how things stand. Ma'am. You'r gonna sit down and write a littl note to your boss telling him jus exactly how things are with yoi and then I'm going to tie you u, tight and leave you here to ro with your friend I mentioned." As he spoke he lowered the bean so it shone on a female figur bundled up with ropes on th ground near the wall. Her moutl was plastered tightly shut wit! surgeon's tape, and her faco wa white and haggard and desperal -• «'"•- Willie UMU I Id !=,?'<> I U clllU UUSXJKl rj I of the house that facod toward tha j n the flashlight's gleam, but Lucn crying pitiably: "Where an I Jngly as she could, staggering on the ground ss he held her upright when she was out of the car, letting her eyes open wide as though she had just recovered consciousness, shrinking away from him and What happened, my head hurts dreadfully. Who are you I never saw you before." "Never mind who I am." Ho shook her roughly and shoved her back against the car. "You're Lucy Hamilton, Mike Shayne's secretary." There was only one house visible. A large, three - story mansion on the right, built directly on the bluff overlooking the bay. There were Dead Man Fined in L. R. Traffic Court LITTLtf ROCK, Ark. M — A dead man was fined $51 and .given a one-day suspended sentence in Little Rock Traffic Court on a charge of drunken driving. Court officials said later they'didn't know that Doyle E. Gullick was killed Saturday in a car-train crash. A professional bondsman who acted for Gullick said-his case was called originally May 23, he was found guilty and allowed to go free with a certain amount of time to pay his fine. The $51 to pay the fine was turned over to the court yesterday, three days after Gnllick died. . , Some disabiliites which, have een attributed t oold age may be aused by scurvy a study made in rlasgow, Scotland, indicates. John Loudon McAdam, built the rst ma'cadam road in Scotland in 1790.- »•*>,«, . "Without the telephone, I couldn't handle a third of my extra work" are the wordi of Mis. Miriam Muq^jy— liouievvife, motlier of four, active in Sunday School woik, secretary of a Civic Club, i-ecietaiy of her -' Association. r t^ .Mrs, M,urphy is one of a group of Southwestern Bell customers who recently kept a day-by-day record of tele- hone calls made and received in their for one week. " Extremely busy with her homrmaking and many outside activities, Mis. Murphy Mis us she never fully icalized before ; Iiow much she depends on her telephone. .'Without it, I'd just have to give up a lot 'Dt the things I enjoy doing," says Mrs. , Murphy, By her own recoul, she made U>r received 38 calls during the week — the brief sample of her recoid at the gives VOu an idea how telephone * really proved its value to Mrs. '.Murphy. MON. Called the lumber company to get prices on sheetrock. We're planning to remodel the house ourselves. TUE." Talked with Mrs. B. about a plan to help the Boy's Club by selling subscriptions to the daily new»paper. WED. Newspaper reporter called to get weekly news report from our Civic Club. Publicity helps u» get things done. THU. Called six Sunday School members who werent there last week. Asked them to try to qttend next Sunday. FRI. Called president of our Civic Club to discuss some important letters I'm writing for the club. CAN TAILOR YfcUR SERVICE TO YOUR for mor* Information ab 9 ut tailored «ryiee, please call the telephone bviln.H offlc.i SOUTHWESTERN BELL- AIKANSAS rtV. Lucy hesitated. There was no place to run to. No use shrieking for help, as he had pointed out. While she hesitated, he caught her roughly and shoved her half over the windowsill, snarling, "Get on inside." She pulled herself over onto th^ floor with the beam of his flashlight on her. It was a library or study, she guessed, seeing the furniture with dust covers in the flickering light, but he seemed to know exactly Hamilton had no difficulty at al in recognizing Arlene Bristow. He swung the light away fron Arlene's face with an evil chuckle and told Lucy, "She's been here keeping right quiet and good since before dark, and hasn't died foi lack of air yet. Howsomever. with iwo of you down here breathing up the oxygen and with that door at the top of the stairs shut, tighl and locked, I don't for sure know how long you'll last. "Just think about how it is when you start writing your ooss that where he was going, seizing her note .Think how long it'll take you rm and leading her' to an open door into a corridor, and down a passage to smother door at the and your friend to die from lack of water or starvation locked up down here if Mister Mike Shayne no lights and the front windows were boarded up with wooden shutters the way many winter residents leave their homes during the summer and early autumn hurricane season.' He laughed evilly as 'he saw her looking around in aft attempt to orient herself, and said in his grat ing southern voice, "Take yourself a good loolc, Ma'am. Then start screaming your fool head off if you're a mind to. Won't nobody hear you. Won't nobody *ever come down this here- dead-end street." "Who are you" Lucy demanded again. "What do you want with me?" "Nothing particular with you, Ma'am. I thought back yonder at the morgue maybe you'd recognize me, but if 'you do or don't it don't make no never mind to me now. All I want. is that money from your smart red-headed boss. The money Jack Bristow gave to you or him tonight, That's all I want, Ma'am. And I sure intend to get it one way or another." "We haven't got it," she protested weakly. "Jack didn't have any money. Or. at least we didn't See " ' He shrugged and caught her up- 1 • " "' »••• ».n_»ivii injic; t L ii.no t«i j. jvj.1 rvt; »jll rear which.opened onto a flight of is crazy enough to try and ^.. wooden steps leading downward. I another trap for me. Tell him just When they reached the bottom, how things arc with you if he does There will be o Revival at the CHURCH C. R. Williams CHRIST 5th and Grady Starting JUNE 20 Through JUNE 26 Services will begin each evening at 8 O'clock. Everyone is invited not cough up that 70 grand he got from Jack Bristow." "But I tell you he didn't get it," fflid Lucy desperately. "No matter about that now. I don't care if he did or not. I got you right here where I want yon. end you're going to rot here im- less he pays up." iTo Be Cntinued) Rdfn m North, *", Central Arkansas By The Associated Press North and central Arkansas got more r?in last night and this morning. Temperatures fell to ns low as 53 degrees. Near normal temperatures and dry weather prevailed in most of south Arkansas. GOOD USED SINGER TREADLE MACHINES AS LOW AS Others at $20 - $25 - $37.50 $52.50 USED ELECTRIC PORTABLE $49 so Convenient payments to suit your budget. As low as $5.00 Down SINGER SEWING CENTER 108 So. Elm on a-3-lfc'can. of plus a check lor all"ingredients^-?. if don't FRY BETTER with v , If you don't say that your chicken, fish and potatoes fry crispier, tastier and more digestible in«pure, white Mrs. Tucker's than in ANY other Shortening, write Mrs. Tucker, Sherman, Texas, what you fried and the results and she will pay for ALL ingredients plus $1.00 for your time! .Use this Coupon TODAY for the ONLY Shortening that's TRIPLE-Guarar 'teed for Cakes, Pies and Frying! - ' .- « f on a 3-lb. can of that tlie ONLY Shortening is TRIPLE Guaranteed! Mr. Dealer: Mrs. Tucker will redeem this Cqupon for 15#, plus 20 for handling, on the purchase of a 3-lp. can of Mrs. Tucker's ; Shortening. Payment to be made by our salesman or by mailing to Mrs. Tucker, Sherman, Texas. Will not be redeemed through Agency or Coupon Redemption Service. Void where taxed, restricted or prohibited. Offer expires July 31, 1955. , Julie H, 1$S$ ft»M If OtARKIKt COME, ELMER LEARN TO DO A TRICK-JUMP THROUGH THIS HOOP COME ON r ELMER,VCU DON'T WANT TOJSRoV/ UP AND JUST eg A BBS; ^ YOU LIKE TO LEARN TRICKS.AND GET ON TELEVISION OR IN THE MOVIES? COME ON, JUMP NOW,-THISBtASTEp TRAFFIC? J NO RUNS I'LL NSVSR GET THERE IN TIME /I EtTHUH TEAM, r TO SEE ANY PART Ot= T1W Hf 1 G©>B' INTO LeAMB/WSOriXeRfrr jh/1 .t^t* TH' SXJft YOU PITCHED UKEAPRO INNING. LEROY/ ITS NOT ME, Its TH' BATTERS,, ALL I DID WAS THROW 'BALL TO 'CATCHER/ LOOKS THIS IS GONNA. BEACUOSEONE! OUT OUR WAY nun / GOSH! m/ ,GOT MY &TUMM\CK STUCKTOT7, NOW* YOU MIGHT HAVE KKJOVVKJ SUCH A CRAZY BRIP6E VNOULD BREAK' K!OW WE'LL HAVE "TO VARNISH TH' LIMOLIcEUM OVER/ IT'S RUINED-HE: TMAT Cfiy... 60JMP6P CAMT YOU SEE THAT HE CAN'T WALK, ORDOAWV THING, TILL I 6ET HIM OFF THAT VARWISH? WILL VOU KINDLV 6O BACK TO BED AKJD LET US CLOSE THAT WINDOW' Answer to Previom Puzzle VUN© oCTDBTO THE Texas Tale 0E A REACTION... . PETTER TAKE A 6 There 254 counties in Texas 'T Race course . circuit 8 Sailing 9 Humble 10 Worthies* table scraps 12 Large plant 13 Muse of poetry 18 College cheer 20 Hobos 21 Pronoun 22 Symbol for | ruthenium 3 23 Compound I ethers 24 Snakes- 25 Dreadful 1 Texas was admitted to the on June 16, 1845 6 "Remember the " 11 Small finch 13 Expunger 14 Click-beetle 15 Reiterate Ifi Observe 17 Age 19 Reply (ab.) 20 The drama 24 Idolize 27 Largest city in Texas 31 Oriental guitar 32 Edible rootstock 33 School dance 34 Basque cap 35 Leakage 39 Rub out 40 Leaves destitute 42 African worm 45 Before 46 Brother 49 Embellished 52 Looked fixedly 55 It is the largest state in the 56 Rounded 57 Nullify 58 Poker stakes ik\V'_. ••' 'i 26 Siouan Indian 42 Texas is thr 28 Ancient Irish " Star St. capital- 43 Verbal 29 Mineral rocks 44.Against 30 Memorandum 46 Chafe 34 Sleeping plate 47 Plexus 36 Preposition „ 48 Fruit drink.- 37 Verdant 50 Help 38 Organ of 51 Pedal digit hearing 53 Beverage 41 Bird's home 54 Alder tree .C«l1»M.M) HEA B«vlc«. Int. T. M. ». f P fcjit M WASH TUBES jJOJUbii,' '"''iftl.. "-''I'BNn ^.4> BVMIIS 11 1 "*'' imiZ"ifT'-HHIHIIikj' U "VH ifliM ir& THE SAME TRUCK TKACK51 AMP CANT \ THI5 VERY fUR AHEAPl ON f HI5 WE'RE L£££ THAN A QUKK KMLB FJC0AA THE «W^$«\J .THEY TURNEP NORTH THAT M5S.ll.AMLLlATOR JPWAKP CAKRIZOZO, t.»......,.,.,011 WHV MOTHERS GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSf With Mo^r Hoopto • ..... ~ ^OT ALL ZAT l'M A BIT BAFFLED, ' DO\MM TUB FAMOUS 5U6SE5T6D B/tHI$ CLUE: tOOTS AND HER BUDDIES y* f \\ftYtlMt N&VJtVZ DOWN 1 Rubber trees 2 African river 3 Zoology termination 4 Ontario (ab.) 5 Born Phone 7-5840 CARNIVAL •v DlekTHrMff BUGS BUNNY . JASOM.'TMATS IT/ IT= BUT u. HAVE r FINISH'S V BEGUN/ I'LL BE WASTING TIME I PPJ08LEM/ WHILT J t m x.**^ »V WK RBPH .1 ^ 6UVNOM «MMA|V BUSINESS BHerihbarqcr Shortening ALLEY OOP VOU'VC RONE/HE HAS, OSCW?, HIM. IVHATl I KNOW, BUT I ' eENTLEMEN, I . YOU...PONT OPEN THAM I THINK VOL)\THIK)K POOIV THAT SAVAGE 1 HAVE, I D^NT \HANPLE HIM. ig -- J can't see why they don't make him head of the depart* rnoil+ .--—-we djo all hisj*ork for him anywayi" . &, • T. M. «•>. U. !T«. OH. (,-lf, ^*' Co»f. 1955 by NEA S.rrk.. l«c.-" SIDE GLANCES ly Golbroirb i "Well, that should make the books balance again!*!/ ] •WEETIFPIE J_ . By N.din* S«li«r WISCJLLA'S POP A MOTQR, HE ' JUST WOA/'/ AH,YES, PRISCILLA! I'O SURE LIKE AN OUTBOARD MOTOR FOR PATHER'S WWI CATCH Ft$H! THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE "I'm going along with the one.world id«a, now on ju«t boy»:" 4 '0wi't touch t*i at cord, Sweetie with this coupon £ Shortening

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